L.A. Noire: PS3 Edition Possibly Getting Exclusive Content

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We have some rather interesting news now for all you PlayStation 3 owners out there that are looking forward to purchasing the much-anticipated L.A. Noire game when it arrives, as various pieces of evidence appear to indicate that the PS3 edition is possibly getting some exclusive content.

According to a recent destructoid.com article by Jim Sterling, the exclusive content comes in the form of a brand new mission called ‘The Consul’s Car Traffic Case.’ Although Rockstar Games is not actually confirming the exclusive content, they did promise that details will be coming soon.

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Gamers were first tipped off about the news by GameStop and Amazon.com, who both feature PlayStation 3 box art bearing messages that read ‘Only on PS3’ and ‘Exclusive content.’ This was followed by a promotional image from Rockstar Network, which mentioned the content by name.

Although the Xbox 360 has had its fair share of timed-exclusives, the PlayStation 3 appears to have come up trumps with some great features of its own. This is why it wouldn’t be surprising if the L.A. Noire game – which is due for release in May – does feature exclusive content.

Do you hope that the content does turn out to be exclusive to the PlayStation 3?