Galaxy Nexus 4.0.5 update needs to show GSM love too

By Alan Ng - Mar 21, 2012

If you are feeling a bit frustrated over the lack of official software updates for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, this latest rumor should put a smile on your face. We’re hearing that the smartphone may be getting an update to Android 4.0.5 over the next few weeks, but will it include GSM users as well as LTE users?

Some Galaxy Nexus owners are currently on Android 4.0.4 at the moment, but an apparent ‘Android insider’ has dished the dirt on the next update which is set to become available officially in April. According to the Twitter account of ‘Black Man X’ (yes, seriously), the update will bring data stability fixes as well as a bug fix for the irritating audio reboot issue.

We know a lot of you are not happy on the official support that the device has received from Samsung following on from launch, so hopefully Android 4.0.5 will bring some welcome changes and it will be the start of frequent support for a device which is meant to be the company’s bread and butter at the moment. On the other hand, there seems to be a lot of support for the Galaxy Note and no so much for the Galaxy Nexus. Let’s hope that the rest of the year will see a change to this trend.

Going back to the GSM Galaxy Nexus, some users are still stuck on Android 4.0.2, let alone Android 4.0.4. Samsung really needs to start showing some love to both versions of the device, and starting rolling out these updates on a global scale. These are exactly the tactics which lead people to the rooting scene, so we would like to see Android 4.0.5 become available for the GSM variant as well.

If you own a Galaxy Nexus, let us know your thoughts on the update situation so far. Are you happy with the way Samsung are rolling out the updates or not? Alternatively, if you have any problems on Android 4.0.4 which still haven’t been addressed, let us know what they are below.

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  • rene

    the same story , different time and product, samsung have a wonderful product, google,  proud,said nexus line is the pure line, in the end, with all have same bureaucratic s@#*t, samsung forget about his premium product to focus in the new one, we dont even have the time to enjoy what we got for all the glitches, never mind to mention update to fix the problem they didn’t mention or just didn’t care to take care of, before launching the product when the  already have a new product, come on google-samsung, you should do better than that, iphone is not the best right now,  but the support they got behind their product, speak for them self, you should pay attention to that little detail, call customer support, we are who help you to grow you market share, learn from the others around you, some win, other going belly up for their mistakes.  

  • Chrism901

    Ive got the white GSM model in the UK, stuck on 4.0.2 and has the multitouch bug as well so every now and again the multitouch stops working on the right hand corner…. apparently its a software issue so could do with a fix asap

  • Andrew_sussex

    I am on 4.02 on the Galaxy Nexus and wife I upgraded to 4.03 on her Samsung Nexus. Not happy with Google or Samsung at the speed of the fixes or updated. That is why I bought Nexus phones. Samsung trying to push their products, Google needs to put pressure on them to sort the Nexus brand, thats why we buy them for a pure Google experience otherwise it will loose its loyal buyers. 

  • TheAndroidGuy

    Well, what is the improvement that we should expect in version 4.0.4? Anyone that knows anything about this release other than the version number? I’m at GSM v.4.0.2.. So far no big errors or faults on the device! Rather impressed how this just works and don1t fail on me during calls..

  • GNexUser

    Still stuck on 4.0.1 in Ontario Canada (yakjuux)

  • eclass82

    I just checked and I’m on version 4.01       USA

  • Beast

    im still stuck on 4.0.1 – toronto CA

  • Nick

    when is this coming and where to get 4.0.4 for gsm?

  • Marcw UK

    I have an issue with some mp3’s stuttering, I have seen a fix regarding turning the eq on which sometimes works but I also get this with a podcast app. Could it be how they are encoded? I would like this to be looked in to and fixed in an update please.

  • Casey980

    Hell I have the Verizon LTE version and I’m still stuck on 4.0.2. So it’s not just the gsm version