Football Referee: New Football Video Game Announced

By Tina Chubb - Mar 29, 2011

We have some rather interesting news now for those of you that are getting a bit tired of football-related video games such as the FIFA and PES series and perhaps want something a little different; as Footballtainment has just announced that it will be releasing a new PC game called Football Referee.

According to a recent press release over on the website, the forthcoming Football Referee game – which will be released online and will be free to play – will enable players to take over the role of a referee, and make decisions on scenes that may occur during the course of a football match.

The game will also feature a section called ‘How to Become a Ref,’ which as you can tell by the name provides players with rules and instructions on how to be a referee. The language and gameplay of the Football Referee game, which is said to be based on a trivia system, is quite easy and straightforward.

Some of the key features of Football Referee include the fact that it’s a free to play web-based game, a ‘Be a Ref’ mode, Laws of the Game and the ability to get a referee rating. The game is currently in development, so we don’t have any further details at this stage. Would you play this game, or does it sound boring?

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  • Jake

    The game sounds pretty cool in my opinion, quite a change from the usual football games, I don't think I've heard of one where you're playing the role of the ref before.

  • Jake