Can Windows Phone 7 really become market leader?

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The big news when it comes to cell phone operating systems recently is the speed that the Android platform has been growing. But a new report suggests that WP7 will get bigger than its rivals in the next few years. So can Windows Phone 7 really become market leader?

A report by International Data Corporation is saying that the Windows Phone 7 market share is expected to grow from 2% last year, to 3.8 % this year. That is down from previous estimates of 5.5% according to an article by Dean Wilson of the Inquirer.

The current market share is small compared to the other operating systems on the market, but the report predicts that the Windows OS will start to gain strength between 2012 and 2015. The IDC reckon that the market share will increase to 20.3% during that period.

If the Windows Phone 7 platform does increase by that amount it will be the fastest growing operating system on the market, and will put it behind Android for overall market share. The news isn’t so good for the beleaguered Symbian OS, as the IDC think its market share will plunge from 20.6% to only 0.1% by 2015.

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  • Edgar Meza

    The Windows phone 7 OS definitely brings some unique features into the mobile world.  I believe that Windows Phone 7 will take over.  that wont keep Apple from copying some of the features from WP7.  

  • Manmeet Paul

    Love Widows 7 phones

  • Manmeet Paul

    Love Widows 7 phones