Mac OS X Lion printer compatibility problems need to be avoided

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When Apple released Snow Leopard back in August 2009 we posted this brief article which confirmed that upon download and installation people noticed that their HP printers were no longer supported, today we are wondering whether something similar will happen this time round and whether consumers will accept this if it occurs.

Let’s start by saying that when such a substantial update is released there are bound to be some problems affecting a relatively small amount of users, this is exactly what happened with Snow Leopard and most people found that updating printer software and drivers resolved most issues, so this time round don’t worry too much if you printer no loner works after the update as it could be easily resolved.

We have no reason to believe that any printers will suffer problems, however given the fact that HP printers experienced problems last time round we thought that we would try and help you out with ideas for simple fixes rather than you rushing out to buy a new model.

Firstly you may find that if you printer no longer works after installation re-installation of the device may resolve issues, firstly delete the printer by going into System Preferences and then selecting “Print and Fax”, here you will be able to delete the printer, which means that you will be able to re-install it from scratch. Simply unplug the printer and then plug it back in (if USB), you may find that OS X Lion installs your printer automatically, however if it does not or perhaps you have a wireless printer you may want to install the printer using the disc which was provided with the printer. If you find that this either does not fix the printer or perhaps will not run on OS X Lion, don’t worry though as there may be a simple solution.

Many peripheral manufacturers will release new driver downloads and software which makes their existing devices compatible with newly released operating systems, however you must remember that this is not an obligation and it is up to the companies as to whether they do this. If your printer ends up being incompatible it may be worth downloading the latest drivers to try to resolve the issue, the following links will take you to the applicable company’s driver download page (simply enter or find your printer model and then attempt to download the latest drivers). Canon, Epson, HP and Lexmark.

If you experience any problems with your peripherals after installing Mac OS X Lion let us know in the comments section below and our writers and readers will do our best to resolve the issue, it will also give us some insight as to which models are incompatible with the Apple’s latest OS X version.

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  • Joshua Hofer

    Lion Is not available yet here in Canada, hopefully when it is my printer will be ok

    • Hans de Kort

      Canon i-SENSYS LBP7200 not working on Lion

  • Joshua Hofer

    OK. Notify me Link is now down on the apple website. OS X Coming Later Today?- Canada

  • Karthik Nayak

    HP PSC1315 Not working on LION

  • mika nakashi

    Canon i-Sensys LBP 6000 not working on Lion

  • Dario Souza

    HP LaserJet Pro CM1415fnw color MFP SCANNER not working under Lion. Latest driver (Feb 2011) incompatible with Mac OS 10.7 Lion (only 10.6 or lesser, according to printer installation warning)

    • Ivo Berkovic

      Hi, is your HP CM1415fmw still not working on lion, as I was just gonna buy that MFP, hoping its gonna work.

  • Bill Foster

    Dear PR,

    With Lion, my Mac is requesting a userid and password to connect to my networked printer on a Windows PC. With Snow leopard there was no request? Attempts to reinstall the printer still leave me with an authentication request I dontt now how to answer. Any Ideas? 

    • Doug Boone

      You need to use the PC username and password.  If you don’t have a password set, create one on the PC under user accounts.  That’s how I got mine working.  I don’t like it because I don’t want a password on my PC, but that’s the only way I could figure it out so far…

  • Stefan Benesch

    I use a HP Photosmart C6180 (All in one: printer, scanner, fax). After updating to Lion, the fax printer queue doesn’t work any longer. After deleting the fax driver I wanted to re-install the fax but in Lion I cannot find the required fax driver. A look at HP revealed that they have still no knowledge about the existence of OS X 10.7…

  • Laura Welk

    I have an HP Deskjet 3050A all in one. I tried to install it today on my new MacBook Pro with OS X Lion. It comes up with a warning saying my operating system is too new for the printer. Any ideas as to when they will release a new driver? 

  • Ian Argall

    Since installing Lion my HP Deskjet 3050 will print, but not scan.

  • Anonymous


    I am indeed having problems under OS X Lion with an HP CM2320fxi mfp device. The scanner is no longer recognized and under the set-up assistant, the device will not detect when connected to the USB. 

    Any suggestions? 

    Thanks very much. 


  • Anonymous

    Hi, I have a Samsung printer ML-2010 – yes I agree it’s pretty old :-)   but doesn’t want to work after having installed Lion.  I went to Samsung web site and drivers end to 10.6 version.  I can’t leave them a message, it makes a kind of loop… you know : clic on “Contact US” and in this section, the site forces you to go on FAQ.  And in this section, there’s another “Contact US” and in this section, it directs you at exactly the same FAQ place…  I tried your tip above, no result.  I’m not sure Samsung will modify drivers for old printer like mine.  Thanks for the help.
    Nancy Pothier
    Magog, Québec

    • Lisa Tran

      I have the same printer and the same problem! I hope Apple or Samsung comes out with a solution soon.


    • Lisa Tran

      I have the same printer and the same problem! I hope Apple or Samsung comes out with a solution soon.


    • johan pols

      Hi, same printer and same problem.
      I unplugged and pluged again, but no result. And Samsung doesn’t seem to have a suitable new driver.
      Johan Pols

    • johan pols

      Hi, same printer and same problem.
      I unplugged and pluged again, but no result. And Samsung doesn’t seem to have a suitable new driver.
      Johan Pols

    • Jean-Pierre 78

      I have the same problem and did not know that my ML-2010 printer what that old since I bought it brand new two years ago. You can find some solutions in different forums based on a linux version of the drivers. It sound s a little complicated and time consuming. I doubt that Samsung will come up with a solution rapidly. My solution is to give away my printer for free to someone that can use it and to buy a new printer that won’t be a Samsung. Anyway, the only value of your printer is the remaining ink inside its toner! This is called programmed obsolescence and this is what our world is dying from.

  • Alberto Boscari

    Xerox 6110N doesn’t work after lion installation!

  • Alberto Boscari

    Xerox 6110N doesn’t work after lion installation!

  • Anonymous

    LION does not allow me to print from my Konika Minolta Color Copier/Printer CF2002

  • Anonymous

    Canon i-Sensys LBP 5050n is not working on 10.7

  • ddabdul

    Canon ip6000 not working after Lion update

  • Bryan Anderson

    HP Laserjet 2025 and Samsung 4×26 multifuction printer both stopped working after Lion install.

  • Isabel

    Had an HP 1350 all-in-one printer wich ran on PowerPC, so after installing OS X Lion the printer became useless.

    So went out and bought the HP Envy 100 all-in-one. Happy as I was with my new toy, popped in the software cd and … ping – software only compatible up to OS X 10.6. NOooooooooo !!!

    I’ve been looking for new drivers  but so far unsuccessful.

  • Matt hias

    CanonScan 8800F Analogue Film Backlight don’t work under Lion

  • Amber Bynum

    Cannot scan anymore or access my computer on the office network period; printer is Sharp MX-B402

  • Ross Mckenzie

    Another Samsung user here ML-1510, CUPS driver now gives /usr/libexec/cups/filter/rastertospl failed error when trying to print under Lion.  Very disappointing this was an excellent budget laser and has years left in it but looks like it will have to end up on Eeebay. 
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  • Anonymous

    My Lexmark E260dn worked perfectly under Snow Leopard. Lion was installed and it doesn’t work. Lion does detect and recognize the printer in the Printer and Fax pref. pane, and everything is fine until I hit “print.” At that point the queue pops up and hangs for a bit, then a message in the queue reads “Printer file cannot be found.”

    I’ve downloaded the update from Lexmark; uninstalled and reinstalled the printer; and even reset printer preferences. Nothing.

    Please help.

    • Lheltemes

      Similar problem with Lexmark C780.

    • Luke Es | sE ekuL

      Ditto. Just bought a E260dn as an upgrade along with my new iMac and it’s shocking how much it doesn’t work. Very glad I still have a Snow Leopard machine, but it’s just pathetic that a new computer and a new printer can’t work together.

  • Anonymous

    Bought a new HP Deskjet 3050 J610A one week after installing Lion, thought I did my research, only to find out it is not yet supported.  Can print/scan manually via USB, but can’t install software or use wireless function.  Talked to both HP and Apple tech support and they say OOPS, their bad, an update hasn’t been released yet;  soon to come, but they can’t enlighten me as to a date.

  • Anonymous

    Bought a new HP Deskjet 3050 J610A one week after installing Lion, thought I did my research, only to find out it is not yet supported.  Can print/scan manually via USB, but can’t install software or use wireless function.  Talked to both HP and Apple tech support and they say OOPS, their bad, an update hasn’t been released yet;  soon to come, but they can’t enlighten me as to a date.

  • Scott

    Updated my mac to Lion and Canon Canoscan 9950 won’t work. Says power pc applications are not supported. Any help?

  • Jkrause12

    None of my printers are working. I get error messages every time I try to print.

  • Morant

    Network Canon MP 500 printer not working after Lion install.  Windows computers, understandably, continue to have no problems.

  • Agrappleaday

    HP ENVY 100 e-ALL-IN-ONE D410 series.   After Lion install Imac not recognizing.  Even inserting driver disk which came with the printer, not being supported by current OS…only 10.6   :(

    • happymoonbeam

      Wen will a new software be available for the HP Envy? I just bought a MacBook Pro for college, and while I was at the apple store I also purchased the HP ENVY 100…..I went hope to hook up the printer with my computer (after I installed OS X Lion), and just like you i got a message that said it would only work for 10.6 or earlier. :( Should I return the printer? I need one for college in about 1 1/2 weeks and I don’t want to wait months for it to work. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

  • Vvmlee

    i have installed Mac os x lion  and i bought a new printer HP officejet pro 8500 A910.
    it found the network wireless between my mac and this printer without any driver support but i cannot install the cd of scan driver that is compatible with upto os x v.10.6.
    I cannot try apple software update for this problem because i bought the printer after i installed os x Lion.

    How can i have the resolution for this probleme?

  • Monty

    MY Hp Photosmart C4680 always wants to scan and print even if I didn’t request it. This has occured since I upgraded to OS Lion.

  • Romain Tweedy

    KONICA MINOLTA 1690MF dead in the water

  • Annpmckenzie

    My Officejet Pro 7700 finally died.  I researched Mac OS compatible printers and ordered a new HP Officejet 6500A only to find that it was not compatible with Lion OS.  A long time on the phone with HP and the only thing I was told was that the engineers were working on it.  In the meantime, I am having difficulty finding a replacement all-in-one printer that is Lion OS compatible.
    Any suggestions?

  • guest

    Thank you for writing this. My HP Photosmart 2575 stopped working but reinstalling fixed the problem completely. First I tried to download the latest version of the driver from HP’s page but that was a PowerPC -based program… 

  • Jordi Vila

    My AiO HP Laserjet 3055 stopped working after Lion update. Couldn’t find any workaround for scan which is the essential feature I use. HP Director or Scan software doesn’t recognize the printer neither doesn’t Image Capture. Any ideas before HP releases a solution?

    • elgo

      HP is not going to release a solution…so I was told in email this morning.

  • Eric

    My Dell 5130 is working with the Generic PostScript Driver on Lion, but it will print multiple copies of every print job I push out and if I try to print new jobs, it will start printing the previous job first and always pause the printer in between jobs. Is there any fix? I have tried to install the actual dell 5130drivers but it doesn’t look like they are working either…

  • Ferrari Pedro

    HP Laserjet 1018 not working here

  • Wybe Henstra

    Bought a new HP Deskjet 3070A wireless. Installation for Windows 7 (laptop) without any problems. Installation on my iMac with OS X Lion cannot be finished, because the HP software on my iMac doesn’t find my HP Deskjet. The strange thing is: via the browser and the correct ip-address the HP Deskjet is reachable.

  • Wybe Henstra

    Bought a new HP Deskjet 3070A wireless. Installation for Windows 7 (laptop) without any problems. Installation on my iMac with OS X Lion cannot be finished, because the HP software on my iMac doesn’t find my HP Deskjet. The strange thing is: via the browser and the correct ip-address the HP Deskjet is reachable.

  • Myhusky

    I have a Dell 2150cn color laser printer and it worked fine with the old OS system and also with my old router.  Now I cannot print unless I direct connect my laptop which is a real pain since I am now tied to my printer.  It appears to work every now and then if I hook it up to my router via the USB.  Dell has no update for their driver.  This is so insane!!!!  I want my old OS back :-(

    • Sandtrap

      I can’t even get my 2150 to work with 10.5.8. It crashes after almost every print job and is direct connected. 

  • maximus1992

    Lexmark X7675 doesn’t work on OS X Lion even after initialization lexmark’s drivers for os x lion.

  • Ray

    I just installed an update the HP LaserJet 3055 all in one and printing now works. Fax shows up in “Print and Scan” in the System Preferences but Fax crashes. The main thing I wanted to do is Scan – that does not even show up in the “Print and Scan” window.
    Note: The update does not fix the HP Director, it still crashes and I doubt HP will redo the Director. It seems they want to do it all now from the System Preferences much in the way it has with Windows 7. :(

    • elgo

      I received an email from HP today. They will not be supporting scanning for the 3055. The End.

  • Anna

    OKI c310dn not working…

  • MM

    HP PhotoSmart D110 Series do not working :-(

  • MM

    HP PhotoSmart D110 Series do not working :-(

  • JGSnCA

    HP Laserjet 3200 not working with Lion.

  • JGSnCA

    HP Laserjet 3200 not working with Lion.

    • Jvandoorn

      same here, where are the solutions?

  • JGSnCA

    HP Laserjet 3200 not working with Lion.

  • JGSnCA

    HP Laserjet 3200 not working with Lion.

  • Villatriboli

    Xerox Phaser 6128MFP – scanner does not work with Lion

  • Dmock

    HP Officejet 6500A  scanning does not work with OS X Lion

  • Alfred

    i-SENSYS LBP5050n is not working anymore

    • Marko

      same here

    • Marko

      same here

    • Ruski

      Haha…usually Canon will wait for another couple of months before update will appear… am having the same issue….again.

  • Puppetman3

    I have Lion and Deskjet 3050 will not work

  • Carsten

    i have Lion and a KonicaMinolta MagicColor 1690mf and the scanner dosn´t work…….

    • Kevin

      same here.  It runs through the document to about 80-some percent then it tells me it was “refused”.

      • Kevin

        also, the scanner driver was “inadequate” and could not be installed v1.0.5 i believe.
        Both work perfectly on all my Windows machines!!

  • Guest

    My C4280 print painfully SLOW on the new osx lion.

  • Guest

    My C4280 print painfully SLOW on the new osx lion.

  • Bhupesh Prusty

    My Samsung ML 1410/1510 printer is no more working after the recent upgrade to OS Lion.

  • Frank

    An example of a bad case gone worse. I had OSX 10.6 and installed the latest drivers for my HP laserjet Pro CM1415fn (multifunctional). Scanning worked fine using the software that came with the HP. But scanning with Pagemanager didn’t work (while it should). I got the message: Could not complete the operation because there is no driver or scanner installed.
    A day later I installed OSX Lion and followed the advise of HP support: deleting all the software that came with the HP CM1415 and then installing it again. Then I got the message the software was for a previous version of OSX and it didn’t install at all. Now I can’t scan and can’t print. HP is working on software compatible with OSX Lion. So I’ll wait and see if all my problems are solved.

  • matzebadass

    reinstallation of canon mp600r for wlan use isn’t possible. only usb mode is possible, network printing can’t be found in any of the drivers or apple preferences. scanner doesn’t work at all with mp navigator v3.0.4.

  • Nadeem Baig

    Hi, i followed your instructions but my HP printer photosmart C3180 is still very slow and it takes 10 minutes to print just  a simple page. Thank you in anticipation for your help.

  • Juan

    My HP PSC 950 just will not work again, Downloading the software from scratch tells me that PowerPC applications are no longer support, but it was working fine with Snow Leopard

  • Goodwords

    Brother HL 2140 printer is not accepting updated software. MacBook Pro shows updated software has been installed but when I try to print, I get the following message: “You need to install software to use this printer. To install the software, choose Software Update from the Apple menu. If the software for your printer isn’t available in Software Update, contact the manufacturer of your printer.” 
    Infuriating! I’m using OS 10.6.8.

  • Keizerna

    Samsung CLX-3170 not working wirelessly but I can print connected with USB.  Talked to samsung and apparently they will update the driver but they are not sure when.

  • Spetzrah

    I have downloaded Lion and now find that my HP office jet pro 8500a Plus is no longer working.  I have tried to reinstall the disk but the PC will not allow me to do so as it recognizes that the system has been upgraded.
    What do I now do?

  • Baigou

    The Lion is just a nightmare it is not only printer but many other applications are not working.

  • Timr

    I recently purchased a HP Envy Printer from Apple as it was meant to be compatible with Lion. To my surprise the Disc that came with printer is not compatible with Lion so went to HP’s site to get software. Their site states that you must get the software through apple’s software update, but when I check available updates, there is nothing there for HP. Now I have a $300 paperweight . Thanks Apple and thanks HP for wasting my time and money on this rubbish!

    • thekaj

      Similar experience with me.  Our HP 6500 printer pretty much requires me to uninstall and reinstall the printer every time I want to print something (otherwise it perpetually is trying to find the printer).  Tonight I went through the same routine, but I get a message saying that an update is available.  I hit okay to load it, get a status bar, and it eventually times out, saying it can’t find the download and to try HP’s site for it.  I go to HP’s site, and their instructions boil down to “run software update on your Mac”.  Of course, there aren’t any updates because the printer isn’t installed yet!  Brilliant.

    • thekaj

      Similar experience with me.  Our HP 6500 printer pretty much requires me to uninstall and reinstall the printer every time I want to print something (otherwise it perpetually is trying to find the printer).  Tonight I went through the same routine, but I get a message saying that an update is available.  I hit okay to load it, get a status bar, and it eventually times out, saying it can’t find the download and to try HP’s site for it.  I go to HP’s site, and their instructions boil down to “run software update on your Mac”.  Of course, there aren’t any updates because the printer isn’t installed yet!  Brilliant.

  • Bmadse09

    After upgrading to Lion i can’t print from my Sharp MX 4101n mfp.

    No drivers for Lion has currently been made for any of their printers.

    Anyone got alternative solutions?


    • Shane

      The MX 4101n misfeeds after any type of booklet is printed. No actual misfeed. I send one booklet job, and it thinks there is a misfeed in the finisher. I open and close the top tray on the finisher, all is good. I can’t send multiple booklets. I have to use Windows(cringe) to send multiple booklets. Using PPD version 2010 rev 1.0.18 and installer version

  • Bmadse09

    After upgrading to Lion i can’t print from my Sharp MX 4101n mfp.

    No drivers for Lion has currently been made for any of their printers.

    Anyone got alternative solutions?


  • Guest

    After upgrade to Lion, HP Deskjet 990cxi. prints very slowly even in draft mode. Have tried changing all settings and nothing works.

  • Jorisr

    hi, I got an MBP, 15 inch just the other day. lion preinstalled. Now my xerox phaser 6010N doesnt work anymore. it a relatively new printer. but xerox has failed to update its software so far. Installing a PCL hasnt worked either….
    Anybody any ideas?
    J. Rodenburg (Netherlands)

  • Aspland6

    i have a   hp photosmart c3180,  my printer works but not the scanner, I cannot find drivers to download???help 

  • Aspland

    Why are people having so much trouble now that they have upgraded to lion? Is HP  working on driver  compatability with OSX Lion ? if so how long will we have to wait to get the driver / software updates?

  • Jeff

    lexmark pro901 won’t update with the new mac os x lion? any advice?

  • Dejan Vojvodic

    I have a Samsung CL3175FW (wifi) multifunction printer. I cannot even install it under 10.7. In System Prefs I can see the printer (via IP), I choose the printer driver from the roll down menu (showing correctly by the name of the printer 3170 as drivers already installed from the samsung website), but when confirming the choice and adding the printer to the list in system prefs, a window pops-up showing OS X Lion wants to search & install the drivers for it, even thought they are already installed. Finally the system does not find them and aborts the installation. I tried to connect it via USB and ethernet and non works. On my other win xp pc, everything works smooth. This problem occured since I installed OS x Lion 10.7, as in SL 10.6.8 it was working.

    Any help is precious! Thank you
    Macbook Pro mid 2010 I5, 10.7.1

    • Anonymous

      Same problem here…

  • Oninkxronda

    I have Konica Minolta PagePro 1350W laser printer. After Installing Mac OS X Lion I can’t print anymore.. it says Printer is Availble and Idle mode but at time I print something it didn’t work out.

    Please Help me what to do.

  • Ju

    Here is a strange story: I started having trouble with networking printing on my Samsung CLX 3175 after downloading Lion OS, much like everyone else here. I also had trouble logging on to wifi. My macbook would not log on automatically as it did with Snow Leopard – I would have to go through diagnostics to log on. But I found that print jobs that were lined up before I shut my computer would print when I turned it on – but before I logged on to the WiFi!!! Does that tell you anything about the nature of the problem? Fortunately or unfortunately, the wifi problem has resolved – but that means I can’t print any more. Desperately looking for a solution – let me know if you have any ideas.

  • Rocco

    I have a Lexmark T630 Laser Printer. With Snow Leopard it worked fine. Now I installed Lion and the printer doesn’t work. When I try to print I get an error message saying that the printer has no toner anymore. The toner is new.
    I also downloaded the newest printer drivers from Lexmark but it still doesn’t print.

    The printer works fine with all other macs running Snow Leopard.

  • Rocco

    I have a Lexmark T630 Laser Printer. With Snow Leopard it worked fine. Now I installed Lion and the printer doesn’t work. When I try to print I get an error message saying that the printer has no toner anymore. The toner is new.
    I also downloaded the newest printer drivers from Lexmark but it still doesn’t print.

    The printer works fine with all other macs running Snow Leopard.

  • Preciouscleon

    HI Im using SAMSUNG ML-2851ND to my MAC OS X LION , and always shows me printer offline, im currently connected direct to usb , any help and further advise much appreciate, thank you

  • Tidefrog1

    have a Canon mp620.  On the list as supported by OS Lion.  Installed drivers there.  Used disc to reinstall twice.  Tried finding the drivers on the computer.  Nothing works.  Mac cannot see the printer.  I purchased on the Apple website to ensure compatibility with an Apple product.

  • Surf Dude

    I have a HP psc 1317 All in one Printer / Scanner / Copier
    I have new iMac with OS X Lion 10.7.1 installed. The computer recognises the printer but not the scanner

  • Livhelensundsdal

    I got my Mac and a printer at the applestore and it was set up With Lion, the printer HP Photosmart 5510 did not work together, stupid to sell them together if you ask me, have been trying to contact some stores to ensure that a new printer is compatible, this have caused me a lot of time and frustration. is there any printers that will work??????

  • Les_jours_heureux

    the Canon LBP7200Cdn does’nt work with Lion. The CAPT 3.31 driver does’nt display the add button (as in Leopard) in the Add Printer window. It’s crazy that a firm like Canon doesn’t work on new drivers in advance jusrt to have drivers ready when the new OS come out…

  • Lynn

    Problem with Lexmark C780.  Installed the driver from Lexmark for Lion.  Upon adding printer get an error message that the software was installed incorrectly and needs to repair permissions.  Following that, the printer seems to be there but won’t accept print file.  It also appears to be incorrectly reading levels of supplies.  Every other printer I have tried works including Lexmark C752.  Any ideas????

  • Rune Borge-olsen

    Problems with followme printing solution after upgrading to Lion. After installing the printers as IPP, an authentication dialog should appear after printing test page. The only thing I get now is an error message that tells me the print file isn’t accepted, and that the printer’s not supporting IPP/2.0. Any ideas?

  • Bengeu

    Brother mfc-665cw printer not working with lion. Have installed updates from brother and Mac. Have deleted and reinstalled it wirelessly. Scanner works but when I try to print, the printer shows receiving data but nothing happens.

  • Tormod Guldvog

    Same problem here, MP620. When I plug in the USB cable I am asked to download drivers. Automatic installaton from Apple fails. Manually downloaded drivers from Canon are installed but not recognized when I try to add the printer.

    Complete PITA…this printer works fine with macs that have been upgraded to Lion, but it’s impossible to do a fresh install of the printer.

    • Lech

      Hi, any advice how to solve it? I’ve removed mp640 as I was getting errors when scanning via USB.Now I cannot add this multifunction printer. Automatic drivers download from apple is announcing drivers are unavailable… Please help. 

  • cmaehr

    two days ago I updated to mac os X 10.6.8 – now my printer – canon i-sensys lpb 5050n – doesn’t work any more.
    THANK YOU for any solution to my problem
    in case this is important – I am from Austria…

  • Chris Tolmie

    HP Photosmart 5510 on brand new apple mac pro running Lion.  Managed to add printer OK yesterday, but cannot get scanner to function.  Scanner says “no computer connected”.

    • Djpaulette

      I have exactly the same problem with the Photosmart Plus – the best you can do is go into the scanner through System Preferences and save it to the desk top and not preview as you can’t get it out of preview.

  • Demange

    HP Envy 100 D 410 – can not scan to computer

  • P-mueller

    Xerox Phaser 6000 won’t work.

  • Jtimh

    I can’t install my cannon 4400 scanner. It goes through the installation process but I can’t find it on the hard drive which is where I downloaded it. 

  • Ak

    Lexmark x6650 does not work with Lion

  • nerdynun

    Lexmark S505 not working via USB or wireless. Am reading through mac and lexmark forums for help.

  • Djpaulette

    Bought a brand new HP printer at Darty at the beginning of August – told the salesman that I was due to install Lion and he insured me that the printer was fully compatible.  the printer worked fine with Snow Leopard however I have had no end of problems with the Hewlett Packard Photosmart Plus since I installed Lion two weeks ago.  First of all the printer refused to print or scan at all.  Then I uninstalled and reinstalled with new drivers it worked and then didn’t and then does again depending on the day, time, moon – all very random.  Wireless capability has gone completely haywire so use on USB connection and it thankfully works a bit better since cancelling it. then this week the scanner decided to completely opt out is not registering with the mac unless I go into system preferences and scan into Preview or onto the desk top which is a pain.  Anyone have any ideas for a fix for this?  I’m all out. 

  • Djpaulette

    have to say – I feel a lot better knowing I am not alone and that it is not just affecting Hewlett Packard printer scanners like it did when I did the Snow Leopard upgrade.

  • Charles

    My brother printer MFC 9450 CDN works… though not with Word, when it won’t print a coloured watermark, and cannot get the colour tones right. I am told that this is down to the driver, problem has only occurred since update to Lion, though whatever I do to install the latest driver 4.0.1, my machine refuses to accept it and will only run on 4.0.0.

    There’s not much point having a patch if the hardware can’t use it! I’ve tried everything now and am left scratching my head?

  • Brenda

    I have cd and dvd printing on my hp C5280 but the i mac says my printer doesn’t support it I need help with this The printer came with roxio cd labler 3.2 but the mac doesn’t support

  • Kavette

    I have a HP6500 E709 and can print but no scan function with osx 10.7. I have reinstalled the driver and although on the web site there is a list of supported Officejets including the 6500. I cannot get the scanner to even be recognised through any HP utility or image capture software.

  • Noejas

    I have a Konica Minolta 1690mf (laser printer) that I cannot find a working driver for.

  • RoSt

    I work with a Konica Minolta 1690mf as a network-printer in Mac OS X 10.6.8. I can not find a way to scan in the network (actual drivers are loaded). Printing in the network is o.k. With the USB-connection scanning is working. Under 10.5 there was no problems to print and scan under a network.
    Any solution ?

  • Sean Delevan

    My Brother MFC-490Cw is connected to my network but is not being seen after updating to IOS 5. I have done everything possible and it is simply not showing up on my computer (mac). When I run Windows 7 on Bootcamp, it shows up as being offline.

  • Alohasv

    Can’t find scan software for hp photosmrt c3180

    • Ruben Vermeij

      how did you do that? mine doesn’t work please help

      • Alohasv

        Wish I knew!!!

  • Katarina Zajc

    cannot make konica minolta 1690MF to work with my imac.  Any suggestions?

  • James

    I’ve just updated to OS X Lion.  My computer will print to my HP Officejet 8500A Plus but I can’t get it to scan.  When I open the software on my computer it says no scanner available.  Any ideas?

    • Bdmarsh

      Download the latest software from HP for this printer, it will allow full operation using the HP software like HP Scan, otherwise with the more generic driver, you do the scanning from the Print Queue window (Which you can open from the Print & Fax window in System preferences)  Once it has been opened, you can keep it in the dock.

      • Thomas Nordén

        I have downloaded and installed the latest HP software as per today, but I am still unable to scan, though printing works.

  • Igraham

    I’ve had OS X Lion since this summer but I just recently got a new HP Photosmart Printer 4100 series. I’ve attempted to download the software and driver multiple times and each time the computer says that the driver is not available at the moment. Any idea how to obtain the driver?

  • MissJane007

    Have installed the new Lion, haven’t tested my printer but my file transfer program EasySuite no longer works, the error message is as follows:

    You can’t open the application MP because PowerPC applications are no longer supported.
    :) gotta love ironing out bugs :)

  • Sueminney

    Since upgrading to Lion my Samsung ML-2010 will not print any ideas please.

  • bryguy

    I print at a school using  a networked printer.  It worked before, then I upgraded to the Lion and it stopped.  I downloaded the latest driver for OS X10.7 but i continue to receive messages like “Printfile was not accedpted” and “printer paused”.  The printer is a Lexmark E260dn.  I’ve deleted the printer and re-created it, still same result.  The icon when attempting to print has an error exclamation mark in front of the printer name.  Help!

  • Roy

    I have a Brothers Printer 5150DLT and I am having a problem not being able to print after my installation of OSLion.  The Printer worked well before I installed Lion.  Any ideas of how I can find an update to this software.  
    Thanks for your help

  • Jake Peters

    I cannot get my Tektronix Phaser 780 working. It has been taken over by Xerox, I know, but they still do not have drivers for Lion.

  • Jjfdavis

    After installing Lion my hp laser jet 4 plus has stopped working. I can’t install any other drivers. Got a big problem here. Whether to uninstall Lion or buy another compatible printer.

  • mtva

    i need to print a booklet using word 2011 with my mac running in os lion. please help.

  • Sean Murphy

    After installing Lion, my HP Photosmart C4380 is no longer recognized.  How can I resolve this?

  • officewr

    I’m using Konica Minolta C280 and after I updated my software yesterday, my copier could no longer work. I installed the driver for OS 10.7.x but it still doesn’t work. Can anybody help with this?

  • Hans

    My Selphy ES1 does not print anymore after updating to OS-X Lion.
    Removing an adding the printer does not solve the problem either.
    Looking on the Cannon site there is no driver available, the driver I used before (under OS-X Leopard) is called: gutenprint v.5.2.3
    I found on the net another driver called es300, but there I get a message “the version of present macintosh cannot install a printer driver”………??? why not????

  • M Ellis

    OSX Lion will not print wirelessly to Samsung’s CLX-3185FW printer.

    • Barthdvs

      Are you sure that don’t work? I’m going to buy this Printer, and i run MAC OSX 10.7

  • Kavette

    I have been monitoring this Forum for about a month…… EVERYONE has the same problem! The Damn Printers or Scanners won’t work with Lion……. No solutions posted to date have worked except where people don’t know how to connect their printers properly!
    The problem is Lion and lack of compatable Drivers!!!
    Is Apple going to do anything, or do we all need new Printers?….

    • Dianelynn13

      Kavette, I have no choice I have to go out and try and find a new printer which upsets me cuz my all in one printer is only months old. Epson told me when I go out looking make sure I ask the sale person if a new driver has been downloaded to the printer to work with the Lion…cuz if it hasn’t that new printer isn’t going to work neither…

    • Bdmarsh

      it is up to the printer company to write drivers for the printers.  many of them are indeed supported, but there are some odd exceptions even with new printers… any printer within the last couple of years should be getting support if it doesn’t already work by running Software Update.  (I do Mac support, and honestly most printers do work with Lion)

  • Mike

    My networked Konico Milnolta C360 bizhub no longer prints after upgrading to Lion.

    • Support

      For network printing on lion, the printer driver will need to be installed using a different network protocal, not bonjor, either LPR or IPP – one of those works the other will not.

  • Dabdeb11

    hi, i just bought a iSENSYS LBP6000 and i cant download the software on my mac OS 10.6.7 

  • Ldistefano

    macbook pro with iOS lion. Can’t print to Sharp MX-M620n printer

  • Ralph Harlid

    I have a Lexmark Printer c544dn.
    After installing Mac OS Lion I get an error message to change photoleader and that my paperholder is almost empty.

    • Mac User

      I have the same issues.  After upgrading to Mac OS Lion, my Lexmark C544dn is seen by the Mac, but always gets an error:  “Print file was not accepted” as well as warnings that “the optical photoconductor needs to be replaced” and “the paper tray is almost empty”.  Then the printer is placed in Pause mode.  (BTW, there is plenty of paper in the tray.)

      I’m printing by exporting all print as PDFs, moving the PDFs to a second computer on the network, and printing from that computer.  Very cumbersome.  Any ideas where to get the proper drivers?

  • Dianelynn13

    I have Epson Artisan 800. I talked to Epson today and they Do Not have an updated driver so therefore I have nothing, My all in one printer will not work with the OSX Lion. Called Apple and they told me the same thing. So now I sit here with a brand new iMac and no printer or scanner. I am looking for a printer all in one that will be compatible, if anyone has any idea’s?

  • Anonymous

    I have an HP8500, a Brother MFC8440, an Epson Stylus RX500, and a Canon MX320.  Suddenly and inexplicably, several months after upgrading to Lion, I find that I have no ability to scan using any of these devices.  Image Caputre says no scanner or camera is connected and Preview simply does not find a scanning device.  Three of the scanners are currently attached and appear as printers and will print.  I have reset the printing system and re-installed the printers, even downloading the Lion drivers from the manufacturer, and nothing works.  

    Think maybe Parallels might have killed my scanning capability?  At one point I could still scan using XP via Parallels, but now the scanners don’t work in XP either.  

  • Prussian Prince

    Since updating to OSX Lion my Lexmark X5650 will not scan. The printer functionality still works but when I try to scan it just gets stuck even if I try to cancel it. I have to use force quit every time. I have the latest Lexmark driver. Very frustrating

  • Dutch guy

    Ever since updating to Lion my Lexmark Impact S305 fails to start printing. I have to restart the printing job several times before it starts to print. The system message says ‘…CUPS driver failed’. 

  • ussteele

    OS X 10.5 upgraded to OS X 10.6.8
    Need printer driver for HP Deskjet 940c.
    This issue has created a bad feeling toward Apple and HP.

  • Don

    Hi everyone! I have HP color laser jet printer 2320 fxi and my problem is with the printer scanner. I’m not able find the compatible driver for my IMAC with Lion OSX. After installing the HP driver the HP Director is not available. Is there anybody out there experienced the same? I need the solution ASAP. Thanks in advance

  • Articulat_bills

    Well if that isn’t just a real bite in the booty. I bought my printer from Apple when I bought my computer. It is a Canon MP620. I have kept all my software up to date. I upgrade to Lion…and whammy, I can’t print my homework. The Canon site has no firmware updates for my printer. Thanks a lot Canon & Apple. I’m 38, go to school 1/2 time, work and parent and the reason I bought my Mac was so I wouldn’t have to screw with this crap. I just don’t have the time. 

  • SF

    This mess appears to be a nice bit of coordination between Apple and printer manufacturer marketing departments to force users to buy new equipment to replace printers that were running fine under Lion.

    Perfect example – I’ve had a monochrome HP laserjet 1200 that has been running fine with a jetdirect 175x ethernet-connected wireless print server for all my business document needs for years.  No problems, cartridges last for ages and it’s run through every OS X upgrade – even Lion.

    Until I moved my office to another room and changed *which* MacBook Pro (I have 2) they were plugged into.

    When I tried to install it as directly connected to a different MacBook Pro it was found but no driver was.  Tried reinstalling directly back to my original Pro but the same thing happened.

    Of course by this point I had removed the *old* printer – yet even though the driver *should* be there (the generic CUPS driver if I recall correctly it can’t be found).

    Going to HP’s website, I find that the *old* 1200 (not the new 1200 AIO) is no longer supported.

    Going to Apple’s website I find that I need to go to HP’s website.

    So between the two of them, simply moving my working printer system from one computer to another rendered it a boat anchor.

    Now, I KNOW I can go buy a new laser printer for $100.  But I just spent $50 on a cartridge for a perfectly GOOD printer Apple and HP want me to update.  It won’t do a damned thing for me except cost me money.

    Absolutely ridiculous.

    • Gronocl

      I have the same issues with a DesignJet 111 Roll I have since last two months. Every time I arrive to my office to turn on all the devises to start to work, I never know how much time I need to connect to the plotter. My MBP running snowleopard every morning need to do a lot of thinks to get a real connection with it.

      Now for example, print an half of the page and stop.

      I change the driver to DesignJet 130 and works!!!

  • Jean-michel Devaux

    Hi. My Selphy ES1 does not print anymore with my new MacBook pro. Canon ? never more…

  • Johnny

    I can’t print share over my network from my MacBook Pro running Lion to my MacBook 10.5.8 yet i can do it the other way around. This is frustrating

  • Pardiseno

    I cant print form MacBook either! I could before, but then I shared it with another mac and stop printing in the macbook! I have installed and uninstalled the driver and nothing! its an hp deskjet, help!

  • Gronocl


    1) With your computer turned off and connected to the printer via USB and the Printer StandBy:
    2) Turn-on your computer.
    3) Login
    4) Turn-on the printer.

    At less with my plotter this work. Any other procedure DO NOT CONNECT TO THE PLOTTER.

  • Pkhydukovich

    My HP Envy 100 e-All -in -One printer, prints, but does not
    copy or scan.  We bought this on
    3/11/11 and haven’t done a lot of scanning and copying, mostly printing.  We last used it for scanning/copying
    around 3 months ago without any problem. The copying and scanning now will
    produce a vertically striped black image. 
    It is the same image that I would receive if I asked it to scan without
    placing a paper on the scanning glass. 
    The scanning light does cross the glass, but the image doesn’t register
    to my computer, which is a MaBook Pro 1,1 with Snow Leopard.  Any ideas?

  • Jorisr

    Xerox phaser 6010, runs on lion,
    But only as a standard printer. none of the features available. Its a months old printer. And a mponths old MBpro, running lion. Xerox has been listing this printer, as a nr 5 (updated driver will be issued last Q 2011) quarter is almost over. Wonder if Xerox meets the deadline.
    Why is it so diffucult to rewrite drivers in time. Apple has had its Lion running in Beta for ages. And we’re 6 months down in full operation mode for Lion now.
    I just don’t understand, if printers and drivers are core business?


  • Jorisr

    Xerox phaser 6010, runs on lion,
    But only as a standard printer. none of the features available. Its a months old printer. And a mponths old MBpro, running lion. Xerox has been listing this printer, as a nr 5 (updated driver will be issued last Q 2011) quarter is almost over. Wonder if Xerox meets the deadline.
    Why is it so diffucult to rewrite drivers in time. Apple has had its Lion running in Beta for ages. And we’re 6 months down in full operation mode for Lion now.
    I just don’t understand, if printers and drivers are core business?


  • Geegyscootch

    Lion broke almost everything worth using. My HP Photosmart Premium all-in-one printer seems to work great from ipad/iphone or mac mini running snow leopard but mostly when I try to print from mac mini running lion, lion crashes. It happens a lot. Not just the program crashing but a message to power down and restart my computer. It then reboots and sends a report to the deaf in cyberspace. Apple’s os is getting less stable than windows. I never had an OSX fail so badly as Lion. Not the company it used to be.

  • Iooono

    Unable to wirelessly print via Lion 10.7 and c4680

  • Plug12021954

    my hp 7250 suddenly stopped working on os 10.7
    i tried the updates and everything will work connected with usb, however wireless will not connect

  • macfused

    Mac LION OSX: Installed a windows network printer just fine. I go to print and i get the error: “Tray is out of paper” – to which none of the trays are empty. I cannot print to a different tray because there is no option. Ideas?

    • new to mac

      I’m getting this error too…all trays are full and i cannot manually select a tray, did you solve this?

  • Alan Mac

    My Designjet 800ps will not work under Lion. It installs but the data transfer sits idle for minutes then nothing! Printer goes back to “ready” mode. 

  • Gronocl

    TO ALL:

    After a lot attempts to print with my DesignJet 111 Roll. I may suggest try the next startup procedure. For my side always works fine.

    1) Put your printer in standby mode. And your computer turned off, connect the USB cable.
    2) Startup the computer. And AFTER login window TURN ON the printer.

    All must work. If not, I can’t help.

    Sheers from Chile

  • Sam Samman

    I updated my Mac software to from Leopard and then to Lion and nor I cannot print using my desk jet printer HP5150.  How do I download a compatible driver?

  • Onebyte

    So far haven’t been able to get CanoScan 8800F to run in Lion 10.2.7 and that upsets me. Downloaded & installed the 10.7 driver from Canon website but it didn’t help. I don’t have any other software installed for this scanner. I did use it and my Brother printer in SnowLeopard, via Image Capture as well as via several Windows apps in VMware Fusion.  I never used any Canon “scanning program” so I don’t know what the problem is. Perhaps as simple as Canon not supporting Lion 10.7.2 yet (and maybe never). I’m not liking a lot of things about Lion unfortunately.  May have to go back to Snow Leopard (which had its share of issues, too!) :-/   
    -Running MacMini 2.66 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 4 GB 1067 MHz DDR3, HD 500gb — right now has clean install and updated Lion, no 3rd party apps yet installed,; less than 50GB of user data has been transferred to Lion (most of that being in iTunes, which did, like a champ, rapidly update with the Snow Leopard iTunes files I simply copy/pasted onto Mac from an external backup before opening iTunes for first time in Lion).

  • Alex

    C4580 – Error when setting up to connect through WiFi w/ Time CapsuleOptions
    01-15-2012 04:01 PM
    I’ve used my C4580 to print and scann wirelessly in the past, with both a Netgear WiFi router and a DLink WiFi router.  I recently began using an Apple Time Capsule as my WiFi router.  I have both bands active, so I have a 2.4GHz signal and a 5GHz signal available for my WiFi products to connect to.  Every other product I use (a MacBook Pro running OS X Lion, an iMac running OS X Lion, an HP CPU running Windows XP, a Dell CPU running Windows 7, a Fujitsu laptop running Windows Vista, an Apple TV, an iPhone, an HTC Evo, and a TiVo set-top box) are able to connect to one or the other of these network signals without issue. Here’s what’s happening with the C4580: 1 -I plug my C4580 into my MacBook Pro via USB. 2 -I open HP Setup Assistant. 3 -In the first pane of the “Setup” heading, I select my “Photosmart C4500 series”, which shows as connected via “USB”. 4 -In the second pane of the “Setup” heading, I check the box to “Configure yoru device for a wireless network”. 5 -In the third pane of the “Setup” heading, my 5GHz network does not display.  My 2.4 GHz network does display, at full signal strength, showing “WPA_PSK” encryption and “Infrastructure” mode.  I select this. 6 -After approximately two minutes, during which the Setup Assistant is presumably attempting to connect the C4580 to the WiFi network, I recieve the following error message:  “*Device Not Connected*  To configure the network settings of the selected device, please connect it temporarily via USB.  The device can be disconnected from the USB once the network settings are transferred.” Note: Throughout this process, my C4500 HAS BEEN connected to my MacBook Pro via USB. Question:  What further steps should I take to troubleshoot this issue? Thanks for your time.

  • Jkfnp

    My HP C4580 All-In-One wouldn’t work with Lion. Followed your instructions to delete the printer through the Mac’s System Preferences (“Print and Fax” now called “Print and Scan”). Lion reinstalled the printer as you suggested it might, and I was able to scan my document. Thanks for easing my pain.

  • Carol

    I recently installed Lion OS X and updated the driver for Lexmark Pinnacle Pro901.  I had trouble with the scanner not working.  Then I took off the printer and reinstalled it with the new driver again.  Now occasionally I still get “communication error” messages and I have to close and open again for it to work.  Maybe Lexmark will come out with a new update?

  • Jsab

    can not get photosmart c6150 all in one printer to work with bran new mac book air. 10.7.2 version

  • Spanky

    The process called USB Print is running at %100
    after installing Lion on my iMAC. HELP!

  • Guest

    In the past month, I’ve downloaded Snow Leopard in my Macbook and then Lion following by about 2 weeks. I had no problems initially with printing until this past week. 

    I have just spent the better part of this  week, replacing 3 out of 5 cartridges, needed replacing, but as soon as I changed one on day 1, my printer, Canon 4500, showed a symbol of a yellow circle with a lightening bolt though it on top of the printer icon and it showed not connecting to the printer. I was programmed for wireless and wired and I tried both over the past four days. 

    Today, I went to the Apple store and with Genius Bar tech. downloaded a new driver successfully and eliminated the yellow icon. In conversation, I understood that the driver needed to be updated from the Canon website in order to be compatible with Lion and that it would work initially with my printer. I only print up a few pages at a time for personal letters. This is not business use. 

    When I arrived home, I turned on my Macbook, checked the printer icon after turning on my printer, wired, and the yellow icon appeared despite the new download and would not print showing, ‘not connected to the printer’ again. The only thing that I can think now is that the download driver has defaulted back to the original driver and again will not print. 

    I do know that there is nothing wrong with my printer either. This is more frustrating that I can say as others have commented here. When I was at the Apple store, the technician did say when I asked him, that others have had similar problems, This may be more widespread than we realize and that it is a Lion glitch of  large magnitude.
     I will try what was suggested, turn on the computer, log in, plug in the printer and turn it on, then see if it works. My last ditch effort will cost me, as MacInHome may be my only solution now to have someone come to my home to sort this mess out. Unfortunately, Apple will not pay my over $80.00 service bill, although I may try and see if they will pay seeing as it’s Lion’s fault this has happened.

  • Mazza

    Just bought a Xerox Phaser 6000 and can only print first 2 pages of any document, then stops with an error. I deleted and reinstalled the drivers but no luck.

  • Clarkheadrick

    i have been trying to connect macbook air to a hp7300 printer via a wireless network.  The macbook connects wirelessly to the xfinity router and then an ethernet connection to the printer.  The system works with a wireless PC and I can use an usb cable directly to the printer with no problem  So far all the vendors do not have a recommendation and HP was closed. 

  • Mario Vargas

    After installing Xerox Phaser 6000 latest drivers the printer only prints pages 1 and 2. I haven tried everything and no resolution. Xerox claims and update for the first quarter of 2012.

  • pjohnson

    I have a Sharp 4101N on a network I have to enter a User Number and can’t find a place to enter it after the update can you help?

  • Rvr199

    Lexmark X7675 will not print or scan wirelessly since upgrading to Lion. 

    • cookie

      mine doesn’t either!!

      • Fisco

        Mine prints, but I had to use the HP JetDirect drivers to make it work as a printer. Still trying to figure out how to configure it as a scanner.

  • Jim Crawford

    My Epson scanner (On RX560) will not work on Lion – the print and copy section are fine. – will not scan – Help

  • Eugenio

    I update my macbook pro to os Lion X 10.7.3 and can’t make my HP 1315 al-in-one printer/scanner work. Any clue?

  • Idoyacalvo

    I can not install hp photosmart C4380 printer in a mac book air after the installation of the lion

  • Bfeldman

    My 842C printer works fine in Greyscale but will not print in color with OSXLion.   I’ve tried everything!   Can you help?

  • Nick Moreton

    trying to use my hp design jet 10p on lion – was working with snow leopard and now nothing. any ideas how i can use it again?

  • Adrian1969

    Hi, since I installed Lion when I print to my HP printer connected to my Windows XP PC via my network all seems OK that the signal is sent to the printer, the printer starts but just fails to print anything. My Mac says that the document is printing, the PC print manager says its printing but nothing do print. I have tried re-installing the printer but still now joy. 

  • stacie

    Hi, do you know how I can install HP Color Laserjet 3600 in my new macbook air (lion)? I’ve been trying to look for updates and the like, but im hopeless. Please do help me. I need my printer to work.

    thank you

  • Andrew Shipway

    HP Photosmart Pro B8850 prints once when on a imac with lion, then doesn’t print again. Turn it off, turn it on and it will print another time and thats it.

    The printers a pile of turd anyway and I would in no way recommend, but its quite frustrating.

  • bArt

    Using Macs for over 10 years, now this bullshit. Steve please come back and sort out the clowns!

  • prngv

    I am new to Mac, bought my first MacBook Pro last week.  Had no trouble installing an HP wireless printer (through router) using the disc.  I tried today to install a Xerox Phaser 6500, also on a wireless router, using a disc.  Nothing.  OS X won’t find the printer.  Tried downloading from the Xerox website.  Again, nothing.  I will likely be a “happy Mac” user, but; at this moment my Windows 7 machine connected easily.  Any help would be welcome

  • Gordon Gosling

    This is the second time my AppleMac book fails to communicate wirelessly with my Canon printer. It seems to follow soon after an update of Aapple software. Yet another big disappointment for such an expensive laptop with which I expected to experience trouble free performance. What a pain.

  • Ashakouri

    Hi.  I just upgraded my OS to Lion and my Dell wireless printer (2155 cdn) is no giving me problems.  It keeps saying that Printer does not support IPP / 2.0.  What can I do to resolve this problem?  Thanks in advance.


    hi… my xerox docucentre II C3000 wont print from iMac anymore. it use to print. but it gave me a problem: printer is not available. i changed the cable and now it is saying printer is busy. any solutions?

    i did all that is possible to do from here that is delete n re-install driver, printer and so on…i even changed cables…


  • Trixie1012

    I have the latest MacBook Pro.  I am trying to configure my printer (HP Photosmart C6100 Series) to print wirelessly.  However, it’s giving me the following message when I try to click on the install software directly from the CD — You can’t open the application HP Installer because PowerPC applications are no longer supported.  What does that mean?  Can I no longer use this particular printer model?

  • John

    I have a Primera Bravo II disc printer which was working fine with Lion, but has suddenly stopped working. I reinstalled the software and tried a lot of other things but nothing has worked. Any suggestions.

  • romanko

    Anyone know of a Canon LBP 310 printer driver Mac OS X 10.7.3?

  • iGerbil

    Had problems with a Samsung CLP-320N (connected via WiFi) after upgrading to Lion: the printer would go into pause mode and not react anymore. Deleted printer and added again as some blogs are suggesting was no solution. After I connected the printer to my MBP via USB, I used Samsung utility to forget and then let the printer join again my wireless network: after that it works perfectly. Seems like Lion screws somthing up in the networking part…

    • Tjohnsontmc

      I have a laser multifunction center by brother. It is a mfc 8460n, just plug in the usb and that’s all you need.

  • Kfortney

    KonicaMinolta bizhub used to work fine, but after upgrade to 10.7.4 I can no longer recognize the printer, even after locating the ip address.

  • Wayne Lord

    Can not install Samsung SPP-2020 Photo Printer on APPLE IMAC OS X 10.7.4.

  • Jack

    I’ve installed Lion and my hp 1200 laserjet printer will no longer print.  I get the message ‘opening distiller’ and then the printer pauses – I have uploaded the most recent drivers but to no avail. Any suggestions ?

  • Cherylallen999

    My troubles are with a Canon Pixma mp495 and a hp deskjet 6000. They both communicate, via wifi, well with my husbands laptop but not at all with MacBook Air.
    We will be purchasing iPhones and an iPad soon. will we have difficulty with these also?

  • guest

    Lexmark x7675 will not scan over the wireless network, i tried everything.

  • Chris

    I am unable to print to a Konica Minolta biz hub pro 950 or a Konica C8000.  I have downloaded the latest drivers from Konica and they still do not work. This is driving me crazy having to go back to my other mac to print anything, I can’t even set up my email on this OS because I won’t be able to print any of them!  I am told that since this Mac came with Lion, I cannot downgrade to Snow Leopard.  Why are these companies not working together AT ALL.  When I upgraded to Snow Leopard on my old Mac it was also a nightmare to get anything to work, now it is worse…

  • Cbrown1948

    i purchased a new mac lion os x 10.7.3 and it does not recognize my hp office jet 4500 all in one printer.  The printer was working with my pc prior to obtaining the mac

  • Cbrown1948

    my hp office jet 4500 all in one printer is not recognized by my new mac lion os x 10.7.3

  • Ekaterina Ansh

    my MacBookPro do not recognize my printer HP psc1315 all-in-one series after installing Mac OS X Lion 10.7.4

  • Markelhaj

    Can’t get my Canon iR C5180 to print with Lion 10.7.4

  • Eiwans

    SAMSUNG CLP 320 Doesnt work

  • Dzenga

    Canon IP3000  stop working with mac os x 10.7.4

  • Rberumen

     Mi impresora Samsung CLP 500 no funciona con Mac os 10.7

  • Rberumen

    My system  is 10.7.3 and don’t run my laser Samsung CLP 500 series    (color)

    Help!!!!  me

  • Jkdenali

    I have a HP Photosmart 3210xi all-in-one printer.  It will install, but I get a unauthorized message and it will not print.  I contacted HP and they have no updated drivers for the IMac.  This is a very good printer and better than anything on the current market.  Is there anyway I can get this to work with my IMac?

  • Snoopy

    My HP PSC 1510xi is dysfunctional with Lion. When I try to run the HP All-on-one Installer, I get the message “You can’t open the application HP All-in-One Installer because PowerPC applications are no longer supported.” Lame technology and software engineers, who have yet to put this issue as the priority that it is.

  • Sander Drooglever

    I own Sony up-dr150 printers. Does not work on lion and mountain lion. Who can help me with that?

  • Larry Burton

    Macbook pro w Mountain Lion Sony UPDR150 printer not recognized

  • darwin

    Is there a compatible dell 2150cdn driver for mountain lion as my dell only prints in black and white on my mac.

  • JH-Red

    My wonderful HP Scanjet 4600 (a PowerPC unit) is not working with my upgraded computer. I upgraded before I knew that the scanner would not work. I am really angry, as this scanner is a good one for me to travel with for genealogical work. With the see through window, I can better know what is placed correctly. I want someone to create a fix for the PowerPC problem. This is a bad time to go buy new equipment, when it is tough to just pay for the upgrades.

    • phil

      I have exactly same problems Can’t get my 4600 flat bed to work

  • Guest

    I have a PSC 2170 all in one printer was working with OS X10.5 before, now I upgrade my mac book pro to OS X 10.8, the printer simply doesn’t even being recognized? Follow all the instructions for HP site, but none of the description appear on my mac. there is simply no printer listed of found in printer&scan, non software update, even when I have my USB plugged in. What can I do, please help!!?

  • Anna Smith

    I update my macbookpro to OS X 10.8, and my printer HP PSC 2170 no longer even listed or recognized by the system, even when I checked the HP help page, none of the description was there, because my printer is simply not even listed, Please help!!!

  • Tami

    I’m so frustrated. I hate mountain lion.. Since I have installed it my computer just takes forever to open anything (spinning ball) , my mouse will no longer right click and it is brand new. My printer stopped working so i just bought a brand new one and surprisely it does not support mountain lion it has to be the older version. I hate I message , I miss I chat and video chat through ichat..

  • Sandy

    I have a Mac os x and a HP Photosmart C7280 and the scanner will not work.

  • maganncom

    Just upgraded to 10.8.2 and printer no longer works. It’s an Okidata C3400. Great printer which I need to continue using for our business. Went to Okidata website and tried to use their “solution”. Fail. Called support and unfortunately their “solution” does not always work. They said sorry, and no idea when drivers will be released. Told to call Apple and ask them to reverse us back to a previous version of operating system. What? Seriously, in this day and age why are there so many problems with connecting a printer?

  • joHnK

    Thank you! I cannot locate driver for the HP Series 9450 for Mac OS 10.7 . . . Thank you. I am trying to help a fellow faculty connect to our faculty printer . . . the IT department here does not support Apple computers. I’ve always found drivers easily . . . but not this one. I found several comments in several places stating the same problem and was not able to find a work around.

  • Jim

    Epson workforce 500. Won’t print after installing osx 10.8.4. The error message in the print queue is Stopped – ‘Filter’ failed. The problem report says rastertoescpll quit unexpectedly.

  • Alex Tan

    updated to os x 10.8.4 and the printer Samsung CLP 300 installs driver from apple update but doesn’t work, i keep getting that error that something is missing ,i kept searching online for a solution, alternative driver but still no luck, any ideas ? please.

  • Aly S

    epson xp-410 will not add to the print quene even CONNECTED WITH THE USB. So annoyed and need this printer for college. Brand new. Mac 10.8.4–PLEASE HELP.

  • Sheila

    Hi, having trouble getting photos centered on print. Any advice???? I’m puzzled.


  • Sheila

    Oh, sorry. I have a MacBook Pro 10.7.5 trying to print to Lexmark Pinnacle Pro 901.


  • sue

    I have a konica milnota c220 bizhub printer which I use to scan documents to pdfs and then saved to my imac running 10.8.5. When trying to access the pdf I am unable to access as “I do not have permission to open the document “my file.pdf” Contact your computer or network administrator for assistance. Help
    The only way I can fix, is to go to the individual file via ‘get info’ and change the sharing & permissions for everyone to read only. Help

  • Paul Wagner

    Thank you *so* much for the suggestion to delete, un-USB-plug, re-plug, turn back on, and try the printer. For the first time in *years* my Canon printer actually PRINTS. It is a miracle. Much appreciated, and Happy Thanksgiving.