MW3 prestige emblems – a full list

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In Modern Warfare 3 once you max out rank 80 in multiplayer you can enter Prestige Mode, this time round you can prestige up to 10 times, each time you do you will receive a Prestige Token and a new emblem next to your name – today we will show you all of the emblems.

Further down this post we have embedded an image which shows you all of the Prestige Emblems, lots of the emblems look quite similar to the 10 which we saw in Modern Warfare 2, however this time round they look a bit more colorful.

Whether you choose to prestige is completely up to you, however Prestige Tokens can be spent on pretty interesting stuff, also you get additional create-a-class slots, unlock new challenges and reset your rank to rank 1 – so you can enjoy the entire process over and over again.

In previous CoD games prestiging has paved the way to unlocking certain titles, callsigns and Gold Camouflage for your guns, In MW3 you can apply Gold Camouflage to any primary weapon once you reach level 31 weapon proficiency.

It will be interesting to see how many times gamers have prestiged so far, the game still hasn’t been out long, but we are sure that many of you have surpassed 20 hours+ of multiplayer gameplay already – if you are a MW3 addict feel free to leave us a comment at the bottom of this boast telling us which Prestige you have reached and how long it took you to get there.

We just spotted another neat MW3 feature, it’s quite basic but basically shows which prestige you reached in previous CoD games by display previous emblems from previous games. It is hard to explain, so just check out the link and you should see what we mean.

Do you like the game’s emblems? @TylerIn2D doesn’t!

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  • Mark Martinez

    Prestige 1 0d 12h 52m

  • rR3CON

    17hrs 40 min. 

    • Nerdkiller


  • AToMic WaFFle x

    1000 prestige 1s

  • Nathanblackburne


    • nerds

      bs. or you need a life

  • aaron parmenter

    just checked leaderboards, already a 5th prestige 59 3d 04h 28m


     17 hrs played – Prestige 1: Level 11

    • Killway1

      no… i saw a level 10 prestige level 28

  • ak47

    got the game early so prestige 10, 5 days and 10hrs kill to death 3.12

    • Kale Rowan

      liar highest prestige so far is only 5th

      • ak47

        Look at my name bruv, they dont call me AK for nothing!!! Join my game you rodent

    • josh

      why arent u on the leaderboadrs then ?

    • Oilers_6

      how did you get it early its up too a 10000$ fine if they find your on it infinity ward will  fine you

      • OogieBoogie

        Even if he “got the game early” he hasn’t played multiplayer for that long. Multiplayer servers weren’t even up until the day of launch. 

  • Ashton Morris63

    1st prestige lvl 1  12h 54m 36s

  • Anzalduagustavo

    prestige 11 lvl 70 48 days 

    • guest

      48 days??? 

    • OogieBoogie

      There is no prestige 11 good one lol

    • OogieBoogie

      There is no prestige 11 good one lol

  • hakerrrrr

    10th pres lvl 80 1second (hacked)

    • Stealth Ninja

      i wanna get into a challenge lobby bro

    • Ryan Connelly

      I’m a level 32( Legit) have Gold M4/ M-16

      It’s the only weapon I have used so far

  • Jeremy Lester

    I want a damn list of emblems/titles and how to get them.

  • Heavenly Skies

    I’m never prestiging….the emblems look horrible and you lose everything basic that was standard on the weapons with MW2..not worth it AT ALL.

  • Whitj23

    half of yall r hackers anyway so stop the boastin, okay… by: Real Players who dont hack or boost

  • Pmplaya

    Eh, what game type should I play for score? I’m already 69 first prestige, but I just get ass loads of kills for my scores. Rank 402 in kills.

  • Boobies

    im already 10th with 7 gold guns and all but 2 titles and 1 emblum left to earn and it took me about 17 hours of game time

    • rofl


    • Nathan Gaines

      then you sir have negative amounts of life, to say you have no life would not do it justice, On a sidenote, your chair must have an indentation of your arse, that is kinda funny

    • Rozzer

      You must be cheating , whats the point, im level 50 and level 30 scar almost at gold gun 
      your anly cheating yourself

    • Willie Smudga

      Nice name- boobies

  • Rick

    why hack it? do it legit u sad actss

  • Jacob Linsley123

    Only level 57 well mainly because i uhh have a life outside of cod..

  • Joirytoro

    Anything not on the leaderboards are hackers Mw3 prepared for u hack fucks with no lifes. Besides why would wanna hack..?? how bout skill?? lol thats right im a beast co-producer of Mw3 not the best player in the world but atleats on the top two… yeehh!


  • ← ˙ʎʎʎɐɾ ɯɐ ı

    I will not be prestiging as 1) all them emblems look the SAME! 2) Red is my fav colour and level 1 is already red so am good. @theMEEKwillRULE:twitter 

  • Kieranbhoy96

    im level 35 :D

  • Chance Angle

    2nd prestige level 66

  • Eatadickanddieslow

    I am already a 10th prestige :D

    • uJELLY


    • Bleakprotcol

      Sure you are, Are you also the president of America?

  • Erick @ FitHope

    Who really cares? just play for fun. 

  • Didzdragon4

    someone got a nuke on bakaara earlier by hacking look at my clip on the vault online xbox 360 my gamertag is didzdragon

    • Baseball4346

      dumbass thats a MOAB. 25 kill streak. kills everyone on the map

  • Gvhj

    2h 4m

  • Uiawkdgbawkd

    Hey im only lvl 47, Its true don’t hack its only just come out! do it LEGIT , I hazz UMP45 Gold =) GT= eKo RemiiX :)

  • Trolling You

    2nd Prestige rank 21

  • Imp1337

    1prestige lvl 52
    1d 6h

  • Theshanimal16

    havent gotten it yet……. toys r us is not the store to preorder form :(

  • the best

    1 prestige level 33 1.88 kd 2.33 win/loss and 1day and 5 minutes played

  • guest

    Lvl 56 here! I guess I actually have a life.

  • guest

    lvl 12 1 prestige 2.30 kd and a 4.62 win ratio with 20hours played

  • Joeoh

    6th 43 legit i dont hack it took me 3 days

  • Alam Pop

    ya suck ma yangose

  • Alam Pop

    ya suck ma yangose

  • Alam Pop

    i hack am 10th prestieg all ready no mods 4.09 ratio

    • your worst friend

      i call  that boosting

  • themw3player

    im 9th prestige lvl 57 legit

    • themw3player

      8d 6h 41m

      • THelethalpancake

        game out for 7 full days, therefor impossible

        • Junkmail

          ^^^Calm your tits, and not if you preorder….douchebag.

    • Larry Livingston

      your bad

    • your worst friend


    • DudePackTheBowl

      ya dude i dont believe that you are 9th prestige 57 legit at all what game mode do you play then that ranks you so fast? cause unless you are getting 15 kills a game play SND and even then i dont know if i would believe you… your a hacker man just admit it. and whats your kd also if you can rank that fast?

      • Nicolasnmonico

        lobby hack

  • Skaterstanley187

    lv 4 1st perstige 12 hours of game play

  • Sean Cooke

    Lvl 40 0 prestige because im not a saddo

  • Stu

    level 64 with about 12hrs game play. I thought i was doing pretty well. I guess not. lol. Loving the P90 with kick an rapid fire in gold. Happy gaming people

  • Brettmorris10

    I’m lvl 80 with 1d and 2hs time. I’m still thinking about prestiging :/ i
    I have a gold scar, gold p90 and gold acr. I’m workin on the msr
    GT- iSeduceGrandmas

  • Blaine Holland

    what do you guys think looks better

  • RandomGamer

    what do you guys think looks coolest

  • Dan

    prestige 2 lv 75, should hit prestige 3 today, 60 hrs racked up already :) great game.

    • ………..

      get a life loser

    • the man on many words

      60hrs??? thats too much

  • Jabira1212

    im pres 1 level 62 took me 2days 12hours

    • your worst friend


  • z0rx.

    I’m installing the game now. kd 1.34. Pretty good 

  • hi

    i just wanna say… pics… or it didnt happen

  • Brandon Hart

    im 2nd lvl 45 2days 6 hours 7 mins AOD x TACOBELL

  • Nicolasnmonico

    i’m prestige 6 4 a hacked LOBBY :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

    • Someone

      your dumb

    • Zentjew

      6th lvl 76 3d 20hrs 3min k/d 4.85

  • Hazed Liqz

    lvl 80 1 d 0hrs 28min k/d 1.10 

  • Hazed Liqz

    lvl 80 0p 1d 1hr 28m 1.10 k/d

  • Kryptonet

    1st prestige level 63 1 day 1 hour played. Only took me 15 hours to prestige first time XD.. Ive played 10 hours on 1st prestige already and hope to prestige in 15 hours so hopefully thursday?

  • your worst friend

    0 prestige lvl 69  18hrs gameplay  1.08 kdr.  0.51 win ratio!!!! ;)  DrSavitski ftw


    1st prestige level 68 (VOPS) lieutenant North America clan going for 10th 80 asap

  • Aaron_292

    1st p lvl 56 playing time 1d 7h

  • Aaron_292

    I have a job and a social life and im still 1st prestiege lvl 56 but if you had the game since tuesday 12am and have played atleast over 2 days already then you have no life.

    • Thorsten

      Damn.. I have no life :D

  • Caden_890

    lvl 59 5hrs gameplay

  • TRD_Rapid

    play a game and had a player already Level 10 rank 80. Hmm!

  • Nicolasnmonico

    Playing Mw3 Prestige 8 Level 80 lobby hack Now 2.79 KD Time:3d 17h

    • DudePackTheBowl

      how do you get into a hacked lobby?

  • Brandon

    MW3 | lvl : 8 | Prestige 1
    24h played

  • austin reno

    3rd prestige 1d 2h played this game is to easy

  • Austin56reno

    2.45 k/d ratio

  • DudePackTheBowl

    im 1p lvl 75 1d 11h gameplay ps3 with a 2.02kd

  • DudePackTheBowl

    i should get to second prestige today=) i think the 3rd and 4th prestige emblems look really cool.

    • Jcraff3

      the ones on this page r wrong dude

      • Johnny Walker

        No, they are not.

  • Jcraff3

    the prestige symbols r in the INCORRECT ORDER! they r WRONG! so dumb

  • DudePackTheBowl

    The first three are right i know that for a fact but i dont know about the rest. i hope the 4th one is correct aswell… i think the 4th one is really cool. i finally tried the mountain dew double xp for the first time yesturday and it does work. psn was down yesturday so im only p1 lvl 77 but i will sure go to second prestige today=) happy friday and have a good cod weekend boys=)

  • Top_Notch_Gamer_

    3 prestige 2 day 2 hoours

  • Babyblane10

    I love the bragging of mw3 stats.. Check out my real life stat:
    Beautiful girlfriend, a job, friends, family that I see, nice home,
    7inch slong (soft), and a future. But dang I wish I could have
    the kinda stats you guys have….

    • Wide ON

      I have everything you do and a 9 inch Dong(SOFT)…….prestige level 3,, 1 day 12 hours……………Some of us can achieve more than one thing at once

      • Babyblane10

        If w.e you type feels real to you then type away my friend lmao..

    • ak47

      just means you dont or cant play games thats it really

      • Babyblane10

        Lol I can it’s just that I don’t brag about my playing time to 1UP people
        but I guess I forget that to some people it’s more then just a game..

      • MW3 get a life

        your retarted

    • Daymion Belcher

      Its small

  • Crabbygoz

    3.12 kd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Crabbygoz

    3.12 kd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Robert Elliott

    3rd prestige with 1day 23 hours !

  • James elliot


    • Bob

      yea thats rather impossible, where did u get the hack???

    • Atomic Wedgy

      No offense brother but unless you have a hack that is impossible. My youngest son (Without anyhacks)averages 25 kills a game and in 30 minutes he had gone from 1st to 4th level. I hope if you are serious that you don’t get got hacking, I have heard two of my sons friends were booted as they got caught.

    • Fred35790


      • Dustin Fairchild

        Whos a no life YOU ARE!!!!

    • Dustin Fairchild

      Whos a no life YOU ARE!!!!

  • Ctm1995

    1st Prestige level 23 1 day 2 hours game play :D ninja defuses FTW!!

  • ak47

    i saw chuck norris online he was 10th prestige level 78, killed 56 people in 3 games and didnt die once amazing bulletproof!! lol!!!

  • gnar

    ive seens tons of players 10th prestige already…they all hack

  • Devilbreaker69

    prestige 10 looks really gay liked it better in mw2

  • Monkey

    cool prestiges

  • BlaaaaaaaaXbcdhcfhvxd

    2 prestige 12 w/ 1d 14h specialist and challenges

    • xFoTheFaME

      Woops my name is xFoTheFaME

    • Wyatt_the_master07

      prestige 1 level 53 3 days 16 hours played or something like that but i only prestiged yesterday and only have about 5 hours played in my prestige so far…i level every game for some reason i use specialist and get average 10 15 thousand xp not including challenges

  • Criticalshot

    I im 1 prestige and thas take me 21 hours

  • Criticalshot

    Now pres 1 lv 74 1d 14 and a girlfriend a job and a life. Kdr 1.75 wl 2.34

  • Atomic Wedgy

    I like the idea of Prestige, it gives people more goals and challenges to strive for. That being said, being a married father of four, grandfather of one soon to be two grandons and working full time. I simply don’t think that for me the benefits of going Prestige are worth the extra effort. Because I only get to play maybe five hours a week it just takes to long to level up, Plus how many weapons classes does one need? I have the standard five, one for CQB, One for small to medium fields, one for larger fields, one LMG and one Sniper kit. To those of you going Prestige (To include my  youngest son 16) GOOD LUCK but most of all have fun.

  • Killjoy333

    Prestige 1 lvl 55, it took me 19 hours to get this high. KDR 1.55 WL 1.24

    • Penisxbox

      bullshit im 1st prestige lvl 76, 1d 19h with 1.62 k/d so your stuff is bullshit

      • Wyatt00000

        how is it i know i am only level 53 prestige 1 with  3 day 16 hours played or something but it only took me around 12 to 15 hours to reach level 80…and with all the prestige challenges and specialist killstreak/pointsreak load out im level 53 with only 5 hour played in my prestige haha so 19 hours is possible but you have to use different guns i would guess and earn alot of challenges and get alot of kills every game probably… And  I would be prestige 4th prestige  by now if i had prestiged easily

  • Atibbs1lude

    critalshot u have no girlfriend or life and ur a joke, to be honest i have a job and no girlfriend and i got the game on lauch and i only got to lvl 70. you ppl need to learn to put the controller down and find something usefull to do with your life.

    • h4xx0rzx

      Yeah, except you lack intelligence. Go back to school, and maybe a female will be willing enough to date your late-buffered dumb ass..

  • Appels

    there are 15 prestiges

    • Callum

      no theres only ten

    • Barack Obama

      no only 10

  • Lil Wayne8656

    your gay if ur already 5th prestige

  • Bryanruth

    level 22 prestige 1 : 22 hrs

  • Paulo Johansson

    Lvl 70 1st prestige playd for 1d 18h 52m: Gamer tag afrodiziakz.

  • Dmartin3897

    3 days 21 hours-4th prestige lvl 71, im a whole day ahead of my prestige

  • Jake

    2nd prestige- 1day 9 hours

  • Mw3addict

    Lvl 56, 0 prestige

  • Viper_man

    prestige 2     (21hours)

  • DGH


  • HardcoreMW3player

    Lvl 32, 8 hours, I know (addicted)

    • Nathan Dykeman

      Oh really i level up 50 times in my first 3 1/2 hours


      gay nothing

      • beastie

        jk i know its addicting

  • ImShitAtCOD

    prestige 3 lvl 78 – 3 days nearly 4

  • Nicolasnmonico

    Prestige 10 lv 80 2.75 k/d ratio 127 hrs

    • R4Mb0

      Hacker. There’s no possible way of doing that in 127 hours (5 days) without hacking. If you need to cheat at video then you have a problem.

    • Haassie

      no life

    • John1998


  • Dave_beast

    3rd Prestige rank 10, 72 hours gameplay

  • Lmmffob

    4th prestige, level 59 (4 days, ? hours)

  • VassupIt’sBruno

    level 1. 30 seconds. 

  • Victoryy21221

    6th prestige lvl 45 4days and 2hours. play gb? check out gb: splitkiller

  • Billy

    5th lv 56 4d 10h

  • IVIagic_Trick

    how are you guys already 5-10 prestige already? im only first level 50 and i got the game the first day

    • Tinman4321

      double XP codes from Mountain Dew and Doritos

  • Michael

    7th lv 26 4d 5h

  • Jaxro

    4th lvl 57 1d 15h

  • Chaotic9669

    6th lvl70 3day 10h

  • beastie

    10th lvl 80Max 1.1 sec………….. JK. 1st lvl 80 2 days 13mins.

  • Bossc22

    2 days 6 hrs 4th pfrestige lvl 55

  • Bossc22

    actually third prestige my mistake

  • Jcbbandit26

    1st lvl 34

  • Allreadyisnotinuse

    Wow !! i wish i had the time to grind out 1-80 like you guys did , got to give yuo props there!! But im not addicted and only play fopr fun so lol once i get to 80 ill just chill there , i hate to lvl!

  • NoName

    10th prestige 3 days game time

    • Corcere

      Another lie/jtag/booster

  • noName

    w8 to be exact 10th prestige lvl 80, 3d 2h 27m game time, 5.25 K/D howed they got the .25 idk but anyway, 71% accuracy, alot of headshots lol to big a number, longest killstreak 51, proficent weapon every1 of em lol, but ok im done listing off my stats if ya wan to know any stat specificly just ask

    • Corcere

      Yeah, nice boost account/lie/jtag

    • Tony May

      you noob… my grandma prestiged quicker…

    • mw3 man

      gotten a M.O.A.B yet?

  • James

    how many kills have u got


    not hard to get to 10th prestige with boosting cause people suck and cant play to save there lives so gotta boost to make them look like they are good

  • illegalmarksman

    im 5th with no boosting and i only have 3d 14h 58m

    • Tony May

      you forgot …no boosting and no girlfriend and no job…

  • Adamln1

    all of u have no life and no girlfriend…. im 1st in 10 hrs but i got the game 2nd day. i havea life

    • adamln1 sucks

      some people can play games all the time AND work in girlfriends. we call ourselves pimps. so stfu and go on a walk.

    • f*ck haters

      wait 1 min u r saying people need to get a life when they obviously have 1 to be posting on this

  • Yoshi11 Bosman

    6th lv 68

  • jevante

    any of yall gotten a M.O.A.B yet?

    • f*ck haters

      ye ive got 6 M.O.A.B.S

    • Lolcat

      Yeah haha I’ve actually gotten 2 in one game ad 1 straight after, I would give you some proof to see but when in my vault i get out of memory seven..

  • gerardo mancera

    im level 30 prestige 3 2 days flat

    • cod elite

      on infected

  • Snowboarder608

    im only lvl 48 first prestige but i already have over 18,000 kills. 17,000 of them in ffa alone. NFSMW76 check leaderboards (im on ps3)

  • iQuicksCOpEzZZZzz

    no prestige level 76 4days 3hours

    • TT

      what are you doing then?

  • Jway069

    heres the deal, i seen ppl that were 3rd prestige after three weeks. whats wrong with that picture im level 72 no prestige and i consider myself on this game too much. my stats………. beautiful fiance a awsome job that i love doing. a house and tons of real friends not xbox friends lol. for the people that are constantly on this game or any game……………….. GET A LIFE! what is being a high level going to get you in life?????  NOT A GIRL, FRIENDS, FAMILY, OR A HOUSE and definatley not a life. so go out and do something productive

    • plaph

      why the hell are you looking at pictures of prestiges emblems on the internet then?  

    • YoureAnIdiot^

      You’re the one with an account on this site…looking for prestige emblems…

    • Jway069_is_an_idiot

      so u made an account to tell ppl that? u really need a life then.. lollll K.O

    • f*ck haters

      wow m8 your telling people to get a life and they obviously have 1 to be playing a game dumb ass
      think before you speak m8

  • Armedrevolver

    lv 62 2 days :D no prestige

  • Vx SiNiSTeR xV

    Haha wow. You can totally tell who boosts and who doesn’t. FACT: it does take about a day playing time (more or less) to prestige. So being 4th prestige 2d playing time. Fake. If you suck that bad, that you have to boost and lie about it. Then I’m sorry, I’d advise you trade the game in for a life. I play this game for fun or whenever i get the chance to, not to be fakely ranked for boasting rights that will leave you fat in a chair for the rest of your life. I’ve had this game since the day it came out and my legit stats are: 1st prestige lvl 64 1d 11h 29m  2.25 k/d

    • Jonathanmoreno20

      It’s call double xp tokens bro and plus they could of have elite cause I’m 4th prestigelv 72

    • Lolcat

      Not really, I’m 4th level 1 with 2 days 5 hours, just depends on game modes and how well you play, capping etc etc

  • Kevin

    Level 80 prestige one 2d 11h 33min. And passed it a but probably finishing the highest challenges to get emblems and titles!!!))

  • Azjorden

    i reached prestige 4

  • Azjorden

    i reached prestige 4

  • LiL PlayBoy1998

    10th level 80 six days


    3rd level 31 around 40-45 hours. only used double xp once.  and i never use the type 95

  • NoName

    nope its legit its on ps3 so no jtag and there no cages matches 1v1 so how the hell you suposed to boost honasty cmon now

  • Shakey4444

    Being an average person thats busy doing productive things like being with my gf, i am only 1st 40 with a 1day 3 hour game time 

    • Ump45

      man…. just stfu.

  • Petterrs96

    it took me about 14 hours of gameplay for every prestige, I’m now 3rd prestige lvl 66

  • mitchparry12

    i have 1 day and 11 hours and im 1st presteige lvl 37

  • Swift

    I can prestige in 12 hours straight gameplay. but i rarely do play straight

  • Proudfoot Christopoher

    10th lvl 79. 7d 17hr

  • L1Z4RB

    prestig 3 lv 48 2D 22 horas 

  • Mnorman

    4th lvl71 4d 1h.. KDR 2.35 WINS 1.72. Dont play to gain lvl and score as fast as possible (Dont swap weapons ore try to unlock challenges). I trying to get as high win ratio as possible (most playing deathmatch, demolition ore kill confirmed).

  • Jaymohr96

    you all need to get a life….

  • NoName

    Sill the best :P

  • LOLOLOLOL ur a noob

    10th lvl 80 
    8 Days 5 Hours

    • OBeY

      What will you do now lls!

    • Serialkiller

      Buy a life!

  • OBeY

    4th PRESTIGE -LVL 54 with 4 Days game play I think. K/D 1.56. If you on here 10 prestige in 1 day of game play you are seriously a Loser or full of Lies…smh. On a lihter note, use the Specialist Class, you will get mad points in Kill Confirmed, TDM, and Domination.

  • mw3 rage snipes

    7th PRESTIGE level 39 4 days 3 hours 4 mins


    7th level 61 5d 2h kd 2.58 win loss 19.01

  • i rule at cod!

    level 1 ,4 days game play!

    • cod elite

      your name doesnt resemble your comment

  • Aaron G.


  • im better than u

    6 prestige not even 1 day of playtime yet. k/d is  4.5ish

    • Cod enthusiast

      Garbage brah ill beat ya

  • Willamg

    my penis is crooked!

  • blabla

    my penis is at least prestige lev 6

  • blabla

    my penis is at least prestige lev 6

  • Sam

    my penis is dead at least ur is crooked.. 

  • Johnny

    5th Prestige Lvl 65, 6d 2h; K/D: 1.39

  • Ali

    3rd prestige lvll 7, 1 day 23hr 57 min K/D 2.19

  • Kyle

    2nd 38, Im not a big player, I go out and pick up chicks! Yeah Boii


      Liar that’s why your here posting. People who say this stuff are insecure. I’m picking up chicks at university and getting good grades while playing COd. Save your crap

      • guest


  • Kyle

    2nd 38, Im not a big player, I go out and pick up chicks! Yeah Boii

  • Thomas Shirk

    7th prestige lvl 55 will be 8th tomorrow hopefully or at latest wednesday :D.

  • Davia2

    10th prestige lvl 12…6 days 8 hrs k/d 2.05 win/ loss 3.45
    Strictly hardcore kill confirm ranked 5th in the world

  • doug kelley

    9th prestige 542nd in ffa 165 hours played

  • Allen Lopez

    level 67 (not prestiged) 17 hours

  • Weirpplrtrpllers

    im 10th;)

  • Iligaaltje112

    im 4th prestige lvl 67 

  • TheMan

    6th prestige Lv 69 2d 23h 36m KD = 3,44

  • snoopdog751

    4th prestige level 1

  • snoopdog751

    4th prestige level 1

  • Pietjeneukmetietje

    10th prestige lVl 80 36d 12h 36m KD= 3.60

    • Areyousuregeorge

      more like it

    • Rumana Tasmin Akhter

      36 DAYS??? OHMIGAWD…

  • Tyler Denney

    10th prestige lvl 62… 3 days gameplay

    • Mungol



      COUGH . . . . BULLS**T

  • Crater97

    3rd prestige lvl 23 111hours gameplay

    • Yousuck


      • Indo

        if its true you’re a booster.

  • Rwwiv

    12th prestige 1d 1h 1m 12sec yep im badddddd asssss fufufufufufufufufufuffufufuf get a job

    • bombers#33

      There’s only ten prestiges

      • Pridesblood

        20, once you reach 10th prestige you can continue to prestige and get roman symbols above your prestige. highest prestige is the prestige 10 emblem with an X above it

      • Coll26

        no the isn’t the is 20

  • alex jordan

    prestige 5 level 5 5days 5 hours and 5 min

  • B2kluke

    3rd prestige lev.68 3D 12H 51M

  • Crater97

    4th prestige lvl 17 112 hours gameplay

  • Donny M

    Prestige 10 Level 28… 223 hours played

  • Rumana Tasmin Akhter


  • Rumana Tasmin Akhter

    add me on PSN bouba72

  • Juniorbug2000

    10th prestige 2days 14hours 51minutes

    • Broganbrown

      Not legit

  • Cod enthusiast

    Prestige 6 level 70 1day 2hours 3 minutes

  • anth21

    the majority of these must be boosters

    • Imtaax28

      yeah that seems right..

  • Blackops568

    8th prestige 2 days

  • Sk8dvs08

    10th prestige, 9 gold guns

  • Damien-mostyn

    I’m 8th k.d 1.338, accuracy 22.16, 2 moabs, 8d 21h 38m

  • cod beast

    3rd prestige 5 days level 62

  • im213

    How can you go 10th prestige in 2 days!? What kind of boosting is that?

    • nice and easy

      i am 13th in 7 days

  • D_-killer

    PSN: D_-killer

    8th prestige, k/d 1,83, nearly all titles and emblems, ranked 4500 more or less in FFA, all that in 8 and a bit honest days of gameplay

    • D_-killer

      Almost forgot, 7 MOABs and acurracy of 23,46

  • ML

    2nd prestige lvl 74 5 days played k/d 0.439 1 moab 8559 kills 200 headshots 1000 assists 200-585 

  • Jaynukkem

    6th presitge level 28 killstreak 27 6d 15 hours  k d 1.133 tbh i am on quite alot with my mates but go out in weekends 

  • cod elite

    5th prestige lvl 75 5 days played my kd is 1.??? bout to be 6th prestiged i dont hack or boost.

  • cod elite

    STORY TIME—The worst fail i ever did was when i joined a search n destroy game and i was last alive 1v3 or 4 i dont really remember and every 1 on the other team was try hardind because they were and i was qs well i took out 3 or 2 with the msr  and the last guy was planting the bomb  becuse i was following behind him well i let him plant the bomb so after he planted i tryed qs him but idk what happen because my cross haires was rite on him i it just didnt kill him so any ways he turns around  and blasted me away by the striker with damage how big of a fail is that reply if you think that is a pretty bad fail. P.S sorry about my spelling and writing im horrible about my writing

  • I dont know xD

    Prestige 6 Level 37 & 4 days 6 hrs & k/d 2.463     win/losse 1.46 & Domination ranked 6774 In the World

    • paradostz

      lol nerd.

  • rocker

    10th 12h 0d          ks 51 in domination no hack or boost no moab

  • Imtaax28

    I’m 5th prestige Accuracy: 27.16 KD: 1.0something..

  • Andersonchase5

    0 prestige lvl 78 4.6 hours of gameplay

  • coco laca

    19th prestige K:D 8:6 Accuracy 86.4 124 hours

  • ben rivera

    im 6th prestige lvl 31! 2 days 53 mins played

  • Guestt

    lol im lvl 41! (are maybe 42..)

  • Guestt


  • Ziixv

    oiii yaa im a level 80 20th prestiege u guys are all jelous hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahaha

  • Ziixv

    yooo everyone whoever wants 2 join a qsns clan snd me friend request on xbox my gamertag is DTH SGT