New BF3 patch on PS3 finally fixes QBU-88, MG36 bugs

By Alan Ng - Mar 13, 2012

It has taken DICE far longer than we expected, but we can finally bring some good news for PS3 owners of Battlefield 3 who bought the Back to Karkand DLC expansion pack. DICE has announced that they have fixed up two game breaking weapon bugs and players will be able to play a patched version of Back to Karkand very soon.

If you have been playing Back to Karkand on PS3, you’ll know exactly what we are talking about. For some bizarre reason, DICE released Back to Karkand in December and didn’t test two of the new weapons that were unlocked with the new assignments. The QBU-88 sniper rifle and the MG36 light machine gun didn’t work properly, as equipping them in-game would result in a horrible animation glitch which moved the crosshair above your head so you couldn’t see what you were aiming at.

Now though, we’re pleased to say that these have now been fixed up by DICE and PS3 players will be able to re-download a patched version of Back to Karkand from the PS Store starting from March 13. Don’t ask us why DICE hasn’t just put a simple update in place on the game when you boot it up, as it seems a strange move to make gamers download the whole Back to Karkand update again, which weighs in at around 2GB.

Other than that, there are no other changes planned for the PS3 version of the game. We would have liked to see tanks fixed up so that one person can designate an aircraft and then lock on with a guided missile successfully, but no joy yet sadly. If scout helicopters can do this fine with just a pilot, why not tanks as well? Just a thought there DICE.

So now you can finally start to level up the QBU-88 and MG36 weapons. Let us know your thoughts on the delayed patch update, and what changes you would like to see next.

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  • Awslash

    i agree completely ! i enjoyed the mav bot killin it was halarious to mav twenty some people in a match and not die and get all the hate messages lol ah good times.. never again i suppose.. and the lag combined with server issues and team  balancing i am still very let down …:( … im am proud to say i will not convert to mw3 either being of its add on so called new game qualities.. bf3 wins hands down to mw3 .. but god damn tighten up people.EA u SUK. wat !

  • Juggalostebo

    i understand the stopping the flying on top evrything with the mav bot, but it being weaker than a motion sensor is ridiculous . i honestly thought the update needed to focus more on the servers sucking so bad. still cant get clan members grouped up wtf. over all highly disaprove . i seriously thought of playing Mw3 but then remembered that mw3 is the worst thing ever. oh and dont dare make one more comment about an update until you fix the damn knife! dont get me wrong ive got about 2000 but that number should be more around 4000 with all the glitchin it does.