Affordable Xbox Lite may keep gamers satisfied until next-gen

By Alan Ng - Mar 27, 2012

The next Xbox rumors don’t appear to be slowing down any time soon, but we could have a rather interesting twist to share with you now. After so much speculation that we’ll see a next-generation ‘Xbox 720’ console at E3 2012, new reports this week claim that Microsoft will introduce a smaller version of the Xbox 360 instead, dubbed the ‘Xbox Lite’.

The new information has come direct from the mouth of the ‘MS Nerd’, who you may be familiar with since the person has garnered a reputation for spilling the beans on Xbox leaks for sometime now. Using Reddit as his or her platform for communication, we’re told that the Xbox Lite will be announced at this year’s E3 event, but the system won’t actually be ready until 2013.

The machine won’t be a next-generation Xbox, but instead a smaller and compact model which will contain an ARM architecture and offer both Xbox 360 playback as well as media apps, which could involve Microsoft Windows 8 support as well. Here’s the interesting part though – considering that the Xbox Lite won’t be deemed as a next-generation Xbox console, we’re hearing that Microsoft will be making their new Xbox 360 variant very attractive from a pricing perspective. Additional information over at TechRadar reports that the Xbox Lite may hit the shops at around the £100 / $100 mark, making it very appealing indeed.

We have already had a slim-line PS3 of course, but could we now be seeing the very first compact Xbox 360? You can’t really call the current Xbox 360 Elite a slim model as Microsoft didn’t change too much from the original model. We’re not sure if we’re happy or sad about this though – a slim Xbox 360 would probably look great, but we’re getting to the point where we really need to see some brand new next-gen hardware soon, especially to those who are thinking of overlooking the Nintendo Wii U.

Would you be satisfied with an Xbox Lite instead of an Xbox ‘720’ next year? Let us know your reaction this – we’ll inform you if we hear anymore whispers on this story.

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  • Tyler

    They’ve gone through 2-3 generations of Xbox 360. I think thats enough. This is dissapointing, I was expecting something new from Microsoft, not just another reworking of the console to further milk the consumer.

  • Aron

    Is Microsoft dumb now? Why would I buy another console when I have one. Sure, you’ll boost sales, but maybe not because you must be losing out if it can fully play Xbox 360 games at 100 bucks.

  • Brad

    It’s called the Xbox 360 Slim. Not the Elite. That was 2 years ago.

  • I have to wonder how well it has been tested.. they sure they made everything co-operate to prevent failures?

  • Definitely.  I would waste my money on the new Xbox 360 LITE.  Even tho the technology is the same and the game play still sucks.