White iPhone 4 back on track for April Release Date

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What do we have here, yet more White iPhone 4 release rumors? On first glance you may think yes, but then again you may want to take particular interest in this latest one, since fresh release rumors have surfaced from a usually trustyworthy source.

That source is none other than Bloomberg, who are now reporting that the White iPhone 4 is back on schedule for a long awaited release later on this month. According to their report, they have cited information from three people who are ‘familiar’ with Apple’s plans.

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The report adds that Apple will make the White iPhone 4 available at the end of April, both on AT&T and also Verizon Wireless – which is sure to delight both customer bases.

We agree that it does now look likely that the White iPhone 4 is finally ready for release. Don’t forget that it was only a few weeks ago that Apple’s Phil Schiller himself tweeted that the White iPhone 4 would be available this Spring.

But the question is though – will you still buy it, or has Apple blown their chances with delay after delay. It’s no secret that the White iPhone 4 is one sexy device, but we have a feeling that demand isn’t going to be as high as say a few months ago. Let us know if you are still planning to get one providing it comes out this month.

  • Etak

    I hope so…

  • Symon

    If they bring the white iPhone 4. Then I guess there Will be no iPhone 5 release???

  • Mike

    After waiting 10 months already, shouldn't I wait for the iPhone 5, instead of locking myself into a 2 year commitment now and being unhappy for 22 more months???