PSN and PS3 3.61 update problems?

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Today Sony began rolling out a new PlayStation 3 firmware update and also turned the PSN back on in some areas, this update will be forced upon your PS3 when you turn your console on and Sony will be hoping that this goes smoothly, however this does not seem to be the case for everyone.

Now that millions of you have turned on your PS3s and received the update we wondered whether any of you came into difficulties installing it, we check out the comments on InEntertainment’s article and saw that lots of people’s PS3s froze during the procedure, did this happen to you?

Once you have installed update 3.61 you must change your password, you can only change your PSN account’s password on a PlayStation 3 which your account was active on previously, this measure has been put in place for extra security.

One thing to note is that just because you have installed the firmware update it does not mean that the PSN is fully functional in your area, chances are service will be restored in most regions withing the next few hours, but as you can imagine this is a huge procedure.

Did you experience any problems with the update? If so, let us know in the comments section.

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  • P1NZ70

    Installed updates on both my PS3s. So how does this work if you don't own your original PS3 you set your account up on. I'm one of the fortunate to still have their original PS3. Does this mean if you don't own your original PS3 you won't be able to change your password?

    • adam


  • Josh

    no freezing, just slow download, took around 10mins. And it's to be expected with millions downloading at the same time. No issues.

  • Blah

    my update went smoothy in new zealand. and im on mobile broadband lol

  • robot92

    i dont know :P i pressed ok for update, than i went to bed, ps3 was of when i woke up, so hope everything went smothely

  • Hell Yeah!!

    I'm on and running….wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    • joey


  • StonedLoonyToon

    It took me 3 attempts to download new firmware"………got there though now just waiting for uk to get turned on. Happy days

  • jay

    Done Up date but not asked me to change password yet, so know idea if it worked or if I should be worried.(London England)

    • Hazza


  • KinnaKiller

    I updated mine at 11:00pm so it went great and i have been playing my ps3 online its working in canada!

    • joey

      should that mean its working in u.s.?

  • Eric

    I downloaded the mandatory firmware update this morning, but now my system will not turn on.

    Background: throughout the network outage I have been using the system for single-player games, without a problem. Today I turned the system on and accepted the update. The update installed, and the system powered down – as usual with software updates.

    Instead of turning back on, though, the light on the front just started flashing red. It flashed red, on and off, for 30 minutes. At this point I pressed the power button. The light momentarily went green, the system beeped, and the light went back to flashing red.

    As I said, everything about the system was working fine prior to the update. What's going on?

    • H_online

      you have a bit of a problem. your ps3 is dead. try turning on agan and look out for a yellow light. i think you have the yellow light of death. when you turn it on it will blink green then yellow for a bit then the red light will blink on and off for a bit unless you turn it off. so you might need to call sony up and ask for a new ps3 which is about £130 or something like that. they will come the next day to pick up your ps3 and give you a new one. you either do that or go on yoututbe and try fix it yourself. good luck with that. F or the update mine went smooth and then. when it restated after installation it was as if nothing happened. still no online gaming as if nothing happened. didnt get asked to change my password. im guessing the UK will be online some other time. oh sorry to hear about your ps3 not turning on. it happened to me about 6 months ago.

      • Lee

        I had the same issue, the update had somehow tripped out my Bluetooth board. Looking into the issue turns out the update won't complete if any component is faulty (because it thinks it's been jailbroken)
        Try getting into safe mode and reset your system also while in safe mode check if your controller connects via Bluetooth, replacing the bluetooth board is easy and will cost around £5
        here's how to get into safe mode:
        If you want more help email me:

    • Mark

      I Had the same problem my ps3 shut off after the update and started to blink red last night. I had no problems with it until I did the new 3.61 update. I let it set for a while and turned it on, it ran for about 3 minutes and shut off and blinked red. Didnt see any yellow light just straight to the blinking red. It acts as the fan is malfunctioning now, it will run fast when you start it up for a few seconds then no air coming out. Like I said I had no problems with it until the new update. What gives Sony?

      • DanDan

        Are those PS3 FAT or Slim???? im not sure if ill do the update or not… reading this things…F sony…

        • Mark

          The 80 gig fat seem to have the most problems

  • Ryan

    i hope they get it back online for UK very soon

  • Kirk

    I try to download and when the installation gets to 50%, , my ps3 just turns off. I tried the storage media method with the same results and now I keep getting a failure to obtain IP address. I dont know what to do!

  • james

    my update downloaded slowly but it did download and install but it did take about 15 mins

  • nate

    I have successfully downloaded the update but now when I click sign in it says "server error has occurred " does that just mean it is just not back on in my area??

    • dennis


      • Cjknight

        me too

    • Guest

      Probably, the same thing happened to me with the 807 error

      • joey

        same but yea i think thats whats happening cause im getting an error too

    • tariq

      hope someone finds the answer because im having the same problem aslo

  • m408reaper

    So far so good. carry on. im oscar mike..

  • nate

    I have successfully downloaded the update but now when I click sign in it says "server error has occurred " does that just mean it is just not back on in my area??

  • exues

    took about 4 attempts to download, went smoothly after that. Cant wait to virtually RAPE my boyfriend Sniper Steven as my ass is so sore after a month without MP. Love you stevie xx

  • Andy

    my HDMI stopped working after the patch installed. only component worked. doing a full restore now. my son's Playstation installed fine though. hope it goes ok this time for me.

    • stevocts

      turn off ps3, when u switch it back on hold the power button until u hear a second beep after about 15-20 seconds. this resets the ps3's resolution so it should tune back in with your ps3 and tv settings. happened to me once. hope it helps

      • alex

        same thing happened to me after update. resetting doesnt fix it either. it will turn on and after a minute screen will go blank saying mode not supported?

        • Minions

          Having a similar hdmi problem. Component works fine, but hdmi shows a black screen. Holding the power button to reset this took it from 1080p to 480p but still no video. Used component to check everything and it all works through that. This is quite annoying as all previous fixes (including service menu) will not show up through hdmi.

        • Ken

          same here. They tell me it is my HDMI Cable but that seems WAY to coincidental

        • Minions

          Turns out I had to manually re-enable hdmi (which is suppose to auto detect). This required me to carry another tv in the room as my normal tv is wall mounted (not allowing me to access the required composite ports). Try manually re-enabling hdmi through a composite connection. That solved the problem for me. This update seems like it was extremely rushed with all these errors.

  • Mark

    My PS3 shuts off and blinks red after the new 3.61 update, no yellow just blinking red. Ive read that there are a few other people having the same problem. It worked fine all day yesterday until i did the new 3.61 update. I let it set for a while and turned it on, it ran for 3 minutes and then shut down and blinked red. Its the ps3 fat 80 gig. What gives Sony?

    • gggggggggggggg

      pull ur power lead out,hold the on button for three beeps then take ur finger off then do it again and a menu shal com up and choose rebuid database or one off the other options

      • Mark

        That didnt work it just keeps shutting off when i hold the button down thanks though.

    • fonseca

      I've read at forums that this problem is very common and 90% of times is related to the hard drive.
      probably your filesystem got corrupted on the update proccess.
      here there is a video
      If it doesn't works, I woult advise you to try replacing the HD.

    • Tim

      I'm having the same problem. I was watching Netflix and it just powers off, like the power was turned off. I was thinking it was a hardware issue but I'm seeing some of the same issues from others with this model since the update.

      • Mark

        Is yours the 80 gig ps3 fat? I think sony should offer free replacement its obvious that its something to do with the update. Ive read on various PS3 blog sites that this is happening with the 80 gig fat. You should email sony from their support site, I did and they said they would relay to corporate when the replied back to me this afternoon. Otherwise its $99 for a trade for a slim model plus shipping and tax and $129 plus shipping and tax to have it serviced. But I think it should be free and maybee if they get enough complaints they will offer it free

        • fjorn1

          I have had an 80 gig fat and mine has never had any problems, it still has no problems after the update.

  • Jorge

    I cant update it says its already been updated and its not the ps3 I made the account with I had to get a new one cause the old one stopped working . What can I do ?

  • kevin

    Update went nicely but i didnt get the chance to change my Password…
    do i get to do that later or what? ( Netherlands )

    • jon

      same happened to me in uk

  • 4and6puop

    I tried installing but when it scans the ps3 to see if it has the latest firmware it says I'm updated to the most recent, which is not true, I'm stumped…….

  • william

    mine was done in about 10 mins but now some of my games wont load just a black screen and others load fine. when have the black screen nothing happens got to switch it off at the back to restart the ps3. ???

    • fjorn1

      You probably need to rebuild your database, look that up on youtube.

  • Luke

    Seattle, WA USA broadband 12MB/sec, update 3.61 went normally until 99% and then has been frozen at that point for 25 minutes. This happening after have two separate freezes just previously trying to update my sound settings on my Multi-output connector and AV selections (froze for 5-10 minutes then unplugged each time). Never had problems before this…..

    Any suggestions here? Dare I unplug it a third time or perhaps just call Sony?

    • Luke

      The hold power for 3 beeps (actually 4 – 1 beep when you press, 1 beep after a few seconds, then two short beeps and let go will get you to a basic configuration screen when you get reset settings and other thins) solution mention above worked for me, also here's a video–

      This apparently solved having had very slow performance too.

  • Luke

    Seattle, WA USA broadband 12MB/sec, update 3.61 went normally until 99% and then has been frozen at that point for 25 minutes. This happening after have two separate freezes just previously trying to update my sound settings on my Multi-output connector and AV selections (froze for 5-10 minutes then unplugged each time). Never had problems before this…..

    Any suggestions? Should I unplug a third time or perhaps just call Sony?

  • Diamond prince

    Went to system update it says "the latest version of the system software is already installed. There is no need to update" well duh yes there is 3.61. I have 3.60 on it now :/ what do I do?

  • zeid

    I declined the update as I prefer to update using PC download to USB stick. While downloading, my son was playing and the PS3 suddenly went dead with blinking red lights and doesn't want to connect to the controller. Not sure if this is incidental hardware failure or something to do with me declining the update.

    • Mark

      Complain to sony. Mine did the same. I emailed them and they are sending the issue to corporate.

  • savag3r

    Update done easy, but after that my controller stops working.

    • Brett

      I have the same issue and Sony said it is my unit to is broken not there update. But the fun thing is my unit was working perfectly til the update and I have a three year old system.

  • Jones

    My PS3 stopped working after 3.61 firmware… Doesn't recognize my disc sometimes and fails to start games.. WTF.

    • daniel

      same pb for me to…unbelivible.My BR is dead efter update!! 10x sony for "fixing psn and bricking our ps3"

    • Joe

      My son is having the same problem. It doesn't recognize any games. It doesn't even try to load or anything. Thanx Sony!!!

  • steve forget

    My down load of 3.61 took about 10 mins, when it tells me I need to change my password, and I press OKAY and error pops up!! Grrrrrrrrrrr what does this mean and how do I fix it?

  • jon

    it wont let me change password when it finished it didnt ask me to change password.

  • no comment

    i tryied to to download but it stopped and said error at 18% i tryied again now it gets to 1% and goes nowhere or takes 5-7 mins to get to 2% so on and so on what do ido

    • Ben

      I had the egzact same problem as you and I'm disgusted that sony have taken this long and even though sony have millions trying to download 3.61 it shouldnt take that long :/

  • Jad

    i pressed the sign in button and the system told me it requires a new update. The minute I accepted the update, I got a message that I am already updated to the latest version!!!! which is not the case… what shall I do? Please help!!

    • Chrissy

      Same here! I need help 2 :'(
      I've been waiting so long!

  • stuart

    i change my password the click confirm and it says "an error has occured"

  • Katie

    Updating my ps3 went fine but as I was changing my password it said an error had occurred. Again my ps3 says that psn is undergoing maintenance. Not happy.

  • NobodyX127

    I was able to change my password and log on the first time, but after that I keep getting the psn maintainence message.

  • j3fr0

    Mines gone down again.. Manage 2hrs of zombies…

  • Houli

    Downloaded everything fine and played last night for like 2hrs. Now it says they are doing more maintanence. Is this just local or is the whole PSN down? Either way when will it be back up? I live in SoCal if that helps.

  • kimchan

    I updated my psn but it still says playstation is under maintenace. I am updaetd to 3.61 I did it today on 15/05/2011. Anyone know why are they going though one ip adress at a time.

  • Matt

    I downloaded the system update and installed it with no problems. When it restarted, the ps3 light went green so a quick yellow and back to red. This is ridiculous

    • Mark

      Report it to playstation, mine downloaded fine last night and when I went to turn it on it stayed on for 3 mins and went to blinking red, now it goes from green to yellow to blinking red when I try to turn it on. Emailed Sony and they said That they would let corporate know about it. If enough people email them maybe they will offer a free replacement. Mines the far 80 gig model. Otherwise I guess im going to pay $99.00 plus tax and shipping for another one.

  • dangsony

    i downloaded the new update last night 5/14 at around 10:30 pm (east coast). i had no problems with the download, probably because i was one of the first people to download it last night before the masses are bombarding the server for downloads today. my controller did stop working at first but it came back after a minute. now today at around 5pm it is saying down for maintenance again! not really surprised this is becoming the normal routine for Sony it seems. UGH

  • Rebecca

    i Need help, Me and my brother did the update, ( were from uk) And whe it asks us to change are password theres a problem, i checked my email for anything from playstation but nothing, we hae waited fr a few hours now, what gives? it now says after, i press ok on, your password is no longer valid, you must change your password, instead of saying, we hae sent smthing to (my email) with a server error has eccoured

  • Kyle

    I just did the update and now my PS3 blinks red. Great, I think I liked it better when the network didn't work, Now how do I get my brand new MLB 11 I've never played out of the drive since it won't boot — Sony you SUCK!!!!

  • David

    Going online worked perfectly for me (Sudbury, ON), but when I tried playing borderlands while being online; the screen kept flashing on and off. It works fine offline (not logged in), but hopefully the bugs get fixed sometime.
    I'll probably go see if any other online games have issues now.

  • dennis

    okay here's the problem i have a slim ps3 and i have 2 accounts on my primary account it went smooth but on my seondary it doesnt let me reset my password on the ps3 it's saying it send me an email to do it thru there but i haven't recieved nothing -___- HELP!!!!!!

    • Jamie Pert

      Have you checked your junk mail?

  • josh11pr

    my ps3 wont download the new version cause it says its alredy got it but it hasnt

  • Austin

    I've noticed this for many people but after installing the new update they have received the "YLOD" which is when it beeps 3 times and shuts off. This includes myself and at first I thought it was just my luck but then I saw online how many others were having the same difficulty so I fail to see this as a coincidence.

    • Mark

      Email Sony and complain. I did and they said they would let corporate know about it. Im seeing more and more people that are having the same problem. I think they sould replace for free. This is definetly not a coincidence. Is yours the 80 gig fat? That model seems to be gettig the most problems.

      • rah

        no coincidence, what a ball ache, doing my nut in !!!

        • mcrofl

          Nope, I don't think its a coincidence either. Mines a 60Gb fat and its done the same.

  • mike

    ok i played like an hour ago and i want to play again but then when i try to sign in it says the error code again and that it is under maintanace anyone know whats wrong?

  • lsd

    I updated every thing went fine until i try to sign in and it says error and i try the forgot my password button and get the same error message.
    i also set up a new account but it wont let me choose anything i just get error message.
    this sucks no one seems to know why the errors are happening!

  • i hate hackers

    i have the same thing

  • Curtman

    My download was fast no problems but not sure about the password change??? I went to security settings to change my password but it only gives you digits no letters. I don't have any digits in my password. Can someone help me with this?

  • Connor

    Try not to get mad at Sony, none of this was their fault, they are doing their best to fix all the problems, I would expect some issues for a couple of weeks, they had to move the ENTIRE network, over 77 million accounts, to a new location. As for me, the download went perfectly fine and I've been able to play some online today, though it seems like every few hours they have to do some more maintenance for a while.

  • almulder

    Got the same problem. Worked fine all week and now i updated it this morning every thing was working fine. updated toffies, played a game turned it off, now tried to watch a movie, 3 beeps and turns off. SCREW YOU SONY. You did this, you need to fix this. I am going to get my local new station involved in this. Sony wants me to buy a new one. Says it my fault. I know Sony lost a lot of money from the hackers, but making old systems break so i have to buy a new one? I think not. From what other sites say it is only affecting FAT systems.

  • Tiffany

    Ok so people in my area are able to play online…i did my update, and had it set to automatically shut off afterwards, then left for a while and came back…turned my ps3 on, and it never asked me to update my password, so i go and try to sign in and it says undergoing maintenance, i go to forgot my password thinking it'll let me change it from there, but it said undergoing maintenance for that too…i cant get online at all, i even tried to redo the update to make sure it did it properly, and it says its been updated to 3.61. i have no clue what to do :/ anyone having similar problems? or know what to do??

  • Wildcats

    Watched a movie last night on the PS3 and watched one this morning, everything was fine. Updated the PS3 this morning after watching the second movie, and it went smoothly. Put in a movie about a couple hours later and started watching it. The movie then started freezing on and off. Decided to try and play a game and it was working fine. I got to the end of the level, and usually it will autosave, but instead the screen went black but the sound still going. Now it won't read any discs at all. Does anyone have any suggestions or advice.

  • adsoft

    the new update removed usb storage and media server please someone test it and make a replay thanks,
    Montreal, Canada

  • adsoft

    the new update removed usb storage and media server please someone test it and make a reply thanks,

  • core

    my update went smooth just waiting for psn store to go back online

  • Andrew

    My PS3 does the same thing. I contacted Playstation Technical Support on 4 different occassion. They were no help. My PS3 will load to 65% an then go to an error code. I pray it’s temporary, I am a huge Playstation Fan. What’s going on Sony?

  • your mother

    horse shit!!!! PSN says theyre going to send an email to me telling me how to change my password. 5 hours later and nothing. says it could take up to 24 hours? why the fuck would it take 24 hours? because a bunch of lazy jews work at PSN? possibly…. PSN fucking blows and thats why nobody plays it. xbox is and will always be better.

  • ONDX

    my PS3 is in an update loop, the update would load up to around 60% and then an error would pop 8002F1F9…now every time time i turn on my PS3 it would try to update but would fail…turn it offf, then turn in on again and it goes in an update loop…now i can't even access the safe mode…i'm screwed here…

    I can't play any games anymore…


      Same here. Error 8002F165. Sony says not their fault. Asks me how old is my system. 1 yr. What the @#$% . They tell me to ship to them and they"ll fix it for me. $99. I said no thanks it was fine till your update. I have a 2nd PS3 and she asked me if I wanted to buy an extended warranty on that. $59. She asked me for a credit card. I told her to go scratch and I"ll probably throw it in the garbage. Thanks for nothing, but a headache.


      Me too 8002F1F9 – I get to 97% system was fine until the update – can't get throught to sony, just a message saying to call later and e-mail contact from the support site doesn't work???

  • jeremy

    im gettin a server error when i press "ok" to change password. this is so frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anybody else havin same issues?

  • ashfoxx

    Wow, this update sucks. Sorry you guys are having so many problems, My update ran fine, and I do have the 80 gig phat model.

  • Nick

    I downloaded the update. ten minutes ater the PS3 shut down and I got the YLOD and the blinking red light. can't be a coincidence… I'm ringing customer support.

  • Aboody

    when i want to sign in it says you need to update it and when i want to update it , it says you ve already updated the latest version and i cant sign in :S wtf!

  • jason

    My update worked fine but I still haven't received an email from sony about changing my password. Its been just over 24 hours.

  • Miles

    I made a new account, and as i click to play my game, it will load and freeze after a minute, everysingle time i try, i cleared the fan, tried 15 hours ago, and on my other account (which i made before the update) when i try and load a game, the screen goes black, and the only way to turn it off is at the switch..

  • Patrick

    im in canada and the download itself went smoothly but wen i try to log in it says i need to change my password and an email has been sent, but i have yet to receive the email it has been a day since its up and still no email, ive tried three times and no luck, pretty annoying and if anyone has a solution let me know

    • jason

      I'm in the same boat. I didn't get an email. I have yet to find a solution except wait for the email. I'm in Canada to.

  • lovaral

    install got to 99% three times then i get an error message

  • Howard

    I have fat ps3 60 gig for ps3 / 2 games. After 3.61 I have YLOD with flashing red light. Safe mode will not work and I cannot use my PS3. What can I do. Have my children lost all there saves?

  • Frank

    My system is freezing on the home screen since I've installed the 3.61 update.

    I was playing my 60gb fat model for 2 hours prior with no problems when I noticed an update available. After downloading and installing the update though, my PS3 now starts, the screen begins to flicker, and it freezes. I tried a few complete reboots, as well as unplugging all the cables and reconnecting them, but 4 times in a row my system just starts, flickers, and freezes within 10 seconds….



  • Gurs

    Hmmm glad im not only person havin issues tryin to dl an sayin I have the newest version when by all means I do not

  • MattRaz

    I also get YLOD after update and 5 mins of playing a new game… Although I don't think my update was 3.61 tho, I was signed out still and after putting the new mx vs atv in I had the option to update my system only when putting the game in, I cancelled it the first time as it said it was going to take too long and tried the game out for 10 mins, I then quit the game and started it again and chose to update this time and left it, it was a +-400mb update, and I could have sworn my update to v1(I thought this was pretty weird but couldn't exactly argue).. not sure if its an update for the game itself?? Came back 2 hours later and it had switched off so tried the game again but after 15 mins of playing after this update it froze mid game, turned off and I got YLOD… System was NOT hot to the touch and fans were not buzzing like mad… Cant see how it could overheat.. wtf..!

  • Ken

    I downloaded the update and now my HDMI video is not working. I spent an hour on the phone with customer support and they tell me they think it is my HDMI Cable AFTER then make me reformat my PS3

  • Brandoboy

    if you arent on your original ps3 then sony will send you an email to your accounts email.

  • jeremy

    when its at 99% it takes a while then it says a error has occured and (8002F994) i been trying since yesterday and im in nyc wat do i do


    same thing ps3 working fine i have fat 80gb model but upgraded to 750gb :) got greedy but about 1 min after the 3.61 update flashing red yellow then red again and now wont turn


  • cooldaddy216

    New update killed my system!!!!! Three beeps and blinking red light when I try to start it up now. Xbox here I come. Sony is a f…… joke!!!

  • the dark king

    i cant change my password

  • heartsaver123

    Firmware 3.61 killed my PS3. After the update and system re-boot my PS3 shut itself off. After restarting the PS3, it powered up for 3 seconds, and shutdown again. The lights go from green yellow to flashing red. Now I cant get my Black Ops out of the system. and I have a 10Lb paper weight, that Sony wants $130 to fix. Thank you Sony your the best.

  • Thiti6922

    When I try to update it loads slowly, after a while it says: Connection problem to the server, this is a DNS problem

  • Alexander

    Attempting the update apparently killed my 120GB PS3Slim. Once it started to download the update it just switched itself off and could not be switched on again. All lights were dead. Had to unplug wait a minute and replug to switch on again but now the PS3Slim switches off randomly after xx seconds and needs to be replugged but never stays on longer than a few seconds…

  • david fuller

    i did the new upload for black ops and then it required me too do a system update it gets to 86 and gives me a system error 8002f1f9 this has happened 6 times so sony have buggered my ps3 what do i do please help.

  • donte191


  • trekboy9

    MY 80 g Fat PS3 has just died following the update. The hard drive had been upgraded and I think the software thinks this means the console has been hacked. Just my opinion. So many failures can now be found on the net this is an utter disgrace on sony's part

  • Mark

    I E-mailed fox news about this supposed "coinencedence" that so many people are having the YLOD after downloading update 3.61. Waiting for them to get back to me. Sony wants me to pay for it and " No way that the update could have done this to your PS3." Ya right!! I do not appreciate getting blown off and will not be sending it to them. I found a place that fixes them the right way by reballing them and it costs $99 plus $14 for shipping. I get the system back in half the time and a years warrany too. Sony don't offer any of that.

    • dazzle703

      Hey, can i know what place fixes ps3′s for $99?

  • Errol

    My download didn't go through got stuck at 16%. I have tried 3 times, but everytime it froze on 16%. I had to do a force shutdown to stop it. After that I tried the USB update, but that crashes the whole PS3. The lights keep blinking red. The PS3 is the first Generation 60GB model. I did the Database restore and the File System rebuild just to be sure the failures to update the PS3 did mess with the system.

  • Chrismo

    I can't get a connection to the server anymore, times out everytime trying to find ip address. Update via usb doesn't work either, gets to 73% copying then says data is corrupt. Have downloaded 3 times to 3 different usb's and still the same. 3.60 was doing this to me aswell but at least then I could get a connection to the server. This is complete BS my 60Gb Phat died about 3 months ago I now have 160Gb Slim and have not been able to sign in to my account in the 3 months I have owned it NOT IMPRESSED SONY!!!

  • Kev

    YLOD on my 120GB Fat PS3 immediately after doing 3.61 update

  • percy

    PS3 fat 40g YLOD after 3.61 update May 17th.

    thank you sony. o and u may as well pull your PS4 development, and fold your other businesses that are fed off the former cash cow that playstation was.

  • Nir Avniel

    after updating I tried to load black ops game and the ps3 stuck.

    Please let me know what should I do !!!

    • Anonymous

      my ps3 done the same and now doesnt come on at all if you find anything out please post as need help too  ps whats sony number?..thanks  

      • Anonymous

        have you tryed power button holding for 5secs still hold for 5secs let go turn back on by holding 5secs still hold double bleep should get turn on pad press x then select number 2

  • freddy fingers

    Lost bluray after mandatory update on 40gb launch.

  • Guest

    Turn on my PS3 and it went into automatic update. When installing the 3.61 update it gets to 16% and I get an error 8002F14E. I unplug it and try again but system still tries to install. It is caught in an install loop. Note that my playstation was working great till the update. Called Sony and they told me it is my fault and I need to send it in to them to fix for $99.00. I think this is so wrong considering that Sony's update screwed up my Playstation. I now have a 300.00 brick. Not sure if anyone can help resolve this issue.

  • foxy lady

    PS3 keeps getting an install error 8002F14E not sure what it is doing. It is in a install loop. Called Sony siad my fault and that I have to pay to get it fixed. Sony worked all the way up to the update. Anyone have a clue of what to do.

  • Johan

    My conlose broke aswell right after the 3.61 patch. It was a fatty 40 gb playstation.

    Im so furious on Sony right now! I've called them earlier this week and they just said that the problem didnt exist and I told them to make a simple google search for an example "ylod after 3.61" and they said that the poeple on the internet was lying. I post a quote on the button where a spokeman for Sony is denying the problem…

    The media needs to bring this one up! It cant be a coincidence that this many player has thier machine bricked at the same time!

    A spokesperson for Sony told Eurogamer "We don't comment on rumours or speculation about our products."

  • scott England

    I downloaded the update and within 10 mins it switched itself off and now I’ve got YLOD, I rang sony and they said its my fault and it must be something I already had on my computer, could this mean I got hacked and this is the computers way of telling me, I think its a disgrace that sony arnt taking the blame for this after putting so many users at risk of identity theft, Why after the update are so many users having this problem, my console is the fat one

  • Venomice

    I got YLOD after updating my ps3. I managed to reset the password but when i was going to play it just shut off. And it has never done it before. Didnt even know what it was until i started looking around the web. Any1 knows if its a common problem after the update?
    I've got the earliest ps3. Booked it when it was released.
    I live in Sweden btw

  • mcrofl

    I can echo some of the problems that other people are having. I'm also having the same issue with the three beeps, blinking red light when it randomly turns itself off. At first I thought it was the YLOD because I've had that before, so was expecting to have to repair it again. But after doing a bit of ressearch today and discovering that it could just be down to the firmware, I turned the PS3 back on. It booted up fine and was sat happily on the XMB for around 15 minutes, before I turned it off. So it can't have been YLOD.

    I was playing Alien Vs Predator yesterday when it happened. I've played this game many times before, but yesterday (after the update) I noticed that my fans were running much louder than they used to do for this game. The PS3 also seemed to be kicking out more heat than normal. Then it happened, it froze for about 3 seconds, powered down, beeped three times and flashed red.

    Sony really need to get their act together, its not right. First details stolen, now its killing PS3s with their latest update. Something needs sorting.

  • mcrofl

    I can echo some of the problems that other people are having. I'm also having the same issue with the three beeps, blinking red light when it randomly turns itself off. At first I thought it was the YLOD because I've had that before, so was expecting to have to repair it again. But after doing a bit of ressearch today and discovering that it could just be down to the firmware, I turned the PS3 back on. It booted up fine and was sat happily on the XMB for around 15 minutes, before I turned it off. So it can't have been YLOD.

  • Hummond

    Seriously….For me it slows down to hell!One whole hour equals a fucking 4% WTF?

  • Bobby Bob

    Eh, all the comments have dissapeared for me :S

  • mark

     Its all over the web now, that the update 3.61 seems to overheat the older
    models of ps3s. Rockstar games
    even commentetd on this, yet sony keeps dening it. Its thousands of people
    having the same problem including me. ITS NOT A COINENCEDENCE! Sony had better do something or I
    think they are going to start seeing lawsuits. Its only obvious that this is
    sonys problem and they need to fix it. I contacted fox news about this problem too and
    next the better business bureau.

    • Anonymous

      after i updated my ps3 n i have the older model ps3 mortal kombat nor killzone 3 work they both freeze on me, wtf sony 

  • T.c. Paul

    my ps3 (fat) froze the first time but then it went fine but after words it kept coming up with dsn error didn’t even let me change the password

  • T.c. Paul

    my ps3 (fat) froze the first time but then it went fine but after words it kept coming up with dsn error didn’t even let me change the password

  • Rj Shird

    My Playstation wont even turn on anymore after I updated…Very disappointed right now as my copy of LA Noire is stuck inside…

    • marco

      my ps3 froze midway through update. upon reboot it was YLOD. my hardened COD MW3 was inside. I found a tip online and it worked for me!
      -turn off and unplug ps3
      -plug it back in, but DON’T turn on yet
      -put finger on eject button with power off
      -while holding eject, reboot PS3 
      -keep finger on eject while system turns on

      -You know this is working if you hear the fan start to work really fast and thePS3 becomes noisy
      -after a few seconds it should eject your disk

      good luck

  • Anonymous

    my ps3 got update yesterday changed my password and began too hapily play. today turned on and got message saying that modern warfair data was corrupt and delete so did unhappily rebooted went to play annother message said i had too down load 1.07 download for mwf did and thats when crashed turn off back on operating system appears gone as will not start gets too stars and stops need help got some suggestions email ralphy .123 

  • Anonymous

    after letest down load my ps3 completly stuffed will not boot up and crashes  

  • Michelle Knight

    My Playstation Slim has gone up the wall after installing 3.61 update, only get to the screen with the wave and nothing else, won’t turn off, I have to hold the on button down to shut it down, any suggestions.  ps. if you are in Europe please log your fault on the link below:-

  • Jared Nolting


  • Jason Matts

    My PlayStation crashed and now I just have a blinking red light. I have one of the fat ps3s. It was working fine before we installed the update and once we did that was that.

  • Jason Matts

    My PlayStation crashed and now I just have a blinking red light. I have one of the fat ps3s. It was working fine before we installed the update and once we did that was that.

  • gaddyrakhaminov

    my ps3 broke because of the update and sony wont acknowledge it!!!!!

  • Jessica

    THAT! happen to my 3 days ago! and NOW its STILL not on normally!! its says something of VERSION 3.61!! HLLEEEEEPPPPPP! or else im DOOM by my BRO.! [eekk!]

    my email:

  • Jessica

    hleeeppp yall!!!! COME ON! REPLY!

  • Will Abbott

    Recently ‘upgraded’ to 3.61 and loaded blackops like any other day, and it shudders then shuts down with RLOD. Have had this ps3 for 4+ years and has NEVER caused me any problems whatsoever. Sony cannot be serious by saying this is some ‘co-incidence’.

  • Anonymous

    I have the PS3 Slim 120GB:  It’s worked perfectly up until I tried to install the 3.61 update.  Actually, it downloaded entirely on the first try – but when it automatically restarted, it automatically started to download 3.61 again.When it gets to 31% it freezes and references error code 8002F165… I’ve followed the onscreen instructions five times but to no avail.  It will not let me put it into safe mode or do anything else.  I called Sony and asked them if they were aware of these type problems and the service tech said “no” and that I would have to send it in to them for a $99 + tax repair.  My initial download occured about a week ago during the PSN up and down network fiasco.  Last night I got the email telling me to reset my password, but of course that site has been “YLOD’d”.  Looks like Sony has gone Fuk-u-shima on us!  I’ve heard a quick fix is to replace the hard drive and reinstall the OS – and get 3.61 from the internet, downloaded onto a thumb drive and reinstall it.  I’d rather get 3.60 instead and wait a month or two to go back online when all this sh## has died down – but where to find 3.60?  And of course I bet Sony will deny any liability to the very bitter end…  Fuk-u-shima’d, indeed!

  • Christopher Kanehailua-Freitas

    i did tht i updated my ps3 and right after it finished downloading it rebooted and died YLOD AND THE RED LIGHT STARTED BLINKING and i had the PS3 About 1 1/2 amd the update killed it

  • Christopher Kanehailua-Freitas

    i think sony has a bigger problem there updated 3.61 is burning or killing PS3 i feel tht they should replace or fix our PS3 For free

  • Anonymous

    I was wondering why our ps3 stopped working. I did the download afterwards turned it off. Went to turn it on the next day….beeping and yellow light problem. I have never had a problem with my ps3. It cannot just be a coincidence. It never had time to overheat. We played games on occasion. We watch netflix on it mostly. Very annoying and upsetting. Anyone hear if Sony is responding to this?

  • Mohammad Younis Apml

    I was updating and it did till 57% then gave error 8002fif9.I have tried so many times it keep giving error.Im updating through USB memory stick.Does anyone know how to fix it need help despretly.Sony support is useless.

    • Jordanjone68

      on my ps3 it is saying psn is timed out i dont no what happening

  • John

    I have been getting this 8002F165 error since I bought a PS3 slim.  I tried reformatting, wireless, hardwired, usb, cd, taking it to a friends house to use their internet connection.  When the usb fix did not work, I took my same usb stick to the same friend’s house and updated his PS3.  I have shipped this back to Sony once already and they managed to send it back with Update 3.60, I then tried to update date to the latest and guess what I received the same 8002F165 (data corruption error) 2 days after I was returned to me.  I was shipped out almost for a month to Sony.  I figure they may have simply tried to image the machine with a similar platforms HDD.  That is not hardware fix.  I am curious why they did not try to update after the drive was imaged to see if the problem still existed.  I can not be too frustrated I can still play games and even update those games.  I can not play my MMORPG because due to the error I can not access out PSN or other web sources.  Sony could have made some money off of me, because some of the DLC packs that are coming out are worth the money, too bad I can not access the PSN.

  • Robertday1

    i just got a ps3 nd went through the initial setup, then it turned itself off and now wont come back on, any ideas???

  • Brigodare Mcmillan

    I had updated my system then afterwards my system wouldnt recongnize any of the ps3 discs and wont play none of them. What can i do?

  • Shahnawaz Sarang

    Weird so many people here complaining about update really weird atleast i never faced such kinda problem with my PS3 with all the updates till date ( :

  • Mcevoyjohn

    Just had to Update PS3 with 3.7 update however it seems to have killed my system and Im being told by sony it requires a $99 service charge to fix if it is there problem not sure that is right I think it is wrong by sony to do this am very disappointed

  • Ptmurf57

    I just did the new update and now I can’t connect to the PS network, I did a internt check and I have an IP address and it recognizes it but won’t connect to PS Network—-??????? any ideas

  • Ptmurf57

    I just did the new update and now I can’t connect to the PS network, I did a internt check and I have an IP address and it recognizes it but won’t connect to PS Network—-??????? any ideas

  • JJR

    I cant get onto psn either and i tried everything to fix it. I phoned up ps3 technical support and it turns out they are having technical difficulties on their end and are trying to fix it. AGAIN!!!

  • JJR

    I cant get onto psn either and i tried everything to fix it. I phoned up ps3 technical support and it turns out they are having technical difficulties on their end and are trying to fix it. AGAIN!!!

  • Tyrellrunner

    Yes I bricked my blu ray drive after I updated my firmware.
    Just as described it asked for a new password and I did that and then proceeded to play GOWIII I finally beat Zeus and the game froze. I either tried turning it off correctly or switching the back switch. Either way the blue ray no longer sees Disks. The system works otherwise. The restores do not remove corrupted data. I think I just killed my PS3. Although it is an older model… it had very little playtime on it. Brick Brick Brick.

  • Sizemore1368

    everytime i try to update for a game it will randomly freeze at a random percent.. i dont know why this is happening please help me

  • Sizemore1368

    everytime i try to update for a game it will randomly freeze at a random percent.. i dont know why this is happening please help me

  • marco

    after about an hour i switched from the regular game to multiplayer and I was required to download the new update. part of the way through, there was an error report and instructions to turn off, unplug and reboot the PS3. I did, and YLOD. Thanks a lot Sony.

  • kristy anderson

    when i turn my ps3 on it says its updating. it gets to a certain percentage then reboots itself and does it again non stop how do i fix it?

    • Kanesha61

      Mines to, & I would really like to know how to fix this !

    • Luke Holmes

      turn ur ps3 on by pressing and holding the on button, u shud here the 1st bleep that tells u its on ull here a 2nd beep telling u that there is something on the button and then the ps3 will turn off follow this again buy presing and holding the on buton this time ur wanting to here 3 beeps so the 1st dosent count then ull here a 2nd beep followed but a further 2 fast beeps lift ur finger when u here the 2 fast beeps and you should ave a screen come up telling you ( connect the ps3 controller to the ps3 via usb) do this click X and then go to rebuild the database u will not loose your data and it takes your ps3 back to working configuration now try the update again :) good luck