Skydive: Proximity Flight – New Multi-Platform Game Announced

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I’m sure we’ve all heard of some rather unusual video games in our time, but I don’t think any of them are as unusual as Gaijin Entertainment’s recently announced Skydive: Proximity Flight game, which is inspired by the idea of human flight and the extreme sport of base-jumping.

As John2 over at recently noted, the Skydive: Proximity Flight game – which places gamers inside a wingsuit – will be available for a number of platforms and although supported platforms weren’t mentioned, we believe it will be for the Xbox 360, PS3 and Nintendo Wii.

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Using motion controllers, the game will enable players to fly through the air by simply manoeuvring their bodies and waving their arms. The Skydive: Proximity Flight game features realistic graphics, stunning aerial landscapes and precise sounds, as well as different characters and wingsuits.

The game enables players to either learn the mid-air tricks of professional skydivers, or perhaps invent some of their own. Players will also be faced with unpredictable weather conditions, which can impact their flight. The game features a number of game options including free flight and multiplayer.

Release date details will be revealed at a later date. Does Skydive: Proximity Flight sound like a game that would interest you?