PlayStation Network (PSN): Outage Status Update – Online by Weekend

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We finally have some good news for PS3 users who are dying to get online again on their systems, as it looks as if Sony has inadvertently confirmed that the PlayStation Network will be back online by the weekend at the very latest.

Sony has been talking in a blog post about their plans to compensate players of PS3 MMO DC Universe Online and revealed that they will be holding something known as a ‘double station cash day’ for players on April 30th – this coming Saturday, as reported from Eurogamer.

This information was revealed by SOE director of community relations Linda Carlson, as she added below:

“To thank players for their patience, and we will be hosting special events this weekend across our game portfolio, including a Double Station Cash day on Saturday, April 30th. We are also working on a ‘make good’ plan for players of the PS3 versions of DC Universe Online and Free Realms.”

You can read that information on the official DC Universe Forums here, hopefully Sony will confirm on the official PlayStation Blogs that the service will indeed be resumed by the weekend. Let us know your thoughts on this – are you looking forward to playing PS3 online again?

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  • hunybdiaz

    is this even true psn on facebook and there website said they have no idea when it would be back up and that was four hours ago

    • declan

      I hope so Becuase I want to go back Online

    • PSN comeback

      This is b.s wtf is a double cash weekend anyway?( probably some promo thing and you will have to spend money to get anything)sony is trying to gain users trust and get them to put there credit card numbers back in there systems, ONLY IF I WAS A TOTAL RETARD SONY sorry. Sony should be giving us free mappacks double xp, ETC.. for way longer than 1 weekend. (cheap ass corporation) this is why all my other electronics are SAMSUNG better quality,better warranties.

      • JJw

        So many things wrong with what you just said. Sony doesn't make the map packs. so they cant give you free stuff that isn't theirs. besides Sony owes us absolutely nothing. they didn't hack themselves. and your comparing Samsung to a ps3? Samsung doesn't make gaming systems

      • getoverit

        It’s a good thing Samsung hasn’t made a game console yet, I’d buy one, besides a couple appliances, everything else is Samsung, I’ve never had a problem from anything from my fridge, to my stereo to my cel phone, I stick with what works for me, my opinion, everybody likes a certain brand for a reason, I look for longevity & performance. As for Sony owing us anything, I think the only ones that should get anything are the people that subscribe & pay a fee for services like Playstation plus or DCUO or anything else that you have to pay extra for. I don’t pay anything extra, I just think it’s pathetic people are saying Sony is greedy & cares only about money, yet these same people don’t pay nothing to play online but demand free map packs or sony cards or other free stuff? Come on. Another thing, I bought the 320GB model, came with 2 games, a blu ray movie & remote, I paid $299 @ future shop, how are xbox fans saying PS3 way more expensive, lol, comparing it to the 360 4GB model, crap bundles, price it out

      • jdub

        stfu nothing is perfect, and i want to see u make a game system and keep it running forever

      • Michael Masson

        stfu u idiot. not everyone plays cod what use would double xp or a map pack be? cod has been on a downward spiral since cod4. it is a free service so be lucky if you get anything

    • altavious5345

      i was hackedd

    • alex2904

      Yeah I'd like see some proof from Psn

    • DiergeCerebro

      I agree with hunybdiaz…this is false this was reported on April 28th and there has not been anything released by Sony…I wouldn't believe it unless it was released on Sonys website.

    • rookie

      sony have said may 3rd so on tuesday is the official switch on date according to kotaku and psn via twitter

  • herbert whitcomb

    due to the outrage i think psn players should be able to extend the double xp week from friday to friday and not just on the weekend and i also wanna kno when the 360 contract is up on the call of duty when are the maps comming out on the same day and not 2-3 months apart. thats all i gotta say thanks for listening…

    Herbert Eugene Whitcomb Jr

    • Sabre

      Treyarch signed a 3year deal with Xbox360 so all content will be released on xbox360 1st for 3years

    • Arron

      i dont really care about the maps coming out first on the xbox at the end of the day ps3 is better for everything and seeing that sony and the fbi confirmed everyones card details are safe i am more trusty of sony i would never change from the ps3 to the shitty xbox especially over shitty maps.

  • phvhh

    I really dont believe that

  • Michiel


    I want to change my password NOW, since I fear my ccard details have been compromised. How do I do that?

    Kind regards and good luck.

    • Exploitationist

      you cant till PSN come back online. if anyone else knows another way please post that information on as many sites as you can…. even youtube it if you have too.

      • raishon king

        they need to do somthing for us so we can be more happy about ps3 like do somthing for black ops like double xp or something or 50 psn that will be decison

        • bob

          yea but wat if we dont have black ops

    • James

      Your CC Data is not affected at all, those servers are different then the ones that hold your name and address details.

      Also when the network comes back online, you will have to change your password anyways as it was said on the Official blog post they are looking into the software and most likely you will be asked to change the password.

      For the people claiming there E-mail and what not was hacked is iffy still, as if you use one password for all then your doom kinda thing but also hacking a facebook or e-mail account isn't too hard and has been done many times and the info they reportedly may or may not have taken is the same you would get from a facebook account or e-mail.

      Remember on the Official blog post they said mostly likely and truly that data wasnt' touch and if so they know who's account and can contact them via e-mail to let them know.

      An attack this site leaves prints and so far the claims about the running up of debt and what not are limited and are little vague in the details from what I read.

      Only way you could have changed your password is to Login to the PSN store online which you can't due at this moment. Since it seems like even the site is down to maintenance too now.

      Remember to relax and if you do think your CC was at risk, consider checking your accounts online at your bank for any transactions that foreign to you and report them and if really bothered by it ask for a new card since this is now mainstream news around the world they will most likely understand and re-issue a new card and number.

      Remember basic stuff for online security, no one site or anything is hack proof and at the same time when making a password to things like accounts with data of a nature you consider high or really important have a 10 to 20 character Alpha Numerical password and change it every 60 to 90 days to stay better safe guarded from others breaking into your account.


    • VInny

      hi Michiel all you have to do is go into account setting and press change pass enter your current pass then your new one it's pretty simple :)

    • Arron

      all card details are safe as it has been confirmed by sony and the fbi just check out the bbc website it tells you everything.

  • Anonymous

    That is BS, Free Realms and DC Universe get the "free stuff"…… What about those unable to game online, period? I mean I play neither, so how would I be compensated…. *Playstation Plus* member

    • Anon1132334

      Yeah, I don't get that -_- What about the rest of us?! D<

    • PhOeNiX

      i doubt anyone even plays those games what about blackops we want escalation 1 month early!

    • Taylor

      Well, other than being a little bitchy about the whole thing, it appears you've been able to survive so far. Consider still not having to pay for online gaming your compensation.

    • cry me a river

      these people pay !% bux a month to play these games you dont pay shit for call of duty. Playstation plaus people dont get compensated because it is in the user agreement that the PSN service doesn't compensate for "down time". Shove the gold d-pad up yours

    • deebo

      DUDE we pay $14.99 a month to play Dc univerce extra. How much do you pay to play the other games on the network?

  • McRib

    Who cares? I just want to play!

    • raishon

      they should do somthing better for black ops or 50 psn


      ME TOO !!!!!!!!!!!

    • pissedoffgamer

      All 3 of you are children with no concept of the gravity of this breach in security. Your details can easily be put together to phish your identity. By the time the three of you graduate, there will be hundreds of scammers using your information to purchase cars, run up utility bills and much much more. Just be glad you have plenty of years to fix your credit. Maybe they will give you a student loan when your 30 or so.

    • Andy

      I agree!!!!

  • reza

    anonymous anybody doesn't gives a fuck about yall but i am happy psn is coming back

    • ~ThE PrEdAtOr~

      ?hey when duz psn cum back? – -

    • mikey b

      english class

  • jonny hussain

    i hope this is true! also think us psn members shud get double xp for a period of time, as we all missed last weekends due to this problem! thanks jonny h uk

    • chedd1138

      what if your an adult and play battlefield and not that cod sh*te do we get double xp to?

  • themiracle

    need my killzone3 fix

  • marhorn

    ps3 users should get the ultimate gift…….one that makes online secure and gaming better……they should get an Xbox 360!

    • ps3 man

      NowGamer reports:

      Could Xbox Live be hacked next?

      In light of the PSN outage, Xbox gamers will no doubt be wondering if Xbox Live could suffer a similar attack from hackers.
      This morning Microsoft reports Xbox Live is suffering a "Service Alert". A post on the Xbox Live status page states:
      "Users may experience difficulties with the following services:
      Users may receive potential fishing attempts via title specific messaging while playing Modern Warfare 2."

      "We are aware of the problem and are working to resolve the issue. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your patience."

      See more
      Xbox LIVE See more

    • PSN

      your a joke and you say funny things 360 goon. think before you make fun this could easily happen to xbox network it just has not, YET!

      • marhorn

        This cant happen to Xbox…….unless you forgot…..its Microsoft…..and they wrote the book!

    • jay

      xbox has been hacked 7 times 360 multiple… safe my ass sony has been hacked… what ONCE? MORON!

    • spliff

      your mom was just to poor to get you a ps3 stop hating….

    • BeAsT gbb

      marhorn how about you stfu and you go buy an xbox nobody cares were you go, ps3 is way better.

  • mark

    weekend is over where is the psn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • TOMMY

      All I hear is crying about the psn network, sure i like to play black ops as much as the next person,but i also have a life I work,play hockey,tennis,ride my bike and go to the gym on a regular basis if some of you had other interests besides sitting in moms basement, wackin off to computer porn and playing video games you might have something intelligent to write abou, but I even doubt that.

      • Chica

        See that's where your wrong. And that right there is a lot of what I've heard when people try to insult people who play ps3. For the record-I don't live in my mothers basement and I don't wack off to porn. I'm actually a girl who enjoys COD and before the 400lb chick jokes start, I'm actually very interested in sports and going to the gym. However, here's a thought that didn't come to mind…the weather! The weather has been enormously crappy while this problem has been continuing and therefore I have nothing to do. Not to mention the fact that I was on break a few days before this started and with the weather acting up I was accepting the fact that COD was going to be my time consumer…we all know how that turned out though.

        • EmPeRoRvUlCaN

          Would ya like to date meh, since you're fit. LMAO Jkjk.

    • anand

      shutup williams

  • James

    For All Those whO are complaining about not being online to play games please stop. Psn is a free service and should take their time fixing the problem so it doesn't happen again. Dc universe is an online only subscription game with an annual fee so those people should be compensated. As for playstation plus users thou the online doesn't really affect you apart from not getting discounts while the store is down. And I can't believe anyone from England has the right to complain as it was off over the nicest bank holiday for decades so stop wastin time on cod when u could get out.

    • guest

      Stop f'ing calling it a free service. what part of this service is free. We pay for the systems and games and the online is included but in no way free. DCUO players pay a subscription as do playstation plus members so for the love of whatever you hold to be holy stop saying crap like "come on guys its free they are doing their best"

      their best is the very least we should expect as "customers" and yes all people should be rewarded with double cash/xp and I say rewarded because they are lucky to have us still here waiting for them. everyone agrees that it just being up is enough to satisfy our initial thirst for gaming but the reality is they friggen owe us and you boot licker sony fanboys aren't helping.

    • Jennifer

      Umm no it is not free. I pay for alot of Ps3 shit online. There for I and alot of other people are losing there money. Maybe your a bum and dont pay for anything

    • ~ThE PrEdAtOr~

      lol! im from england im complaining 24/7 and all my gai xbox freind love it that psnz down but i just keep on saying RROd! RROD!

    • Prima

      Well said mate I agree

    • Annonymous

      why does everyone think the ps3 is free when its not look at it a different way…i brought sony's project to play online to beat the hell out of other wanna be players in the gaming world but in order to play the playstation you need internet which is not freeeee so there for um yea

      • getoverit

        LOL, the dr. must have dropped you on your head a couple times @ birth, PSN is free, options are extra. Look at it like this, when you buy an appliance, do you expect the electricity is free? When you buy a new vehicle is the gas free? When you buy a phone is the service free? I could go on & on. You can’t compare the actual internet provider you pay for to the PSN. Seriously, come on, are you that dumb or naive? I can’t believe I’m even wasting my time responding to you & everyone who shares your (lack of) logic. Just think about what I said. As for the people demanding free games, map packs or anything else that doesn’t pay for online extras like playstion+, etc. congrats, your way of thinking will end up making the free PSN turn into a membership fee service like Xbox live by Christmas. I feel bad for people that pay for DCUO, or MLBtv, NHLtv, playstation+ etc that actually pay for a service but can’t use it, people that had their identity info stolen (or might yet) but people are being gluttons

    • mikey b

      what?….proof read please!!!

    • Sean

      some of us that are not PS3 plus members but still have subscriptions to qriocity and can not use it until the network is back think before you type

    • Guest100

      PSN is not a free service, you need to buy a $400 machine, buy a $60 game, and in most cases need to buy upgrades. now, you can't get through a screen without an add popping up.
      Facebook is free, but if they gave away your identity you would be pissed off as well.

    • sofuckitimbuyingXcox

      its free becuz theres some adds u can buy on the playstation store and games either ,if the store wasint there theres would be a fee and we spend alot on games and the console the internet on psn is shit as hell who would pay for that crap? not me for sure…ps: sory my english is a bit bad

    • LMFAO:}

      ur right james we should stop complainin

    • Lunarautumn1

      Yea Well My PlayStation Plus Membership was not free!!!!!!

  • Stephen


  • kevin

    those who have playstation + you want a refund for the days u have lost it works out to be about 95p so good luck spending all ur extra cash in the store.
    this also might be a blessing as they might actually bring in all the stuff they promised now

  • SmileB4DEATH

    I heard its goin to be up by the weekend then i hear another whole week? lol ok… i have had alot of patience with this situation, i have been out alot! but i want to be able to get back on!!!! lol!!! cant sun bath everyday and that.. i want my dcuo bck :P MUMMY! HAHA, i have a good feeling it wil be up by sunday tbh.. lets hope it is and if it aint then it shall be back up a few days after which aint to bad i guess… and for those who wondering what 2 worlds 2 is like its good game but seems big…

  • Larry

    It's like we gamers are addicted to PSN like it is crack! Come on light it up and just relax before it kicks in and we go nuts! LMAO!!
    Look at it this way, TV ratings went up, store sales went up, more babies were made and the economy got one heck of a boost because of this outage.
    One the other hand, more people had nothing to do but sleep and eat so they were gaining more and more weight(i know, I gained 3 freakin pounds). The way we have handled this outage is really crazy. Some people withdrew from the world and just hid out in the dark while others went outside and some went on vacation. It all depends on who we were with and where we lived that made the differerce.

    • guest

      i <3 you bro, everyone is makeing a huge deal outa this hole thing and you know what? i got to chill with my girlfriend a little more instead of sitting on my ass playing these stupid games. i got my life back alil and it feels great.

    • anncmary22

      Good way to look at it :)

    • KayKayBabyGirl

      So true. just relax. have some fun if youre on spring break like me. Im loving the weather. no clouds in the sky and gorgeous sun. Not saying that before this happened I was locked up in my room.. lol NO WAY. but come one guys :)

  • Larry

    Case in point, I live in a town where there is nothing to do at all. I have to drive 30 miles just to find something to do with my kids and wife. Others live in a place where the have everything at there front door.
    Some people got on forums and chat logs and ranted about the outage and others tried to make them madder by telling them to calm down and have a chill pill.
    I guess it depends on alot of factors. This would make one great study of the addiction that games and networking and communication would have on youth and adults!

    • herman

      your 2 posts would be a prime example

  • DoomDoggy666

    I am really tired of all of these people complaining. I agree that the PSN should hurry and come on. But while it's out, just do something. The more you complain, the longer it'll take because time seems to pass so slowly when you keep worrying about it. I mean, I play PS3 EVERYDAY! I go on the PSN Store every Tuesday to check if there is any new items for my favorite games, and new Guitar Hero songs. Since this Tuesday past, I've wanted to go on so badly and check, but can't. Plus, I have, like, 6 different codes to enter when I get back up that are just sitting there on my table.

    Now stop with the complaining, and you 360 fanboys saying how much the 360 is better…I don't have anything against it, but I'm just saying what I know…I've had the ps3 since release and had no major problems before this. 360 once went out for 2 or 3 weeks. And I also know that more than a dozen of my friends switched to PS3. Truth is no system is flawless, so stop acting like microsoft is a bunch of Gods when they are not.

    • Ski4257

      Your right. I mean it is agravating not being able to play COD on multiplaer and what not, but PSN is and has allways been FREE! We can complain, but thank god we don't pay for it like xbox players.

  • Jondubs16

    finally some good news i just hope they mean what they say this time about it was soposed to be on last tuesday!!!!!!!!!!! And thanks for the double xp weekend but you should have it for a whole week for all that we have gone through


    just can't wait to play MAG

  • Niggz

    I just want toplay my hockey!!!!

    • Dee Money

      yah i wanna play my dc unverise

  • DigitalPariah

    This is bogus.

    This is in response to the attack on SOE Servers, which meant that SOE servers had to be brought down (ALL DCUO/SWG/PS etc users). This is not directly for PSN, which although is Sony, is a different entity.

    Badly done by SOE, looks like one hand cant talk to the other….

    its summed up in the very post itself…

    "To thank players for their patience, and we will be hosting special events this weekend across our game portfolio, including a Double Station Cash day on Saturday, April 30th. (This is referring to SOE players)

    We are also working on a ‘make good’ plan for players of the PS3 versions of DC Universe Online and Free Realms.” (This is regarding PSN, and as you can see…. it has no date)

    dont get your hopes up of playing the PSN this weekend I would say….

  • $L@YER

    this is shit,yesterday i sold my ps3 and bought an xbox,and im having so much fun…



    • Secondpredator

      Omg moron buying xbox to get ride of the offline periode,
      Don't you understand xbox live is next.

    • Alliedcries

      I cant believe you did that dude,you know that xbox live went down for 13 days before right,not to mention that the systenmis very easy to hack(unlimited ammo,see and shoot through walls,and even speed up the game) good luck and you have to pay for online.

  • $L@YER

    ps3 is cool bt sony just has to put som extra money in,if they want more ppl to play online…

    • PSN


  • bennyboi

    i really cant wait till psn is back online every1 add me on bennyboi_123 for some black ops

    • Xx_1FaLLeN1_xX

      ill add you

    • alliedcries

      Black ops sucks compared to modern warfare 2 ,,,,come play a mans game

      • Kobi

        Actually both games are good…..u jus gotta kno how to play it….u prolly think black ops suck cuz u weak in it

    • SHANEboi-321

      go on benny u maad man. u dont need psn for crash team racing or worms!

  • Guest

    so that all of you know. Warning for players of xbox. They were hacked now as well. Not as bad as Sony but I expected it. Large mistake Sony made but I am staying with Sony all the way. Yeah true they should extend the double xp point weekend to a week.

    • guest

      if this was in black ops sony has no control over this. only treyarch does so go complain to them

  • dashdakid23

    man i say they need to do something real better for us on black ops or 50 psn for the people who lost something add me i-t0o-l2AWz

  • dashdakid23

    i say they need to put something real good for us like 50 psn or double xp for this weekend because this stuff is not right of what they did to us like for real

  • McCabe_1

    it better be on at the w.e. ive done the campaign on black ops like 5 times

  • Dune

    i got it since everyone yelling and cursing at sony and whining if this ever happens again dont bring the network down so people can have their accounts stolen and credit cards in use by someone else. this is like yelling at a kid cause their crying that a hornet stung them, its not their fault. And to the morons who sell the ps3 and go xbox. you are obvisouly the kind of people who cant be satisfied so whenever microsoft or some player on xbox makes you mad you can switch again.

  • ~ThE PrEdAtOr~

    i admitt xbox live is more secure than psn but if u wanna get the best console out of all get a ps3 there is no denie in it and id rather not be able to play online than not be aloud to go on at all with an other heated xbox so there!

  • jake

    sony can get fucked 1 of the biggest companies in thevworld and a bunch off spotty retards hack it and it takes these bell ends over a week to work it out sort it the fuck out sony or every one gonna switch by the way need to noob bash on black ops!! add me stellaartois999

  • alien pred

    TIme to get back on aliens vs predator forget black ops

  • Redwine

    I just wanna know what psn is gonna give the players not jus free realms an psn plus I wanna kno what we all get, we all had this outage not jus psn plus an free realms dc universe, I say it would be bs if everybody didnt get something

  • SmileB4DEATH

    i have xbox 360 250g new, and it is not better than the ps3 lol.. you have to pay alot for the online play and on top of that it doesnt have alot of games out that AINT for the ps3… and as for ps3 sucking yeah it sucks right now but when its back on RUN COZ ITS GOIN TO BE ON FIRE! coz wen the 360 came out i had 4-5 new 360's coz they all kept breakin…. says it all, like peopke aint perfect and we all have our bad days… its the same for tech.. it has its bad days and the best way to get threw it is by supporting it : )

  • Tom THAYER

    I think that PSN needs to send out a mass e-mail to all subscribers to let us know if it will truly be up and running by the weekend, I am tired of the rumor mills flying around. They at least need to step up and do this. If they are able to send us an e-mail stating that our info has been compromised they can at leadt send out an e-mail as to WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON AND WHEN WE CAN PLAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!

  • alien pred

    I glad its coming back on i cant wait to get back to my aliens vs predator not black ops it will be worth the wait

  • endig

    i only waiting for battlefield 3 beta so i don,t mine to wait longer :p


    i'm not worried, i still play offline games and my trophies unlock. not being able to play online isn't the end of the world. Check out all my Platinums on my Youtube channel, search for SLAMMR.

  • HiManhey

    i just bought a ps3, and im not a big gamer so i dont really care about all this, but just for haha's, if sony doesnt bring online back on this weekend.. NEVER VISIT THIS SITE AGAIN DUE TO GIVING OUT FALSE HOPE.

  • kevin

    i will add you bennyboi.
    also gunna through another conspiracy into the mix any one else think the hackers could be microsoft
    i mean they pay some one a shed loads of money to hack it then on the off chance 50% of gamers switch to xbox360 which also equals to a lot of money as xbox charges for everything possible even 10 dollars to change ur gamertag
    stupid conspiracy but could happen

    • Imperium

      Kev, grow up – 50% (nearly 40 million) of PS3 users switching and buying a 360? Dude, you're out of your mind. To the rest – guys it's frustrating for sure, we all want it back online – but let Sony do their jobs and make it more secure. If that takes another week, so be it.

    • Nicky

      Well actually my understanding is that SONY took down the networks,would Microsoft know that Sony would take down and restructure whole network taking weeks rather than update Firmware and enhance security without taking the online play offline, as "the hack" seemed to be a smash and grab for information and not a prolonged period of intrusion. By the way Microsoft sucks donkey dick lol

  • mykallin

    To everyone that is worried about there information being stolen,you should not be worried the hackers main focus was on Sony not the users they most likely went into the information just to get Sony even more paranoid

  • smokeweeed

    psn is online ADD ME! jodirt1243=]

    • DeeMoney

      no its NOT online yet

  • Todd

    just thought id bring some sense to this forum.The chances of psn being online at the weekend are slim sorry i wish it was true but i just cant see it happening i think it will be up next tuesday as this update day and they said it will be back up probably by the 4th.Now for people saying they are switching to xbox… good luck with playing on a console with shi.t exclusives and fat american as.sholes.Im very pissed of at this and i feel slightly sad that iam beginning to grow tired of sonys execuses i mean its not there fault they got hacked(or maybe it is if they needed better security) but there useless updates/empty words about patienece means nothing to me because ultimately the gamers are suffering….. anyway im still a loyal sony fan and always will be but in this instance i feel very very let down by sony,

  • all in good time

    It will be up when sony feels its up to par. Id rather wait then have a quick fix thats brings it back down again. As for 360 users, good for you. I own both and my 360 is nothing more than a dust collector. Just feel I shouldnt have to pay extra to enjoy online features on a game I just bought. Though 60 is cheap for a year, but thats not the point.

  • solarfinder

    I can understand the necessity of bringing down the network, however, I believe that some additional transparency as to the delay in information given to their users. For a few days, we really didn't hear anything, and for those of us that have 3rd party applications that rely on access verification on psn, we have been unable to access those non-gaming sites as well.

    As for the CC information comment earlier, Sony posted on their blog that CC information was compromised as well, and those of you that may have purchased items through PSN, you need to check your statements and bureau's, as what was provided by SONY. The company was not ISO certified, as the CC information was not separated as it would have been if housed in the US.

    Please keep us informed, as the outage is really affecting 3rd party apps housed on the ps network. Also, why is nobody yelling at the retards that perpetrated this theft? While the outage is on Sony's back, the unlawful act perpetrated here is not Sony's fault, it's Anonymous and their loser backings that did this to all of us!!! Let's hear more on that front!!!!

  • tmills

    Sony is still the shit.

  • ragin_willy

    i was still able to watch porno, i was good

  • meat stick

    fuck the CEO of playstation up the ass

  • GMAN

    It will be up on Tuesday May …. Im not sure date.



  • crow

    we payed lots of extra money for our ps3 because online free the free online was included in the original purchase price so we deserve like money in our playstation store accounts or something many people need gaming as a stress reliever or outlet creatively we've just missed a lot of time with our therapist

  • lorz

    if the psn network is not secure enough i'll just pay for xbox live on my 360 and game there

  • Aaron

    To who are moaning at sony its not there fault .they have bin working on gettin psn back for for 9 days now nonestop give them some f***ing space. go outside go see your friends go get some fresh air!! your life doesn't evolve round the ps3. and right now there building better defences so this doesnt happen again.

    • help me

      your right, life doesnt "evolve" around psn. only pokemon evolve around my ds. lol

  • imasmoker

    im jus ready to kill me some campers…IM TIRED OF TAKEN IT OUT ON MY FAMILY

  • dominate

    u guys are nerds! lol they should have x2 xp for a full week and who cares about escalation? ascention is horrible!

    • justin

      iv read that post for freakin days sony cant give x2 xp its activision that can do that

  • jim

    i hope it is going to be on this weekend. i am so bored it is not funny!!! a bunch of my friends went out and bought a xbox 360 and i might do the same this is way to long of a wait it has been over a week they should be working day and night!!!!!!

  • Mark


  • Mark


    • Destroying Mark

      Dude, you need to calm the fuck down….. and straight slice their throats open? All mouth, no trousers boy

  • Howard098

    Big deal, DC Universe will be back online. It won't be until May 3 when we see "some services" restored on PSN…

  • jundharrow

    all u 360 punks r lame i own both consoles and i never touch the damn thing reach was fun for a week then i realizes its the same as all the other halos oops fool me once ive also owned 1 ps3 n the past 3 years and have had to replace the 360 4 f n times i also play online like 8 hours a day now that i cant i play portal 2 and bang me lady alittle more or for the fags that play W@W u know that game was made for 12 yearolds and little girls so if thats your thing go do that and shut up psn will b up whin its ready i hope they take there time cause i would like for this not to happin agien so quit bitch n over free psn

  • jundharrow

    dc sucks i caped n 4 days then tryed to play agien its the samethin over and over (move a thing here punch some guys there fight a boss show off the same gear u bot like 4 times already) plus u cant even trade n the damn thing whin u get tired of it….BOOM

  • someone999

    My God people really?
    It's a video game. The online play is free. So they have to shut down for a while to fix some problems. Quit bitching at them. Let them fix the issue, and get ur fat butts up and go outside for a few days, it wont kill u

    • Tim

      Your just mad because you suck at online gameing!!! hahaha

    • pedro

      Get your stupid self up and take either a typing class or 2nd grade grammar.

  • LostAndUpset

    Everyone update their Station account if it matched your PSN credentials. I just had mine used to buy and give station cash.



  • The Man

    Well, I like gaming. But I can only play when i have the time. Maybe 1-2 times a week. But to the people who are "DYING" over the PSN being down, I highly doubt store sales went up, babies were ABSOLUTLEY not made during this time frame (i bet 90% of the people posting have had sex). So yeah, even though it SUCKS that its down i'll agree with that because like I said i like gaming. But if its affecting you that bad, get a life bro. Gaming's one of life's pleasures to do on your down time. Not your life in general.

  • Big Boobies

    add me on ps3 SixthSensE_KaMii if you want to join a clan!!!

  • help me

    i just..borderlands…please…me lack of online gaming….reduce me grammar

  • frogger6

    I purchased a season of MLBtv and watch games through my PS3. …At least I USED to watch games through my PS3. Double Station Cash day. WOOOOHOOOO. Is that really the best Sony can do?

  • SmileB4DEATH

    my milk shake brings all the xbox players to a halt coz u know ps3 owns coz you know its better than yours and there like its better than yours! get on it…. you want me to teach you how to play

    • pedro

      i would get on but…….You know it's kinda down. And x-box isn't.

  • bob

    i rekon that us fifa 11 players should be aloud free gold packs due to what has happend


    theres nothing from Sony saying this guys so dont hold your breath

  • Marvin

    Will the network come back tomorrow? are you sure?

  • Maidstone boi

    Who has medal of honer add me Maidstone–gypsy

  • Sakuuuuura

    im addicted to super streetfighter 4…pls finish my suffering. :p

  • Larry

    I AM SICK OF SONY! I AM THINKING OF SELLING ALL MY PS3 SHIT AND BUY AN XBOX AND BE DONE WITH IT! Another weekend shot and it’s ONLY Friday. May 3rd is the target date for PSN to come back online. They decided to move the servers to a “more secure location”. It wasnt a friggin breack in, it was a damn cyber attack! As Jeff Dunham would say (aka:Walter), DUMBASSES !!
    just blowing off steam, never would get an egg box LOL

  • crookid187

    what bout the ppl on dcuo that have their toons leveled the whole way up to 30 what are they going to do for them cause a double xp weekend. that nothing for them i have 3 toons all lvl 30s. im thinking they need to give us a free month at the least xp means nothing to you if you have all lvl 30s

  • TheInfinityGamer


  • TheInfinityGamer

    When i'm back online I'm going to be owning all of you PSN Users, I'm king of games

    PSN ID: TheInfinityGamer

    • mykallin

      Ok Mr. king of games…What level are you on Psn.Cause I know some real kings at 13 – 19 and still going with thousands of trophies

  • guest

    "Q: When will the PlayStation Network and Qriocity be back online?
    A: Our employees have been working day and night to restore operations as quickly as possible, and we expect to have some services up and running within a week from yesterday. However, we want to be very clear that we will only restore operations when we are confident that the network is secure."

    A quote from playstation eu blog on the 28th.

  • dathrill

    can wait just got some trophies add me Dathrill

  • Jon

    they should give everyone 1 free download

  • sin

    i am new to playstation network about a month ago. had some issues in the beginning with port forearding and other crap just trying to start a profile. now this is a bummer

    • sin

      how long does that take

  • alex2904

    Any confirmation on this?

  • Drewdog

    Traded in my ps3 stuff AND my old xbox 360, bought the new xbox/kinect combo…..And still have enough credit on my gamestop card to buy 2 more games lol

    • Judge Smails

      Good for you. You must be so proud.

  • drock1979

    just want back on psn!!!! Get our nascar league going

  • Mario

    Cant wait till the network is up and running !!!!!!!!!

  • getoverit

    If people are so worried about their credit card info, then what has stopped you from calling your respective credit card company to notify them that you are at risk for fraud, takes about 10 minutes to do, all the credit card companies know of this disaster, it’s a 1 800 # so it’s free to call, could save you a lot of grief, might help catch person(s) responsible too. Not at all saying it’s your fault for keeping your credit card # stored on your PS3 account, just saying good time to be responible and only trust yourself with that info. I used to have it stored on my PS3 myself, only did it to save time just like the auto sign in, but didn’t make sense to me to keep that info stored anywhere except my wallet or my Costco safe, well, it didn’t make sense to my wife she made me realize it was a setup for a future problem. You think this is bad? How safe do you feel that cops uncovering theives with portable scanners that can scan your credit card right through your wallet, jeans, etc.scary,

  • Gordon Leonard

    I'm sorry but I am not so sure of Playstations CEO's forthright comments. First they waited 2 days to even admit that they had an outage publicly. Then minimal info for the next 4 days before announced that they had been hacked. then 3 more days before they admitted they had been hacked sometime in the 3 days preceeding the wednesday evening that they took down the network. I know when I put my CC info on my account when I signed up for the PS network account and when I added my account to my 2nd PS3 in the house and when I agreed to their 2 recent TOS agreements lately that PSN required I verify my CC info to include the CVS number and experation date each time. I find it hard to believe that their claim that they do not collect and keep that info somewhere in their databases, very hard to believe them after they lost so much of our personal info. Even heard a news report that the hackers tried to sell the info to Sony, but was denied by the CEO of SCEA on the same day yesterday. Still no update from Sony at all today which is unusual as of late. I think something has them very nervous to make any comment publicly to any news networks or the consumers today. They are very worried over lawsuits right now.

  • Un biased

    What a load of shit Alan NG your full of crap you piece of shit telling the world the psn will be up this week end. Hang your head in shame, jerk, sony said nothing like that.

  • Judge Smails

    Well…it's the weekend and I still cannot sign into the PSN. Another thing, how are people blogging on the Playstation blog website when you have to be logged on to leave a comment? Just get this thing up and running already.

  • Jay jay

    Lol any one who actually entered there credit card on the psn are stupid!lol just run to the store and grab a playstation card like I do. Ahhhhhh haha idiots. Now cancel your cards and wait for new ones.

    • ur dad

      In regards to your ignorant statement about, ” someone who actually entered there credit card on the psn are stupid!lol “. did u ever stop & think that there may be other people N the world, that have jobs and don’t have the time.

    • aubrey

      ignorace is bliss ain’t it budy?

  • The answer

    Thats bs cuz i just checked to see if I can get online an NOTHING!!!!!! So the 30th yea right cuz its the 30th today and wheres the network?

  • The answer

    I guess unless you write something that this site likes they wont put the comment on! Like i said in the 1st blog, theres NO network still an its the 30th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • KayKayBabyGirl


  • Rc_cola34

    god man you think that one day your gonna play some ps3 i have been doing things all week got my hunters license yesterday and a gun its now been 11 days and for those who say go do something i live in utah and we just got like 4 or 5 inches of snow and the roads to the resort are closed and everything else is harder than hell to get to so wtf

  • Mark

    i still cant believe a website can just post such false info like this and get away with it…..its completely SAD! like i said this bullshit site needs to get fucked in the ass!

  • watchyaback23

    i think we should get the escalation map pack the same time X-BOX does anybody agree….. i mean pain and suffering…we should get a reward

  • JustWantToPlay

    Today is Saturday. It's not up yet.

  • JasonD1996

    It is Saturday now and still no online, OMG, plz just reliese online already, I can't tralk to my friends because they stay to far away and the only way I can is through online, lz , and also , we should get £15 on our ps store for our pain and suffering for this, plz, hurry :(

  • Maximus

    Said it was suppose to be on by this weekend and its still not up. WTF

  • Thomp123

    I think theyre should be a double or extra points system across games that do have this point system, thos who pay monthly for games to be online also refunding them is a good idea playstation everyone stop your whining, also because of the credit card scare sony should issue e-mails as soon as they find out if any data has been taken as it took a few days for them to send e-mails about who's account had details taken as this will decrease the risk of money being taken.

    I also think that because of this large 'no-play' time for the past week or so for online users there should be a week/few days of online discounts of certain games or patches as this will help the mood of the online players after having to deal with this long time of no online play. FAQ's also need to be tended to a lot more frequently by sony as this tough time will cause a lot of worry with the online community, as myself having recieved and e-mail from sony saying my details have been stolen i have lost some faith in the protection i will be recieving in the future, this means a small explanation of the precautions you have put in place to protect the network's users from being at risk like this again, for example i read about some niaveity in sony's faith on rogue PS3's after previously stolen software, no possibilities should be overlooked and we as faithfull PS3 users should be protected against all threats to our accounts and financial details.

    This would be very helpfull for all of us loyal to you

    Thank you for your help

  • chadman

    shoot, not yet. I got alot of stuff I need to do around the house tomarrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BORN_FREE226

    the weekend is ending fast ..!! ans stil the network is under going maintance … i would really like 4 psn 2 gives all 77 million users (A DATE AND TIME) please am tired of just turning it on and trying …..just bought my ps3 in feb. i aint really impressed yet all my buddys have exboxes and they are all still playing… so tell me why i dont just go get a exbox and throw the ps3 in the trash ???

  • david

    i have waited a while and still nothing. i cant even watch netflix

    • david

      i hope the compin sation is worth the wait

  • ALAN


  • Devil_Killer_831

    This is all fake!!! Is already the weekend and psn STIlLL doesn't work!!!!!!!

  • noah

    All of a sudden a monthly fee seems ok, Xbox here is come, Anyone wanna buy a PS3, 320gb HD, 4 pads and loads extra, its on ebay now, will do staight swap for xbox?

    • Tyler Auker

      Wow you sold out quickly

  • Komodo Dragon

    Because of the Bluray Player that's why, plus you cant get cheaper than free online membership albeit there nada at the moment…lol

  • Essexneil

    Bwaaaaa!!!! I haven't lost anything! I haven't been able to play free online! I haven't been able to sit indoors in a dimly lit bedroom on a warm sunny spring week staring at a bunch of pixels on a screen imagining I really am important because I can play a GAME better than some other hunched spotty geek! My life hasnt been ruined because Sony could not stop a group of very clever, very determined hackers who spend their lives trying to suck the fun out of life!


    For what? I don't know! But I want it anyway because like everyone else, I want something for nothing!

    Not because some drunk rear ended my car and left me in a wheelchair!
    Not because I have been blown to bits by an IED in some god forsaken country!
    Not because some drugs company produced some drugs that my mother took when pregnant and now I'm disabled!
    Not because some manufacturer developed a wonder material that turns out 30yrs later to be killing me very slowly!

    But……..because I can't play my games!!!!


    Grow up people!



    • Nospam

      Bwaaaaa!!!! I haven't lost anything! I have been FORCED to read other people complain! I have been able to sit indoors in a dimly lit bedroom on a warm sunny spring week staring at a bunch of pixels on a screen imagining I really am important because I can complain about some other hunched spotty geek complaining! My life hasnt been ruined because the internet could not stop a group of very clever, very determined complainers who spend their lives trying to suck the fun out of life!


      For what? I don't know! But I want it anyway because like everyone else, I want something for nothing!

      Not because some drunk rear ended my car and left me in a wheelchair!
      Not because I have been blown to bits by an IED in some god forsaken country!
      Not because some drugs company produced some drugs that my mother took when pregnant and now I'm disabled!
      Not because some manufacturer developed a wonder material that turns out 30yrs later to be killing me very slowly!

      But……..because PEOPLE are COMPLAINING!!!!


      Grow up people!

    • Farrell

      piss off, i payed for my playstation and all my games, i rarely bother with offline career mode or whatever, so no im not asking for something for nothing you fucking idiot i payed for many things i cannot temporarily use. but tbh if they actually just told us when it was going to be back on i wouldnt be as upset, i just keep hearing things whether its from genuine articles or rumours about when its coming back but its all fucking bullshit, even Sony said it would be back on today(tuesday) and it isnt, o and how surprising they havent even got the courtesy to tell us WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON. looks like another boring night playing my ps2

  • william

    doubl xp for 2 wks

  • Kobi Armstead

    Mann , if psn isn't up dis weekend ima b pissed…….i need to play black ops…Ima Beast……wen the network is back up add me kkillurmillion 23 …..i promise u , u WONT win

  • Kobi

    Sony needs to send out free Playstation Network cards

    • pedro

      hell yea

  • ItS IVIuRdA

    woooo psn iz comin bak online yeeeeeaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sam

    im soo happy psn iz goin bak on ALRIGHT!!!!!!!!!

  • Lunarautumn1

    You know what why don't people find out the facts before running your mouth OH PSN is free so don't complain well My PlayStation Plus membership WAS NOT FREE I paid for it and I can not use it so I will Bitch all I want!!!
    I PAID for a service I am NOT GETTING !!! SO SONY are you going to compensate all your Plus Members?
    So People find out all the facts before you go running it acting like you know what you are talking about. Because it just makes you look Stupid……..

    • Essexneil

      Ok ok so you paid! And what? someone stormed into your house at night and gave you cancer"??????? NO!!!……..Again….I repeat, for the really STUPID ones out there…..You can't play online for a few days!!!!

      GROW UP!!!!!! stop throwing your toys outta the pram kiddies.

      ITS NOT THE END OF THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!! There is life outside of your smelly bedrooms! Go outside, rub your eyes and see sunlight for a change, your not vampires, it won't kill you!!! Maybe, just maybe, this break will make the clever ones realise how much of their lives they are wasting in a virtual world and get a grip of themselves , realise it's just a GAME!! And play it occasionally instead of continually. For the stupid ones… Yeah fella! You rock! You are the dogs and you are so so so famous, known throughout the virtual world as one of the greatest gamers…………….whatever! Stare at the pretty pixels, frantically paddling at your controller, your obviously not that bright so it's probably the best, and safest place for you!



    • Dingo-Dile

      hear hear, ctr is the best game ever.

  • Anon#

    PSN still dead in the U.S
    Just so you know, most/all single player games gets outdated as of multiplayer games always brings something new to the table. Single player gets boring faster than multiplayer.
    Just as an example: Black Ops.
    Single player campaign players: 1 players
    Multiplayer (with possible dlc): 1000 players
    The ratio is never right but who's counting its an example. Do not flame me, I said example.
    However I also understand the single player games are much funner if you play a lot of games, 100 single player games and within those 100 games you do not know the story or anything and you want to play it to find out.

    @ Lunarautumn1
    I understand the conflicting issues at already being a psn plus member however seynolds has already told every psn account whether it be plus or not will get 30 days for free.

  • Essexneil

    Paid for a service……..mmmmmmmmm…….me stupid? I think not xx

  • Essexneil

    P.S. Hands up all those who clicked on the AGREE button when signing up for the online service?

    Check the wording of that agreement……….Sony reserves the right to pull the plug on online gaming whenever and for whatever reason they want……Permanently if they wish!…… stop the crying… agreed to it!!!!!

  • stacey

    they should throw in a couple of new maps on black ops for us

  • stacey

    how about some free maps on black ops

  • neal

    ill add ya pal n absolutely smash ya on black ops,,,if it ever comes back on lol,,,im the black ops daddy,,,,


      you sir are a f*g.


    F This Playstation….. I just want to play… Start doing your jobs and maybe this will be faster… Please……

  • crash

    omg another day down–wtf–maybe they should hire geohot to fix the problem

  • Gazza

    PlayStation Network (PSN): Outage Status Update – Online by Weekend

    YER right tell me another JOKE