Vodafone UK Nokia Lumia 800 price and pre-order page

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It has only been a few hours since Nokia unveiled the Lumia 800 to the world, however we have just come across the Vodafone UK pricing for this new Windows Phone 7 smartphone, we have to admit that the pricing options are pretty confusing – sometimes less is more.

Let’s start with 12 month contracts, if you only want to commit to 1 year with Vodafone there are four options. If 300 minutes, unlimited texts and 0.5GB of data per month interests you, you must pay £199.99 upfront and £36 each month. For the same deal with 600 minutes you must pay £139.00 up front and £41.00 each month, or if you want to bump this up to 900 minutes you pay £99.99 upfront and £46 per month. Finally you can pay £59 upfront and £51 per month for 1200 minutes, 0.75GB of data and unlimited texts.

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As for 18 month contacts there are 8 options available to you. In our opinion the deal is one where you pay £41 per month, you don’t have to pay anything towards the smartphone and you get 600 minutes, unlimited and 0.5GB of date. You can see the other 18 month options below:

Finally there are lots of 24 month contacts on offer, the best deal in our opinion is one which you pay £38.50 for per month, you get the Lumia 800 for free and have unlimited texts, 800 minutes and 0.75GB of data to get through per month – you can see some other options below, interestingly some prices are cheaper if you buy the smartphone from the Carphone Warehouse.

You can pre-order your Nokia Lumia 800 from Vodafone here, but we don’t yet know exactly when it will hit he UK carrier, are you tempted by any of the prices?