PaintByHand for iPad: Finger painting without the mess


By Posted 17 Jun 2011, 09:27

Many children and adults alike enjoy painting with their fingers and getting into a mess creating master pieces. Now a free application is available called PaintByHand for the iPad, which is finger painting without the mess.

The free application is brought to you by, Inc, and works like a traditional flipbook. Users can keep all of their creations to go back to and flip back and forward to make new artwork. Users just select a color by simply swiping their finger up and down, and swiping sideways will change the shade of the color.

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All of your creations can be stored in the photo library, and even shared via Facebook or email directly from the application itself. You can also submit your creations to the PaintByHand Gallery to be viewed with other people’s creations.

The application can be enjoyed by all ages which can be seen by some of the creations submitted to the PaintByHand Gallery, and has received many positive reviews from users. PaintByHand 4.1 is available worldwide on the App Store free of charge. iPad required with iOS 3.2 or later.