More free money for Google Wallet users

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It really does pay to be a happy Google Wallet customer, literally. If you are a frequent user of the NFC-based service, you may have been experiencing some problems lately related to Google pre-paid cards.

The main problem at hand was the inability to add the pre-paid card back to your wallet if you had previously removed it. Google had officially removed the option to add it back temporarily, but they have just sent out a very nice email to customers informing them that the service is now back up and running as normal.

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To make up for the inconvenience caused, they have handed out yet more money as a way of saying sorry. You’ll now find your pre-paid credit has been given an additional $5, so if you were previously sitting on $0, feel free to indulge in a $5 spending spree at your local 7-11.

It’s not the first time that Google has handed out cash credit to Wallet customers of course. Back in December of last year, Google were even handing out a $10 welcome credit for those who installed the app on their Galaxy Nexus devices for the first time. That’s $15 completely free – you really can’t argue with that can you?

Our only gripe is that Google Wallet isn’t available in other countries – like Hong Kong. We want to join in on the fun as well Google, we have 7-11 stores here too you know!

If you have Google Wallet, let us know if the $5 extra credit has already been applied to your Wallet or not. Have you already spent the extra cash? Feel free to let us know what you bought below.