Red Faction: Battlegrounds – THQ Confirms PSN / XBLA Release Date

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Back in August last year THQ revealed its latest installment in the Red Faction video game series, Red Faction: Battlegrounds. However, all we knew at that stage was the fact that the top-down twin-stick shooter game would be arriving on the PSN and XBLA sometime in 2011.

We now have a bit of good news for those that are waiting for the game to arrive, as the publisher has now confirmed a PSN / XBLA release date for the much-awaited game. According to Wesley Yin-Poole over at, the new Red Faction title will launch in the first week of April.

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As Wesley notes, that probably means that European gamers will most likely see the Red Faction spin-off arrive on Xbox Live Arcade on 5th April and PlayStation Network on 6th April. The title is said to offer gamers four-player vehicular co-op, which focuses on quick-fire destruction.

The Red Faction: Battlegrounds game – which was created by UK-based developer THQ Warrington – includes vehicles such as fast, all-terrain cars and the slow yet powerful tank. Are you looking forward to downloading the Red Faction: Battlegrounds title?

You can view the game’s first trailer via our previous article here, and view a few screenshots from the game over on the website.