Nintendo Wii 2: More ‘Project Cafe’ Rumors Surface

By Tina Chubb - Apr 22, 2011

We’ve heard a number of rumors surrounding Nintendo’s next generation Wii console – codenamed ‘Project Café’ – over the past week or so, including a report that suggested the device would be announced during the E3 event and another claiming that it would be more powerful than the Xbox 360 and PS3.

There’s even been a report suggesting that the Wii 2 would feature a touchscreen controller. According to Scott Lowe at, even more ‘Project Café’ rumors have surfaced online recently, including information about the price of the upcoming console, its design and a possible release window.

Sources with knowledge of the new project say that based on the manufacturing costs, the Nintendo Wii 2 could possibly have a retail price of anything between $350 and $400. They also said that the device would be shipping from Taiwanese manufacturer Foxconn in October this year.

This puts the retail release window somewhere between mid-October and early November. IGN also reports that the overall size of the Wii 2 will be comparable to that of the original Xbox 360 console, and that it could well resemble a modern version of the SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System).

It’s also been reported that the upcoming system would be based on a reworked version of AMD’s R700 GPU architecture, rather than AMD’s Fusion technology as previously reported. As for the name of the much-anticipated device, reports say that Nintendo is considering calling it Stream.

What are you hoping for in Nintendo’s next generation console?

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