Skyrim DLC to draw you back

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It took many years to create the world of Skyrim, and most people would agree the results of that development are clearly shown by a game that demonstrates how immersion should really be done. We all know that Bethesda are working on Skyrim DLC, although for some players this is the one reason they’d start playing again.

While it’s hard for some gamers to believe, we’ve heard from a few Skyrim owners that have stopped playing, and each has their own reasons for doing this. For some it’s the apparent framerate issues that some PS3 players are plagued with after the latest patch (these people want a fix and DLC is the last thing on their mind), and for others it’s boredom after spending hundreds of hours playing Skyrim.

If you’re one of those players waiting for DLC to bring you back to Skyrim, or maybe you have a few ideas for DLC that will create an even better Skyrim, then feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

Our Skyrim DLC ideas and those we’ve had sent in by email and comments so far are pretty cool, and show that Bethesda can improve one of the best games to release in a few years.

So what downloadable content can draw some gamers back to Skyrim? Some people want enhancements like trading in dragon souls for 1 perk point to make dragon hunting more interesting, and item sorting in containers, although these could be free updates rather than a big DLC download. When it comes to DLC that really expands Skyrim’s world we’ve seen many story ideas and possible locations for new areas to expand the map.

DLC that follows up with destroying the advances of the Thalmor is something that some players feel was missing in the main quest, and then the idea of learning more about the mysterious Akavir could please others. Most players would like the idea of a whole new quest line that involves you going to one of the other provinces or continents, although some of our readers like the idea of more innovative DLC that brings an arena like in Oblivion, which also has multiplayer and maybe a dragon shape shifting power similar to Divinity 2.

After spending well over 200 hours playing Skyrim and stopping for the last couple of weeks, not due to boredom but rather commitments, we’ve had a chance to think about the tactics side of the game and what we’d like to see added as DLC. While we played the main quest and helped crush all armies that stood in our way, I couldn’t help think what it would be like to be a Jarl and command a little.

We’d love to see the Dragonborn become a Jarl, which would then give more power, respect and add a little command tactics to Skyrim. Having our own personal army that could lead to bigger things, like uniting Skyrim by becoming High King. Could you imagine battling the Thalmor or Falmer like this?

If you have become bored of Skyrim or have a few ideas for DLC, then hit the comments with your thoughts.

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  • Mark Cubbedge

    I would love to be able to utilize the instruments and play bardic songs. What’s the point of joining the bard college and then not being able to do bard stuff. I think it could work by enchanting lutes, flutes and drums with illusion school effects effectingly making them like wands that play a tune when used. Legendary motifs include the pied piper mesmerizing people with music to follow him. Also to be part of a battle and play to give stat boosts to your side. Roleplaying a true bard would be awesome.

    • Justathought

      I havn’t finished skyrim yet but I thought a really cool dlc would be a quest to fight the daedric princes.
      I also wouldn’t mind the ability to summon a dragon priest to fight with me. Dunno what do you think?

  • LeyTon CarTer

    I personally think a fix for bugs and playability issues should be released before DLC. Some people report having to stop playing once their save file gets too big, causing framerate issues as mentioned in the article. Customers that have bought the game but can no longer play it due to bugs will not be interested in DLC, and it would be insulting to the customer base if the DLC was the only way to cure the problems some (but not me… yet) are facing.

    Having logged a measly 60 hours or so into the game, I have barely scratched the surface. I still have plenty of adventuring to go (despite an arrow in the knee), but I can see how some plot lines could be expanded upon, opening new areas and options. Spell creation (missing from Oblivion) would be a welcome return, as well as new weapons and armour.

    I think an arena setting (or settings) could benefit players who have romped through the game and cleared all the areas and whom are looking for a scrap. If implemented correctly, it could work, though I wonder how the developers could tie this in with ES lore.

    All in all, although I have barely scratched the surface, I would look forward to DLC because I know that eventually i’ll complete every quest, clear every cave (bugs permitting) and then begin again as an “opposite” character to my usual playstyle.

    But please, show your fans some respect and patch those bugs first.

  • Rosco

    After 201 hours I’ve taken a break from questing. Fed up trudging from place to place and the thrill has worn off a bit. Lately I’ve been spending time messing in the game trying things simply to learn with a view to possibly doing some modding with the Creation Kit.

    Too much hype and euphoria for this game I think. Too many towns looking much the same, same buildings etc, Dawnstar, Morthal, Falkreath, Dragon Bridge and more. Villages too. I prefer the variation in Oblivion, even if it is older, all major towns are different and more variation in landscape.  Somehow I never got fed up with Oblivion and went way past 200 hours. With a few mods it can look very nice despite its age. No doubt a sorted Creation engine will be utterly fantastic but I’d love to see Cyrodiil using it.

     I agree with Leyton fix the bugs first then give us the construction set and DLC.  Personally the most annoying bug I found (PC) was after the very recent 1.31 patch, now dragons die just like many other creatures and the spectacular dragon soul event has stopped and I cannot get dragon souls now. This did not help to keep me playing on. For me Bethesda are commissioning this game after they sold it on 11-11-11. I don’t like that. Patches should mainly be for fine tuning. Other industries commission their work and then hand over and some are every bit as complex as games.

  • Livedeified

    I think some daedra DLC would be nice. A quest to “become” one of them would be fun. Perhaps a Hunter’s Guild with a “smith arrows” reward. Of course it would be nice if there were a “Merchant” questline to gather large amounts of gold too.

  • Jack

    Becoming high king and having a war with the thalmor, with either the stormcloaks or the empire at your side.

  • samuel aldridge

    well im 110 hours in and im just now climbed the 7000 steps to meet greybeards, i been so caught up with sidequest. So the last thing im concerned about is dlc right now.But i would like to become a different type of monster, so far i only see vampire or wolf, so some other kind of beast would be cool.

    • ZkOtY

      like morph into a Dragon

  • libnolobster

    A recreation of Cyrodiil, Morrowind, Hammerfell, or High Rock (from Oblivion, Morrowind, and Daggerfall) would be cool, as well as riding dragons around, the Arena faction, more shouts, and more side quests.

  • NinSegaSoft

    A DLC where you wage war against the Thalmor and take them down!

    You’d have to complete the Civil War quest line before being able to unlock it though.

  • Istull

    A return to Solstheim (Morrowind’s Bloodmoon Expansion) would be awesome, to see how the settlements there have flourished (or fallen), such as Fort Frostmost, Skaal Village, and Thirsk in the last couple hundred years…

  • Sparhock

    I think many of the suggestions already posted have had some very interesting and plausable ideas for DLCs. Particularly Mark Cubbedge’s idea of playing instruments and singing to boost stats etc. The song of the main title screen shows how stirring Nordic themes can be.

    I would like to see the ability to become a Jarl, and eventually high king, as others have suggested. However, it would also be great to be allowed to win castles and forts for yourself in order to solidify your title. I have cleared out dozens of old forts and towers, only to leave them empty and crumbling ruins. Placing your own guards/troops at these location and seeing them turn from rubble ruins to actual strongholds would be fascinating. Much like the Solstheim expansion for Morrowind (as Istull has already commented) I would like to see our hero be able to build up fallen towers, dig mines, and make Skyrim the true power that it is.

  • RsoxFan

    An awesome DLC would be one where you solve the secrets of the Dwemer disappearance and find a way to connect to another world that the dweller have inhabited. It’s kinda like a utopia, but the daedric gods are becoming annoyed with the Dwemer are becoming as strong as the gods themselves, so there is a clash between the two sides and you have to settle the disputes. Complete with new armor and weapons, along with an array of new spells and perks the dwemer can teach you.

    Another good one would be a knights of the nine/broken steel type DLC where the Thalmor found a way to destroy the human races and after the civil war is over, they begin to move on Skyrim to end the human race, and of course the dragonborn must stop them.

  • Fucku

    Oh yah bring in multiplayer where u can have legit players play against some ungodly bs dbag that cheated great idea stupid.

  • Stethomas96

    skyrims boss enough 

  • Nblodgett40

    I agree with many of the people on here. Fix the bugs first. But as far as a dlc goes maybe going to an alternate plane like in the shivering isles expansion. Here’s a fresh idea. Let the dwemer come out of hiding and wage war on all of tamriel. Forcing the thalmor to abandon their siege on humanity a forge an alliance with the other provinces

  • Chris

    I would HATE to see dragonborn become high king or even a Jarl because that puts him in a position where he’s the boss, in charge of others… Look back through TES games, you’re always working for another person, you never really get properly awarded for what you do, you just do it because you’re a good guy, then life goes on as normal

    I think a really nice DLC would be situated in Hammerfell, you could perhaps do work with the Alik’r or something entirely different, kind of like Shivering isles size, but obviously, it’s an extension of the normal map.

  • Tunnellsnakes

    I think there should be a DLC of somehow a portal appears to Oblivion and you can explore it? Just a thought. Also an idea of an upcoming game, would be Cyrodiil in the same engine that runs skyrim. After playing Skyrim I really wish the last game (oblivion) would have equal graphics.

  • Wwkanoa

    well i think that the ice elves should be reinvitalized as a race instead of the thalmor and wage war upon the nords of skyrim and they destroy the thalmar embassy and as dragonborn call upon a new race of dragons to defeat the elite frost dragon ice wing and the dragon born hatches his own pet like ohdavig but to be a magma dragon you name it like in fable 3 and 2 you named your dog complete with perks map extension and armor and weapons but you have a choice between enslaving the ice elves all over again or allowing them to live throughout skyrim without detereence or discrimination of there kind i mean come on they are the most legit elves ever

  • Akira Prakash

    I think they should make one about the Western Reach in High Rock, it would be kinda similar to the rest of skyrim so it would be easy to make but also slightly different because not everything is nord/vikingish, mabye it could be like Scottish or Irish themed instead.

  • Rhy Buccahan

    Well for me. I’d like Bethesda to return the DLC armor for a horse, and please make Shadowmere an immortal horse. And maybe a DLC where you can go and fight the thalmor army, wherever they are. While playing that DLC, it should allow you to have 100 level cap, so you get extra perk points to strengthen your character. Like IGN say’s, we want the arena back. 

  • Akira Prakash

    I think there should be a DLC where High Rock is trying to be annexed by the Thalmor, so you go to the Western Reach in High Rock, and stop them with the help of whichever side you chose, side quests could involve the Forsworn.

  • Ritwick Razur89

    dont knw if bethesda is listening but it would really be
    cool if one of their dlcs is about the jarls selecting a new king and the
    thalmor trying to disrupt it….it cud hv a stealth sort of mission(to thalmor
    homeland implicating the thalmor embassy) and when they know about the new king
    a skirmish occurs in windhelm, and the draognborn has to take the king to high hrothgar( no fast travel during this part) break the seige…and
    then finally preparing to defeat the thalmor….(altmer drabonborns shd hv
    advantages in stealth mission.)…shd be extremely political….happy new year

  • tonyrockaroni

    How about some new quests? Maybe something for the Argonians where they become more respected in Skyrim. Like having one of them becoming the Jarl of Riften and depending on if Laila Law-Giver or Maven Black-Briar is Jarl, Laila would be removed or Maven would be killed or something to that effect. I just think the Argonian oppression in Windhelm should also end.

    Also, I’d love to see a new playable race. I’m hoping for something like an anthro dragon race. Also, the ability to travel to Morrowind and/or Cyrodiil like the rumors I’ve been hearing. One other thing I want to see is an alternative to the quest where you have to kill Paarthurnax. SOmething where you can end the Blades and kill Delphine or convince her that Paarthurnax can be trusted.

  • bperren

    I think they should expand more on the plane oblivion and tie it into the the confrontation with Thalmor. You have several encounters with demons I.e. Transcribe to lexicon. I feel like you should have the freedom to rule as high king, become the alduin (technically speaking), serve the deadric princes, expand on the ordel with werewolves and vampires, etc. Knights of the nine was great in oblivion. I would love to see something similar in this game. And like everyone else has mentioned…an arena. Maybe not in the multiplayer sense, but perhaps something of a jousting competition. To determine how is the new high king by fighting it out to prove your strength to the people. There are just so many different approaches that could be taken to really bring out the potential of the game. Or heck. Even discover that the dwarves are the masterminds behind the psionic order and have been living in secret for hundreds of years. And help them crush the falmor to reclaim their homes and defeat the forces of oblivion once again.

  • Anthonylopez841

    I would actually like a DLC that further explores the Falmer, or like someone else said allow the player to investigate the Dwemer disappearance that would make things tie in so well. But i really want to be able to use the Elder Scroll to be able to see the snow elfs. Evens allow the Dragon Born to go back in time using the Elder scroll to maybe change history of the Falmer. which would then let you play as a Snow Elf!

    Another Idea that i thought while on my adventure is to have like a family story In skyrim. Such as Dagon Age Origins had where you would choose a character and that specific character was given more detail, more background story of where they came from. Growing up and such. Its a Ludacris idea but i do like the idea myself.

    • Uber_goliath

      Ludicrous. You’re welcome.

  • joblagz

    find and kill the second born from akatosh.. which in turn is a huge dragon that has new attack animations..

  • Pauljustice1819

    I would love my follower to be able to follow me on Horseback, but fixing the glitches first. During a fast travel to the college of Winterhold I spawned 20 feet in the air on top of Shadowmere and then proceeded to fall.  Missed the bridge and feel another 100 feet. Now I know Shadowmere is not invincible. And I can’t finish quest, even after I grabbed the required item, the icon does not leave, and I can’t move on with that quest. But I still love the game, and I am not moving on to another anytime soon.

  • Ramari741

    I would enjoy an Oblivion flashback. Send us to the realm of the princes that cause us so much turmoil. Have us quest yet again for them. Possibly rid the realms of them. I dunno what it is but i just do not think there to be enough within the world of Skyrim dealing with the daedra.

  • All5poops

    my friend came up with this one. masssive dwemer spaceship crash lands in skyrim. the dwemer all disappeared at once because they left the planet (to populate another one maybe) now theyre back and theyre going to wage war to take over tamriel again. introduce new dwemer weapons/technology with this.

    Another idea is to do something with the Falmer, and how they used to be Snow Elves


    I would really love to see a quest were you can venture to Hammerfell and continue that quest that involves the Alik’r and the civil war brewing there.

  • Jrnorris

    They should include argoinian children.  I mean we have nord kids runing around all over, but not a single child from the argoinan race.  In fact there are also children missing from the kajit, all elfs and orc races as well.

    As for a Dlc story… it might be interesting to send the player to the island of the psyonic mages, since the island “disappeared, and sort out the eye of magnus.  It might also be interesting to have a time traveler in-game say some one dressed in “strange” clothes, something like from modern day, and have him equiped with a modified elder scroll, a gun that would be listed under the bow-and-airrow weapon class, and the abilty to start a main quest titled “frozen time” and your mission is to stop a rouge mage/scientist from destroying time via first exploring a more modernday skyrim and finding land marks from modernday skyrim in the future, and using the elder scroll you posses to restore or repare the mounuments or buildings to the way they should be in the future.  Due to the time disruption, various things in both the future skyrim and present skyrim would be warped out of sync, like a office building where the center of winterhold should be, and sections of  an bigger city of solitude missing in the future.  Also, to make life eaiser for the developers, they could have it so you could only travel to certian areas in future skyrim, have unexcessable areas blocked off by fallen trees, fences, barrecades or broken pipes, gas pipes

    and the point of the story will be that the dwemer had traveled a few centuries in to the future, made a moderndaish society, one scientist traveled back in time with the aid of a modified elder scroll, died upon reaching his destination, then you find the scroll, and since you would have had prior use of the first elder scroll, and possibly have in your possesion, you are able to safely travel back and forth in time

    • Krotos381


  • Davidshaw12345

    I’m a 100 level blacksmith. I’d like to own my own blacksmithing company

  • Dnaramburu

    They should defiantly go into the thalmor a little more they should make it so that you can either side with them or go against them. Cuz the elves are treated badly and I want to kill me some nords

    . *spoiler

    If your in the dark brotherhood you killed the emperor. Obviously we would like to see who the new emperor will be.

    They should release the old lands of TES as dlc each with its own reason. As we have found out the land around skyrim is there

  • Thehamburgaler

    I think there should be an expansion that has akavir invasions, vampiric groups attacking settlements, falmer interactions, return of dwemer, and daedric cults that war with eachother. A trip to high rock wouldnt be bad either.

  • Bgredold

    The one thing that got me to stop playing was the fact that the magic is not as vast as it was in Oblivion. it really puts a damper on my game style that I came to love in Oblivion. Having so much magic in the game made it feel like it wasn’t as simple as Skyrim and just made me want to find more magic out there. But in Skyrim I have maxed out all my magic and gotten all the highest level magic and its just sad. You can only summon like 5 different creatures, 3-4 healing spells, a couple of illusion magic and what ever happened to Mysticism??? Also the fact that your armor would deteriorate after being hit and you having to keep repair hammers was a great addition back in Oblivion because it kept you having to make sure things were in order. All I can say is that when they made Skyrim they should have just looked at all the things that made Oblivion so perfect and kept those things instead of taking those out for stupid things from other games that weren’t as successful like Fallout:New Vegas. Also the quests in Skyrim are just so short compared to in Oblivion. honestly they would have to add a lot of DLC for me to be able to get back into it like I did in Oblivion.

  • Jesse Bohnsack

    i would like to play as a falmar trying to bring prosparty to the falmar and take back skyrim and bring back the 
    Dwemer and play as a dwemer and have it to where you can ride a dragon or turn in to a dragon so you can posably do mission for the dead heros of soverngard . or have it to where you can take over skyrim like haveing two paths one good and one evil 

  • Biggiedwyer56

    I would love to see coop brought it to the the game maybe item trading as well flyin a dragon would be cool new races would be alsome commanding an army as jarl would be cool most of all reallllly hopin for coop An maybe bring somthing crazy in like the shivering isle

    • Hooptie

      Something Shivering Isle’ish would be cool. Flying around on a drogon would be cool but not likely. Commanding an army, come on, really? And this one goes out there to 80% of the people posting on this, co-op is not gonna happen. I get it, dream big. But if you are looking for a fantasy/adventure rpg with co-op. Its already out there. It has tons of dlc too. It’s called WOW. Maybe you people have heard of it. Skyrim is set up as a one player game. Just like every other game in the Elder Scrolls line. Get used to it.

  • Jhett

    online fighting arena !!!!!!!!!!! for all players to join team up or go head to head 1 on 1 how awesome would that be!!!!!!!!!

  • Biggiedwyer56

    Vampire werewolf civil war

  • Biggiedwyer56

    Recieve a dragon egg like erogon but not gay lol have your own dragon pet / mount an name him maybe have buy able armor shouts also diffent mount once u get shadowmere everything else blows an defiantly mount combat attack from horse back

  • Nicholasgriffith

    I would like to see an extension to the civil war, ex: I beat the imperials, i would like to be able to go and destroy the stormcloak camp and be able to kill their captains, and after thats done have the guards in each hold return to normal.   i would also like to see more cities able to be attacked by dragons such as whiterun/ riften

  • Pvt snowball213

    A fight to kill an evil dragon born. Basically two dragon borns fighting each other

  • mofrofish

    more weapons/level cap like the secret armory of general knoxx for borderlands 

  • Rjason19

    Something i would like is another adventure in a different world like in the Shivering Isles, a arena maybe with its own little story line not just fighting, and maybe bring back making hour own spells or something.

  • Brgoodall

    I think the DLC should be dependent on race. I mean, it will be the same basic DLC for all, but it would vary depending on race. Like if you’re an Argonian the dlc would allow to to be a shadowscale and go to Black Marsh for a new quest. Or a Khajit would go to their homeland and things like that. But the DLC shouldnt be biased. Every race should get a new level cap/armor/weapons/quests/spells and all that good stuff

  • Dylan Rach

    Alduin. They foreshadowed Alduin’s third return ever since the game ended, and I believe one of their main focuses is dedicated to the World-Eater. I mean, a 50-some hour main quest can’t simply end like it did. *Spoilers* Since you kill Alduin in Sovengarde and don’t even absorb his soul, there has to be more, and it even alluded toward that event after the main quest whilst speaking with Arngeir. 

    Since the dragons didn’t disappear after the main quest (thank god) and I can sometimes still see Alduin flying about in Skyrim, I can only assume that their DLC will be a whole new expansion on the main story.

  • James

    A massive expansion on the guild quests! Skyrim lacked guild quests! Really lacked them! That or a whole new underground world tO explore like blackreach but much bigger!

  • Rubixdoom

    honestly I think they need to expand the guilds and the main story… its all very short and the game seems to go by very fast.  I love skyrim but its got its flaws that are making me go back to playing halo and gears with friends.  Oblivion for me was still a greater game, story not as epic, but everything was in depth.  I almost think bethesda just tried to appeal more to those who are new to extremely detailed rpg’s.  It took me over a year with a full time job to get to level 40 and i’m already past that in a little over a month.  Honestly they should have dlc like how shivering Isles was, but maybe in the land of elswyr since the khajiits keep making me want to visit that small province.  Definitely something with dragon souls and new special weapons/armor that are better than making daedric/dragon that you actually have to quest for.  I know they are not gonna fully change some of the growing pains that are in this game, but more quests, more in depth, new perks, dragon souls for perks, build your own shouts, maybe even get to fly a dragon, and a new land to discover…  Map is smaller than cyrodil so its more easy to find locations.. maybe even bring acrobatics back cuz i still jump around everywhere anyways..

    • Havok_bloodpain

      Dragon Weapons

  • Rubixdoom

    Another one that would kick ass is to somehow do like how borderlands is and let up to 4 people play together, and depending on the number of players it will determine how many bad guys or how much harder  it will be.  Also give that add on a new land, and each race has their own special weapon and can trade it with other players.

  • Zb096911

    skyrim is already amazing but we always want more i myself would rather have a whole nother would to explore maybe by traveling by ship to get there or even the morrowind and obilivion built in woulds. Even thought i want it to be big really big double the size of shivering isle for oblivion.

    • V4

      that would be awesome, but they should bring you back to morrowind, like have morrowind in a war or something. becuase we all know morrowind was kick A$$

      • kingofrohan

        Or see the nerevarine or learn of what he/she did for so long!! let’s pray to Azura for that 

  • Thealt101

    Have Your own hold and wage war on other holds

  • Jeff Berry

    Ideas:   Every exploit in Skyrim needs to patched. It ruins the rewarding sense of accomplishment when you complete something like leveling up to 81 knowing it could have been done using a glitch to accomplish this in a couple of minutes or acquiring gold the true way knowing that it could have been done much faster using the oblivion book exploit. Some players (Like myself) have a huge problem with this as they have no self-control. [I have OCD...] This ruins the incentive to play the game. Another problem I see is that it is very easy to kill with no remorse in this game as throughout the game you have to kill to win. I liked Fallout New Vegas’s system where you could win the game without killing a single thing rather easily. This made it seem less necessary to kill making you feel more sympathy to what you did kill. I would like to hear MUCH better acting when it comes to assaulting people. I want them to scream! and… cry! and…. be convincing in order for me to feel sympathy  >:[ . I also want more GORE! (But keep it realistic. In Fallout it was distasteful and repetitive.) You should be able to kill kids to.. Perhaps no gore with them but damn would it make things more interesting. (Good dark brotherhood quest.) I’m sure you guys could work this out. For gods sake, you could cannibalize a baby in Fallout 3 in the Pitt. Blacksmithing is over powered. I can make a sword do 400 base damage which practically kills a dragon in one hit. For destruction you need to increase the damage of lightning storm…. I would like some general stats that go under each skill tree like strength for warrior, intelligence for mage and Agility for thief. (This would probalby require amending as I’m coming up with this off the top of my head.)  When you work on a skill for the class it slightly levels the general stat like strength which slightly levels up everything in that skill tree so If you have 100 in one handed weapons you don’t have 10 in two handed weapons as that seems unrealistic. If this were implemented I believe the skill trees should change to group skills and not classes. instead of warrior thief and mage it should be weapons, armor, magic, etc. Unfortunately my idea is rather complicated and I don’t want to waste anymore of your time so if you would like to hear my ideas it would be ideal if I worked hand-in-hand with Bethesda through Skype or something. My email is You may contact me from there.  From there I could also help with DLC’s if you’d like. There should be a network where the community could work hand-in-hand with developers to come up with ideas like this.

    • Eischcream

      blah, blah, blah….go buy pokemon silvery opal!

    • Skytim

      im not being funny but this is about dlc ideas, not what to patch and what additionals can be in the main game. they wont change the game just for you, and they will not let you be able to kill kids… thats right… its wrong. if you dont like your weapons overpowered, do what i do and dont exploit the weapons, just upgrade them without the smithing enchantments, and keep it on master difficulty.

    • ed

      wow reading that did waste my time

  • Thealt101

    for one the games called skyrim not hammerfell and two they could never make multiplayer work but the ideas about dwemer and falmer are a+

  • Sumdumfoo

    Just saying. There is no longer a true emperor, as the last of the blood line died in Oblivion. SO. Being that we are Dragonborn, and the emperor should be dragon blood, I think a trip back to imperial city is in order. Kill Thalmor, assassinate the false emperor, get the crown, get the girl. Drinks all around.

    • Greyfox-

      You get to meet the king during the Dark Brotherhood questline… so yeeeeah

      • Jack Sharpe

        Exactly. Some time after Oblivion Titus Mede conquered the Imperial City with 1000 men. He became Emperor Titus Mede I, and presumebly his son Attrebus took over after him (Correct me if I’m wrong, I’ve yet to finish “Lord of Souls”) until the line eventually got to Titus Mede II, who you kill during the DB questline. Perhaps the new DLC could involve his successor?

    • Madgod

      Dragonborn, last dragon blood emperor for sure cant tell me that wouldnt be badass.
       also give me a spear and sheild combo with some bronze armor i wanna be a SPARTAN!!!

      oh and a trip back to the shivering isles its been what 300 years? time for another grey march

      • Lanyfish

        IKR I cant believe there were no spears!

    • Scott Rod

      great quest line dlc idea. i would love to hear of you scripting that and sending it to the proper people.
      the Crown of barenziah needs a little more to it that money

  • Brian

    new weapon types.
    crossbow, throwing knives, spears, bombs, poison dart gun, brass knuckles, bo staff, and new shouts.
    did I miss any potential things?

    • guest

      i agree with 4 things cross bow spear bo staff and new shouts but the rest is too much of a 16th century yes i know but it will soon then become a more assasin creed than an actually elder scrolls but perfect idea i do like it

  • Anonymous

    I think i the DLC we should find out that we are Talos reincarnated. We are meant to reunite the empire and destroy the Thalmor! Lead the armies of a united skyrim and tameriel against the Thalmor and maybe some Daedric enemies on their side! Lets see it get nasty, lets see some divines stepping up into the fight against some of the daedric lords.

  • Supersaiyan3paul

    ride a dragon or become a dragon becuse you are the dragonborn and add more magic spells new worlds.

  • EPearson

    Hand to hand sucks in skyrim it needs work big time. new combos and even kicking would be nice, cause lets face it. I would kick my enemies teeth in. The ability to craft arrows would be awsome as well. Mounted combat, spears, owning a shop where the icp’s would be your whares and use them, have a children, keep a farm things like that. Add some dewmer as well. An online trade and maybe even make it a four player online co-op.

  • Domino5343

    I think a DLC for skyrim should include a story about Snow Elfs/Falmers origin. If we can go back to their time to see what started the snow elfs progression to falmers would be awesome.

  • Erik Vasquez

    i felt the main story quest wasnt quite finished when you beat alduin, i always felt that there should have been more of the thalmor in the main quest, you couldve become a king and do war with the thalmor, i also thought there should have been more of a story for ulfric since he could use thuum which was a rarity for anyone to possess

    • Dragon Shouting

      Actually Ulfric can’t use Thuum. If you ask him about killing the High King he tells you he just stabbed him while shouting.
      I agree about becoming a Jarl/High King. Considering you can be the leader of the Theives Guild, Black Hand Listener, Archmage etc etc.

      • GreyFox-

        Ulfric studied with the greybeards before the great war thus he learned how to shout, he killed Torygg by shouting him to the ground than stabbing him.

    • Fred William Kozak

      Civil War questline =/= Main Story questline. Two different stories. Thalmor invaded the empire. Not just Skyrim.

  • RedGaurd

    isnt the dragonborn supposed to be emperor?

  • Haloking612

    Talking about DLC, how about bringing back the Colosseum and making it not only another piece but also making it online compatible to duel friends and others or fight along side others.

  • Steve Dawz

    I would love to see a storyline that delves into the history of the dwarves. Where did they go? I know there was still one left in the time of the Neverine.

  • Aldmeri Dominion

    Sykrim has been invaded by the Thalmor, you could either unite the empire and the stormcloaks to stop skyrims destruction or side with the Thalmor and conquer skyrim for the Aldmeri Dominion.

  • Ede202

    Honestly let’s think about who the players are for a second. Sure we have some people who are new to the Elder Scrolls, even bigger than that is the Oblivion people, but the biggest group of them all is the Morrowinder’s. People that have been here since the beggining of the Elder Scrolls for the console. Morrowind is and always will have the best storyline, and quests. Sure it may not have the greatest graphics, but damn is it beautiful.

    This being said, i was really looking forward to hearing more about anything that happened in Morrowind, and to my dismay, all i heard was bad news. Vvardenfell being covered in lava, argonians conquering half of mainland. This really upset me and alot of hardcore fans, but the worst was hearing absolutely nothing of the Nerevarine.

    In my opinion, They should reopen Morrowind for us to see, not even asking for all of Morrowind, at least a glimpse, and if bethesda does this, more and more poeople shall return to the game, maybe even just telling us what happened to the Nerevarine, and Vivec, and how our Dunmer friends are doing

    Anyway, just my thoughts, great game, looks are breathtaking, just think a little more going back to the bethesda’s roots will improve dramatically

    • Akira Prakash

      What about the daggerfall people? Or Arena?

  • cpt Obvious

    I think going to east would be an interesting choice hearing about morrorwind exploding and the armys of black marsh using this as there chance to invading as revenge for there centuries of enslavement. It would also explore the Argonian culture which there is very little of (about 10ish named ones in the whole game, with very minor roles and little interaction). It would also (though I know many people have a real love or hate attitude to this) give the dlc a very fallout feel, a desolate land, ruin of civilisation, alien creatures of morrowind, desperate survivors ect would add a very different feel to the pretty, flowery land of skyrim. It could also add a real emphasis on food, cookable food in skyrim is obsolete to say the least. Why carry all that heavy food with you when a simple health potion could be produced which is much more effective, weighs less, and is easier to procure with little alchemical skill. Food and water could be made one of the necessities need to survive, with hunger and thirst alongside health could add a survival aspect to the game which could be done easily since all the pieces are already there. Anyway this idea is fairly undeveloped and is probably only scratching the surface of the potential of a dlc with a much more gritty feel to it

  • Poop

    A remodel of proudspire manner the house in solitude would be nice

  • tomahh

    Just a small thing here, but in a Skyrim DLC I would love to see a faction in which you steadily rise through the ranks and gradually earn new titles, as you did in Oblivion, as in Skyrim I have found that there is a lack of structure in all the factions and that there too easy to complete. Also, in Oblivion there was a page which listed all your ranks and titles, which made it easier to know where you stood in the game but in Skyrim there is no such page and a small update to add one into the game would be awesome. 

  • Super Andrew

    adding in the brotherhood of steel armor would be badass

  • Bassman

    Hell, there’s no High King/ Queen of Skyrim and the Dragonborn used to rule. Let them rule again

  • David

    I want a quest about the dwarves!!!!!!!! I want to know what happend and how there so ahead in technology! Plzz bethesda thats all i want.

    • Fred William Kozak

      already a quest in game with Arnel or however you spell his name.

    • Chris

      I agree, a quest line which explains where they went and why the disappeared. Maby even to follow them to a shivering isles type realm if it turned out they were still alive somewhere.

  • Guest

    okay well first i would like to say best rpg in a long time and i mean BETTER than BATMAN arkarm city even when i was done with about 100 hours i wanted more so since i have played there oblivion and both fallouts i think they should do something more in the contents of the 2 fallouts which is by taking the player to a different place more like previews because as much as skyrim is big and extensive it is also so boring at times to look for the dungeons and caves and such i would like a mountainous yet a more adventurous because has anybody noticed one thing you only jump when you are running when i found shear point i died 10 times trying to fight kroisis (was level 8) i thought to myself why dont i have my healing spells on my hands and as soon as i have all 3 shouts i run i jumped and dodged 10 things and as soon as i fast traveled to the champions HQ i thought about that really that was the only time i jumped a lot in the whole game and id like to see more of the whole werewolf and vampire thing maybe even a war between all 3 humans werewolves and vampires attacking each other it would be nice but that is just my opinion

  • Luke_022

    i just wanna ride dragons!!!!!!!

  • Kim

    A new
    questline involving werewolves, that develops the shifting power, with the
    ability to acquire increasingly more powerful forms such as Werebear, Weresabercat,
    etc, all the way to Weredragon!  




    the apparently unfinished main storyline; have the Nords and the Dragonborn use
    Dragons to fight the Thalmor and their powerful Daedric allies!


    mentioned Dragon Weapons, yay!


    Every last
    sentence of every book in the game should finish with an exclamation point!

    Cuz Iz luv exclamation points!

  • wood elf

    i think there should be some more creatures and that with the DLC, bethesda should go wild with it. i would also like to see a story line with the dwarves, and i would like to be able to go to the deserts of tamriel, homeland of the khajit race.

    • anonymous

      If Bethesda did something involving the Dwemer, I’d personally rather see it as its own game, rather than a short DLC quest line.

  • Anonymous Cothron

    Bring back the arena, use the space for morrowind and cyrodil. I would love to see them with enhanced “skyim” graphics. add a multiplayer, a co-op mode would be awesome! (I play on xbox so I can’t get the multiplayer mod)

  • anonymous

    Shivering Isles in Oblivion was excellent, maybe a new DLC along the same lines?

  • elves against the thalmor

    Here’s another Idea, make a quest about rooting out the thalmor from all over the empire, ei using all that space that they have for morrowind and cyrodil. by doing this you could kill 2 birds with one stone, finishing the story about the thalmor and opening up morrowind and cyrodil. also ADD DRAGON WEAPONS.

  • HvyMtlDragon

    Id say give the ability to make dragon weapons new more powerful destruction spells the ability to trade-in dragon souls for perk points and tons of quests to do in cyrodill with the ability to travel over there with re defined graphics and the aftermath of the oblivion crysis

  • camel

    I would like something involving the psjic order or the Great Collapse in Winterhold, maybe? Definitely something to do with the dwarves.. Also, I would like to re-enter Morrowind or Cyrodiil.
    I would like an arena sort of thing that would allow PvP, but i doubt it will happen.

  • Jondoenobody

    One thing only: Custom Spells!

  • Jarras

    I want a new house with a forge! And/or the ability to add more maniquins to my current homes.

  • Grandhiroshi

    I think that skyrim’s essence shouldn’t change. Although a multiplayer would be cool. The focus should be on the story. I can go on for days talkin the reasons why I love skyrim. Here’s just a run through of what I’ve been thinking for a dlc.

    Skyrim (DLC) The essence of greatness

    Plot synopsis( contains spoilers)
    The tales of the dragon born fill the land and he becomes high king by default. At this point the players should get a feel of what it would be like to be king. You know tough decisions, quick missions and tough love. with the emperor dead a corrupt official takes the throne. This is the Guy that hired you to assassinate the emperor. ( If you choose to spare him. if not it will just be an acquaintance of this man) The emperor taxes Tamriel to the point of famine. Skyrim is effected by this. Seeing the people suffer the dragonborn seeks to reason with the emperor traveling to Tamriels capital. The emperor who seeks council from the thalmor is informed that a dragonborn could cause the people to doubt him. So he discloses that the dragonborn is the one who murdered the late emperor. The dragonborn is sentenced to death. A group of blades known as the essence of septim rescues the dragon born. They inform the dragonborn that the world in danger and that alduin would be rise again. Upon arriving back in solitude the oracle from white run sends you to high hathgard(spelled that wrong) when you arrive you find there is a shrine underneath. Inside this shrine you meet A dragon named Areases the wise who was imprisoned by alduin for wanting to protect man. You and Areases must stop alduin again. Stop the invasion of skyrim,disband the thalmor and take your rightful place as emperor.

    New content

    Dragon riding and combat
    Life as a king
    New spells
    Dragon souls can be used to increase perks
    New regions
    New weapons

    I can go in detail if anyone is interested. My email is

  • Varimarthas

    More freedom! I was really dissapointed to find out that i couldnt join thalmor with my high elf wich should be an option in the civil war questline.

  • Varimarthas

    Also it would be great if you had an option to pick your history for your character at the beginning, like when the imperial soldier at the beginning asks “who are you” then you can simply answer him.

  • Moonrock9222

    I think that is would be great if you could kind of form your own army, like if you were a ork, then you could unite the holds and declare war on a hold, or the entire skyrim!  Also i like the idea about the multyplayer online arena :D!  Maybe bethesda could add something like a fort war, or a fort raid, where one team (of NPC of Online players) would either defend a fort, or attack it, and you would wear armor of somthing like a arena raiment from oblivion, or just the basic steel and iron.  It would give a chance for you to show off your skills and not have major smithing and enchanting because you would be using a set sword and armor, or a player would be in charge of smithing/mining and he would provide armor up to steel.  I like the spear idea as a new way of combat, and horse combat should be involved in the dlc. Also, for some quests that the reward is a NPC will “Teach you some fighting tricks” should not level you up in a skill, but give you a perk (the weakest?) available for you to have, although there would be flaws to be worked out. The option to kill the thalmor was my reason for joining the stormcloacks, but i was disappointed when I could not!  I might add more when i think of more/remember more!

  • Moonrock9222

    Also it would be nice if they expaneded more in the specific guilds, like the companions, which i was dissapointed in because i became the leader so fast, I liked how in a oblivion you started as a runt, and gradually became the leader, while as in the companions, you enter the circle first, and then become the leader in about 2 hours.  Also I think the mages guild has a great setup for more dlc! It was to short and lacking, and I think Bethesda will but in Dlc for this.  the thieves guild was fine, but coud use a little more length as a newby, and same with the dark brotherhood, i mean really, listener so fast?  The revolutionary battles were fun, but i wish i would be just a normal soldier at the start and had more battles, then I would rise through the ranks and finally become a general and defeat the enemy!  Also i want there to be a bigger involvment with blackreach, like maybe the college could take dwarf DNA and bring them back to inhabit blackreach!  Also it would be nice if you could have a kid, and build your own house!  Maybe you could make your own settlment like riverwood, or make a orc stronghold!  It would be cool if after the war ended in skyrim, imperials/stormcloack would attack holds as a afterquest and you would be sent to stop them!  Also necromancy would be kind of cool to upgrade. My bigest hope is that you could make your own bandit clans!  You know, have your own names for them, and clear out a fort and make it your base!  And random people (somone named a nord or breaton etc) would join depending how much loot you would get (put into a chest).  IN addition to this more khajjit caravans would have to be around, or just a person called a “trader”, plus travelers or the normal nord.  I know this is a lot but i hope at least some of these ideas are taken into thought by bethesda(specially the bandit one)!

  • Justinhuggins17

    I know it’s probably going to happen, but I would enjoy one, HUGE DLC where it opened Cyrodiil back up and basically started and ended a final war with the Thalmor.
    Like I said, unrealistic, but it would be amazing nevertheless.

  • Eddie Roberts

    It would be awesome to add a few more skills to raise the level cap. Hiking and/or rock climbing would be extremely useful given Skyrim’s terrain. The higher the skill, the more vertical terrain could be climbed. With this, add in some acrobatics/athletics type perks. I miss getting better at jumping and running.

  • Elstover95

    If you read some of the lore online and go specifically into detail about daedra each of the daedric princes has their own plane of oblivion. Each with their own characterists and inhabitants like hircines hunting grounds or the shivering isles and so on I think visiting those realms would be great and or an invasion from the other continent allowing brand new playable races (I think they have a race of snake like people similar to args.) My final idea is if the d.b. was exploring black reach and discovers its not just a city, its a gate. The forgotten entrance to a series of cities built by the dwemer and still enhabited by them when the dragon born enters there is a war going on between dwemer and falmer (not normal falmer the falmer are as they were before the evolution made them blind n dumb) just suggestions I know they’d seem like alot to develope but they could potentially extend gameplay time a few times over

  • John


    I have enjoyed greatly playing Skyrim; absolutely fantastic. I would like to see a quest that broadens and deepens the Dwemer mystery. I don’t have a good idea of what the storyline would be, but there was a fan quest pack for Oblivion called “Lost Spires”. One of the pictures that could be purchased looked for all the world like a mechanical dragon or dragon machine. Were the Dwemer comtemporary with the Dragons? If so, were the Dwemer on good terms with them? If they went to war, how would the Dwemer respond? Just a thought. Thanks.


  • Anderson

    with the Empire braking apart in the face of the Aldmeri Dominion,.  I think defeating the tholmor would be a great Idea that can be the focal point of every dlc. like no matter were you go or what the main quest’s are about in a new dlc. you always have aside quest of the tholmor chasing you across tamriel and then the tables turns and it’s  the dragonborns turn to hunt down the Aldmeri Spies. ( or what ever ).  1st DLC should be ( free Skyrim or The Empire’s Skyrim )  taking over a city state in High Rock. and expanding the territory. 2nd DLC should be a pirate adventure on the high seas of Nirn taking place not only on land but on a pirate ship. in this dlc, ship battles between all the rival empires of nirn duke it out. as well as pirates Vs. east empire company. also this dlc will take you to a tropical Island were you can find buried treasure. and learn of a man ( who will appear in the 3rd dlc package ) who will teach you the secrets of shape shifting into a dragon. ( cause everybody wants to fly in Skyrim ) the 3rd DLC revisits Morrowind, you find the guy who teaches you how to transform into a dragon. you discover who the Tholmor Spy is. he’s been chasing you all over Tamriel. and now you get you chance to hunt him down. the 4th DLC should be skyrim taking over Dragonstar from Hammerfell. and the 5th DLC should just be centered around destroying the Tholmor once and for all with the help of the newly bolstered Blades ( all dlc’s should also focus on rebuilding the blades) Plus the Dragonborn should become not a Jarl but emperor of the the empire. 

  • davan

    i think there should be a base where u can gather all of your followers (for your jarl idea maybe they can become your thanes) and dog armor and beast training becomes available it would be cool too if followers’ gear that u gave them didnt unequip itself and u could have 2 or 3 human followers instead of one
    also it would be amazing if your followers and your dog could level up so they got tougher and didnt die as easily

  • davan

    oh ya and add a dwemer, a falmer, and a high elf follower somewhere in there haha

  • Shadowstep

    For me there are some distinctively cool things about the Oblivion and Fallout 3/NV DLC packs – one is high end weapons and armor, and the other is the wacky geography/settings of the alternate realms, like the Shivering Isles or Oblivion itself. So I think those are good elements to bring into the Skyrim world. And then the cribs were awesome in Oblivion and sorely missed in my opinion in Fallout. Some kind of mountain fortress with a spectacular view and armaments to repel dragon invasions, or an island seaside retreat with bunkers and dimensional portholes to get around. And how about some cool armor for my horse that would turn it and me invisible or allow me us to fly?

    Or how about alien encounters? What if Dragons were extra-terrestrial in the end, hmmmm? The savage on the spaceship? Or an alien ATV to tear up the trails! Skyrim’s the limit!

  • Shadowstep

    Almost forgot – EXTREME SNOWBOARDING. Jarlie don’t surf.


    What I want in the DLC is simple

    New Quest
    Dragon souls for perks
    Spell Crafting
    A place where hoards of weak undead swarm you, just for the fun of fighting a hoard of em

  • murderface1

    different  weapons and armor like maybe a one shot automatic bow for each weapon type steel ebony daedric ect also would like to have the armor you have when you fight a dragon priest . it look pretty cool on a female character. better spells magic in this tes seems weak  also maybe natural disaster tornadoes and harsh thunderstorms  earthquakes 

    • Araccnispydom

      press the button two buttons to the right of the ‘m’ every once in a while.

  • Lizardlord725

    id like to see a dlc go in the direction of fallout dlc. where we will go to a difeerent place and do a small amount of quests there. i.e. going to black marsh/ cyrodil and helping with a dragon problem there

  • Fighterragon

    I am and always am a Khajit so going to Elswyer is my dream. If not in DLC at least a new game! The Khajit are always being picked on and we need a game!


  • Pgratts1983

    With the Empire banning Talos worship and lets face it war with the Thalmor is on the cusp no getting away from it whatever side you picked, The dragonborn is visited by Talos himself telling him/her that only a dragonborn like he was can unite the peoples of Tamriel. A dragonborn created the empire and a dragonborn will save it maybe the empire was always meant to be ruled by the dragon blood, Talos could teach us new shouts like learning Alduins fire storm.The dragons return may bring back the Akaviri to Tamriel. Another DLC must be set in a Daedric realm i would like to see Azura`s or Molag Bal`s. I think its time we had an answer to the Dwemer question what actually happened to them and please bring back Umbra.

    • Araccnispydom

      Rueful Axe was its replacement buddy. by the way all it did was soultrap anyways.

  • Cowboyjodee

    return of dweemer new playable race and engineering class

  • Cowboyjodee

    oh yeah and their curse for summoning a god is to be short, (dwarves) as you will.

  • Phoenix

    Expand the Bard’s School. We have instruments, let us play them!

    • Araccnispydom

      *taps stick on stand. Announcer says, “Now presenting, the Dragonborn Symphony.”
      *begins waving stick frantically to direct the Symphony
      *Symphony finishes
      *guy in crowd throws a sweet roll at Dragonborn
      Dragonborn, “FUS RO DAH!”
      *Audience applauds

  • L’ok Thu’um

    Definitely DLC has to touch on Black Reach… that area is just too huge and beautiful (ie: the Silent City and the big glowing orb contrasting with all the dark glowiness around it. Kind of like an anti-Sovengarde) to resort to brief walk to get to a tower and red nirnroot collection. In this area, the Falmer actually have human followers… and for that to happen that means that the Falmer have learned ‘man’ language. Thus, an opportunity to finally interact with the Falmer and perhaps a Falmer arch villain presents itself. Tie this into the ‘missing dwarves’ subplot and perhaps we have a pretty good story to play out.

  • Haihaih

    I am new to Elder Scroll games due to not being interested in them in the past, I’ve only started this game as far as completing the game 100% (I don’t mean 100% standing for completing the main quest, I mean as in every quest including side ones). I’ve had plenty of fun going on the quests for the Daedric Gods (Just 2, the one that gets you the book that allows you to level up a few skills by reading it and the one that allows you to get the Ebony Chainmail) and from what I’ve heard, you don’t usually talk to these Gods much more after your quest. My idea for the DLC is what if we could run into these Gods either as part of a separate quest or just at random and allowing us to actually be their servents, this could either be followed by a quest or maybe a special ability (Such as summoning, an effect, or a shout) that suits that particular Daedric God.

  • Haihaih

    If not what I posted, how about a Quest line (Would be multiple considering there are 16 of these Daedric Gods) that allow you, the Dragonborn, to learn the power to either kill or being the Daedric Gods to their knees.

  • Herostratus

    I’d like to see a DLC where you have to stop the Dewmer from returning and taking over. How about a DLC where you’re transported back in time and aid Talos in creating the original Empire. Also I’d like to see Chameleon or Invisibility enchanted items and a detect life item; my one essential item in Oblivion was my detect life helmet. The level cap should be increased and you should be allowed to have more than one follower. Divorce should also be allowed. It would also be nice to be able to pick a spot in the wilderness and pay to have a house built there; I’d like to be able to display my armour and weapons in my house. Also please bring back the nearby lifeform detector seen in Fallout with red and green spots for foe and friend indication.

    • Araccnispydom

      Fallout: quaisi nuclear damaged United States
      TES: quaisi magical land with, I beleive, two moons.

      P.S. sorry it may be quaisai, not sure and all I’m doing is letting people know what I think.

      • Degarmo30


  • my idea is better than yours.

    I really want visit the realm of molag bal. It is said to be the same as tamriel, but completely in ruins. I would also like to become jarl. Spending dragon souls on perks would be amazing.

  • B7ueb7ood

    Its not likely any dlc will be questline dependent: for example, it wont deal with the emperor’s successor if the emperor’s death is dependent on the dark brotherhood questline. Some players may never have taken the db path, so the dlc would make no sense. Its also not likely they will visit anywhere already covered, like cyrodil and morrowind. And multiplayer is VERY unlikely. I think the most likely path is the tackling the Thalmor, but it probably wont take place in cyrodil.The black marsh is a possibility, though the focus there would be shifted towards morrowind, so maybe that could happen.

  • Cory Lopez

    I would just like a simple dlc pack with more armor weapons and spells and more house mods like armor racks and more weapon racks

  • Sikorsky123

    A little thing; not necessarely DLC but could they add a smithing room to buy in the larger houses?

  • Finny B

    A co-op would be sick! You could trade with your freinds and battle them. Probaly would be hard though but  I would like to see them try

    • Araccnispydom

      Scenario: “Hey man isn’t this TES multiplayer fun?” “Yeah! it’s so cool! You can trade, you can fight each other, we can do anything!” *does sneak attack on friend and kills him “Oh hey I’m sorry I thought you said fight.” “You ****-ING MOTHER ****ER!!!”

      Yup, that would happen.

  • Lord Sigurdson

    All I want is a new update so when you start a new character you have the option to have it start at the level of your main character. I would love to expirement with different races but it’s too much of an inconvenience to start all the way back at level 1.

    • Araccnispydom

      Start a character at the level of your previous character. Are you insane!!! As fun as it would be to do that there’s a magic thing called the Ohgma Infinium. Quickest way to level up before they fix the glitch.

  • Jjjjjjd

    İnstead of releasing a pack like Shivering Isles, they should slowly release DLC’s of other provinces. Then maybe we can have all Tamriel in one game. They should also add a multiplayer option in my opinion; not a massive one but a Co-op option would be good enough

  • CAMBO789

    Why does everyone want it to be multiplayer!!!!!!???? Its so gay! Skyrim is an RPG! Its meant to be able to get away from the real world and relax by playing by yourself. Some gamers are really narrow minded.

    • Matt

      Couldn’t agree more.  One of the major aspects that separates Skyrim from the pack is the lack of multiplayer.  Skyrim is a deeply personal experience, and multiplayer would ruin that feeling.  I am sure Skyrim will NOT add multiplayer at any time.  I saw an interview with Todd Howard earlier this year and when they asked him about multiplayer, he actually looked annoyed.  He doesn’t like it, he knows Elder Scrolls will never be about multiplayer, and so we can all rejoice that will not happen.  Go play World Of Warcraft if you want multiplayer, people!  This is Skyrim!

  • Carlos Lion Heart Andrews

    adding new skills should be  MUST!!! minning and wood cutting was pointless in this game as no one used it as a skill to level….so they should add mining, fletching and other skills 

    • Moonrock9222

      fletching is a rs poop idea

  • Dante4420

    if i were to make a dlc for sky it will be a ancient floating island in the sky with with the long forgotten ancient temple of the dovahkiins were it holds all the history every dragon born ever lived and their secrets filled with different type of dragons of different sizes, abilitys and powers

    • Dante4420

      and add some new races such as demoras

      • Araccnispydom

        Dremora = not new
        if we were allowed to play as Dremora and other things such as that we’d expect to much from the game and guess what happens then.. TES becomes Fable. It started out good but people expected too much from it and Molyneux couldn’t come through.

    • Tategill

      i’ve heard little things in skyrim about legends of floating cites like where the sleeping tree came from

    • Araccnispydom

      Or… or… or… there could be an island, wait! A peninsula! Yes yes a peninsula. Instead of a long forgotten ancient temple, it could be a newly found and newly renovated castle, and it takes you to a magical place called real life and you get to travel the world. maybe go see Italy. :)

  • Raihansp

    I think a dlc to do with the dwemmer would be pretty cool. Possibly centred around blackreach.btw if you use unrelenting force on the huge light orb in black reach a named dragon appears. Something should be done with dragon souls as its no longer rewarding. Possibly turning the dragon souls into xp for a skill of your choice or a free perk point. Most of all the dwemmer mysteries have to be explored in the next dlc

  • IcedPromethius

    For those who played the college of winter holds quest line you will know what I’m talking about for others you will have no clue but I think they need to have a dlc where you get to go and visit the location of the phsigic order and maybe become a member have a new faction and discover what the eye of Magnus really is or one about killing the thalmor for those who have heard about that dude who did the cheat where he found key locations like the mountain in morowind and the imperial citys island they could be doing a thing like the civil war quests but it’s the reunification of tamriel where you can fight with the dominion or the empire

  • Connor

    I think first bethesda should fix the bugs because they are just irritating but secondly id like to see some multiplayer worked in and i like the idea of dragon souls for perk point or going to a different province with a whole new quest line but my personal idea is maybe incorporated growing with your weapons like in fable 3 and maybe see some wierd mythical creatures to!!!

    • Moonrock9222

      Mayble li 5 souls for a perk

    • Araccnispydom

      Guess what? Anonymous already said that. A billion people have already said that. I wouldn’t know since I don’t play it but CoD probably still have bugs and guess what, they have a billion Dlc’s out for all their games. Enjoy what you’re getting.

  • guest

    maybe an underwater dlc complete with more realistic underwater navigation, movement, and combat

  • TheWhiskeyRose

    I would love to travel to Hammerfell to the great Alik’r desert, would be a nice change from the snowy tundra of Skyrim.
    And no multiplayer, not because it wouldn’t be awesome – from my knowledge of the previous game engines used in Oblivion, Fallout 3 and New Vegas it would be virtually impossible to implement. The entire game would likely need to be revamped. Sorry to burst you’re bubbles – but Im telling you all right now – multiplayer is not going to happen.

    • Araccnispydom

      I concur. People shouldn’t expect multiplayer from TES until Big T-man(Todd Howard) says something. Honestly, they should just enjoy the game and dlc.

  • MomoMnky

    how about something big like a sudden return of dwemer
    after seeing so many dwemer dungeons and artifacts im 
    ready to learn more about these mysterious ancient elves

  • Marcusryancasiano

    We already ave the ability to travel into the past with the Wooden Mask in the dragon shrine.

    But, why can’t we leave that area? I say we go back to a time where al the Dwarfen ruins and Dragon Walls are new again. Where there are more wild friendly dragons, and a time period where the imperials don’t even exist.

  • Krammit

    The ability to level up NPCs who follow you. I want a war to break out where you have to take a bunch of militia and level them up and take on like a thousand enemies, maybe to destroy an empire. Just an all out war. Something similair to the Civil War quests but on a massive scale. Maybe when/if you can become king and someone whether it would be gods or whatever. That would fulfill many wants to have a massive war where you can level up characters to make it seem like its multiplayer and it satisfies the hoarders out there.

  • Connorsavas

    i whant a cross bow 

  • Julien

    A war against the Thalmor. U cant stand those little pricks and at the end of the civil war quest (either side) they talk about how they are worried about the Thalmor. Maybe even be able to go back to the Sumerset Isles. Or maybe an extension to the psyjic monks, go to their island and dwelve more into the eye of magnus. The time travel idea to see the dwemer and falmer in their native forms would be awesome. Though id really enjoy seeing another Daedric Dlc like the shivering isles. Maybe like Dagon summoning you to his shrine and tricking/forcing you to do his bidding in his realms or maybe even something like a daedric prince war and you have to choose sides. Just a few ideas :)

  • wells

    The ability to be a jarl would be huge especially if they give you the opportunity to be high king and create your own castle or restore the palace of kings to its original form or upgrade solitude castle fitting for the high king of Skyrim.  Also if they do expand into Cyrodil there could be a mass war between the 2 provinces and in the end a true high king would be crowned.

  • ApocalypticThoughts

    I believe that there should be a dlc where a massive new questline is introduced. Although in this quest, companions will play a larger role, giving you exclusive and valuable information from their past experiences that you will find to be crucial to unraveling the challenges you face. In further elaboration, you hear rumors of an invasion plotted by thalmor. In response, the high king (ulfric stormcloak or newly drafted character) sends skyrims most recognized and trusted hero (dovahkiin) to stop the thalmor in their own homeland. he will then be supplied with a group of 6 of skyrims best warriors to accompany him. he will traverse the mountains that cage skyrim, march across the alik’r desert to the ports of hammerfell. from there he will sail by ship (yes, another addition i have craved) and defeat sea serpents in hectic storms until the character finally reaches the shores of summerset isle. from there he will be given choices on how to dismantle the thalmor rule, whether it be amassing a gigantic army of rebels to meet them head-on, or creating an elaborate scheme and infiltrating the thalmor stronghold to kidnap (or assassinate) their leader. after overthrowing the thalmor, you will continue to have the new means of travel (ship) and the option to return to the other locations you discovered (hammerfell, summerset isles, various water regions) hopefully, you will also encounter multiple other ships out on the seas that you could raid or sink. I know that was alot but i really want these ideas to be considered.

    • SKYR1M

      good ideas i just think theres too much to put into one or even multiple dlcs. furthermore, bethesda slaughtered the main questline by not adding details, so why would they change now?

  • Ipwnedacup

    i just got bored of this game once i completed the main quest line, i know theres more to the game, but doesnt feel worth playing.. One small thing that bothers me more then it should, was What if i wanted to be a warrior, no magic or those shouts… just a strength warrior, you dont really have a choice at some parts you have to get some spells, even if i dont use them… there still there. As for DLC i dont see anything making this game that much better.. like in the Fable games, when they had dlcs.. Yea it was more stuff but it only added maybe 4hours more of decently enjoyable content.

  • Eku

    They need to add the psyjic order and the black hand. and i hate how when you help ulfric stormcloak he never becomes king and the main story just leaves you hanging there. and the stupid thalmor. and i would imagine if they made the dlc about the thalmor you would maybe travel to cyrodiil. All i want is more story.
    Especially the psyjic order and the black hand quests

    • Blind_Guy1056

      unfortunatly as for the black hand since they said somewhere in the game that that sanctuary was all that remains of the dark brotherhood/blackhand(1 listener 4 speakers)but im all for more control and options in that faction

  • Archangel7276

    I also would like to see a larger commanding component within the DLC
    Not to mention, I miss the faction symbols that would show how you are progressing with an organization. Another awesome component of Oblivion, was where you could control the fighters guild to recruit more if you wanted. I want to see more faction control, when you reach the top. 

    Plus, we can become vampires, we can become werewolves. Why not incorporate some mission where some sacred covenants of both vamp, and werewolves are at war with eachother? Would give those who enjoy their diseases some much needed satisfaction. 

    Also, what would make DLC content amazing is the ability to travel back to foreign lands. a little more diversity in terrain, would give players an ELITE open world feel.

    As far a PvP goes, I don’t think it would happen,  but such a cool idea. 

    I personally like the idea of developing the shop world. For instance, we should be able to purchase shops, and have customization on how the shop runs, i.e; what it sells. Then maybe introducing a plot, where many khajit caravaners are needing Skyrim resource and merchandise, thus increasing demand in Skyrim for miners/smithers. perhaps civil war in Khajit homeland, or something along those lines for the craftsmen

  • Mmetutes

    Co-op would be real cool if you think about it. Just going around the plains hunting mammoths and giants. And bring back the arenas so in co op you could enter the arena and fight there and not lose anything. And the idea of becoming a Jarl sounds really good. Maybe a cooking skill? Idk

  • Raommes

    Dragon form or follower, fix vampires, become jarl or high king… then be able to take diffrent holds with your army, be able to becom a cheif at the orc strongholds. Make the werewolves better(they are awesome but… more!), be able to make those robot things. Fight on horseback, more intimate with wife/husband (doesnt have to be a sex scene but ya know. Be able to marry multiple people, thats all i can think of right now so get to it please haha.

  • Cameron Bell

    new armor, weapons, and houses/house improvements  

  • Cameron Bell

    controlling and army and going to a big war BIG like lord of the rings BIG

  • Punz

    Make the vampires stronger. Give them a bit more of “Dracula” like super strength, shape shifting and speed. Flight as a bat would be awesome too. Allow vampires to feed on anything, human and animal blood. Keep the sunlight system and feeding system, just allow the vampire to be more of a suitable foe. The weakness should stay the same.

  • meachie

    multiplayer, and the ability to have a child who grows up and becomes a follower :)

  • Rarommes

    Adopt or have a kid to

  • guest

    Having a child like in Fable, >ability to forge arrows!!!!<, being able to have your spouse change your hair style/warpaint/jewelry, marry multiple people like in Fable lol,  

    • Victor Quiroz Jr.

      play fable.

      • Skyrim Fan

        no multiplayer dummies! 

        I want improved NPC interactions… I think I’ve heard every phrase in whiterun muttered at me about 500 times as I walk past the townspeople. Also it would be cool if they noticed more things… as has been said.. if you’re decked out in imperial armor and you’re in a stormcloak hold, some people should treat you hostilely, or if you’re wearing daedric armor some people or kids could be scared of you.. even go as far to add some of the interactions from the fable series like if you murder a lot of people have people shun you and be afraid of you… or if you do a lot of miscellaneous do gooder quests people could be happy when you come to town or in their shop and give you discounts.  

  • Arafell

    I want the Thalmor explored more fully – perhaps in a war. Right after you finish the main rebellion questline, the DLC would appear and be different based on the outcome of the war (or peace.) You’d have the opportunity to fight on the side of the thalmor (blech), the side of Skyrim, or a neutral option New Vegas style that would let you become the high king yourself. >:D 

    Also, dragon weapons would balance light armor and heavy armor smithing. That badly, badly needs to be done. Daedric weapons are too pwnage to go into light armor for warriors.

    Besides that, there are the obvious fun ones. Dragon form shout, riding Odahving, etc. Also, more global mini events, like giants that attack cities. The dragon attacks were interesting for a while, but dragon fighting gets old fast. 

  • Lord1371

    it would be great tp find out what happened to the dwemer, and what happened to the falmer.

    • Jd_95_hunter

      well we know what happened to the falmer because it tells you in skyrim, they were once an ancient race known only as snow elves this was when ysgramor and the 500 first settled skyrim and then the first war with them started and after centuries of slavery they were twisted into what they are now.

    • Victor Quiroz Jr.

      I thought they explained what happened to the dwemer in Elder Scrolls 3?

  • Kt Ismael

    I would like to see like some1 pointed out mini-events like giants attacking not castles but towns like river wood. I would also like to see a falmer invasion assault. I would also like to see ulfric’s teeth kicked in, yeah I follow the stormclooks but he is kinda of a power-hungry wackoff who really docent know or care about what is best for skyrim. Non the less I have slowed down my playing cause I find it so boring that there aren’t enough imperials or thalmore hanging about.

    One last time is the perk for soul thing, I have more souls then there r shouts.

  • Jakeyjake97

    All i want is more content, im sure whatever bethesda thinks of will be great, i just want more quests so i can play more :D

  • Littlewolf

    I think trading dragon souls for perk points would make the game have a more effective use for upgrading your skills and perks so in my opinion that would be a very nice addition

    • Jarl Big Balls

      But you could end up with a massively overpowered character. Something like 10 souls give you 1 perk point.

  • Laconai

    I’d like to be able to join the Thalmor as a Altmer!! Feels kind of weird not to since I am their kin and I agree with their goals :)… Also, even though this isn’t going to happen, I wish we could join the dragons!! I mean heck, they are hugely powerful and a faction!! 

    • Victor Quiroz Jr.

      But when you finish their story line, there would be no one other than dragons to interact with. who is going to farm the land and tend the crops?! lol 

  • Aaronlcyrus

    Here’s the thing, there is no arena. Maybe they should make an online versus arena DLC? Tho I would prefer co-op

  • Emptymetaljacket

    You are all so very dumb. Especially you apocalypticthoughts. You’re all either dumb or on some really terrible drugs. Those idea’s are garbage, and I’d spit in your eyes if you tossed those on my desk.

    • Victor Quiroz Jr.

      Sounds like someone needs a hug! Make that frown round and suck a @#!$. everyone is allowed their opinions. 

  • Lilcutiediego

    Something to do with the falmor! We should bring back snow elves!!!!

  • Johnhoutman

    All I want added is to be able to pay blacksmiths and enchanters to craft weapons to order – i don’t mind paying over he odds but this would save me having to grind my skills to get weapons and armour I want

    • Pete_619

      dude!, just get good at smithing and enchanting….., its not hard at all

  • Phoenixknight9765

    I would love for bethesda to somehow put in multiplayer it would be nice to run around skyrim with some friends thats what i really want.

  • Neodreadlord

    Obviously the DLC is taking so long because they are putting so much into it. For me, the only things I would want to see added to it to make it a complete game would be:

    Dragon riding, (the ability wouldn’t be a far jump being that you already have the dynamics for riding a horse, and for dragons flying)

    More storyline, both sidelines, like the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood, and also along the main story. Invasion of the Thalmar or a retaliation from the Empire or whatever (assuming you chose the storm cloaks as your storyline)

    and Multiplayer. This is the most Epic game of the elder scrolls games, and the world is so well developed you could make a brilliant MMO out of the game. Take this game, add a multiplayer ability and then just add multiplayer storylines on an ongoing basis and you will never lose people from the game, it will have everything. I pray that the developers look at this. Xbox 360 is crying out for a decent MMO. This is the perfect game to do it with.

  • john doe

    What the DLC need is caravan missions you can escort from one city to another, random encounters with mass bandit ambushes.

    That is what will draw people back in the games, and also the chance to hire expendable companions..

    The chance of multiplayer being added to the game, with leader and follower options where the leader do the quest and follower tag along to do the hacking and slashing..

  • Msn

    Multi-player :)

  • Bugrunner117

    id like vampire clan quest of like a quest line for a vampire werewolf war like in the underworld movies!

    • Victor Quiroz Jr.

      I agree, that might do well, but you already jumped from Skyrim to Underworld. it would make it a completely different game. I have read a lot of books in game, and i have been playing since elder scrolls 3, and i have never even seen vampires and werewolves fight in game. 

  • Smileyface42

    I would like to go to a new continent or go to somewhere in morrowind/oblivion

  • Memnon464

    multiplayer please!

  • Pete_619

    id like to own my own castle…., not in a hold but out in the wild. maybe it comes under attack randomly…. and  it has plenty of storage space and a smithing area. or to become a jarl of a NEW hold that you can shape to your liking…. i could go on and on and on. i love the game as it is though

  • Zab1211

    Multiplayer would be cool, that way you and your buddys can go around and wreck havoc of your own proportions or just hunt dragons or quest with each other

  • Rpe

    I stopped playing after 110 hours, i got bored of dungeons and not getting any better weapons…

    Dragon riding please!

  • Anonymous

    More spells would be nice, what if you did summoning of the deities like FFVII, that would be sick.  Also a Bone Dragon, Storm Dragon, and the rise of the half breeds would be nice.  Some new classes that you have to earn would be nice as well, a Lancer, Sephrim, Shadow, Dragon Rider, Shape Shifter etc.  I would also like to see far more Bound Weapons like a Bow, Hammer,

    • Anonymous

      There are endless possibilities, but you guys need a little more by way of gameplay, the map is great.  The gameplay is lacking a bit, it is really really repetitive, we need more enemies, different enemies.  It starts out great, but becomes lackluster fast.

    • Victor Quiroz Jr.

      What about Levitation? that spell…. wait… dragons.

    • Dr. Pepper

      there are already skeletal dragons in the game

  • Ninjamonkey2488

    I would love to be able to trade with friends or fight to the death in with friends in an arena or somthing.plz oh plz MULTIPLAYER of some sort

  • Anonymous

    Also the buying a house and decorating it was really shallow, couple grand you own everything and your house still isn’t that special.  Enchanters table, smithing outside, maybe an option to turn it into a store.  What if you can eventually turn into a dragon, like Breathe of Fire, only momentary of course.

  • Megadeth28

    They will not do multiplayer. It isn’t possible. You have to create the game with multiplayer in mind. It is insanely difficult. You have to consider everything, even the little things that we all take for granted, such as; going to your inventory screen, accessing the favorites menu, looting a chest or corpse, and the obvious fact that Skyrim has so much more content than any other game out there besides other Bethesda games, so there is the lag and system limitations you have to consider. The only multiplayer that I could see them doing is an arena, which even that I doubt. Taking out the difficulty of making multiplayer, I still don’t see it happening, because you can easily exploit your character to god-hood.

    I reckon that Bethesda will make a Daedric Realm as a DLC. Many people say Hircine’s Hunting Grounds, but we had something very similar in Bloodmoon. Peryite hinted that we’d see him again, but I’m not sure. Now Molag Bal’s Coldharbour and Vaermina’s Quagmire are both good possibilities, wouldn’t even be all that difficult to write.

    Coldharbour, you get trapped by Molag Bal, have to escape, decide on the way to save other trapped people at some detriment to you, or torture them for some added benefit. You encounter Molag Bal at the end, and decide whether to help him (easy and very rewarding), or kill him (hard and not so rewarding). Oh, and your equipment is taken at the beginning, forcing you to scrounge up some gear.

    Quagmire, would be different. Difficult to implement I’d think. Constantly changing, nightmarish conditions that require more thinking than brute force, and once you think you’re free and clear, a new nightmare starts. Not sure what the story to it would be, but I’m not getting paid for this either, therefore not motivated to continue.

  • Reaperz Soul

    i would like to see the armor you wear effects how people really react towards you… for example if i’m wearing all Storm Cloak armor and i walk up to an imperial i would think he would want to attack me..

    • yatoshi

      so like faction armor

  • Connorg

    knee armour

    • Scott Rod

      yea, i once took an arrow there. u heard this a million times already i bet. BIG BIG L O L 

  • Victor Quiroz Jr.

    A good DLC idea… hmm… why not go to morrowind, or elsweyr? i think it would be interesting to see the land of the Khajiit.  

  • Victor Quiroz Jr.

    the story line would go, you go to Elsweyr because there is a rumor that there is a city buried in the sand that has resurfaced. Treasure, Fame, Magical Items, they could all motivate the character to go.

  • Jake mc

    for dlc i really think they should add is a hardcore mode for skyrim like with fallout new vegas, where you have to eat drink and sleep, it will get people more in to how realistic skyrim can be.

  • Matt

    More content.  Simple as that.  All of those who want dragon riding and multiplayer clearly have no clue what the history of Elder Scrolls is about.  Seriously, how long would it take you to get bored of dragon riding??  How is that adding anything to the game itself?  Bethesda won’t add anything to this game unless it extends and adds to the story, period.  Go ride dragons and play multiplayer in your dreams, so-called “Elder Scrolls fans”.

  • Jake

    I think it would be interesting if the Civil war quest line advanced a little with the Morag Tong or some other assassin group infiltrating Skyrim and killing the leader of whichever faction the character sided with. As the quest line developed, it could be revealed that the Thalmor sided and supported this faction in secret, which allowed them to pull it off in the first place. The faction with which the Dragonborn sided could realize that to combat assassins they must think like assassins and grudgingly form an alliance with the Dark Brotherhood, with the Dragonborn acting as diplomat and link between the groups if he/she has already ingratiated himself/herself among their ranks. The package could culminate in a huge battle fully utilizing the massive space of the map, army vs army in which the Dragonborn must find and assassinate enemy political leaders amidst the chaos and take down fierce enemy warriors before they decimate allied forces, rather than the relatively small battles that took place in the Civil War quest line thus far, most of Skyrim could be engulfed in the combat and bloodshed. Perhaps one side could even develop a tentative truce with the Falmer.

  • Admiralgreen

    They really should do something like shivering isles where there’s a whole other realm to explore… And make it more of a central kingdom base area… In my opinion skyrim lacked the huge cities and widely influential figures that were in oblivion (emperor, mages guild, imperial city)… Honestly the efficiency of skyrim is what really impressed me… There could have been more dramatic cities and landmarks… I mean just imagine oblivion with the new system skyrim was created on…

  • Bjbusick88

    Maybe something with the main story killing alduin was a huge letdow. Deff become a jarl

  • TheRealDragonborn

    A quest line to become a Jarl or a lord of some sort with all the benefits of actually making proper decisions which affect your city/town rather than sitting on a chair with your subjects recognising you as nothing more than nothing. Or something to do with the Aldermiri Dominion attempting to take Skyrim, a mercenary/outlaw guild, more than one follower, more sets of armour,  definitely the ability to go to a different province, proper battles with more than 5 people attacking a castle with a defending force of 7 and finally an arena, that is all I have… for now

  • Jariellea

    More on the Dark Brotherhood. I don’t have any ideas right now about what exactly just more.
    Help rebuilt completely and add more sanctuary around skyrim and really start rebuilding the Dark Brotherhood.

  • Ben Foster

    if you do get to become king what about having a fable 3/tropico type map where you can zoom in on areas that you own and customise what they do such as army training or trade and if there is another village that has been taken over by evil people then command an amry to take it back or destroy it comletly

  • Chrissmith420

    How about able to create an army, lead a conquest, and take over Skyrim or Tamerial and become High King or Emperor. Also a multiplayer arena would be pretty badass.

  • GrimLife

    We Go Back To Morrowind And Relive The Memories.

  • treht

    any DLC just fix the thieves guild armour glitch

  • Ben Jones

    Quests that have major consequences within the world of Skyrim such as chosing who actually wins the great war or who becomes the new high king.

  • Bastyril

    as i have said in other forums i’d like to see a release of the mage restrictions. give mages the opportunity to create what they want in regards to spells and enchantments.

    also enable staff enchantments add to this to this the ability to use staffs as melee weapons when the staff is depleted or before enchantment occurs.

    also allow the player as arch mage to control the college of winter hold, such as banning or enhanceing specific schools of magic.

    (note: the main thing id like to see is spell creation.

  • ElderWrightBro88

    Im 120 hours in and am still having fun, but I really miss the customization of weapons and spells. Limiting 2 spells to an item and using the spells given by the Tomes is a little constricting. If im level 60 I want to feel like im level 60 with a sword that does elemental damage, absorbs health, and soul traps all at the same time. Same goes for spell making, the favorites list would definitely be easier to navigate if I could create my own Candlelight spell or damage and soul trap with the same spell. If there is some way to do this that I just haven’t stumbled on yet, feel free to let me know.

  • Job

    i want wings so i can fly with the dragons and be at one with them and their nature :/

  • Job

    oh and a sniper rifle

  • Laurieradvice

    Travel too hammer fell and alik’rs hit you nd take you as prisoner to battle in the arena . It would be cool.

  • Angilobalez

    How about merchants re spawn!!!!

  • Dominic

    i think there should be multiplayer

    • Barron1293


    • Fred

      go play runescape.

  • Robert

    Hmm…I have an idea for the next elder scrolls game…It’d take place in the Aldmeri Dominion, being Summerset isle, Valenwood and Elsweyr; the Aldermi Dominion is about the size of Cyrodiil anyway, and they can add Black Marsh in DLC perhaps…or include it in the game, what ever works.

  • concernedfan

    Need spell making, it was in oblivion and morrowwind. It was one of the best things about those games. It feels like the mages have been really handicapped. Although what i would like to see the most, is a remake of cyrodil and morrowind. Would be really nice to see that strange beautiful path actually go somewhere.

    Need some creature variety really bad. Some more difficult enemies. What you did with the caves was really awesome. I love how different each cave is. However we need more unique enemies as well. Not just a tougher copy and paste of the regular mobs. 

    However i am torn between a remake of a place like shivering isles or a remake of cyrodil and Morrowind. Just keep in mind that if they remake any of these places i want JUST as much if not more detail put into these places as it is in Skyrim.

  • Derrick

    NO MULTIPLAYER. Why is it that the first thing to be brought up is multiplayer… TES games are not for people who want multiplayer, and if you want to play with a friend then here is an idea.. buy a multiplayer game. Quit trying to change a game franchise that built itself on being a SINGLE player massive world platform. If it isn’t broke then don’t fix it, multiplayer in skyrim would ruin it and thank god that Todd Howard doesn’t approve of the mutiplayer idea in skyrim. Anyway, no dragon riding that is just stupid… We need some bugs fixed and something needs to be done about the lag issue on the ps3. Other than fixes just add some more content such as expanding the factions questlines even further, maybe delve even deeper into the Dominion.

    • MAJOCA

      TES games are not for people who want multiplayer? Thats a pretty big statement with no real evidence, Ive played most of the Elder scrolls games, loved daggerfall, oblivion and skyrim and I wanted a multiplayer feature since oblivion. Adding a feature isn’t fixing a game so your statment “if it isnt broke the dont fix it” makes no sense. There would be nothing wrong adding an Arena mode that got people fighting against each other or co-op mode, you can get an npc companion so im sure you can deal with a player companion. I respect your opinion being against Multiplayer but if done correctly it could add something to the elder scolls game that makes it more social game and even more adventure packed.

  • Lando

    If they add spellmaking, they have to allow you to delete, or “unlearn” previous spells. If you don’t add that component, you get a cluttered spell book.

  • Sarmstrong777

    Also, I think they should add throwing knives for sneaky dagger-users. I believe that would add an all new excitement and challenge to the game.

  • Excited Fan

    There are a vast multitude of things that Bethesda could add in DLC to improve Skyrim, even though it’s already one of the greatest games out there. There are a few things from other TES games that would benefit Skyrim, the two best examples being spell making and The Arena. I would be excited to have those elements added to the game in DLC. In terms of landmass, it would be nice to see previous areas re-explored, but it would be interesting to explore a new plane of oblivion or a new province, as was done in Oblivion’s DLC, The Shivering Isles. New enemies are a must, as always, because the game’s scaling for ordinary enemies makes them mundane after a while. Also, perhaps Bethesda will add more skills, or something extra to leveling progress (I’ve already capped my level). Mostly I’m just excited to see what Bethesda will release and I’m interested to see what new items, spells, shouts, quests, etc. will be added. Happy gaming everyone. :)

  • Deannataylor

    they should make somthing where you go back into the past to meet the dwemer and the nords /with the elder scroll/ then you can choose which side to fight on and you become agod of the dwemr or the nords  then you go back to the future to find out either race nord or dwemer are alot less known and they get a big statue with millions of people worshipping you but at that moment a warp in time and space ruptures taking you back to that time finding out that the dwemer and the nords would both want you to be their god so they both side with each other and you go back to the future find out that all the dwmer ruins are inhabited by dwarfves again

  • Skyrim Broski

    Sky world above skyrim, deeper dwarven tunnels underground.  It would triple skyrim’s size, and leave a ton of background and extra quest line. 

  • Jimmy Thompson

    Really, as of right now, all I want is sorting in containers. 

  • darren

    fighting the thalmor

  • Maxwell Chase

    How about a DLC that takes you back in time, 200 years, back to the oblivion crisis in the land of Skyrim. There could be towns that existed back then that are not there now, there could be towns just being built that are done in the current time of Skyrim, there could be places like Solitude that don’t even exist yet. The mage guild would be around, the dark brotherhood would be at large, maybe even an arena of some sort. Just to see how the land has changed from the large gap between TES:4 to TES:5.

    You would have different people, places, and things to do and explore. There are only 2 fault’s that this has, one is there wouldn’t be ANY dragons… A way to counter this could be that the greybeards are present (Different greybeards obviously), and they can teach you the words they know. And the second is that you can’t be a dragonborn… I know I know, stop the presses, because most of you guys won’t be having ANY of that! But you remember that there are Nords (Greybeards, Ulfric Stormcloak, that guy who founded Tamrial who I forgot the name of) who can learn shouts, without killing a dragon. But they would have to meditate on the word for a long time, so lets say the character that you will be is the leader of the Greybeards! Or even just a greybeard period. Someone who knows many Thu’um’s already.

    Just a thought. But I think its a much better thought than most of the other stuff I have read.

  • Beastocity

    perhaps and actual quest line for the blades rather than a single quest then a few dragon killing quests

  • Maxwell Chase


  • Desertfox171

    I was really hoping Umbra would make a cameo in the game…Spellmaking would be a plus.  The ultimate DLC would be becoming able to ride dragons around Skyrim.  I think launching an expedition/campaign against the High Elves would be pretty awesome.

  • Kyle A Berry769

    How about being able to create my own spells like oblivion; multiplayer, not massive, just a few like red dead; More psijic order, more Dominion, more dragon; A friggin pirate questline would be sweet, travel around in your own ship plunder and murder; ZOMBIES; Take us back to Cyrodill i miss the imerial city

  • Hanapa94

    For DLC I’d really like to see the integration of co-op. It wouldnt be multiplayer and you could limit it to less than 4 players. But completing quests, dungeons, and fighting dragons with friends would make the experience so much better. Co-op mode would definitely be harder, but each player can assume its own role : archer, mage, warrior and help each other out. just a thought

  • Snake0693

       Ok, first off muiltiplayer would be a good addition. Not like an mmo that would just ruin the game, i’d say more along the lines of fable two, with the whole orb thing. I think it would be cool to be able to join a game with your friend, or a couple of them, just go on raids or help them out with quests and be able to trade with them. DLC for going to different provinces would be amazing. Pretty much just take half of (or all of them) the quests from the respective game and turn it into DLC and remaster it.
       Throwing weapons would also be amazing, like spears and trowing knives. Being able to use staves as a melee weapon when the enchantment runs out or even before they are enchanted would be awesome. Spell and weapon customization would be a great re-addition. New shouts, deeper quest lines with the brother hood and things of that nature. Quests dealing with the Falmer, Dwemer, and Aldmiri Dominon would be a fantastic addition.
       Being able to customize crafted armor and weapons with dyes/minerals and just the basic layout would also be awesome. New skills would be a very much appreciated addition. Some being, mining, shouting, cooking, athletics, horse riding would also be fun to play around with(just spitballing on that one). Being able to sprout ethereal wings would be cool (like in jak 3). 

  • Sivadnairbyecats

    a war between the dragons themselves perhaps, or where thalmor armies invade skyrim and take over cities one by one if they are not stopped, or travel across the sea of ghosts to the land of atmora and find it destroyed by war or made prosperous by trade with other nations of nirn. some more interesting quests like the painted world and being taken out to sea on a boat you were sleeping on in TES:IV, and Goblins and their clan wars is something i really wish exsisted in skyrim.

  • Samisawsm

    there should defantly be an option to travel back to sovrngarde, with a whole new storyline invloving sovrngarde, and also the option to travel to cyrodill and morrowind just to see the changes in those countries in the passing era’s

  • Kungfujedi

    I think it would be neat if they worked the dwemer back into the story line, like they’ve been deep underground and recently resurfaced. Possibly opening it up for new races to play! Spellmaking!!! And a dragon mount when u reach a certain lvl. . .

  • Kungfujedi

    New playable races, like goblins or deadra, your own pirate ship that you can sail around on! Levitation spells like in morrowind, separate pauldrons in armor to mix and match. More weapons like staffs and skythes!

  • Bobbykent

    Take us back to cyrodil! 

  • JJ Hall

    alright first off this game is badass secondly yah id love to see a new province added in as dlc like morrowind re invented or jus add somethin little like bein able to smith arrows for the marksman or archer out there cause if ya ask me one ingot should provide enough arrow heads for at least 20 arrows for example make it so that one ebony ingot and a daedra heart makes at least 20 daedric arrows cause that would b bomb or jus bring sheogorath bac into the game  like the shivering isles but better whole new place and a whole new questline cause sheogorath was a very deliciously awesome character lol but yah pls expand on the smithing cause jus makin armor and swords is ok but add in arrows so the ppl, who love sniping and or archery can make arrows for themselves an pls add som dragon weapons cause i was a lil disappointed in just dragon armor cause its weaker than daedric an i was hopin for a dragon sword or hammer and hey a new type of arena wouldnt hurt an prob like most ppl a multiplayer arena wouldnt hurt either but i do understand that an rpg doesnt have to have a multiplayer dlc but hey it wouldnt hurt an i think fans of the elder scrolls trilogy would love that but thats jus my opinion cause i love the game and i love what bethesda has done with the latest version but its jus missin a few lil details which i explained alredy an if they add jus the arrows to smithin i would b happy but like i said befor if they bring another province in to it like morrowind or even elswyer that would b fukin sick but thats up to todd an thats jus my opinionm so yah im JJ hall from texas but i live in arvada colorado so if bethesda actualy gets this plz consider my requests cause skyrim is so close to bein perfect it jus needs what i stated to be the fukin best game ever i love the elder scrolls trilogy an even the fallout one an bethesda fukin knows how to make an rpg i jus hope the new dlc makes it even better so if u disagree wit me or agree ill take any comments u send my way so yah thats all an i cant wait for the dlc cause ive beatin the main storyline an only have like 3 achievements left to get an im  still addicted to the game lol  so i cant wait to see what the director Todd has in store for us.

    • kelt

      “…i love the elder scrolls trilogy…”    *ahem*   you do realize that Skyrim is the fifth game in the series?  granted, there was battlespire and another side game, I don’t know if that would technically make seven titles, but you (hopefully) get my point. The series didn’t start with Morrowind

  • Prodrummerjj

    hey if u like or dislike my last comment idc jus hit me up at 720 837 6727 an feel free to express ur opinionm about it so yah

  • Dafydd Maddock

    A quest to take down the black briars

  • Hes got a bigg’en

    i belive a dlc that takes on the same basis as the shivering isles but is more culturally attuned to the nordic people like the god of hunting Hircine to which you must go to his plain of oblivion and protect it from a certain plague or foe w/e. furthermore the aspect of the thalmor invading skyrim is a good idea as it can open up to sequels in the future however the idea of bringing back the dwemer although would be exciting should really be in a game of its own a dlc of it no matter how big would feel rushed no matter how badly id want to play as a dwarf and call him Gimli i cnt see any point of them putting it in almost as an after thought DWARVES NEED OUR RESPECT NOT A SMALL SUGGESTION OF ACKNOLEDGMENT!

    UMMMMMMMM i supose horse armour woud be cool but as of now its just a vissual thing as you cannot fight on them not to mention when fighting side by side with them id hate to accidently hit it and then not only fight my horse but also have a ten minute epic battle against it because i was the silly bugger who put ultimo dedric armour on the bloody thing and it simply wont die. That and dragon armour whoever in bethesda decided ‘you know what once we get thm to spend countless ingots and leather straps on getting to lvl 100 on smithing lets not give them a wepon tht looks so cool it would give comic book guy an irection tht lasts till the end of time’ is either a really mean drunk or a really dry sence of humoured stoner.

    my last suggestion would be enough of the skirts why is it that whenever you get a cool sounding light armour the torso looks awesome and yet the bottom looks like your a 20 somthing woman out on the pull on a chilly night in manchester (thats a city in England to our friends across the pond). But seriously i know the nords are hard basterds tht dnt mind a bit of cold but for me the idea of a RPG is to be you in a different perspective of life that does not mean i want to brave the world of ice on in somthing i can only refer to as a wide belt with fur on it and at times im not even sure if it is fur or my mans got a jungle down there.

    either way w/e bethesda do i believe its gunna blow our geeky little minds and because of that i dnt really care what happens only thing i would ask is tht when it comes out u sell it for two microsoft points as thts all i have right now and besides just beef up the prices when it goes to PS3 serves thm right for having enough money to buy a decent console you over priviledged SOB’s just kidding you guys are alright no matter what toshiba say about you… thanks for reading : )

  • Anonymous

    A DLC allowing you to go to other places in Tamriel would be great. There ARE places in Tamriel which I haven’t actually visited since playing Arena, such as The Summerset Isles, Eslweyr, Black Marsh, and Valenwood. 

    Frankly, an Arena mirror of a DLC would be too massive to even fathom. So who knows how that would work if one would get it on a console.

  • Overboardimagei

    I think a return to Morrowind would be absolutely incredible. Clearly Vvardenfell would be difficult seeing how the Red Mountain destroyed most of the island (don’t quote me on that but I’m pretty sure). But if you look at a map of Tamriel there is an entire section of Morrowind untouched by Vvardenfell, it’s almost the same size as Skyrim… I think it would be creative, fun, and bring some nostalgia to those of us who played Morrowind and fell in love with the people and the landscape. Maybe some dwemer discovery, more werewolf and vampire questlines, and a return of the interesting political battles of the house’s in Morrowind. Just a couple ideas, probably won’t ever be read by anyone important:) haha

  • D34dxl3g3nd

    I would like 2 see a werewolf vampire hybrid that looks epic in beast form

  • Universalflash

    I would like to see Were bears 

  • Wagnerj21

    a way for you two get all the perks its probably the most annoying thing to have to decide what to spend ur perks on why not just make it sou can eventually get enough perks for everything, a way to call your horse without fast traveling so when ur walking around u can call him to your aid. or a pouch for your horse so he ca carry something or commands for him to wait or follow you or something i mean all he does is give u a ride. the game is great dotget me wrong but it needs more. also we need a weapon thats just amazingly overpowered like the ability to carry the weapn that giants carry or something iknow everyone says its to overpowered but how its just computers and if they dont like it they dot ave to use it.

  • Guest

    Going to Morrowind or Cyrodiil, there are two entrances, a gate near helgen that you cant open that leads to cyrodiil, and a pathway that shows morrowind, but there is an invisible wall in front of the entrance.

  • Auvnschund

    I always thought a nice DLC would being able to become a divine! For the love of god, you saved the entire world from being destroyed! Doesn’t that deserve some nod of the head or something from the Divines? Something like: After you defeat The World-Eater, you are contacted by Akatosh or someone, and they extend an opportunity to become a Divine, and you have to get approval from each of the Divines, and after that, you get to choose what you want to be a Divine of (idk what of, don’t ask) and some kind of signal is sent to the mortal world that a new Divine has been accepted, and people will worship you, and you can go to Sovngarde and to wherever the Divines are, and Skyrim.

  • Jake

    On the time travel to Cyrodil note, I think it would be cool if you could do that and meet your character from Oblivion. They could easily do that by using the save file on your hard drive and maybe your Skyrim character is what finally killed your Oblivion character. Also being able to choose Dremora as a race would be cool. Since Dremora are immortal, the character could choose a place at or near the beginning of the game (probably a place they own such as a house or a mastered guild hq) and the racial power could be respawning there once a day if killed.

    • Bootu

      Your character never died and u do meet him. He is shegorath

      • Jake

        Good point, but Shivering Isles is kind of out of canon anyway since Jygglag doesn’t make an appearance and they imply that Peryite is the prince of order. 

      • Jake

        Good point, but Shivering Isles is kind of out of canon anyway since Jygglag doesn’t make an appearance and they imply that Peryite is the prince of order. 

  • Guest

    A quest to join the Forsworn properly would be great and the ability to worship Hagravens to get benefits like praying to a shrine, Also a quest so you can become a Briar Heart would be epic.

  • Guest

    Oh and a quest line to stop the Thalmor

  • Guest


  • harrrr

    MULITPLAYER i guarantee that will make alot of people happy

    • Guest

      I dont think they will be able to put something as large as multi player in a dlc

  • Masher2308

    an invasion from morrowind

  • Rickhughes09

    I would love to have all the regions available, Hammerfell, Cyrodil, Black Marsh, Morrowind. Make the Todd Howard mentioned in an interview that they were wanting DLC to be a little more like expansions to the game.

    • Snake0693

      you forgot elswyr brah

    • Snake0693

      you forgot elswyr brah

  • Thereoncewasasquirrelwholives

    What I want is an arena. Not just one arena, but TWO. One is the regular oblivion style arena and the other is the “intercontinental Arena”.
    The way the IC arena will work is you catch a wagon to the imperial city which triggers a cutscene which shows you traveling through the gate south of helgen, along a road with trees and plants with some deer and some small animals. It’s like adding cyrodiil back without adding cyrodiil. once you’re at the imperial city arena, you can sign up for a 1v1, 2v2 or 3v3 match over XBL or PSN. Each 1v1 etc. Will be in different categories and classes. Categories are magic, weapon/shield, 2h, dual wield, and archery.
    The different classes will be:
    Weapon/Shield – sword, waraxe, mace, dagger.
    2H – Greatsword, greataxe or maul/hammer.
    dual wield – daggers, swords, maces, and war axes.
    Archery – Long range, and mid range.

    Each class has different divisions corresponding with each weapon type (steel, iron orcish etc.)

    The way the regular arena will work is pretty much the same way as oblivion but with a few changes:
    1. Archery Competitions – who can get closest to the bullseye at 100 m away or shoot the apple off someone’s head.
    2. Fighting wild animals – Release the lion!
    3. Ranking/standing – become the ultimate gladiator at bathe in riches (perhaps a storyline can be involved somehow.)
    4. MORE SPECTATORS – makem low Rez, hell I dont care as long as theres more.
    5. Sabotage – drug your opponent to ensure victory… Or fail miserably and be dragged to the wind helm barracks prison or the castle dour dungeon.
    6. Tournaments – consecutive matches which add a layer of difficulty: fatigue. Fatigue can limit your stamina, health and magicka. Potions reduce fatigue. Large prize at the end(if you win).
    7. Gaining the respect of nobles – nobles, far and wide, will come to watch these fights.

    The Arena could be built into the storyline this way:

    Over the course of 4 years, The nords erect a mighty arena located amidst the center of sky rim(near whiterun.) if you haven’t completed the main quest you can visit the construction site as the threat of Alduin isn’t going to wait 4 years. After you complete the main quest, you go to the construction site which triggers a cutscene. The cutscene shows a time-lapse of the arena being built with a counter in the bottom right which shows the time elapse until 4E 205.

    This prolly won’t happen but hey, a man can dream… And waste and hour of his life writing a comment which will never reach Bethesda. Or someone will copy paste my comment to Bethesda….

    • Snake0693

      That would be soooooo awesome!

    • Snake0693

      That would be soooooo awesome!

  • Dov

    In Fallout: New Vegas, the player could choose between two sides and if they didn’t want to take a side, they followed their own path. As it says above, it would be amazing if the Dragonborn could become a Jarl, and fight their own way through the civil war rather than having to join the Legion or the Stormcloaks. If a DLC was created that extended the war to be against the Thalmor, there could be a possible chance of reuniting Ulfric with the Empire again. It could also expand into the Thalmor starting to win, so the Dragonborn has to travel to Morrowind, or High Rock or Hammerfell to ask for help from the people there. 

    The most anticipated, epic thing would be related to the Dwemer, however I don’t think Bethesda want to reveal anything about the dwarves even after 3 games, so maybe Elder Scrolls 6 or 7 might bring the Dwemer into Tamriel. 

    Still, even though Skyrim is huge, neighbouring lands still want to be visited.

    • Snake0693

      there are indeed five games, not three. (not including expansions and side games)

    • Snake0693

      there are indeed five games, not three. (not including expansions and side games)

  • Jeanbry Torres

    expand more, i want to fight the alik’r in their homeland, and destroy the thalmor in their own country. maybe even take a dive in the volcanoes of high rock. and i agree with Thereoncewasasquirrelwholives, that arena idea would be nice… but expand give more lands to travel acroos, more chests to pillage from and people to decapitate… on that note, can we get more finishing moves?

  • J Carvalho4

    The return of the snow elves or dwarfs of somethIng that is told to not exist anymore
    Possibly having to go back to morrowin to locate something. It would be a classic Bethesda dlc
    I would love to have a multiplayer but it would be very difficult to create a multiplayer for this size of map and it to run properly

  • J Carvalho4

    The return of the snow elves or dwarfs of somethIng that is told to not exist anymore
    Possibly having to go back to morrowin to locate something. It would be a classic Bethesda dlc
    I would love to have a multiplayer but it would be very difficult to create a multiplayer for this size of map and it to run properly

  • Cjosecast

    some DLC ideas

    1.more spells (mostly in conjuration)
    2.make your own clan/guild like the BLADES make it good or evil or even both.
    3.mix match enchantments, like left boot is 40% pickpocket and sneck while the right boot is 40 % one hand and archery
    4.explore  Hammerfell, Cyrodil, Black Marsh, Morrowind .
    5. like said before , trade 2 dragon souls for one perk.

  • Acerins

    Utilize “unique” gear more effectively and not have it just be on a manikin or weapon rack.  (Self-enchanted gear is so powerfull) all gear we choose to wear is almost always what we enchant it to be.

    Should also include a “respec” option that includes using dragon souls, something like 10 ds = a respec or have a quest set up some where that you can empty or absorb sould further to respec.


    Online Co-Op, fix the bugs, & more vampire/werewolf content!

  • elonca1

    1) I kind of think that the boredom issue stems from the game being in Skyrim itself – the constant white-grey landscape bar about 15% of the game meant that once you finish say the Main Quest, Civil War, Companions, Dark Brotherhood, Theives Guild and the College, you dont feel like exploring for say Daedric quests, or miscellaneous travels. Whereas in games like Morrowind, the Shivering Isles expansion pack, and, to a lesser extent, Oblivion, had multitudes of landscapes - strange, alien forests, grassy plaines, icy tundras, dry scrub land, the ashlands and even mountainous volcano ranges.
    To this end, I would really like a DLC pack to open exploring another province. I really would like this to be Elyswer (sp?), the Khajiit homeland, for 2 reasons – one being that I play as a Khajiit, and the second being that according to game lore, the province has various landscapes, from jungle, forest and marshes to savannah, scrub, mountain ranges and sahara-like deserts. As well as this, there seems to be many new political developments there according to the lore – I think that the province has also just started to succede from the Empire, and that Khajiits live in clans, which are all united under a leader, or mane, so this could be interesting territory for the Dovakhiin to explore. Having said that, I wouldnt really mind any other province to be opened up – I know Morrowind is perhaps most likely as it is already in Skyrim, albeit in skeletal form, and I cant wait for this to be DLC, perhaps helping the Argonians in taking over Vvardenfell, or reclaiming it for the Dunmer.
    2) The other DLC I would love to see, perhaps more so than ^^ is the expansion of the Thalmor. I dont know about any of you, but I really despised them, and would go out of my way to slaughter as many of those bigots as possible. I really thought at the end of the Civil War questline, after all the foreboding talk of the Thalmor wanting a weakened Empire/Skyrim, that they would either invade Skyrim, or the Empire, and you’d be able to fight back with your own army, or even invade their own province.
    3) Related to this, I would also like to see the Civil War expanded, perhaps if you could become a Jarl, or High King, and perhaps invade the now weakened Empire in Cyrodil. This could also allow side quests like building your own Keep and Great Hall, such as in Assassins Creed 2, building up an army and guards, as well as a running economy and having to provide services for you people via their taxes  to keep them happy. Maybe even invading other Keeps or trading with them?
    4) Similarly, I would really like to be able to create my own guild. I know that there are already guilds for the major actions – magic, fighting, assassinations and thievery – but their could be one for say hunting etc. Or even creating a rival guild, competing with the mainstream ones for jobs, like the Morag Tong vs the Dark Brotherhood in terms of contract killing, or Blackwater vs The Fighters Guild for mercenary work. This could allow customisation of the name, lair/hangout of the guild, the specialised armour/weapons they use etc.
    5) Leading on from there, I would love to see the ability to control what your weapons and amour look like – surely real life smiths can control the appearance of their work, not just its materials?! Maybe by designing over say 20 types of sword, 20 types of helmet, 20 types of mace etc, Bethesda could allow us to choose which we wanted from a dropdown menu, and then allocate each design a skill level. As well as this, maybe making us buy things like dyes and paint to change the hue of our weapons and armour. I would really want this addition – the best armour in the game for me were those that were uniquely and individually stylised, like the awesome Nightingale cowl, or the Dragon Priest masks, or Daedric Armour.
    6) I would like an expansion of the werewolf line, as they were just a bit part in the Companions overall line. Perhaps something to do with Hircine and the Bloodmoon Prophecy again, or politics and clan rivalry within the werewolf society, if there is one. As well as this, more lycanthropic types and things to shapeshift into would be great – we were always told of werebears and wereboars living in Skyrim, yet we cant find any, much less become one. Maybe becoming a Hargraven or something – Norse mythology is rife with shapeshifting creatures similar to other ones like the Wendigo. Even becoming a dragon! ( if the physics and animations for controling a flying dragon are too complex, even a flightless one would do, like a drake or mythological salamander)

    • Snake0693

      If you remember correctly the Morag Tong turned into the Brotherhood. I’m just saying.

      • Jake

        But the Morag Tong still exists as an independent body and competes for contracts with the Dark Brotherhood in Oblivion

      • Jake

        But the Morag Tong still exists as an independent body and competes for contracts with the Dark Brotherhood in Oblivion

    • Snake0693

      If you remember correctly the Morag Tong turned into the Brotherhood. I’m just saying.

  • elonca1

    1) I kind of think that the boredom issue stems from the game being in Skyrim itself – the constant white-grey landscape bar about 15% of the game meant that once you finish say the Main Quest, Civil War, Companions, Dark Brotherhood, Theives Guild and the College, you dont feel like exploring for say Daedric quests, or miscellaneous travels. Whereas in games like Morrowind, the Shivering Isles expansion pack, and, to a lesser extent, Oblivion, had multitudes of landscapes - strange, alien forests, grassy plaines, icy tundras, dry scrub land, the ashlands and even mountainous volcano ranges.
    To this end, I would really like a DLC pack to open exploring another province. I really would like this to be Elyswer (sp?), the Khajiit homeland, for 2 reasons – one being that I play as a Khajiit, and the second being that according to game lore, the province has various landscapes, from jungle, forest and marshes to savannah, scrub, mountain ranges and sahara-like deserts. As well as this, there seems to be many new political developments there according to the lore – I think that the province has also just started to succede from the Empire, and that Khajiits live in clans, which are all united under a leader, or mane, so this could be interesting territory for the Dovakhiin to explore. Having said that, I wouldnt really mind any other province to be opened up – I know Morrowind is perhaps most likely as it is already in Skyrim, albeit in skeletal form, and I cant wait for this to be DLC, perhaps helping the Argonians in taking over Vvardenfell, or reclaiming it for the Dunmer.
    2) The other DLC I would love to see, perhaps more so than ^^ is the expansion of the Thalmor. I dont know about any of you, but I really despised them, and would go out of my way to slaughter as many of those bigots as possible. I really thought at the end of the Civil War questline, after all the foreboding talk of the Thalmor wanting a weakened Empire/Skyrim, that they would either invade Skyrim, or the Empire, and you’d be able to fight back with your own army, or even invade their own province.
    3) Related to this, I would also like to see the Civil War expanded, perhaps if you could become a Jarl, or High King, and perhaps invade the now weakened Empire in Cyrodil. This could also allow side quests like building your own Keep and Great Hall, such as in Assassins Creed 2, building up an army and guards, as well as a running economy and having to provide services for you people via their taxes  to keep them happy. Maybe even invading other Keeps or trading with them?
    4) Similarly, I would really like to be able to create my own guild. I know that there are already guilds for the major actions – magic, fighting, assassinations and thievery – but their could be one for say hunting etc. Or even creating a rival guild, competing with the mainstream ones for jobs, like the Morag Tong vs the Dark Brotherhood in terms of contract killing, or Blackwater vs The Fighters Guild for mercenary work. This could allow customisation of the name, lair/hangout of the guild, the specialised armour/weapons they use etc.
    5) Leading on from there, I would love to see the ability to control what your weapons and amour look like – surely real life smiths can control the appearance of their work, not just its materials?! Maybe by designing over say 20 types of sword, 20 types of helmet, 20 types of mace etc, Bethesda could allow us to choose which we wanted from a dropdown menu, and then allocate each design a skill level. As well as this, maybe making us buy things like dyes and paint to change the hue of our weapons and armour. I would really want this addition – the best armour in the game for me were those that were uniquely and individually stylised, like the awesome Nightingale cowl, or the Dragon Priest masks, or Daedric Armour.
    6) I would like an expansion of the werewolf line, as they were just a bit part in the Companions overall line. Perhaps something to do with Hircine and the Bloodmoon Prophecy again, or politics and clan rivalry within the werewolf society, if there is one. As well as this, more lycanthropic types and things to shapeshift into would be great – we were always told of werebears and wereboars living in Skyrim, yet we cant find any, much less become one. Maybe becoming a Hargraven or something – Norse mythology is rife with shapeshifting creatures similar to other ones like the Wendigo. Even becoming a dragon! ( if the physics and animations for controling a flying dragon are too complex, even a flightless one would do, like a drake or mythological salamander)

  • Theoriginalwowman

    Please for the love of god, and the all mighty intelligence of the great al gore that gives me the right to type this (he created the internet you know) LETS GO TO ELSWEYR,  LAND OF THE KHAJIIT’S IT WOULD GIVE A COMPLETELY NEW CONCEPT TO THE GAMEPLAY, where in Oblivion Khajiits are mostly discriminated you would have them in their house, and you would possibly be the one looked down upon. a possible quest outline would be to save there soceity, or to gain respect in their territory.

  • Theoriginalwowman

    Please for the love of god, and the all mighty intelligence of the great al gore that gives me the right to type this (he created the internet you know) LETS GO TO ELSWEYR,  LAND OF THE KHAJIIT’S IT WOULD GIVE A COMPLETELY NEW CONCEPT TO THE GAMEPLAY, where in Oblivion Khajiits are mostly discriminated you would have them in their house, and you would possibly be the one looked down upon. a possible quest outline would be to save there soceity, or to gain respect in their territory.

  • Litdirector

    Please Please Please Bring in Elsweyr please .

    • Guest

      I would much rather see the Black Marsh

  • Litdirector

    Please Please Please Bring in Elsweyr please .

  • boa

    Build your own fortress and army. And create what that army looks like(race,armor,weapons,etc…) Be able to skyrim for yourself and become high king and choose jarls and ranks or your men or women.

  • boa

    Build your own fortress and army. And create what that army looks like(race,armor,weapons,etc…) Be able to skyrim for yourself and become high king and choose jarls and ranks or your men or women.

  • boa

    At least be able to open your own shop. Start your own guild. create some followers. Build your own town. Choose what armors and weapons look like when u create them. Be able to controll what ur guilds do after becoming master.

  • boa

    At least be able to open your own shop. Start your own guild. create some followers. Build your own town. Choose what armors and weapons look like when u create them. Be able to controll what ur guilds do after becoming master.

  • targer

    I’m sick and tired of playing 3 
    different  games, Morrowind, oblivion, skyrim.  
    Why not one world like World of warcraft you can travel continents to continents. 
    They released one tamriel province every 5 years. by the time we hit 50+60 we’ll get to play 
    9 different elderscroll games.  Suck, suck. I’m going back to Wow. 

  • targer

    I’m sick and tired of playing 3 
    different  games, Morrowind, oblivion, skyrim.  
    Why not one world like World of warcraft you can travel continents to continents. 
    They released one tamriel province every 5 years. by the time we hit 50+60 we’ll get to play 
    9 different elderscroll games.  Suck, suck. I’m going back to Wow. 

  • KAR15MA

    love Skyrim, but there are a few things I would like to be added to
    make it even more realistic and fun. This is my wish list:

    I would like some new dialogue and more possibilities to interact
    with NPC:s. It gets boring to hear the same phrases over and over and
    over again. To be able to interact more with your spouse and friends.

    I would like the possibility to name your horse/horses (and dog),
    and to buy a dog that actually stays with you or waits for you at
    your home. And that horses could carry things by themselves, like
    followers can. 

    To be able to buy your own farm and own cows, chickens and grow
    plants. Actually, to be able to buy any home in Skyrim (if you got
    the coin you should be able to persuade almost anyone to move from
    their home).

    More clothes, armor, weapons and to be able to create your own armor
    and dye your clothes. It would also be interesting to have more
    specific clothes and armor depending on where you are. Different
    cities, different things to buy. And, I know some will hate me for
    this but, different horse armor so you can personalize your horse and
    make it tougher in a fight (If you don’t want it, don’t buy it).

    A DLC to expand small towns like Riverwood, Rorikstead and Ivarstead
    and make them prosper. And/Or build a new city.6. I
    really do not like the Thalmor and a DLC to bring them down would be

    To be able to go to another country like Elsweyr would be

    I don’t need more caves, dungeons and forts to clear out. It’s
    enough as it is. I don’t like being underground.  

  • KAR15MA

    love Skyrim, but there are a few things I would like to be added to
    make it even more realistic and fun. This is my wish list:

    I would like some new dialogue and more possibilities to interact
    with NPC:s. It gets boring to hear the same phrases over and over and
    over again. To be able to interact more with your spouse and friends.

    I would like the possibility to name your horse/horses (and dog),
    and to buy a dog that actually stays with you or waits for you at
    your home. And that horses could carry things by themselves, like
    followers can. 

    To be able to buy your own farm and own cows, chickens and grow
    plants. Actually, to be able to buy any home in Skyrim (if you got
    the coin you should be able to persuade almost anyone to move from
    their home).

    More clothes, armor, weapons and to be able to create your own armor
    and dye your clothes. It would also be interesting to have more
    specific clothes and armor depending on where you are. Different
    cities, different things to buy. And, I know some will hate me for
    this but, different horse armor so you can personalize your horse and
    make it tougher in a fight (If you don’t want it, don’t buy it).

    A DLC to expand small towns like Riverwood, Rorikstead and Ivarstead
    and make them prosper. And/Or build a new city.6. I
    really do not like the Thalmor and a DLC to bring them down would be

    To be able to go to another country like Elsweyr would be

    I don’t need more caves, dungeons and forts to clear out. It’s
    enough as it is. I don’t like being underground.  

  • Gavinguy1

    i would really like to go back to morrowind and cyrodiil, it would be cool to see them 200 and 205 years later, and it would be a huge expansion

    • Wolfninja86

      I would love to go back to earlier provinces, but i fear there isn’t much to see of Vvardenfell.  Everyone in Skyrim keeps talking about Red Mountain erupting and decimating Morrowind.

    • Wolfninja86

      I would love to go back to earlier provinces, but i fear there isn’t much to see of Vvardenfell.  Everyone in Skyrim keeps talking about Red Mountain erupting and decimating Morrowind.

  • Akira Prakash

    I think there should be a DLC where High Rock is trying to be annexed by the Thalmor, so you go to the Western Reach in High Rock, and stop them with the help of whichever side you chose, side quests could involve the Forsworn. It should be Celtic Irish Scottish themed because thats how I pictured the bretons being and the landscape would fit in with Skyrim OR revisit the city of Daggerfall, it would be like a giant Renaissance city, not enough big cities in Skyrim.

  • guest

    there should be a dlc were the dwarves mysteriously return and you are the first to meet them, or something that has someting to do with the snow elves/falmer. i think that would be cool.

  • guest

    there should be a dlc were the dwarves mysteriously return and you are the first to meet them, or something that has someting to do with the snow elves/falmer. i think that would be cool.

  • Guest

    The ability to have children with your partner. If it’s a homosexual one start a quest to find a surrogate.

  • Guest

    The ability to have children with your partner. If it’s a homosexual one start a quest to find a surrogate.

  • Jamos

    I think the thalmor invading would be awesome if you got to fight them off. Anything but oblivion gates…

    • Wolfninja86

      to my knowledge, the Oblivion Crisis is over, we should have to worry about those returning

      • Wolfninja86


      • Wolfninja86


    • Wolfninja86

      to my knowledge, the Oblivion Crisis is over, we should have to worry about those returning

  • Themrclary

    A great thing to just add would be more deadric artifacts, like a bow, gauntlets, and boots.

  • Tfay

    I would like to see improvements to the houses. I love collecting stuff for the house. Would love to have a wizard tower, keep ect. to buy or take over with like 20-30 different additions to the home to quest after not just buy.

  • Nate

    i would love to see a dlc that takes you to valenwood. moving tree cities? i think yes. i think the wood elves arent given enough attention in the games. yeah, kajit and argonians are repressed, but thats still attention. wood elves have never really been talked about, the focus has been on high elves and dark elves. the some goes for the orcs, they arent given enough focus either. i think going to orsinium and taking part in the tribal wars would be sweet. for me, the beast races are just a novelty, with the exception of the darkscale or whatever the argonian dark brotherhood members are called. a dlc involving them would be sweet too. more assassinations!

    • Shadonight72

      I think that going to one of the beast races home provinces would be incredible. I would love to travel to the Black Marsh. (Where Argonians hail from)

    • Shadonight72

      I think that going to one of the beast races home provinces would be incredible. I would love to travel to the Black Marsh. (Where Argonians hail from)

  • KAR15MA

    Here are more things that would be great to have in Skyrim:

    Barber. I would really like to be able to change hairstyle and even hair color if possible. And to have more hairstyles to chose from.

    Adoption. I can understand the difficulties with characters having children, but what about the orphanage in Riften? Why can’t I adopt from there?  It wouldn’t matter who you were married to.

  • Dovahkinn

    1) It looks like the Dwarves are going to be saved for a later Elder Scrolls game, so we might not be getting them in DLC, although I would love to see the ruturn of the rac after so much hype.

    2) The chance to own and lead a guild/city/army would be great, and I for one would love the chance to command on a large scale, against groups like the Falmer/Forsworn.

    3) A Thalmor invasion would be brilliant, and I for one would love the oppurtunity to put the elves back in their place, and maybe even travel to their home turf and lvel the playing field.

    4) Travelling to any of the other provinces of Tamriel would be a great change to landscape, enemies and races to interact with and explore. There could be so many directions the developers could take here.

    5) An arena would be a fun addition, which could bring the chance for us to customize our load-out and challenge ourselves against the best from all over Tamriel and gain fame and admiration from the masses in the protest.

    6) Naturally and sort of co-op or multiplayer would be the pinnacle of Skyrim DLC, but it would be a tough task to support the requirements of something like this.

    Regardless I feel that Skyrim is one of the best games of the last few years, and one we will remember as a benchmark for RPGs in the future.

    • Dark Assassin

      I totally agree, I would love to see all of the stuff you mentioned.

    • Curious Badger

      You’re a visionary in the DLC world Dovahkinn (Mispelt I think LOL)

  • Lanyfish

    New mounts!
    I would more than love to ride a saber tooth/ or snow lion(forgot their name.)
    Or have one as my pet to summon at will or always by my side.

  • Madgod

    The Blades.. maybe you help them take back their rightful place to serve as the protectors of the emporer, instead of the thalmor (think i butchered that word) never straying to far from council affairs. They clearly have their hands over everything the empire does including perhaps the biggest insult the banned worship of Talos. So you rebuild the order with a few dozen soldiers (maybe as the dragon blood who apparently i think the blades are sworn to protect ie. the true emporer {word again} you choose who you allow to join maybe you want a couple companions to go all werewolf on some elf ass, or a few mages from the college. Hell why not dear cicero (my favorite hes such a badass). March into Cyrodill beat down the thalmor start another war rally Skyrim , the redguard homeland of…. Hammerfell? who apparently already kick out the thalmor, and the woodelfs who also hate the thalmor i think i’m not sure were they come from.. im not sure if the dark elfs are with thalmor or not so yeah. Wow i need to cut back on the sauce i just typed a thousand word essay sorry all, long long story short whoop their ass claim back the throne reinstitute the worship of talos. yup.
     oh and did i mention SPEARS n’sheild combos  :)    spartan status*

    • Alex Rsandusky

      madgod the thalmor dont protect the emporer they want to kill him. they are the high elves that started the war with the empire. the emporers bodygaurds are the pentulis oculatus

  • Cccccccccccaleb

    It would best stellar to discover move about the dwemer, yet it seems that won’t be happening in skyrim.
     - More spells, the ability to make your own spells. Maybe use dragon souls to customize a shout…
     - Expansion into other parts of Tamriel, each dlc best a new province
     - Honestly its sometimes fun to explore caves but it has begun to get boring, after plus 75-100 caves
     - NEW weapons and amor, new styles and specific weapons them selves a spear…
     - why is the fox in the game? it doesn’t fight you its worth close to nothing
     - more echantments ex. (once a weak apponent has low life it fights for you).
     - deffinately shorting in containers – thousands of unsorted items sucks


  • KONG

    1 add something with the dwemer

    2 new enchantments, spells, potions, perks, shouts

    3 need more of a variety of characters, i always seem to be fighting bandits, forsworn, and bears/saber’s     and of course dragons. we need more creatures, maybe some giant flightless bird, something

    4 we need sorting in the containers, Im a hoarder of items

    5 I have about 200 hours in on my game and I have most of the weapons and amor, So new styles and types of weapons and armor would be good

    6 new terrains maybe desert, rainforest would be cool, it would be awesome to explore a new province

    7 you should be able to become a jarl not quit the high king i feel once you reach that level the game would be boring, like fable 2 and 3

    8 have multiple companions

    9 more finishing moves, heck let me use my bow and have the finishing move be putting an arrow in someones knee…

  • Scott Carlisle

    high king story line, savengarde story lines, command of the guilds to tell them to loot, create new magic, etc. open your own store, start your own city

  • Chris

    Respec for perks and a mage or somthing that can change your apperence to some extent

  • Gdavis22

    I think they did an excelant job with Skyrim.Going back to Morrowind with these graphics improvments
    would make me cheer aloud ! That was one cool place ” cliffracers be damned ” but Morrowind had a dynamic that begged to be explored ! And with out leveled compatants,,,you could find your self over your head with any new incounter.Comming back ten levals later and rieking havoc on that tough guy was
    extreamly satisfying ! Flying was a HUGE factor as well,some places just couldn’t be reached otherwise.
    Again,,making playing another hundred hours well worth while to find great stuff hidden above.One small thing also,to be able to place candles,and lamps on or in your house was a neat ” mini game ”
    Flying back to Home after a long time exploring,and seeing my House all lit up always made me feel

  • G4incarnate

    First things first Bethesda the game you guys spent years to make is an unbelievable experience.
    I follow games such as Skyrim but this is the best mid evil RPG by far and I know if I was included in the making of skyrim I would not let any of those jerks who say skyrim sucks and stuff bother me because it is so obvious that the game does not suck in fact it kicks any mid evil games ass out there today anyway and hopefully for a while but that does not mean I do not want new things, it just means I love the way you guys made the world of skyrim the gameplay 10/10 graphics 9/10 sound 9/10 lasting Appeal 10/10 bethesda try not to change the gameplay it’s very good the way it is now in the future.  I mean of course the graphics are the bomb,  I give it a 9/10 only because the world is still evolving.  The sound is very good, You guys really did not miss much but some times the sound cuts out when I m riding my horse but that’s fine and I think you guys know the lasting appeal is great already but I m not saying to stop there I highly encourage you guys to carry on with how long the game is.  The becoming a jarl thing “amazing and wow”  that is what I was saying when I was playing.  It would be cool to destroy everyone in the city and then kill the king and become leader or even “here is an idea”  you could allow us when you kill everybody in the city and you finally approach the jarl you guys would half to make him a lot stronger of course but anyways when you approach him you can have a battle with him or gameplay dialogue you’ve killed all my men you are truly a curse to the lands of skyrim I challenge you to a battle fight to the death or “okay” “okay” what are you trying to prove you’ve killed all my men if you let me live.  I will appoint you jarl of what ever city you caused mayhem in and you have the option to kill him and become jarl anyways spare him and become jarl or spare him and become jarl and make him your personal assistant for what ever you choose to do with your city.  I have more to add to that subject but I m going to stop there and talk to you guys about dragons. So when I beat the main quest in skyrim I killed Alduin and I thought after that I would be able to fly my dragon any time after that.  That’s like the only thing that was disappointing. You’ve got to make it so you can fly on your dragons and you kill people from the dragons point of view and although this might not happen, it would also be kick ass if you could jump off your dragon and fall onto another dragon and stab it kill it that way or if you we,re a mage you could fall onto the enemy dragon and make a bound sword or ax and kill it. Now that would be beyond cool anyways guys this was a lot of typing I m off although I do have more to say to improve the best mid evil game ever, but I m done for now hope you guys go along with my ideas later.  

  • Taunting CooKie

    I’d love to see something with the falmer if i’m honest, i love the story behind them, drove underground by the dwarves and became mutated monsters. I love the caverns with all the glittery gem like stones covering the ceilings. I think a good questline involving them, maybe back in time to when they were human-ish/elf, see how it all happened and be able to interact with these (snow elves). Then when finished return back and discover the last remaining snow elf (falmer) hiding out somewhere and have him as a companion or something. Not reveiling too much about the dwemer, zero in on the life of the falmer.

  • guest

    fighting on horseback like with bows and stuff would be awesome…

  • Kiille

    More legendary items

  • Ave369

    I want to see Morrowind again! Decimated, yes, but growing back from the brink of destruction. If Beth doesn’t do it, I’ll do it as a plugin!

  • Vance

    I think that going back to Morrowind would be an amazing idea, I played Morrowind on and off for over a year and enjoyed the game immensly.  I think rebuilding Morrowind would be a lot of fun as someone mentioned earlier, and the improved graphics would be nice.  If not Morrowind, I would possibly like to experience Daggerfall which could be fun with the improved graphics, I was interested in the characters that appeared in Skyrim from Daggerfall and felt that their storyline and homeland could have been explored further.

    I would like to see fighting available on horseback and was a little disappointed that that style of combat was not included in the gameplay.  Also fighting on dragons against other wyvren riders would be a cool experience as well.  Also one last addition that I think would be a nice addition is the possibility to design your own house and decorate the interior and exterior to your liking, which would include as many weapon racks as you could afford/had space for, your own forge, ect.

    In closing, I am excited for the release of Bethesda’s first DLC and I hope that whatever Bethesda decides to run with that it allows us to explore a different part of Tamriel other than Cyrodil and that it isn’t just a parallel realm like Sheogorath’s Realm (as fun as that DLC was) in Oblivion.

  • Jaggar

    They are obviously going to save the dwarves for the next game and make a kind of Arks Fatalis instead of a simple dlc. Also I think that the Thalmor invasion/reboot is what they are going to do.

    There are some very cool ideas already mentioned like:

    - An arena but if it comes out it has to be nord-like, I mean a kind of warrior tradition to opose clans or something but forget the spartan thing..

    - The possibility to do large scale thing like commanding an army or something but I’m not waiting for this kind of stuff because when they had the opportunity to do great large scale things like raiding the silver hand fort it was a basic dunjon instead of being the rise of the lycans ! I was thinking of the werewolf companions attacking these silver hands, reaping them apart or something epic.

    - more weapons/amor is obvious as ‘a lot of meat’ doesn’t mean ‘knight of the nine’ (I guess)

    Then comes the ideas, I am not going to repeat big dlc ideas that people already mentioned but some things that should really be aded:

    - A more developped faction system in many aspects:
    1) Why do I get attacked when I come to a silver hand fort? because they are set like bandits! But what happens if I’m not a werewolf, that I hate  them, that I share their opinion and that I want to join them?! this kind of subfactions should at least like orcs fortresses if not a guild: you should be able to join them and have a questline to do, perhaps oposed to being a companion like stormrage/imperials
    The same thing apply for foresworn to a certain extent and especially if you are a breton. Don’t say ‘this is to complicated to make a system where they make the difference between characters’ because orcs do.

    2)Vampires… seriously ? good job, it’s a pain in the ass this time, very good emphasis on how it is terrible to be a vampire. Its true that it was too simple in oblivion but here you only have disadvantages crippling your character on day time and making it normal during the night! I think that they forgot the bonuses because this poison/disease thing and a couple of stealth/illusion buff is pathetic. Moreover, if being a stage 4 vampire turns you into a mob, it has to get a form like the bat-like apperance that vampires try to hide by drinking blood, there should really be a kind of transformation or special abilitties when it is the night or when you are a stage 4 because here you make a character become a vampire only for roleplay purposes because you cannot do anything during the day!

    3) Vampires again! It’s not that I love them but that I was really disappointed with them in this game and that I thought a lot on this point. There should be a faction liek an assembly that you can join when you become a vampire by receiving a message because they spotted you and want to join them or by simply finding them doing thei bidding and then receiving the dark gift (like vincente proposed). The point of this idea is to make a faction of vampire as they should be: a kind of elitic,rich group that share this secret instead of being mobs in durty caves because as you can sometimes see, they have a hierachy and they should gather and not spread like independants naughty thugs.

    • Scott Rod

      more people need to like                THIS POST!!               he touches on some really important points. over all with factions. well i mostly belive this whole game was rushed. I honestly could have waited untill 12-12-12 if id known there would be this many buggs. Sorry bethesda, but did you layoff the hard workers, and slave whip the no raise employees. time for some redemption. FIX THE GAME!

      • Curious Badger

        What a load of rubbish Scott, but I liked Jaggar’s post

  • Guest

    I want the game to be more challenging in combat. You get so good gear so fast that the game becomes too easy, and dont just make the mobs hit harder. We need more complex combat scenarios. 

  • Darkrambo

    I have so much ideas there endless,anyway i think you should add more weapons at least ten new weapons and out of those ten bring back umbra and chrysamere trust me every gamer wants this and ten new armor and out of those ten make vampire armor with a long cape color should be black and red and some cool looking werewolf armor and after all that also make it to where the gamer feels more in control start by making a new casle for the dragon born make it to were you can hire your own personal body guards and servants make it to were the guards catch thieves and criminals and bring them to you and you control what you want to do with them jail them tourcher them or kill them or hire them as servants or guards just a idea open one portal back to oblivion so you come face to face with the deadric gods earning your cool looking weapons and armor and make armys come to your casle trying to kill you to take over your kingdom just a little idea in my head

  • Martin

    DLC to become a jarl and then a High King would bring many people back.

  • Daedric Lord

    would be good if they did something on skyrim like they did with the expansion on morrowind like trybunal. some kind of another place to explore…their has to be an arena.more weapons and armour UMBRA!! the thought of designing your own weapons and armour would be cool and maybe a few new daedric quests.even a whole realm expansion like on oblivion with sheogorath.

  • moffegreven

    This is more of extra content that could be included in a dlc-pack:

    1. The ability the fletch your own arrows
    2. The ability to smith more types of armour from different material (for example, I’d like to see more designs on Leather-armour, more “visual” designs like the thief guild armour, dark brotherhood armour, linwe’s armour and so on – also the ability to craft a leather hood instead of leather helmet).

  • Jon

    DLC to be Jarl, choose to conquer other cities and negotiate through money payments would rock though I assume this would require a huge change to the system.

    More strategic challenges, puzzles etc – more quests are just bashing buttons.

    Mutliplayer with starting your own guild is an obvious option.

    Making you own arrows.

    Container sorting.

    More creatures with different combats styles, some more resilient to hand to hand etc

  • Scott Rod

    This is an RPG, not an RTS, i dont need to be jarl and have command, besides i think the AI needs a bunch of work, companions or sidekicks, really bother me, so I travel alone. I would like to see another continent, maybe find one where the dwarves migrated to. Imangine the technology they would have there. huh? Anyone mentioned this yet? I would sure like to know. but what kind of questing could there be what stories to be part of, idk, ill leave that one up to programers. But meeting a live dwarf is kinda my fantacy inside a fantacy. ha lol. thanks for reading, this has been loyal elder scroll player since Morrowind
               please let me know of anything if anything.

  • Scott Rod

    much obliged to moffegraven’s ideas. arrow yes, but to go even further as to armor yes yes. i also want dragon weapons and arrows. also want to swing shovels and garden hoes, lol. naw. but small details like igniting lanterns with fire spells or extinguishing torches or candles with frost spells would be cool. or killing an enemy (s) that stand in water with shock spells would be realistic. dont you think.

  • ZkOtY

    ITS one big Fallout mid evil DLC people. lol just kidding.

  • Eric Stephens

    I wouldn’t mind seeing a few little things included in the upcoming DLC’s such as new armors, weapons, or spells. Players have received unique enchanted armors from the Dark Brotherhood and Thieves Guild that were unique and fit for tasks that required that type of game play and gear. What is missing is armor that is specific to archers or swordsmen. A shooting-on-the-move archer might want something a little more intrinsic to his natural fighting style than some armor he picked up and enchanted himself. I find the same issue to be true with swordsmen. There isn’t really a armor set that is unique to real fighting styles- even to a mage (arguable of course because the College of Winterhold equips the player with Arch Mage robes). The only other thing that bothered me was the lack of a “Dragon” weapon set. I was so excited to see a “Dragon” perk at the end of the smithing perk tree that i power leveled that skill to 100 only to be let down to the realization that you cannot obtain weapons made of dragon scales or dragon bones at all. If Bethesda were to integrate things like these into the upcoming DLC I am sure they would not disappoint in their delivery- they never have before.

  • Cjchibidakis

    Alliance between Paarthurnax and the Blades, new dragons, horse armor, go to morrowind and meet Ahbililok from the book Atlas of Dragons, and the meet the Hammerfell resistance in Hammerfell.

  • Tim_donderwinkel

    A patch of land filled with enemies and decay and the ruins of a haunted city waiting for a hero to cleans it and become its Jarl, eliminating the Thalmor and set the stage for a war with both the Stormcloaks and the Empire, with the Dragonborn ultimately becoming the new emperor to crush the Dominion as would be reveiled in end game cinematics.

    Uniting (perhaps with force) the Greybeards and Blades without having to kill Paarthu.. Parr.. that dragon. Greybeards could teach the (growing) Blades the Way of the Voice if they were to side with the Dragonborn to finally bring peace.

    Elimination of the Black-Briar family, ending their hold over Riften, ushering in a new period of safety and peace in that kingdom (and in the process removing the Thieve’s Guild, making further progress with them impossible, Dark Brotherhood would come for your head more often, and in greater numbers).

    Improved model crafting: with the exception of Dragon and Daedric items all other armor and weapon models can be crafted with different metals, leathers, furs. Imagine Ancient Nord Armor crafted with Ebony Ingots. Or Elven Armor with Silver Ingots.

    Arrows bought in bundels (quivers): could lower the price of individual arrows.

    Ancient Nord Armor becoming “light”, with the ability to have them converted to heavier variants which covers more parts of the body. Converted armors would be Nord Hero armors. Ancient Nord Shield added. Draugr occasionally drop Ancient Armor Scraps to recreate Ancient Nord Armors instead of crafting them directly from Iron.

    DIVORCE!!! definately…

  • Th3 F4llen 0n3

    Whoever said new armor and weapons in a genius. Add Dragon swords, daggers and Axes, add ivory from mammoth tusks to make new armor and weapons. Bring back the unicorn from oblivion and give it gliding powers to fly down mountain sides. Add digging burial sites like fallout, or why else have random shovels about. Add bookshelf storing for cool items collected like statues or relics you stumble upon in the game the right and left eye from the thieves guild quest. Add house plaques to store famous animal heads that are rare to the game. Make an ultimate home/ castle to live in. Make marrying more then one person possible in different houses in different towns. 

  • Th3 F4llen 0n3

    Id also like to add spitting the green poison to my list like the followers of that daedric god.

  • abaddons_wrath

    It would be nice to be able to take control of whole keeps, maybe in the form of a jarl or maybe if you are  good heroic player in the for of being granted your own little kingdom to manage. Or if you a evil guy maybe a kingdom you have takeing for your own. Controling huge armys might be hard, but you could chose your heavy or light troops up grade archers or even calvery. Maybe you could get level points to help build your kingdom as well. not so far as to make in more rts style. At the verry least a castle to have servents your own healers and baraks to train and up grade compainons. More like the direction baulders gate 2 was going in.

  • Coolguy65

    how about something completely different from the standard “oh highking questline” or your own castle stuff because think about it all these ideas would get boring quickly maybe have a thing like fallout 3/new vegas add-ons like a perk that helps you in the original game and of course new weapons and why not be out of the ordernary such a dlc no one expects like a betraly questline with the greybeards for example they could help you on a new quest to find maybe a piece of jorgen wind callers items for example and you could stumble across other things like the bones of another dragonborn who had been doing the same quest

  • Beardrummer

    I would like to see a gladiator arena in skyrim. it was fun in oblivian, why not skyrim?

  • Beardrummer

     if Bethesda do bring back gladiators then they should create a story behind it. like during a great war that the dragon born was fighting for whoever side you chose. have it be the dragon born was captured and put in the arena. with new Armour and weapons. 

  • Zryuzakix

    I got a few ideas bangin around in the ol’ Noggin…

    1. Dragon Riding. I mean, it’s hinted at in the main story(spoiler)

    2. An arena where you can challenge NPCs either to the death or until they fall down.
    Complete with wagers.

    3. The ability to become a Jarl, or maybe even become high king, that is, if all the Jarls choose you in the moot.

    4. Thalmor Invasion, where you can crush the thalmor and push them back to summerset isle, or…make a deal with them that might benefit your coin purse and give you a new level of control over the people of skyrim

    5. Armor/weapon color customization and arrow creation. So what if I want a pink dagger and purple arrows? That doesn’t make me gay.

  • Yoyoyo

    I would like to see them put all the stuff they took out put bk in e.g craft spells and a eco system. I just need a reason too speed my in-game money like buying seeds or cattle for a farm. And get rid of this “owned bed” crap, I understand it in other ppls house but not in my spare room……love the game tho

  • Darkrambo

    To keep gamers playing skyrim #1.armor and weapon creation #2.umbra and crysamere more deadric quests #3.arena#4.having your own kingdom freedom to create the way you want it to look just to have more control#5.more dragon armor need dragon weapons make them look so cool looking…. Can I just say I was real down becuase when I defeated auldin the main dragon I could not get any materials from that cool looking dragon big bumer.

  • stupid PvP comment

    oh oh maybe like an arena were you can fight other players  or group up with others and fight hard NPCs/ team battles… that could be fun

  • Dovahkin

    First Elder Scrolls game for me and I really loved it.  Come from years of WoW so it’s refreshing for an RPG game that focuses on immersion and brings great beauty.  All that aside I think Skyrim could really benefit from a multiplayer co-op mode, not PvP but 5/10 man co-ops for challenging dungeons/raids/world events etc… But that is not my primary concern since this single player RPG can be fantastic staying as a single player RPG.

    Main point I have to make is the main quest line is way to short.  This game has such a beautiful world they need to limit fast travel (maybe 1x per 12 real life hours) and eliminate the Carriage Driver all together… basically traveling/exploring should be a major part of this beautiful game, bringing the player into more random world encounters.  Needs more epic boss battles, harder dragon fights, more dungeons that have challenging, phased, 5-8 min long final encounters.  You should have to be a certain level to do certain zones/dungeons.  You should have to go through a long series of unlocks/attunements to advance in the main quest line.  I found little use for smithing/enchanting/alchemy because all of the faction/world/quest loot along with potions I found were more than enough to beat this game.  Professions just make the player to OP (especially alch/ench).  Professions need to be limited/capped and not part of the perk system. Consider adding a geming/jewel crafting profession??  Also what do I need gold for?  I get a mount with my first 1000 and don’t even need to spend that since u can get Shadowmere for free.  IMHO This game is great, just far to short-sided.  DLC needs to focus on more land to explore (not fast travel over), Needs harder encounters, challenging puzzles (skill based not 2nd grade reading level picture based) and a serious revamp of A.I.  Mobs/Bosses need AoE abilities, knockbacks, adds, surprise attacks, power ups, not just tank and spank all the time.  Game is not fun when a companion/conjured can practically solo it for you.  Perhaps add an insane A.I. setting, so I have to work my characters skills and gear to have a chance in the fight.

    DLC can really take this game to a new level of awesomeness.  Best game to release in a few years, has a great foundation, DLC can make it a legendary game for years to come if they do it right.

    P.S. Archery perk to allow for shooting 2 arrows at a time. 

    P.S.S.  Magical/enchanted arrows

    • Pyrros1978

      As another former WoW player, I strongly prefer TES. I don’t want it to turn into single-player WoW which is pretty much what you’re advocating. And that makes me a sad Khajiit.

      As for DLC, I would love a return to a corner of Morrowind on some sort of Red Mountian related adventure – it would be very interesting to see if the Dwemer were involved with that somehow.

    • carter

      Ever tried changing your difficulty to master? Try playing through the mage college, either stormcloak or imperial questlines, and the main questline without crafting/enhancing your gear, you wont have a problem with “easily beating the game” :)

  • Darkrambo

    Dear bethesda can you create a new perk jump higher and maby put some front flips like divinity i was also thinking about a new transformation maby a flying fire breathing gargoyle make it look dragon like, now you can fly where you like ,now thats cool.

    • Spoonnose

      That will never happen. The game has been designed with the jump height in mind to prevent you from accessing parts you shouldn’t be able to. If you could jump higher you could jump walls that you’re not meant to and it would mess up a load of the quests.

  • Tcollin38

    Questing in souvngarde, sorry I probably butchered the spelling but you get my point. That would be amazing.

  • geust

    Personally i think that if they bring morriwind back ,which if u think bout it is unlikely, they should give you the ability to drive the argonians out and take it back for the dunmer. I think its stupid that the argonians shouldnt have been able to conquer morriwind even in a weakened state after the eruption of red mountain. The dunmer are renowned for their fighting prowess whereas the argonians are’nt. they are known for theiving skills.

    • austin

      with the theiving skills they can also use them as expert assassins and archers if you think about they use guriella tactics and if they took morrowind then obisiously they didnt take it by being theives

  • austin

    you should add all of them honestly but in seperate dlcs realy they are all good ideas but id say one of the most important is a co-op AND a multiplayer it would be awesome to slay and play with a friend and mabie even marry….. the series needs to be more and more  ps. i love the series of the elder scroll games as a skyrim player id listen to the idea

  • austin

    anouther idea id add attributes its stupid for every charector to be almost the same speed and for jumping overall id easily say that was a very stupid move for bestheda its like you WANT to make the game worse atributes truely define charectoristics of people

  • Hypermephiles

    make it so you can change your charachters hair

  • Hypermephiles

    make it so you can change your charachters hair

  • Fabricio Nogueira

    In a list:

    1 – More weapons and armor like Dragon Swords, Troll Armor, Ivory blade etc that have been named a lot already.

    2 – To be able to shoot arrows and sword fight WHILE riding your horse, by god, Ocarina of Time had this and its been a long time… Of course, it’s a lot more difficult and it has a lot of cons, but it sucks to no to be able to do so.

    3 – More clans, that you can join as it has been told. Vampire rich clans that reach out to the converted, Silver Hand clan that lets you join them to fight the werewolves, maybe turn into a bandit leader?. This would increase the ways of being good or evil.

    4 – Add more dialogue lines with great NPC like Jarl’s and such, I hate to not to be able to speak to the guys anymore or to only have the same options again.

    5 – I would add a little bit of more gore, the spot between fallout and skyrim. Not as much, but no that little. Oh, and a switch gore on and off option too.

    6 – What about having a farm, being able to plant and create your own ingredients for alchemy, that’d be great. Buy a Farm! not a house! They should add seeds as items of course, and to buy chickens and stuff, it would be like a Harvest Moon game inside Skyrim.

    7 – The “be a Jarl” thing is amazing, and to lead armies and conquer and stuff, but this isn’t a Creative Assembly Total War game and I don’t think that can be implemented. To get to the position of Jarl, yes of course, but no army rallying nor anything like that.

    8 – Horse armor! as part of the dlc.

    9 – Improved dragon AI, they get repetitive.

    10 – Pets

    11 – More insects, love the butterflies and dragonflies but what about ants, or little spiders and stuff to add more life to the world, and ingredients….

    12 – To be able to put the business you want, be it a blacksmith armory or a general goods store, and to be able to sell the stuff you get in journeys as the seller price for once!

    13 – To be able to dig tombs and find items in the corpses or zombies that attack you or diseases etc. You could do this in Fallout 2 and it was great, and there are a lot of shovels in Skyrim

    14 – Bigger patrols of any of the clans that go around? I dont like the three men patrols, I’d like six men patrols as that would be more realistic and a twelve men fight a lot better to watch.

    15 – More wildlife, other kind of fish, at least two more, birds! there are no birds.

    16 – More Dwarven books, please!

    17 – Body perks! Run faster, heal faster, stamina perk, dont know, something like that.

    18 – Horse sprint, a real run! to flee or something.

    19 – An option to place things on things. For example to arrange your house, put bread on plate, not to let it fall 10 times until it gets there and stuff like that.

    20 – Perks for the bows, like two arrows at once. Oh and weapons like flails and spears.

    I’ve more but oh well

  • Perry Grzela

    so more enchantments more weopans like im not rying to say that the weopans and armor arnt cool but mabye tere could be more and could you guys bring back the bird people from oblivian that was a dlc uh going to hire levels in magic and others and in your character levels too it shouldn’t stop at 81 it should stop at like 400 and alot more missions my friend really hoped to see the pegasis from dagger fall again able to go back to sculdofin. so sorry for the long list those are just ideas me and my buddies think should happen for dlcs oh and armor for your horses

  • ryandelahaye

    Hmm… dlc… well Personally i think something like sorting the thalmor out will be the last part of the DLC like Lonesome roads  i know  Bethesda  didnt make new vegas but it would make more sense… in a way of such i think the travelling to other provinces  is a great idea more  i loved the way the dlc in new Vegas  linked up in someway so i think just on a small note you should go around the other provenience gathering up all the resistances for the one final battle with all the races can you imagine something like that? :) it would be cool as, also something about the dwemer  because they are pretty cool aswell, as  for dragon riding, its a possibility,but the way the game runs as in buffering  and the speed the dragons move  at there would be alot of painful bugs and  overheated xbox and pc3′s  i suspect but if they could pull it off i’d love it. One thing they should defiantly do is another trip to a realm of oblivion maybe Visiting Sithis’s world would be interesting…  also i agree with spell making  taking  it out was a bit of a let down

    I also think they should implment a thing  like there doing with steam workshop that lets you download and rate mods, and subscribe but only safe mods something like Midas Magic, Wars in Skyrim,  deadly dragons, tytanis crafting system mods like that if they made it to xbox live would improve the game play 100% plus some other little mods… oh and another thing people who keep saying bethsda should put in some kind of multiplayer thing  please stop rasing false hopes  elder scrolls games are single player games thats how its always been thats the way its probobly always going to be if you want something like that join a MORPG or something because its not guna happen the arena is also a fab idea :) 

  • Dominique Corridon

    i saw someone say pets soooo if pets the also pet dragons then or dragon transformation makes sense since theres a shout to call a dragon and better yet why not give pet dragons more ablitys of there own perks like one dragon does this while the other can’t unless you level them up also leveling you up as well plus alot of people will like to pass that level 81 cap

  • A B


  • equilibriumofevisceration

    I would love to see the Morag Tong to be brought into DLC on two conditions:

    1.)You must eliminate the Dark Brotherhood
    2.)Restore the Thieves Guild to it’s former glory

    Some of you may be wondering why it should be presented this way.  First off, the only time you hear about the Morag Tong from any NPC is once you restore the Thieves Guild to it’s former glory.  As you talk to the Dunmer recruit, he tells you about how the faction practically disbanded once the Red Mountain erupted.  Further into the conversation, he reveals that he hopes the Morag Tong will come back and that the Dark Brotherhood puts bounties on any surviving member of the rival guild.  Since the DB Sanctuary near Falkreath is considered the only one left, eliminating them can be the factor that revives the Morag Tong.

    Because this once disbanded guild would come back, this means that you will have to recruit members the same way you did for The Blades for several quests.  Once it reaches a certain number, that will be where the storyline will begin.  For the most part, it will basically be about making the reputation of the Morag Tong greater than any other assassin’s guild.  I would love to see a twist where you get attacked by a group of assassins and on one of their bodies, you discover the same type of note you normally receive from killing a Dark Brotherhood assassin.  This would make the player think the Dark Brotherhood is still alive.  When you get to the end of the storyline, you learn that the Dunmer betrayed you and you kill him so that you can continue on with the Morag Tong.

  • Earl DeShawn Johnson Hare

    Create an empire of your own. With an Army an rules, so that you can take over the world yourself. But the battle never ends for all the unknown enemy camps that are out there waiting to rebel. That would be nice along with all the other DLC stuff coming out.

  • Diddly Squat

    I would like a player castle placed into the game. I would like to be able to do the following: 

    1. Hire Guards and select Uniform type.
    2. Hire Maids and servants to do my bidding
    3. Have commanders to attack other cities or come to the aid of allies.
    4. Decorate my castle with several options.
    5. Hire hunters who bring home the food and stock the shelves.
    6. Hire Scouts who report back with news concerning nearby lands.
    7. Quest line where enemies attack my castle. Not just three or four but 25 to 30 with capabilities of overrunning and doing large scale damage to the castle that I will have to pay to repair.
    8. Small quests that I can send my guards out to fix the problem or go with them to defeat invading armies, monsters, whatever……
    9. Since I despise the Thalmore maybe have a small army try to land in skyrim and I can go aid any city they attack.
    10. Guard Schedules
    11. Cook and servants that actually make food, sets the table, clears the table, and cleans up the castle. If I drop a cup on the floor they would place it back in the cabinet.
    12. Be able to name some of the guards that I like and give them titles.
    13. Hire weapon smith who places armor and weapons on the racks that the guards pickup and use.
    14. Capability to hire guards for the number of beds that exists in the castle. 50 would be a grand plan.
    15. Get married have a spouse and if someone is rude to her then off with their head.
    16. Have children two is enough. Watch them grow and age, take them with me when they get older to fight battles. Be able to create special armor for them.
    17. Capability to create or choose a family crest
    18 Build respect and or fear in Skyrim and be known as a powerful hold or territory.
    I have so many ideas it’s scary. This would create 1000 hours of playtime and would keep me around. I would for once like to see someone build a DLC that is geared towards managing a castle. Build quests around the management of the castle. I have over 1000 hours of playing Skyrim. I have played every race and would like to continue but getting bored. I am loading mods but they are sometimes just a pain in the arse. I found a few good ones dont get me wrong I love mods. I do also appreciate the time and effort put into the creation of a good mod.

    Well thats my two cents for what its worth.

    Diddly Squat

  • Kris Frank

    i would like a map pack that can bring you back to savengard and alduins portal to savengard because you can get the last dragon priest mask and kill alot of dragon and rank up easy

  • Kris Frank

    yea i would also like a multiplayer to share, kill ,and conquer stuff with friends!!

    • Insertyournamehere

      Skyrim will never be multiplayer. It’s a single player game. If you want multiplayer then you want a different game.

    • Brucie Jamieson

      If you want a multiplayer rpg like skyrim, try dark souls

  • Jackbewitch

    In addition to dealing with the thalmor and more territory to explore, I would like to see a fully functional player character or the ability of the dragonborn to be able to transform into a fighting a dragon and back again. Werewolves are OK, albeit not for me, but a dragon to turn into a fly easily and use your shouts that would be something to have fun with.

  • Rowan

    1 – Bring back player-character function that makes him/her looks at other npcs around them (and show emotion) instead of the empty-looking shell the player-char looks like by staring in a blank direction.

    2 – Make npcs call us by title, not just dragonborn, but also archmage, companion master etc (not normal having a college teacher call the archmage “stupid”)

    3 – Dragonborn not respected/known enough. No monument of him/her. Maybe give him/her a bit more popularity? Recognition?

    4 – Available for marriage Khajiits and Wood Elves

    5 – Join or destroy Thalmor

    6 – Stop war for good?

    7 – Explore other places, at least Cyrodiil or Morrowind

    • Criptvampiress

      Yeah that’s another good thing they took away from oblivion, the way your character actually acknowledged another character and had facial expressions to match the situation. I think you should also be able to kind of give your character personality (cocky, humble, ect) that way it sort of changes the way they interact and express emotion.

  • treuxpaladyn

    Jarl or High King is to small scale, as a Dragonborn Emperorship is our birth right. also wouldnt mind de-nerfing spells to oblivion standards.

  • highkingofskyrim

    i would love to build my own seperate force…. dont get me wrong stormcloaks and legion are bad ass but it would be great if you could break away from them… purhaps build an army. and also we should get to choose rather if we want to lead skyrim or our holds with fear and control like a dictatorship or give our people freedom like a constatutional monarchy….. also it would be cool if we could start with helgen

  • Graham Perry

    I want I want I want Hammerfell to be created.  They say it was fighting the Thalmor actively quite recently (I dunno if they still are, but if not, it wasn’t long before the game that they stopped…) and as a state independent of any large-scale nation, and heavily feudal (according to lore), there could be a great deal of fun there.  

    The other possibility is to go on a boat to the north to Atmora (where Ysgramor originally came from[north, even for Skyrim]).  They say that he came from a land in the north, and colonized Skyrim, then was driven out by the elves-at which point he returned to the north, got the five hundred companions, and permanently took Skyrim.  Why can’t we go back and have a whole new continent, apparently not seen by the denizens of Tamriel in thousands of years?  You could do it on the scale of the Shivering Isles-a whole new region that you (Bethesda) have total 100% liberty over, and has hardly even been touched by ingame lore.  

    • graham perry

      Also: a means to get more perks at the end, presumably until you have all of them-whether this is accomplished via money, dragon souls, something else, or a combination, I care not.  

      Also also: I agree with everybody who wants a reward for being such a big help in winning the civil war for their side, preferably in the form of land, complete with castle, garrison, servants, the whole nine yards.  Or some other way to get this; this just seems the most logical to me.  

      Alternatively, they could do something naval.  That would be pretty sick.  They could incorporate that as a part of Atmora, were they to take my above idea (seeing as Atmora is a separate continent).  

    • graham perry

      One more thing: make werewolf transformations time-dependent.  I mean, seriously?  You can choose?  Whoever heard of a werewolf who didn’t HAVE to change once a lunar cycle?  And if once a month seems crazy, remember, they can change how often the full moon is-once a week?  Once every three days (that’s one fast f***ing moon)?  Who knows?

  • Jimbob

    why not add some snow elves like there is only one left and you have  to do a quest and you unlock it when you beat it and maybe if you can chang your race when you want to

  • Kmosborne77

    I want the ability to either earn or purchase more perk points. Not being able to max out skills is nonsense.

  • archer01

    I´d like to build my own house (or maybe a castle?) and hire merchants, servants and mercenaries to guard it. Or conquer a tower or a cave and rebuild it.

  • Winring

    I like the idea of a war agenst the falmer or the idea of having a castle or other home like battle horn castle in oblivion or (my favorite idea) another region you can go to such as shivering isles

  • Badjoker1

    I think you should try and make another guild or a whole new storyline for some guilds, the ones I enjoy the most was the theives guild storyline and the dark brotherhood not like the others were bad they were still amazing. You could make like rival guilds towards other guild e.g a different thieves guild to be a rival of the thieves guild .

  • Billy-bob08

    CO-OP muiltiplayer that would be so sick you could do the whole storyline with a friend

  • Lloydmcgrath67

    in my opinion i think that they should add some more destruction spells, a good organized container system and some new INTERESTING quests. For example, in oblivion when you joined the dark brotherhood you were told to kill someone using things in their house such as a chandileer and only doing it at a certain time. In skyrim its almost like you kill the person just to get it over with, theres just no creativity to it. If it were possible id love for them to extend some guilds to another province such as hammerfell or go back to cyrodill and do some things for another branch of the guild there. It just seems as though the all the guilds in skyrim (except theives guild) were so dry and short with slim to no excitment.

  • Frub

    I imagine very well a picture of Dragonborn in a rainforest with ants visible on the trees, rustling bushes and some new species(humanoids and animals). In skyrim, i believe the fatal flaw was the repetition. After about the 10 millionth bandit lay at my feet dead, I was getting really bored of the game. So how about some new races(more beasts to fight would be awesome), and as i mentioned before little tiny things like ants.

    Skyrim is meant to be of dragons. Oblivion was of daedra and they fitted in the oblivion realm really well. So how about like clearing mountains instead of just dungeons and fight or even enlist the help of the dragon at the end. Possibly an entire realm for dragons or something.


  • Goben20

    I’d honestly want to see another deadra relam. Like sheo’s but someone new like noc’s, or Mehrune’s place. Like noc would have some amazing stealth quest, and Mehrunes would bring back the Arena as you fight for his amusment. Clavicus vile the Deadra of granting power and wishes, there’s some potential with that in itself. Maybe even have a war between two Deadras and your character has to chose a side.

  • Criptvampiress

    I’d personally like to see more done with the khajiit race. I felt that they were put on the back burner in skyrim. I think they should have the eye of fear like they did in oblivion. And I think they should have all of the sub-races of Khajiit available. I think the Khajiit are the most intriguing race and would like to see more. Also more hairstyles wouldn’t hurt. I have the 360 version so I am unable to have mods that all of the pc players are able to have. Also you don’t see little elf, Khajiit, orc, or argonian children running around. Why is that? I also think the dragonborn should have a family (spouse and kids) that would give the game more structure. I mean you have a spouse in the tame (in title) although that wouldn’t be the main focus. If that doesn’t get added though, no big deal. Anyways I really think they should focus on the other races as well as the nords. I really want to see the Khajiit expanded upon though that’s what I really want to see for Skyrim DLC. Also I think there should be a way for other races to be allowed in cities. Also I think Khajiit and Bosmer along with more Altmer NPC’s should be available for marriage. I mean think about it, a Khajiit marrying a human is kinda wrong lol. Just saying. Anyways enough of my rambling :)

  • Criptvampiress

    Also the character should have more personality (cocky, humble, shy, ect) it would make the character come to life. Like it should be an option at the beginning of the game. That way it gives you more ineraction options as well. And the character should acknowledge another’s presence and have facial expressions to match personality type and the situation at hand. And Khajiit and Argonians should have heightened senses being that they are beast races. Khajiit should not only have night vision, but also heightened eyesight, hearing, and sense of smell. And like werewolves they should sprint on all fours. And have more of catlike qualities. And you should be able to interact with the people more then what you do. More dialogue options to match; sex, race, personality, ect. Instead of the basic general rambling. And maybe call you by your name? It would make it more personal and lifelike. Maybe more exotic clothing? And hairstyles? Just a thought. :)

  • Criptvampiress

    One more thing, I think the Khajiit should be more primal. (growl during combat) they need to have things to separate themselves from humans and mer alike. And maybe move their tails more. Like twitching it when agitated much like an actual feline. In general there just needs to be more race oriented traits. Rather then the generic that’s seen in the game now. I think more detail in every race would be an aprovement. It would give the characters more of a foundation to build upon and expand as you play. It would make the dragonborn stand out more and be more unique. As for traits and personality it would make for unique and interesting gameplay because they would determine how your character would react to certain situations; (facial expressions, body language, diolauge options, ect)

  • Memdrums

    I want more Hammerfell DLC like cool arabic weapons and armous and also different mounts. like everyone wants to ride a dragon but it might be cool having the ability to train sabre cats or bears up for a ride. as well as that I reckon some more vicious and much larger sea creatures would be cool. bottom dwelling serpent/octoupus like creatures would be sick. being able to (when being sold a house by a jarl) choose either to have like an inner city house, an outer city house or a country side. pets like dogs or rabbits. a slave trade system likei n morrowind complete with a quest maybe in the grey quarter or something. saddle bags, some kind of hardcore mode like in fallout new vegas. falmor and chitin armour and weapons and dragon wepons. to be able to use embalming tools would be cool. a bigger more expancive penal system (so that being a prisoner can be a life choice and you can spend hours honing skills and fighting and getting stronger before your release.)

  • darkmane777

    a quest line where you discover a secret surviving dwarven society becoming high king or jarl and overthrowing ulfric or the jarl of solitude from the position trying to be at peace or completely destroying the thalmor influence with the help of the dragon ,armor for your mounts, pets for the house would be nice, more big quests for the dark brotherhood and the thieves guild being able to be a chief of an orc stronghold if the character is an orc and griffions to the world would be awesome as mounts and as enemies also chimeras a questline after discovering the dwarves to helping them take back their cities for the falmer and purging the falmer infestation being able to come to an alliance with the dwarves 

  • Jeffman090

    i think turning into a dragon would be awesome. as for rumors dont know if anyone has wandered mountains and found the gate that leads to another side we cant jump over of go through, looks to be where expansion could be. look at tamriel and skyrim and all the surropunding areas in the game as it has progressed and you can see what my possibly come up

  • Faroutmat

    How about a DLC where Arngeir gets a vision from “The Eight” about a secret passage hidden beneath the tower in the outer courtyard at High Hrothgar that leads the base of those who first stood against Alduin and his Dragon Cult. Inside is a series of tests and trials testing the Dragon-Born’s Shouts and cunning in a test to unlock the lost secrets of the Dragon-Born. Ranging from new Shouts to becoming a Champion of the Gods and receiving a “new” Amulet of Kings”.
    After you retrieve the Amulet you can take a journey to the Imperial City to relight the Dragon-Fires and visit the petrified Martin Septim within the Avatar of Akatosh, where upon kneeling inside the Temple of the One, the Avatar of Akatosh comes to life and releases Martin from within it’s body. Even after two hundred years, Martin was kept alive by the blood of Akatosh and grants the Dragon-Born the ability to transform into the Avatar of Akatosh, where Martin then goes to his final resting place among the stars, or stays to become Emperor and reunite the scattered people of the Empire to drive the Aldmeri Dominion out of the Empire and restore Talo to his rightful place among “The Nine Divine”.

    • Knight of the Nine.

      i really like your idea of dlc. tht would be kick ass dude. Talos should be back. its called the nine divine for a reason.

  • Milla

    I only have one thing to say: MORE GEAR!!!
    Got bored when I made daedric armor at level 30 or below, to find out that it was the best gear in game… Gearing up with new cool weapons and armor as you level, is whats fun…

  • Abraham

    A full fledged Dragons vs Tamriel inhabitants war. I felt the dragons to have been of little significance except for three of them, namely, Odahviing, Parthunaax and Alduin. A full on dragon war would be interesting. The dragons have returned and seek to rule the world once more, Alduin’s death merely delayed their cause, now, led by Odahviing, the Dragons fly to conquer, ressurecting their fallen. The entirety of Tamriel rests on the hands of the only ones who could slay them permanently, the long forgotten Dragonborn, and their mighty Thu’um. The battle will not be easy and the path will not be clear.

  • cheetah

    I think that you should be able to do more things with your wife.  Like you could remarry for the xbox.  You should also be able to work like a partial job.  You have a set of days already, so why dont you make a job out of it.  You should also be able to actually have hunger instead of food just healing you.  There should be two dragons that you should be able to ride too. Parthonox and Odahviing.  The one thing that I’ve really wanted though is more to do with your wife.  I kid would be nice as well.  Just kind of make things more real life kindof like everyone else said.  Good game though Bethesda!!!!

  • Topherpenny

    I think there should be the option of creating an outfit so that you don’t have to select each individual item every time

    We should be able to have the option of fast traveling inside or outside certain buildings like dragons reach or the ragged flaggon

    Magic from on top of the horse?

    Quick load/ save be available for those without kinnect

    • Topherpenny

      Also be able to dump an entire category of items into a container (mainly for emptying ingredients)

  • Welshie

    I reckon armour should be a lot more gender/race specific and if you find a set of armour that isn’t compatible, you could go to a forge and either pay the blacksmith to alter it to your race/gender or do it yourself if you have the required smithing skill. It’d add a lot more immersion/realism and it would also allow the beast races with tails to start wearing decent armour without looking completely retarded and having their tails no-clip through steel or dwarven metal… >_>

  • Tex David Brush

    they should put the arena as a dlc. make it where you get cptured and forced to be a slave and have to fight for your freedom.
    Have the dwarfs come back. but with a hole new hidden city they summon you to there forbidden city to help them fight back .
    spears and i think we should be able to play music as a bard. also turn into a dragon after all in oblivion the other dragon born did.
    And have leggings i wish skyrim had leggings for your armor i love to mix and match sometimes i like to run around with a shirt off. but cant cause there are no leggings.
    Please comment.