Virtual reality FPS games on Xbox 720 and PS4

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 18, 2012

Seasoned gamers have heard the promise of virtual reality games for years, and we’ve even seen gaming headsets before but the technology and user demand equaled failure. It has been years since those massive VR headsets were plugged as the next big thing, but since then we’ve seen 3D take-off although I’m still not sold on the idea in its current form.

Some work colleagues and friends have gone in head first with 3D gaming, which is great for them, but it’s my decision to wait for something better and this is the same choice that millions of gamers share.

The next big thing could be an old idea – we’ve embedded a video below that gives you a demonstration by Forth Dimension Displays, you might have heard of this name when watching movies thanks to their 20 years in microdisplays, but the gaming industry is a new direction for this UK Company. The video showcases virtual reality with an FPS game in a raw stage of development, and they quickly point out that it will be the peripheral maker that takes this technology and produces a sleek looking unit.

We’re blown away by how much fun this must have been for the technology editor (Brian Crecente) that demoed the virtual reality tech, and while it has a long way to go before it could be classed as “production ready“, we can also see the potential for gaming.

This is the 3D experience I’ve personally been waiting for over 20 years, and loved the idea back in the late 80’s and early 90’s. It never took-off then and now that the technology is almost ready for gaming it seems brands are as well, especially with Sony recently predicting a return of the virtual reality headset. With this in mind it would be good for Sony to introduce this technology with PS4’s launch, and if that happens we’d also expect something from Microsoft’s so called Xbox 720 as well. Either one of these brands could take this opportunity and change gaming as we know it, which could be seen as needed considering the threat from Cloud Gaming.

Watch the video below and us know if you can see the potential for virtual reality FPS games on Xbox 720 and PS4? If the unit looked cool enough, would you want to game like this?

In Summary: We touched on the importance of 3D gaming towards the end of last year, and how UK feedback showed most people thought of 3D as a gimmick. It’s our view that the real 3D experience is to be had with virtual reality and the technology by Forth Dimension, shown during GDC 2012, is in really early stages but also shows promise of gaming to come, which I’d be one of the first in line for the real 3D gaming experience.

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  • Svengalis

    I doubt this would come to Xbox 720 or PS4 because they are probably done by now but a generation or 2 from now maybe.

    • Svengalis

      looks like i was wrong, something similar is coming to ps4(morpheus).

  • gumby_trucker

    from the looks of it the real challenge that has yet to be solved is proper integration of the user of such a system with his surrounding environment. Maybe the display could be made partially transparent to prevent such accidents as bumping into walls (or each-other)?
    Better yet would be if the system came with real world collision sensors that fed data in real time back into the logic rendering the game’s level. That way a virtual obstacle could be rendered in place of a real one, to the benefit of both safety as well as immersion. This would of course place constraints on the types of virtual environments at your disposal in any given moment, but it’s a step in the right direction…

    • Rimmer

      I can imagine some hardcore players possibly having psychotic episodes if something like that was implimented blurring the line between the virtual environment and their true one. also, splitting their attention constantly like that could cause anxious reactions or worsen anxious conditions. there would be precautions people could take without crossing one environment with the other in ways that could be harmful in extended playing sessions. common sense for one thing, and people taking player reactions under consideration when making the games, I think honestly it would be smart to consult a shrink or 2 when developing games for this kind of experience lol. and most helpful, big notice to make sure alot of space is around the person, that they wont fall or knock things over or bump into them, it should be cordless to avoid tripping or tangles or yanking things over some how and people should be advised to literally, honestly, take a break every couple or few hours lol , I cant imagine using equipment like this as long as a old school grindfest in eq or something jesus I would lose my mind or end up injured heh 

    • Anonymous

      just apply the same principal of a hamster ball to this idea, if you put a giant ball on rollers you could then move freely in any direction and then you could still jump, run, swim and do everything without worrying about running into anything

  • FPS Video Game Battle Suit, now thats what I’m talking about @ Bey-Tech.
    This is going to be the next Bigg Thing:)@google-08d68449ed8777161e2fbfd69de33e2d:disqus 

    • Rimmer

      there was a suit for mortal kombat back in the day, supposed to make you feel a little jolt or something when hit in the game. ii think it was expensive a shell almost 200 dollars if i remember, and it didnt sell well. it is a cool idea though but a full body suit along with the visor and movement control guns or whatever would just be massively expensive, all of the peripherals counting a full body suit would cost more than the systems themselves at release I think 

  • I have 2 virtual reality head set and I connect minds to a Video Game Battle Suit we call PROJECT-X, we have many ProtoType. You can see in 3D and Feel it all, the shooting, explosions and being shoot, now thats what we call Real FPS Gaming in a virtual reality world. it’s @ Bey-Tech, check it out and tell me what you think:)

    • Rimmer

      oh neat, I just checked out that site. looks cool. you should try contacting somebody at the network for the big bang theory and see if theyll talk about maybe putting it into the show as a prop in some future episode or something lol. that would be neat

  • laughing-gravy

    If they can produce this at the right price and with compelling software then I would definitely be interested. I agree that 3d tv is a bit of a gimmick (I own one!), the illusion of 3d on a tv is ruined when an object comes into contact with edge of the screen. Being fully immersed in the environment via 3d glasses will negate that effect because you can track objects by moving your head.  This is a good thing!

    • arch

      agree regards to 3D tv.. i own 50in 3d telly and havent really used it for 3d. But i also own 3d projector and now i can beam 120in image in 3D. This is totally different stuff. Absolutely awesome. You loose the edges as your vision is filled with the image. And it cost less than 3d tv!!!!