New iPad 3 midnight launch at Tesco UK

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 17, 2012

We’re just 3 hours away from the new iPad 3 receiving a midnight launch in selected UK stores, although you’ll be lucky to find a local Apple Store offering the new iPad on the release day from midnight. You can see in the photo above that over 250 Tesco stores will offer the 3rd generation iPad from midnight tonight.

Main features of the new iPad include ultra-fast wireless, a 5-megapixel iSight camera, and the best display on any mobile device thanks to Apple’s Retina technology. Thousands of people preordered right after the recent Apple event, although those that wanted to be one of the first to pick up the new iPad will be at UK stores within the next 3 hours.

We cannot confirm if other UK retailers are selling the new iPad from midnight, although there is a good chance, so if you manage to grab one tonight from a store other than Tesco let us know in the comments.

The moment the clock ticks 00:01 in the next few hours you’ll be able to pick up a new iPad inside Tesco, and we spoke to our local store to check stock, which seemed pretty limited with people already hanging around for the midnight launch.

Apple’s new iPad from the recent event – Apple didn’t stream the new iPad launch event this year, although the keynote video went live on Apple’s official website within hours of the event finishing. Most UK preorders saw shipment notifications around 5 days ago, although it looks like they will deliver on time tomorrow. Let us know if you got yours early?

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  • Babydragon

    Yes, I got 2 of the new iPads 32 gb wifi 1 white and 1 black.
    There were only 12 ish people in the queue midnight, in the Poole branch in Dorset. They had around 35. Some models were absent like the 32gb white 4g.

  • Emo

    well i bought  2 ipad 3 64GB 4G at who wants to buy one off me?????

    • JJ

       how much? £49.99

  • Sids

    Picked up a 32GB wifi black at North Harbour, Portsmouth – they only had 3 in stock, they’ve all gone now but they had some 16GBs left and didn’t get any stock for 64GB.

  • badger

    Went to Colchester store – who told me their delivery hadn’t arrived – but they were expecting them.

  • Qas06

     I went in to Warrington Tesco extra at 00:00 to be greated by only 5 people in the queue, got excited then get to the front and no 64gb 4G, have to go to apple 🙁
    (they have a large stock of other models apparently)

  • Tpm_69

    Dundee Extra has 44 new iPads, Only 13 white and a mixture of 16gb, 32gb and 64gb, wifi and 4g etc..

  • LkLK

    Im at Tge sheffield store 8 black and 2 white in stock. Im only one queuing here

  • LK

    Im at the sheffield store only one here 15 minutes to go woohooo

  • Nige

    already confirmed my local  Tesco has 7 white 16GB

  • Nigelpwilson

    guess i should go queue

  • Fdfdf

    is it all the big tesco’s??

  • Which stores are getting stock

  • Hebrdn

    At Tesco in Kingston Park, Newcastle and at present (10:10pm) I’m forming a solo que – I guess this makes me the King Geek?

    Do I dare buy all the stock?

  • Samysamone


    • Andy

      which stores are opening tonight to sell iPad 3