Don’t make BF3 Close Quarters DLC a COD fest DICE

By Alan Ng - Mar 7, 2012

Back to Karkand is definitely starting to get a little bit rusty now, with Battlefield 3 gamers eager to see some fresh DLC to play. It seems EA are finally on the same wavelength as they have just announced not one, but three brand new expansion packs to the game.

The first expansion pack will be coming in June, yes June and it will be titled Close Quarters. Before you look away in disgust that these aren’t going to be the huge maps that you’re after, the other expansion packs on the way will suit your needs just fine.

For those of you that are looking forward to Close Quarters however, we can tell you that DICE will be adding four new maps to the game, as well as another 10 brand new weapons to use. Just like Back to Karkand, we’re guessing that these new weapons will be unlocked by completing brand new assignments, which we’re a big fan of.

Another word of warning for those of you who like your Battlefield maps big, is that Close Quarters will not feature any new vehicles this time around. We’re interested to see how this close quarters plan turns out for the game, but we just hope that it doesn’t turn into some Call of Duty style grenade launcher fest like it does on Operation Metro. If that happens, then we may see BF3 fans take to the forums to complain to DICE big time for taking the game in this direction.

Once Close Quarters is out, there will be another two expansions to look forward to. The first is called Armored Kill which will apparently feature the ‘biggest BF3 map yet’ and a new vehicle to use, while the final pack due out will be called End Game – there’s no info on this whatsoever at the moment.

Unfortunately, there’s no word on how much Close Quarters is going to cost, but we expect it to be around the same price that Back to Karkand was, which was $15. Let us know your initial reaction to the three new packs, especially if you are not really a fan of close quarter style gameplay. Are you worried that the four maps will become a ‘COD fest’?

Update: Added some off cam footage below. Does it look COD-style? You decide and let us know what you think in the comments.

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  • i don’t think that dice is trying to only appeal to cod players with this dlc if you look at what they have planed we’ve seen the back to karkand which has a lot of air vehicles, the close quarters which is more infantry based, and then there is the “armored kill” dlc which i believe is due in fall and will focus (most likely ) on ground vehicles and large maps (then there is the “end game” which none of us know anything about) dice is just creating dlc for the 3 main play types: infantry, ground vehicles, and air vehicles. naturally they will make maps to play to the advantages of each play type. dice is doing what game developers should do and making dlc to match what the players want and for that i applaud them. (ps. if they make an l85 styled engineer gun i will be a happy camper)

  • Vanhelsin33

    shut yer face bert cod mw3 is the worst cod ever. BF3 all the way

    • Purvisbilly

       Agreed, bought MW3 on the day it came out and completed it 4 hours later, multiplayer was good until its 3rd month of been out then the lag switch, hackers etc came out to play. Bought BF3 and went straight to my MW3 and threw it out the window litterally, the trade in price was only 15 quid. BF3 is much better, looking foward to the new maps, BF3 you play tactically, MW3 is a scramble…..

  • Flamewolf1126

    Super Troll, you must be trolling. There is a much larger population of BF3 players on Pc than on consoles. I personally would like a bit tighter maps. I hate hearing that loud crack whenever I step out into the open when wielding a cbq weapon, knowing there’s a sniper shooting at me and I can’t stand still or move slowly or else get shot. These would be great maps for shotguns and smg’s

  • Top Gunner 31

    I agree, i believe they should focus more on smaller maps but not to small because you can only get 24 players and that would be very boring spending a hour to get one kill on foot. 

  • Super Troll (BAAS)

    biggest map? on console? 24 player MAX? Large maps are already boring…… release the smaller maps for console and the larger for PC, and dont forget the console players are FAR more numerous than PC. 

    C’mon DICE stop thinking with your anus and use your head.

    • Bert

      @tiller659:disqus ” Large maps are already boring” Get your ass back to COD pls.

  • Nate

    Its the biggest map in BATTLEFIELD history, not the biggest bf3 map.

  • tiller659

    I’m having a hard time understanding why people would get upset at Close Quarters. Why does every battlefield map have to be huge. This just adds more variety and coming up with different strategies. On PC i can understand how Metro would upset players for consoles and only having 12 men to a team it is perfect. If you haven’t figured out by now how to attack this map than you haven’t played enough or you’re just that bad at this game. The fact is I love the close quarters maps like Seine Crossing and Metro (conquest specifically). They have allowed you so many different ways to attack these maps. And even with the name being close quarters i’m sure they aren’t all going to be like that. I feel they have managed good variety in the maps with both close quarters combat and more open combat.