Nokia not for sale, rumors quashed by CEO

By Posted 9 Jun 2011, 22:03

It is no secret that Nokia are falling behind in an advancing and competitive market. Rumors have even emerged that the company is for sale, however those rumors were quashed today as the company’s CEO Stephen Elop has announced that Nokia is not for sale.

The announcement was made at the Open Mobile Summit, London where he disregarded the rumors as ‘baseless’ after speculation over a possible buyout began circulating last week due to a statement Elop made in regard to future sales of the company’s products.

All the CEO actually said was that the sales would be substantially lower than expected. It was the reports that followed about Richard Green, Nokia CTO that really got the rumors going. Green is reported to have taken ‘an indefinite leave of absence’ and the likelihood is he won’t be returning.

The article at PCMag explains that reporters believed the leave of absence was too much of a coincidence. Check out the full article by clicking the link for more details about rumors of a buyout.

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