Premier Manager 2012 for PSN, poor man’s Football Manager


By Posted 9 Nov 2011, 18:56

One of the most addictive games ever made is now available on the PlayStation Network. That game is Premier Manager 2012. It’s the latest installment of a series that has spanned more than a decade. Both Urbanscan and Sony will be hoping for a lot of immediate success with it as they have given a special launch price of just £9.99 or €12.99.

The football management simulation was made available on the PSN at 5pm today and would normally cost £13.99 or €17.99 but for this special introductory price. The game will appeal to those that are interested in pick-up-and-play games and allow football fans the ultimate job of being a football manager for any of the top clubs in the world, all from the comfort of their own couch.

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Much like its closest and arguably more successful rival, Football Manager 2012, features a huge player and team database including teams from top footballing nations and includes both cup and league competitions. It also features real-time graphics for contract negotiations, a brand new memory system which allows staff and players to recollect controversial decisions you may have made, a unique leveling up system for characters and an accurate tactical match engine. A trailer of the game can be viewed at CVG.

What’s also very appealing about this football management simulation is it will cost a fraction of what its closest rival does. However, Football Manager 2012 offers a lot more for the money in terms of content, realism and authenticity. It has a far more complex engine and lets players choose from any team from over 50 different nations. It has an easy to use intelligent interface and a brand new tutorial. Premier Manager 2012 will no doubt be entertaining and a great alternative but will only ever be a poor man’s Football Manager in our eyes.

Will you be downloading Premier Manager 2012?