Twitter goes down today, outage in your area?

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It’s not that often, but it seems that Twitter is down today, which was tracked starting a few moments ago. We have also had a few reports from PR readers who like to use the Twitter service.

Some readers claim the outage has been for many hours, which would be the first extended outage we have seen in a while. How long have you seen Twitter down for today?

At the time of writing for us the service briefly came back on but then quickly disappeared again, so obviously they are having some intermittent issues with their servers. We are not sure if it is a worldwide problem or regional one.

These sorts of problems happen to the best of us with Facebook having problems in the past, but luckily it is not a common recurrence. As always with these problems let us know if Twitter is up for you, and if you’re using third party apps to access Twitter or the service directly.

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  • Tracy Austin

    I have not been able to get on Twitter this morning. I did see where it was up for a bit, but that lasted momentarily!

  • 2012Ivan

    Twitter gas been down for several hours from my pc in Florida….

  • Ciaran

    The one dau you want twitter LIVE with the Irish general election count taking place today!!

  • Shane

    definitely worldwide
    can't log in here in Ireland
    election updates are being disrupted as a result

  • JulienEtienne

    Very quick!

  • bugsierer

    twitter is down also in Switzerland.

  • tomasradej

    Yep, it's down for me in the Czech Republic.

  • Pennie Hansen

    Twitter has been down since last night.

  • Preeti

    worldwide problems methinks…am in London. Problems for last 2 hours or so

  • Jeremy A

    down in Hong Kong

  • Joe Pijanowski

    Twitter is down in Chicago and it sounds like everywhere…….it goes down the day of the nationwide Union support rallies. An interesting coincidence………

    "The result of not participating in politics is that you end up being governed by those who are only interested in conducting public affairs for private advantage" JMP – IAM Local 126

  • -BBB

    Down here in NJ – USA

  • Madasamarchhare

    Down in the UK

  • Alexandre

    WORLDWIDE. No Twitter acess from Brazil (South America) for many hours.

  • MStwizzlesticks

    Yeah twitter has been down since last night from the UK.

  • GimpHag

    Down in Cambridge, UK. 14:41 UTC

  • silverfox

    Twitter is down in the UK


    It's been up and down for me for a few hours.
    The annoying thing is it was coinciding with me setting up some new widgets, spent ages checking that I hadn't done something wrong before realising it was a Twitter problem.
    Makes you wonder if webmasters are getting too reliant on 3rd parties?

  • teejay

    In London – I had twitter for a few hours today but it has now gone down

  • Whoisit

    It was up for the briefest second in Ontario, Canada, then down again.

  • Sorry

    Its Down in Bangladesh aswell .. !!

  • Nick

    Twitter has been down here in the UK all day :/

  • Marianne

    Twitter is down in Finland

  • Joe Pijanowski

    Twitter is down in Chicago and it sounds like everywhere…….it goes down the day of the nationwide Union support rallies. An interesting coincidence………

  • Zeusisme

    26 February 2011. Twitter is down and stuck in Malaysia. It is already down for more than 5 hours now.

  • Hamishmash

    Twitters is down in England

  • James

    used it until 3 hours ago, have not been able to get on since… UK

  • guest

    Definitely down in AB, Canada. Looks like it has been for several hours.

  • BostonReader

    9:56am eastern time, 26 Feb. Can't get the site to come up here in Boston. I intermittently get new tweets from my stream using TweetDeck, but I can't tweet.

  • Mike Hunt

    I blame Gadaffi

  • Simon Tremblay

    Down in QC, Canada

  • @dabbott2

    Down in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

  • Dixie

    Down from PC, fine from Android…