PS Vita’s Escape Plan wins download vote, gamers may disagree

By Alan Ng - Mar 22, 2012

PS Vita owners may be crying out for some new games to play, but in the meantime Sony has just revealed what the number one downloaded game was for the system’s first month on sale.

You may be surprised to hear that the game that has come out on top is none other than the unique Escape Plan game, developed by Fun Bits Interactive and published by Sony as well.

The game is certainly unique as well, as the game is completely in monochrome, features a classical soundtrack and requires players to complete an amusing set of puzzles within levels using two fun loving characters called Lil and Laarg.

While the game is undoubtedly fun to play, we’re a little surprised that Uncharted: Golden Abyss was nowhere to be seen in the top three. In the list of the top ten games downloaded in the Vita’s first month on sale, Uncharted could only manage 7th place, which is perhaps a bit worrying for Sony considering that Uncharted was initially perceived as being the Vita’s stand out game at launch.

Being trumped by the likes of Escape Plan, a much smaller scale game is perhaps an indication that Sony still has a lot of work to do if they are going to win fans over with their own-studio developed exclusives. We can’t help but feel that a lack of multiplayer is partly to blame why Uncharted: Golden Abyss didn’t fair so well.

Another surprising omission from the top three games is Rayman Origins, which came in at 6th place and is easily our favorite game on the Vita so far. Yes it is a port of the existing console game, but the game truly looks spectacular on that glorious 5-inch OLED display, so we expected the game to fair a little better than that.

This is just a download chart remember though and doesn’t take into account retail sales. Would Escape Plan be top of your list as well, or do you agree with us that Rayman Origins should have been placed higher?

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  • Retail games downloads+High cost memory=Buy physical copies

    • DeFFeR

      Exactly – with Golden Abyss at 3.5 gb, there’s no point in saving the $5 and downloading it.  That fills up the 4gb memory card, and doesn’t leave any room for demos, PSN games, etc.

      Physical copy all the way for UC:GA

  • Haydenmanu1994

    I disagree with this article, I don’t really wanna buy downloadable copies of a game when I can buy the real thing, everyone in my area on the near app is playing Uncharted or FIFA, I’ve downloaded all downloadable only games apart from escape plan because the others are much better

  • Windsor793

    This article is a waste of time and Alan who wrote it is thick! Unchartered is more expensive to download and when paying that amount of money I would rather have the copy to hand which has some re-sale value. When we all got our Vitas we also got a £5 off voucher any selected game from the PSN store and believe it or not the best one to buy was Escape Plan. I personally would of gone for Motorstorm RC but that was not in the offer. I love my vita and I wish everybody would stop giving it loads of bad reviews including those who don’t even know what they are talking about.

  • Stubblehead86

    I really can’t understand where this article is coming from. Of course a download only title was number 1. I personally prefer to have the physical copy of a game and I am sure that a lot of other people feel the same. I have the physical copy of Uncharted as it makes more sense. Digital downloads have 0 resale value. I do but smaller games on PSN though, as do many other which is evident by the results of the first months downloads.

    Another reason for this is that Uncharted is £45 on PSN ( I think) but you can get it a lot chaepaer elsewhere on the internet. People are not going to download digital versions of games that are supposed to be cheaper but really aren’t.

    I would have been suprised if any ‘big game’ made it to the top of the download chart.

  • rstreet

    To be fair, Uncharted was never going to be top of the download list – same with Fifa, Wipeout, etc as they are firmly aimed at being full retail titles.  Most Vita owners will more than likely have bought physical copies of the £30+ games and only downloaded the lower priced ones, most of which were actually only available by download anyway.
    Take a look at the general game charts and I think you’ll find that Uncharted actually topped the UK wide video game charts (cross platform) in the first week of release. Escape Plan was nowhere to be seen.

  • Aaron

    I think your wrong because people like me pre ordered or ordered uncharted elsewhere, lots of people like a physical copy, and you can get better deals elsewhere, using near features nearly everyone near me has that game, I love it, but its the first uncharted game I’ve completed 😛

    • Haydenmanu1994

      I agree with you, and golden abyss was the first uncharted game I’ve ever completed too, the ps3 versions are too long and get boring