FIFA 12 problems – have you experienced any?

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We have been receiving emails regarding FIFA 12 and problems which are affecting a wide-range of gamers, therefore we thought we would sum up what we have heard and ask you if you have experiencing any FIFA 12 issues of your own.

Let’s start with some PC issues, as PC hardware and software varies so massively there are bound to be some problems, a recent article posted over at GameBooze lists quite a few known FIFA 12 issues and fixes for PC so it may be worth checking out.

The official EA Sports FIFA Twitter feed recently confirmed that they are looking into a known issue with the game’s ultimate team game mode, you can see the error here, the error reads “We are sorry but there is an error connecting to FIFA 12 Ultimate team” – is this something which has happened to you?

When we spoke about the Battlefield 3 beta earlier this week it was obvious that there were some problems with the EA servers, well we are hearing some reports of similar issues affecting FIFA 12 gamers, a quick search for “FIFA 12 connection” on Twitter shows that some people are experiencing lag, despite having a fast connection, whilst this tweet said this: “During a pro ranked match on FIFA 12, the screen freezes at the start of the 2nd half and I get a ‘connection lost’ message”

One minor problem which some people have emailed us regarding the referee’s kit choice, sometimes their is a kit clash between on of the teams and the referee, apaprently when QPR or Swansea wear their orange away kits the ref wears red – have you noticed any other kit clashes?

We are hearing lots of reports of people who are less than happy with the game’s tackling system, we witnessed this for ourselves – but guessed it was just a change which would take some getting used to, and shouldn’t be categorized as a problem – but with so many people struggling with this aspect of the game, perhaps it is quite buggy.

We want to hear what problems you have noticed so far, nothing is too petty, so share any issues you experience in the comments section below.

Update: Here is some official information from EA regarding fixed bugs and known issues – link

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  • Jordycushen

    i have got on to fut then clicked advance to play a match on the team screen then it came up with we couldn’t connect you to fifa 12 ultimate team, then it would return me to the main menu!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jonnathan

      Dude, I’m
      getting frustrated with FIFA 12. I’ve tried everything from changing my router’s
      configuration to deleting the game and re-install it.

      I’ve got the
      game the first day of realise and I wouldn’t be able to play a whole game because
      of the lag. I have lag even in the exhibition mode.

      Please help

      • Gaz

        My replays do not work either and I scored an sabsolute screamer!  FIX IT NOW!!!

        • gormann


  • Dinnydonks2006

    any one got problems with picking your squad and the game jams every time

  • Kforrest17

    The ultimate team error

    • Craig Haskayne

      I get it on 360 not even been able to play UT yet this is why I bought the game

  • Benji Gray

    Anyone having probs with replays in games just being a blank pitch and not actually showing anything. Also any one got special edition?, did u get ur packs>?

    • Andypowell42

      I got the Ultimate Edition. You guessed it, no packs! 

      • Urfgfdg

        looooool fifa are failing hard they need to do something

    • Stefan

      happening to me too
      can’t see anything

    • Dan Collison

      Yes I am having the exact problem, it was working fine until last night, ever since then I am getting the blank pitch, I try rewinding the replay, changing the angle etc but it still doesnt show the replay of the goal. Have you managed to have this problem resolved?

  • Besik8

    @Benji Gray I have the same problem with the replays along with almost all my friends, they cant get replays, just a blank pitch. I have fifa 12 on ps3 and the game freezes for about 10-15 seconds on any game mode I play (ut, kick off, clubs, head2head, etc) even in the menu. When it freezes during a pro club, ut or h2h match I get disconnected from EA servers and it gets recorded as a loss.

    • Benji Gray

      @Besik8 Mate I feel for you. I was undefeated on my ut, 3 win 1 draw . the eau acknowledges that I have and gained xp to feel my team. However ultimate team sees it as I quite the game and It counts as a loss, loss xp,gain no coins ,lose contracts on my players . How can it in one way know I’ve won and give me xp on the menu page but in ut give me f.a

      • Besik8

        Yeah mate it’s terrible, I feel for you and everyone who has been having issues on FIFA 12. EA has released an alpha (not even a beta) of FIFA 12 and sold it to us as a full complete game.

  • Serob Sirunyan

    jag förlorar min anslutning till EA-server när jag spelar ultimate team, varje gång matchen tar slut så stängs internetet av också, då förlorar jag matchen, mina pöeng och mina kontrakts på spelarna ! jävla skitt spel har de gjort i år !

  • Serob Sirunyan

    why I lose my connection with EA-servers every time I play ultimate team so the end of the game I lose my connection, I lose my coints and I lose my players contracts ! ??????

  • Slider Kevin

    FIFA 12 Ultimate team loses connection with the servers every time I attempt to do a substitution.  I am actually signed out of the ea servers when I do that and it kicks me back to the main menu.  I have to sign back in to EA servers and then I am good to go to try again.  When I was in tournament single player mode (not the online mode) I couldn’t complete a match either.. may have been subs going on there.. not sure though.  It’s been a number of years since I was a tester on FIFA games, so spotting the bugs is nothing new to me.

    I like the big changes they’ve made with the different game modes, for the most part.  I haven’t been able to find a way for me and a friend to play on the same team versus the cpu online though.  Why is that?!  Really sucks that you cannot play versus the AI and have to play against a human opponent.  Or am I missing something?

    That’s all I’ve got after about 6 hours playing the game, so I may be back with more still.

  • Luke Gerhard

    every time i click on the ultimate team icon it just comes up with a message saying there has been an error connecting to ultimate team and then returns me back to the main menu.

    • Craig Haskayne

      Same for me I ain’t even been able to play a single game hope it gets fixed this is why I play FIFA

  • Liz

    on 360 everytime there’s a substitution the game freezes and freezes my xbox!

  • Tonie Smith

    any time i go to load or even start a new career mode the game begins to load then just freezes every time

    • Drew Burnett

      hey try to download fifa to your hard drive it worked for me.

  • reece_16

    i am also having a problem with fut 12 ps3 everytime i win a game in competition i get logged out of ea and taken back to main menu resulting in a loss and when in game everytime i make subs as soon as it goes back to the game the connection goes again 

  • SMatt92

    FUT12 i am able to play a complete match but when completed and taken to the stats i get signed out of ea servers which means i lose my coins and the game and also a contract to a player

  • james pride

    i can play a hole game of ut but at the end of the match on stats i get kicked losing all my coins and dnf drops , unbelievably  frustrating !!! 

  • guest

    exact same happens to me cuts off at end of every match on ultimate team and i lose all coins,contract and dnf down to 0.50 hope its fixed soon . put money in account for packs and cant even play the game to earn coins.

  • Winstonwfg

    i lost my ultimate from fifa 11 when i got fifa 12 but my club value remains the same, that to me is saying that my fifa 11 team is there somewhere…anyone know how to fixed that or i of to start all over again and build a new ultimate team?

  • Ant79

    anybody been able to redeem code when trying to enter the code to get the free packs, just keeps coming up saying wrong code entred, but its the right code??????????? this is on the ultimate edition  

    • Garamrki

       go to the redeem voucher not redeem code and ull get ur packs

    • Kiss_my_willy

      just type the code in with no dashes, mine word 1st time. u will find it inside ur box if its the special addition version. there are two codes inside the box make sure ur typing in the right one.

    • Shielser12

      there are 2 codes one is 4 online and the other is 4 ut packs

  • Mike

    I don’t think for one moment there is a problem with the defense this year.  Just as you said, it will take time to get used to.  Also, the only problem I am really having is the teams’ kits clash.  Many times when I play with Tottenham and try to wear the black kits, I’ll get paired up against Man City who are wearing their dark blue kits and so on.  This problem seems to be something that can be fixed but I don’t know how EA went about this system.

  • Elliot291

    I’ve got a problem with my replays! ON ps3. Just shows the pitch with no players. VERY ANNOYING!!

    • Stefan

      I am same the same problem can’t see any replays for goals highlights offsides
      it just shows the camera angle with no players or movement

      • Moose007

        Same here no replays?


    FUT12 i am able to play a complete match but when completed and taken to the stats i get signed out of ea servers which means i lose my coins and the game and also a contract to a player.
    also my DNF is down to 0.1 which is a joke considering i have only lost 1 match and havent quitted once :/
    Im not inpressed by the way this has gone down this year D:

  • sweaberg

    Have the save problem as FIFA ADDICT, very dissapointed in this, i played 3 games and won every time, but my stats is 0-0-3 and my DNF low as hell. I know many people who have this problem so they should fix it any time i hope.

    another thing is the skill level on the CPU in club online games, almost every team we play against choose to let the computer do the defending and its almost impossible to break thrue, every team should defending themselves, this is not fair and its very booring to play.

  • Sebas

    i got problems with the ea at fifa 12 ultimate team , every time i win or lose a game i click advance ( on ps3) and then i get the message that my ea connection is lost and i got lose + my dnf goes down , never had this problem with fifa 11 ultimate team

    • Kj

      Havin da same problem man. Is there any solution to this?

  • Aidan Cooper

    I cant control my player in the arena, but only in the 1 on 1 bit, can it be fixed? nothing to be found anywhere…

    • Aidan Cooper

      The player plays, but controlled by the computer

    • Aaronc1995

      Did you manage to find a solution ?

  • JonathanHaber

    I get logged of from FUT when i change my team… it means that i need to go to the Computer and change it there but then, it always says that : “the servers are full”…

  • Drew

    I am having an issue when I start a career the auto trade system trades away almost every good player I have. Anyone having this issue? Are there any solutions?

  • ChrissyDocc

    same old problem loosin all my coins and gettin a loss after every game i play on UT because of crappy servers multi million pound company and you have crappy servers like this come on man spend some cash on decent servers 

  • Bolton

    This is a HUGE problem, I complete 1 out of every 10 matches I play

  • Mcginty_09

    Each time my game autosaves it takes a new save space rather than overwriting the previous one.

    • SG #19

      Same here. Everytime a save in career mode it makes another save spot instead of the one I designated. Never had this problem in fifa11. Wonder whats up?

  • Ssloth

    My fifa12 freezes when im playing online fut-matches? :/

    • day

      mine has done the same twice 2day, annoying is not the word especially when your winning when it does it.

  • stoner

    my fifa 12 lets me play virtual pro online but crashes and freezes my ps3 when i try to play anthing else online

  • Annoyed.

    I played a few friendly matches fine then I started a player manager career. During the ‘news’ screens the game froze.

    Now whenever I try to start a match such as a friendly, the game freezes after team selection before it can load the match. The game is completely unplayable.

  • Bozanco

    every FUT match i play, on or offline, it freezes in the arena before the game and gives me a loss, WTF!!!

  • Lewis Butler

    every time i go online it cuts me off saying an error has occurred, and you are no longer synced with the online match. Its doing my head in ive spent £45 on a game and i cant play it. Something needs to be done within the fifa gaming association. has anyone else had this problem?

  • Craig Haskayne

    I have had the error connecting to FIFA 12 UT for 3 days now but playing online on pro ranked is fine career is fine and so is everything else just UT this is why I bought the game any answers EA just said it will be fine soon how long is soon? Weeks?

    • Przemyslaw Kacprzyk

       Craig can i have the link from the EA web where it says it will be fine soon please, i cant find it anywhere

  • Johnnydean55

    Ohhh my god where do i start,, there are squad problems,, u can sort ur startin line up just to be screweed by the game with it defult squad,, in sunderland i han gyan there where my friend has ni gyan but bentner,,, the sever has kicked me out and buggered my DNF ,, the games programners have def dropped a clanger,, and whats goin on with the shooting system ,, why change a good thing

    • matt

      i realised if u dont finish your team and click ready in time u will be set with the default team

  • Partmuh

    with the ultimate team gameplay i have the same problem! after every game i play,win/loose, i see the player ratings, how much coins i earnd from the game , the i have to press the advance button to go further in the menu, and at that moment BOOOOMMMM connection error… i figured out that i don’t get any coins from the game i played!!! and also my players loose contracts from the game i played !!! from the day i bought the game until now, i lost already 24 players and no coins earned !!! i don’t understand!!! if you loose the game and do nothing, i mean nothing, you earn minimum 350 coins from every match you play!!! i never had a problem with FIFA 11, but fifa 12 … big question mark ???!!! maybe less is better, EA !!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you guys for reading!!!

    • Shielser12

      i have the same problem im bringing mine back today thanks EA for your support.

  • Kaiyo

    no matter the score at the end of a game on ultimate team it dissconects me and it counts as a loss

  • zheo94

    yes i have had this problem where im winning they rage quit i can tell as there on the dashboard and then it comes up with something like EA will determine the outcome of this game so i think you know i get the win and i get a message from this guy saying haha so i ignore knowing i won and i get the loss so  have EA decided that i have lost when the other guy has left the game? i dont know if this is people hacking the game or abusing some glitch or if EA actually decided that i lost the game from where i was winning. all i know is that guy who sent me haha knew he had one as he intentionality left in the 86th minute.

  • Madscientist__

    Some major flaws this year:

    1) With precision dribbling everyone dribbles like Messi, it is quite ridiculous.2) The two central defenders seem to “camp” a lot near the middle of the pitch. As a result the following scenario occurs frequently: The goalkeeper kicks the ball and all of a sudden there are 2 vs 2 counterattack situations in the middle of the ground. If one plays with one of the big clubs with really fast players up front the opposition is doomed.
    3) The shooting has more weight to it (which should be a good thing) but a lot of shots go unnaturally slow and yet they end up at the bottom of the net (quite comical goals really)!

  • jthurley

    when i enter a game i cant find an opponent then i get the “We are sorry but there is an error connecting to FIFA 12 Ultimate team” message and when i go back onto ultimate time i have another lose added to my record so i have played about 4 matches with a record of 2-1-11

  • Craig Haskayne

    Hi, my name is Richard. How may I help you?
    2374805533: my fifa team won’t come on it just says error all the time
    2374805533: i mean ultimate team
    Richard: Please tell me the error.
    2374805533: it says ” we are sorry but there has been an error connecting to fifa ultimate team ”
    2374805533: i have not been on it at all since i have bought the game but i have to everything to get it back on
    Richard: Please clear cache for your console and then try. To clear the cache 1. On your Xbox 360 console, go to My Xbox, and then select System Settings. 2. Select Memory, Highlight any storage device, and then press Y on your controller. Important: Do not press the A button. Note It doesn’t matter which storage device you select, the cache is cleared for all storage devices. 3. Select Clear System Cache.
    2374805533: then is that all i do??
    2374805533: that does not work
    Richard: I will need to refer your issue to our higher level.
    Richard: our higher team will contact you via E mail within 24-72 hours Max.
    2374805533: my brothers fut works so i tried recovering my gamer tag on his x box still no luck but his is fine?
    2374805533: ???
    Richard: Yes, some users are able to play fine.
    2374805533: any reason why?
    Richard: There is issue with servers.
    2374805533: so is it my gamer tag or just general EA
    Richard: EA.
    2374805533: issue with the servers lol same old same old cheers anyway will it get sorted for everyone soon do you know
    Richard: Yes, it will very soon.
    2374805533: cheers mate
    Richard: Cheers.
    Richard: Have a great weekend mate.
    Richard: Bye.

  • Pab

    At the end of every ultimate team match I play I am dissconnected from the ea servers and brought back to the main screen where I can sign back in immediately

  • Buznby917

    every time i am playing i am disconnected from my head to head match and get the lose every time! 

  • Mario

    I just purchased it.
    Big bullshit, not working at all, showing error and can’t start the game.
    I can enter general setup but not a game.
    And there is not keyboard option for PC
    So frustrated, just wasted money

  • Bobbyblue121

    cant play any game mode on fifa 12 other than virtual pro it just crashes and freezes my ps3 anyone else having these problems feel like smashin it up waste of my god damn time

  • Oliverpieterson

    Same problem bobbyblue, So annoying and been on hold to EA for 15 mins..have just dropped the phone! I have only just deflected back to FIFA after being on PRO for the last 5 years and am begining to regret it!

  • marktko

    Often freezes and crashes PS3 when going to the menu screen to do subs half time etc.. Commentary and crowd sound often go off when playing and only sound is that of ball being kicked Online – game freezes for about 30-40 seconds when a penalty is awarded. When it comes back on there is a 50:50 chance you won’t have indicator bar to take the penaltyTimer and score display – though set to on I haven’t been able to get this to show up for last few games now

    • Faisal Shaan Mahmud

      Yep same happens here, considering the money i spent.. I really should be able to play the damn thing! happens almost every other game.

    • charles

      same thing is happening to me with all the commentary and crowd sound going off and when it is half time it lags and all the players just keep stretching and stays on for around 10mins……..sooo piss taking almost smashed my ps3

  • Spence-Bwfc

    When I’m playing as my pro in a season as a keeper my rating just randomly starts dropping when I have done nowt wrong it’s a joke

    • Bes8

      Ye I get the same in pro ranked and pro club matches; my rating keeps dropping even though my passing is like 80-100%, i have scored a goal and/or assisted and i am not out of position.

  • Psychomiklos

    ifg you do’t like the tackling system and its that much of a problem then you CAN turn it off in the settings… On another note getting lots of lag online and pro club games keep getting cut off… still better than last year when the servers didn’t work for 2 weeks

  • day


  • Jerniganjames

    Lol i try to play career mode as a pro the lagg is so bad cant get past the pre season games. I am pretty pissed because i pre ordered this game and it does not even work lol im switching to PES. THANKS EA

  • Owenreid

    i get the Ultimate Team error every time i try editing my squad

    • SuperNinja

      That happens to me to

  • Chreller_66

    Everytime I finished a game in UT, it says connection lost, please fix this very very soon, because it’s a waste of contracs, and I have lost 3000 coins  because of this 

  • SloaneVenge

    Everytime i start playing on “be a pro: goalkeeper” once the “training” loads, the picture hangs.. but sound still goes on

  • ESL

    Is just a waste of money fifa 12 i regret buying it. Everytime i play FUT 12 and finished the macht it counts like a lost even if i win and plus that i get no coins. I want my $65 dollars EA not worth it.

  • S8W

    Fifa config has stopped working.EA please fix this problem!!!!!!!!

    • Zamnov007

      I’ve had the same issue!

  • Lewisnesbit2011

    my fifa 12 ultimate team players keep going missing can i get them back

  • matt

    when getting my pro up everytime opposing team makes a sub xbox freezes so i cant gain any sort of accomplishments

    • steve

      Xbox freezes every time the other team make a sub when being my pro, same here only started today was alright before that update. 

  • Chazzer95

    Every time i play Ultimate Team, right at the end of that game when i should get all the match facts, it quits saying i’ve lost connection, my record is now 0-0-10!!!! WHAT A JOKE

    • Ianoconnor

      same as

    • Ian o’connor

      And I spent 40 euros today on psn vouchers to buy packs, along with 10 euros I had in my wallet already..50 euros on the game, 50 euros on the packs and my record is 0-0-8…all disconnections at the end of my games..really dissapointed..

  • TS_Jedi_Knight

    Every time i play Ultimate Team on the PS3, right at the end of the game when i should get my coins for the game, it quits saying i’ve lost connection. 

    • Paul

      its the same for me
      and it freezes

    • Bnjmn

       i have gotten then over 20 times and on top of that u dont get your coins it counts as a loss and head to head season dont get me started 30 losses just from that

  • daniel

    ea has really outdone themselves this time, endless bugs and annoying defending, now dont get me wrong i understand in real football why they tend to be low scoring games because no one wants to lose, bit this is a game and should be fun, so why is it that everytime i go up to world class on this one i end up chasing the football all game, its not fun and frankly its only slightly realistic, the worst example being that bad players with ratings of say 50 will outpace and overpower all the great players in the world, simply i want a realistic diffcultly where player stats are accuratly represented on the pitch, for me and the computer. i wont be buying this one and frankly i cant see myself buying another one till they start sorting this out. im going back to pes, at least there players will run for me

    • matt

      play a bit more on a lower level and learn how to play the new game, i am playing on legendary now and not having to many problems

  • Ryan Marsden

    Can any one help me please. I bourght a gold pack worth 95p on PSN and it waws “waiting for transaction to be complete” then it said error try again later so i went to try agaun and i noticed it had taken the money off from the pack that i didnt get how do i get the pack or the money back. Thanks if u can help.

  • Ross27#

    everytime i get to ocober 9th on manager career its keeps freezing??? please help me

  • SuperNinja

    Everytime i have to change my squad i get send back to the fifa 12 menu it it has happend since the first time i played UT

  • Gary Botting

    Every time i also playFifa 12 Ultimate Team on the PS3, right at the end of the game when i should get my coins for the game, it quits saying i’ve lost connection.     

  • Andrew7

    Just be happy you guys can play the other game modes. Whenever i go to play ANY type of game it freezes in the arena %100 of the time without fail!



    • Bnjgray

      delete your game data, it fixes it. 

  • MelooNeeN

    Every time i play Ultimate Team on the PS3, right at the end of the game when i should get my coins for the game, it quits saying i’ve lost connection.

  • Kuayee

    i cant see my friends in game..they are online in origin but in fifa i cant see them

  • Wylansford

    During any exhibition match that I play in, it freezes at half time or if there are any stats shown of both teams or the other team.

  • Danny James

    When I go in the Squad menu in Manager Mode, half of the team has gone and there is goalies everywhere and there id underdefined people and it freezes.

    • Basel Baze Abbas

      same here.. what is it?

  • Cgilmore

    replays are not working, just shows an empty pitch

  • Craig

    Can’t take the player name bar off in career mode.
    And yes……iv’e tried taking it off in the options…….it doesn’t work in career mode.

  • Benji Gray

    Guys, try and delete your game data on the ps3. It solves problems in career mode and crashing. However FUT will still disconnect just got wait for EA to pull there fingers out. :)

  • Akmikai

    Hey, my xbox is having problems reading and lunching fifa12, it just starts to read and then indicates that theres no disc inside. Dose this happen to anyone else? After a while it dose recognize it. My xox is a 60g of 2008

  • Fifablowsoniphone

    I have fifa 12 on the iPhone and it was fine for a week or so but now it just exits the game after i either finish a daily challenge or a match. Does not save progress so it’s a total waste of time trying to continue using it.
    the Slide tackle button also is buggy – if i am running with a defender and press slide, it will instead switch players – this is beyond frustrating.
    Clearly something is wrong and they need an update to fix it!

  • Steanddeb01

    (ps3) ultimate team crashes every time i try and play a match and i cant do anything on the console and have to reset my console and send a error report to sony,anyone else getting this.


      I get this on my xbox dude really annoying!!

    • Chris Macher

      ye every game

      • arghhhh

        same for me…in a FIFA rage, i deleted my FUT team, and started a new one…and guess what !?…still doesnt work

  • Hugh

    lost pro after playing ultimate called ea said my fault called again said xbox fault 3 called they admitted its bugged to death £42.99 rip off fact lost all date in game but can view it online

  • james

    My ultimate team quits on me occasionally at the end of a game so i dont get coins and some times says it is unable to conect. It also wont alow me to give players extra contracts saying i have know where i have recently brought at least 10 putting my team in major trouble.

  • Chris Macher

    why doesnt ea just read these and fix the problems!!!!!!

    • Besik8

      They don’t even bother reading or replying in their own EA FIFA 12 forums, why would they bother listening to loyal customers anywhere else

  • Phatboi

    when i try and play tornys online or single player it takes me bk 2 main menu

  • Elmorgano81

    I have a pretty new 320gb PS3 and so far my fifa 12 is almost totally unplayable. Micro pausing in all game modes, unable to to play online for more than 5 minutes (game clock time!!!) have taken it back and had a new disc….still the same, and as for deleting everything fifa 12 related off the console that’s nonsense it doesn’t fix anything. This game is a nightmare

  • Laurens_tenbrummelhuis

    Quiting random games in FUT so my dnf modifiers keeps reseting…. So I had a dnf 1.70 and now back again to 1 thnx EA….

  • Trix-n-tix

    The following is some observations from the XBox 360 platform.
    Playing fa cup as Liverpool, my wife finds the game freezes every time she plays Arsenal, at whatever time Benayoun and Arteta sub on/off by the AI. The game has frozen several times, but this is the only one we can see as consistently tied to a distinct event. In exhibition mode, when I play as Arsenal the team default setting involves putting a goalie in as LW. This does somewhat hamper my teams progress….

    • Jerry Wong

      i have been experiencing the same problem in career mode on PS3. It freezes whenever 1) arteta sub on the game or 2) goalie disappears when he is sub on and the game freezes when you score a goal.

  • David Rivers

    I have been playing a ridiculous amount of FIFA 12 on PS3 lately (after playing a ridiculous amount of FIFA 11 right before that), and I have many complaints. When you play online, your opponent is allowed to waste too much time (35 or 40 seconds each time) by pausing the game, even if he is not making any changes. There are several sequences of video that you are still *forced* to watch or it is too cumbersome to skip. I have experienced the previously mentioned issue with replays not showing (instead displaying an empty pitch). I have earlier experienced many issues connecting to EA’s servers, but this seems to be less of a problem now. Many actions in Ultimate Team take way too long, such as sending cards from your Watch List to your Consumables, presumably due to network issues syncing data with EA’s servers. One time I bought 2 player contracts, and they vanished after sending them to my Consumables. More often than not, graphics don’t render immediately or at all during the pre-game 1-on-1 versus the goalkeeper. One time after switching controllers, the pre-game 1-on-1 incorrectly still only worked from the controller I switched from (until I restarted the PS3).I could go on with minor issues, but I have 2 very frustrating complaints. Graphics were clearly optimized for the XBox 360. Playing on my friend’s 360 and my own PS3, I am very disappointed to be cheated from EA despite having more capable hardware. Also, the game is simply too hard to play now. And as expected, a lot was changed since FIFA 11. However, the CPU behavior makes the game significantly less fun to play. When you defend against a player, the CPU runs away and it becomes a pointless chasing game. Your CPU teammates still make useless, premature runs. I could play FIFA 11 in World Class mode and consistently win, normally scoring multiple points in a game. After weeks of playing FIFA 12 way too much, I still have trouble maintaining a scoreless or low-scoring draw in Professional mode.

    • Besik8

      I agree with everything you have mentioned David. I am disappointed with fifa 12 to say the least, especially with the terrible EA server

    •æren/808275343 Gerry Fjæren

      I second the last bit regarding the CPU holding the ball. Even when the CPU attack sometimes you have 3-4 defenders trying to get rid of the ball creating to much confusing passes withing the 5m box…Even on Semi-pro in 3d division England playing career you play “chase the ball” almost through 60% of the game. Your CPU teammates are not playing the level of intensity as your opposition CPU. This you can see in every game-level from beginner to world class. Passing and tackling in every aspect of the game is almost always in the opposition CPU’s favor making this the most unfair FIFA game ever made :/ To play this game with the new tackling system is very tricky and difficult. The referee is VERY unfair.

    • Jaden765

      Maybe your just crap…

      • denwo

        hahahahahhaha. right? professional…you stuck in division 10 in h2h seasons too?

  • Android Bader

    Well career mode freeze when i load my saved game i tried so many times its just not working

  • D Dryden

    can not get my name up on player name bar  nor players name

  • Tsdatashow

    DONT BUY THIS GAME (at least not yet, its so filled with errors, that it will get you so frustrated, that you want to brake the gamedisc)

    Well, for starters, the biggest problem right now is that every time you play a game in FUT, you get disconnected after finishing and lose all xp and money. WAKE UP EA.

    furthermore, all the players actually looked like the real life players, in FIFA 11, but now, i cant recognize anybody. I dont know what happened, but i surely dont understand why they have to go change the looks of the players to something worse.

    2 or only 3 players of my team (Lyngby BK) is represented with a picture on the FUT and also on the gameboard after the game.

    there are other issues, but now im too annoyed to write more

  • Ben

    on manager mode my squad has completely been taken over by orange players that have no names or ratings and when I try and change my squad the Xbox freezes and I have to restart it

    • Baze


  • Joe

    when i try to play an ultimate team game, just before it goes in the arena before the match, the timer stays in the corner with a black screen and will not let me play the game, what can i do or is it just simply the ea servers?

  • Kirk

    On my manager mode the weather is always day time even when the time of day is late 7.45 PM. This only occurs on the official stadiums not the generic ones.

    • Kirk

      Career Modes*

  • Benji Gray

    I tell you now, I think this is getting to be a disgrace by EA.12 days since a update on the situation that was caused many to be angry and let down by a game bugged to hell.  Well and truely took the enjoyment out of this game, cheers EA. 

    P.s. I was told on the 7th I’d get contacted within 48 hrs…nothing. Contacted again….nothing.  If I had paid anymore then I did I would of sent the game back with a present of my own.

  • Mario

    I’m very disappointed with EA. I’m from Portugal and I bought fifa 12 for PC. After installing the game and when I try to start the game after the initial screen, the game just closes and returns to the desktop. My computer far exceeds the recommended minimum to play. I’ve tried everything as I saw on the forums but still unable to boot the game. I paid 40 euros for a game that does not start and this problem affects thousands of people around the world as i seen in the EA forums without solution. It’s amazing how EA releases a game with so many problems. I’ve given up and will reinstall fifa 2011.

  • Steve

    Anybody else getting the infuriating error, that when you you save your career mode, the next time you load it, you are a couple of months bac@f2c0ec5e73e2420db93f80a7478460af:disqus 


    This has happened to me about 5 times since I bought the game.  Last time I lost all of Dec and Jan matches, all transfer window activity and two scouting assignments that I set up.

  • Basel Baze Abbas

    today i just loaded my career mode, player-manager.. Then i wanted to play the next game but then I saw that my squad was completely messed up so i went to the main team management to change it but then i saw that half of my team has vanished, including my virtual pro, and in replacement there are goalkeepers everywhere whose names are “10″ and have 99 overall. whenever i click on them to move them from the first team my game freezes.. infact my PS3 freezes which is extremely annoying. Is there anyway you can fix this or do i have to suffer for the rest of humanity with this goalkeeper takeover?

    • Adam

      I get the same problem tring to change any player in career mode.

  • AshR

    The back of PSV’s away kit is light blue, and for some reason the referee always decides to play in light blue. Stupid.

  • dthesun

    for those using FUT mode on the xbox, change your custom tactics on the very last screen before you enter the game. for some reason it freezes because of the custom tactics. just change all four of them to the default tactics(long ball, counter attack, possesion, etc). not sure if it works for ps3. give it a try. it worked for me. fifa12 is a fun game once you actually get to play. as for manager mode, im having the same problems everbody else is having. i simply just started a new manager mode with a new team and it worked great. maybe only certain clubs freeze? i used liverpool and 3 seasons in, it started with the problems. i chose tottenham this time and everything is going fine so far.

  • Adam

    In career mode, changing the team around causes FIFA 12 to crash – this is on the PS3

  • Kristian Kolding

    MANY people around the world are experiencing issue with the new FIFA (faulty) 12.

    To protest against EA and their “let’s sit back and watch what happens” – attitude, join this FB protest group:

    “Global protest against the Countless flaws in Fifa12″

  • Greatphildead

    the passing in the game is horrible always passes to the wrong person  !!!  and  i am actually a very skilled player and i et people on who  ar ehorrible   I take  like  16  on target  goal  shots   and  miss all but they take 1 shot and win  its  retarded!!!

  • Zuzicqa2000


  • AyoobFakhri

    After it`s installation,If My game is runned up automatically without any eror occuring the game is closed,so is there any problem with win xp sp3?

  • Matt Hibbert

    im getting keepers take over my team on career mode that are number 10 and are on 99!!and soon as i scroll on to them it crashes!!!what is up with it??????

    • Mezzie_merrell

      I have the exact same problem! and its putting me off starting a new season because what if it happens again!?!? if you manage to find a solution please let me know and il do the same.

    • Rtb123

      same with me! glad it isnt just me

  • Ahg1nger

    when ever i go onto career mode my players have changed positions and random goalies that just created them selves have taken over my team just like MATT HIBBERTS comment please help i paid money for this and it has nosw ruined the fifa experience for me and if not fixed then i will certainly NOT BE BUYING ANY OF YOUR GAMES EVER AGAIN!

    • Kiieran1

      mine does this aswel … and when im playing in career mode my players get pushed off the ball really easy and players run through each other and when i tackle an opponent his legs bend n he walks through the tackle its starting to really piss me off now  :

    • Rtb123

      exact same happens to me

  • Greatphildead


    • xavi

      just fyi mate.. you can change error percentages in the game settings so it helps you pass straight

    • Stuartnowell_1

      I agree with this about the passing. Facing the player to whom I want to make the pass, and it passes to some fucker out of shot who is also offside! Maybe, it’s something I’m doing specifically, but if so, I am not sure what. Anyone???

  • Semple 90

    I like to play the head to head seasons, however quite often even when winning by two goals, the opposition will ‘lose connection’, it then says that the reports will be checked to assess what the result will be…..and it will give them the win. Absolute joke, 3-1 up 85th minute and i lose? this happens very often. Any thoughts?

    • Peter Drajling

      me too. yet it allways seems to crash when theres a replay on. and its all ways when im winning. very suspect indeed.

    • denwo

      theyre booting you out of the game. check your firewall protection for your connection

  • Mate

    I played a tournament match in fifa 12 ultimate team i won 6-2 and when the referee blew his whistle i wanted to save a replay because i was so proud of one of my goals … when i entered i suddenly got the message “we are sorry but…. bla bla bla lost connection to fut 12… blabla fifa 12 menu” i was so F**king angry at that time because i wanted the replay.. i went back in and checked my tourney and my match wasnt even there and I was like wtf+!??! ….. well another problem I have experienced when playing fifa 12 is that sometimes the game lags a bit (online) and then when something happens like a goal or freekick or anything that shows a replay the replay shows the middle of the field and there are no players at all just the middle of the field and the ball is there aswell  at some random spot…

    • Foxmozis

      Did U solve this?


    when i play career mode on xbox i set my pro’s age to 18 and go as player but at the end of season only get manager offers and cant use my pro. Tried new career 3 times and happens each time. Tackling is a joke too going too trade in, waste of cash.

  • andre campos

    Mine won’t even start. Well done EA. That’s why Konami’s PES takes you to school. Douches

  • bhuto marak

    the refereeing in fifa 12 is terrible, my opponent lose the ball in the penalty area fair and square but he got penalty for the foul made outside the box a seconds earlier…how bout that for referee?? and its even worst when you customised your tactic.

    • Ebomarcell

      I’m on board w/ bhuto on this one. the officiating is terrible. phanton penalties for fair challenges in the box(which is what prompted me to even google this) that cost me a cup match, B.S offsides calls, and clear penalty saves that go through my keeper’s hand(Petr Cech) while performing diving saves… i put too much money into this damn system(360) to switch up now or else i would. So a patch would be nice anytime soon EA. okay i’m done venting(for now), woo saa…..

  • dave

    theres nothing wrong with the creation centre on fifa12. i use the xbox 360, the only problem being you cant have more than 58 teams. even if you create a tournament or bookmark someone elses to download it, that reduces the amount of teams from the 58 allowed. once youve reached the maximum of 58, even if you have say 3 out of the permitted 5 tournaments left you cant download them because of the 58 team maximum. id still download one team/tournament before bookmarking another and exit out of creation centre each time.
    your still however allowed to create new players and bookmark them up to the limit of 50.
    i can also download fifa11 players and teams to use on fifa12.
    hope this helps. i sussed this yest 22/10/11

  • Gavsprivatemsn

    i like to play head to head seasons but now when ive scored or have a good shot the replays have totally gone all i see is the middle of the empty pitch wtf !!!!!

  • Martin_higgins783

    ultimate team at the end of game or when i make subs the game goes down and are logged off ultimate team

  • Fifa12playerrr

    Most of the time when I’m playing Pro ranked matches, my Virtual Pro won’t get accounted for any accomplishments I have actually accomplished during a match.

    I am sure of this, as I won’t even get credit for goals I’ve made through the “400 Club” accomplishment. It just acts as if I haven’t made any goals. Really frustrating.

  • Joethomas

    I brought the ultimate team edition but haven’t recieve any other free packs except from the first 2, as my friends have had 6.

  • Jayson1990

    every time i pick my created team/s of the internet it will freeze, which did happen at the start?

  • Onepolarbear

    iPhone version freezes on the ‘SAVING’ screen following player transfers. Happened 8 times in a row. Restarting the iPhone is the only way to get back to the game. Otherwise, it’s great!

    • this sucks

      I have the same problem. Can’t get further than the first match in the career mode. Does anybody know how to fix this?

  • patrick 101

    my dad got fiffa 12 and he is a level 17 but he is half way to the next levle. hear is the promblem he been playing so manny games and the expeirence is still at 3377 and it wont move up. can some one help?

  • Andrew_le Bos

    my replays on fifa 12 dont show.. it just shows the grass errrrr.

  • M Man2k7

    i keep having to make my custom formations over and over again i save them but then sometimes randomly they wont be there. also when playing kick off this has happened 3 times my team will only start with 11 when i have a player missing and when i make a sub my goal keeper will disappear. SORT IT OUT FIFA >:-( 

  • Luke M Hall

    wont count title won in manager mode

  • Bjhans

    i brought aguaro from man city it all went through iv payed for him and paying is wage but hes not in my team iv looked on sell players and hes there i put is name in to buy and it said he plays for juventus can anyone help

  • Sspaek

    On my PS3 I have started career mode as a manager with manchester city. Suddenly, after a season, 5 goalkeepers(4 of them without name and playing in different positions) appeared in my starting 11. In fact, they replaced the real starters like Yaya Toure, David Silva, Seydou Doumbia( I had bought him from CSKA Moscow) etc. disappeared. Furthermore, when I wanted to navigate in the career mode menu, the game froze 4 times (I had already turned off the system and back on without success). Is there anything left  I can do?

    • Craig

      I’m having the same problem. So annoying, I brought m’villa In my 1st season got his overall up to 85 second season there’s a keeper replacing him WTF ?!

  • Chris

    Hey, using FIFA 12 PC version…having issues with the game speed. It varies during the game, but is generally too fast for the chosen speed. Any way to stop or fix this issue?

  • Chris

    Hey again…ignore my last post…My graphics card is one of the card is  one of the cards known to have compatiblity issues…just my luck :(…fml

  • Simonlegg1309


    I win and after it tells me my win details and coins earned it says I lost my connection to EA servers?? So I get no coins and my record goes down as defeat. This is annoying why should I spend money to buy packs etc and then I’m robbed out the back door??

    • Dartsfreaktops

      ive just had that,not long had the xbox,played 2 games online,drew and lost,next 2 kicked me out mid game when i was drawing,it gave the win to my opponent,then this morning i won 2-0 ,ref blew,showing highlights of game then connection was lost,and despite the message we shall see the game stats and award the points accordingly.about 15 shots to 4 in my guessed it,the opponent got the points…big con :-( am looking into changing my connection as not worth going online at mo

    • anders.alho

      That happens to me all the time! FUT isn’t nice when you can’t get any coins!

  • Nicola Caufero

    my son is distraught. He’s spend thousands of microsoft points on xbox 360 and days of gameplay and his fantastic ultimate team has vanished minute it was there the next gone. Is there anything I can do – how can this happen

  • Alfie Mallett

    MY free packs from special edition wont show up i need help!!

  • Aza-1990

    everytime i try to create a new manager mode the game freezes and i have to turn off my ps3 system , anyways to solve this so i can start a new manager mode?

  • Led Ammar

    When i choose online tournament on ultimate team the game freezes

  • James

    @9bfcc462566e0b0b73871b15a1771faa:disqus  Led Ammar
    I am experiencing the same problem with both tournament types

  • Desmondkhalil

    players names are all jumbled up and changed. ex: insetead of saving “messi” his jersy says “mellish” or “david villa” is now “david barral”

    • Joeminers

      I had this problem on Fifa 11. My kaka became Kamil and Cech became P.Carvalho. All i did was to delete my personal settings and start a new profile.

  • Craig Warwick53

    I waited a year for this game Fifa 11 was so much better my games freeze in ultimate team and I have to dashboard I lose because of that.I have opened a gold pack for it to dissapear taking the Drogba with it.
    The game lags so much even with 3 green bars and me restarting my modem/router everytime I play I am not a happy gamer.I have looked at making a complaint to EA but they do not have a complaints email address funny that.

  • Quang

    first of all when the game freezes or stuffs up i.e. go in FUT and then it freezes or b4 u start a match it freezes then it counts as a disconnect. i waited 30 minutes one time. THis increases your DNF ultimately reducing the amount of coins you make. 

    • Rolltidedgl

      Has anyone had a problem with the camera angle on online matches? Every time I play against someone, on XBox Live, the camera is facing my goal! I can’t see the opponents goal to score and it stays the way the entire match! I am pretty fed up with it! Adjusting the camera does not work either. Any answers?





    When on exibition mode playing a 2 player game and we both random select teams, why do the same teams ALWAYS pop up, Russia, Poland, Lille, Bolton, Lokomotive Moscow. It pisses me off!

  • Claus1992

    Hello everyone, I have a problem with fifa 12 for pc, the game crashes when I start proclubs mode, when I enter the field after a few seconds I get this written out an error has occurred, and You Are No Longer synced with the online match and brings me back to the previous screen where you choose the locations where you want to play .. can anyone help me?

    • Guest666

      same problem here… any help?

    • Iker

      same here, been like this since the new patch

  • Joeminers

    On Xbox, my FUT has recently told me everytime i go into single player match, tornument modes and online matches and click advance, a message appears saying ‘ An error has occured while creating your game session. Please try again’. Please help as I am not a patient person and getting reaslly annoyed.

  • Rjp9980

    my promblem is when i play no matter what mode after one or two games the scoreboard goes away everything gets quite like the crowd it goes in and out then once it gets to halftime it freezes i hit my button to quit game and its like it resets my whole system need to try other games movies are fine so tonight will try different disc cause i do remember when i first bought the game put it in and soon as i hit start when it tell you to and it froze before i ever played a game so did good for weeks and now this is where im at and not very happy please help 

    • Jeff Shay27

      I have the same problem. I can’t finish a game. What do we do?

  • Sticky Fingaz

    My problem is entering Pro Clubs. As soon as I hit ‘Play Game’ it appears to be loading until after about 4 seconds music & communication stops and everything freezes! I have no problem playing other online gae modes such as online friendlies & ranked matches, but as soon as I enter a pro club match……nothing! Computer says, “NO”, apparently!

  • Rodjim22

    i go to play exhibition game and when i go to change a teams formation it freezes, or when i update the rosters it freezes as well. anyone have he same issue? it on PS3 btw

    • Roberto

      me 2

  • Dhaiog

    FUT still crashing after the patch. u play, with luck, 3 games withou happening and then bang! getting disconnected of ea server whenever playing fut not the rest thou. still it’s very frustrating you loose contracts as well the dns.. did i bought the full game or not, the full experience or just the- wait for the next patch. what happens if i want to play right now? patience…
    for now on pes all the way

  •úben-Gomes/100000859866347 ‘Rúben’ Gomes

    hi, Im playing the PC version, in manager mode, coaching a low lvl italian team, and Israel national team…at the start of the second season i had a match for the world cup qualifires group phase, and all the menus are gone, i get stuck in the ‘First Team menu’, but cant continue the game or leave to try and restart…got to shut the game off….i had high hopes for this title, but it seems its as lame as it was in 2010

  • youtube1

    my fifa 12 keeps saying at the end of the match that “you have lost connection to the EA servers. you will be unable to access any online features until you sign in to the EA servers.” this then takes me to the main menu. I then have recive no coins. PLESE HELP!!!!!!!

  • Utopia

    HEAD to HEAD
    Anybody experienced quitters disconnecting & getting all the points?ANNOYIIIING

    Online head to head; are all players matched up actually in the same Division? 

  • Geez1993

    On two occasions I have been winning convincingly on H2H cup games, my opponent quits and the game says it is calculating the winner and I some how end up losing. SO annoying, this meant I missed out on the trophy that I should have got as well as points.

  • Careyhenry

    when i play 2v2 on fifa12 it says my file is currupt. and i have to start again. it happens a lot.why is it saying it?

  • sarahsov

    Im winning my game 4/5-0 then the player quits and i end up loosing? explain that!!!

  • S L Adams

    Im winning my game 4/5-0 then the player quits and i end up loosing? explain that!!!

  • djkbjkvkcjadv

    My replays arent showing.

  • Cabtyuu

    please fix online kit clashes it sux:s playin a team with same or similar colors VERY BAD

  • liverpool4lyf

    i have no problem loading fifa or buying selling players on ut but if i try play a game online or offline it just freezes and some times it crashes my ps3 why is this

  • Benji Gray

    EA has shown the great abilities in keeping their customers in the loop. Over a month since their last EA forum update on this disconnection matter. Even so the blame has directed on our routers.  Anything is better then nothing, tell people you dont know what the issue is…keeping us in the dark frustrates us beyond belief. I feel sorry for people who have used your own money on ultimate team and can’t play, myself have had that problem. Hopefully compensation will come our way…..soon!!!! EA you’ve spoilt the game I’ve loved for 2 years …cheers

  • benayoun

    why is israel not in fifa12 ???

  • Proksnnwk

    My PS3 freezes when I’m going in to the Virtuals Clubs/Play Now, then it freezes the whole console. Can someone send me a e-mail how to fix it>to the>

  • Man_u_bwoi

    If Anyonecould help I’d be greatful. Everytime I try to open a gold pack on ultimate team my ps3 hangs and I have to turn it off? Any ideas why this happens???

  • Rahulmenon17

    iam not able to pass the ball if iam pressing two direction keys at the same time on my keyboard, players just dont respond. same goes for shooting and sprint, even through ball, if iam pressing two direction keys simultaneously to create an angle for the pass or shoot, or slip through a gap, players just dont respond. is someone else facing this issue? iam not able to find any fix for this online…it didnt happen on the demo i played on my ps3 so iam sure it is just the pc version that is creating this problem since i prefer playing fifa with a keyboard…(old habits die hard… :)

  • Mohammedshahid2011

    i recently installed fifa 12 on my pc n when i play the game after sometime the game automatically closes down..wat is the problem n wat is the solution for the problem

  • Aldin Islamovic

    fifa 12 error configuration is incorrect

  • Brianjcarolan07

    ive played the challenges an done what it says but never got the points why is this

  • shaun hickey

    I am having trouble to play online on FIFA 12 on ps3. I go one the head to head season.  and it keeps coming up with connection to your opponent was lost please start searching again? 

    And if i do get one the game. it sometimes says the same thing. and it makes me lose the match. i was one a winning steak of 21 game and then lost 5 because of this.

    Is there away of fixing this.

  • shaun hickey

    That happens to me too. but after it go back to the centre mine lose the connection errrr

  • shaun hickey

    I hate that when it happens i was 7 goals on this guy and after the whistle went it said you lost connection  and he won. i was like WTF in a big voice. I was not sure why he won. 

    This was the first time it happens to me. ever since then it has done it all the time.. now am not playing online until i fix it

  • shaun hickey

    I think I found a solution for my problem. but now my level won’t go up on FIFA it stays where it is. does anyone know why this might happen. also I just won a game 3-0  because the person I was playing left the game because I was winning….

    I really hope I can fix this problem.. thanks   

  • Anonymous

    Why  is my surname random in pro- clubs? In career mode and normal play my surname shows correctly; its a pain when changing formations etc…as the manager doesnt know which player i am.
    Any one seen this before ? And know the fix?

  • MadWitFifa

    Ultimate Team Is Just Completely Unbearable. I’m Winning In A Tournament Match 2-0 &| The Other Person Presses Start, Quits &| Then Wen iTry To Advance To The Main Menu, It’ll Tell Me I’ve Been Signed Out Of EA Servers N It’ll Freeze In The Arena.

    Wtf Are The UT Developers Doing ? Smfh !!! &| EA Servers Is Jus’ Terrible

  • Fahriz

    who know how to make black players?

  • Benji Gray

    Guys whats everybodys internet set up, I’m on a virgin superhub and have followed all of Eas instructions. Exampl: port forward(doesnt work),turn off firewall(doesnt work), delete game data(doesnt work), wired connection(doesnt work)…. you catch my drift. Howev do not turn virgin superhub to modem mode unless you have a router you can use to continue wireless connection. I think we are all buggered until Ea know how to help us.

  • Amayesed

    360, VP Pro Ranked matches loose connection probably 85% of the time, but this last week it’s probably 95% of the time. Very, very, frustrating… There is absolutely nothing wrong with my internet connection and I my 360 is even wired directly,,,

  • Benji Gray

    I found out the problem for me which actually resulted in me getting NAT1, I turned me virgin superhub into modem mode and wired it straight to the ps3 and BOOM…. it worked.  I reckon most of us will have to deal with the router.

  • shaun hickey

    does FIFA 12 still lose connection with your opponet. I wish they would fix it now.

  • shaun hickey

    If I go on FIFA 12 tonight and it loses connection I will take it in and get a refund on my game and I will never bye another game that has EA severs. I will also sell my ps3 because I only got it to play fifa games.

    And i will tell my friends not to get any of the fifa games 

  • Rushu_16490

    My fifa 12 pc crashes after 1st season of manager mode I cannot progress to the next season. Any clue to resolve this problem?

  • Dennis Heydari

    guys please help me i cant see the replays in game! i just see a blank peech. My friends also have this problems

  • Ultimate team HELP

    after a match on ultimate team it says there’s been an error with ultimate team and than it counts as a loss i get no coins and it is offline and online somebody know how to fix this?

  • JakeLPB

    Major problem- basically half time into a game my fifa starts crashing, and my xbox starts making a noise which you can tell is the disc moving slightly, my xbox absolutely destroyed my old disc with scratches so today i went and bought another one, no surprises at all- at half time, the game crashes.. However i own assassins creed and mw3, and both play fine.. Can anybody please help?

  • Superb JP

    My only problem is that when it says your opponent has left the match which i couldn’t tell if it was the player itself or my connection, the ea servers sucks big time, but at least this seems less glitch in 12 than in 11 :)

  • Michaelcalvert1

    i was playing head 2 head season and i was on the ball and the oposing team got a free kick, i never win a header , passing goes completely wrong way ,sometimes forwards wont make runs, when i switch players it goes to a player not even near the ball ,sometimes i just can not keep up with any1 ,and the crossing on the game is just not good , overall very dissapointed they have ruined the game  think i will have to rent the next 1 before i think about buying it there is no obstruction offside is wrong if a player does not interfere with play he is not offside but not on this it does not matter offside everytime  ,i had the ball out of the pitch and i even stopped because it was out but it never gave a throw ,does any 1 else feel the same about this 

  • Derekalman

    on fifa12 i can not play any pro ranked matches or any other online thing without being disconnected i have a fast connection but it keeps telling me that the connection has been lost to the ea servers but i dont sign out of the ea? it is really annoying me and when i try to play battlefield or medal of honour or any other ea game it says that i have lost connection to the ea servers. This only happens on ea games but on call of duty and other games it doesnt can you please help as i am a massive pro clubs player!

    • shaun hickey

      maybe you should try moving your machine closer to the Internet because when I was playing in my room the same thing happened. so I moved my ps3 to the room that the Internet was. and it now works. it does not lose conncetion any more. it can sometimes.

  • Mace

    I like the individual tackling in FIFA 12 but how can you control more than one player and when controlling a player, the other teammates should have some AI to position themselves better which is why when the cpu passes the ball to another player it is almost impossible to reach and tackle that player.

    Secondly for the referee kit-clash, while playing Borussia Dortmund (Yellow Kit), Referee often wears a Yellowish green kit.

    And to add to the first problem, when getting the ball, the other teammates don’t even move to find space for a pass in World Class and Legendary difficulty level. Difficulty level is supposed to better the opposition team, not make your team worse right?

  • Ghost

    If I play on my PS3 f.u.t. and win a game then the server pops out and says there is no connection with EA-servers I get a loss and no coins and -1 contract for my players. But, if I lose a game f.u.t. saves my game and i get coins and a loss.
    So what to do?

  • udel30

    We are trying to figure out how to have multiple created players play on the same team from two different profiles. my bro started a career mode on his profile with a created player and then i created one on my profile and put it on the same team. is there any way that we can continue/start a new career where both of those players will be on the same team so that we can each control our own guy?

  • Patrik169

    Hi Guys, i’ve got a small problem. It’s about Ultimate Team. Me and my friend would like to play friendly match together, but we can’t never join to each other. Do you have any experience with that?? Thx for you answer.

  • Roopjandu

    I don’t no how to tall my players to run

  • shaun hickey

     How do you play team play against a friend with other people? like when you go onto team play can you be on the same team. and have other people.

  • shaun hickey

    I have two problems. number 1: for some strange reason when I play Head to head season games at night time I never get my points after I win so I can’t level up. does anyone have the same problem? can I fix it? how do you fix it? 2: my replays won’t show up it just shows a black screen. does anyone else have the same problem? can you fix it? this only happens at about 10:00pm. It dose not do this in the day time… please help….

  • Max St John Brown

    i’m so annoyed at ea sports, i was unbeaten online and in one of the matches i played the connection was lost when it was 1-1 and it said i lost! 

    can ea sports overwrite the decision, probably not, my ps3 name is maxiAMBAZAC anyway…..

  • Dpsenn

    Why do I keep getting multiple saves for tournaments?

  • Darthcroi

    at half time the guy im playin bryan1cfc on the xbox 360 has somehow paused the countdown timer on the screen…all i can do is pull up my friends list and sign out is there a way of getting out of this without losing my multiplyer…i have never quit a game and im winning this game 3-1…how can ppl get away with this? microsoft if ur reading this please help

  • shaun hickey

    go this post has nothing to do with FIFA12 but im going to write it down anyway. Because i think its an ea game. On my cricket game when i play online I was bowing and i had 1 wicket left to get out and when i did get that wicket( it was an edge) i started to bat and my game froze but the bowing was still going. I could not hit the ball. I got the guy out for 121 and he got me out for 0 because i could not press any of the buttons. Its not my concroler because I have 3 I had to get a new on because my little brother spilt coke on it. I was using my new one. then tried my other two. none of them worked. and when i played FIFA all of them worked…  WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ea GAMES AND SEVERS? I HATE YOU SO MUCH FOR 

    THIS also happens often I tired resetting the game and when i was batting again it froze. it never happens when I bowing


    every game I get ea game it always has a problem and I only got my ps3 in December 

  • Mehultheking9

    can any1 tell me y my fifa 12 is lagging in general game…

  • Mehultheking9

    can any1 tell me y my fifa 12 is lagging in general game…

  • Nb3er07

    can someone tell me why i keep losing connection on online pro ?

    • shaun hickey

      Because the servers suck. or its the Internet lol

  • shaun hickey

    how come i don’t get my points for FIFA after about 9:30pm. i played a game and won 7-2 this was team play online. and i did not get my points. which really pisses me off becasue i can’t level up until tomorrow. this is SO GAY. it works during the day so why can’t it work at night? YOU ANSWER THAT EA SPORTS OR WHO EVER MADE FIFA12. TELL ME NOW I WANT AN ANSWER NOW NOW NOW NOW……  OR I WILL BRAKE THE WHOLE THING JOKES

  • Mattystemp2

    my biggest problem  about this game the only problem is players always wonting to leave even when there scoring goals and being played you cant win you cant make them happy no matter what so what the point even trying to 

  • Dave

    I have never had a problem with fifa 12 so far…love it. However i have being playing locally with a friend tonight and i am unable to view replays of goals fouls offsides etc…can anyone tell me how to fix this please??

    • shaun hickey

      that happens to me a lot to. I have founded out that when I use my PS3 and some one else is using the Internet the speed slows down making the replays not show. I don’t know why but I now use my PS3 when i have the house to my self and it works. but it did not today…. 

  • Zackdred

    my psn id shows up instead of my ea id ………………………..any help????????????????

  • shaun hickey

    does any one know what DNF means in FIFA12? i

  • Red Jazz

    DNF = Did Not Finish : If you quit the game you lose all DNF. Keep playing without quiting and your DNF raises. Your final coins won will be multiplied by your DNF. Keep playing = more coins!!!

    • shaun hickey

      I won a game 4-1 because the guy quit and it said I won by DNF and I did not know what that meant 

      • andres

        yo man @ shaun hickey  im having the same problem i cant level up anymore i have been winning im in divivison 3 it took me one night to get to it from 5 to 3 and i still havent leveled up im still level 11 if anoyone knows to solve this problem please message me! thank you! and my psn name is Stromae_09 thank you very much

  • Jayfour

    we are sorry but there has been an error connecting to fifa 12 ultimate team. you will be returned to the fifa 12 main menu
    cant play a game i payed good money for….last ea game i ever get.

  • shaun hickey

    Is there a set number of xp points a day? because after I reach 2000 points for the day. It won’t give me any more points. Also it won’t level up.

     So how do you get more than 2000?

  • joseph

    while playing fifa 12 pc become a goalkeeper on away games, i loose my match rating. it goes from the starting 6.0 to 2.8 or worse. why such a thing is happening?

    • Lach09207

      I’ve got the exact same thing. I’ve been told by my club they want to sell me, all because on away games I get incredibly low ratings, despite having the most clean sheets in the league. I really wish someone knew a solution.

  • Ajoggani

    my problem with fifa 12 is that i started a career mode and mid way season , i go to my squad , and see that my team has been replaced with random players , and some players dont have a name and have just random numbers , and then my game freezes . this happens only in the careeer mode . i dont get it . 

    • Recker2k7

      hey man that happend to me plenty of times unfortunitly theres nothing you can do its a bug some people have and others dont and its been happening to me since fifa 09 ruining almost every career mode ive ever had sorry for your mis fortune

  • Arbaaz_rulz

    im having a problem with fifa on xbox 360 were players now have different names and some players don have a nae for example ronaldinhos name on fifa has changed to rodriguez and iniesta doesnt even have a name how do i fix this ??

  • fifa fan

    i cant watch my replays on ps3 it sais i have to make a head profile and i cant create one

  • J_damacela

    iit wont let me play online with my friends on ps3

  • Paulmacadams

    Whenever I am on proclubs and I press play match it always freezes what should I do

  • Paulmacadams

    Whenever I am on proclubs and I press play match it always freezes what should I do

  • n.azzurri

    i haveplayed 3 season in career mode an i cant get any other offers to playas a player manager .. how do i getplayer manager offers instead of just manager from other clubs

  • shaun hickey

    Does any one know how to score a free kick on FIFA 12 PS3? what are the buttons? 

  • Fredrik Darren Bent Lehto

    sometimes when i play pro ranked matches i can’t control my pro.

  • shaun hickey

    On FIFA 12 is there a site where you can look at your friends record.  for example can you see how many 
    wins, draws, loses they have? if so how do you find it? thanks

  • mark westgarth

    it keeps thowing me out of my game on pro clubs and get a 3 0 lost for it

  • Braimond

    I am randomly having these problems (only on-line mode):

    - players ultra slow – players with a 92 speed attribute are overrun by players with 60 speed attribute 
     - imprecise passes or shoots
    - player not reaching the ball when very close to them 
    - players feel like they are skating rather than running on the field. 

    It happens randomly, but when it happens it stays for days and then finally (not sure how) is cleared and everything return to normal for a few more days. 

    • Braimond

      Hey man, I have exactly the same problem. Did you ever figure out the reason?

  • lee

    I’m Having problems with my vp getting accomplishments even thou im playing on world class none of my wc accomplishments are coming  anyone know how to fix this

  • sam x crawford

    Lots of problems, Pro ranked matches I sometimes end up controlling someone else’s pro, Pro Clubs freezes everytime I enter the match screen, so I havent played a single pro clubs match yet on fifa 12…

    Ultimate team freezes a lot in trade pile and when I reject trade offers, cards automatically go into trade pile when bought in auctions. 

    Lots of lag or glitches, players failing to intercept the ball when it rolls right next to them, players skating instead of running, centre backs going up for a corner and staying up for the entire time until the ball goes out of play (they just stand on the penalty spot for ages!) 

    Kit clashes in head to head seasons (played as Charlton Athletic against Sion, we wore red with white shorts and red socks, they wore all red!) 

    Players refuse contracts in Career mode for no reason (I was Man City, trying to extend the contract of Darren Bent, he was on 75k, i kept upping it until it got to 200k, he still said no, happened with lots of other players like Ansaldi and Lavezzi too)

  • shaun hickey

    now i have only two problems on FIFA 12

    number one; At night times I don’t get my points for any online modes. I had 1686 points and I had to get to 2000 but my points stayed on 1686. Does anyone know why? 

    number 2: My replays won’t show when someone is on the Internet When I am playing online.
    I go online everyday but my gay sister is always on. So I can’t see my replays. I got goal 50 yards out but it did not show it. does anyone know why this happens? 

  • shaun hickey

    This issue really pissed me off today. 

    I was winning my game 6-5 and then He passed the ball down the pitch to some guy who was offside but the ref did not blow his whistle. That guy then scored a goal I was not happy. AND THEN THE BALL CAME TO THE CENTRE BUT HE HAD THE BALL. HE THAN PASSED THE BALL TO ANOTHER GUY WHO WAS OFFSIDE AND HE SCORED. THIS WAS IN THE 89TH AND THE 90TH MINUTE. 



     I needed to win this game because it was the last game of the season. and all i need was 1 point to get to the next division. And now i got relegate which really pissed me off



  • Goodheadj

    why does my PS3 keep saying gaming session cannot be found. Help please

  • soccer4life

    referees need a lot of fixing in the game, the referees calls fouls on clean plays, the player on the other team has the the ball so i slide tackle him and it takes the ball away no harm done to the other player, few seconds later when i take the ball the ref blows the whistle and calls it a foul against me WTF and in the replay u can clearly see that i touched the ball and not the player. 

    another mistake of the referees are the advanced plays, again the other team has the ball so i try to fight for the ball and the ball gets loose so i stop running for the ball because i noticed the advanced play sign so i figured if i tried to get the ball from him the stupid ref would blow his whistle after i got it, so after he gets the ball again and accidentally passes it back to me the ref stops the play and gives the ball back to him AGAIN wtf i love fifa but this needs to be fixed quickly

    • shaun hickey

      I know another  problem with the referees.

      when you pass the ball froward and the opponent gets the ball and your offside the referee still blows offside even tho you did not touch the ball. 

      This is so gay because I passed the ball to a player but the oppoinet got in the way then I got it back but the ref called offside before.

  • shaun hickey

    this only happened once but when I was winning my game 7-2 I just got a goal then my game made a noise and then it froze.  this was in the 90th minute of the game.

  • willys

    i can’t get on to the club section of my ultimate team i have all my players in there please i need some help

  • Tenorio 92

    i can’t get on to the club section on ultimate team all my players are in their please can u help

  • Hoika1995

    I’ve played 4 matches today, and in 3 of them, I disconnect either mid-way through, or when I’m done, and watching the replays. Anyway, I don’t lose my internet connection, ’cause I’m still skyping with my friends… I’m getting a loss on my score, and losing the rage-wuit counter thingy… This is so frustrating, any way to fix this?

  • Harry Parker

    Somebody help me. I play a match on U.T and well, the game connection is fine and everything but it always says ”Sorry, you’ve been disconnected from the U.T, we’ll return you back to the menus” or whatever. Is that a personal problem of mine or is it FIFA/Ea Servers fault?
    It happens after every single match. Never win coins and lose a contract!

  • Karl Dearden

    i  want to play a friend on fifa online friendlies but it does not work properly and i cant load on to it please can someone help me but also i have been invited to a game but it cant connect. please can i have help!!

  • shaun hickey

    When I VS my friend on FIFA 12 it always loses connection before the match starts. I had a game the other week and won 4-1 but when I tried to play again it didn’t work.

    any ideas 

  • Akrit0oo

    My pro was 85, I went to play a club game then I saw that my pro went down to 83. 
    But all my acclompishments all are there but my stats went down :s

  • Akrit0oo

    And I can play Fut games, ever when I want to play one they say ; We can’t make a game for you :S:S

  • Cachador87

    Divine Opponent’s Goalie?

    Has anyone experienced an opponent’s goalie who seems to be godly good at saving all of your shots?
    I don’t have a problem loosing. However, I do have a problem when the final stats are: Me 70% possession and 15 – 17 shots on goal but 0 goals and my opponent has 30% possession, 2 shots on goal and somehow one freaking goal.

    The man of the match is always the opponent’s goalie, either with a straight 10.0 or a 9.75. WTF?
    I don’t mind this happening every now and then, but it seems to happen in every single match I play. It is absolutely frustrating and disappointing.

    My team is Barca and I usually play against Real Madrid.

    Anyone experienced this issue?

  • Karlito_83

    when i am defending online, my defenders usually play very high on the pitch so my opponent can easily pass a through ball and he’ll be alone against my keeper. However when i play an exhibition match, everything becomes normal..any help?i won the league several times because everything was normal at first. But now since recently my defenders are playing high on the pitch i got relegated to division 2 so the probleme happened i have to change something in the controls or what?thx

  • Karlito_83

    oh and they sometimes attack alone the player with the ball and so other players will be without marking and this is not what i want i really need help

  • shaun hickey

    when I play team play matches with my pro no one seems to pass to me.

    I was one my own and onside but this guy took the shot him self and missed it. The ball came to me and I crossed it because I was on side. The ball went out and it was a goal kick. It could have been a goal.. to win.

    Also I don;t know why but I seem to be taking all the corners in the game. how do you fix it so you don’t take the corners? 

  • soccer4life

    The player slide tackeles me and get away with it with no card warning when I don’t even have the ball but when I do the same thing to him I get the red pls fix glitch, another thing I’m noticing is that when I shoot the ball when its just me and the goalie the goalie manages to save it with his foot kicking the ball out when he slides when I shoot it to the right side but when its my apponent facing my goalie and shoots it same direction and place and time like me HE MANAGES TO SCORE IT, I checked goalie and player stats they where the same -_- lag no, glitch yes PLS FIX

  • Southardd07

    Yeah I purchased this game around Christmas and before today I liked it. However today I opened my fifth pack ever to find Rooney. I was so excited and it was waiting in my new items pile and the servers went down on me. I finally got back in and it was missing! Along with the rest of that valuable pack. That was worth over 50,000 with out Rooney! I can’t find help can I plz get some sort of feedback??

  • Spartans17_98

    when i get a pack in ultimate team i get a real madrid home jersey
    i have a man united jersey and a malaga cf jersey i apply the kit and thenit switches with man united
    i just want to know how i can make it so that i get real madrid jersey and man united jersey at the same time pls help

  • Betayez.95

    i only have 4 highlights in my match highlights as opposed to the normal 10, need help 

  • Fabrecio

    I started a manager mode with my VP at Southend in English league two. I got up to championship and got bored so got offered by barcelona. I accepted the move and was planning to buy my VP in Barcelona untill i look at the southend team to find him not there. I then search his name and everything and he has just banished from manager. 

    Anyone had this problem ?

  • Botirlamarius

    hello.can someone help me?
    I want to know if my replays that i have saved on fifa 12 are saved on my pc.
    I hadn`t bought the game,so i can`t upload them.
    Are they saved on my pc?if yes,in what folder?Thanks.

  • shaun hickey

     I played a team play match with my pro last Monday and I saw my rating was 82.  The next day he had a rating of 87. I was like cool

  • Ron

    Hi I had 125000 coins in my FIFA 12 ut I have no squad yet or played any matches but my coins dropped 8000 to 117000 I have searched the Internet to see if anybody has had any of the same problem but can’t find anyone that this has happened to so does anybody have a answer it’s driving me insane I have ps3 if that makes any difference I also bought fifty thound coins of someone online

  • Shootingstar_syed

    i am getting ithe onlone release date check stuff ..and when i accept it it reads as please reinstall origin ..what it is to overcome it ?

  • Shootingstar_syed

    i am getting ithe onlone release date check stuff ..and when i accept it it reads as please reinstall origin ..what it is to overcome it ?

  • Mesud Ensar Kutsal

    Sometimes I play with someone (Ultimate Team) and we don’t even get to the match we just see eachothers team and nothing happends.

    • Pedro

      this happens to me as well, and it fucks up my dnf modifier, pisses me off

  • Shaun9080

    can some one tell me why this always happens.

    I was playing a Head to head game just today and it went into extra time. I got a goal in the first half of extra time. But mid way throw the second half of extra time the game lost connection. I didn’t get any points for it. I didn’t win or lose the game. Also it didn’t show on my news feed. it just said you just started playing FIFA 12  30 minutes ago.

    How many levels are there? I am on level 30

    • David

      Exactly. Most people are SORE LOSERS

  • Nickolaswiebe

    When I try to load mw2 it starts to load them it goes to the main menu but only if I sign into my account otherwise I can still play special ops but only if I am not signed in

  • ce

    How can you check your online game stats, so how many games you’ve lost and won?
    i play on xbox and when i watch my fifa 12 account on pc there’s a message that says: “play an online game and watch your results here”.
    But i’ve played several online games…

    • Shaun9080

      that’s what I wanted to know?

  • Shaun9080

    How do you pick the ball up when you are the goal keeper. If you know what I mean? how do you pick it up when a team mate passes to you?

    • Eroticnugget

      Do you not know that a goalkeeper is not allowed to pick up the ball when a team mate passes it to him. Unless the ball comes off the team mate above the waist.

      • Shaun9080

        Yea but when I was playing some guy in head to head season.  He passed the ball to the goalkeeper, I chased him and he pick the ball up.

    • guest

      you can’t, it’s called a pass back and is an illegal move in football. However, on the game sometimes the keeper has no option if it accidentally comes up off his team mates foot, and has to catch it.

      • Shaun9080

        Ok cool thanks. 

        so you can’t pick the ball up off the ground?

  • Didierdrogba10

    why do experience points stop on my profile but not on any others ???

  • Tommycat12

    when i go on career mode as a manager when i1st start it wont let me save new data but all my old data can sum1 help

    • Hugo Boudin

      You might have filled all of the available saving slots. Which means that you’ll have to overwrite a previous saving slot in order to save new data

  • Hgb95

    My players wont sprint with the ball, but without possession I can. Any help?

  • Aaron Jackson

    my ea server wont connect help

  • Seansoccer220

    When i play Fifa Ultimate Team when i try to do single player tournaments i get an error saying: “There has Been an error in Fifa Ultimate Team. You’ve been signed out ofUltimate Team.” and i cant play tournaments. anyone know a way to fix this or if it I just cant play tournaments forever. My friends still can do it but i cant.

  • Ben Kracker

    None of my Stats will record for ranked matches. it shows that i have never played a ranked match…even tho that is all i play. Very annoying because higher levels don’t want to play kids with skill levels of 1…and neither do I. please help or I’m about to just sell the game.

  • Eoinsweeney197

    ive been playing fifa since it came out and there has been no problems but today it wouldnt let me play h2h seasons online and says it cannot find my ea information even tho it says my code is redeemed in settings  also when i click pro clubs it says unable to connect with server try again later HELP please!!

  • Guest

    My Ultimate team internet don’t work. When i play a match and are in it so i losing the connection to Ultimate team….

    Please help me.

  • Alexander19961

    hola cuando me conceto al ultimate team cuando le doy para que busque a alguien con quien jugar un partido no me deja y me pone :
    se ha procucido un error al crear tu sesion de juego. intentelo de nuevo
    me sale esto todo el rato

  • jack

    How many levels are there in FIFA 12?

  • Archit Patil

    when i open fifa 12 and start a match.. after some time it makes a GRRRRRRR sound and switches off the computer.. i dont know what happens.. the monitor goes on POWER SAVING MODE and the computer doesnt respond even though the power indicator on the CPU is lit.. PLEASE HELP. IVE BOUGHT THIS GAME AND I DONT EXPECT SUCH KIND OF A GAME FROM EA. poor. 

  • Junia

    I’m playing career mode and it’s started to freeze at the referees whistle for half time and won’t proceed to half time screen! Really frustrating problem as I can’t skip to next match or anything! Does it after every restart etc. Think this is the worst FIFA I’ve had for stability, I was a massive FIFA fan but doubt il buy It again – gets worse for bugs every year

    • C_McG

      if you have a ps3 try going to saved data utility at the home screen then find the a fifa 12 file called UGC file and delete it,then when you go back into the game it should be fixed,i had a few bugs beofre and this fixed all of them :)

  • Stephenmullen

    I downloaded a team from the creation centre and it said when i downloaded it it can be used in career mode but when i go to pick them there not there…. I tried even swapping which i think your supposed to do but there was no creation centre to pick from….whats wrong ? 

    • Strawballs

      You have to pay!! Bit rubbish but it is worth it, if you’re on ps3 it’s about £1.29 from the Fifa store, don’t know about xbox as I haven’t got one of them!

  • Stephenmullen

    I downloaded a team from the creation centre and it said when i downloaded it it can be used in career mode but when i go to pick them there not there…. I tried even swapping which i think your supposed to do but there was no creation centre to pick from….whats wrong ? 

  • Pjmcfarlin

    I have like playing the Be A Pro since FIFA 10 but the Be A Pro on FIFA 12 is insanely annoying. First of all the created player is too terrible at the beginning.  Mine is a striker and he is way too slow and can’t even do a single skill move.  This is ridiculous, especially since I can’t put experience points into the certain skills I want but am stuck trying to get accomplishments.  I have doubts that even if I get all the virtual pro accomplishments my character will be a force to be reckoned with but even if he will be how do I get accomplishments for dribbling which require me to beat players with skill moves if I cannot perform any?

    The inadequacy of the virtual pro aside the biggest problem I have with the Be A Pro playing is that my team played by the cpu is beyond worthless.  My character is on Real Madrid, one of the best teams in the world and the cpu players cannot do anything.  Even when playing against terrible teams they never steal the ball and even when they do they make horrible passes and lose it right back.  I get about 30% possession against 2 star teams, and so I am usually just watching these terrible teams dribbling around forever hoping my defender teammates will at some point steal the ball and be able to hold onto in long enough to be able to get it to me eventually, and even when I call a pass even great players like Chistiano Ronaldo make terrible passes.  To win a game I have to do everything myself, which is especially difficult considering how pathetic my virtual pro starts off.  Note that this is not just a problem with the Be A Pro gameplay, even when controlling the whole team my teammates are worthless, they play just about no defense at all and are pathetic when it comes to moving without the ball (so many times i try a through ball to a teammate that would have an easy breakaway to watch him just stop in his tracks and screw up the whole play).  I’ve been a huge fan of FIFA titles for years but the horrible AI (which has always been a minor problem) involved in this most recent veresion is unforgivable and makes the game incredibly unfun.  I refuse even play Be A Pro anymore because I’m sick of not ever being able to touch the ball, and the annoyances with the regular play are having me seriously consider trying other soccer titles.  I must say this is the worst worst fifa title in years, even though the gameplay is a little more fluid.


    • asd

       to make your virtual pro make ANY skill move, first you got to get a 1 star skilled move, you do this by juggling the ball at the arena, HOLD L2 and press R1 continuously……

  • Stiffler1batman

    There was a problem getting your online information please try again. I’ve been getting this for two freaking days.

    • andrew

      thats happened to me also

  • Bj52609

    I restored my ps3 and now my code for the ea serveres will not work anymore. How do I get a new one without paying

  • G.V.

    when playing a friendly with a friend ! on the 90th minute if theres only 1 goal difference 80% of the times there will be a small error in the defence of the leading team so that the trailing team can have a chance to equalizise with a late goal !!  ULL NOTICE IT !!!

  • C_McG

    right if anyones having a problem with  bugs on fifa 12,delete the UGC file in saved data utility on ps3,theres an equivalent file on xbox but not sure where but not sure about pc…..deleting this file should fix most bugs and if the bugs ever return just delete the file again as it there will be a new one :)

  • C_McG

    i bought a gold pack in ultimate team on ps3 and confirmed the purchase then when i was waiting for the pack to open it said failed transaction so i never recieved the pack but was still charged,is there any way of getting the pack i bought or my money back?

  • london

    i was playing with a 4* team (stoke) in head to head seasons and was drawn against a 4.5* team (liverpool)! i lost, obviously.

  • Danielwest55555

    I try to buy packs and it gets stuck on “please wait while we complete your transaction”

    • yeah

      Don’t feel so bad.. you’d be waisting your coins anyways

  • Helooo_27

    in Fifa 2012 on Ps 3 when in choose machester united i only get 6 players on the pitch not all the team , anyone knows anythinnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sakz07

    After every match I play on ultimate team it says lost connection to ea servers an I automatically lose the match and get no points. Any ideas please help

  • Bob

    im using liverpool in career mode, i loaned out jay spearing and danny pacheco for a season, at the end of the season they returned from the loan, the following season i looked into my squad and they werent there, i searched all of the leagues and neither of them showed up…..any ideas on what could have happened??

  • Cam1O

    I quit playing virtual pro clubs on fifa 12 for ps3 (my favourite game mode) because i loose connection to many times with ea server and most of the times i lost conection my team was winning or my virtual pro have like 2 3 goals scored. This completely ruined my virtual pro ranking and became hard to join other teams because other people think im a bad player. The other game multiplayer modes work fine never had problems just this one unfortunately

  • jack

    I still need to know how many levels there are in FIFA12

  • Cbjenner

    I have got FIFA 12 on pc but I accidentally made more than one origin account and know i dont know which account it is on

  • Chribuscus

    My players have the wrong names on the back of their shirts. e.g. Pique is called Pichler

  • Liverpool123

    I’m on manager mode. I finished the first season and have just started the next, and now half my squad has


  • George

    almost every single UT game i play it freezes while showing their team, and my DNF and losses are fudged cos of it

  • Alejandrogtz_96

    i cant shoot well since i downloaded an update in  fifa it shoots without power

  • Jamgwa

    my aguero’s boots changed to mercuils on fifa 12 ultimate team :L

  • Taylorblackie

    i have a account on ea but it says i have to buy a copy of the game to go on uiltmate team on the computer even konw i have a copy of the game. so what do i do

  • Strawballs

    I’ve just created a team on the creation centre and purchased the career mode addition from the FIFA store. That bit was fine, however then I still had a few quid to spend so bought the licensor pack and a few other packs as I wanted to make it seem more realistic! When I went to the creation centre on the game and try to download my upgraded team, it told me I had a problem and couldn’t download it, any ideas why?

  • Maddox10G

    my virtual pro on PS3 is missing i tried to change my team from aston villa to shrewsbury but it reset my player i had 50 percent of the accomplishments done but now ive only 12 is there any way to rcover it please help me thankyou

  • Henryjdbutcher

    FIFA 12 a better game than FIFA 11?
    U can unlock accomplishments easier and u av eas fc, but to many errors and bugs for my liking

  • Conran_cfc

    When I try and play an online match or an online tournament when I press advance it keeps coming up .. There was an error creatin your game session ?! Any ideas why ?

  • Anonymous

    When I play a match as soon as i go to the menu it continuously scrolls during the game it keeps popping up with turn off xbox. Its not the controller because i have tried 9 different controllers and on 2 different consoles. What can i do?

  • DannyGomes

    I have got a huge problem in Ultimate Team for about a 3 weeks now when ever I play a game It disconnects right when the game finishes, when the player ratings pop up it says ”You have lost coneection to EA servers” and its really annoyinng because my DNF is stuck at 0.50 my players loose contracts and I dont get any coins even if I win the game. I never loose connection to PSN and I dont think its an internet problem because I have changed Internet last week and i still got the same problem. I am litteraly not able to play UT I keep wasting contracts without getting coins for them.

    • jack

      Hey I have the same problem but I don’t lose connection in unlimited team, I always get signed out of my acoount

    • Matt

      exact same problem, do you have any idea how to fix it?

    • Mart

      hi nice translation of the situation,
      i got exact the same problem!
      curious how to fix!

      i can add a piece to the story –> last friday i took my ps3 with me to a friend and played ut matches and the problem was gone, when i was back at home, the problem was still there:(

    • da3

      Dude tell me about it am in the same boat i am very mad becauseas you sadi our dnf is stuck mine is at 0.25 because i keep getting disconnected and as much as i love FUT i am done with it for a few days. they need to hear our complaints i have called and tried but no one is able to help. this is becoming ridicoulous

    • fritzthemanwalter

      yes i get the same. very frustrating. UT is great but EA are wasting our time and conning us all. I just feel sad for anyone that has paid their own money for gold packs etc.

  • jack

    My pro player was on a rating of 93 and when I changed the name from shaunyyy to the champion it went down to 87. even if I change it back to shaunyy it stays at 87. and I am on level 39 and need to know what the best level is please. I been asking this for weeks now. 

    any ideas on how to get my pro back to 93 

  • The Mightyt

    my goalkeeper is soooo bad! fifa 11 was much better for automatic goalkeeping, in fifa 12 my goalkeeper doesnt even try to save the ball!!!!

  • Shuewyjsdighpsigu

    my problem is that everyone i face online in head to head is using X (passing button) when tackling. its impossible to dribble someone just holding X, because the computer take over the player and will automaticly follow my player. please fix this asap! also theres like a 20% chance that i will get stucked in loading screen towards a match. only thing i can do is to restart the PS3. 

    • Da3

      just run through them when they hold X you cnat dribble yes but you can pass by them because holding x alone will not tackle unless you get to close to the defender at which point he will auto try to get the ball. when they hold x it is very easy to open them up pass the ball quickly and his defense will be put out of place

  • Mart Heidemann

    my problem is weird.
    i can play with totally no lagging (nat type 2) and play whole matches, after the match i get coins (in ultimate team) and go back to tournament scheudele (you think) but then appears the fail. fifa ultimate team quits and i lost and got no coins, very very weird

    • da3

      me 2 same thing

  • BarcaBoy

    in career mode im playing a match then i t went halftime and and den 65 mins …. a substituion happen and de entire system jus stick!!!! and me had to shut down de system then play de match again and de same thing happen again!!!! i already tried deleting and reinstallin…. and i have no UGC file…. help!!!!

    • jack-rat

      same here and i cant fix it

  • Yung

    MY online friendlies isnt keeping score anymore.  I play a game and I win or lose, but the goal differential and score of the season stays put.  Whats wrong?

    • Jangel2004

       same here

  • Fred

    all of my manager mode saves stops working after a couple of years, this is very frustrating and i cant get them to work

  • Jonno

    Keep conceding goals which, after watching the replays, appeared miles offside. Meanwhile, I get flagged offside even when I’m level with the last defender at worst, makes no sense and is constantly costing me points on the head to head seasons.

  • Poshan Pokharel

     I don’t want to complain anything in particular about the game…. I have played probably every single fifa game that has ever made and not to mention that defending in fifa 12 is just wierd coz so many times u cant even tackle nor win the header with no reason…..but the most stupid thing I have ever experienced is that I almost won a game 2-1 and I lost my EA server connection while my internet is running fine and it showed that I lost the game but the wierdest thing is that I played another game right after that and I won but the connection got messed up again while I was coming out of it and when I got it connected back on again, i lost the game…. how the …… can it possibly be since I already won the game… It is so annoying and ridiculous that they don’t fix up this stupid server problems……

    • Danomufc26

      sounds away with it crap no crowd or commentry plus keeps freezin

    • Greatphildead

      im tired of this cheating bullshit- i had a guy on fifa 12 play me for about 5 min then he  disconnected form the internet and  he got a win and i got a loss …  then he texted me bragging about  hahahaha  you lost and i dont even have to play?  what the hell is that??  completely unfair and just as i was about to   advance to division  4  and now i got relegated  = this is absolut horseshit and i cant believe people want to cheat to   get to the top  -  what can be done?  his User Name is “skillzm”  how and what can i do to report him??  do u know?

  • da3


  • FaggotGarry

    It stops at Checking Trophies? WTF!

  • Edoardo Cammarano

    everytime I try to remove a player from the trade pile once it has been bought it says that there is an error and sends me back to the arena! Why?

    • Da3

      me 2 its been 3 days and iam going crazy, even when i make a sub to teh active squad it does it.

    • Jmayo18

      my partner is having the same trouble i think they are a con ea servers

  • Noah

    it’s not fair that people can get pro accomplishments by diminishing the abilities of the computer players.  you can make the settings such that you are super fast and shots are awesome.  this diminishes the integrity of all pros because online pros can be really good without having earned it.  bull.

  • Jd

    i can never play UT on my computer because every time i try getting on they say the servers are down

  • Joe

    Goalies react to the speed of the kick even if it’s extremely slow and lulls toward them they then dive but only after its went past them to score the worst and most angering goal of the game

  • Lee

    CPU and goals scored from offside positioning.
    How about no matter the teams the CPU scores a 90minute equalizer or winner.
    The lag in online matches dramatically change from one game to next.
    Completing the ea challenge but lose server connection when returning to arena.

  • Chris

    Sorry for some bad English but I’m Dutch

    Fifa 12 is maybe the best soccer game, but still have a lot of bad things. Like the referee, when a player gets through my defending, I can easily tackle him from behind and get away with a yellow card of nothing! Also when I want to make a combination my player gets obstructed by a defender, this is a foul but the referee will not give it.
    My left or right back constantly staying behind so that the opposite striker isnt offside.
    When i want to have a straight vertical pass, for example from RM to CM, it happens that my pass ends up at a CD or a back. There goes my offensive…
    Or what about when there is a high pass that crosses my defender, I want to head it back to my goalkeeper, but this pass with the head is so weak that a striker easily can take over the ball before it reaches the penalty area.

    A lot of things for EA to work on. I still think they can easily fix some of this problems but then they have nothing to improve the next year, it’s all about money.

  • keith

    everytime i add a player from my club to my active squad i get the message saying:
    ”We are sorry but there has been an error connecting to FIFA 12 Ultimate Team. You will be returned to the FIFA 12 Main Menu”
    how do i stop this????

    • Greatphildead

      m tired of this cheating bullshit- i had a guy on fifa 12 play me for about 5 min then he  disconnected form the internet and  he got a win and i got a loss …  then he texted me bragging about  hahahaha  you lost and i dont even have to play?  what the hell is that??  completely unfair and just as i was about to   advance to division  4  and now i got relegated  = this is absolut horseshit and i cant believe people want to cheat to   get to the top  -  what can be done?  his User Name is “skillzm”  how and what can i do to report him??  do u know?

  • Meandmydolphin2

    When I load a game it goes back to the main page and it’s pissing me why

  • Justgerman

    FIFA needs to sort out it’s computer programming with the CPU. I have easily predicted goals conceded over 20seconds before they happen. And something not right is always in the build up play. FIFA 11 never had this problem. Sort it, don’t even bother playing now due to this. Programming is terrible!.

  • Andreas Dahl

    I don’t get any comentary sound when i play games in fifa 12. Does anyone know what i can do to fix the problem?

  • Highly Rated


    • Jangel2004

       i have da same problem

  • Shaun

    What is the best defending buttons. To use when in defence in their attacking half. No matter what I use they always get pass my defence. Also how do you control the goal keeper so he saves the ball. 

    because most times all my shots are saved, and my opponent always scores 

    what should I do

    • fritzthemanwalter

      wit your keeper – hold triangle until the comp is about to shoot. release triangle just before u think comp is about to shoot. your keeper usually saves the most rediculously, unbelievably shots that really should go in. i’ve given up on the game mate. its fixed. when u score, the other team go in overdrive and there is usually nothin u can do to stop them. i have no fun anymore, it feels lik a chore. so i’m goin back to the old settings. failing that, then i’m back to pes yes thats rite PES!

      • Shaun

        Thanks for the help

        • karan

          worked for me :)

  • Mpbardett

    i need to know why my players kick the ball away when im running with the ball. so annoying.

  • Jackboi_07


  • Charlie Odonnell

    How do u end the game when being subbed in be a pro without forfeting it ?

  • Adbooth

    It wont let me purchase any FUT for FIFA 12 it comes up with ‘please wait while we complete your transaction’ then after 15 mins it loses the connection to the ultimate team servers please help !!

  • PS3boy

     hello guys.
    i have a big big problem.
    i can play normally on fifa12. and the menu dont lagg.
    but when i start a virtual pro club match, it starts lagging in the game.
    i cant play!
    please help me..

  • Sooft

    I have Fifa 12 freezes in second half 

  • Sooft

    I have Fifa 12 freezes in second half  to ps3

  • Amine Baatouche

    my fifa 12 is slow i have 1042 graphique card and 0.99 gb ram where is the probleme

  • Amags

    i cant use either manchester city or real madrid for xbox live online play. the screen always freezes on the player/goalie warm up screen before the match starts and I have to keep resetting my xbox. this really pisses me off as i cant use any of these 2 clubs which are 2 of the best. it ruins the whole gaming experience, I wish there was a new company which would create a soccer/football game with no glitches. it happens year upon year, EA Sports always make FIFA with glitches every single year. People are correct, its all about raising revenue for the following year so people look forward to buying the “new” fifa game hoping that all bugs are fixed, however they never completely fix everything. I love playing fifa and Im kinda of addicted to it, lol, but the creators of the game are really pissing me off and I might just have to turn my back on the game. Poor game engineering, all about profits for EA SPORTS!

    • karan

      dont have to turn ur back on the game… just dont buy the original… instead play the pirated one…takes the same amt of downloading time but gives no problem later on… also the hackers are faster in making patches and releasing it… of course you wont get to play online… but my online experience is so bad( since i keep getting disconnected from the net) tht its killing my feel of playing fifa in the 1st place… so m no longer supporting these fraud ppl. m supporting hackers coz they care for free :)

  • Hamlet Gonzalez85

    Everytime i try to join a game online it either cancels it in the first half or it sends me a message saying unable to join does anyone know how to fix this problem? Also how to you delete your online squad and re downloaded it? Please help

  • xKillerHw

    i just played an on-line ranked match and it changed everything about my pro , the name the commentary name the boots the hair the face the everything i scored 2 goals one was amazing and it don’t even show my actual pro scoring it , instead its some weird guy called mood or something :S can anyone help

  • Michael

    On FIFA for my xbox 360 the XP bar for ultimate team doesn’t move…ill win a match it still stays at 14 and even if I lose a match its still stuck at 14 is there a way to fix this…cause what’s the point of me even playing online if I can’t even level up

  • manchesterunitedrock

    My replays will not show when I play team play matches with my pro. 

    It works for head to head season but not team play

    any way to fix it

  • Celtic4evar

    i won a tournament on penaltys and didnt get the 2 packs but the other person did, how is that fair when i won !!!

  • ctw2181

    a few thini have joined a pro ranked match and my player has been someone elses pro , when defending crosses most of the time my defender doesnt even jump although im hammering the buttons , a head to head race between theo walcott and jamie carragher resulted in carragher winning?????

  • Dale Ledgeway

    every time i try to join a game it takes 10k off my money

  • Dale Ledgeway

    ON ULTIMATE TEAM  when i finish a game all my money gose to the other player who i am against
    or if i am against CPU all my players disapear

    • Gaz

      can i play you

  • Ousmanakhtar

    for some reason i get offers for my player but they dont go can anyone help me ? 

  • T Hargreaves95

    Why can i never start a game on FUT ,it always say an error has accured?

  • Ross_bee 1

    Do you want to know the latest problem, well allow me to explain, i played the ultimate tournament that recently came out (3 times right enough) , but when i finally won it, the reward of 2 gold packs, well quite simply hasn’t been received… so erm, what am i ment to do ?

  • Drejke

    I won the tournament but i didn’t got my 2 golden packs! :’(

    • Arijanho

      Go to the shop… The packs are there

  • karan

    ok… whenever i play fifa 12 fut online my net keeps restarting… this problem is only when i play fut and not when i play head to head… the max i can play fut matches is twice in a row then inbetween the nxt match it makes my wireless router disconnect… i play on pc and i was told tht this problem will be fixed with the new patch released in march… but it has made life more misrable… my players are running out of contract and coz of the dnf wht ever match i win i dnt get enough money to buy even contracts for them :( plz help or remove dnf system from ur fut matches

    • karan

      oh also i nvr get to play an online fut tournament… it always shows tht no one is available for a match…ALWAYS!!!! :( so all my cups are from offline and non form online… :( plz tell me you can fix this

    • Jay Chapman

      Mine is also like Karan’s, my Fifa Ultimate Team just crashes on the Startup Screen and the Music goes off, I can’t even access the Xbox Guide Button, please Help!!!

  • AJ_footy

    A really stupid problem that comes up is kit clashing…although this has nothing to do with the game as such …. it would help if there’s an option to change kits during the game … I’ve lost so many online matches because the opponent had chosen the same kit color as me and I couldn’t see who the hell I was passing to!!!
    Another issue is the tackling, there are some instances in the game, for instance when trying to protect a one goal lead with 5 mins to go, where you dont mind if your defender gets a red. When you slide in you expect the defender to bring down the attacker even if he gets sent off, but all he does is allow the CPU to sprint free and slot home… I guess professional fouls are not written into the system. 
    And yes the CPU dribbling skills are ridiculously good even for a two star team! Not to mention the referees being absolutely brain dead at times.

    But the worst problem is when you try robbing a defender off the ball using your striker…in this case you’re pressing the tackle button and soon as you steal the ball he blasts it into the crowd (because you pressed the tackle button before having possession) despite being 12 yards from goal!!


  • manchesterunitedrock

    Why does my opponent always get pass my defenders and score.
    every game I play online my opponent some how scores a goal.

    How do you use your keeper to save the goals?????? 

    • Mat7Lucania

      use triangle to pull ur keeper early. The lob pass is annoying as the game allows it to beat ur defenders way to easily, the trick is to run ur midfield back to the goal instead of ur defender going to tackle, always track back then face them up, it will improve ur defending

  • Sam Turner

    my virtual pro accomplishments are not updating iv bin in net all i need is a motm award had it at least 7 times :O n still nothing has updated what should i do my pro is at a stand still helppp please

    • Arijanho

      You have to make sure you are the motm.. You even have to be better than all CPU player.. Had the same “problem”

  • manchesterunitedrock

    Does anyone know when FIFA13 is coming out?

    • Mat7Lucania

       are u joking?

  • Dannyseymour331a

    when i play fifa 12 and create a club its keeps saying club does not exist its not just me this happens to getting abit fuked off wi fifa 12 its a big fukin mess any 1 no whats happening or how to fix??

  • Cesar Ggarza

    It takes along time for online friendlies to load? How do I fix?

  • manchesterunitedrock

    why does EA severs always disconnect me? 

    I was winning 5-0 when it discounted me to the EA servers and I tried to log back in and it said the EA server is not available please try again later. what do i d?

    • Tombobombo6

      i get the same thing. I just get disconnected!!! You have to restart but you never know if it might happen the next game…

  • Gaz

    my fast players in FUT such as IF walcott ST version, neymar, torres, nilmar etc cant out pace hardly any defenders. defenders with 60-70 pace seem to be faster than alot of strikers with 90+ pace.

  • Shashank_r92

    all of a sudden my controls setting is screwed up and and just one key plays all the passes like an all in one passing key…  tried to change the controls but it aint making any difference…..
    anyone has any idea how to get rid of this????

    • Emoney82

      just started having the same problem today.. Any luck fixing this??

  • Scott-parker3

    when im playing exibiton match it lags and also the FUT is really slow??

  • Rickyjj

    People who dont deserve to win. Lets say ive had 21 shots, 19 on target and I score 1….. Is it fair that the guy im playing relies on his goalie then scores 2 shots of the 2 he’s taken???? Fifa should monitor these somehow and make sure the player who deserves to win WINS

    • Don_lucania

       you need to practice shooting & jockyin the defender & keeper

  • Shauny

    No one has answered my question. How many levels are their on FIFA12. 

    I have look up so many sites and nothing will tell me?

    I am now on level 50. 

  • Tieske84

    My virtual pro had a bug. I had to delete it to see the good grade of it. When i played a online pro class game the highest grade i saw was a 7. Before januari 2012 the grades after a game where much higher.  I have tried everythinhg the last thing was to delete my personal settings and now is everything ok again. But i have to start all over with my pro now at a grade of 66 in stead of 88.

  • Pmrbull

    After an online friendly it says “downloading friendlies information” and then just stays like that. This means I also have to go to the dashboard after every online match. Any help?

  • Mat7Lucania

    FIFA12 Interactive world cup bug.
    Now whats really annoying is that when I play FIWC match and score a goal, it loses connection?
    When I’m winning match and on the 90th minute it says I have lost connection.
    How come it doesnt lose connection when Im playing and what’s worse is that I’m losing points even though I have beathen the oppenent.

    If it’s the opposition quiting, you should not allow them to leave the game, if they want to give up then you should be able to anialiate a static team on the field.

    #EA SPORTS “Please sort your life out, only release games that are flawless not hopeless.

  • Fifa12Rocks

    When i first started to play pro ranked matches the camera didnt lock on my virtual pro…. But now it locks on and i didnt change any settings… Is there any way i can change that?

  • confused

    My son’s fifa12 just won’t load on our ps3 anymore however it still plays on his friend’s ps3. Any ideas how to fix this?

    • Confused2

      same im just confused because it loads at my friends house and lets me play the whole game but on my ps3 it jams half way through a game and the sound dosent work xD

  • Shauny

    I have a big problem my points won’t go up any more. I am stuck on Level 52. 
    evan if I win it my points stay on the same.

    I only notice today. I had played about 5 matches and then notice my points were on the same as yesterday.this is really annoying me because I can’t Level up on FIFA12 any more. And thats the only reason I play it so I can reach the highest level. SO what should I DO to fix this?

    • Shauny

      Its all Ok Now. 

  • Jay C

    Everytime I Choose To Play Pro Ranked Its Stays Stuck In The Arena, Then It Will Go As If The Game Is About To Start & “Loses Connection”. Please Fix.

    • SHAUNyt

      That happens to me too.
      all I do is restart the PlayStation and wait 5 to ten minutes and then it works. 

      But not all the time.

  • ben

    I Just brought FIFA street and its awesome.

    FIFA 12 and FIFA street are my best games ever, 

  • Craig

    Hi I’ve just recently won 6-0 and it has for some reason, counted it as a loss.
    Very frustrating as its a rare score line is there anyway this could be changed?

  • Tom

    In career mode (not player manager) playing with my virtual pro, if i switch clubs my virtual pro disappears off the game…. quite annoying as i’m now stuck at the same club for like 5 seasons now :/

    • RobbieRattler

      i think i have the same problem,i used cleverly and made it a long way with him,but now playing in manager mode i cant find him…?? I am like 6 seasons in but i still cant find him,he shud b 27 or so..??

  • Mikeod022

    New under the hat tournament offline 2k then when you go to do it again it drops to 1.5k cmon whats that all about lets be honest shocking is the word for it …. EA why not add something worth while with the amount of money spent on packs and getting donkeys out of them give us big money tournaments to make up for gold packs

  • Danp1999

    I have a problem with my player 2 on ps3 not only do I have it but my friends do to even my mate has it on his Xbox.when playing single player and online the player 2 tactics change like they would if u were pressing the d pad also the player always does a stupid flick when attacking and looses the ball or scuffs a shot it also makes the player slide when you don’t want to slide its driving me mad wingers switch wings and the offside trap goes on and off if someone has any idea how to solve this it would help please please help lol before I use my FIFA disc as a frisby

    • Daniel_grech19

      Hi mate listen I have the same problem too it’s so annoying !! Have you managed to fix it yet in that case can you tell me how pls ? I have it on ps3.. thanks.

  • Anonymous

    My FIFA 12 cd is taking too much time to download.

  • PrabhuGanga05

    plz help me….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!………..I created a player called Leonardo….now the player’s commentary name is not being called and when I try to edit it in edit player option,the commentery name “Leonardo” is missing from the list of names under the letter ‘L’…??????????it was working when I first installed the game….I tried to reinstall but no use now..!!!

  • 20alanmacdee08

    i am playing a fifa 12 club match and it come sup saying an error has occured you are not synced to play match or something whats going on – how do i fix please help thanks x

    • akshaj

      how do i fix this prob. ??







    how do you talk to the press in Career mode? 
    I read that some days you will see red days but I have no clue what that means.

    can anyone explain how to do this?
    also how many levels are on FIFA12?


  • den

    when i try to play a tournament on ultimate team it says reached max num of tournament entries. complete another one 1st. i tryed but all say same thing why?
    also i payed 25k to get the offer pack on an informed orange player an didnt get him why is it just luck?
    anyone help me please!
    much appriciated to the people that can help me.


    My virtual pro player has been deleted and i don’t know why. Every time i go onto virtual pro it keeps asking me to make a new player. when i go onto my FIFA it has all my pro stats but how do i get the player back

  • Joe Russell947

    Guys, i just bought a guy called pander on UT, i got him for 1k and sent him to the trade pile, but it said failure to send to trade pile or summit like that, and know hes not in my club or anythin!! How do i get him back? A reply would be amazing, thnx

    • Fan

      I have had a similar problem & they usually end up being sent to the watch list, if not check your club reserves.

  • suranjan

    i need a help friends….
    One day i just opened my fifa 12 game and got this error message “your
    personal settings 1 appears to be damaged and cannot be used”…..i
    have to creat a new one to play fifa 12….but wat about my virtual pro?
    i lost all my accomplishments …i spent countless hours for those
    accomplishments…is there any way to recover it?05/08/12 at 04:24 PM


      Hey mate I kinda had the same problem but I did not get the error message. I lost my virtual pro accomplishments and I had to also rename him and start over from the begging. I had him on 88 and now he is only on 71. 

  • Adrian M A

    When I try to play with my friends with my own FIFA 12 on my own PS3 slim, It either freezes at the arena or just doesnt start. However, when i play my FIFA 12 on someone else´s PS3, it works. When I play with someone else´s FIFA 12 on my PS3, it also works. FIFA is so annoying!


      I agree with you about FIFA is so annoying because my Virtual pro player just got deleted for no reason and I had to start again. My pro player was awesome I had him on 89 all up and had 1449 goals. 

      Also My FIFA 12 also sometimes freezes at the arena or in an online match and I have to restart my ps3. This is really annoying because most the time when it freezes in an online match I am winning But because I have to restart my ps3 I lose the game. 

      My overall record sucks because of this.
      I play head to head seasons

  • Sully791

    i am having problems with my online play for ps3,  i can play head to head seasons online but if any of my mates invite me to a game, it just wont load and says match no longer available,  any ideas ?

  • Jordi Oriordan

    Every time i try clicking the FUT menu my screen goes black an my PS3 calapses, 
    please EA do something about this !

  • Mike Jones

    how do you revert players that you changed the attribute of?

  • riksta1983

    hi can someone tell me why my averge match rating sticking on 6.3 it does not rise or drop

  • alexxxxxxx

    First my commentary goes then my replays stop working and i cant pause. Then at the end of the match on fut it freezes and my dnf keeps going down. but this also happens on any game mode. is it my ps3 or is it fifa?  

  • David Grichardson


  • AJ_footy

    Penalty Shoot-outs in online play sucks big time…The latency causes the meter to become very unpredictable and you usually end up blasting the ball into the crowd. Also Legendary mode against the AI is ridiculous. You can only win if you have pace in the squad. Else it’s like the AI can read every control you press and react accordingly.

  • JACK

    why bother asking questions on this site no one ever answers you. I have put up about 20 questions about FIFA12 and not one single reply on any one. 
    I think this site is crap and is a waste of time. I have asked all these questions1. How many levels are in FIFA12? 2. why won’t my replays show? 3. How do I find my virtial pro because he went missing? 4. how do you talk to the press in FIFA12 career mode? 5. how do you defend in FIFA12?IF ANYONE HAS AN ANSWER FOR 1,3,4 AND 5 PLEASE TELL ME ASAP (AS SOON AS POSSIBLE) THANKS 

    • Tombobombo6

      5.) Hold down “A/X” and “RB/R1″ whenever you are defending. This presses the attacker with two of your men.

      • JACK

        Thank.But i only play on Ps3 and even when I press the defending buttons they still get pass me.

    • rhys

      hey jack i opend a pack 2 day when it was hurry up for like the team of the week so i opend my 1st pack and it disaperd then i opend a seccond pack and it did the same now every time i go on the 2 packs are never there and it took my msp off me what should i do ?

  • Luke

    Everytime my teammate puts the ball across the box to me, i tap ”O” once and my VP ends up smashing it 3 miles wide over the goal, every single time, why is that ?

    • JACK

      maybe because you have your shot power to high.

  • Soham

    my fifa 12 pc is showing incorrect application configeration why?

  • JACK

    This has nothing to do with FIFA12 but every time I play my friend in Call of Duty MW3 the Internet always lags. Who ever sends the invite to the game their Internet works but the other persons lags.  If I send him the invite his Internet lags and if he sends one to me my Internet lags. 

    both of our Internet connections are fine because I use online all the time, its just when I play my friends.

    • JACK

      what the hell should I do?

  • Kk86

    My best defender who I have had for 4 seasons and have got him to 87 overall has now decided he misses Italy and can’t stand the weather anymore I’ve had him moaning for months and the board has decided to sell him without askin me realistic you may say and yes I agree this happens my problem is I’m playing as Southend I’m top in premier league and he has been sold to man city also in the premier league with the same crappy English weather he’s just decided to move north towards the worse of the weather is the game having a laugh this ruins manager mode please sort it!

  • Jimsadji

    my fifa12 has no commentary….just crowd noise and music and whenever i go to the audio settings, my commentary language is unidentified please i really need yhur assistance thanks

    • Jimsadji

      its on a ps3 console

  • JACK

    Just found out that I CAN’T get my virtual pro player back if it gets deleted. I am really annoyed because he was an 89 and Now I have to start the from 70. 

    I still need to know how many levels there are in FIFA12?.
    and also i need to know how to talk to the press in career mode? 
    Also I need to know what buttons you use to defend?

    this is on ps3.

    • JACK

      I now have him on 77

  • Nick

    whit ultimate team i got 8 contracts but if i want to use them they are all gone help!!!

  • JACK

    How many levels are there in FIFA12? im up to 66

  • DavidK13

    every time a player in my team gets the ball he always kicks it away even if a pass is played when another person kicks it they kick away as well? can someone help?

  • Anonymous

    I tried to sell a player but it came up with an error and disappeared from my club entirely and I’ve look every it’s gone completely..:L? (didn’t quick sell, I was in choosing a price and then went to sell)

  • Wilfredblake06

    when i start my fifa 12 it searches for internet connection  after that it says it can’t find connection so try later and after that the shuts down .why?

    • Jjcarter77

      this happens to me too :/

  • Austin

    The Ultimate difficulty is quite difficult. Can anyone manage to beat it? I’ve lost nearly every time.

  • Daniel Higgins

    Every time I buy something it kicks me out of UT and also every time I try to use a consumable it kicks me out and shows an error, what should I do and can anyone help me ?

    • Nfr 12 al3x

      Same is happenin to me

      • Tomblew


      • Nfr 12 alex

        Its fixed now

  • Sharky

    Hello all. I have FIFA 12 and after I press YES, SAVE MY HOSPITALITY SETTINGS, it pops up a message saying: The game can’t save your personal settings. Retry doesn’t work for me, and if I press cancel or Continue without saving, the game freezes at Wayne Rooney shooting.Any ideas?

  • Alex

    for works well till i want a kick-off…i’m starting the match…but after 1-2 min or less it gets me out of game…what is happening…i have net framework 1,2,3,3.5,4 and directX 9…but still does this!! MY FIFA IS ON PC!!

  • Thomas

    It’s not letting me apply consumables to players or managers. E.g. Contracts or training

  • Rmclaren1311

    why doesnt it let me do an ultimate team?
    It tells me to put my parents email to confirm it , and i do it.But it says after that @153087aad63479befef41533cc4b8f92:disqus can anyone help?serversare down ”

  • Zigaco

    When I go in replay mode to match a goal, I click hide and then FIFA freezes none button work just one for save a video. What should I do to fix the problem?
    P.S. Im in a career mode and I’m leading by 9 goals and I didn’t save before, so if i quit the game I would lose for about 5 matches progress.
    Please, help me!

  • shauny

    I need to know How many levels there are in FIFA12?

  • Brailly

    my fifa freezes after i create my user profile..

  • sam fellows

     i want to know what trophtys i,ve won

  • Osmanabdalaziz99

    i want the product code so i can play my fifa12 (origin)

  • shauny

    Does anyone know why I never get any points for playing online?

  • Mark Pearce Dubbystep

    My squad updates this season has happened but for other people it has can u tell me why?

  • Connor_Gooner101

    when i play online the communtry goes and soo does the score board and freezes after the game how do i prevent this happening

  • Kenneth Klausen

    I want ea to fix the bug im getting for the 3 year now!
    so they know its there.. i know many have the same problem and now im getting it again in the fifa13 demo..
    after some matches and if you press start in the middle of a match for ex. then it can happen that the commentator is dissapeared and you have to restart the game to get them back..
    can ea please fix this bug, they have in the game for over 3 years now..

  • Rayden Clay

    Can someone tell me why ma directional just keep switching on its own when i’m playing a match? its been seeting offside traps and swapping wings n stuff like that and i end up getting scored on and anytime i hit the “O” button to shoot, it does a cross or a chip sometimes, its really annoying, i’ve been losing recently cuz of that

  • frustrated mum

    The cards on our fifa13 trade pile will not disappear even though they are sold and we are pressing the triangle button on the controller.

  • Imran Bhachar

    i have problem just after installation,,,,when ever i open it,,,there is an option origin is not installed,,,,,,,,,,is any one who help me,….i am a beginner

  • lolol fifa

    On fifa 12 I can’t trade offer to random people why