Twitter Down March 2011: Over capacity causes outage

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It was just over a month ago that we reported that Twitter was suffering some down time, and at the time of writing they seem to experiencing further problems.

We have had some of our readers contacting us telling it is down for them, and we are not sure of how long it has been out for. This doesn’t normally happen that often to Twitter, but twice in just over a month is a bit embarrassing.

At the moment it is not known if the problem is a local one or worldwide, and we only noticed the problem a short time ago. Most websites unfortunately experience problems from time to time, but when you are as big as Twitter or Facebook with millions of users it becomes a bigger problem.

Use the comments section below and tell us if Twitter is down for you, and how long you have been aware of the problem.

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  • turmoiltimes

    down in spain also at this moment

  • Franklin

    My Twitter is down. I live in NY.

  • Carlo

    Yes here in Italy Skype is down at 9:30 pm local time

  • billi0

    Noticed that just now. Portugal.

  • Katherine

    It is down for me – near Seattle, WA and has been for about an hour.

  • Daniel Vidal

    It has been down for me for about one hour (since 1PM GMT-6)

  • Moon Berry

    Twiter out in BC as of writing

  • David Rendel

    Twitter has been down for about an hour for me.

    says "technically, there is a problem"