The Dev Team jailbreak iOS 5 using limera1n, that was quick

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On Monday Apple revealed iOS 5 to the world during its annual WWDC keynote, according to a recent tweet by a Dev Team hacker the new OS version has already been jailbroken.

The Dev Team hacker “MuscleNerd” recently tweeted “iOS5 jailbroken on ipt4g: via limera1n + tethered boot..not too many surprises :)”, the tweet came less than 24 hours after the keynote which is a little embarrassing for Apple. iOS 5 has not yet gone public so perhaps Apple will combat that jailbreak before its release this fall, but we doubt it. You can see the tweet here.

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At the moment you need to have your computer connected to a computer for it to boot, however MuscleNerd has said that they are still working on the final release version of the jailbreak, this should mean that as soon as iOS 5 goes public a jailbreak will already exist.

We have embedded one image below which clearly shows Cydia running an iOS 5-based iPod Touch (fourth generation), there has been no mention of an iPad or iPhone jailbreak, but with months until the proper iOS 5 release hackers have plenty of time.

As we hear more about iOS 5 jailbreaks we will keep you posted, if you use Twitter you may want to follow MuscleNerd via this link for all of the latest info.