Price for Assassin’s Creed 3 Freedom Edition isn’t cheap

By Alan Ng - Mar 27, 2012

Special editions for games has become the normal trend as of late, but considering that gamers are only usually treated to one special version of a game upon release, you’ll be surprised and delighted to hear that Ubisoft are making no fewer than three premium editions of Assassin’s Creed 3 available.

The game is due out in October on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, with a Nintendo Wii U version also confirmed to be in the pipeline. It looks like you’re in for a difficult decision to make though, as Ubisoft has offered up some tasty goodies for hardcore fans who are looking for that little bit extra.

Aside from the standard Assassin’s Creed 3 retail version, you’ll also be able to pick up a Special Edition, a Join or Die Edition and the most premium of all, the Freedom Edition. The Special Edition contains an extra single-player mission on top of the standard edition, while the Join or Die version contains an Assassin’s Creed medallion, a George Washington notebook, one extra single-player mission and also one multiplayer package called The Sharpshooter which grants you a special in-game title.

Finally, the Freedom Edition is the best of the lot and like the limited edition of Skyrim, you’ll get a high quality figurine for your money – this one being a 24cm model of main protagonist Connor. Aside from all of the goodies featured in the Join or Die edition, you’ll also get a steel book case art, a lithograph and an extra single-player mission on top, so two in total.

There’s no official pricing yet for the three packs as they will vary depending on retailers, but we have already noticed that some retailers already have a few listings online. UK retailer Play has put up a £57.99 price for the Join or Die edition of the game, while EB Games in Australia are claiming that they have an ‘exclusive’ on the Freedom edition and that you’ll have to pay $128 for it. Check the respective links for full details on both.

Will you be forking out for the Freedom edition to get that figurine of Connor for your collection? $128 is a lot of money for some though, so let us know which version you are intending to get. It may be worth holding out a while before you pre-order as better deals will probably become available in the weeks to come.

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  • thehunted

    im defiantly going to get the freedom edition i got all the other limted editon assassin creed games got to have the freedom if your an accuatual fan i know i am

  • Matthew Needham

    I gotta say… Not really a fan of the figurines, what do they do other than clutter up your shelves or bedside. But I am liking the look of the Mayan mission… not sure if to save £10 on the J or D edition or just go all out out for the Freedom….
    I’ll make up my mind when it comes to around… September-ish

  • Hanky



    Assassins Creed 3 Standard Edition = £42.99
    Assassins Creed 3 Special Edition = £49.99Assassins Creed 3 Join or Die Edition = £69.99Assassins Creed 3 Freedom = £79.99

    Does that settle everyone on the prices. Anyway even if the Freedom Edition is expensive, i’m still getting it. Cause it’s awesome.

  • jo

    freedom freedom freedom freedom freedom nuf said

  • james

    This creed looks the business. 3 years or so in the making, new anvil engine designed with this game in mind. The more i watch the trailer the more i want it so regardless of the price it will be the freedom edition for me 

  • 145020

    Looks awsome but FOLLOW @AC3information for all the greates twitter news!

  • Damien

    which edition is better? This one or the join or Die?

    • TKOxUrMyGeddon

      if you’re a true fan and if you like figurines what you get with the freedom edition is more worth it then what you get with the join or die but if you don’t have the money go for join or die 😉

  • hunter123

    It may be a high price but it will be worth if your a true AC fan

    • Kaleema007

      i agree! im definetly shooting for the Freedom edition. you cant go any lesser than that. this game has been in the works for 2 1/2 years, everyone should buy the freedom edition.

    • Snow_villiers93

      I love AC gotten all of them need this badly i couldnt live without it

      • Younes Mouelhi

        I know what you mean i have all collectors editions from all AC’s made except for 1 since it didn’t have one 😛

        • Younes Mouelhi


        • jo

          i know this is extreamly late but there actually was a collectors ed for ac1 it is extreamly rare and came with a altair figurine and a special version of the game but ive only seen it once before and i cant find another copy not sure if this comment is worth much but there it is 😛

        • TKOxUrMyGeddon

          Ok well yeah i never came across it over here in holland and i’m an AC freak so if there was one here i should have known XD ah well to bad but mostly CE’s and special editions come out for sequels and not the first version of the game

    • ac fan-130

      it probably wont be 128, ittle probably be 99.99. i can just feel it

      • TKOxUrMyGeddon

        we pay 99,99 euro’s over here in holland already preorderd XD

  • ya, probably not, considering it comes with more useless things then the join or die edition, considering noone really knows how good the game is $130 is pretty rediculous,

  • Bob

    Pity its got that wanky yanky flag in the background that ruins it. 

    • Joey

      But it’s a game about the American Revolution .__.

  • W-Munny

    It would be nice if, unlike AC Revelation’s, American’s get to waste their money on the ACIII Special Edition’s.  

  • Anonymous

    most likely freedom edition. $128 may be a bit of money but its worth it for AC

  • Instead of $128, can’t I just be eternally vigilant?