Best gun in MW3 – Your weapons list and perks setup

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Modern Warfare 3 is finally here. We’re guessing that most of you are just spending the first few hours on the game now after picking it up at a midnight launch, but there are also a lot of you who picked up MW3 early.

If you have gone straight into multiplayer, we want to know which guns stand out from the rest at the moment, and your list of best weapons and perks for the game. As stated numerous times before, we do this with every Call of Duty game released (BOps here, MW2 here), so now it is time for fans to list their best weapons, highest kill / death ratios and strategies for Infinity Ward’s third Modern Warfare 3 game.

From our initial feedback on the game so far, it looks like the Type 95 assault rifle is proving to be a popular early choice for MW3 fans. Similar to the FAMAS, it is a three-burst rifle which has the ability to take an opponent out with just one burst. For those few who have even reached level 50 on multiplayer already, you’ll be delighted to hear that the fan-favorite ACR is once again featured in MW3. This was one of the most popular weapons in MW2, and we’re willing to bet that most of you will choose the modified ACR 6.8 rifle in MW3 as your choice for best gun at the moment.

So what about your best perks as well? It may be too early to tell since this requires a good playthrough of the game, but two possible candidates for best perks in MW3 could be the Blast Shield, which provides resistance against Flash and Concussion grenades and also Marksman, which identifies targets at long distance.

If you want to share your input on this, list your best weapons, perks and equipment below using our traditional format. I’ll put an example for you below to get you started. Is Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer the best Call of Duty game to date? We look forward to hearing your expert setups.


Primary – Type 95
Secondary – Five-Seven

Lethal – Claymore
Tactical – Trophy System

Perk 1 – Scavenger
Perk 2 – Blast Shield
Perk 3 – Marksman

Do you have a more successful setup than this? Share yours below!

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  • Sujit Aryal

    noce this games

    • Kwt1214

      I havn’t had a negative game with this set-up so far


      Lethal – FragTactical – FlashbangPerk 1 – BlindEye
      Perk 2 -Quickdraw
      Perk 3 – Stalker

      • MuzzaFuzza

        why suck you?

        • Coop513850

          Cuz mine is the biggest and nicest, thats why

        • MEEPSTER55


  • csreynolds

    For me, the Scar decimates. Currently running it with a silencer, Sleight of Hand, Quick Draw and Marksman. Only rank 18 at the moment, so the class will evolve, but I’ve yet to finish a game of TDM where I’m not one the top 3 players…

    Looking forward to getting the Type 95 though. Loved MW2′s FAMAS.

    • your worst friend

      i hate that gun its so annoying

  • Lamplord

    Personally i love messing around with a riot shield and throwing knife. Im actually glad they reduced how good it is, it forces me to do what it was made for, protect teammates. But beside that, probably the first bolt action sniper, L119 or something like that, with acog with sleight of hand, hardline, and stalker and the p99 silenced. Im rank 19 or 20 i think. Feel free to add me as long as you arent a try hard xD. Lamplord.

  • Weetay1

    so far…

    Primary – UMP45/silenced
    Secondary – SMAW

    Lethal – Frag
    Tactical – Flashbang

    Perk 1 – Slight of Hand
    Perk 2 – Hardline
    Perk 3 – Stalker

    • Weetay1

      i avg 20 kills a gmae with this class!

    • Anonymous

      I see the SMAW is getting some love, just like on BF3 too.

    • Agentzero

      what proficincy cause i’v used that same class from day one with range i go a 70-9 MOAB gameplay on arkaden

  • Mono_923

    G36c with a red dot and kick…..perks scavenger or sleight of hand
    Quickdraw and steady aim or dead silence secondary magnum…with
    Claymore or bouncing betty and concussion….beast

  • M54

    M4A1 + RedDot Sight and Kick Proficiency
    G18 Akimbo
    Sleight of Hand Pro
    Quickdraw Pro
    Stalker Pro


  • chance333333333

    pp90m1+reddot and kick im low rank so yeah if high rank and gun rank 2 perks red dot and extended mags
    fmg9 akimbo
    slight of hand pro hardline pro steady aim pro
    throwing knive emp grenade
    support package
    uav ballistic vests sealth bomber
    epic win

  • David Fresco

    pp90m1 with stability and extended mags (the pp90m1 is my baby, nearly have gold camo after 3 hours)
    .44 magnum with tactical knife (I’m thinking of going with the dessert eagle once I’m leveled up)
    Sleight of hand pro Assassin pro Steady aim pro (I can use sleight of hand with study aim? FTW!)
    juiced (If I’m having a bad day I can just charge the objectives fast)
    frag grenade flash grenade (gonna get portable radar once high enough level)
    uav ims helicopter (the ims generates many lols :D)

  • Matthew savitski

    primary   pp90m1  (lvl 11)    (i have mp5 level 30 but honestly it isnt that great)
    secondary  mp9   (lvl 7)

    equipment   bouncing betty
    tectical     emp gernade

    perk1    sight of hand (pro)
    perk2    quickdraw (pro)
    perk3    stalker (pro)

  • Matthew savitski

    yo guys if you see me playin some mw3 shout out a hey by a message cuz im always in party chat.

  • squareone

    Primary CM901 silenced/red dot delta
    Second mp9 dual or silenced
    Bettys and emp nades
    Slight of hand pro
    Blast shield pro
    steady aim pro
    -exploding care pack,advanced uav, and escourt air drop
    Bye bye enemys


    Primary: Scar-l w/ silencer
    Secondary: MP9 w/ silencer
    Lethal: Bouncing Betty
    Tactical: Flashbang
    Perk 1: Sleight of hand pro
    Perk 2: Assassin pro
    Perk 3: Marksman pro
    -12-Advanced UAV
    -14-Stealth Bomber

  • Jay

    Primary – PP90M1Secondary – FMG9 (Silencer)

    Lethal – FragTactical – Concussion

    Perk 1 – Slight Of Hand ProPerk 2 – Assassin ProPerk 3 – Stalker Pro

    Killstreak (Support)
    12 – Advanced UAV
    14 – Stealth Bomber
    18 – EMP

    4 – Juiced

    - Great class for Domination

  • Nathan Gaines

    most over-rated franchise of games ever, in fact the most over-rated thing in the history of things. CoD has single-handedly killed the FPS and some TPS shooters. GTA and Uncharted are the only ones left, and even Uncharted uses the same health system as CoD and GTA V is rumoured to do the same, CoD has done more damage to gaming than anyone thought possible

    • Rapscallion1980

      Is it over-rated? yes. Is it bad? no. Has it killed the shooter? no, there are still plenty of other shooters that are nothing like COD- halo, uncharted, gears of war, gta, crysis. Your argument is pathetic, the only thing that is hurting video games as a whole is the casual gamer.

    • Ben Frank

      Are you stupid? There are plenty more successful shooter games. Battlefield, Gears of War to name a couple. Sure, not as successful as the Call of Duty franchise, but still successful. Also, Call of duty as been around longer. Modern Warfare 3 is their 8th game of the franchise, I’ve been with them since Call of Duty 3. Call of Duty 4 made them much more noticeable and their franchise exploded as that is a GREAT game.
      I agree Call of Duty is a little overrated but can you can’t blame them for that, they have put out great games on the market year after year gaining more and more followers along the way. They have only enhanced and inspired shooting games, not destroy.

    • Joshartley


    • Joshartley


  • Markwiepert

    2.15 KD ratio – domination player

    SCAR – Sliencer and red dot
    Assassin perk
    Slight of Hand

    • Ahmad007xx

      assasin… thats what pussies use

      • Tony May

        You’d be the one to know what pussies use.. which is ironic, because i’m certain you’ve never had one or have seen one in person..

        • Rawrsmilies

          It is kinda cheap, because in MW2 they had stopping power, but now without stopping power, assasin kinda doesnt have any drawbacks.

      • 713racing


         i was one in the army, the later.. ask ANY MILITARY vet if they liked
        having a D.M. in their squad.. especially in Afghanistan or Iraq.. and
        see what uor answer is.. LMFAO

      • Jordan_brown_24

        why just cause you can’t us

  • Gitwitcody

    setup i am more of a sniper

    1.rsass w silencer and variable zoom
    2. mp9 w silence

    lethal: bouncing betty
    tactical: p radar

    perk1: blind eye
    perk3:dead silence

    kill streak: specialest w marksman and sitrep and marothon
    death streak: revenge

    • 713racing

      basically the same setup I use.. except i go with the support kill streak.. uav. vests, and a sam turret.. you wrack up so many kills, and the kill streaks just keep coming… i reccommend the thermal scope though

  • Ben Frank

    I’m an assault guy.
    Team Deathmatch.
    K/D: 1.67

    1. Type 95 (silencer and the u-dot)
    2. Stinger

    Lethal: Claymore (lower rank samtex)
    Tactical: Flashbang

    perk 1: Slight of hand (pro)
    perk 2: Assassin (pro)
    perk 3: Stalker (pro)

    Assault kill streak rewards: Spy plane, Predator missile, Precision airstrike
    Death streak: Martyrdom (lower rank juiced)

    • Saintsfan12345

      Type 95 is the best gun with red dot
      Fmg9 with Akimbo
      Flash bang
      Perk 1: scavenger
      Perk 2: Hardline
      Perk 3: steady aim
      Kill streak care package-predator missile-Ac130

  • ijustshtmypants

    I think different guns work best for different maps. My favorite setup so far-

    Primary- PP90M1 Kick & Suppressor. (It seems like having a bigger Primary gun slows me down when I sprint armed with my preferred, more mobile MP9. I may be wrong.)
    Secondary- MP9 Kick & Suppressor (or extended mags). I run & attack & use this gun primarily.

    Lethal: Claymore or Semtex
    Tactical: Flashbang

    perk 1: Slight of hand (pro)
    perk 2: Assassin (pro)
    perk 3: Steady Aim (pro)

    Killstreak (Support)
    12 – Advanced UAV
    14 – Stealth Bomber
    18 -Escort Airdrop. Has anyone had success with Juggernaut Recon?

    Death Streak- Final Stand, especially after getting a game winning kill with it.

    Unlike most, I’ve had no success with the small amount of times I’ve tried the Type95.
    I’ve seen alot of people tearing it up with a P90 & FMG9 Akimbo.
    I’ve also have never seen anyone use the AC130?

    • Ravencompany4

      you are right, when sprinting with the m60 on your back and a USP 45 in the hands you are able of sprinting a hell of a lot faster.

    • nonhater

      teehee you use support

  • ijustshtmypants

    I also am still not over whomever took my full PP90M1 magazine with his Riot Shield, then promptly killed me with a throwing knife as I reloaded. Props.

  • The Boss

    My Class…

    Primary- M4A1 with extended mags
    Secondary- Stinger

    Perk 1- Sleight of Hand
    Perk 2- Hardline
    Perk 3- Steady Aim

    Lethal-Bouncing Betty     Tatical-Concussion

    2 Kill- Assasin  (Idk how to spell it lols)
    4 Kill -Dead Silence
    6 Kill -Scavenger

    It is really good for rushing, the M4 with steady aim is like a hybrid SMG/AR.

  • Eliasrapp98

    I do not have this class because I just got the game 5 days ago and have not had a huge chance to play with it (I still use the scar), but my favorite class is (based on picking guns up off the ground)
    Primary: Type 95 (So powerful, but 3 round burst is kinda annoying) with a red dot site
    Secondary: Fmg-9 akimbo
    Lethal: Semtex
    Tacticle: Concussion Grenade
    Perk 1: Sleight of Hand Pro
    Perk 2: Hardline Pro
    Perk 3: Marksman Pro
    Killstreak: Support- UAV, Sam Turret, Counter UAV
    Deathstreak: Juiced

  • ShotByInder

    Tbh, My best class ( This i got from COD : Elite site ) is:

    Primary: ACR 6.8
    Secondary: Stinger
    Lethal: Frag
    Perk 1:Extreme Conditioning (Pro)
    Perk 2:Quickdraw (Pro)
    Perk 3:Stalker (Pro)
    Strike Package:Support
    Support Killstreaks: Advance UAV/Recon drone,Stealthbomber,Juggernaut recon.
    Deathstreak:  Final Stand/Dead Mans Hand or whatever its called.

    Personally i like playing kill confirmed or team defender, but this class works for most game modes.
    Trust me, try this class you wont regret it!
    (If you have a ps3, add me : ShotByInder)


    pp9om1 kick +rapid fire or pp90m1 range + silencer

    slieght of hand
    steady aim

    Takes too long to reload without soh but just hip fire. can  clear a room easy. also good with extended mags.

  • Kentont911

    Primary-MP7 silencer with rapid fire
    Secondary-FMG9 akimbo
    Perk 1-Extreme Conditioning Pro
    Perk 2-Assassin Pro
    Perk 3-Dead Silence Pro.
    I have found this to be the best class for search and destroy. it keeps you off radar and is very effective and close to mid-range.

  • Eliasrapp98

    Actually I change my mind, Steady Aim Pro is a better 3rd perk and I now use UAV, Counter UAV, Recon Drone

  • Dylan Elsner

    in MW3 i usually use the L118A as my primary and my secondary as the FMG9 Perks are:Sleight of Hand, Quickdraw, and Marksman because i am a quickscoper ive gotten over 100 kills with this setup and im rank seven not in the weapons the actual rank

  • Neilp-in-australia

    Can’t believe how mans wankers run around with assassin perk, boohoo hide in a corner cause you have no skill

    • Buddy

      thats cuz they dont know how to use while being moblie

      • 713racing


         i was one in the army, the later.. ask ANY MILITARY vet if they liked
        having a D.M. in their squad.. especially in Afghanistan or Iraq.. and
        see what uor answer is.. LMFAO

    • Ghj


    • 713racing

       i was one in the army, the later.. ask ANY MILITARY vet if they liked having a D.M. in their squad.. especially in Afghanistan or Iraq.. and see what uor answer is.. LMFAO

  • derrick Alvarez

    Setup scar-l hydrid scope with ex mag
    secondry Akimdo G18s

  • Arthurchen23

    Best Class

    UMP 45 Extended Mags with Focus Proficiency.
    Secondary FMG9 with Extended Mags, you get two layer of bullets
    Perk 1:Scavenger Pro
    Perk 2: Quickdraw Pro
    Perk 3: Steady Aim Pro, you can also run this class with suppressor on ump but use dead silence
    Assault point streak: attack helicopter, pavelow, and osprey gunner

    another great class
    acr 6.8 attachments proficiency with red dot sight and suppressor
    same secondary but with suppressor
    same perks except the third tier perk use dead silence pro
    point streak system the same

    lethal: bouncing betty or frag
    tactical: concussion

    • R.R

      MP7 Two Attachments: Silencer Rapid fire
      FMG9 Akimbo
      Claymore | Conc
      Dead Silence

  • Daijuan24

    anything with a pp90


     Good but not commonly seen class:

         G36C Suppressed/Kick
         FMG9 Akimbo





         Steady Aim



         Attack Helicopter



    Good luck.

  • Complex_text

    Try 1887 shotgun with,

    Range. And

    Perk1- sleight of hand

    Perk2- quick draw

    Perk3- stalker pro

    Easily get over 20 kills each match

  • Matthewcullen38

    Primary:ACR with red dot and slincer
    Secondary:MP9 with slincer
    Tactical:Flash/Stun grenade or Portable Radar
    Perk 1:Slight Of Hand Pro/Scavenger Pro
    Perk 2: Quick Draw/Assassin Pro
    Perk 3:Stalker Pro/Dead Silence Pro

    You Can Have Not Pro But It Will Be HARDER TO GET KILLS!!!
    If You Want To Hang Im Looking For A Clan For MW3 On X Box360 My GT Is IVIattheVV
    its I V I For The M And V V for The W

    • matthew scott

      in my opinion the best weapon in the game is a ump45 with hbar scope with and gold camo the best perks to have with that are scavenger pro assasin pro

  • Matthewcullen38

    Also You Can Pick The Scar For That Set Up They Both Work

  • Jlacc09

    Primary: G36 With Silencer (FOCUS)
    Secondary: Stinger Launcher
    Lethal: Frag
    Tactical: Flash
    Perk 1: Scavenger
    Perk 2: Quick Draw
    Perk 3: Marksman

    I have yet to lose a game with this setup. However i have mastered every gun.

    another favourite and one that has racked me 94 kills in a demoliton match (yes 94)

    Primary: MP7 with silencer and extended mag
    Secondary: Stinger Launcher
    Tactical: Flash
    Perk 1: Sleight of Hand
    Perk 2: Quick Draw
    Perk 3: Steady Aim

    With this setup you can literally hold the right trigger down and swap between enemies with the left without letting go until the gun runs out of ammo. Then go again :) ppl will be running scared.

  • Ravencompany4

    I could get a k/d ratio of 28/2 with this setup:
    Primary: ACR 6.8 Thermal
    Secondary: Stinger Launcher
    Lethal: Frag
    Tactical: Smoke
    Slot 1: Blind Eye
    Slot 2: Assasin
    Slot 3: Stalker

    When they camp on a spot and your team cant get through, just throw a smoke inthere. The others won’t be able to see in the smoke and you can pick your targets one by one with the thermal scope. Very easy! i’ve got a couple of double kills!

  • Ww3ishere (ps3)

    Primary: M4 red dot (kick)
    Secondary: scorpion

    Lethal: throw knife
    Tactical: flash

    Perk1: blind eye
    Perk2: assassin
    Perk3: steady aim

    As many of you already now there is a
    New game mode called drop zone so you
    Wanna put frag.
    This class work pretty well and the good thing
    Is that you don’t need to unlock too much stuff
    Enjoy this class. I have my k/d on 3.221 thanks
    To this class. Add me on ps3 (ww3ishere)

  • Tbrays1632

    Primary- G36C Silenced
    Secondary- Stinger

    Lethal- Claymore
    Tactical- EMP Grenade (extremely impressive because it prevents the bomb carrier from planting within 30 seconds of being hit in S&D)

    Perks + Best Qualities

    1- SoH Pro- just reloading faster is enough
    2- Asssassin Pro- can’t be EMP’d or seen by UAV
    3- Stalker Pro- tripps claymores, bouncing betties and IMS late

    Killstreaks (Support)

    Advanced UAV- 12
    Stealth Airstrike- 14
    EMP- 18 (used with AUAV is unbelievable

    This works very well in FFA and Domination

  • Hue G. Recshun

    Primary: p90 (rapid fire/ silencer)
    Secondary: Stinger
    Claymore and concussion grenade
    1. Slieght of Hand
    2. Assassin
    3. Steady Aim

    Don’t even need to scope in with the p90, and it still is just as accurate.

    • matthew scott

      i also agree that the p90 is a very good but i think the ump45 is alot better and makes it alot easier to get kills

  • Westfieldmatt

    Primary: p90 (rapid fire and silencer)
    Secondary: fmg9 (akimbo)
    Lethal: semtex   Tactical: stun grenade
    1. Sleight of hand
    2. Hardline
    3. Stalker (only good when its pro)
    Strike package: Assualt
    UAV 3 kills
    Predator missile 5 kills
    AH-6 overwatch 9 kills
    Death streak: Dead man’s hand

    • Eric F

      dead man’s hand isnt crap

  • randy

    Haven’t seen striker on here but I like it
    primary: striker with range extend mags
    secondary: skorpian/fmg akimbo
    perk 1: extreme conditioning
    2nd: assasin
    3rd: steady aim or sitrep
    aassult pred attack helicopter reaper

    Always go positive with this except in search just not my game

  • Nabeel Kahn

    Primary: MK14 [red dot and silencer]Secondary: fmg9 [extended mag]Lethal: semtex  
    Tactical: flash grenade1. Sleight of hand2. assasin3. marksman
    Strike package: Assualt

    1. Predator
    2. Attack Helicopter
    3. Pave Low/overwatch/reaper


    Primary: CM901 [extended mag and silencer]Secondary: scorpian [red dot]Lethal: semtex  
    Tactical: flash grenade1. Blind eye
    2. assasin3. marksman
    Strike package: Assualt                                      Specialist
    1. Predator                                                            1. Sleight of hand
    2. Attack Helicopter                                              2. Recon
    3. Pave Low/overwatch/reaper                           3. Scavenger

    These classes will guaranteed increase your K/D

  • Gabeobrien

    Akimbo MFG9 and lol

  • Alsband88

    acr 6.8  (supressor and grenade launcher) 
    sorpin akimbo  
    tactical incersion   
    1st  scavenger   
    2nd hardline     
    3rd sitrep 
    uav,balistic vest,recon drone

  • Paulrocks3087

    Primary – MK 14Secondary – Javelin
    Lethal – ClaymoreTactical – Trophy System
    Perk 1 – Recon ProPerk 2 – Hardline ProPerk 3 – Assassin Pro

  • Ikujyhtfrsdv


    • bobosaurus

       same class i have, but i have scavenger

  • Ikujyhtfrsdv


  • DICKO0704

    primary- ump45, 2 attachments wi silencer n extended mag
    secondary- scorpion 

    tactical- smoke grenade, lethal- frag

    perk1- extreme pro
    perk 2- quick draw pro
    perk 3- hip fire pro



  • DICKO0704

    primary- ump45, 2 attachments wi silencer n extended mag
    secondary- scorpion 

    tactical- smoke grenade, lethal- frag

    perk1- extreme pro
    perk 2- quick draw pro
    perk 3- hip fire pro



  • A Amerling

    type 95 red dot

  • Return0008

    Primary – MK14, (silencer and hybrid sight, thermal or ACOG. They all restore its range to maximum)Secondary – Akimbo on any machine Pistol
    Lethal – SemtexTactical – Flash Bang
    Perk 1 – Blind EyePerk 2 – AssassinPerk 3 – Marksman

    • Americano

      That is my setup too… good gun.

      • hey you… looked

        thats nice

  • James Fruge

    custom weapon set- U Can’t C Me

    primary- barretta .50cal > silenced > piercing secondary- Five Seven > silenced

    lethal- throwing knife
    tactical- concussion grenade

    perk1- blind eye
    perk2- hard line pro 3
    perk3- marksman

    package- assault > Predator > AC-130 > Escort Airdrop
    death streak- revenge  

    please note that as of this posting i’m only rank 33

  • danieljamo

    Custom Weapon Choice

    Primary- PP90m1-Attachments- Extended Mags+Rapid Fire
    **using over kill**
    Second Primary- Striker – Kick

    Lethal- Semtex
    Tactical- Flashbang

    Perk1-Sleigh Of Hands
    Perk2- Overkill
    Perk3- Steady Aim or Scavenger

    Package: Support- UAV, Ballistic Vest or SAM Turret, Stealth Bomber

    • M_gaRETTz

      i used to use this exact class, but if you have it unlocked id switch to the MP7, its alot better at range than the PP90M1. I switched because if your close enough to effectively use the PP90M1 youre generally better off just pulling out the good ol’ Striker.

  • Its the right thing to do

    Primary-PP90M1-Kick-Silencer very good choice if using assault and trying for high kill streaks
    Secondary- Scorpion/FMG9 akimbo note using burst with Scorpion is way more accurate FMG9 spray
    Tactical-Flash bang
    Perk1-Sight of hand for quick kills-scavenger for long kill streak if u can
    Perk3-Steady Aim
    Kill streak-both assault
    Uav-Care Package-Predator Missile

    Care Package-Reaper-AC130

  • Josh

    I’ve really gotten hooked on the fast scoping. It sucks for smaller maps but medium to large this is what I use.

    Primary – MSR Sniper Rifle, you can choose your own gun perks, I like Speed for the mobility
    Secondary – Skorpion, you can choose your own gun perks, I like something to reduce spray.

    Lethal – Frag
    Secondary – Concussion

    Perk 1 – Either Slight of Hand or Blind Eye, depending on whether you mind airsupport bothering you
    Perk 2 – Quickdraw, for the quick sniping
    Perk 3 – Marksman, to find those long range targets that can’t even detect you

    Assult Killstreak with Care Package, Predator Missile and Attack Chopper

    Perfect the quick scoping and you will be the one-shot kill master!


    My favorite gun would be the Ppsh-41 because it reloads pretty well and does tons of damage to the head. My pistol is usually a p41 with a silencer attached I only use it for emergencys so level 50s don’t attack me

    • Skittles

      PPSH-41 isnt in MW3 its in World at War, its was a Russian gun . . . .

  • chivazo

    I notice that who ever spray the most bullets win. In other words submachine guns or gay akimbos. I hope bigger maps come out so we could use the other nice weapons to be able to win without spraying.


    Scar- Attachments- Extended mags and silencer
    mp9- extended mags

    C4 and Trophy System (for the motherfucking predators)

    1: Scavenger
    2: Assasin
    3: Steady Aim



    Scar- Attachments- Extended mags and silencer
    mp9- extended mags

    C4 and Trophy System (for the motherfucking predators)

    1: Scavenger
    2: Assasin
    3: Steady Aim


  • Amit C

    ump45- attachments- extended mags and silencer
    skorpion- silencer or if you are a pro- RASS(overkill)- silencer

    Semtex and cuncussion grenade

    1: Slight of hand pro
    2: Hardline(not for pros) Overkill(pro)
    3: Marksman(not for pros) Steady aim (pro)

  • Shortyjat

    Semtex, flash grenade
    1. Sleight of Hand
    2. Hardline
    3. Stalker
    Specialist killstreak with quickdraw, assasin, and scavenger in that order.

  • Nightfrost

    ACR 6.8-kick-silencer
    FMG9- akimbo
    Frag, Portable Radar
    1. Blind Eye
    2. Assassin
    3. Stalker
    Pred-Reaper-Pave Low
    UAV-Predator-Attack Helicopter for SnD

  • Z10apex

    FAD-stabilty-red dot sight
    frag,tacticl insersion
    1. slight of hand pro
    2. overkill pro
    3. stalker pro
    fake care packege, stealth bomber, recon juggernot

  • M_florsheim

    primary: ACR kick and silencer (but if you have problems aiming whit aironsight use 2 attachment silencer and a specialscoope like red dot sight or hamer scoope)
    secondary: stinger(if you like to anoy people by messing whit his best killsteak rewards) or fmg9 akimbo
    lethal: semtex
    tactical: concuson grenade
    perk1: blind eye pro
    perk2: assasin pro
    perk3: steady aim
    killsteak: suport:
    fake gear package, advanced uav and escorted airdrop
    but if you are good i recomend to use assault instead of suport
    killsteak: assault:
    assault drone, reaper and jugernaut
    death steak: dead man´s hand

    • Eric F

      dead man’s hand isnt crap

  • Degriz73

    You have to be quick on the trigger, but since I’ve switched to the M14 with Thermal Scope and Silencer my k:d has shot upwards. It may be semi-automatic, but the accuracy and stopping power of each round can’t be beat. 

    Combine it with Marksman Pro for spotting at long range and its headshot heaven. 

  • M_gaRETTz

    Primary: MP-7 (Kick) w/ Suppressor
    Second Primary: MSR (Speed) w/ Variable Zoom Scope

    Lethal: Semtex (personal preference)
    Tactical: Tac Insertion

    Perks: Slight of Hand Pro, Overkill Pro, Marksman Pro

    Pointstreaks(Support): Airdrop Trap, Stealth Bomber, Osprey
    Deathstreak: Final Stand

    Use the Suppressed MP-7 to stealthily make your way around the map. Because of the Speed proficiency on the MSR it will not slow you down, so operate as you usually would with a SMG, using the MSR every now and then to pick off that guy shooting at you with an AR from halfway across the map.

    This is my favorite class, as for the best gun I don’t really have a favorite, but any SMG (except the MP5 and PM-9, which are just plane awful in my opinion) will generally kick ass from short to medium range, especially if you remember the Kick or Range proficiency are a near necessity for anything other than CQC. 

  • Zohair Ahmed

    Primary: ACR 6.8 Suppressed with Extended Mags
    Secondary: Stinger (for aerial killstreaks) or FMG9 Akimbo

    Lethal: Claymore
    Tactical: Concussion

    Perk 1: Sleight of Hand Pro
    Perk 2: Assassin Pro
    Perk 3: Dead Silence Pro

    Killstreaks: Advanced UAV, Stealth Bomber, EMP
    Deathstreak: Dead Man’s Hand

    • Eric F

      Dead Man’s Hand isnt crap

  • Billycollier

    acr acog sight
    slight of hand 

  • bobosaurus

    scar-l:extended mags and silencer
    tactical: flash grenade or EMP grenade
    perk 1:sleight of hand
    perk 2:hardline
    perk 3:stalker
    specalist package:scavenger, assassin,sitrep

  • Lilbrandon13

    m4 stabillity and hybrid sight
    g18 akimbo
    flash grenade
    frag grenade
    sleight of hand
    martrydom or whatever
    assualt ~ prec airstrike , straffe run , ac 130

  • Cubas2K

    MK14 with kick and red dot
    MP9 Akimbo
    Throwing Knife
    Sleight of hand
    Assault: Predator Missil, Reaper and AC130

  • Muhammed Saeed

    MP5 with range and extended mags
    FMGN9 akimbo
    Sleight of hand i always use with smg’s becuase they are lightweight and fast relaible all the time rather than a slow heavy assualt rifle
    Quickdraw give the fast smg an extra advantage
    Stalker too dodge bouncing betty’s etc
    Support Advanced uav,Stealth bomber, emp,juggernaught or escort airdrop
    Trust me its not always the guns its the player what makes the gun 

  • HeartyGlobe624

    I’ve got two for two different things:
    1. Primary: MG36 w/ Speed and Rapid Fire
    Secondary: Stinger/SMAW
    Blue Perk: Sleight of Hand Pro
    Red Perk: Hardline Pro
    Yellow Perk: SitRep Pro
    Killstreaks: Anything

    This is a great class for newcomers as the SMAW and MG36 are both great for taking out aircraft and infantry, so it is great with support on a team gametype, especially ground war.

    2. Primary: ACR 6.8 w/ Kick and Grenade Launcher/Shotgun
    Secondary: RPG-7
    Blue Perk: Sleight of Hand Pro
    Red Perk: Hardline Pro
    Yellow Perk: SitRep Pro
    Killstreaks: Low Assault killstreaks

    This is an awesome class for general gameplay and can do tons of things, you can rush buildings with the shotgun, or bombard enemy snipers with the RPG. The ACR 6.8 can be replaced by an MK14 with ACOG and Breath as a close/long range sniper hybrid.

  • Tryharderr

    AR: Type 95-2 Attachments- Rapid Fire Silencer

    Secondary: Mp412- Tac Knife

    Lethal: C4 
    Tactical: Flashbang

    Perk 1: Slight of HandPerk 2: Assassin(Pro is awesome)Perk 3. Stalker

    Killstreaks: Assault: UAV- Predator Missile- Reaper
    SMG: PM-9- Kick- Rapid Fire (BEST GUN IN GAME)

    FMG9 Akimbo

    Lethal: Semtex
    Tactical: EMP Grenade 

    Perk 1: Scavenger
    Perk 2: Hardline
    Perk 3: Steady Aim (AMAZING)

    Killstreaks: Predator Missile- Attack Helicopter- Strafe Run
    Sniper: MSR- Impact- Heartbeat Sensor

    Secondary: MP9 Extended Mags

    Lethal: Throwing Knife
    Tactical: Flashbang

    Perk1: Recon(Pro is awesome)
    Perk2: Quickdraw(Can’t quickscope without it)
    Perk3: Steady Aim
    LMG- PKP-2 Attachments- Surpresser- Foregrip

    Secondary: SMAW

    Lethal: Frag
    Tactical: Smoke Grenade

    Perk1: Slight of Hand
    Perk2: Assassin
    Perk3: Marksman
    Shotgun- Striker- Damage- Extended mags

    Secondary: FMG9 Akimbo

    Lethal: C4
    Tactical: Concussion

    Perk1: Slight of Hand
    Perk2: Hardline
    Perk3: Steady Aim (This class is worthless without it)

  • Laxmonkey8

    Act red dot and silencer
    Skorpion akimbo
    Trophy system
    Support: cuav, recon drone, remote sentry
    Extreme conditioning pro
    Assassin pro
    Stalker pro

  • Siryi_18

    well i have 4 weapon classes you could use…. i dont like using smgs but i still think some people have good results with them..

    PRIMARY- ACR- 2 attachments, silencer, extender mag (to keep on spraying and spraying)
    -Type 95 (if used correctly)- 2 attachments, rapid fire(it kills in an instant!!!), silencer
    -L86 LSW(it kills with three bullets at close, mid and semi-long range even with
    silencer :o)- kick,silencer
    -MK14- i love this weapon for medium and large maps- 2 attachments,silencer,
    rapid fire.(if you have fast fingers youll love this weapon!!!! 2 bullets
    and its lights out for your enemy. if headshot you only need 1 bullet :D)
    SECONDARY- stinger (take out any good killstreaks like ac130 :p or any annoying helicopter
    or pavelow :s)

    TACTICAL- depends on your choice…. i use flash bangs

    BLUE PERK- sleight of hand (if you like to be where the action is and need to keep shooting and shooting)

    RED PERK- hardline (sucks when they kill you and u were just 1 kill away from your killstreak… use this for a change.. if u use hardline pro 2 ASSIST KILLS COUNT AS ONE KILL FOR YOU!!! :D)

    YELLOW PERK- marksmen (sucks when you all you see before dying is the bullets coming from a far away enemy. use this too see them from far away. TIP-if you cant see your oponent eventhough you see their name try shooting at the middle or their name and half a centimeter beneath it too. if u have the pro version and you like sniping it will let you hold your breath for double the amount of time)

    KILLSTREAK- 1) sentry gun- if placed correctly u might get yourself a few kills. i usually get 3
    to 6 kills.
    2) care pakage- u might get yourself a pavelow, juggernut,AC130 and
    more. usually u´ll get a sentry gun. but with this second sentry you
    can cover the blind spot of your first sentry. AWESOME FOR
    3) helicopter- if u use hardline like i do u´ll get it every death or 2.

    DEATHSTREAK- second chance (kill the guy who put you on the floor. and to top it all kill yourself a guy or 2 before recovering hahahahaha)

  • COD Pro

    I Got 2 classes for you guys:
    Primary: M4A1 w/ Attachments Silencer and Extended Mags
    Secondary: Five-Seven w/ Silencer (Trust me they wont see you coming)
    Lethal: Semtex or Claymore
    Tactical: Portalable Radar or Flash Bang
    Perk 1: Extreme Conditioning(Pro)
    Perk 2: Hardline(Pro)
    Perk 3: Dead Silence(Pro)
    Specialist Package: 1 Kill= Sleight Of Hand, 3 Kills= Assassin, 5 Kills= Scavenger
    Death Streak:Final Stand

    Primary: MP7 w/ Attachments Silencer and Extended Mags
    Secondary: G18 w/ Extended Mags
    Lethal: Claymore or Semtex
    Tactical: Portable Radar or Flash Bang
    Perk 1: Sleight Of Hand(Pro)
    Perk 2: Assassin(Pro)
    Perk 3: Dead Silence(Pro)
    Assault Package: UAV, Care Package, Attack Helicopter
    Support Package: Recon Drone, Stealth Bomber, EMP or Escort Airdrop
    Death Streak: Hollow Points or Matrydom

    • Air

      you dont need extra mags if you get scavenger and level it up to scavenger pro

  • Singletonkt

    ump w/silencer and kick
    mp9 w/silencer
    flash bang
    extreme conditioning
    dead mans hand

    • Brock

      MP7-Range and extended mags
      Death streak-Final Stand
      Assault package-(Hardline)-3 kills Care package-4 kills pred-8 kills reaper

  • Air

    primary:type-95 secondary:m4a1 lethal:claymore tactical:trophy system perk1:scavenger pro perk2:overkill pro perk3:hip fire(so you can no scope close enemies)

  • Anonymous

    PP90M1 silenced/HAMR scope
    usp.45 tac knife
    portable radar
    sleight of hand pro
    assassin pro
    stalker pro
    strike package/assault:care package,predator missile, assault drone

  • Sebastien Brazeau

    Primary : Scar-l attachements silencer/red dot
    Secondary : Mp9 Silencer
    Lethal : Claymore
    Tactical : Concussion Granade
    Perk 1 Seight of hand
    Perk 2 Assassin
    Perk 3 SitRep
    Stike Package/specialist Scavenger,Quickdraw,Marksman
    Death Streak Hollow Points
    Name Reaapzzzz !!

  • danielloughran1

    ACR 6.8 – kick – silencer
    scorpion akimbo
    flash grenade
    perk 1 – blind eye pro
    perk 2 – assasin pro
    perk 3 – stalker pro
    specalist killstreak
    hardline slight of hand scavenger in that order
    death streak final stand

    • Dannamanna99

      i would switch scavenger and sleight of hand.  i tend to run out of ammo and rather have ammo first the reload faster. 

  • danielloughran1

    PP90M1- attachments silencer and rapid fire
    MP9- akimbo
    blind eye
    stalker- all pro
    specalist  killstreak
    hardline slight of hand scavenger in that order
    I use specalist  because u can earn so many points by earning the rewards


    Warning: This Setup is for proffessional players only. You can try it out, and if you like it, well done, ur a pro.

    AK47(GOLD) [Kick] w/silencer
    FMG9 Akimbo


    Scavenger Pro
    Assasin Pro/Hardline Pro
    Stalker Pro (Best Perk in my opinion)

    You can have any strike package you want; you shouldn’t be using support anyway cos ur pro.

    Source: 2 M.O.A.Bs on the same day.

    • Jk

      gotten 4 in 1 day.

      • Joshua_Schalesky

        Hah! Hard to take you seriously when your name is an acronym for ”Just Kidding”

  • Lime

    My setup:

    PP90M1: Attachments : Red dot sight and extended magsDesert Eagle: Akimbo

    Stun Grenades

    Scavenger Pro
    Assassin Pro
    Sitrep Pro

    Killstreaks: Specialist: 1) Sleight Of Hand Pro
                                      2) Hardline Pro
                                      3) Dead Silence Pro
    Deathstreak: Martydom


    MP7: Focus: Suppressed
    Desert Eagle: Akimbo

    Concussion grenades

    Scavenger Pro
    Assassin Pro
    Sitrep Pro

    Kilstreaks: Support: 1) UAV
                                  2) Advanced UAV
                                  3) Escort Airdrop, EMP or Juggernaut 
    Deathstreak: Martydom

  • Crafty Killer1

    Type 95/red dot/kick
    scavenger pro
    hardline pro
    stalker pro

    bouncing betty
    flash or concussion

    care package
    pave low
    ac 130


    • XxBlackRainxX

       You do realise that you have to have OverKill to have the Ump45 and type 95 in the same kit right? Which means no HardLine

    • XxBlackRainxX

       You do realise that you have to have OverKill to have the Ump45 and type 95 in the same kit right? Which means no HardLine

    • your mom

      You cant have and ac-130 and a pavelow in the same strike package

    • Joshua_Schalesky

      Just another noob who doesn’t know what he’s talking about!


    Ak47-With kick and silencer (any color you want)
    Akimbo fmgs
    Perk 1 scavenger or slight of hand
    Perk 2 The aim fast one.
    perk 3 marksmen
    Killstreaks: What ever u want.

    • XxBlackRainxX

       QuickDraw is the one that makes you aim faster

  • VoidedCascade3

    Primary… ACR 6.8 /Silencer/ExtendedMags
    Secendary…XM25 Grenade Lancher
    Perks…Sleight Of Hand Pro
    Hardline Pro
    Dead Silence Pro              (They All Have To Be A Pro Or This Won’t Work)
    Leathal… Stun Gernade
    Tactical… C4
    Specilist… QuickDraw Pro/BlastSheild Pro/Steady Aim Pro

    • Xphantmzz

       i did this and i got an osprey gunner thx!

      • mr.beast at everything :)

        how did you get an osprey gunner while using specialist?!?!

  • nightrider

    Primary:mk14/ Attachments Silencer and rapid fire
    Second: whatever
    Lethal: Semtex
    Tactical: Flashbang
    Perk1: Sleigh Of Hands
    Perk 3: Dead Silence
    killstreak:(1)care pakage(2)Predator Missile(3)AH-6 overwatch

  • cod master

    sleight of hand
    fast reload

  • Adam

    my class is
    acr.6.8/w kick,silencer,blue camo
    smoke grenade
    perk 1=sleight of hand
    perk 2=assasin pro
    perk 3=steady aim pro

    then for killstreaks i have specialist but i can’t remeber the streaks on it so try some out

    hope you wnjoy my class

  • Adam

    sorry ment enjoy not wnjoy k

  • Dark marine 64

    best for me so far is:

    primary: acr/ silenced

    secondary: stinger: to shoot sown enemi air support to count toward your kill streak

    lethal: any

    tatical: any

    perk 1: blind eye

    perk 2: hardline

    perk 3: stalker

    death streak: any

    strike package: predator missel,attack hellicopter, and pave low

    please try out this set up its my favorite. let it be yours.

  • Ryder Pagel

    ACR6.8 w/silencer and extended mags(GOLD) , RPG-7 , Semtex ,Portable Radar , Scavenger Pro , Hardline Pro , and Marksman Pro , Any assault killstreaks and Final Stand .

  • A

    primary: ak47 red dot extended mags
    secondary: riot shield 
    lethal: semtex
    tactical: emp
    perk1: sleight of hand
    perk2: overkill
    perk3: sit rep or any other
    killstreak: Support: sam turret, stealth bomber, escort air drop 
    deathstreak: dead mans hand

    i always seem to die before i run out of ammo and don’t need a second weapon so i use riot shield and your protected from the back if you run out of ammo a lot use either scavenger or just go pick up another gun on the field nearby

  • The Kid

    M16A4 with Masterkey and Focus.
    44. Magnum with Tac Knife
    Scavenger, Assassin, and Stalker, All pro
    Care Package, Precision Airstrike, and Reaper.
    Final Stand.

  • Jcwatkins

    acr with silencer and extended mags with fmgs or mp9 silenced c4 and portable radar slight of hand assassin and stalker all pro for running around and rushing predotar missle reaper ac-130 final stand

  • gamemaster14582

    primary:mp7 with red dot sight and extended mags
    secondary:mp9 with red dot sight 
    tactical: cuncussion grenade

    perk 1:blind eye
    perk 2:assassin pro
    perk 3:dead silence pro


    death streak: final stand

  • russianmob45

    Primary: AA-12 damage extended mags
    Secondary: G18 akimbo
    Lethal: Throwing Knife
    Tactical: Tactical Insertion
    Perk 1: Scavenger Pro
    Perk 2: Hardline Pro
    Perk 3: Steady Aim Pro
    Strike Package: Support: Advanced UAV Stealth Bomber EMP
    This class is good for close quarters

  • hi

    you guys might think the fad sucks but you should try it

  • Arazos

    get a portable radar if you want to be like me Im top in mw3

  • Arazos

    just make sure you put a silencer on whatever gun you use

  • Arazos

    I dont use it anymore but you guys should try the FAD again with a silencer and kick or a silencer and a heartbeat sensor if you dont have a portable radar

  • Pcguru7

    Primary: ACR 6.8 Red Dot and Silencer
    Secondary: MP9 Silencer
    Lethal: Semtex
    Tactical: EMP Grenade
    Perk 1: Sleight of Hand Pro
    Perk 2: Assassin Pro
    Perk 3: Stalker Pro
    Strike Package: Specialist Hardline Quickdraw Blind Eye
    Death Streak: Hollow Points
    I get about 20 kills with this class no lie its awesome!

  • Anomus

    Primary: GR36 silencer kick
    Secondary: Mp9 akimbo
    Lethal: Semtex
    Tactial: Flash
    Perk1: Blind Eye Pro
    Perk2: Assasin Pro
    Perk 3: Sitrep Pro
    Support: Uav Airdrop trap And stealth bomber
    Deathstreak: Juiced

    When i need to go try hard:
    Primary : Mp7 rapid fire silencer attachments
    Secondary: FMG9 akimbo
    Lethal: C4
    Tactial: Flash
    Perk 1: Blind Eye Pro
    Perk 2: Assasin Pro
    Perk 3: Sitrep Pro or Sometimes Dead silence bcz i have a headset
    Strike package: Assault : Predator, Attack helicopter, ac 130.
    Death Streak: Final Stand

    (I use this when i get really pissed off ;P )

  • Djmoney107

    Primary: MP7/silencer and rapid fire
    Secondary: FMG9 akimbo
    Lethal: C4
    Tactical: PORTABLE RADAR
    Strike Package: SUPPORT
    Death Streak: FINAL STAND

    I always get over 50 kills with this class in demolition! hope this helped!

  • firevorm

    acr 6.8 (supressor and red dot)
    stinger launcher
    1st scavenger
    2nd hardline
    3rd sitrep
    balistic vest,SAM turret,stealth

  • TYPE95SucksASS

    I use
    G36C Red Dot
    Five Seven Tact knife
    Tact Insert/Portable radar (I switch them around)
    Scavenger pro
    Assassin pro
    Sitrep pro.
    I get Moabs with this class.
    Also moabs were killstreaks you earn with a type-95/Fmg9s are nothing to brag about.. Anyone could get a moab with that class. 2 Weapons that shouldn’t have been added to the game..

  • Me

    You r all bollox

    Acr6.8 acog scope and grenade launcher
    Ump45 range and rapid fire
    Sleight of hand
    An stalker

    • AJ Alexander

      I Have a similar class too, just i get rid of acog and put HB Sensor and have a Spas12 With damage proficiency and Extended mags XD

  • ”Soap” John Mactavish

    I like UMP45 silencer rapid fire Sleight of Hand hardline sitrep all pro get about 34 kills
    and 15 daeths

  • OmgItShuner

    My class is m4a1 with attachments with grenade launcher, heart beat sencer
    Secondary weapon is the Usp.45 with tac. Knife. Lethal is throwing knife,
    Tac. Is smoke grenade. My perks are scavenger pro, hardline pro, and steady aim pro. My strike package is assault and they are uav, predator missile and air strike. My death streak Final stand.


    scar-l w/ acog,supressor. Sec; smaw,
    P1:SOH, P2: QDraw. P3: sitrep.
    Support Advance uav stelth bomer emp
    death: martydom


    best class i have available: primary acr.6.8 secondary 44.magnum perks scavenger quickdraw and dead silence. c4 and tac insertion death streak martyrdom strike pack slight of hand assasion and hardline hope this helps Shapedcaesar266.


    also that’s my Xbox live name so send me a friend recrest please

  • AJ Alexander

    Primary—MK14 RapidFire/Silencer
    Secondary—Five Seven Tac. knife
    Lethal—Throwing knife or Claymore (i use claymore)
    Tactical—Flash Grenade or Tac. insertion (I use tac. Insertion)
    Perk 1—Scavenger
    Perk 2—Hardline
    Perk 3—Stalker
    Kill streaks (Assault)—Preditor Missle, Battle Hind, MOAB

    I get 4:1 K/D Ratios everytime…..I play drop zone, kîll confirmed, n domination :D