Nintendo issue 2.1.0-3U firmware update for 3DS, problems solved?

By Posted 16 Jun 2011, 05:59

We have some important news for Nintendo 3DS owners, as we can confirm that another firmware update has just gone live for owners in the UK and US. Unlike the update last week, this one is a minor affair and aims to fix up some problems that occured in the previous update.

If you do have a system in the UK or US, you can go ahead and proceed to download firmware update 2.1.0-3U right now. The key change involves a bug fix for the Ridge Racer 3D game, in which some users were experiencing freezing problems with the racer, as reported from VG247.

Aside from that, the update will also improve general stability of the system and include other minor enhancements to improve gameplay experience for users. If you are using your 3DS on a WiFi connection, you can also choose to receive future firmware updates automatically. Once a particular download is complete, you’ll receive a message on the home screen informing you if the update was successful or not.

If you are still running firmware 2.0.0-2U, try out the new firmware update now and let us know if it fixes the freezing problem in Ridge Racer. Alternatively, if you’ve spotted any other problems that we should know about, leave us a comment below.

How is your Nintendo 3DS experience at the moment?

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  • Paul Clark

    and I just got my r4i to work on 2.02 ..

    • Luis Guillermo Vindas Rojas


      • Paul Clark

        upgraded the firmware with patch on a friend’s dsi. confirmed working on 3ds . – apologies, I meant 2.1.0-3 in the above post. 

  • Paul Clark

    and I just got my r4i to work on 2.02 ..