Best iPhone 4s case for Manchester United fans

By Jamie Pert - Oct 17, 2011

Now that people have had a chance to get their hands on the iPhone 4S they are probably looking for a nice case to keep their shiny new Apple smartphone safe from damage, well if you are a Manchester United fan we have some must-see cases for you to check out.

As you are probably aware there is a very minor difference in design when you compare the iPhone 4’s design to the iPhone 4S (see here), therefore you may find out that your old iPhone 4 case won’t properly fit – we see this as a great excuse to treat yourself to a new Manchester United iPhone 4S case.

Let’s start with the cheapest case we have found, this costs just £6.95 from and features a black design with the Manchester United badge on the rear. It is made out of metal and is said to have an “ultra-strong” design, as you would expect it has been carefully crafted to ensure that you have access to the camera, mute switch and volume buttons etc. You can see its design below:

If you think the above design is a little boring and would prefer to see the famous Manchester United red colors you should check out this case, it costs £7.99 and has a snap-on design, despite being originally designed for the iPhone 4 we are assured that it fits the iPhone 4S perfectly, on the rear you have a large Man Utd badge and above this it says “Red Devils Since 1878” – we have embedded an image below.

If you don’t mind spending a little more on the iPhone 4S case you should check out the “Manchester United Crystallized Swarovski iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S Case“, it costs $183.37 and as the name suggests it is decorated with real Swarovski crystals (over 1000) – the design is quite clever and it features a large Man Utd badge which is made up of different color crystals. We have embedded an image below:

Currently there doesn’t seem to be many other options available, so we will keep you posted as we come across more, feel free to leave us a comment if you have spotted any other good Manchester United cases for iPhone 4S.

Have you bought any of the above cases?

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  • J M Lawson

    Found this picture on facebook

  • Bradster11

    I have the red snap on one which says red devils since 1878 I love it