White iPhone 4 will keep Momentum going until iPhone 5 Release

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It almost seems sad for this saga to come to an end, but Apple has now confirmed that the White iPhone 4 will be available this Spring following on from Bloomberg’s recent article that we told you about. However, it also means that it’s very unlikely we’ll see the iPhone 5 this Summer, with a release now more likely to happen after Apple’s Fall event.

Apple has not issued an official statement on the matter, but they have already confirmed the White iPhone 4 will be available this Spring according to this new article over at the Wall Street Journal.

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However, they didn’t state which carrier the White model would be available on. Will it be available on both AT&T and Verizon at the same time, or will one carrier have to sit back and wait for a while?

It also poses consumers with some difficult decisions to make – do you still buy this White iPhone 4 this month just because it’s the most stylish iPhone available, or is too late in your eyes and you have decided to wait for the iPhone 5 announcement, which is heavily rumored to be happening after Summer now.

Whatever happens, it’s a smart move by Apple as the sudden availability of the White iPhone 4 could lighten the mood over the Summer to those who will be disappointed that no iPhone 5 will be present at WWDC 2011.

Let us know what you intend to do about this dilemma. White iPhone 4 or iPhone 5 folks?

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