Battlefield 4 subscription Vs fan loyalty

By Alan Ng - Mar 15, 2012

Battlefield 3 owners may be very pleased at the moment with the three new DLC expansion packs on the way, but we can imagine those smiles will turn to disgust if EA follow through with their plans to turn the franchise into a subscription based game.

It is not the first time that EA has pondered the idea of a subscription-based model for their premium FPS franchise, but this week we have heard the strongest hint yet that this may become a reality for the next Battlefield game.

Back in February, we told you about EA CEO John Riccitiello’s comments about Call of Duty Elite, in which he actually praised Activision for setting up a successful premium platform for Call of Duty so quickly, obviously hinting of something similar for Battlefield in the future.

Now, EA publishing chief Patrick Soderlund has told Venturebeat this week that the company are definitely exploring the idea, or to put it in his exact words – ‘looking for ways to maximize their investment’, referring to Battlefield as a ‘product’.

That is a direct quote as well from EA which may be particarly worrying for those who are planning to fork out an expected $15 for the Close Quarters expansion pack in June. Maximize their investment basically means that they are looking to make as much money as possible, but what will they do to the core game and its features to make this happen?

The big risk: If they go down the Call of Duty route, i.e bring out more maps frequently and release them early for subscribers – that will probably be acceptable with quite a few of you who don’t mind paying for this. However, if they strip away elements of the next Battlefield game that we currently see in BF3 and demand a fee for it, that’s when the community will start to turn against EA.

Tricky decision really, and EA will really have to play it careful. If it means a bigger variety of vehicles and weapons to use in the game, we’re interested to see how it goes. If you are a hardcore Battlefield 3 player at the moment, give us your thoughts on EA’s now seemingly inevitable venture into the subscription model. Will you stop playing the game if it happens?

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  • Heilhitler

    EA is run by filthy greedy money-grubbing jews.

    Jews belong in auschwitcz

  • Enginepower69

     There are many out there that are dedicated and would probably pay the fee but in my opinion, they would lose over half the current dedicated players and lose the future of any further developments

  • Dynasty2201

    Make a 2nd hand owner pay for the pass to get future downloads etc like in Bad Company 2 (VIP Pass)?  Thats fine.

    Pay for new content downloads like CoD packs?  Thats fine.  If you dont want it or cant afford it, you dont buy it, you carry on playing.

    Pay for us to play online?  Yeah, bye bye EA.  Complete fail.

    Keep the core elements ‘free’, make us pay once for the game then potentially never have to pay anything else again.

    Dont thrust anything on us and say ”if you dont pay, you dont play.”, or we’ll just run faster than a CoD fan does to the store to get the next CoD 2 days after the previous one is released.

    I’m sure they’ll never make us pay for the basics.  Nobody is that stupid.  Just make the DLC and 2nd hand people pay.  Anything else is just a fail.

    And I can see a CoD Elite style stats thing for BF4.  As completely useless as it is.

  • Shaneybo

    On behalf of millions of battlefield fans around the world… Don’t you dare!!!

  • R3M3D33

    I love BF3!  I put in about 150 hours since it launched.  I don’t mind paying 15 bucks every few months for new expansion packs and what not, but if I had to pay for a monthly fee just to play online, I would not do it.  I would play something else.  Don’t do it EA, you are making a lot already from your games, so no need to squeeze us tighter for your greed.

    • Piperatdawn

      I agree it’s greed in it’s pureist they not only make money out of the game,then the expansion maps and then the online pass for 2 nd hand gamer purchases,but to do this on top is a step too far,I have nigh on abandoned call of duty,as lets be honest it’s the same game online every year just new maps,to add elite is just guaranteed money in the pocket per annum that is! I will not buy the next cod game for these reasons,I’m bored with it,I adopted battlefield instead now which is difficult but I love it,if EA go down the same route,that’s me done with FPS.Pure greed and that’s it!

    • Gazzy

      MMO’s learnt from this, that’s why they’re going F2P, any game with a subscription based fee (especially fps games) is bound to die fast, let Battlefield 3 age like Battlefield 2 had before bringing out another one, support it like Battlefield 2 and people will respect you a lot more, piss it away and they’ll feel it financially and publicity wise.