PlayStation Network Status: PSN Not Back Up, Firmware Update 3.61 Coming

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We have an update on the PlayStation Network Online Status to give you now. Sadly, it isn’t the news that the service is back online, but we do know that users will be prompted to install a new firmware update on the PS3 as soon as it is back up.

There were previous rumors of a new firmware update coming soon to the PS3, and this has now been confirmed to be firmware update 3.61 as stated on the Japanese PlayStation website, as reported from TerminalGamer. Through the magic of Google Translate, we’ve learned that users will also need to change their password once they have signed into PSN.

Despite previous rumors stating otherwise, the Japanese PS site also states that PSN is still offline in Japan and that the service ‘will resume soon’. You can read the translated text in full here if you’re interested.

This information has yet to be posted on the US or EU PlayStation Blogs, so perhaps Sony is intending to switch PSN back online first in Japan, followed by other regions. Aside from the much talked about compensation package that Sony are offering to PS3 users, we hope that firmware 3.61 adds some extra functionality to the XMB – cross game chat support would be a lovely way of saying sorry, what do you think?

So to sum up, the PSN is still down, but you will get a nice new firmware to play around with when it does finally return. Let us know your thoughts on this.

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  • Unhappy Customer

    Son y never does nice new updates they just do bs ones that take away even more functionality. Seriously is it so hard to improve the web browser the chat system or the seriously slow xmb cmon sony step it up

    • peeper

      who gives a rats ass just get it back online

    • Tomo

      Stop all this moaning.
      Surely someone must know the people who took the network down, we need to be chasing the criminals not the supplier of a FREE service.
      It will take SONY however long it takes to make it secure again.
      Just be happy with what you get. and If you don't like it Pay Microsoft some money every year.

      • byebyelosers

        Got a new xbox. Gooodbye Sony

        • XBOX FAILS


    • paul

      sony if this doesnt come up soon ima throw my ps3 away n buy a xbox 360

  • Subaru

    Hopefully "soon" means like later today or tomorrow!


      I AGREE, I MISS COD D: and im not asshamed to admit it :L

      • BIG_Rob_201

        I Miss COD any word when well be back up

    • Carlo

      fingers crossed eh! im missing my GT5 and playing with my online buddies.

    • rambosly

      hope it is today or tomorrow

    • bartman152

      i agree i want to play some uncharted online but sony is keeping me or us from playing it

    • Xresio3

      I agree, I only got to play on line for about 2 weeks.. then it was gone.. :( I miss it already.. I got internet just for gaming purposes..

    • STEVEN

      fuck sony they jus keep lie im about two start a site call ( FU.SONY.LIE.XBOX360TIME) BUT NO SITE IS PIG321MAN321.COM SONY HAVE LIED FOR THE LEAST TIME FOLLOW ON TWITTER @ POKEHER2011

    • John

      It came back to Middle East Yaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!

  • DTA

    We should be able to listen to our own music through the xmb like xbox. That'll make me a happy psn user again.

    • DexPrime

      XMB makes you play music while playing online? O_O thats so awesome!!!! cant wait!!! (:

    • Twin

      I second this!!

    • Christopher

      I, too, second this. :S

  • howa223

    fuck the firmwarm when will it be up in australia

  • jason

    Sony wake up and smell the coffee.You cant just keep changing the date its time for heads to roll,or is it HARI KARI

    • sup

      pretty sure a date wasnt confirmed :P it was a 'hopefully be done in a week' thing i think? =P well im not entirely missing ps3 online gaming.. i just wish they be more informative personally.. i can understand they got hacked and their doing their best to get around it.. i mean id rather a safer console than for it to happen again.. take all the time you need sony! :)

      • Barry

        Not true. As a matter of fact they did commit to having psn up by the 3rd, but they also claimed that they’d keep our personal information confidential. Goddamn Sony exec cocksuckers. They couldn’t even build a secure network. Never thought I’d say it, but I’ll be buying Microsoft next time around. Motherfucker, I’m starting to get pissed.

      • jason

        They origanally said a week yesterday.But then admited they got hacked

    • bill

      your a retard your lawyer what you gonna sue cuz you cant play video games hahahahhaha loser

    • Patrick

      Do you play starcraft 2? or want to play it or diablo 3? they were supposed to come out a long time ago. and s2 just got here last summer.

  • T.O

    i already bought an xbox don't care my lawyer is taking care of everything else.

    • ashfoxx

      oh you kids are so cute when you are angry :3

    • Drew

      Your an idiot..your lawyer….read your terms and condition you sign up to first…….again idiot….i just laughed when i read lawyer………can i sue u for your stupidity??? IDIOT

    • I.L.D

      as said before youre such an idiot, while psn was off I just went outside in the nice weather as if i needed an excuse. but you couldnt wait for online gaming so bought an xbox in a hissyfit and intend to sue sony! how pathetic are you? you arent paying for anything, you havent lost anything, what compensation do you think you deserve? People like you are such a joke I'm glad youre off PSN youre doing everyone here a favour!

      • King


      • rubberband man

        to all the people calling this kid an idiot are ridiculouse. who cares what hes doing just worry about your own shit. as far as lawsuits go people arent sueing for not being able to play, they are sueing for sonys lack of communication about identitys and credit cards being taken and taking so long to tell us. pick up a paper and try to read it sometimes, you ignorant kids.

        • sickofdummies

          your an idiot! first of all no one person on any of these blogs knows what it takes to run a huge company. if Sony hadnt taken the time to figure out the problem and just blurted out unknown facts it wouldve caused widespread panic. They haven't done a single thing wrong except look out for pissy pants people such as yourself. Hackers are to blame dipsh!#.

        • Jane

          I applaud your username, good sir. *golf clap*

    • John

      your a nerd bruh
      oh and u won't get **** from sony

    • Carlo

      Get a grip!

    • faja

      … and ass of ur mom as well? fu…..g tosssssssssa….

    • **Dk**

      Lawyer… HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA… i just pissed myself laughing. We need more comments like this to ease the tension… haha

    • Spanky1grr


    • Jimmy

      It's only been 2 weeks, stop screwing for games 24/7 and go outside. Get a fucking job

      • Supergirl

        Lots of people with jobs play the playstation in their spare time

      • DudeSeriously

        I play Battlefield 1943 (1 of 2 games I own) for about half an hour or so after work each day to unwind… can't play that offline.

    • gav

      You Fucking sad sack of Shit. It's not sony's fault this has all happened. It's s god dam free network chill the fuck out.

    • Bill

      r u serious, u cant sue sony, read the terms and conditions of psn and even if u could sue them, why would u, they would be banktrupt and ps3 would be down forever altogher, dont let ur ego take over u!.

    • bbnuts

      to right!my new xbox gets here today!screw thw psn!

    • feex


    • digital

      ha! the only thing your lawyer is taking care of is your mom and your bank account. he's tapping both and you're not gonna get s#*# from Sony! Douche nozzle!

    • danpenn

      There's no f*****g point in sueing sony. Sony won't give you anything and even if they did you would just be throwing away the money on xbox live which basically does the same fricken job as psn. It's not their fault that your an impatient sod who has a hissy fit evrytime he can't play online.

    • Babs

      Thank God you got an XBOX 'cuz p****** who hire lawyers to sue over videogames, hide in the bushes and camp to pick off passers by in COD. As a diehard PS fan I'd like to be the first to welcome you to XBox b*****.

    • BILL


    • stan

      your lawyer isnt gonna be able to do shit buddy…your retarded

    • Jefffrotall

      Wow, what a retard. Id explain why, however.. your reduced brain capacity would make understanding nearly impossible.

    • Ironside

      hahhahahahhahah! A lawyer? hahahahahhahah! Wait…..a lawyer, hahahahahah! Damn that was funny! Tell u what, gimme…..let's say……a thousand dollars, I'll represent you! The first thousand is just my retainer now. I'll have to charge you another thousand in a week or so! hahahahahah! a lawyer? really? do you even have a drivers license? (I can sell you one of those too! lmao)

  • guest

    who cares about cross game chat? I don't know hardly anybody on xbox live that uses that feature.

    • guest2

      lol you dont know many people then



    • Dope

      …… -_- everyone i know is in a party on a different game ALOT.

    • Alan

      i have an xbox and i use it all the time.

    • Dirtydee

      cross game chat is the biggest single advantage xbox has over ps3 (IMO), also what keeps me playing that over my ps3. To game online is about community. i have a list of friends but we all like different games so we literally have never talked online, unless we are xboxing.

      • pay for good service

        always in a xbox live party talking to friends playing all different games, i wasn't aware that psn didn't let you do that, that sucks lol

    • upscsd

      if they want to talk to people on xbox they can get on facebook

  • T.O

    i already bought an xbox don't care my lawyer is taking care of everything else.

    • erik

      Lol really a lawyer for what ps3 withdrawl.. video games aren't important but selling a ps3 for xbox is such a bad choice

    • Carlo

      Pathetic, go and play your xbox and leave the rest of us to wait till the better consoles up and running, What a PATHETIC life you must lead why dont you f off and go and play your xbox

    • Mr LBX 90

      What wait….. Why are you getting a lawyer! Its only a console network thats gone down. 2 weeks isnt along time… Xbox are shite. I traded mine in for a ps3…seriously though the lawyer thing is to far!!!!!

    • LOL @ T.O

      bump just to LOL at this idiot.

  • Don Juan

    im fin to go sell this ps3 and get me a new xbox 360

    • ashfoxx

      I'll give you $5 for it! lol

    • Joe

      No wonder you are stupid enough to buy an Xbox, you can't even spell properly…

      • LOL

        Lol ikr

    • Xbox360Sucks

      your sooooooooooooo stupid psn WILL soon be back up and you will be the sucker that wastes his money on a Xbox 360

      • Xbox360Sucks

        Yeh im talkin to you Don Jaun

    • LOL

      Why da hell would u want a shitbox just wait!!

    • Shark

      Thats wonderful. You can go play with all the cheats. You fuss about Sony getting hacked, at least you don’t run into somebody that has a lag switch or some other rediculous cheat to make them feel good about how much they suck at online play. That was the whole reason I left XBox and went to Playstation. Xbox is just a f****d as Playstation if not more. Enjoy paying for something that Playstation did better for free. What’s funny is it’s probably happened to XBox too and they are just oblivious to it. Bill Gates has made his billions do you think he cares about your hard earned money?

  • sudhish86

    Don't care. I just want to play. all they've been doing is telling us what we want to hear and setting us up for disappointment by continuing to state "it will be back soon".

    If it didn't cost me 300, I would have switched to the 360 just out of irritation.

    • IminabandsoSTFU

      Well they've been right about it coming back soon, but Sony thinks "soon" takes a loooong time.

  • Simple

    Obviously you guys arnt loyal, or willing to wait. So, shut the f*ck up, no one cares what you bought!

    • chopper

      thats the truth im gona stand by sony

    • maccas1978

      Hey simpleton talk like that again and ill track you down.

      • chrisvilla74

        Youll track him down? What a tool. Youre gonna "track someone down" because if a remark he made on a gaming forum? Wow… Psycho much? What are you compensating for? Not much going on in the pants huh?

    • c….

      why should we have to wait

    • IH8T SONY

      WOW. Impatient isn't even the correct response. Been nothing but patient. When Sony says it will be online and 1 week goes by and it's still down then shame on me for not throwing all my Sony products into a fire. Plus Sony let all of our personnal information out to hackers. Like our credit cards, social, address. FU*K SONY!!!!

  • Brandon

    One thing i liked to no is the system going to be online in the next few hours of the next few weeks.
    Alot of people are saying that it should be up by the end of this week but i dont think that is going to happen because i havew read through many sites and they started saying tuesday(yesturday0 but no they are only saying with in a week if u could would you be able to give me a rough estamit on when throught the week the system wilkl be back.

    Beacuse i hate just playing campaign it gets really boring after a while.

    • dj_trax209

      what i found was fun(kinda, but its better than the campaign fasho) go to multiplayer then go to local and split screen. u can play solo or split screen however for some reason 2nd player can't use killstreaks. everything is unlocked i.e., camo, guns, attachments, perks, and killstreaks. we found a couple good fun games to play this way. you could set the difficulty to veteran and try to hold down one of the houses in nuketown in sort of a zombie format. or u could set up a class with tomahawk, ballistic knife, and play one on one or against computer a.i. just a couple suggestions to burn the time till the network finally comes back hopefully this weekend. its better than campaign but not as good as online(not in the least). hope this helps, if not, oh well do the campaign again. on a side note, with the death of osama bin laden a couple days ago, it kind of makes you wonder what americans can get done with the playstation network down, LOL!!!!! and also my gamertag is the same as the name on the comment if anyone wants to play if the network ever comes back up. Peace!!!

    • Regal

      Well it should be on by fri thats what sony said at a conference I own 2 ps3 an one xbox but I mean pissed because cost me lots of money hell I even got a ps3 sony knows when they are gonna put it back on just need to be honest an say when

    • moonpig

      Jesus Brandon, learn to spell!

  • yo mammy

    You homos can go play your xbox obviously your too bored to play with it so you will just sit on the ps3 blogs and talk about the gay ass xbox. And i hope to god you wouldnt honestly waste money on a lawyer cuz u know ur not guna get shit right?

    • chopper

      thats straight up. your right on the money "yomammy".

  • erik

    If you have to sell your ps3 because of 2 weeks of downtime then it obviously is your life . I suggest you keep your ps3 because xbox had same problem 3 years ago and you'll regret it

    • lee

      xbox 360 went down only because halo 3 come out and went down for 2 weeks but did give everyone points

  • guest

    yea man update da firmware so we can listin to music and play da game like on the xbox

    • TheOriginalCals

      You cant have music playing while in a game like xbox does because they own the righs to do that, sony and any other cant do anything like that.

      • jonboy

        u can listen to music while racing in gt5.

        • justin

          exactly i can listen to my music oin a couple of my games on ps3 retards

    • bobandtom

      Maybe you should buy a crapbox then.

  • uk baz 84

    go and buy a xbox then u muppets. Oh yea if u do then enjoy paying 2 play online

    • lol

      you get what you pay for.

  • zoe

    if you want to get xbox get 1 stop keep going on about it and do it .sick off people saying that they going to get xbox and they still going on about playstation network . u not leve u just being a dick

  • stephen ricketts 1

    why cant u just be able u keep saying its going to be back online soon but no one is getting it u r a massive company and u cant get it up and running sooner im will get rid of everything i have off sony and at the mo it stinks

  • Nikesh

    Cross game chat like say if your on fifa you cant chat with someone playing on another game. Like xbox then thats sik!!!

  • T.O isatroll

    Firmware? Who cares about that, unless it helps with security

    And for who bought x box , I rather have 2 weeks no psn then pay for online, Oh and enjoy your ring of death

    • chopper


    • GodtheMessiahAllah

      yeah rrod is fixed bud..

      • neon6

        and all you had to do was pay for the same system multiple times until the release of the 360 slim like 5 after launch and getting the extended warranty. It's good when a company doesn't nickel and dime for every single thing (like DLC that was meant to be free) because they know their customers are dumb enough to continue taking it.

      • TheAceKannon

        Not really

        • Jaosn

          Get a new xbox, there is no red ring of death, maybe 3 years ago. wow

  • c.c

    at the end of the day when you are getting a service for free they will try and cut back and yes it has cost them and am not happy about it to but like i said its free unlike xbox about £40 a year everyone would soon moan if sony started charging for the online service so them that are buying xbox now see you back on psn very soon lol

    • Sarge

      It doesn't matter if it's for free or not….. we pay for a service…. if they offer it free than they should make it to a top standard… not having a go at sony or anything i love them and sticking with them, but now atleast they learned they need to up the anti on there network to match the xbox :)

      SONY ROCKS! keep making great products!

    • lol

      obviously you have the same definition of soon as sony.

  • sion humphreys

    I got rid of my xbox for a ps3 cause all my friends had 1 now this has happend they gone to xbox and so have i, sony sort this out u r losing customers every single day!!!!!!!!

  • ashfoxx

    Let me guess, the firmware is to ruin the homebrew scene, to get back at the hackers right? Sucks for the innocent homebrew community if you ask me. As for new functions, I want the function that my PS3 booklet and BOX said it had, and BRING BACK OTHER OS!

    • ashfoxx

      Why all the down votes? I just want Sony to implement a feature that was part of the system from launch, and supporting independant game designers who have to release to the homebrew community.

    • adam

      the other os was the problem read up on it thats why geohot did this is cause they took away that third party os go watch the videos on youtube

  • now impatient

    i dont care about x game chat. i was happy with my ps3 w/o all those features that xbox has. i just want to play online with my homies like i used to. playing music from your xmb while playing a game would be an awesome feature but not critical…at least to me.

  • Drew

    All you people talking about lawyers your all idiots……………i think all you guys need a life. hahahaha lawyer give me a break…must be an american thing

    • Patrick Seybold

      Actually, Drew, The only reported case is a woman in Canada, not the US, for $1 Billion dollars on behalf of Stank ass Canadians.

    • nikki

      hi actually probs not a bad idea we just found out this morning somebody has stole our bank details and are trying to buy things all over the world,mainly america!!!so angry about it bt the only way they could o got details was thru this network.ITS AN OUTRAGE that this even happened never mind being able to spend our money too.if i were yous i would keep a close eye on your bank accounts.

  • sad people

    Are some of you really that sad tha you can't stand 2 weeks without online so you have to get an Xbox. Do u guys have a life? It's just sad really.

  • middla

    all you mugs going on about the xbox charging to play online. its 10p a day. not exactly bank breaking is it!!

    • getafix

      What's a (p) sounds like your livin in a byegone eara ,maybe a country that survives today by living in the past????? About time you cought up with the rest of the world!!!Xbox luva

  • seeya sony

    Sony is a bunch of liars, all they do is lie,

    lie about the date the psn got hacked

    lie about our credit cards

    lie about psn being back up

    lie about what they know.

    sorry SONY you have lost this customer.

    • Carlo

      BOO HOO! bye then

  • bored now

    When does Japan get psn back at least then things are rolling

  • bored now

    When does Japan get psn back at least then things are rolling

  • Guest

    Fuck playstation and fuck sony! Im about to get my xbox 360 in like 10 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Carlo

      Get a grip, Good riddance!

    • bianca

      fuckkk you

  • Alex

    atleast they are trying, i'd like to see you guys try and fix the servers because i guarantee most of you wouldn't have a fucking clue. Just wait it out, god you sound like a bunch of nerds.

    • Dear Alex…

      I play on my playstation about once every two weeks, and I paid good money to play when I want. The fact of the matter is Sony has been paid a lot of money by an estimated 70+ million PS3 Users. I'm going to assume the average number of accounts on a PS3 is 2. So let's say 35 million unique users. 35 million users x 300 dollars for a PS3 system. 10.5 billion dollars right there. That's not including additional accessories purchased, or agreements between developers and sony for selling games for their system. That being said, it should have never gotten to this point. Period. They had more than enough money to protect their customers, and they failed. They should be able to spend some of that money to fix shit quickly.

      • guest

        the only problem is sony has to, effetively, rebuild their whole system from scratch, so it cant be rehacked instantly. So it is gonna take a while. True they should have had more security team staff to block the attack, but at least they gonna give us some free stuff when its back up….which is more than xbox did during their downtime (and there a payed for service)

  • teazzer

    ring of death is fixed in 10 mins with 2 cotton buds.. wish ps3 yellow death was as easy cos i have to repaste my ps3 every 4-8 weeks

  • teazzer

    i agree with the guys who say give us a truthful date when we will be back online cos that's the worste part all the false promises… i want my plane back!!!

  • Fate209

    I laugh at all these people who cry about the online. I laugh harder about the people who go buy an xbox cause they can't find anything to do but play games. There are more things to life than playing games everyone should find themselves one. Psn is down it's the end of the world HaHaHa!!!! Pathetic

    • Carlo

      I Agree! its sad lol, not be long now

    • ashfoxx

      Has everyone also forgotten that PlayStation 3 does have offline multiplayer? Oh wait, I guess that involves having friends. I agree Fate209 lol

      • chrisvilla74

        Thats the problem. The squeakiest wheels are the ones who have NO friends, NO girl and NO life and online is the only place they go. Its the only place they succeed and its the only place they feel like they actually live. Their boss thinks theyre a knob. None of their coworkers like them because they probably ARE a knob and when they get home and on their game no one has to see or smell them so they have friends there. they also dont talk about anything but the game so they cant really tell how void of all personality the knob is. Thats why its the end of the world to them… because it is. THEIR world.

        • Tsctsc

          I have a girlfriend, a job, friends, and when I get free time, I would really like to play my ps3 games online. You guys go assuming that If people want PSN online again, is because nobody do anything else than play video games. You´re probably a sony fanboy proud enough of yourself to deny that this is ridiculous for a company like sony.

        • Gamer.w.friends

          Haha wow, nice rant, I wonder why you are wasting your time on this blog then?! O right, cuz not only do you have no friends in real life but you can't even make video game friends haha wow must suck to be a troll… Go play your story games and cry to your princess when you don't rescue her! Awww

  • adey barker

    Xbox my Arse, just be patient guys and gals. Sony will get it back on soon, we all in same boat but all you hear is bitching on hear. Will it really get us anywhere as the service is free? All who went to Xbox will come back as they just wanna play online.

  • rant

    mugs lota ya !!!

  • Brandon

    people the sell ther playstation and buy a Xbox are very inpationt people

  • Zaman

    I like PS3 and its online gaming I hope Sony finds a solution and the PSN servies are up sooner than later.

  • ThelittleDevil

    Why can you not just wait & plat your games in the mean time,iv just done GTA IV, I Would not of done is if the Network did not go down ,just need to do the Online Trophies now :(

    • Anon

      sorry, I agree with you, but the irony made me lol. Sorry bro.

  • imc

    Through the magic of Google Translate you have learned that users will have to change their password when they first login? Your a bit slow you guys aint you, that information has been on the PSN site for at least 48 hours. You failed to mention you can only change the password through the PS3 you origanally set the account up or through email.
    I agree with erik, if your sayin that your gona change to xbox just cos you cant go online for abit, you need to sort your life out, you pay all that money for a game just to play online? No, there's a campaign mode or get your mates round for a 2 player.

  • megabuck22020

    the only thing to make me happy. is to find abuyer for my ps3 the hight of jap crap

  • Phoenix 0n Fire

    That's dated may the 1st you idiot's, Is anything you publish actually worth reading???

  • amitri

    I the same as all loyal ps3 users want the psn back online (as soon as) but you mofo's who went to xbox must live sad lives because you can't get your play time – this sort of thing happens to governments never mind sony, sadly thats the danger everyone faces who has internet, and lets not forget it wasn't sony who did this, probably some wee reject who can't get laid and spends their time getting thrills from a keyboard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • plant

    Cant you just tell us when? Gettin sick ov hearin the words soon and tommorow and this week! Just let us kno when!

  • r h

    too cc the psn service is not free y do u think ps3 customers had 2 pay a premium for the console nearly double

    • Dave

      What are you on about? The console was more expensive as it has more features. Built in blu ray player and wi fi, superior processing power etc. You get more for your money. There is no premium.

  • disbeleif

    What the f*#k are you serious?! Cross game chat? That's the best anyone can come up with?! That's what phones are for! Put in your bluetooth pick up your cell phone and talk to your lover who's playing a different game over the phone! How about listining to music stored on the hard drive while playing a game! How bout that for an update idea! I think that would be a feature everyone would use not just weirdos who want there ps3 console to act like a CELL PHONE!!!

  • Trev

    If you're desperate to play online, give xlink Kai a try. Let's you play online using the LAN option on the ps3. Make sure you use version though – the latest version doesn't work with ps3. Oh and xbox gets free service there ! No trophies though – just about playing.

  • Kezzerdrixx

    Hey guys.. Can we please stop with the bickering and arguing over who killed who? I hate to say it, but yes, PSN is a free service, so i don't know why everyone's complaining they lost 2 weeks. Also, Sony has come out and said they will be compensating everyone with a special package, all those actually losing money due to this (DC Universe Online and Free Realms namely) will be getting a free month as soon as it's back up… So please stop whining.

    As for those crying about the dates being changed, this was a major hack that went through their system. It could still be lingering in their system, and as soon as they start it, it could very well go through and take all of your personal information. From sounds of things, it works like a trojan, and if that is the case, they need to make sure it's not going to come back.

    Now, for those asking "Why are they updating something we can't even use.".. It's firmware. That means security features as well so that whatever was in their system doesn't get into yours. Yes, it is possible for all of us to get a virus on our playstation for using PSN.

    As for those going on about xbox 360, GET A LIFE!!!.. I own both, and I can say without a doubt, both can have exactly the same problems. The reason it hits PSN a lot more? Because Xbox live doesn't have 77 million people on their network. Most people play playstation for better exclusive games, free online access, and plain better service (Microsoft anyone *cough cough* If your internet's having issues, please visit our online website at….).

    As for the rest of you complaining just on the fact it's still down, go play single player for awhile. I for one am sick of idiots getting on Dead Space 2 multiplayer and not knowing how to shoot their gun. Infact.. I just went and completed my platinum trophy on the playstation.. No unlimited saves for me through hardcore :3..

  • Kezzerdrixx

    Hey guys.. Can we please stop with the bickering and arguing over who killed who? I hate to say it, but yes, PSN is a free service, so i don't know why everyone's complaining they lost 2 weeks. Also, Sony has come out and said they will be compensating everyone with a special package, all those actually losing money due to this (DC Universe Online and Free Realms namely) will be getting a free month as soon as it's back up… So please stop whining.

  • jay huggins

    well i have both ps3 and xbox and i would rather play ps3 im not moaning just wait till it comes online…. i heard its gonna be down until june

  • diddy

    hope most of the ones going to xbox stay there half them fking retards anyway .

  • Skorb

    It's not pathetic that some people want to use the product they purchased when they want. Although that's a difficult concept for many of you kids to grasp, 300 dollars should entitle you to play whenever you want. The amount of money sony has made off PS3 sales is ridiculous. They should have never had this problem in the first place.

    While I can understand why people would want to trade in their PS3s for an Xbox, I would tend to agree you're better off waiting than acting hastily. However, as I said, some people want to play their games with all their promised features on the system they were promised could handle all of it when they want. It's perfectly reasonable. So don't condescend those who are upset. It only makes you look like more of an ***.

  • Kezzerdrixx

    Woot woot.. Look at me.. I actually learned what the single player button was and check it out. Platinum trophy on Dead space 2, on the playstation! No unlimited saves for hardcore, and zealot downed tonight in my free time.. Who wants to be my totally elite crew on multiplayer when it gets up? :D

  • mason

    I just traded in my ps3 for an xbox 360. As soon as I set my xbox up and turned it on, I got the ring of death.

    • Dick

      hahahah bitch that what you get for switching

  • Dave

    Cross game chat isn't great, it doesn't improve anything. I just want to be able to play mass effect 2 again. And for those that bought x box, are you that addicted to online play? Do you not have anything else in your life?

  • TONY

    They will drop the price of the ps3 to get new customers. so you all may as well stay with the ps3 and psn when or if it comes back. The uk PSN will be back up on Friday. untill then RIP PSN.

  • justauditing

    the people who bought xbox 360 can say what they want and i agree with them i personally have thought of switching all of my friends play 360 im like the only one that doesn't and just to be fair this comment section is for opinions i understand its on a Sony website but you ass holes who keep sucking Sonys billion dollar slong telling the gripers to go away with their xbox need to go away yourselves they only bring up the xbox because they are upset and and spent hundreds of dollars on this system and the games so yeah you dont have to play to pay to play online annually however you did pay up front for the means to play online for free and stop with the red ring shit xbox doesn't even so that anymore only the white ones used to that problem has been addressed also the game thing did not happen on Xbox couple year ago that was regular maintenance user info wasn't stolen the fbi wasnt involved and micrsoft to my knowledge didn't keep giving bad ass estimates on when service would return the thing is if you keep giving bad information of course you will drive your followers away the way sony handled this whole situation is ridiculous so of course people are hurt of course they feel they have been lied to its not a good feeling to have this firmware bs isn't news people want they want to know when services will be restored no no I take that back they don't want to know they want services restored now that it is in fact Wednesday we meaning sony have offiially matched xbox for the duration of their online downtime thing is microsoft wasn't still spewin that bs about within this week or a day or two…whew this is getting long all I have to say in conlusion is stop trying to ridicule the people who bring up xbox you shits they have a right to an alternative after this wholedebacle ha! Always wanted to use that word and.. oh as for the lawsuit comment just get in touch with the firm leading the charge with the class action law suit its free and if you are a current psn user your already in the lawsuit you just need t inform them you wish to be apart of it! And.. yeah that about does it

  • Steven Penman

    Seriously…. Get a grip… You have paid pfor playstation at the time…. why not get an xbox instead at that time? maybee coz you prefer the ps3?
    then when it goes down for a whole week you start crying and want to change to an xbox ?

    Grow up or get a life if you cant put up with online gaming for a week or 2 !

  • loyal psn user

    I think people are just mad that sony kept everyone in the dark about this whole situation, from the beginnin of outage to now, if you guys read, you will notice that they say the same thing over and over. Only thing that changed was from 1 to 2 days to no time frame to within a week. They been saying within a week since last week, look into the playstation blog april 27 and before, may 3rd was the week deadline and we are now in may 4 with nada, no psn. I know they had the conference thing on sunday, again same info, only thing was couple of freebies for 1 month, wowww, noone really cares if anything its just free promotion so psn would say, hey ill pay 50 a year for this since i have it free for the first 30 days!. lol, PROMOTION THEY NEED MONEY, People just want psn back already, Im a loyal psn user and will not switch, but i have to say im pissed off too, who wouldnt be. On top of that, im pissed about our personal info being hacked. Sony, tell us something, and not just something, a different but proper information please thanx, loyal psn user

  • Kenny,dundee

    Come on Sony give us a time slot for when it's coming back online

  • Belo,90

    We playing someone on line an they message you in forigne language ? It would be nice if it translated to your own language

  • life goes on

    PS3 offers a free service, they are working 2 make sure our details are safer in the future. they have already outlined a free package as way of compensation. get over it and wait like the rest of us have 2. or even better go outside and do something else like go 2 the movies… when its back up it will be nice 2 know my credit card details will be stored safer and more secure!

    • Patrick Seybold

      Go to the movies? isnt that just sitting down in the A/C again and being a lazy arse…How about getting some real friends together and toss a football around, or go to a beach or fly a kite…get some vitamin C in the sun.

  • powell45

    I just want psn to be up screw all tht chattin and shit lets appreciate being reunited with our psn buddies

  • guest

    I got patience but there is a limit to how much a person can take.. I'm a sony fan through the end bu please hurry!!

  • Furze

    When this first happened i was away on holiday and wasn’t too bothered. since then i’ve complete a few single player campaigns which i probably never would have played (Yay.. Trophies Lol…) but i have to say that without multiplayer, gaming is becoming pretty dull fast. Nothing like playing against other people. So i’m saying this nicely Sony, please do what you need to do and hurry up and turn it back online.

  • David splitt

    we should all get free extras to do with our trophies that would be awesome.havent played playstaion for 2 weeks since psn has been offline never going to a shitbox 360

  • Rocket

    It's annoying but Sony have to do what they have to do, The Network was hacked for god sake… SONY just make sure you sort it out properly so it doesnt happen again!! XBOX is tempting for the game play and the kinnect when you've got your mates round, but it doesnt support 3D or support full HD video/audio or play Blu ray's…. I'll be going round my mates to play the kinnect with a few beers and sticking with my PS3 at home… look forward to being back online!

  • whatever

    Are you all really crying because you have to get off your asses for two weeks? Oh no. Maybe it'll be 3 weeks. If your life is really over because of that then this world is definitely a better place without you. And if you think you MIGHT be able to make it, do us all a favor and shut the **** up and let SONY do their jobs. Or do you want the network up before its fully ready and tested properly? I say let them take their time and get it right so this doesn't happen again.

  • Trapdoor

    SONY promised us we'd have online gaming yesterday and have failed in that respect as they have in so many other areas recently. The whole incident has lost them several million users who have shifted to the safer and more popular Xbox and who could blame them? Goodnight Playstation, you were fun while you lasted…

    • Plsgrowup

      Sony didn't PROMISE anything. They said they hoped it could be up by yesterday. and don't make assumptions like "several million users" I guarantee that while a lot of users are playing xbox now, they will come running back to Playstation when it comes back. Playstation will always be better. We know, and they know it, that's why they chose a Playstation in the first place.

      "Safer and more popular xbox" ? Lol, Maybe safer at the moment, but playstation will be back soon, and as usual they will be superior to xbox and will more than likely be even safer. But xbox is not more popular and never will be.

      Many people complain about playstation being so expensive compared to xbox (not in this thread obviously, but i have seen many ps vs xbox threads where that is the arguement) but there is a reason why sony is more expensive ;) You get what you pay for. Enjoy your xbox. You will be sorry.

  • Plsgrowup

    No matter what angle you look at it from, Playstation will always be better than xbox. I think everyone should stop complaining. Those of you who are complaining still have a ps3 and more likely than not, still play it too. So if you're still playing it, and still enjoy it, then why complain? It's not as though PSN is a pay-to-play kinda service. If it was then fine, you deserve to get an excellent service since you're paying for it. But you're not. It should be expected that things will go wrong from time to time. AND for the idiots that want to "sue" sony, what for? What will your arguement be? You will just be laughed at. Just be patient. There are other things to do other than play online. Go out with your friends or something. And If you absolutely MUST play playsation, then just play offline? Online play is an added feature, it isn't the base of all playstation gaming.

  • reestars

    i wish they would hurry up!!! my kidneys cant take anymore beer from all the pub trips im doing !!!! so sort it out Sony need a FIFA fix!!!!!

    • Rocket

      I know the feeling!! Come on Sony our Kidneys need FIFA

  • michael

    bin laden used to play cod online! thats why sony turned the network off, so they could get him away from the tv so we could pop a cap in his beardy ass! thats my theory anywho! :)

  • Plagrizr

    ya if they were really planning on gettin the 'almighty' xbox they would have already. i've been playin playstaion since psx and i've been a loyal sony fan since, always preferred the playstion over the xbox. i'll keep on waiting. haven't quite been making the best of my time since, but definitely given me the excuse to get stuff done. if you're really a shut in and NEED to game, you apparently have a computer…

    See You fellas on the psn shortly:-D

  • lee

    as soon as online is back up u all are getting gundown on mwf 2!!!! bang bang.

  • Darth_Muhy


    • opus

      And you know this how?

  • Sam

    That's all we ever hear, Sony telling us 'it'll be back up soon' or 'be patient, we need a few more days'. I'm sure I'm not the only one who is growing tired of reading that all the time. Pull your finger out, Sony and get the Playstation Network running again, you have already made us wait too long. A firmware update and a compensation package will probably do little to increase people's mood. Just let us play our games online already…

  • getafix

    Obama got the hackers shot 1 of the hackers has had his name released Bin ladenGeohotz But Obama stesses there are more out there and complacency isn't an option and noobs that have aimbot on the PSN must now look over their sholders because a 360 quick scope to the head isn't out of the question. peace out

  • Metal_Militia

    just been reading back through all of the comments. its funny stuff!
    to the people who want to buy XBOX. stop posting your threts and go and buy one. bye bye
    to the people who are complaining about no online play. get a life. get some sun, get a fucking GF.. bye bye

    my only real concern over this whole matter is that my personal infomation has been stolen. i would have liked sony to have offerd more infomation and comunication at the start. but at least now they are offering help with id theft.

    to wrap it up; i would rather the psn be down for another 2 months, than have a bug filled mess full of potential security breaches rolled out becuse some 40 year old virgins can't wait.

  • Joe

    This entitlement thing is really starting to get to me. I work in a game store and have to hear all day long about how ticked off people are about the PSN being down and how Sony had better compensate them. For what? No reported instances of theft have surfaced as being directly linked to the intrusion that is the cause of this and furthermore the PSN is a free service. The fact that is down does not render the system itself unusable. And as for the intrusion, why should Sony apologize for that? Do you apologize to your neighbors if someone breaks into your house? Do you apologize for yelling after someone mugs you? People need to just except this for what it is, play some single player and wait for the network to be back up.

    • Killmore101

      I agree with some of your points but as for entitlement – 300$ console + 60 to 70$ game? Yup I think I am "entitled" to any and all functionalities of my purchased product.

      Nothing is free – although there is no fee for the PSN, it is covered somewhere in console and game purchases.

      The analogy of one apologizing to one's neighbors is flawed – there is no exchange of service between these two parties with a certain level of quality control expected. If a house robbery were used as an analogy, it should be more along the lines of the relationship between a landlord and tenant where quality of entry security is compromised.

      I don't point my finger at Sony and wish them off to hell for all this but, I do feel disapointed as a customer. I can also appreciate the extra time Sony is taking to ensure a secure service.

  • Jason

    People going on about trading in and getting Xbox just dont have faith in SONY.. I have both consoles but im forever a PSN user to the end id never trade it in.

  • yOURmamaIS fat

    This all Corporation DRAMA .. ok i under stand the PSN is free.. so what!. if it was paid would had made a difference on the HACKING if there really was one! .. i think all this SONY crap is all BULL crap.. and is just a MARKETTING STRATEGY to get user to get the PLUS account.. wich to me they only offer game bettas,,, i think paying a membership for a game beta is point less.. and corny ass free games the plus offers.. why not keep the PSN game betas like it was back in the day FRee AT ALL TIMES … THAT WOULD BEEN GREAT FOR ME ,,, psn IS A fail… SO FAR EMPTY PROMISES.. EVERYWHERE WITH OUT A OFFICIAL date ..THAT SUCKSS,,

  • Dan

    come on sony- online off for 2 weeks and counting is very bad- yr just gonna lose even more customer confidence and loyalty the more u mess ppl around, set a date and stick to it!!!

  • Skyee

    Ps3 better work today! Like seriously. Its been down for like two weeks i'm ready to play some zombies!!

  • knowall

    really, sony sucks. but i love this ps3!
    i'm sure, in some month we all have to pay for psn, because the security costs a lot for sony.
    may be thats the only reason for all this and sony fools us all. why should sony stay free
    when xbox gameplay is to pay?

  • Johnny89


    What about Plus users… Its not F*cking free!!!

    Typical sony…. give everyone plus, regardless of whether they had it before or not. Give incentives to people to buy a new ps3 (160GB +$50 PSN card for $299??????)

    And leave all your loyal customers screwed.

    I am this close to switching to xbox for good || (I already own one for microsoft exclusives… but prefered to buy my games on PS3 before… will have to look at that again in future…)

  • Crowsy

    I don't want to worry anyone but the makers of GT5 infamously used the word 'soon' and that took 6 bleeding years!


    Your all simpletons that have no knowledge other than what you read on an online blog…………………………

  • iss kid

    i dont care bout no bloody firmware
    i wanna fucking play.
    or ATLEAST give us a bloody date when ur gonna put it back up
    i mean for fuck's sake

  • eugene

    i'm just glad that mechanics aint like sony..imagine,your car off the road cause they need to change the spark plugs..i can just imagine
    sir,we turned your cars engine off
    cause dirt got in
    well how long wil it be
    oh you see because dirt got in we'll first mess around with the dirt
    well,i need my car
    but sir dirt got in
    okay okay..i get that its got dirt,now please tell me when can i get my car
    well…uhmm…you cant get your car cause dirt got in
    [two weeks later]
    so is my car ready
    well no sir we are checking out dirt
    well how bloody long buddy
    well dirt got in sir
    so can you give me a clear date as to when i can get my car
    well,,..uhmm..dirt got in..

    c mon sony ,sort this crap out NOW…MILLIONS of people have been asking for a date,not the silly ''updates'' that really says nothing and that we are all just oh so tired of reading over and over and over again

  • Geneticcarrot

    this sucks big time its been 2 weeks, i was so sure it would have been back up i bought a 20$ pns card for the black ops map pack escalation

  • Andy

    Its obvious its still days or weeks off or they would give us a rough date. If they came out and said "its two weeks away" they know we would all go buy an xbox. The way Sony have dealt with their customers has been nothing short of a disgrace.

  • Deano

    give us a date sony dont keep messing us around! I was under the impression it was back online today but its not. And it is online in Japan I know someone over there who says it is and plus I've been reading forums and there's comments from people there saying it is. Why there n not here? It was probably some lil Jap geek who hacked it anyway. And as for u lot who are gonna get an xbox?? Pffftt sort it out xbox is crap. I bought one for the hell of it two months ago and the stupid thing got the red lights after 2 weeks and 2 days. And as for getting it fixed they work for about another year and then do it all over again, trust me nearly all my mates who have an xbox have had it sent back or just bought another one. Haha microsoft is suppose to be the richest company in the world and they can't figure out that it needs a bigger fan in it? Or they're just ripping u off. And also you need bloody good speakers in your tv or turtlebeachers to use it seeing as its sooooo loud. And you have to pay 50 quid a year to use it online. That money should be included in the price of the xbox seeing as they are a lot of money. So think twice if u are gonna get one.

  • Fabian

    People saying to get a life and blah blah blah, consider that maybe some people enjoy relieving some stress after being done with life "work/school" by getting on psn?! Stop making assumptions that we all have YOUR life. I for one am a disabled vet that is very limited to movement so spending time on psn is a great way to pass time. Sony has recieved well over $10 bil from its customers, think about how much of that actually went into security in the first place… I would say that it would be of major importance when your damn servers are full of personel data and cc #'s! Sony didnt mess up 2 weeks ago, they messed up since day 1. I dont mind waiting a few more weeks for psn but lets acknowledge that they need major improvements towards quality and less focus toward profits. Customer satisfaction > $

  • Deano

    give us a date sony dont keep messin us around! I was under the impression it was back online today but it s not. And it is online in Japan I know someone over there who says it is and plus I've been reading forums and there's comments from people there saying it is. Why there n not here? It was probably some lil Jap geek who hacked it all anyway. And as for u lot who are gonna get an xbox?? Pffftt sort it out xbox is crap. I bought one for the hell of it two months ago and the basterd got the red lights after 2 weeks and 2 days. And as for getting it fixed they work for about another year and then do it all over again, trust me nearly all my mates who have an xbox have had it sent back or just bought another one. Haha microsoft is suppose to be the richest company in the world and they can't figure out that it needs a bigger fan in it? Or they're just ripping u off. And also you need bloody good speakers in your tv or turtlebeachers to use it seeing as its so fuckin loud. And you have to pay 50 quid a year to use it online. That money should be included in the price of the xbox seeing as they are a lot of money. So think twice if u are gonna get one.

  • 1 ARM

    the latest news update says it will not be up this week after all or next week for that matter.

  • f this

    Sony needs to get their shit straight don't even give people an estimate if your just going to let them down week after week I thought japs had honor well so much for that eh

  • guest

    I have to agree with andy. It has been mentioned that xbox live went down for 2 weeks and that is used as some kind of crutch but il tell you, xbl went down for 6 days and microsoft told us what happened, gave a realistic eta and f-ing stuck to it. Sony waited to tell us anything, hasnt given us shiz as far as an ETA goes and probably wouldnt stick to it anyway. They say by friday.. wait who says? where does this info come from because the only thing sony has posted officially is "we are trying" blah blah. FU sony try bloody harder. lately I have read people swearing that they dont even care about security anymore they just want sony to bring the service up now!

  • psnspec

    "Dear PSN users. As you may already know we have started to bring our services up for the south and west of Asia and can confirm we finally have dates available to bring the system back online world wide:

    North/East Asia – Tuesday May 3rd (22.00)

    Europe – Wednesday May 4th (22.00)

    USA – Thursday May 5th (08.00)

    AUS – Thursday May 5th (14.00)"

    These dates have been advised by Specialists to get the network online and running smoothly. Happy gaming

    • jackson1714

      where did you get this info from?

    • leroy

      yeah yeah! what a load of bs!!

  • kyle

    i hope
    it would be returning today



  • Luc

    What most people don't realize is that xbox was hacked 2 years ago and went down for atleast a full week. Also, Anonymous hackers are currently working on taking down Xbox. Seems that with all this downtime people are using it to take out the righteous assholes who are proudly pushing in our faces that 360 is better.

  • guest

    wow how many saddos are there out there havent got a life so need to buy a whole nw console instead of waiting a few days lol ps3s the best console by farshame bout outage tho

  • dude

    omg you fanboys are annoyng! I have the 360 and the ps3. both consoles are good quit arguing. both consoles are just as fun. of course they both have their advantages. for example ps3 has an internet browser, free online, ext. its like a computer. on the other hand xbox has alot more games to choose from, free music streaming( ext. point is they are both good consoles so shut the fuck up!

  • GrimReaper

    As a previous 360 owner and now a PS3 owner I have no preference to be honest although, people stating that PS3 owners paid more upfront is a true statement but can someone clarify whether the 3D graphics on Black Ops (360) are better than the PS3 version, what the standard of Blu-Ray playback is like on the 360 and where can I buy a copy of MGS4 and GT5 for the 360. I bought my PS3 to also play 3D blu-rays and for a decent 3D blu-ray player you are looking in excess of £100 so all in all I guess the network is free or maybe the 3D capabilities are.

  • LaBe1

    I want Wifi profiles!!! I'm tired of entering the network setup menu every time i take my PS3 anywhere.

  • Seeya Playstation

    I sold my ps3 over the weekend and bought a stand alone blu ray player. Blu ray is the only thing I ever used it for.

  • tcoles

    I already have an xbox360 never used it online until yesterday, and xbox live's giving 1/2 off gold membership + a free month for $12.50…i'm online playing my cod-bo while everyone's waiting on psn and complaining on these forums and blogs


    Cross game voice chat and that will make up for half of it
    A free download for everyone(under $10)

  • Theodus Trail

    Playstation Network has been an utter disappointment since I got my PS3 from long updates to constant system shut downs. I left XBOX due to paying online gaming, I had already thought since I paid for the game the network should be free. Well I see now that I could have gone without a game and paid for the full year subscription to XBOX live. Playstation Network as done nothing but give us more dates and times on when it will be up and not delivering their end of the bargain. So F++k You Playstation Network.

  • kungfu_joe100

    this sucks, more bad news

  • familyguyx363

    We should all be used to the way Sony has hidden behind half truths and lies. Imagen if Sony had released two weeks ago that nearly all off it's customer's c.c #'s, and personal info was hacked and that the network wouldn't be up for OVER two weeks! They would have lost WAY more customers than they have, their stock would have dropped three times as much as it has, in short Sony would be in a worse spot than it is. Sony's customers may hate them, but by stringing us along they have managed to hold on to a wee bit more MONEY, and we all know that THAT is what Sony only cares about! Be prepared for more lies from Sony.

  • guest

    sony hurry your ass up and get the psn back up we dont give a shit about firmware just get it back up

  • zack galafaniakis

    okay so im bored. does that mean im going to get a xbox and sue sony? why the h*** would i do that? get a F**cking life. seriously. remember what we did before PS3 and Xbox? go like… play with a swing. or get laid.

  • Chad Holdren

    You know what, Im so sick of everyone complaining and saying they are gonna jump ship to Xbox….GO DO IT already, YES, this is old, and will continue to get older and older and the lies keep happening but DAMN…Lets see here, Red Ring Of Death compaired to 2 weeks of surcurity IMPROVMENTS…..Assclowns need to get a damn life, Now when it comes to the PS3, People listen, Its not FREE for the net…we PAY everytime we buy a NEW GAME to use their online service and in every instruction book, it says clear as day, WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO SUSSPEND SERVICE, they can…and did this…at any given time…So just like this weeks southpark, you shouldn't have clicked AGREE if you don't like whats going on, YEAH Im pissed as all hell that my info got stollen BUT I understand, Like the rest of the "normal" people do that crap like this takes time, SONY you need to keep us updated better lol…..But theres a HUGE part of me that thinks that Sony's "Round The Clock" Team must be bringing Sexy Back at Justin Timberlakes house along with Peyton Manning and their 3D TV's……Get to work guys and SOLVE this back online problem….PLEASE

  • steve

    how cum x box was down 4 2 weeks then back on better and stronger psn down 2 weeks know where near cuming back on what wankers

  • mw2 beast

    damnit really i need mw2 online now!!!!1

  • James

    I'm not usually an angry person but, I'm starting to feel like Sony is repeatedly lying to us about this whole issue… anyone else getting the feeling that their PSN coming back online is second in priority to them figuring out a way to avoid this class action lawsuit and cover up what they have lost… Think about when the last time a subscription you pay for a service having gone offline like this for so long? This is the first I can remember, fuck man people were back rebuilding New Orleans faster than these guys

  • Daniel

    Just STFU.. what freaks dont want cross game party chat, everyone wants to talk to their m8s so just put it on sony N everyone will love u agen

  • bman

    i just wish they would give us an official date

  • Djordy

    fuck this mtfer firmware shit,
    the only thing we care about is facking playing online.


  • Businessmajor

    You guys are all little kids and don't understand what is fully goin on. I bought a PS3 for certain functions like a blu-ray player, to play games, to link my ps3 to other ps3's (PSN). If certain functions of my PS3 don't work that I paid for, theres a problem. I bought a PS3 over an Xbox because it had the feature to link my PS3 to other PS3's (ie. the playstation network to play online), just like you buy a laptop for certain features like a the software that comes on it, USB port openings, blue-tooth link up. If my laptop suddenly couldnt link up to other laptops, id be pissed, because I bought it for that feature, among others. POINT IS, IF YOU BUY A PS3 FOR CERTAIN FUNCTIONS (IE. PSN, BLU-RAY, EXC.) AND THOSE FUNCTIONS DONT WORK, THERES AN ISSUE. ANOTHER POINT, SONY LOST PERSONAL INFORMATION OF MILLIONS OF USERS WHICH RESULTS IN IDENTITY THEFT. ALSO THE INTRUSION COULD OF POSSIBLY LEAKED OUR CREDIT-CARD INFORMATION. IF ANY OTHER COMPANY LOST MILLIONS OF CREDIT-CARDS AND PERSONAL INFORMATION THEY WOULD DEFINITELY BE SUED AND HELD ACCOUNTABLE. SONY IS AN INTERNATIONAL COMPANY THAT DID NOT TAKE THE NECESSARY MEASURES TO PROTECT ITS CUSTOMERS FROM IDENTITY THEFT OR CREDIT CARD FRAUD. THEY SHOULD BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE, THEIR WELCOME BACK PACKAGE DOESN'T EVEN BEGIN TO SAY SORRY. ITS MORE LIKE A SLAP IN THE FACE.

  • bigdaddy

    i think psn should give everyone that plays black ops the new escalation map pack for free since we have to put up with this down time!!

    • jdm1332

      i agree 100% but supposably there is goin to be a 'sorry' package for all registered psn users that will allow you to download anything from the network for free for 30 days

  • LiveTheDream

    I wish Sony would simply be more honest to the customers. It took six days for them to be wise up and tell consumers information was stolen, then keep people guessing on when the network will be up…. I am glad this is a free service so I can not complain, what makes me even more happier is the hacker can use my information as well, as a kid i was taught to share thus hackers should be able to view my information and use it as they wish.

  • Texazboi254

    Everyone jus shut up and wait….

  • MadPS3Customer

    Sony obviously isn't very focused on their gaming consoles in electronics. I hatre Xbox and have tried my best to stay faithful to what I thought was #1 in elctronoics (sony.) Apparently not though, I'm really about to jump on the band wagon and go get an Xbox. Not just b/c it's been down for 2 weeks but b/c Sony waits 3 or 4 days at a time to post updates, and they are not even informative updates or dependable b/c they keep saying this week, no next week, o wait.. by the end of the fucking week. Sony, if you don't wanna keep loosing money, get this shit back up pronto. I have been to Gamestop twice since the outage and it's VERY obvious that Sony is losing customers to Microsoft by the minute. When they turn PSN back on, Playstation will have lost about 1/3 of its 77 million.

  • bartman152

    if you don't wake up sony we will all h8 u and plus put it on tomorrow not 2 weeks time tomorrow get it in your thick brain filled with nothing that we all are really angry so plz put it back on plz


    I think it's funny all of these comments about going out and buying an Xbox because of this. I have all 3 next gen systems, and have been that way since owning Coleco Visiion and Atari. I do it because I'm a gamer, and love games, NOT to "get back" at a company. You realize that you are saying, "I'm mad at Sony – so mad, in fact, that I'm going to go and give $300 of my money to their competitor cuz I so smrt!! – oh, and I'll also PAY MORE MONEY to be able to play online"

    If you are ditching your system for this, more power too ya, and at least I won't have to hear your whining when I'm playing online when PSN comes back. I consider my PS3 to be just like my 360 right now – an OFFLINE only gaming machine, and will enjoy stacking my gamer score until it comes back.

  • Babs

    I think sony should add a new "zombies" map using hackers as targets…….

  • joe

    do you retards actually think sony will read any of your bitching?….lmao why dont you take this 2 weeks as an oppurtunity to get a girlfriend if you can you geeky pukes

  • opus

    Is Sony incapable of giving us a firm date of when PSN will be up?

  • Keegan

    i could not agree more. Sony is not taking care of business if i ran a company like that and i am losing money everyday. operations would take a couple of days not weeks. i dont care about online gaming like it's my life but you at least owe them. a back online PSN date. not saying soon because rember the customers is always right you are just going to make your customers madd. so that 77 million could drop to the lowest consumers you have ever seen like a food store in a small town damn near empty.

  • Gurpreet

    people need to be patient…theres more to life than ps3. does anyone remember the days of playstation where there was no such thing as online gaming. I think i used to have more fun playing back then. this problem sony are dealing with is going to take some time. Japan have just come off the worst earthquake in history. To ask sony to fix a problem for everyone around the world globally ( millions of people) and talking about how it shouldn't take this long to complete maintenance are completely stupid and are the type of people if the world was run by them it would be in complete chaos. People who are switching to xbox are just a bunch of hikikomoris. If you dont know what that means, it means you should just get out more.

  • Console King

    xbox live NEVER went down u bum. At the end of 07, during the holiday season, the servers were so packed that if you were trying to play COD4, you couldn't play ranked games for about 9-10 days, however, you could still play custom game modes. We were still online the whole time u douche bag. I've always had both consoles. for anybody getting your shit pushed in your the PSN hacking, wake up bum. Never put all your eggs in the same basket you cum stains.

  • Todd

    I'd be happy is Sony offered a voucher to get a game of our choice for poor customer service and downtime.

  • cracker11

    Sony u suk i wanna kill some mofos in call duty

  • Chris cringle

    Suin Sony? For what free online lost? Or because your piece of shit loser self just found a scapegoat for all your recent purchases? Lol xbox hahah have fun, once psn back up your gonna kick your own ass xbox is the most non next gen system besides wii. It has a enormous power source, it has a vent on top which dust can easily get in and cause issues, it has the red ring of death, no bluray, paid for online, 1/8 the processing power, it's loud as hell sounds like an earthquake when it's running, and the controller is super gay as well as the online setup and noises it makes… Also trophies own achievements, and I could go on for 3 hours y ps3 demolishes xbox, oh and btw after this sweet overhaul of the system I bet it even has a sturdier online network than xbox now.

  • TWIN

    I dont need any updates, I dont need a sorry, or a compensation package, just get PSN back online and thats enough…..

  • Sony sucks

    Hey sony you idiots maybe you can ask bill gates for help? they manage to keep there network up for years with no longer than a 24 hour downtime ever!! sad boys go back to making vcr's and tv's you cant handle this computer stuff leave that to the big boys in seattle!!!

  • Jonny

    Whatever happened to playing single player games? While I did go out and buy an xbox it wasn't because I couldn't play online, it was because I ALSO wanted an xbox. There are tons of great games out there that people can play and enjoy without being online, Gran Turismo, Tiger Woods, Fall Out, Crysis 2 campaign, and single player franchise mode on any EA sports game are all great alternatives to playing online multiplayer. I completely understand everyone's frustration as there are many people that play games like DC Universe which is online only but a few weeks of downtime in lifetime isn't worth getting your lawyer involved because you lost 20 bucks or whatever your reasons are. If you switch to xbox it's understandable and if you're a ps fanboy that's great too but the ignorant back and forth between the two fanboys it just plain stupid. Why are people so negative?

  • PS3-solid

    i got an xbox as a free gift and its shitty. you have to pay in order to play. F*** you xbox. SONY is the best, im still waiting for the PSN to be up. hopefully soon but im willing to wait.

  • PSNshouldBashamed

    My credit card information was stolen, yes this was a direct result of this Hack on PSN. I am out thousands because of this, although the monies will be returned to me by my bank I am forced to cancel my cards, very frustrating to say the least. There is a class action filed against sony for this breach of trust, I am on board and want a BIG apology. This is so disappointing to say the least.!

  • Javman95

    plus, we also get a month of playstation plus for free, so im gna get everything while i can for free :P

    As for the losers who want an XBox, u dont need to tell us, just do it and waste £40 for online when u could play it for free in a few days.

    PS3 RULES!!!!


    so i what your saying is i get a free upgrade for all of my personal info….thats an even trade. thanks!

  • Gramatron 5000

    Now is a good time for apple to launch a gaming console. lol

  • Distrustful

    Frankly, I don't trust anything this site says, since they are advertising illegal software in this notice. FYI Games sells pirated games, and nothing legitimate.


    im sick of this i dont like your system im seriously thinking about swiching to xbox

  • Joe

    **** xbox. sony is better

  • Psn:hkhan9

    I phoned up psn they said it should be up in a couple of days  if u don't believe me call psn (07931834352) 

    (thumb this up so people can see and call psn)

    • jason


    • Gazza

      i dont wont to get you down man but they have been saying that in the last couple of days Sony need to get there act togeather now this is a JOKE making us wait this long a company like SONY should have back up plans for times like this every one else does.SONY youv made X-BOX look good now.

  • dylan

    whoo hoo just got a xbox i love watching the sony stock drop fuck them they keep telling us it will be up it will be up well fuck this you can only fuck around with us for so long im done and my fucking lawyer will take care of the lawsuit.

  • kywhitt

    i just want to play call of duty!

  • michael thomas

    when psn comes back which is hopefully tomorrow, you guys should add me on : LegitxScopezx9 or ELiiTE_KiLLS :)

  • lastar

    dont car for the new functions or the 30days of free shit i dont care about and have no plans on useing. just want my playstation to do what i paid for it to do. If you really want to put a smile on my face, give a real date when the network will be up.

  • McRib

    Straight up BULL SHIT psn still FUCKIN down come on now. FUCK!!!!!!

  • Had Enough!!!!!!!

    Playstation sucks!!! I hope they never come back online. After all of the firmware updates, the system is no where near the same one I originally bought. So I called them up and asked for a refund, but they won't do it. They said it was at their option to change it up if they deem necessary. So, I hope they go bankrupt. Everybody reading this, do like me. Throw your ps3 away, buy an xbox and never purchase another sony product ever. That will show them they can't treat consumers anyway they "deem necessary". Come on, lets stand together on this!!

    • Give me your ps3

      lol you can throw your ps3 in my yard ill have a box that says "all ps3's here" so you can just throw your ps3 in there and keep them coming, thank you.

  • hurryup

    Sony responds with enough apathy to run a Powerplant over there…lol

  • da22

    T.O u sound stupid y would u leave PS3 free on line play for 360 n u have to pay to play and just like it happen to ps3 it can happen to xbox 360 there both computers

  • cisco.f630

    Have both xbox and ps3,,,but ps3 is still better………so be patient people


    Quit being nerds and get a life ps is not the world make real freinds get a job go running video games are old do something funn enjoy life get some sun shine

  • matt

    hey sony do the world a favor and just fix the goddamn thing then reboot it. no more of this bs better yet give up on PS3 and convert PSN to the PS4

  • guest

    3.61 firmware means nothing at all, whenever they add a new security feature the firmware number changes, hoping your gonna get some kind of XMB update is just stupid.

  • ps3 i stand behind u

    All of u cod crybabies need to grow up ps3 has a superior gpu and CPU processing Systems go buy a Xbox and pay for a service that Sony provides for free mind u its fact that the Xbox service has crashed more then the ps3 and Sony has giving us quality updates the ps3 is a 3d unit because of a firmware update so quit crying there is a lot more to life when u climb out of your moms basement take your time Sony ill be write hear when u get it Bake up and for anybody that want to Sue Sony ur a bunch of idiots why don't u Sue the a.holes that hacked the system

  • Nick

    eeh i switched from xbox to ps3 cuz i had the elite 120 gb harddrive to a 320 gb harddrive ps3 a week later psn go's down, talking about luck huh xD

  • xPSNxUSERx

    I heard it wasn't going to come back up untill next week in Aussie?
    Sony Needs to put there heads together and Get PSN online asap or people will change over to XBox .

  • xPSNxUSERx

    I heard it wasn't going to come back up untill next week in Aussie?

  • jason

    still no update of sony thanks a lot.bill gates thanks you from the bottom of his wallet.if you didnt laught you would cry [now iam fighting back the tears]

  • Miss Bri

    I'm sticking w/ PS3…I refuse to pay money for using the network. I would really enjoy to know when PSN will be back up. I keep hearing different days, times, weeks. Please keep an update. =)

  • michael_d

    im seriously considering selling my ps3 and not buying any other console i learnt that life's not that bad without being in tha house all through summer staring at the tv

  • farbrorblau

    PS3 IS a better machine than Xbox there is no doubt about that. Plus PSN is for free while people have to throw away their money every 3rd month for Xbox live just so microsoft can bribe companies to release games earlier on their machine. I own them both and i will continue to be a Sony "fanboy" for the clear fact that their machine is better.

    But also i am seriously pissed at them for not speeding things up. I know they have said it but i actually WANT them to work around the clock to bring it back. The offtime now is a joke at the expence of us loyal customers. I have changed all of my preordered games into the Xbox version since i dont think it will be up for the comming weeks and i encourage all people with both systems to do the same. Dont abandon ship just prove that by not givi9ng us the correct info they have now lost a loooot of money.

  • Considerate Gamer

    Great! I bet when the network comes online it will be overloaded with all the people downloading the update from the servers. Any though given towards that?

  • Danny

    I am very happy to stay with sony as because i believe that they r the best.Sony always produce good products.i almost got everything from sony like tv,laptop,sound system,and many more i have never been faced any kindya problem with sony products and ofcourse i believe they will fix this situation very very soon so plz guys i request u stop blaming to them n be patience for a little while thank u………

  • Chad Michael Lacey

    To everybody stating that they are buying an xbox or are going to sell their ps3: nobody cares. Sony is an international corporation. Selling your ps3 and buying a 360 isnt going to affect them. There are plenty of loyal Sony customers that will buy your ps3 and enjoy it. Or even new Sony users. Its still a great machine. Just because Sony made an error doesnt mean you should just give up. Sony has been giving us awesome stuff for so many years, and every company goes through some sort of snag. Microsoft has gone through just as many. Remember the red ring xbox tragedy? Happens to everyone.

    Anyways, does anybody remember the days without online play? Enjoy your games for what they are.

  • Jason

    You get what you pay for, I own both systems and never put any of my info on the PS3, I like the PS3, but Love XBL…I pay a yearly fee for XBL, and I have had no problems at all, Yes the XBL was down for 2 weeks a few years ago, 2 weeks! We are working on week 3 here with PSN. I have MK9 for PS3 and really want to play online, but hey, it gave me a chance to play the Story. Hang tight, the PSN will be back online soon, But I will never put my info on the PSN, Ill stick to buying the cards..

  • Patrick Seybold

    It's back up guys…I just put the finishing touches on the network this morning myself.ENJOY!

    • lee

      no its not bun boy

  • Mich

    To those who want to trade their PS3′s for an XBOX please JUST GO DO IT. Geesh, most of you are complaining about PSN being down for 2 weeks and that SONY is ‘lying’ well let me tell you this, if you’re such a smart ass why don’t YOU go and help sony fix this problem, since you think you have what it takes instead of complaining? Just play the game called ‘real life’….it has unlimited capabilities and won’t harm you…it’s not like this is the end of the world. Idiots.

  • ps3 kid

    well i really dont give to big 1'zz bout X-boX ps3 is still sick is suks that people better to do but to pick on gamers(hahahaha)but wat eva wat is really onna suk is if we lose our stats on the net…………just hurry up psn i wanna kick sum azz on madden…….give us the TRUE DATE

  • ps3 kid

    well yea this is bulls nuts but i still wouldnt get X-boX im a psn kid yea it sukes that people have nothin else betta to do but pik on us gamerz wats really gonna suk is if our net stats for erased….PS3 is still ma pik…..HURRY up psn i wanna kick sum azz on madden……give us the right DATE


    It would be real nice if they would come out and tell us a time frame. Once again, it took them two day before they would say that something was up. Now, they are making things worse by giving us some B.S. about when it will be back up. Nobody gives a sh_t about an update, we all kinda figured that due to what happened, Sony would have to make some changes. HELLO !!! JUST GIVE A POST ON WHEN IT WILL BE BACK ONLINE, THAT'S IT.. For those of you that don't know, we are paying for the stupid network already. That's why the Playstation cost more!!! Trust me, were paying for it, and now, were really paying for it. The network has had way more problems than Microsoft. Most of the games online will just throw you out of the lobby for no, reason when the network has reached it's peek. Sony better get it back up by this week or weekend or I for one will make the switch. GOOD LUCK SONY.

  • Jordan

    id rather pay for online and not get hacked

  • lee

    shut up mich

  • pS3 4ever

    I will buy your ps3's no joke for $100 your going to wbox anyway so just give them to me lol Fan boys!

    • tilleyd

      ok add me on skype: tilleyd1

  • Annoynomous

    Man i think sony needs a whole new make over because xbox players talkin smack like the same thing cant happen to them just because they pay for online that doesnt mean anything i always wanted to b able to b in chat parties and listen to my own music while we playin our game.

  • F Sony

    Still not working

  • john

    just thought i would post this

  • jason

    Hey anbody know if we do have the right to sue……..? identity theft is a pretty serious issue….it happened to us once….but thank god for insurance! I do believe Sony would have covered there ass with us use there soft ware for free?

  • Game Reeper

    Be patient cuzz ps3 is the ishhh…dont get ur feelings hurt just deal w it dummies!!!

  • Adam

    I've been reading though everyone's comments over the last two weeks. The people that want to switch to xbox because they want to "express their feelings of distane", well, thats all your doing. Your crying because you have no life outside of sitting infront of your flatscreen, galavanting around with your virtual friends. Your seriously going to buy xbox? F*cking bullshit you are. You've gone about 336 hours without online play, and your going to ditch a 300+ system, a library of games, and DLC. Then your going to purchase another 300+ system, and rebuild a library at roughly 70 dollars a title.

    • Adam

      Do us a favor and lock yourself in a filled to the brim portable toilet, and light yourself on fire. As for "hey, no worries its a free service". Sure, and radical ideology is par with banana's in pajama's. Nothing is free. Both systems have a scam. Only with xbox, they stick it in the rear a little deeper. The online service is built into both consoles immense price of the system, games, and accessories. Not to mention, advertisement, DLC, the share that software producers pay to display crap, the percentage of profit netflix pays, etc. You have paid for "free online play".

      • Adam

        If they didn't offer it, you would've purchased the "cheaper xbox", and not thinking farther than "I want one, I want one", you then justify the 60 a year because of the cheaper deal. Then excuses come like 60 a year gets me security. Bullshit. Remember Kevin from Florida (if your born before flippin' 95'), he hacked the pentagon when electronics warefare agents from Russia/China couldn't. Sony has pulled some big time bullshit, lost a lot of your valuable info, and bullshit their going to help "cover your loss", if you get f*cked for it. Your well within your right to demand compensation and answers. But don't bitch about "I don't have a life, I just wanna play". You should be after them like a pitbull of questionable character, hot glued to a cruise missle for your services back. You did pay for them after all, just "indirectly". I'm in banking, so yea…. nothing's free, we just make it feel that way.

  • Who cares

    I don't care how long it takes I just what a date..I'm not paying $60 a year so I can play a video game ps3 all the way…

  • Snydeman

    Good bye Sony! Hello Xbox!!! You get what you pay for! In this case I would rather pay for something that works then get something for free that half a$$ works. Peace out Sony!


    Uhmm ….yea lol we would be happy for cross game chat i it were FREE…..

  • jvhasdbvgilcb

    some ppl need a life. if u want xgame chat get on the xbox. if ur an impatient little ***** get an xbox. u will be back within a year. theres a reason it has taken this long to fix the servers. if u think ur so **** smart ask 4 a job at Sony and fix the servers urselves. Id rather the ppl at Sony take a ******* month 2 fix the servers if that means everything is secure. if u dont like this statement then get a life.

  • Bob Lob Law

    Free network my ass. Just cost me 100 for black ops and a real network …..thanks Sony. That's still fairly cheap for online gaming entertainment that works!!!!

  • DC.17

    Lol It kills me how people will buy an entire new console just because of a few weeks of network downtime. What's gonna' happen when the networks back up? Sell your 360? Haha, waste of money. I'm not saying the PS3 is better or worse, but no matter what console it is; the fact that the network is down is what prompts you to go buy an entire console and a set of new games?

    Unless you're Mr. Moneybags, or Paul Pierce, that shit's retarded.

  • LOL

    dumbasses switchin to shitbox -___-

  • Jay

    Im still holdin it down for the ps3, but i lost alot of respect for it after it being hacked and taking this long to redo the security system,

    * for all the trolls out there, no , im not abandoning my ps3, ive had every playstation console since i was 5, ( now 14 ) from ps1 to the psp3 to the psp and pspgo.

    • Josh

      Me to add staticgears when its back up Jay~!

  • raiderron08

    It's not about buying a Xbox 360 (already own one) or not being able to wait. Its the point Sony is straight out lying about the whole situation. They knew it wasn't going to be up, they keep saying another day or a couple days. You know damn well if they would have said right from the beginning it will be back up May 20th or the correct date people would have just moved on, instead they are lying about when it is actually going to be back up. I really don't like the controllers on Xbox so I didn't even think about switching over. Until now! I guess I'll just dust off my old Xbox and get online. I just think it is crap that they had to just keep lying to us. They should of just set a date and stuck to it, that way people wouldn't of to waste there time keep checking online to see if the network was running. Sony has just really dropped the ball on this whole situation, I don't blame Sony the for the shut down. I blame them for the way they have handled it.

  • badave

    i went on psn last night it says uk get pick out of 5 games we can hav 2 games free that will do me

  • IEcrommers

    granted, sony are in the wrong with the way they handled the situation in terms of our personal information. They told an unfortunate lie to deal with a difficult situation BUT getting onto a lawyer for compensation? Grow the fuck up, seriously. Don’t get me wrong, i love my ps3, i’m happy to spend all day on it inbetween working 9 hour shifts, playing in a band, getting drunk at parties. My point is that even though i’m gutted that the psn is down, i’ve actually got a life outside of gaming and the psn will be back online when sony are good and ready to bring it back online after working round the clock to improve it’s features so this kind of incident doesn’t happen again. If these hardcore gamers can’t find something else to do with their time, then they’ve got a serious problem.

  • psn is gay

    why didnt i buy an xbox along time ago, geez im so dumb

  • virus

    ps3 online will be up may 31 trust me. new maps for black ops june 3

    • Ps3 lova

      Let's sure hope so

  • Edwin

    i love ps3 aint no doubt.. but its bs that they keep changing the dates to when the network will be back on.. sony dont fukin say anything until u know for sure when its going to be back on.. it just pisses me off to keep chekin and seeing that the network is still not back on..

  • impacient ps3 playa

    why dont u get ur little fingers a switch it back on its not dat hard cmon sony i luv ya but its takin to long

  • Kal

    So everybody is gonna blame Sony for some fucking idiot who has too much time on his hands and decides to hack our shit. This shows how funny people really are. I wish Sony knew who you guys were and just cut yo shit themselves since you wanna be whiny lil bitches. Get some damn patience and wait, go play your fucking xbox until they get there situation together.

    • jeff roddy

      well if sony refunded my money that could keep their crappy system that they keep removing features from and who don`t invest in their network making it easily hackable

  • Faithful Sony User

    Look, in my opinion, it sucks to not be able to play Black Ops online or Mortal Kombat or whatever game your waiting to play when the network returns. Yes, I'm disappointed, and yes, Sony should have been a lot tighter on security, but the reality is this: They have been hacked, and they are rebuilding the network so that when it returns, it is revamped and stronger than ever. I don't know guys, what would you rather? The PSN be back now, and be hacked again for more downtime, or wait an extra week and know that there may be improvements, and security will be tight enough to keep hackers out? Sony have hackers working for them to be "One step ahead", so essentially, once it returns it should be safe for a while. Stick it out guys, play your PC, get platinum trophies for all your games, whatever it is that will pass time by for you. But they are working 24/7 to get it back online and return. Don't go and buy and xbox, thats just stupid. If it happened to Xbox, we'd still be playing. and it did back in 2007. It just happens guys! Stay Loyal. :D

  • crispyrice

    How soon we forget that Xbox Live went down for two weeks back in 2008, only that wasn't due to external intrusion, but just laziness from Microsoft's end. Good thing they charge so they can not invest a dime of it to make the service any more reliable

  • PSN:ThirdGenderThing

    i think their security went down after the earthquake….

  • ps3 rules

    come on plz play station plz be back on i am getting bored here

  • b-boy

    is not just a week it could last till may 31

  • Nardii

    Hey i think its not that bad…. I get to catch up and beat all my games. I rather play online if i could, since i cant i really dont care… Playstation 3 is awsome and they got hacked, at least they didnt get a red ring of death cus they cant build a system properly… sorry 4 spelling its hard to type on this thing

    PSN> Nardii

  • p#$sed off

    Bottom line, sony f'd up. If they maintained control of sensitive data instead of giving nobodies the master key, we might not be here. All systems get hacked, too bad sony didn't care about user info. Thank god I listened to the voice in my head not to use the ps store just yet. 4 days later, here we are, millions of credit card info in the black market. They should be held accountable for that, repay all financial institutions for new credit cards to ps subscribers, as well as pay for any possible id theft. In this day and age, a law suit is the only way for a multi million dollar company to listen to the general public. Maybe it will smarten the world up, no system is fool proof, keep one step ahead of the bad people, and treat consumer info like it were gold. Really sad, sony doesn't care much about the user end of the whole program. When a bank or store info is hacked, its a matter of hours when its up and running again, they are in the spotlight. It almost seems as tthough sony is treating all this like a favor to the user. 'Hey, we took the sytem offline, screw your questions and oh well if your cc info is stolen. We give you free game play.' I for one will never give sony my cc info now. It all seems like a big game to them.

  • kevin

    For all the idiots that want the other os option brought back all that does is ruin multiplayer gaming. Look at what happened to MW2 you cant even play the game anymore. You have a pc why do you care about it on the ps3?

  • h8 xbox

    you ass holes need to stop saying you have a shitbox 360 no one cares…..

  • ashfox

    im getting tired of this give me an actual date or ill just buy an xbox at least thier server isnt down

  • Ps3 4 life

    Y'all are babies it's been like 3 weeks and u have to get a Xbox get a life go outside get away from the tv or I u are such a big nerd and u need video games why don't u get a $400 Xbox so I can get the red ring of death in a few weeks just suck it up

  • Guest

    This is taking a bit too long Sony…. I really don't care about the firmware update…. Just get the PSN up and running for all of us gamers…

  • prest

    just downloaded new firmware and still down – in US

  • Joel

    PSN is coming back online tonight. You should be able to update your PS3 with the new firmware. A few states are already back online on the east coast. Sony is turning it back on region by region. All the states should be back online tonight. Here is the link that shows the states that are back online.

  • coryxcorpse

    i just logged on and then it kicked me and said playstaion network undergoing maintenance again wtf is going on and for the person that said itd b cool to play music and a game at the same time that would b the shit dude

  • Evan D. Vanzano


  • sickofit

    why the hell isn’t my password working? this is bullshit. it seems to be one problem after the other with you guys. 

  • Howard_1892


  • Deathnumber3

    hi please me back sign in,ps network im respect for all people’s network!!!,this is me deathnumber3 and am hard player gamer,and am knowledgeable,i swear evils,please psnetwork do not know how much english,had anyone say a word,and i apologise to all which i offended,sorry. So please get back me back me profile psnetwork THANK YOU!! and respect me mate:) good day