PlayStation Network: PSN Offline Status and Xbox 360 Threats

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Despite Sony telling the world that they were aiming to get the PlayStation 3 up and running on PSN sometime during last week, it didn’t happen as most of you are well aware. We have read all sorts of threats online from PS3 users saying that they will move to the Xbox 360, but how many of you actually went through with that action?

Just to give you an idea on this, these are a few examples of the hundreds of user comments we received in one of our previous articles relating to the ongoing PS3 downtime:

”All I know is my husband is crabby and is going to end up getting an xbox instead”

”Get the damn network on already! X-box here I come. ”

”you have got to be kidding me…. I hate the weak… and it appears that sony is the weak… my thoughts are switching to xbox…. this is so much BS!”

‘love psn but got tired of waiting talking there bull **** and went and bought an xbox. i have both systems now and is that so bad. now if one does go down again can just use the other one!!!”

You can read the rest of these comments and replies from other gamers in our article titled, ”PlayStation Network Status Update: Third PSN Attack Planned – Sony Defenceless?” here. As you can see, there are a lot of angry PS3 gamers out there, but is the situation so bad that you would consider buying or even abandoning Sony in favor of an Xbox 360?

The big argument we’re hearing is of course that PS3 remains free while Xbox 360 requires a subscription, but when the PS3 has been down for more than two weeks, paying $50 a year for a reliable service may seem more appealing to some gamers.

What are your thoughts on this? How many of you have actually bought an Xbox 360 as a result of the psn downtime?

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  • Sabreena Morgan

    Well, The PS3 vs. The Xbox 360 debate has now been ended…Xbox wins by far with a platinum medal! PS3 has lost my alligence, and I am now an xbox fan. *shakes head* Sad to see you go PS3, because I've been with you since the beginning, but you have lost my faith, you gave away my personal info by letting yourselves get breeched, and you you will never get my loyalty back. *throws PS3 in the trash* Done. Let's go Xbox 360!

    • Athan

      don't throw that thing in the trash, ship i my way :D

    • RobTheRob

      rofl, all of you don't know what you are talking about. The PS3 is about a better system hands down, no exceptions. The only thing holding back the industry is the Xbox 360 and its inferior dated technology. The PS3 and PC gamers alike are being pigeon holed into the same shitty genre as the Xbox gamer. Mean while developers will cater to you because that is where the money is and VOILA, the same games over and over, that look the same, because developers still have to gear their god damn NEW game towards a 6 year old console.
      If you only some of you had the brains 12 years ago, we would all be playing the latest Sega console, because the Dreamcast did it all first. (Online Network, Console FPS's with Dpad/joystick targeting. It was easily 5 years ahead of its time.
      Hacks happen to best all the time, and it will never stop, as we get better defending against hackers, they just get better at attacking. It will always be an endless cycle.

      • jamiester2

        I may not agree with you that the PS3 is better, but that is my opinion and that is yours. Anyway why are people saying "I'm going to switch to Xbox" JUST WAIT!! and have some patience.

      • lawdog

        You are so right about the dreamcast. That thing was the BEAST when it was around. A real shame they didn’t develope enough games to keep it going.

      • Benjamin Eugene NElson

        Hey hi, it’s me..

        How about some proof to back up that hyperbole? 

    • MikeMax

      Don't throw away that PS3, your going to need it when your Xbox gets the red ring/ red dot, you will need it for those 4 to 6 weeks it will take to get your xbox repaired and shipped!!!

      • MLG Assain

        no rrod easy fix wrap it in 2 towels and turn it on it will over heat and burn the rubber spacers between motherbourd and metal condututors problem fixed or buy the metal spacer kit on ebay for 8.99 free shipping ebay do it your self comes with video lol

      • Serge

        Durrrrr if you had a slightest clue about anything you’d know the newer 360 models don’t give RROD. I’ve had my xbox on for days straight without any problems.

    • pancho

      get a life and you'll see that the waiting time will go really fast.

    • too dope

      Everyone quit your da#n crying like a bunch of sissy girls. Do you people read what you write? go play fallout new vages

    • Timmy O Tool

      Xbox has older technology and isn't as good a system, plus you h ave to pay for their network…and those extra perks you pay for are a waste of money… go ahead, switch over to older more outdated system that costs more to use just because you the psn went down for a couple weeks….smart.

      • MLG Assain

        don't people relize you can buy 1 week trials on ebay for like .01 cent cause no one ever bids on them and there free shipping. i bought 250 to 260 of them for like .01 to .05 cents a piece i think my total price was like 3 dollars wait 257 of them for 2 dollars 78 cents thats just over 5 years of gold service for 2 dollars and 78 cents lol i would say thats cheaper than the 50 dollar a year psn plus which i also have lol

    • cyrus

      um sabreena, i feel bad for u, 360 has had their credit card info hacked since 2005 lol.
      only difference is Live didnt go down and they dont give u 1 million$ fraud protection.

      I had a customer at gamecrazy who had over 2000$ charged to his credit card and entire Live account stolen.

      Heck even the Ceo of Xbox had his live account stolen a few weeks back. so no where on the internet is safe, u just are blind and follow what everyone else says,

      • Jayo

        are you even worth 1 million dollars so that protection is mute.

        • GetToIt

          are YOU worth 1 million dollars? All he was saying is that atleast sony is taking precaution and responsibility, dont see microsoft doing that.

    • PS3

      dont forget that the xbox 360 has the red ring of death

    • mike

      ebay mise well make a couple of dollars im glad geohot did this i feel if i want to free my devices to thier upmost capabiality sorry miss spell there that i can open soursce my ps3 but the fools who used it to do illigal shit should be strung up by the ball have them cut off beat the shit out of them paint them blue then choke them to see what color they turn and in the end have sony hire them to do there secuirty cause they seam better then thier staff lol and i still will go buy a xbox lol see you all on xbox live bitches psn see you in like a month or two lol

    • PS3 ROCKS

      xbox xould have been hacked just as easy…just wait the hackers will figure out how to screw xbox and then u will go wtf why did i through away my ps3. i stilll luv my ps3. xbox has wost graphics and is full of "censored"

    • flavio

      yeah go on and pay to play online and to have serious problens with the red ring of death and of course no great games like uncharted and others and yes u will pay for play

    • Brandon

      *cough*xbox live has been hacked before*cough*

    • deathsentence87

      Yeah, I have had it with PS3. They need to be straight up with us and tell us exactly when the network will be back up! Instead of rumors!! I have an xbox and a ps3. And i about to sell my ps3 for some extra cash, i cant use it might as well. And for playstation, well you guys should have had a better security first off…instead of waiting for somebody to hack your shit. Your Playstation team SUCKS. I build roofs all day and i bet i could do a better job of protecting the network!!!

      • Guest

        Really deathsentence87, you can do a better job of protecting the network!?! Wow, you must have cyber security jobs lined up because you will always stop hackers. You sir, are simply amazing.

        • GetToIt

          Lol i know right? He must be the superman of computer security :O Really deathsentence87 are you an idiot? For them to be able to tell us when exactly it will be back up would be near impossible seeing as they ran into a unforseen problem. Sony has not given us an exact date of return and will not give us one because with computer programming you never know what problems will arise. Now im still learning but i know enough that when building a new security system from the ground up is no easy task as anyone with half a brain should know. Being in testing phase just means things are nearing the end but still just that, a test. If the system fails at something then they have to go back in, reprogram and try again and hope whatever they changed doesnt effect the rest of the system.

  • 111

    the online may be reliable but the console isnt/

    • Joe

      RFOL Your still Using that old "the console isnt reliable BS LMFAO, the console is good and better then before!

    • slayer

      I have went through three 360's and switched to ps3 and now this shit what to do

    • Malestache

      I have had PS3 for less than two years and am already on my third one. I don't think you can really say its more reliable. Just sayin

  • aleerb1

    Im mad and pissed off PlayStation hurry up darn it!!

  • Seibzehnisamoron

    I've ebayed all 3 of my ps3's and have now replaced all 3 systems with Xbox. I was absolutely sick of being lied to by the saddest excuse of "customer service" (I wouldn't even call Sony's version service) and worst ability to keep their users updated of ANY publicly traded corporation on record.

    • skip

      its just a videogame i mean i love my playstation too but shit do u guys have anything else to do with ur lives damn u people need to get laid

      • tommo1986

        haha im with skip! also why the f#*k would you have 3 ps3's, stop talking c#*p and go find a woman!!!

    • timmy o tool

      have fun with your new outdated xbox system that you have to pay to play online….dumb ass

    • guest

      your a sucker man xbox freaking suck good luck xbox suck60

    • Archie

      Wow what a jackass!
      you owned 3 ps3s and you sold'em and presumably bought 3 xbox?!
      are you retarded or do you buy everything in 3s?

  • aleerb1

    Is taking to darn long hurry up PlayStation!!!!!!!!!!! Uuuggghhhharrr


    I have both, but no way I'm paying for Live…I don't play online much though anyway.
    Not to mention my experience with Xbox has been almost entirely negative. The 360 is the most unreliable console ever.
    Though I might be frustrated at the outage, I'll never switch for 360.
    Last I checked, you can still play single player and that's the important thing to me.

    I like how 360 fanboys post and vote though on these sites, as if they actually owned a PS3 to begin with. :)

    In the end, why not own both?

    • jamiester2

      I've never had any problems with my xbox, but I gess I'm lucky

    • MLG Assain

      i agree i have both 360 fan boys prob never have owned ps3 or psp i own psp ps3 xbox xbox360 and psp go and i enjoy all of them but i will teach you a trick that MLG GOD taught some of us for 360 on line go to ebay SFAQUA and buy like 250 1 week gold trials they usally will run you .01 to .10 each with free shipping and only buy ones that ship to you not the ones who send over email. thats just over 5 years of service for around 2 to 6 dollars i paid 2.78 for 5 years 8 months worth 3 years ago lol and theres still lots on ebay if you take the time to look just a suggestion but im a psn fan man not a boy lol so i do agree with you on alot of your statement

    • klatu

      you have both, but wont "switch" to xbox 360? WTF?

  • mat

    I will never switch to xbox. The only games xbox has is gears and halo the interface sucks and
    $ 50 a year for xbox live. Who ever got through the ps3 could have gotten through the xbox too if they wanted.

    • jamiester2

      well its only $0.13 a day

      • GetToIt

        Try to justify it all you want, you still pay to play.

    • dale

      thank you xbox 360 is ass
      when ps3 come back on play ,me jokerspanksazz3

    • randy III

      X box Live is more than $50 it went up to $65 i think

  • AdolfButler

    Bought 360 to days ago. So nice beeing able to play online again.

  • whatsthepoint

    I e

    I've always been the one that took playstations back, always, would debate for hours defending the name, but man talk about shady. I went through 2 xboxs both got the RROD of course the company under warranty replaced the first one, but after the second got a ps3 instead, "keep in mind I've always been a playstation fan, 1&2&3," and to wake up the day after 4/20 to see this is just sickening, almost like a horris dream, and it hasn't gotten to me but these last few days, I find myself reading every article about the situation, and im sad to announce, im loosing hope with every passing day, and if this problem persist for another week, I will buy an xbox. sony needs to get its stuff together. Seriously,
    one love everyone.

    • urmomsvajanus

      I'm with this guy have been a loyalist of sony since playstations inception but for them to leave us in the dark and not say "our bad security was antiquated. we fucked up. "and also to not keep us stringently informed is negligent and foolish.instead they give us scraps of information (or possibly misinformation if it truly wasn't anon who attacked) like dogs starving and only getting scraps. doesn't sony know loyalty goes out the window when when dogs are hungry enough>

      • GetToIt

        You cant deny that the hack happened oddly enough the same time anon was ddos psn…so even if they arent they main cause they were part of the reason this mess happened. I mean they outright admitted they were attacking sony, so it all kinda fits. Only thing i fault sony for is their lack of a better security system, but atleast now thats being fixed and i rather wait months for a better security system then a few days for a lousy one and psn gets shut down again.

      • fuhq_s0ny

        Same here, never a fan of xbox and have had all ps1-2-3 but find myself losing respect for them. Sony doesnt know the meaning of loyalty, i hope that asshole customer services rep who keeps telling misinformation gets fired. Sony got greedy not putting up better security for that info, fuhq them…burn s0ny burn

    • ps3fan

      i love playstation since the first one came out, and i never like the xbox, if this problems still i may sell my ps3 but no way of buying a xbox, i would preffer a wii instead

  • Rico

    The only reason that the PSN is still down because they can't half ass security

  • me22222

    sony is selfish

    • GetToIt

      How in god's name is sony selfish? they are taking responibility for everything thats been done. Sure they had bad security, but atleast they are making it stronger and offering free $1 million dollar identity theft protection to everyone. If thats selfish then i guess not being selfish by your definition is them goin out of business to give you all of their hard earned money.

  • JieDee

    Most gamers I would guess are of an age that they can afford to just go and by another console like I have done, I just got a 360, I never liked PSN anyway it is inferior. I just got a ps3 coz most of my friends are on it I am glad I have a xbox again… Shame on you Sony…!!!

  • Dark Pretzal

    Just bought my first ever xbox. I've had all PS's since '98! I don't think I will purchase another Sony console, will keep my current one but only use it for exclusives- Uncharted and the like. I really don't mind paying for microsoft's online reliability. Plus, I hear the xbox is a much more gamer friendly console.

  • That Guy

    HA you are all obviously not taking into account that PSN is free. So what if it goes out for a month? I have saved a lot of money (that Microsoft will not see) and in this case i guess you get what you pay for. So ill ask everyone this… Why is everyone upset that PSN is down if everyone has been able to play online for free for the entire lifespan of the PS3? For me personally, I have (and will continue to) not own an Xbox b/c I simply resist to pay for online game play (and I prefer the PS3 for its obvious superior engineering). So complain all you want and screw you hackers (who just want to scare everyone and ruin Sony's reputation)!

  • Joshua Delkittie

    The world is coming to it's end, PS3's Network need to come back up, before a Riot's break out over the nation.

  • DigitalGhost2K

    I took my PS3 to gamestop today and got a Xbox. See Ya Sony!!!

  • Sick-n-Tired

    You " NEW " X-Box users are so full of BS. None of you gave up your PS3 just so you can play online, and if you are really that stupid to put your credit card info on any type of computing system you deserve to have it stolen. Just in case you don't know you can go to Walmart,Gamestop,etc. and purchase a PSN card to use. Oh and guess what there is NO info to steal or have to worry about.
    2 questions for you " NEW " X-Box users. Has the X-Box ever or ever will be hacked by someone? Can you answer " NO " to both and feel completely safe in saying so? How do you expect to pay for LIVE? Are you going to send a check in the mail, or better yet how about paying with a money order…you know just to be safe!!

    • new-xboxr

      I paid for PSN+ Sorry you're stuck waiting for your free service. I've been gaming online a week after with the Xbox. Me like.. Good luck with your ps3 (I didn't sell mine because it's still a good blue ray player)

    • Tyler R M

      Dude, You can buy MS point cards or Subscription cards… quit being such a hater. I don't hate either.

      • klatu

        Agreed. Wheres the love? Gaming is a great hobby. Xbox and PS3 are both great, fantastic even, and anyone whom has both will attest to that fact. Haters gonna hate I guess. Get a job and buy both is my advice. Best of both worlds, literally! Im still waiting for PSN to come back, need my wipeout fury online and my BTTF part 3! But until then, Gears 3 beta!

    • RaiderFan15

      Hey there stupid, first off do you pay for everything in cash? Do not have a bank account or have a job? Guess what your personal information is stored on a computing system somewhere! Every time you buy something at say Wal-Mart or Gamestop (free) they track your name, credit card number, what you bought, time/date, ect., ect.! If they were hacked and lost your info you would expect them to pay you something for you trouble, just like you would Costco or Sams Club (paid membership).

      Second you pay for the membership with time, Xbox got exclusive downloads and add ons first for the most popular multi-console games (for instance Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, and a few others). The extras cost the manufacturer extra! Where do you think they got that money from! PS3 people have to wait so you pay with time. If you can't fork out the cash. It is all part of the sales and marketing of the console itself.

      Third the welcome back package sucks! If you had Plus and downloaded Sonic (the most recent example I can think of that was a free game) you loose the ability to play the game when you subscription expires, it tells you of this before you download the "free games" on Plus. The free themes are OK as well as avatars but thats all you can keep! They should be handing out free full game downloads and movies! The wait getting to be ridiculous.

      Finally, I am very disappointed in how they treating everyone. The letters are snide and terse to public and developers, the don't call us we will call you attitude sucks. The apologizes are hollow and meaningless. They should be tell people exact dates at this point and giving out emails directly to all PSN members, not posting on websites and new releases. The adds for their junk keeps filing into my e-mail inbox, WTF? They have time auto send this stuff but cannot push me a direct apology???

  • TheToughTruth

    i myself, feel sick for having such loyalty for that company, what a slap in the face, if this problem persists another week, im definitely getting a xbox, and i admit i did have two xboxs get the RROD within two weeks of them both!, and never had a hardware problem with my ps3, but my patience is running low, especially when sony is lying to everyones face, and if it wasnt for us consumers, sony would only be "make.believe" and thats the truth,

    • MikeMax

      Slap in the face? Sony has given you free online since day 1, more exclusives than xbox, blu ray, built in wifi since the beginning, I can go on and on, but a few weeks of online down time and your ready to throw in the towel! hahahaha at least you can play games on it, watch your blu ray disks on it, but when your xbox craps out, which is a high possibility than on the ps3, you wont have the changc to do anything but wait 4 to 6 weeks until MS sends you a fixed or refurbished xbox. And really what company doesn't lie to its customers. All of them Do!! Not like its a good thing, but I don't believe what a company says until I see it.

    • steve

      never had a hardware problem i had 3 ps3 had the drive went out on all off them lol sony sucks ii have had 1 2 &3 and they all suck i did get a xbox and i have to say online is way better i just hate the controller but i will get used to it i hope lol

      • GetToIt

        You had all 3 playstations and you think they all suck? Why bother gettin ps2 if you felt that way about ps1? Why get 3 ps3's if you felt that way? O.o Your logic is quite interesting to say the least…

  • ZackyDrake

    Im with Ps3 All the way, Ive always Been a sony man…From Ratchet and Clank, to Sly Cooper, to Jack and Daxter to, Uncharted, and The Infamous Series…PS3 Has huge Titles coming out in the next couple of months…Ima keep the faith, all those other Quitters sound like Losers, Enjoy Paying 50 dollars, I like free ^^

    • steve

      so you like to kicked out and lag all the time cool you get what you pay 4 lol

  • Kody

    Exactly all of the users are complaining about the psn being down. It does suck but it will be back up. in the near future? idk. however ive had a xbox 360 and it is not a bad system the online is reliable but the console just straigtht sucks. No matter what you do in 1-2 years your 360 will break. So I'm remaining patient with psn and keeping faith.

  • Jacob

    They didn't give anything away, MS got hacked right before PSN did, They simply didn't turn their shit off, so 77 million users didn't immediately feel lit.

  • dskalkd

    i think that if they tried to hack xbox instead of ps3 then everyone would switch to ps3 and say awwww man the xbox has crap security etc. bottom line is it isnt the system or the network its the hackers anything online can be hacked and most likely will be

    • steve

      lol you dont here about xbox getting hacked cause they take the right steps and sony did not you get what you pay 4

    • AaronB

      yeah indeed everything online can be hacked and if anyof you read up on anything the hackers were after sony to make them pay not to steal peoples info sony had sued the hackers top two leaders in hacking so the hacker fought back

      • GetToIt

        I think you are referring to the anonymous ddos of psn. There isnt any real proof of them being the ones taking data but they even suspect that a member of their group could be the one responisble, but as a whole they only performed ddos, not actually hacking into the network to steal info. I although do not agree with anon's logic for going after a company that sought legal action against a known hacker of their product that had to obviously know the possibility of things to come if he were to post the "how to" on hacking the ps3 to do things it shouldnt, and yes nerds i said shouldnt, do. There i go rambling again…

  • GetToIt

    Anybody who says "im switchin to xbox because of psn not being online for a couple weeks" really have no life. Seriously its just online play, i remember not having online at all for consoles and im only 22, wont hurt to wait a few more days as opposed to the yrs before when we didnt even have online gameplay with a console. This is of course in reference to the network being offline, not the cc ordeal. Either way, im still am and forever will remain a sony fan, xbox just doesnt seem to be worth my time as i believe the better games will be on ps3. I mean the better content is of course on the ps3 version of games, mk9 is an example and star ocean is another. Sony also has a returning favorite of mine: Socom. So i rather wait until sony returns the FREE psn with much better games then punking out and gettin a xbox which ill end up replacing anyways when they need a upgrade to catch up to the quality of the blu-ray.

  • John

    dud i sold my ps3 already and bought an xbox they havve lied for times and before i sold it i called them and they said alt least another week which means a couple more months with the way they lie im vow to never buy another sony product ever again is its from sony im not gettin it

    • nwa

      dude you really got to think this one through,Sony got hacked"its not their fault they did" blame the hackers
      Sony is just taking long cause they are tryin to make shit better you fool, apparently you havent been following this much
      P.S to all the people that say they are switchin to xbox
      thats a good thing i think (for other ps3 users anyway) now we dont have to put up with you noobs anymore

    • GetToIt

      Wow you obviously have no idea how hard programming can be or how long it can take. Go take some IT classes then you tell me how fast you think you could get a network as big as Sony's up again with all possible security threats tested. You think they are lying? What reason would they have to lie, i mean they are trying their best and i know from experience in running and operating game servers myself how certain problems could arise. Shouldve been patient, now your stuck with a xbox that'll be obsolete soon enough, then you'll either need a new one or to go back to the ps3 within a yr or 2.

  • ps3fan

    get a life people – ps2 or ps1 didnt have online and you all lived – dont blow this out of proportion – chill out – get some air – go play football / spend time with your family – go out and socialise

    • Jesus

      Amen….. EXACTLY…… Hey People just so you know there is more to life then PS3…. I love my PS3 but really who the F%Y% Cares go outside like this guy says visit your family for once. Hey maybe actually get Some @$$ lol….. Okay i went to far you guys are all to big of geeks for that lol.

    • okbro

      Agree forget xbox ps3 go play football outside haha

    • S.Dot

      Yea we know but it's not about PSN anymore to ppl it's about a product and brand that ppl have paid good money for. If Sony continues to suffer loses it will affect you more because they will end up being like SEGA and just giving up on consoles all together. Back in 05 Sony said that PS3 started out as being there last console because they actually want to get more into making games over consoles just like SEGA.

    • rollin67

      ps2 had online for alot of years i played nascar o6 on line all the way to 09 but your right go get fresh air

    • Martin b

      I agree. People think it's the end of their life. Yes I also miss the network, but my life isn't falling to pieces cause it's down.

    • steve

      you should spend time with your fam your the one who should get a life man your on here looking too lol

    • wtf

      So true, all these people that are frustrated over the PSN have no life but playing online truley pathetic.

  • Shadowslayer187

    Everyone says that XBOX LIVE is more reliable but it wasn't to terribly long ago that network was down for 2 weeks on top of everyone having to pay for it. So how is that any more reliable? I will stick with my PS3 I have never had a problem with the hardware and that is what counts more than the online network. I own a 360 (actually my 3rd one due to RROD) but like many people refuse to pay for something I can have for free

    • klatu

      Actually, the two weeks you are referring to was announced by MS a month prior, giving gamers a heads up, and it was to increase server capacity and add features. Not only that, but they gave us a free game (undertow) and free xbl time to boot. Not really comparable to this debacle.

      • GetToIt

        Suppose you dont read updates on what sony is giving us when psn comes up. I mean a free game…psn users are gettin that not to mention we arent paying for our online so win-win, free premium time while you guys get just time to go online lol…not to mention more goodies that havent been announced so yea xbl fails compared to psn.

  • Cody

    Seriously people need to stop complaining about the consoles I've been with Xbox 360 since it came out plus my Xbox only had RROD once and I've had it for 4 years just replaced it 5 months ago and that one didn't screw up but the thing is, is that I thought I would never buy a PS3 but I did because some of my friend had one. they're both great consoles xbox live you may have to pay $50 a year and if you can't afford that your job must really suck XD either that or your just cheap.another thing is if your going to get an xbox don't mind the $50 a year the more you think of it, it doesn't seem like much, but as I was saying if your planning on getting an xbox I encourage you but those who don't want to buy an xbox and keep they're PS3's I don't mind it's still a great system keep your faith PSN will be back online some day. (if you want to add me as a friend my Gamer Tag is Rebel X Shadow, and my PSN is Rebel_Ghillie101). also if somebody could tell me how to change my PSN that would be greatly appreciated :D also if I do change it my PSN will be Rebel_X_Shadow.

    • Mega

      xbox cost $80 a year for me

  • PS3>X BOX(by a lot)

    all of these people saying im getting an x – box, cant you really go a couple of weeks before getting so annoyed that you have to go out and buy an inferior console just to have online capabilities..? The x – box, and im not making a console war here but in my opinion is worse than the ps3. For all those people who have had an X – box for a couple of years would have payed more than the cost for a ps3. but all people go on about is how psn is down. i personally wish psn would be back online NOW ! but am patient enough not to loose my mind and go out and purchase a shit box 360…………………………. GRAN TURISMO FTW!

  • PSguy7

    Im mad that PSN isn't up still but I dont give a damn how long it take i'll never leave the PSN Fam. Im still going to stay with you guys!!!! I'll never get an xbox.

  • Nano

    im getting a ps3 soon
    hope psn is back up before i get it or ill just stay with my xbox

  • bye ps3 bye xbox

    i move pc last week screw them both
    my new pc BLOWS AWAY crapbox 360 n praystation 3

    • klatu

      um…this isnt a pc thread buddy. "This isn't the comments area you are looking for" (waves hand in jedi manner)

  • no name given

    Don't think switching system will the problem, I mean what to stop something like this from happening to Live. Mircosoft has plenty of enemies.

  • hmph

    wow, you people have a lot of money to burn. When one comes down, you'll buy another console? People these days are oh so greedy. And when your xbox 360 gets the RROD, you will run back to sony with your bratty, childish, sorry ass. No wonder we had the recession. Money gets easily wasted

    • klatu

      Yeah, jobs and money are good. Having both consoles is even better. Having a job, and both consoles is like Nirvana. I dont count the Wii, as its more a doorstop these days…but way to be a fanboy man!

      Gamer = love of the gaming hobby, history and culture. Loves all systems, genres and style of games.
      Fanboy = opposite of above, only likes a single system out of misplaced ego, slamming all others to retain dignity with such a "biased" gamer worldview. Often whiny children and tweenies. Rarely, and sadly, occasionally are adults. Often resort to swearing and petty insults to further their ego driven views. See psychological term "Transference" in reference to fanboyism.


    i have through my years always been Playstaion never ever let me down not once but now You let my Credit card details go and you make up Bull SHI* to cover your a*** Wtf am i supposed to do stand and watch as my personal info goes to some Chinese Hacking Communist. i am offical buying a Xbox kinda hurts to say so but what can you do. See Ya Sony you Unloyal Dogs and hello to my new Xbox slim/Kinect….

  • richyrich18

    I'm staying loyal to PS3 they have given us the best service ever and what do they ask for in return nothing so PS3 keep up the goodwork. Looking foreward to when psn is back online.

    • jamiester2

      At least you loyal and patient…

    • klatu

      I agree its a great service, but in light of the recent events, I dare say it's not the "best service ever". That said, I too am looking forward to the return though. I want my Back to the Future episode 3 already! (Episode 2 was a cliffhanger…).

  • xbox

    loving playing online with my xbox 360 got ps3 for my bday then traded it for an xbox so i can actually play online


      You sir, are a vapid fap, most likely bill gates little ass whore trying to create enmity for sony. Microsoft is a horrible corporation.

  • NemesisBreakerX

    I own both systems, but it will be my xbox 360 that will be kept. The ps3 is going to be sold. This bs from Sony has gone on for long enough. For the network to have been hacked so completely, it had to have been done by someone with knowledge of the protocols in the first place. Ie a former Sony employee.
    And to everyone saying that the 360 is unreliable, I have owned a 360 since it's launch nearly 6 years ago and I am still on my first console. No rrod or anything. If your worried about reliability, try the new xbox slim.
    £40 a year for online play is not a lot to pay for a cast iron, secure online experience. I hope Sony can save their reputation from this incident, but come on! Three weeks?

    • Aikimy

      You're right , I bought my xbox 360 back in 2008,i played games everyday 3 to 5 hours and no RROD or
      any failure.Wondering how those people get RROD on their xbox 360,maybe they never switch off their
      console?Take care of your console and it will stay for a long time.Cheers.

  • xboxes

    bye sony :(

  • TheMightyGamer

    some people need to chill the fuck out!! call yourself gamers, you're all just a bunch of glorified CoD fags!!
    your gaming experience shouldn't be defined by "OH NOES I CAN'T GET ONLINE SO THEREFORE THIS CONSOLE IS SHIT" no us REAL gamers are taking this time from offline gameplay to complete old games that might've been voershadowed by the ones we play online! I've been well more productive in my gameplay and find myself rediscoverying my love for a good story.

    Funnily enough I sold my xbox the day after PSN went down, don't see why I should pay for a service that I don't really use especially since online playability isn't what I look for in a game.

    • Synn06

      Thank you, finally some one said it… FUCK CALL OF DUTY, if you call yourself a gamer and only play call of duty games online and that's why you're trading in the PS3, you need to get a life, or play a real game. I'm sorry but deathmatch, doing the same shit over and over is not a real game. If you need to buy an Xbox for that don't call yourself a gamer. I have both a PS3 and an Xbox 360 he'll I still have my NES and I play that more than the 360. I use my 360 as a paper wait because it is inferior to the PS3. Xbox does have a better online setup but you also pay for it while the PSN is free. So free online play, No ring of death, blu ray, 3D, better games (and for fucking call of duty they got that too) no batteries for wireless controller without having to buy extra shit,no being over heated and fucking your games up (I remember renting some 360 games from Hollywood video and them recommending me paying extra money so the games didn't screw up from an overheating 360), able to watch .avi, .mp4, and just about any other video files, a web browser, almost any USB device can plug in and work, and just a better all around more powerful system, yeah I'll stick to the PS3 and keep using my 360 for a paper wait til gears of war 3, which is the only thing to look forward to now especially since bubbie left and teamed up with activation so they can release games on all platforms.

  • jason

    staying loyal to ps3 because have 2 consoles 3 ps portables and over 100 games never had x box in our family but if 1 of the consoles was 2break now and was out of garentee would consider giving it a try mainly because of the total lack of comunication from sony just taking us for granted.

  • sinie

    I'm glad all the whiny people are switching to literally isn't the end of the world if you cant play online for a few weeks. Enjoy playing call of duty with 12 year olds yelling at their parents on xboxlive.

  • Playstation sucks

    I bought a xbox just because PSN is down I’ll will pay 50 dollars a year for the better connections playstation is losing players and customers by the minute they are in denial but I’m not going to throw 340 dollars in the trash

  • Chrisss

    Ive read these threads day after day after day an thought you sad people saying your getting a 360 because of psn being down for a week or 2. But now to be honest its actually startin to piss me right off. I mean come on ffs 3 week? They got till friday otherwise i hate to say it but bye bye ps3. Hello 360. SONY SORT YOUR SH IT OUT.

    • SmithnWesson UK

      @Chrisss. I totally agree with you. I was willing to wait for the PSN to come back, but after 2 weeks of crappy vague updates from sony i decided to jump ship and trade my ps3 for an xbox 360.
      Before i bought a ps3 i had 2 xbox 360's, so i know how unreliable the consoles are, but their online has always been so much better. I don't mind paying £40 a year for peace of mind.
      To all you ps3 fanboys: call me what you will. i don't care. i do have a life. i keep hearing people say "play single player offline until PSN comes back"
      Let's be honest with each other, most games these days are geared towards online play (apart from RPG's like Oblivion or Dragons Age) I mean COME ON!!!! YOU WANT ME TO FORK OUT £40 FOR 6 OR 7 HOURS OF SINGLE PLAYER.
      i hope you loyal ps3 owners don't wait too long for your free service to return.

  • Aaron

    Sony has had there chance of bringing the network up and now I am sick and tired of the lies they have been telling us over the two weeks. I still got nothing on my psp go because nothing as been done to the network and they are still playing around with the network. HEY Sony what am I going to do with my empty psp go which is still sitting in my box with a $50 game card and also the games I ment to get of the promotion that is still running and ends in August.

    • SmithnWesson UK


  • Zenmaster

    The problem here is not the consoles, it is people… We live in a throw away consumer society, if something doesn't work, bit it get a new one, that is the mentality of todays culture. Other people decide to try and break things to annoy companies and the general public, these people may justify their actions but obviously don't appreciate the ramifications of their actions!
    Not so long ago we were at awe with the likes of space invaders and PAC man, then pc gaming came into the fold and with that eventually the consoles we all know today. Console online gaming is not the only way to play online, go back to your pc, I am revisiting some old online games on pc and are enjoying them immensely!
    Anyone who is ditching ps for xbox or vice versa, you are playing right into the hands of the companies, everyone is annoyed at the downtime but rather that than the psn being back on and not being secure. As for the cc issue, has anyone noticed any discrepancies on their cards? I haven't (so far). Everyone wants things now and can't wait, try using something called patience and control, and maybe the money you are willing to spend on a new console could go to a better use?

  • psn player

    i hope it come’s back up soon

  • dale

    360 ass but if ps3 not on in a week im back on my 360

  • PerFX_SHoTz

    I believe that: of course PSN Was Breached and this is not convenient for there customers although Xbox – if targeted – could Have a simular affect. I can thoroughly understand why you have Made The Switch To the xbox Platform Although if you have – you have No Patience or time For Sony – Who Are trying to improve The Standard Of Security To the Network – So that this kind of Outage Is Prevented From Future Occurances.

  • dock

    SONY should have been more forthcoming with information. Their delay tatics have been annoying and have cost them credibility. PS3 customers have a lot of time invested with gaming on thePS3 and have fostered a gaming relationship with other players and that is why we are staying and waiting for the return of PSN. It'll be a great day when the PSN is restored.

    • wow

      Wow…so you would rather have them come out and announce that PSN is down and then it turned out to be some kind of breach? They had to do an investigation first before they informed anyone of the situation!

  • rollin67

    have been and always will be a playstation fanattic i dont care for xbox i find there controls to clunky , i have ownes a playstation since day one, i will wait for the psn but not liking the way we have not got the info when they have it keep us informed psn

  • B-Real20

    I already had an XBox360 so all I had to do was re up my live subscription and I got a year for 24 bucks thanks to amazon! I had a 20 dollar credit for buying portal 2

  • ps3forme

    Talk about customer loyalty!

    I've got both consoles, ironically my xbox360 is hacked so I can play pirate games (on/offline) on it and yet I still would rather have my PS3. Its just a better machine and I've never understood how the 360 is considered comparable from the hardware stance.

    My theory is that the majority of 360 owners just can't afford to buy a PS3 and like to kick a man when he's down.

  • Xboxlover

    I'm glad all the whiners have left & gotten an xbox, less of them on psn now.

    Thanks guys :D

  • Steve

    I own both 250gb Slim models, and even with the PSN down the Playstation is still and always will be number 1 in my eyes. However to answer your question: I am using my Xbox a hell of alot more since the PSN has been down.

  • DMC_S2000

    ok…first of all, the title is misleading, I thought there is a threat for Xbox 360 consoles…

    second…so posting 4 user comments telling that they could switch on the other side represents a large volume of gamers like 10-20 million that would place Sony in a bad place?…

    fail article…

    • ps3forme

      i agree, this site is a bit of a fan baiter and somewhat one sided.

  • S.Dot

    I had both systems for years but last year i decided i only needed one and that was PS3. then this happens so i went back to gamestop last week and bought me another 360 and traded my PS3 and this is my first 360S and i have to say it's actually much better than the PS3 Slim, it's quiet and feels like much better hardware than the old 360's. Well i tried to show Sony love this gen but they blew it, guess it's XBOX only from here on out. I won't be buying a PS4 either 720 here i come.

  • ps lover

    First off, people complaining that Sony 'owes you something's are full of it. They give you a free service so quit bitching that you can't play cod. If you want to run a different os than don't use that console for online play. Get a $100 ps3 on Craigslist and use it for installing another os. I ha e seen a bunch that haven't been updated. Problem solved. Crapbox360 has had far more problems than this. I owned 3 before i bought ps3 (best decision of my gaming life) find a single player game, its easy. Sony can't give you a concrete date to be up again because they don't know the exact minute in the current that it will be ready and you will have it within HOURS of it being tested i guarantee. If they say 'May 20th' and they finish on the 13th then that's another week you can't play that you'll bitch about, and another week they're losing money that they don't need to be losing. If someone hacked your computer and stole your personal info would you go to all your neighbors and give them all some of your stuff or money?? NO you wouldn't. They are doing the respectable thing. Yes they should have told us sooner but that is they're only fault, bad pr. I'm not leaving PlayStation even if it takes another month. I have MONTHS of playing gt5 without getting bored, rock band, and plenty of other offline games. Go buy your "Xbox and shut up. Oh and gl trying to watch hi-def movies ;-)

  • wow

    And then the same thing happens with the 360. Why switch in the first place? This article is flamebait. Serious flamebait.

  • BallsMcGee

    Actually, since Microsoft loves their customers so much they raised live to $60.00 a year :D Wasn't that thoughtful? 360 blows huge chunks. I have both and my 360 is still sitting in the box, I'm afraid if I open it, it'll break….seems to be an extremely common issue when mixed with shitty engineering -_- I love Sony, will never switch over. Besides, THERE IS STILL SINGLE PLAYER ya friggin losers. "OH NO I CANT PLAY COD OMGWTFBBQ SAUCE!" CoD sucks too. Get a good single player game. Play it. STFU and quit your friggin' bitchin. Sony is doing what they can to get the network back up. Freakin kids bitching about a FREE PRODUCT. Nothing is perfect. Get the hell over it.

  • Rocky

    I've had both for a while now. I generally use the PS3 for movies and its exclusives. Anything multi-platform I play on the 360. The voice chat and party system on the 360 is just a lot easier to use and I prefer its interface.

    The bickering over which system is better is kind of pointless. Neither system is better. They both have their pluses and minuses, and which system is right for you is completely subjective to the end user. The incident with the PSN is unfortunate and it will certainly make me think twice about giving my credit card information to Sony in the future, but it's not going to turn me off from Sony products anymore than the RROD incident with Microsoft didn't turn me off from Microsoft products.

  • Jv-Ps3

    …The more I read the more I realized that people these days don’t even think before they speak!
    Why in god’s earth would you trade what you have for years all of your accomplishments / hours /friends / skills from a system you know well enough FOR an Xbox that you will need to start from “0”??
    No friends NOTHING NADA!! I though playing online was fun because you get to play with friends having fun and when not online getting some trophies to show your skills and achievements.
    Apparently that’s not the case for some of you`s switching to Xbox that don’t care for none of that apparently or you are just Wasting time commenting when in fact you`re not doing SHIT!
    -Me personally will wait until everything is back up and running even if it takes months come back.
    That Sony mess-up by not having a stronger security for all user`s personal information? YES big time,
    A lesson Sony has learned and its now correcting, so find something productive to do or even better
    Start talking to your family once again if it used to be fun before, you might find it to be even better now (lol)

  • the bull

    In 2half years i had 2 xbox 360 and 7 steering wheels + 4 control pads , now in 1half years i have had 1 ps3 1 steering wheel and 1 control pad its the ps3 for me. It maybe down right now but it will be back better than ever. Looking forward too gaming with my racing buddies on GT5. Live the Dream be the Dream get a life get GT5.

  • hondafan

    you people are sad by blaming sony but we should be blaming the hackers. is it sony fault because they are rebuilting the psn but ground up. thank you goehotz for all the hackers. if it wasn't for you given the root key away this would not be happening. now for all of you that are switching over that your money and no one should judge you but here is all little knowledge for you but back in 2007 xbla was hacked and 50,000 credit card info was stolen. if you don't belive me then look it up because it was in an issue of gameinformer that year.

  • marhorn

    All ps3 users are in here moaning……Xbox 360 players are too busy playing online!

    This couldnt happen to Xbox live…….Bill Gates himself would wire into the system like the puppet master from Ghost in the shell!

  • WiiTarded

    Nintendo ownes all you….

  • Jack

    I only use mine for blu-ray movies now anyway. I haven't bought a PS3 game since last march, and haven't got a firmware update in months. I prefer the 360. Although, i have been getting extremely bored of the 360 recently due to the lack of exclusives.


    i'm a proud owner of both PS3 and XBOX360… I dont understand why people keep saying that xbox360 is unreliable…i've had mine for 6 years and never had a problem with it.. I enjoy both systems..dont understand why people just because they have one console they hate the other? do you guys have shares in ps3 or xbox360? lol Is not the end of the world people…take time to get laid! lmao!!

  • Warted

    When you think of both side… Microsoft are better at lying than sony just think when they put the 360 on the market and all the RRoD… and they said is't not our fault so we don't repair it put mine in a locker for 6 or 7 month then I heard they will pay so I send it and they gave me a new one… sell it and my Wii for a ps3 and never had any problem… what about Windos OS… XP was great and the send the crapy Vista out… just to make money. Microsoft just send product out even if it's suck cause they know everybody will buy it! I'll never buy something from microsoft in the first 2 year they've been realesed.

  • blah blah blah

    i just wanna play online thats it i wanna play socom


    SOLD My PS3. Now I will stick with an American Console XBOX 360 NO BS , and is only $0 .18 per day anyone can afford to pay that ! just look for some loose change around the house and go play do not wait like an Idiot , just switch .


    the person who wrote this really sucks. you don't have any fucking idea what you're talking about. i know you dont even have a ps3, so shut the fuck up!!!!!!!!!!

  • RHallgarth

    i tried to trade in my ps3 at the local game shop, but they said they have too many and they arent taking anymore. your losein us sony, ya better hurry.


    PS3 still has FREE online play, nuff said. plus you can still play offline and trophies will unlock. Yay for Platinums.

  • rcdell84

    I've seen a few articles (one at PC World) about the network not coming back until May 31. Hoping it doesnt stay down that long, as we all know that unless is comes from playstation themselves it isn't always accurate, and even then we have to take that with a grain of salt. Sounds like i will be plugging in the Xbox in the meantime. Let me know when you are back online Sony, and I will glady return.

  • J

    I can sitll use the PS3 as a bluray player

  • vinnie

    just bought an xbox, still setting it up, but can't wait to go back online, i was going to wait untill i just saw it was going to take another 3 weeks, or even more. before psn gets back online, and tbh, all you people complaining about the 50$ a year, thats like, 4$ a month, im willing to pass on 1 sandwich and a drink a month to pay for online gameplay. now i just gotta hope im not going to get a RROD very soon :p

  • ME nOT YOU

    Let these whiney kids deal with playing an original GameBoy. Its like they believe PSN was the only thing. If they had a life instead of living in their moms basement, maybe they would have a friend or 2 they could shoot in the face on black ops or whatever theyre playing. I personally am wasting my life on Disgaea 3 right now. Its like I tell my brothers, "PSN is down, but I still havent seen a red ring of death on my ps3" youre complaining they dont have th network up yet? Why dont you just go down and give sony a hand? you can rebuild the network yourself in a couple hours im sure. Im obsessed with Sony. My tv, my laptop, my psx, 2 & 3, Psp, earbuds, Phone, Dvd/blu-ray, etc. All SONY! Sony things look so awesome! They have excellent workmanship! Most of them are SHINEY! Sony is a huge corporation, PSN isnt the only thing they have to look out for. quit whining. Get laid, DO SOMETHinG!

  • Malveillance79

    Americans are soooooooooooooooooooo spoiled….

  • wisconsingamer83

    Im tired of waiting and i actually did get a xbox360. the one thing that makes xbox better is that they have a sercurity team at all times making sure it is running. so i dont mind paying for online and i think ps3 should do the same when it comes back up

  • uchiha007

    lol ppl, ppl calm own. PS3 and XBOX each has its own pros and cons. My thoughts are, that I'm never entrusting my credit card with them(which means I'll never in my life buy anything from the PSN store), but the fact that I love ths PS3 still remains and even tho their network is incredibly weak(I mean seriously weak. Cmon out dated Apache server and no firewall?! they gotta do MAJOR upgrade), I'll still enjoy their games and their lovely blueray feature. And is not like PSN will stop me from playing multiplayer. I can still play with friends and such. All I need is make a LAN party and bam! 4 player zombies =P

  • awesome

    if anyone wants to play playstation with other ppl just download a private server called Xlink Kai 7.3
    7.4 wont work on ps3) once u download it right click go to properties and run it as windows vista/ register/sign in/connect to wireless on ur computer/put a ethernet cord going from ur ps3 to ur computer/make a wired connection on ur ps3/ do a internet test ….obtain Ip address should succeed and internet connection should fail ..thats suppose to happen//then go back start ur game/now go back to xlink click the little globe icon up top…choose ur console(PS3.XBOX.PS2 etc..) then choose ur game type…first person shooter..third person shooter etc..) next choose ur game ….black ops…etc..then thats it go to lan party on ur game click join or create game and thats all hope it works…worked for me and my friends :) good luck

  • :DKevin:DMaverick:D

    U guys are saying u are going to buy an Xbox, but when the psn is back ur stuck with the Xbox and U will want to go back to ps3. U got a ps3 for a reason and not the xbox in first place. so dont go cry if u cant play for some time.

    But is does suck:(

  • angel

    i didn't go to the xbox i went to the Wii but only until psn comes back

  • LxiMax

    I will say I did sell out and buy a 360. It didn't bother me all too much that PSN would been down for a week or two but it's still down even today. And what makes matters worse is that my launch 60GB decided to go YLOD playing a PS1 game 3 days after PSN went down. That's just too much trauma too fast. So we sold off the PS3 and all the games and such and bought a 360 Slim. I personally like the 360 more just because almost everyone I know has one. It's much nicer knowing people you can play online with. Will I buy another PS3? Prolly when the time comes. I like it for the Blu-Ray capabilites and the exclusives it has. It won't be the first time I've owned both systems plus the Wii. And to everyone say about how expensive LIVE is… Most of the time you can get 12 months for $40 if you shop around. You can get 15 months for $30 on Black Friday. And you can even call into Microsoft and they'll offer you a 12 month package for $30 depending on how long you've been a LIVE member. So all in all, both sides need to stop hating and own both. :)

  • Matt

    I mean if you have the money to buy both systems by all means spend your money how you please. But you mean to tell me you got that much money spend to switch systems just cause 1 feature is down??? Just play offline.. So you going to shell out the $50 dollars a year… another $200 for the system and then another $200 to replace the games like Madden, NBA 2k series COD… and whatever else you played online JUST TO PLAY ONLINE… but yet you are the same people complaining about gas prices, lack of jobs and recession and yet I see a lot of people throwing away $500 just cause they cant play online??? LAUGHABLE be patient.. good things happen to those who wait.. besides.. get the xbox and then when your warrenty expires and you get the RROD… then you'll be running back to sony

  • Matt

    So many people are unloyal.. you can't wait a month so you going to spend over $500 dollars for a new system, subscription, and games.. not to meantion .. xbox live customer service is horrible.. I work for capital one and when our customers try to cancel the subscription, xbox so hard to get ahold of and won't cancel it til you have to basically cuss them out… smh.. and you people complain about a recession and gas prices but you'lll shell out $500 just cause you can't play online… no wonder People view America as greedy

  • bart

    IM STILL PS3 ALL THE WAY! i'm so MAD at XBOX with thir RROD issues ,and believe me almost everyone i know have AT LEAST 1 XBOX DIE ON THEM in the course of ownership…I'm on m 4RTH XBOX 360 and throw it out the window. i have more faith in PS3 nonetheless .. too bad some people give up so easily..

  • No more

    Changed over to xbox. Had enough of psn.

  • chris

    Not only is the network down, my friggen blue ray is supposedly burnt out after 18months. The system was a gift from my grandmother on the other side of Canada and she dosnt know where the receipt is so sony wont replace anything, so now i can get a new one at some game shop for 100$ are u kidding me, who sells a machine @ 400$ with a piece that burns out after 18months! What a sack of poop!
    I Guess X-box aint so bad after all!

  • wildbill6-0

    wow you guys are some serious dumbasses! yeah so what sony playstation network has been down for 3 weeks they are just making the network inpenatrable. i will never consider switching to the fag box! $50 a year to play video games and get the same stuff as you get with FREE PLAYSTATION NETWORK?!?! i dont even play that much and you ra-tards bitchin about switching because you cant be away from your boyfriends for about 3 weeks jeez what has this world come to?! add me psn users i'm wildbill6-0

  • twade777

    Xbox an Inferior product?? compared to PS3. Here is my experience,
    I have had to pay Sony to repair my ps3 once out of warranty for $150.00!
    broke again paid $200.00 for replacement slim at a local dealer!
    I am sick of checking daily about the status of the network. long time and loyal fan of Playstation. I was never interested in trying other systems until now. And if your over 25 and still bitching about 50 or 60 bucks a year, then stop mooching off your parents and get a job!

  • klatu

    Ps2 did have online, I was on it.

  • thederdog

    I have owned all of the ps consoles. To be honest, I will own the next version too. Only bought one Xbox ever, and regretted it the moment I plugged it in. The bottom line is simple. We all just need to show some patients and give Sony the opportunity to get this all righted . I share some feeling that I have been reading , some that are warranted do to Sony's Customers service, or should I say lack there of. But really it come down to this. I have had a Sony for what seems like forever, and for a free service, I would say they have done well up to the point that we are at today. They want the exact same thing that we want. That is for PSN to be back in service , because for us….it is lost playing time. For Sony it is lost revenue

  • David

    If I was the Ceo of xbox, I would have definitely waived and stopped charging that yearly fee and welcome all the PS3 owners, great way to earn their business since Sony has been a weak dick and cant give a straight answer

  • relax

    Hey everyone remember when there wasn't any online play. So just shut up, man up, and wait for a FREE ONLINE service to come back up better than before……Damn ass clowns.

  • PS 4ever

    yes this whole issue has been a big pain in the you know what for all ps3 users, but for all those getting ready to jump ship to xbox, just remember, not only will you be losing free online game play once it is back online, but you will also be losing a bluray player that will always get firmware updates and never need to be replaced, no other bluray player on the market can say that. Also the playstation games are bluray meaning you can buy them used and not have to worry about scratches which also means cheaper games. Your losing a lot by jumping ship, free online, a kick a** bluray, cheaper games, better controlers that dont require batteries, better graphics, etc. I could go on further but i think you get the point. Not worth it to me, ill wait for the system to be back up for all the perks and the beefed up security.

  • Jay

    Go get some @SS you dam geeks

  • Common Sense

    Dude wasn't Xbox Live down for like a month because of a update a while back? what the hell are these Xbots thinking… On top of that PS3 is made up of a Macintosh infrastructure and if you've been living under a rock that means it has very good protection.

    Unlink PC's Windows,1995,1998,2000,Xp,Vista, or 7 and very soon 8 all suck in terms of viruses,Bugs,Worms,Spyware,Malware ok, Xbox360 is a Microsoft product expect even more damage if it got attacked in the same way the PS3 did hacker could give every system the Red Ring easy.

    The PS3 hack wasn't much of a hack but it was thought out premeditated so to speak, they couldn't hack there way in so they came up with a plan to hack there way in to first party Developers firmware. With there new (CFW) Custom Firmware they could sign back in to PSN giving there already hacked and blocked from PSN systems back in the door, so now they can hack again….(!¡!Common Sense!¡!) (^_^)

  • SiNiSt3r iLeGiT

    I am so sick and tired of everybody that says the XBOX is Garbage because of the RROD !! Microsoft has fixed the problem already with their latest console !! And even if you do happen to have such a thing which Highly Unlikey now! Microsoft will fix it for FREE and you will receive a a month of free live that goes along with it! I had my old xbox for three and a half year before I had got the rrod and I was using it nonstop constantly ! And if you are still un-sure then just know that microsoft has now made the 360 capable of *INSTALLING* your games to your Hard Drive ! Your Console will breath better start the game faster and more efficiently and doesn't have to work as hard since the disc won't have to spin ! stupid ps3 fanboys… think they know everything! soo dumb, how about you get your facts straight and actually do some research first before you rant on about your Ps3.. ignorant pieces of crap

  • Common Sense

    Let me just post something for all the xbot gamers that think that sense PSN is down there are a lot of people going out to buy Xbox3Sh!ttys,
    PS3 has been at the top sales list every week go check it out at VGchart, and PSN being down has not changed anything it's sells has gone up a little really & some how the PSP is second this week maybe it's all the attention they been getting LOL by press and Xbots, so i say keep it up…..(^_^)

  • EZeKiEL 25:17

    I have owned both systems. Yes, the XBOX network is more reliable, but the device itself is a piece of crap. I am a PS3 fan by the fact that the console is superior to any gaming console man has to offer – that's a fact. I decide things from facts, not opinion. Its a more powerful and reliably system along with great features its biggest competitor couldn't deliver: Built-in wi-fi, blu-ray player (true HD), wireless controllers designed from bluetooth technology (this means no batteries needed with a reliable connection at longer distances). You can create your own themes for God's sake. The system itself is a brilliant device. I understand the the PS Network has been down for a few weeks, but that doesn't make the XBOX more appealing in any way, shape, form or fashion.

    The real issue here is not the PS Network being down, it is you Generation Y babies (those of you born in the late 80's and early 90's) that don't know what to do with yourselves without your electronics. There used to be these things called HOBBIES that didn't include electrical devices. God forbid a Solar Flare from Hell comes protruding from the sun and send us into a temporary Stone Age for a few months; you guys would kill yourselves!!

    I am sure Sony is trying their best to bring the network back online. BE PATIENT! You kids don't know what patience is. I'd rather them take as much time as they need to get the system back online and secure as possible than to rush it to appease a lot of people who don't have better things to do with themselves than depend on a darn virtual world to separate themselves from reality every waking moment of their lives. So those of you who are acting like crying babies and switching over to XBOX, the same can happen to them; have you thought about that??

  • Snow Hare

    I would like to give Sony the benifit of the doubt. Really bad luck for them that a group of stupid hackers decided they know what's best for all of us and took PSN away from us for a time. The reason that Sony does not have the network back up and running is because they want to make damn sure that they get their security issues under control before doing so. Its easy to panic, but Sony is doing the right thing taking the time to make sure this never happens again. There are too many reasons I have for staying with PS3 over xbox (i have both) and not just because PSN is free. Think of it. Sony did not do this to us on purpose and they will learn from the event and hopefully be able to prevent it from happening again. Put yourself in their shoes. They know the PR is bad right now but they refuse to go back online until the security is there for us. Give them a break, they have given us many great game experiences, anyone could get hacked. Lets just hope Sony gets it right this time and perhaps comes out on the other side a bit humbler for it.

  • Lazerbyte

    OMG REALLY you people are crazy for dumping your PS3 for a crapbox!

    Do you remember RRODgate and how long it took MS to fix the problem and they had to have a class action lawsuit to resolve the problem.

    I guess it just shows that people in America can be fooled and given crappy products and service by a crappy company and you will support them.

    I will not support a company that does not care about it's consumers and rapes them of money which MS does.

    Everything for the xbox is a la carte! The machine with 4GB is 199 you want a hard drive that is 129 you want an extra controller and batteries that's 40 and then the subscription for live is 60 or 25 bucks for 3 months so for a year that is 100!

    To me that is a complete rip off! What is so special about live? NOTHING

    You think when MS announces their new machine they won't care two rats asses about you and will completely dump support for it and move on to the next system.

    Continue to support a company that only cares about your wallet rather than you.

    Sony's machines are in it for the long haul as you can STILL purchase a PS2 and games for it and the system is over 10 years old!!

    Remember PSN is FREE!!

    PC games online are free so why should you spend $60 on a game and then have to pay to play it online!

    Here just give me your money for explaining this to you or better yet just open up your toilet and throw your money in it as you'll buy anything or better yet let your mom hold onto it so you don't waste it!!

  • jon doe

    ps3 new with online ability $400.00 ps3 new with out online ability $400.00 lick my @$$ sony you have robbed everyone. put psn online you bunch of fat @$$'s. you are full of lies sony. I bought ps3 only for online playing, and it took me along time to get up the money to buy one now i cant use it for what i bought it to be used for. You suck sony i want my money back.

  • Ernesto

    I just recently bought a PS3 only lasted 1-2 day with online play and loved it :D I will always be a SONY fan till death :D playstation One playstation 2 didnt have online play so i dont see whats the big problem anyway im still playing final fantasy, uncharted 2, metal gear solid 4 all which xbox wont have soo i say

  • x209G4M3Rx

    Look I got an xbox the day it came out. I had the pro version, then i had to replace it with the halo 3 version, and now i have the slim. I got a PS3 in january because i wanted to see how it actually was compared to xbox. Sony has WAY more features on their console than microsoft will ever have on the xbox. PSN is Free, Blue-ray, Tons of great exclusive games, bluetooth, etc. If you are such a low life to the point that you cant go a few weeks without playing online then i feel sorry for you. Dumbest Idea to go buy an xbox when PSN will probably be back up this week. Waist of your money…

  • ps3 is best

    omg never change to xbox 360 you have to fucking pay for play multiplayer!!!!! thats so much stupid

  • eaglenlouisiana

    LOL you guys are funny I paid 599.99 when the PS3 first came out and there is NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO way I am buying an 360….AKA RROD!

  • daniel sanchez

    F*** xcube360 x circle360 or whatever its called x square 360…. I wouldn't even be caught dead playing that 360 piece of yeah you know ps3 all the way a true ps3 gamer could and will wait for the network to come back online and will not even mention x 360 and for those ppl talking bout switching damn just do it it ain't going to make no difference because u ain't going to make x square 360 any better than ps3 and that's for damn sure

  • Archie

    This F%^$in annoying!

    But then again… not so long ago we always played offline on our playstation 2s… so I'm just gna use this time to actually platinum all my games.. and watch those endless animes and movies on my hard drive :P

  • Archie

    HALO IS CRAP! I mean any of the CODs are way better even in multiplayer.. IT SUX BIG TIME, how can you people like it… To all those on xbox… hmm I predict LIVE will get hacked next by the asian hackers :)

  • Archie

    and this is official…
    All the comments made by people replacing their ps3 with xbox are fake, they don't have a ps3 to start with.
    In fact they are not even human… That's right, they're bots… Deployed by MS themselves to post randomly on these sites in order to bend public opinion. Yes you better believe it boy!
    And finally, the rising sales of xbox supposedly in the last few weeks… Well MS likes to dress up their employees as civilians and buy their own consoles just to get some fancy stats up there…
    So now you know it, don't be fooled. Platinum those games, play some sports, find a gf and get married :)

  • Archie

    I just realised… XBOX controllers run on batteries HAHAHAH that's hilarious XD
    … which come seperate! HAHAHAHA :'D
    … and they need replacement! ROFL i'm gonna cry laughing :P

  • Alvaro

    Seriously, i have an xbox, for all of u that say xbox is shit blah blah blah is not okay? is a great console same as the ps3 . I prefer xbox but still are u serious? are u going to change ur console pay a huge amount of money just because u cant play online for two months? is just ridiculous. Be more patient and find a life outside the ps3 or xbox world.
    That is my point of view.

  • Bob

    Xbox live is like $7 a month. get a job, are you fucking poor lol. "I refuse to pay for xbox live". Are you 13 years old? get a job, gees louise….

  • Isaac Newsome

    Did we mention that people who’ve paid for Xbox Live have also had down time, and if you add up total downtime for days Xbox Live has been unavailable for use since it’s release on Xbox 360  I’m pretty sure it will probably equal the time PlayStation Network was down.  Please don’t let yourselves be fooled. I bought an Xbox 360 awhile ago, and couldn’t play it for a week because their servers were down.