Last minute iPad 3 whispers, exciting spec upgrades

By Alan Ng - Mar 7, 2012

A few days ago we told you about a report coming out of China which claimed that the third-generation iPad wouldn’t have an LTE radio built into the device. With just hours to go until the event kicks off, we now have some conflicting but exciting new rumors for you to digest.

That initial report came from MIC Gadget who were apparently in possession of the front parts of the unannounced device, but now we have fresh details coming out of The Verge, who state that the next-gen iPad will feature 4G connectivity after all.

That’s not all either, as there appears to be some greater clarity surrounding the mystery of the processor that will be included in the device as well. It looks like we won’t be seeing a quad-core iPad 3, but instead a device which features a much faster version of the A5 processor that is currently equipped in the iPad 2.

This again relates to those iPad HD rumors from yesterday which suggests that the upgrade won’t be classed as ‘next gen’ by Apple, but rather a new device with revised features. Don’t let that deter you though as we’re also hearing that the RAM will be doubled for the next iPad 2, with a rumored 1GB of RAM at last.

Combine the new details on the A5’X’ processor, LTE connectivity and 1GB of RAM with a Retina Display and 8 megapixel camera, then actually – it doesn’t look like a bad upgrade at all. Current iPad 2 owners may disagree though as an upgrade may only be deemed worthy once Apple unleash their quad-core processor.

Are you planning to upgrade to the next iPad at the earliest opportunity, or do you need to see a quad-core processor and other features before deciding to part with your cash?

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  • CruzinHard

    I’ve got Ipad 2 earlier, Its a toy compare to my ASUS EP121, run anything that I want to install on it without estriction of limited apps that I can download. No need for Ipad 3.

  • Jim

    I buy Apple no matter what!!!  Apple Rules!!

  • Jasonrichardson121

    Would have bought iPad 2 if it had hd display so this one will be just what I want, sold my iPad 1 just before Xmas so now I’m chomping at the bit to get this new one

  • Misybagsik_23

    We’re planning to buy the latest ipad. Im not gonna buy android again. Way too many issue. Do you have any idea when are they going to release the long-awaited ipad 3? First