PS3 owners may switch to Xbox 360 after PSN down

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The PlayStation Network continues to be down, as Sony are supposedly working on the service to make it more secure. We have had loads of comments from PlayStation 3 owners who have said they are even considering dumping the PS3 for an Xbox 360.

It looks like the downtime will continue into its sixth day and it is not only annoying for PS3 owners, but Sony must be losing plenty of money after all this time. Most of you won’t care about Sony losing some money, and will more concerned about getting back online and playing some games.

While gamers wait for the service to come back online we thought we would ask you our readers, if you are considering an Xbox 360. So tell us what you think and take part in our poll.

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  • mark

    People who would switch is stupid. I mean come on grow up. Xbox was down for two weeks before. Things happen and that's the greatness of technology, anything can happen.

    • Perry

      @mark. Yep. i've been an XBL member since the beginning of XBox. I experienced a number of offline episodes with it. I also have a PS3. This is nothing. Although, i might add that XBL have better customer service and in my opinion kept me informed if there was ever an online issue. As for the PS3, it didn't give me an ETA – they kept me in the dark on this situation.

    • Zac

      When was live down for 2 weeks? I used to be an xbox owner and never saw this in the 4 years I had mine. PS3 is the better system but I only switched to play online games with my real life friends so I may switch back just so I can play online games. The lack of info from sony is frustrating, not to mention the 1-2 day lie they told us

    • Mark

      no there not xbox 360 has better games and there online service is far better

      • clubzpenguincheats

        eh. then how about you get off this website. the 956 are complete idiots. ps3 and xbox have the same amount of games NOW ALL OF A SUDDEN evenyone wants to go to xbox BECAUSE ps3 is down. it hasnt even been a week. bet if xbox go down again for 2 weeks like it did in christmas 2008 everyone would stay. but i think its a good thing that people want to go to the xbox. IF PEOPLE WANT TO GO TO THE XBOX THEN YOU ARE PROVING PS3 TO BE THE BEST EVER. PEOPLE WHO ARE ON PS3 WANT TO GO TO XBOX SO QUICKY BECAUSE THEY ARE HARDCORE GAMERS. PEOPLE ON XBOX WOULD STAY ON XBOX FOR 2 WEEKS (2008). BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT HARDCORE GAMERS. SO WHAT IF I DONT MAKE SENCE. A hardcore gamer would know what im talking about

    • Gaystation

      "People who would switch is stupid" then you should have switched a long time ago, MORON!

    • TrulyAnon

      True, Xbox was down for two weeks, but this was many years ago and because of that Xbox improved their systems, it's been years since that incident and technology/security has developed to a newer level from that moment of time. Sony should have had a bettery security plan, and a back-up initiation plan incase something like this happened. It's 2011, they need to get with the times.

      Me, I've owned both, I personally love Xbox 360 over the PS3

    • Jon

      Xbox Live has never been down for 2 weeks!

    • Lienu

      It's not just about the PSN.

      It's also about Sony suing their own customers. If the PSN is worth suing customers over, shouldn't it be running then?

    • shawn gallan

      yeah, but at least they would give u some info… not leave u hangin for a week. not only am i gonna get the x-box, i will never buy a sony product again! u seem to b used to takin it dry, and thats ur problem.

      • THE FLASH




    • IP.G33K

      its all about trust

    • IP.G33K


  • John

    This is just stupid… Yes it sucks that the PSN is down, but honestly one week with out PS3..? Seriously, everyone's moaning about that?? Where were you when you didnt have a PS3? What about vacation? You dont have PS3 then…

    • brian

      yo yeah but i just got in a ranked clan a day before the outage how gay is that..

  • david

    ps3 down again this time for even longer kids are pxxixxss of with it and we seem to get no composaion for it

    • Flash

      How can you get compensation(thats how you spell it by the way)when PSN is free…unlike the x box version.

    • TrollsTrollingTrolls

      No compensation because you don't pay. We got compensation for our 2 weeks downtime at XBL because we pay for our service.

  • Darren

    dont talk bloody daft, i must have the brain of a 1 year old to make such an expensive hissy-fit decision no one would do that, xbox had its fair share of downtime in the past.

  • Paddy

    If your like depends so much on online multiplayer that you have to spend about £200 on an xbox just when psn is down for a few days, you have serious issues. These people need to go outside more often.

  • kingjk90

    I will never dump sony they make fantastic products that have never really had any problems unlike microsofts xbox 360 the ps3 has never had major breakdown problems or overheat problems unlike the 360 just because a load of idiotic hackers who obviously have nothing better to do than ruin everyone elses fun it may very well be sad to play psn but thats no reason to hack just because you dont like it your really sad stop hacking i do it but only silly things at school like change my backround thats about it.

    • Anonymous

      Yes the Xbox 360 does have many major breakdown problems and overheating problems but so does PS3 although not as much. If you keep your PS3 on long enough it too has overheating problems. The normal PS3 can last for a very long amount of time before overheating thanks to the design. The PS3 slim however has a smaller fan which decreases its effectiveness of its cooling abilities. Allowing a very smaller time frame for PS3 owners can play. I had a new Xbox 360 from Best Buy and about 2 and a half weeks after the warrenty expired i got the three red rings which is cause by an overheating problem to the insides of the Xbox. Here is a quote I found "The Xbox 360 breaks five times as often as its closest failure-prone competitor, the PlayStation 3, a print edition-only Game Informer survey found." As well as the percentage statistics "The poorly manufactured, red ring of death-prone console has a 54.2 percent failure rate, compared to 10.6 percent for the PS3." I must say this i am amazed at how Microsoft continues to lose money by this obvious flaw and not fix this problem. I have heard that instead of fixing this problem Microsoft has chosen to ignore it and build a Xbox 720. No doubt not far behind Sony will be launching a PS4 as the console wars rage on. So in a way anyone, who chooses to change to a worse console only because Sony has decided to fix a problem instead of ignore it, is an idiot.

  • mornelithe

    Why would I buy an Xbox? I have a gaming PC to compliment my PS3. Have no need for overpriced Microsoft paperweights.

    • Acme

      Well put…I been saying the same thing!

    • Kronos

      Same here PC beats Consoles anyday

    • A xbl. Fan

      Kids really grow a brain! The xbox system is ten times beter than any thing Sony could ever conjure in there minds. I think this thought of buying an xbox is highly

  • Alex

    Going from a PS3 with no PSN to a Xbox is a down grade anyway…… why would i want to switch to a Xbox?

  • nico

    night will never become day – xbox will never come close to ps

  • Stilloyal

    People seem to forget xbox live has gone down before

  • o0 THE ONLY 0o

    I have both consoles and have been playing my xbox while the PSN has been down.

    As a huge Socom fan I am rather disapointed that the outage took place on the day I bought the game but I dont mind waiting, if I did not have an xbox I dont think I would consider buying one just cause of the service outage, but as sony hasnt even specified the date in which the service will return it may put users in a situation where they would rather be playing something now, rather than waiting for a service that may take maybe even more then a month to fix, or maybe not at all.

  • logan

    na dnt be dumb guys dnt buy a Xbox do i wanna play like they do…just keep on waiting they better fixes it…man we need to rank up…(imm say's who Evey did this to us why cant they do the same thing t Xbox player u kno if we nt play they cnt play..

  • spudio72

    can u get a ps3 controller type that works on xbox

    • ps3 man

      no it is sad but it is easyer to use some how

    • Jordan


    • Slayer1o7

      no but you can buy a ps3 controller and buy an xbox 360 game that is for the computer and play with motion joy app

  • TWiZLER_

    I will never buy an Xbox and I don't see why people do. First off they don't last, no bluray? Also you pay for the system and the game then you have to pay to play online. What crap is that. Microsoft is too greedy. Also if you want to play any video format other than a DVD for instance an .avi file you have to be signed into live which costs money so my answer is HELL NO!!!

    • marhorn

      Mine has lasted longer than all my mates playstations. Why do I need bluray? I have Hd video streamed in 1080p wich thanks to anti aliasing looks better on the 360. You pay online because Microsoft secure my details…not like sony!

      You dont have to pay to watch .avi files……you just dont know what yoru talking about!

      Better controller….better games… that doesnt go down and leak everyones details…….Xbox 360 all the way

      The war is over GO HOME……Xbox won…….Master Chief kileld you!

  • :) -

    Sorry, if someone was to find another solution to gaming, i don't think they would pay around £600 for a decent gaming PC. Not all of us have a gaming PC. This article was not aimed at you personally.

  • burtmatthews

    This is an ridiculous question seeing as how the Xbox network has gone down for a solid week a handful of times since it's release.

    • Adam

      Some of these people are commenting that the Xbox 360 has gone down for a week or more before. If you are willing to make the claim then give the dates of when that occured. I have owned it since 2008 and have not seen it down for more than a handful of hours for updates. Maybe it has gone down for a long time prior to 2008. If it has give the dates and the source. If you can't then dont claim it guys.

      • mornelithe

        If you're unwilling to do the research, Adam, that's your problem. Ignorance is bliss, until someone hands you your arse in a discussion.

        • Panda

          LOL, Mornelithe, more likely you and your fanboyz are talking trash, You know how poor PS is doing right now? Its game over for it man. I cant rememerb exact figures, but the last figures realsed by Sont showed that it was out selling xbox by 2 to 1 or something, which is true, untill you read the small print that said that included PS2, PSP and PS3. Lol, sad.

  • playstation

    xbox is no were near as good as ps3 why would anyone consider buying an xbox

  • hazer79

    y wud i but a xbox 360 just because psn is down,i hate da fact dat microsoft charge £60 a year to play online even tho microsoft are 1 of da richest companys on da planet dey still tink its ok to charge ppl dat,if i buy a all of duty game it cost me another 60 euro to play it online!!!!!!
    psn is free cos dey kno dey hav twice as many customers as xbox and iv had ps1 ps2 n now ps3 i can tell u ill b 1st in line for ps4,xbox is so unreliable aswell my mate went true 7 consoles in 2 years!!!!!! sorry but my ps3 is better value 4 money

    • Jimmy

      Shut. The. Fuck. Up

  • XboxSucks

    To think Playstation users would just jump over to Xbox because the network is down is ridiculous and asinine. The 200+ people who voted yes on your silly little poll probably just asked mommy and daddy to buy them one so they could play black ops! You honestly think people are just gonna go out and buy an Xbox because the network is down for a few days? Thats like buying a new car just because your old one blew a tire. Dynamite journalism Gary.

    • BEAR

      couldnt agree more!!!

  • Mike

    I hope you realize that most of the people clicking "Yes" would most likely be XBox fans who do not own Ps3s just answering to skew results…

    • Lisa

      That was my first thought………

  • Tray Caddy

    With all the money I've spent on my PS3 it would be all for nothing to switch to Xbox.

  • Krayzie_95

    dnt move to Xbox..just fixes it n stay.. :)

  • Michael mcgettrick

    I can wait for Sony to get it right. I have a PC and a Wii and Ipod Touch and Board Games. So a week or two isnt that long. Plus I've had 2 Xboxes( lost 8 mos. of Xbox online service) that burned me…including a Slim and Sleek Black one. So I will patiently wait for Sony and their free service.

  • cosmic1231234

    i agree, alltho the network is down i dont feel that microsoft is the better choice. You hafto Pay to use it.!
    that shows that microsoft only want money from us ( end user ). while the PSN is free.
    Microsoft here is alittle Tip, if you allow players to use the Xbox online free, Like all other games and Windows ect you will get alot more $$! But thay dont think of that do thay :p lol

    • Struggle

      I don't mind paying $2.91 a month for a service that is going to be up..I never pay full price for the XBL cards I usually get them for around $35. It's well worth it. Even if I did pay the $60 at least the service works. I have my PS3 for exclusive titles like Resistance, which I hope the PSN will be back up in time for Resistance 3 or I'm going to be pissed!

  • DFD

    It is quite annoying but i love ps3 better than xbox 360/kinect.! but here is somthing for ps3 games: please please please PLEASE bring back driver 3 and Grand theft auto San andreas!!!!!!! Write?

  • hadouken

    Get your shit together Sony.

  • lee

    why would we buy a x box because of some pricks out there who hacked playstation network anyway ps3 is a lot better than the x box …. x box is a load of crap

  • Siknakedmik

    xbox can lick my balls

  • Firebat

    Cough "fanboy" cough

  • john

    Why would I pay monthly for Xbox?

  • X ps3 player….

    Already traded in ps3 for xbox today…

    • Taaz

      luccky, i just traded xbox for ps3 back in octobre and regret every moment of it, soo now if i told my mom i wanted too trade ps3 in for xbox shell say no buut she can fall for things easily,, soo help me make an excuse ? :D

    • xtoxiikHD

      where? lmao

  • 123

    PS3 network is free, play some games and get some trophies, maybe go outside and talk to a girl. No way will I switch to pay for online play with xbox.

    • lance morrissss

      I LIKE IT!!!

  • Jon

    I appreciate the fact that Sony is taking their time in making the PSN more secure. I will never switch to Microsoft and the red rings of death. Sony for life!

  • locomoteeve

    In other news SEGA just announced a Next Generation Console

  • craig

    why would i want an xbox 360 when the ps3 has so much to offer for free. I would never consider swapping over no matter how long it takes to resolve this situation!

  • lew


  • Mario_Maserati

    NO WAY!!!
    PS3 is awsome and will continue to be.
    Sony can take a month to rebuild PSN, I don't care.
    The more time they take the more secure it will be in.

  • o[pi

    I like to watch blurays. Buying an xbox is like buying a beta recorder

  • guest

    The paperweight is the ps3 that is currently useless. This is not the first time they have had network issues either. This would not happen to the Xbox because you subscribe to Microsoft's network.

    • guest

      subscribing to it doesn't mean it can't happen anyone can be hacked.

  • pik

    Already have both…didn't even notice PSN was down.

  • g max

    not moving to an inferior console because of one week off, psn is free, rarely has problems and is a good service.


    I wouldn't get an GAYBOX 360 since the PSN downtime right now would be the equivilant of me not paying for the xbox online service . So im still loving the free online I can w8 . Time is money :p

  • Blaze

    Who wants a junk box anyway. Sony rules and I live and breath Sony….they will get this settled and I hope they find the culprits and bring them to justice.

  • Tim

    im so burnt!!! was looking forward to playing some call of duty! i hope they hurry up before i get paid! because im geting a xbox if its not up and good bye ps3!

  • David

    I would never buy an xbox even if PSN was down for a year!

  • Draxism

    While it sucks that it is down, I don't know why anyone who did not already like X-Box 360 and who was looking for an excuse to buy it would jump ship over this. It's a FREE service to Sony gaming system owners. If you wanna pay for a service like X-Box Live that could potentially be taken down for days just as easily, please feel free.

  • m johnson

    never had any problem with ps3 but my xbox 360 been repaired 3 or 4 times that about 6 to 8 weeks of down time.i think people can wait for ps3 network to come back on line.

  • MetalBandit

    I bought my xbox 360 last year in March because Rockstar had given into making the exclusive Liberty City stories in 2009 paying Rockstar to sell out on it's loyal playstation players, when I bought the xbox I didn't know anything about it at the time, primarily the fact that you had to pay to play online. I had soley bought the xbox just so I could play those two addtional Liberty City story games not knowing that Rockstar was finally going to release the playstation version just one month after I bought the xBox talk about being pissed off. I went ahead and did the two stories got them done in a matter of a few days, then tried the online games deciding to just pay for one month of online gaming, there was never anyone on there because everyone else had already been playing on there over the past year, so that was a waste of what $7.99 or something. After the playstation version got released at the end of april last year I bought that, and gave the xbox version to my stepson and I haven't played anything on the xBox since. Reasons why I don't like xBox, or at least the xBox 360 elite that I bought end of last march. 1) No built in wireless, 2) No Blu-Ray, 3) Have to pay to play online, 4) Graphic clarity is worse than playstation, 5) They created a 3D avatar that you can't do anything with, like you can on the playstations network (Home) so why did they bother with that. My Playstation 3 is one of the original 60G ones that I bought about one year after the first line of them became available. I mean the very first series has the blu-ray, as well as the built in wireless, and you get to play for free online plus you have (Home) so why the hell would anyone even want an xBox anyways?

  • klatu

    I own both and could not be happier (PS3 and 360, and shiny new Alienware Aurora ALX). If only I didn't work full time I could actually enjoy them! Although I must say, this outage is concerning, as its the first mass service disruption caused by hackers that I can recall.
    mornelithe-why would you buy an xbox? Because REAL gamers own every system. Fanboys whine about the other, because they only have one. You have no need for MS paperwieghts? Hope your PC is running Mac OS lest you be hypocritical!

  • antonio

    @ microsoft, if I give u my PS3 will you give me a brand new Xbox? fare deal no? actually you'll be the ones gainig since users gotta pay a bill to play online? correct? if u want to get some customers this is your chance I guess, i bet you thers a few that would turn in there PS3 for an Xbox lol, they are on withdrawl so it opens a spot

  • Konrad M.

    Why would i buy an xbox, ill just wait for pin to go back up in a couple of days

  • Erewhon

    Pay for access on what is basically an out of date PC? No thanks.

    Plus it doesn't run GT5 so no use to me even if it was any good.

  • Tyler

    People claiming to jump ship at the slightest hiccup is not uncommon. It's a knee jerk reaction when something unexpected happens, and they don't like it. Six months from now they'll still have the PS3 and barely recall the time they were forced off the couch.

  • guest

    The 360 people had to give out a free game when their network went down too. It's not like this is has never happened before to any other system.

  • Tony

    Why on earth would any sane person buy an Xbox 360???

  • supergunner14

    i have both consoles so not really to fussed about it,however i do have a playstation plus 90 day trial and i hope the days its been down are reimburst

  • walshi

    i had xbox first then switched to ps3 then my ps3 broke 3 weeks later i bought a ps3 slim on my birthday and that is when it went down but anyway ps3 rules sony rules c'mon sony take your time as the more time the more secure

  • Drew

    ….honestly? I have gotten a lot more yard work done over the last five days.

  • Micheal Stevenson

    It will take up to a month to fix this problem

  • Steveb00701

    To those saying we should get compensation, sort your lives out! It's a free service. Why would Sony offer anyone money or freebies because a free feature, through no fault of there own breaks? It's within there interest to fix it asap as they're the ones losing money.

  • Elmo

    Theres no need to buy a xbox. ps3 and xbox are the same,graphics are identical and they run just the same.. what makes a xbox and ps3 different is just the features that are included. Don't forget that xbox 360 went down for two weeks around the time halo 3 was launched if i remember correctly. it just proves that xbox has faults in there system to as well as the playstation!. iv owned a playstation since they first released the playstation and iv been a loyale customer to sony for many years. this gives all the people that are constatntly gaming a time to go out get some sun, relax with your family and your friends. God luck sony hope you sort everything out soon :D!

  • Rodger

    Na I wouldnt buy an Xbox just because PSN is down for a week, that's ridiculous!

    Financially you're far better off getting a new game that you can play offline for a week and there's plenty of good ones out there, and I guarantee you've missed some absolute classics that are cheap on the second hand market

    I recommend Far Cry 2, Crysis 2, Killzone 2 and 3, Aliens vs Predator and if you haven't played all of them you could get the Call of Duty games you're missing. Add to that Red Dead Redemption and Resi 5 and there's plenty of offline gaming available for shooting fans.

    If you're willing to think outside the box, grab an RPG like Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, Dragon Age or Dragon Age 2, and Demon's Souls is supposed to be amazing too. Any of those 5 would last you well over a month of offline fun.

    Games like Dead Space 1 and 2, Assassins Creed 1, 2 and 3 and Heavy Rain are also top notch.

    And if you have every single one of those 22 games AND have completed them all then I suggest Gran Turismo 5 or any EA sports game. No matter how far you go those games are basically eternal, as you can buy an endless number of different cars and race them to your heart's content, and between Fifa, Madden, NHL, NBA and Tiger Woods the career modes go for as long as you have interest, and there are plenty of different teams to play as.

    Dont pay a couple hundred for a new console, just buy a new game!

  • Whiteboy

    This is the price we pay for free online gaming & we would NEVER dump our PS3`s for a 360 SCREW THAT!!! PS3 for life!!!!

  • antonio

    lol they didn't appove my proposal… then my answer is no for XBOX :)

  • Serge

    I have both so i really dont care. both are great and at the end of the day im able to do the same thing on both consoles…If anything i would dump both system and get me a gaming pc…

  • Greycloud007

    To start I am no fanboy, i own all current gen consoles and they all havetheir good and bad points.

    and too be honest i don't play many PS3 games online as it takes too long to find a game, i only use PSN for adhoc party and downloading games and DLC.

    I'd rather pay for an online service which guarantees you a game, this is why i turn to the 360 for online play

    You get what you pay for! and with sony you pay nothing…..

  • The Future of Sega

    You know what the funny thing is: everyone is whining about how the psn is down and how they have nothing to do but no one has talked about hanging out with girls and moving on with their lives. Seriously if you would rather sit around and pout about a video game online service being disconnected for 5 days, instead of going about and enjoying other things…you have problems.

    If you don't like Sony then DON'T buy their products anymore. When PS4 arrives just don't get it! It's that simple guys. Let try to be mature about this. There are far greater things to be concerned about than this…like the rising gas prices.

  • Spartan3196

    Switch? Your F-ing kidding me better to be down than have to buy a 360 and then also buy live ($50)

  • Duncan

    I got myself a new PS3 2 weeks ago after owning the xbox 360 since December 2006. I have been very impressed with the system and that is before I have even played online. Microsoft have far more problems on their system, including constant hacking (from the players and the enforcement teams) and unnecessary and hidden debit card charges. I'm not even going to get into my awful experiences with xbox live. Why would anyone downgrade to an xbox 360? The only reason I got the xbox is because my PS2 smashed on the floor, I saw Saints Row and the PS3 wasn't out at the time; MISTAKE!. How wrongly I loved and promoted that console.

    People need to remember the experience Sony has in the games history. Nothing is perfect and problems arising for any company are inevitable. As Soichiro Honda said "success represents the 1% of your work which results from the 99% that is called failure." People just need to be patient and not get worked up about this. Relax and calm the kerplunk down :). And much respect to Norio Ohga!


  • Hyakujo

    Personally i am not that bothered about the service being down for a while but if Sony is not able to keep my bank details and personal information secure then i could go of my PS3 really rapidly.

  • spaceranger23

    Yeah shout out to see demon and me spaceranger23 psn is down an they need to fix it …x box sucks still to me an ill never swicth …see you online guys lol hit you with a limbo!!!!!

  • Shane Doyle

    I didn't play my ps3 a lot anyways, but it's a tad annoying that its just happened to go down over the easter holidays…oh well Gears of War 3 beta…

  • DAZ

    Hmmm PS3 vs XPANTS wonder what the score will be?Ps3 got Google-YES XPANTS-NOOO PS3 got blue ray-YES XPANTS-NOOO PS3 wireless-YES XPANTS-NOOO PS3 can i use to put stuff on my phone-YES XPANTS-NOOO PS3 can i play PS2 games-YES XPANTS can i play games from the old XBOX-NOOO PS3 did sony come up with the eye toy first and microsoft copied the idea with the kinect-YES PS3 can i video chat-YES XPANTS-NOOO PS3 FREE online gaming-YES XPANTS-NOOO PS3 do we have a place where i can interact with other gamers and play games with my avatar-YES XPANTS-NOOO PS3 sixasis-YES XPANTS-NOOO PS3 got GT5 KILLZONE and other awesome games that are only PS3 worthy-YES XPANTS-NOOO PS3 did sony come up with the idea of playstation move then microsoft copied AGAIN-YES PS3 can i watch tv shows that were recently on tv-YES XPANTS guess what-NOOOO PS3 can i link my PSP to my PS3-YES XPANTS-OOPS i forgot microsoft doesnt even have a handheld gaming console.Well what do you know seems PS3 has absolutly kicked XPANTS ass.There are plenty of other things that you can do on a PS3 but the score board has gone into overdrive and cant keep up must be made by microsoft.What will microsoft do to keep up with sony OHHH YEAH they will COPY sony.

  • ps3 man

    dose any1 know how long ps3 online gonna be for its p*ssing me off so much

  • WhiteWolf

    I have owned my ps3 since it came out and I am telling you i had have not one problem since i bought it. 600 was worth the money. I love the network, the neflix, blueray, Its very own web browser plus all the extras like home FREE ONLINE use and its playstation store.
    I Dont mind Sony working hard to get this problem fixed and so shall the rest of you players who voted you are going to buy a XBOX. Even though it could be xbox fans just clicking the yes option.


  • marc crozier

    i bet it was microsoft hacked sony, because about 3-5 days before the crash microsoft advertised free xbox live gold membership for 1 week, this week. it ends tonight (monday) if psn is back online in the next 1-3 days it willl seem very suspicious for microsoft, plus this aint the first time microsoft have tried to sabotage sony, there was when they bribed game producers to only give xbox DLC for certain games. this is just another reason why microsoft should just ….. bugger off

  • dumbass

    this is a stupid uh, review?. i would never switch from my ps3 just because a few days of down time and especially if its to increase the security. i rather sacrifice a few days with no online play not a few weeks of no gaming because of rrod (talking from experience) 6 TIMES so yeah no u fail buddy

  • Carter

    I really couldn't care less about PSN being down for only a week. Heck, it means I can play some singleplayer games that I haven't touched (Heavy Rain) what does it matter.

  • Guest

    I am selling my psshit3 on eBay this week and will buy an xbox! I just want to play the black ops!

  • louie

    we should get 50bux onto our account when it comes back on

  • Too cool to show

    i like potatoes (:
    andd ps3 ftw, although i got it around christmas and had a ps2 for around 2 yrs before tht, sony has been great!!! i also have a 46" tv from Sony and have 3 Sony Ericsson phones. <3 ITS SO RELIABLE!!! like srsly, xbox = death within a yr. sony = death within a decade. stuff the xbox, they prob caused this becos they wanted to have more customers, i presume (i joke its a stoopid idea!!) anywayss stuff xboxx go PS3!!! thumbs up if u agree, oh wait this isnt utoobe dw.

  • Lori

    Awww, how am I going to shoot some zombies on Red Dead Redemption? =( Ah well…I'll wait this out! With technology, anything can happen!

  • Amir

    God these console war flame bait articles are getting so f**king old.

  • taz

    No I will never buy a $box 360 ever. I have all playstations 1 2 &3 and all still work just fine.
    I really don't know why so many people are so bent out of shape over PSN being down.
    Ask yourself these questions. Does your ps3 still work? Yes/ can you still play your games? Yes
    Can you still watch Netflix? Yes. Can you still watch DVD& blueray? Yes.
    Does $box have blueray? No. Do you have to pay to play on $box? Yes.
    Does $box have GT5? Or the Move? NO!!!!
    So take your time fixing this lil snag Sony.
    For all we know someone form moneysoft might of had something to do with it.

    Think about it……..

  • now sony hater

    The reason I would consider swapping to XBOX now is because sony are the most incompetent useless un-helpful piles of shit……. all you have to do is look at there updates on whats played out….. No one knows when it will be back up and lastly if i pay top dollar for a gaming device that I can't do what I like with then they shoud go and fuck themselves…… you see microsoft whinging and crying cause someone modified there shit… NO…… I NOW HATE SONY FOR THERE LACK LUSTER EFFORT THEY CALL SUPPORT AND SERVICE!!!

  • henry

    wow if you want to pay $200 on a xbox because u cant go a week without playin online u got issues

  • Lance morrisss

    Get'em Ps3 Fans.! All those "oo i've got both systems" are just as bad as the knifing system in the Call of Duty games. So we lost connection to online. . Ehhh, im sure o' Jimbob in Florida can wait to talk to Susie in Canada for a wee bit longer. Yes we've gotten hit hard specially the Teens like myself on spring break. Being an obsessive compulsive Gamer, or the Casual Weekender your still upset with the ordeal. Sony has a crack in the windshield, instead of fixing the crack they ordered a total new windshield from the JaJa Mountains. (Like the lil' analogy there)
    The point being, Psn will be back and when it is it shall have less lag, less freezing. People forget about complaining and the time it takes to fix it. Yes they've got to rebuild what they loss, but their also probably doing additional things as well, like updating to new faster servers for better online relations. Sooo hang on my proud PS3 Gamers.!!!!

  • Lance morrisss

    Get'em Ps3 Fans.! All those "oo i've got both systems" are just as bad as the knifing system in the Call of Duty games. So we lost connection to online. . Ehhh, im sure o' Jimbob in Florida can wait to talk to Susie in Canada for a wee bit longer. Yes we've gotten hit hard specially the Teens like myself on spring break. Being an obsessive compulsive Gamer, or the Casual Weekender your still upset with the ordeal. Sony has a crack in the windshield, instead of fixing the crack they ordered a total new windshield from the JaJa Mountains. (Like the lil' analogy there)

  • clutch

    SSmh @ u Sony fanboy cheap bastards. I own both. Besides the blu ray and free laggy internet svc Wtf does ps do better than ms. I rather pay for something that works than to have aome free laggy sh#t that gets intruded by hackers…. fn suckers

  • Gillesssss

    Heres what happened: Someone found a way to retrofit the firmaware where the
    ''Install other OS" option was availible , but it gets better… He was actually able to reformat his console into a DEVELOPER class firmware , wich is never under surveyance or "scan" as u make different operations online psn… Such as buying games with a fake credit card number. ( this is a long story short)

    Right now sony is probably rebuilding security as well as making sure that everyone inside an outside will be clean to log in, meaning no custom firmware going back up online when itll be ready to

  • Justin

    Hellll noooo , there wont be any need of switching. Xbox sucks so bad , people are complaining about psn being down well if you switch to xbox it will probably be even worst because xbox systems do not last long , its rare for an xbox to last more than 2 or 3 years , ive had my ps3 since it came out and i havent had one problem

  • VermillioN

    All of you people must be poor or something, complaining about paying these prices for things. Get a real job like me so you can spulge on another console while the other sits there and fails (both consoles can take turns at doing this when the time comes, at least I have two) and people dont play games on the PC, neckbeards arent counted as productive humans.

  • regularjoeblogs

    XBox run of decent games has dried up, Gears3 is a borefest. PS3 is where gaming is today. Why would I switch because of a few days downtime?

    Xbox Live was down for 15 days a couple of years back…. PSN has been rock solid for a very long time.


      r u fukin high ps3 has been going down for months i used to be a fanboy but now i dont give a shit, i want wats best and to tell you the truth u get wat u pay for, i dont hav the money for xbox+live, so i have to settle

  • spike

    i might sell my 1985chevy s10 v6 4×4 just get an xbox

  • José

    You guys suck…I mean really u pay 300$ + for the system and games and DLC and then Sony expects us to wait patiently for who knows how long! I would rather go trade in my ps3 and convert to xbox because at least they have good reliable service!…

  • J.M

    X box … Never I love my ps3..

  • LiquidCake86

    I have been an xbox user for a number of years now, and I have never experienced the network to be down. I dont mind paying £30 a year to subscribe for online content, because it's RELIABLE! I was happily gaming online last night while you ps3 'owners' were doing what…? NOTHING! hahahaha

    • Lisa

      ummmm why are you on here commenting if you ve a xbox?? now run along little boy back to your xbox while i go out and enjoy my day :L yeah i ve a ps3 but there's more to life than gaming.

  • MattyBoy

    No, there are other things to do other than gaming, how about going out? Why would you even be worried if it's down , you're playing online with friends? so if it's down for a few days just go out , ps3 or any computer games console isn't the biggest priority by a long means, I admit i go on for a few hours a night probably daily, but It's not the be all and end all, I'm sure I can live without it for a while, and if people can't and have to go to all the trouble to get an xbox . they sorry but they have issues :)

  • Gazza

    Nothing in this world would make me buy a X-BOX the games cost a nough as it is with out paying more to play online i use to play online on my pc but even that started to cost me a lot of money with having to up grade my graphics card then to find when the next best game came out again you would have to up grade your graphics card again or at least some thing. At least with SONY you get every thing you wont with the machine with ONE of pay ment no extras to to get online and the graphics card will play all games plus no extra cost to play online.Why would you go out and buy a X-BOX plus having to kick out £60 a year extra on top of your broadband when you can have it FREE just because you pay does not make it safer theses HACKERS know what there doing so i dont think money can stop them you only have to look at microsoft for that.

    • matt

      can see why your on ps3 .60 pound for live for a year where do you shop you can get it for 30. have been on xboxlive for 5 years its never been down more than a day and that has been sheduled.
      as for blue ray i can buy a blue ray player for 60 quid online.
      i want to play games on a games console not listen to music watch films or look at internet.
      iv,e got the proppper equipment for that im not dissing the ps3 .
      in my view live is well worth the money


    the only reason i have heard that a PS3 is better than Xbox is blueray.
    is THAT it?
    face it girls, since the day the PS3 was hatched it was NEVER as good as the xbox.
    there are almost 50 million PS3 out there and xbox will out sell the PS3 on a multiplatform release. which tells me that a PS3 is only good for movies, and who wants to buy terminator 2 for another $40 to have it on blueray? please see vgchartz Modern warfare, MW2 sales between the 2 consoles. then look at Halo 3 ODST sales, arguably one of the worst halos, and then look at killzone 2, halo ODST CRUSHED IT!!!

    $600 for a system that was, at best, equal to the xbox is the modern day version of the neogeo.

    LOOK I AM A XBOX GUY, BUT THE WAY YOU SONY GUYS COME OUT WITH “XBL was down for 2 weeks” is a weak come back.
    i had live for a few years and it NEVER went down, unless it was for scheduled maintaince and i had weeks of emails from XBL letting me know that!

    I heard you guys crying that so i googled it and not even google could find it, so i thinks you guys are trolling.
    what i THINK you guys are refering to is the time it was HARD to get onto XBL, it wasnt down it was having problems, i was still able to play, just took forever to get a game.
    and BTW….
    Microsoft gave us a free game for the troubles we had.
    Sony is willing to part with……?

    face it girls, theis is the second time in 2 monnths a hack has caused the network to crash, and last year feb 29 caused it to crash!!
    PSN is a fail, its free, but still a fail!!!
    so what is is going to take for you PS3ers to realize that your network is, at best, horrible? it gets hacked every couple months! how many credit cards are gonna have to be stolen for you to ask sony to “STEP ITS GAME UP”, to use there term!

    “it only does everything?”
    except keep hackers off the network and keep gamers gaming!

    worst part is people that payed for the service are getting and extention to a beta game!

    • Gillessssss

      The only reason that xbox is better is that they actually develop the games , and testing it on the xbox console… The rest of your arguments worth shit… U had xbos for three years means that total for your console conrollers games mic etc… PLUS your yearly fees to play online.! Buddy ur well over total cost compare to ps3 and u dont. Even play blue rays!! Lmao! Just stay and pay for a multibillion dollard company that sells shitty Unfinished Hardware (Melting Xbox) And software (windows… Omg did i just say that lmao) that makes u pay to test their shit out! Dont talk about getting hacked man Seriously!! Windows has more backdoors that anything else!!

    • Fiendz

      Get stuffed, I brought Terminator 2 Bluray. As would any movie fan wanting to see arnold’s ass in HQ.

  • Lisa

    i miss the ps3 online gaming but i would never go and buy a xbox jus because of this as i am a dedicated ps3 fan and all the years i ve been online sony ve provided a great free online service.Yeah they are having some issues right now but these things happen whats a week or even a month without online gaming?its not the end of the world.My ps3 is staying put it ain't going NO where and never will so as for getting a xbox NO CHANCE :L

  • guest

    nope luvssssssss my ps3

  • TalPav

    I like fps do you?

  • Guest

    The thing that pisses me off the most is that Sony won't give any updates!!

  • Ryan

    this is unacceptable i pay a monthly fee for dc universe online and now what am i paying for. I owe and x box and ps3 so im going to be buying x box games in the future not ps3 unless they come u with some free downloads for compensation

  • Ryan

    How can you say the service is free lol 300 ps3 70 dollar games 50 dollar controllers 30 dollar headsets plus an internet provider downloadable content like map packs and any other accesories you may have… the service is far from free

  • joe

    If you were all smart you would be complaining as well if people are saying ahh its ok that its been down for a week then your basically inviting them to do it again in the future. as well as the fact that if everyone was upset and demanding compensation they might actually get some. I was going to buy socom 4 and now will continue to play cod.

  • josh

    it is quite sad that people can't have their PS3 for a few days, they need to go and get a life. And it has only been 6 days and people are saying they are going to change, wow that is what you call sad!

  • julian

    i would never switch to xbox, ps3 is the best console on the market in my opinion, and with that being said nothing is perfect and their will be flaws… sony will get it fixed, although it is annoying and has been 6 days, but it is for the better… hopefully, i am a true ps3 fan.

  • Evan

    when was the last time xbox live
    came down what maybe the original 1.0 v
    servers yes there already down because they
    were costing them money so what
    at least ur paying for security and not a
    black oval box that over heats and explodes
    in ur face

  • Gillessssa

    By the way the ps3 As more potential
    ! Main reason y people tried to jailbreak the thing

  • glitterandguns

    no matter how long the platsation network is down i would NEVER ever waste my money on a xbox. Sorry but ive seen to many of my brothers 360 units and his mates get the red ring of death and never work again and watched them spend countless amounts of money re buying the units only to have it happen over and over, my bro is on his 4th xbox now and he is more keen on my ps3 than his unit, he has left his paid account expire and does not think to highly of re newing it. and big wow the people who took the network offline might have my home addy or phone number, i pray for them to come to my door so i can pound their maggot faces in :)

    Even with the fact that my credit card details have possibly been stolen it still doesnt change my mind, its a damn shame thats for sure and i would rather it didnt go down like that but ive cancelled my card and have a new one being sent out to me.

    Xbox is a rip all the way you think bill gates needs any more money hes one of the richest people in the world yet he makes people pay for something as simple as online play.

  • 360 gamer

    Ha all calling xbox . I switched to xbox and find it a lot better ye you pay but in my opionion you pay for what you get obviously you are all biased don't knock it til you have tried it . Since I have been on xbox it hasn't gone down once . Plus I have played both and one thing about ps3 is the pad is crap but you will only realise after playing with xbox pad for few weeks. One last thing I can't believe your defending Sony and all your bank details have been robbed if that was me I would be fumin and f**k em off streight away well I'm going for a blast on xbox live ha ha

    • James

      well said!

  • marhorn

    Halo Reach!

    • mornelithe

      I'm actually not a Halo fan, not that it's terrible or anything, I was just playing other FPS' on PC, that simply offer a variety of better features. Unreal (the original) was an extremely well-established and community supported multiplayer deathmatch style game when it came out, and MoH: Allied Assault, Breakthrough, Spearhead, Call of Duty 1: United Offensive and Call of Duty 2, were all still extremely popular titles (also equally heavily supported by the player community).

      More recently there are games like S.T.A.L.K.E.R : Call of Pripyat, and Arma 2 that're simply astounding games. While the graphics are indeed much better than the consoles, the real goodies come with their physics engines, environmental effects, particle physics, realism, and complexity. Not necessarily everyone's bread and butter, I know, but I love the hell out of those games.

  • Ps3owner

    you know im just gona buy an xbox 360 controller and black ops for pc to play it online then you have the feeling that ure playing on xbox so why trade youre ps3 in if you have a good gaming pc =s that's just the dummest thing you can do ;f

  • smokeweeed

    just came back from selling my ps3 and getting xbox…xbox is pretty good now that i had the money to buy it and try it for the first time online!!! black ops=0 seee ya losers wit your ps3 with no online

  • Loser

    Damn..forget buying an XBOX….they sux!!
    But I'd have to thank the hackers…partially…for the down time!!….since then I've been out hanging with my Girlfriend and taking her out more than usual!!…
    ….now geeze guys!!…get off your gaming addiction and do some socializing instead of being frustrated over nothing to do!!….Bwahahah!!

  • Stormkeeper

    I don't feel the need to buy a 360, because my friend already has one… even then, I couldn't afford to buy a 360 and games anyway, not that I'd want to. Of course, even if my friend didn't have one, I wouldn't feel inclined to spend the 300-odd quid for the setup :|

  • biglamb

    I think there will be some changes. I mean there are already lawsuits being files against Sony because of the intrusion. Keep in mind that though XBL went down as well it wasn't a hack of this magnitude. People are switching over because the network id won but because of the security implication. I can't blame anyone that does make a switch, in my opinion its probably a safe move after this latest Sony debacle.

  • Panda

    LOL, Liten to all you PS fanboyz. Xbox live wind PSN hands down in every department, well except that the PS3 is technically better, but they cant evem do a better job with better hardware. Guys, give it up already. PS3 is old crud, even nintendo are handing it to you now. Home = LOL.

  • Hecto

    Here it is! PS3 is an awesome system! I’m a big guy and I hate the small ass controllers. Xbox system breaks too dang much. It sucks, but the controller is perfect! Put an xbox controller on a ps3 and i am sold, but throw psn in the trash. XbL is much better. Sorry…. its the truth. Get what u pay for, psn + free = s**t.

  • xtoxiikHD

    this comments hacked if u thumb it up

  • xtoxiikHD

    My comment is hacked if u thumb up it

    • xtoxiikHD


  • LOVEallGamingSystems

    DONT SWITCH.. wow its only a week! RELAX! ITS gonna be ok… for ppl like me that likes all systems.. i dont care about microsoft or blah blah.. im a true gamer i like ALL GAMES on ANY systems. play offline get trophies. its gonna be back.. BUT for some ppl that dont have a wii or xbox360.. just a ps3 .. yea i kinda feel you on not gaming online you get kinda lonely. need to socialize lol.

    and ppl stop saying "go a book" I DONT READ BOOKS.. I DONT BE OUTSIDE 24/7 after i go outside for 3 hours then go inside then wat? WE ARE GAMERS!! we play games lol. think about .after a long day from work .. u think i wanna read a book or go outside? noooo!!!

  • david robinson

    Not happy with sony. and yes, i have traded in my ps3 for an xbox. i didnt hesitate. its not just about gaming, its about fraud, identity theft, and the fact sony allowed these idiots access to ALL MY DETAILS !! in my eyes, the damage has been done and this shouldnt have been allowed to happen in the first place. so offering "freebies" as a "were sorry all your details were nicked, however heres a free game" just doesnt cut it for me, thats why i have now sold my ps3 and got money for it whilst its still worth a few bob. sorry sony, but youv lost a load of loyal customers (like me) and you will never recover from this, no matter what you offer to your customers.

  • silent_knight91

    lol u ppl are babies…theres no evidence that anyones info has been used in a fraudulent way, and since they dont have the CVC there's only so much they can do with the info.
    As far as the names and adresses well u can go thru a phonebook and get that…im sure when the PSN comes back on this week (which im pretty sure it will) ppl are gonna feel stupid for switching to another system just because they couldnt play online for a few days…who gives a f***…
    play single player,get some trophies, go outside..get some p* just stop actin like its the end of the world just because SONY had an unforeseeable breach of security just as MANY big companies have, even branches of gov't including U.S. Dept of Homeland Security….shit happens, bein a baby and switchin consoles wont do anything IF ur info got in the wrong hands…

    but o well…hope u guys enjoy ur 360s and whatnot -_-

  • Matthew Chapple

    Sony need to be shocked into actually doing something. The only way to hit them where it hurts is their profit margin. I am heavily considering switching to a Xbox after the release of information suggesting it will be down for 26 more days until the 31st of May.

    They provide no information to us, no updates, no eta, no what they are working on. Why should we stick around if they can't be bothered with us?

  • dark

    People are actually mad because some are switching to xbox360, lol!!! why do you people care? it's not your business, if they want to switch, then that's their business.

    PSN is down, so how does playing on live a downgrade? the fact is, psn is down and xlive is'nt, so it's logical that some would switch to the working service.

    Also, for all you people saying, there's more to gaming than online, what? this gen of console's was designed for online play, that's where you get the most value from your game's now day's, the developer's definitly develope their game's focused on the online play.

    So, if online is'nt important to you, then why are you here? stop being fangirl's, if someone want's to switch, then what is it to you? i myself have'nt switched, but if i did, would it affect you? i don't think so.
    You people are actually getting upset, you are actually, saying bad thing's about the 360, as if it will scare ps3 gamer's off from buying a 360, i have to tell you, i does'nt and will not work, so stop with the fanboy comment's.