Sony PS Vita: Release date update, official prices for US, UK and Japan

By Alan Ng - Jun 7, 2011

Sony has just finished their live E3 2011 keynote speech and we’re pleased to confirm that the company has just given out official prices for both the 3G and WiFi versions of the PlayStation Vita, the confirmed retail name for the NGP. They also gave us a new release date update for when the highly anticipated handheld will be available.

Without further ado, we can tell you that Sony are pricing this thing at $249 for the standard WiFi edition, which is fantastic value for money you have to agree. Perhaps even more surprising, is that you’ll only have pay $50 extra for the 3G model, as that will be available for just $299.

Those are obviously the US prices, as those of you in Europe will have to pay 249 Euros for the WiFi and 299 Euros for the 3G version, which is considerably more than the US version but gamers should be used to that by now. For Japanese markets, the WiFi version will be priced at 24,980 yen, while the 3G version will be available for 29980.

Now that pricing is out of the way, Sony also announced that the PS Vita will be releasing in the US this holiday period, no indication on other regions yet sadly, but we’ll update you if more release details slip out this week.

What are your thoughts on the pricing, are you impressed with Sony’s strategy here? Look forward to full details on the PS Vita soon.

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  • Michael

    I was going to get a Japanese one since they are coming out first, and region free. But they are 76 dollars more expensive. And the european ones are 104 dollars more expensive. I can wait a couple of months and buy some extra games haha.

  • i am NOT happy with the prices!!! how can USA get it for only 249$ while we have to give 249€ which is about 359$?!!!!! why do we always have to pay so much more! this is not fair!