Modern Warfare 3 Survival: IW’s Zombie mode cash-in and DLC price theories

By Posted 4 Oct 2011, 07:34

If you have played the last two Call of Duty games developed by Treyarch, titled World at War and Black Ops respectively, you’ll know that the co-op zombie mode featured in both games is easily the highlight, with many gamers believing it even surpasses the single and multiplayer modes.

Considering Treyarch and in-turn Activision’s overwhelming success due to the popularity of zombie mode, it is no surprise to see Infinity Ward trying to emulate that success with their own take on zombie mode for their next Call of Duty game, which is Modern Warfare 3 of course.

That mode is called Survival, and the PR team recently had a chance to play it at the Eurogamer Expo last month in London – read our hands-on impressions of the mode again here if you missed it last time.

To bring you up to speed with the nuts and bolts of survival, this mode essentially follows the same principle as zombie mode, ie – survive for as many round as possible, with each round getting more difficult as you progress. This is Modern Warfare however, so you’ll find that Survival mode in MW3 features many gameplay elements which do a good job in making Infinity Ward’s version feel fresh and unique to their game.

For example, you’ll get to call in air support providing you have enough cash, and rather than buy weapons off the wall like you would in zombie mode, you’ll have to run around the map finding the correct weapon box as there are many boxes containing certain weapons, ammunition and equipment such as claymores.

If you haven’t seen Survival mode in action yet, two new videos have been released, providing you with five minutes of non-stop gameplay from the Paris map featured in the game. The quality isn’t great, but it does provide an excellent insight in the new mode which Infinity Ward are hoping will be just as successful as zombie mode.

Take a look at the videos below and then tell us – Does Survival mode look like a unique new way to play Call of Duty, or do you think it ultimately serves as Activision’s new cash-flow, in which Infinity Ward are just converting everything from zombie mode into a modern setting. Don’t be surprised if we see the same scenario of DLC releases for MW3, which would include three multiplayer maps and one new survival map costing gamers 1200 Microsoft points or $15.

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  • Nickwaid84

    I thought the survival mode just used the multiplayer maps.  But either way the dlc will be way over priced.  

  • hyper_boy_4life

    It uses the multiplayer maps, seriously Alan please do your research

  • Juto Kuto

    All 16 naps are availabe in all modes same goes for dlc and for survival. EVERY maps is playable in all modes including survival and mission spec ops, including the dlcs.

    Now you can co ahead and say “we bf players get free dlc haahah” but that will prove how ignorant you are, the free maps in bc2 are utter crap and only the same maps in difffirent modes. Besides when you launch with 8 maps and cod has 16 you better release more for free to add into the game.

    Also keep in mind that mw3 will constantly be updated with new stuff including weapons.

    • Myself

      Don’t get me wrong I like CoD but seriously? BF3 is getting free dlc anyway thats been announced and all it starting 9 maps are all game modes. Modern Warfare has more maps because they are much smaller compared to a Battlefield map so it should have more maps and when has CoD ever put in more weapons or anything other than maps?

  • Andyquick

    is there going to be online splitscreen for multi player like black ops?

  • Weatherbotfive

    “If you have played the last two Call of Duty games developed by Treyarch, titled World at War and Black Ops respectively, you’ll know that the co-op zombie mode featured in both games is easily the highlight…”wat.