Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) – Bring Back The?

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Love or hate the Call of Duty franchise, in terms of success you cannot help but be amazed. The billion-dollar franchise will not please all followers, but they will do their best to try and achieve just that with each release, and 2011 will be no different.

You may have noticed in our last post about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, that three is not a crowd anymore and it looked like three studios may be involved in COD MW3, but will this be an advantage or disadvantage with so much input?

We have enjoyed reading wish lists for MW3 weapons and perks, which you can read more on over in this article. The range of ideas is vast, with some gamers asking for a complete fresh start, which sounds a bit crazy considering each game had its good and bad bits, so why not take the best from all the previous games including Black Ops.

There is so much that could be brought back, featured in Modern Warfare 3 and also add some new ideas. This could include quick scoping, specialized classes, certain guns from previous games, and camo that personally suits you.

Lets think about Call of Duty games from Black Ops to the very first game, what would you like them to bring back?

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  • Overlord

    A lot of people complain about Quick Scoping, Stabbing/Commando, Noob-Tubers. Why not setup a playlist specifically designed to include these. That way you can play regular matches without all that nonsense. And all the people with their "Special Skills" LoL of Quick Scoping, Stabbing, & Tubing can play with each other.

    • Jon-Paul


      • jakebee

        nah take quickscope out of there. thats the only one that takes skill. and when i meant that. i DONT mean lining up your shots, but DRAG SCOPING. takes skill

        • HALO81999

          drag scopin takes as much skill as hard scopin…NONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Azrael

        Yeah Nice Idea Overlord but although i do reccomend one thing there should also be a server where all these are specified id also say bring back quickscoping why do people rage on these? its part of the game! tubing its made to stop you from getting your killstreaks! stabbing it takes skill to get to the back of the enemy to a very close range and stab! you call those nooby? i think not! every single thing that you guys say noob plays a special role in each game you know :/

    • monk

      mw3 should be jus an upscale remake of mw2..mw2 was a great game i spent over 40dys playn it nd black ops is terrible theres no xcitment r goal to achieve it jus lacks a bit of da craizyness dat mw2 had,keep nuke in it is da nly ting ta try ur best ta get,make it lower dan 25kills maybe 15 but lyk black ops killstreaks dont add on…take out T.I to stop boosting altogether…make it possible for QS again nd fix watevr ye did to black ops to make killing someone so difficult compared ta mw2…take it from a few loyal call of duty players dat black ops was a flop although i love zombies but da fun nd xcitment is gone with treyarc so tell them nd raven software ta f*** off nd jus give us a game lyk mw2 so people dat respect da game will enjoy it again

    • Botchy

      because no one would want to quick scope in a match of knifes and noob-tubes. there is no skill involved with noob-tubes, there is skill in knifing though but not when there is commando involved. a lot of people just used commando because of its no fall damage, it's just when they came to knife they had the upper hand. (joining a game of FFA knife only people with commando is possibly the most annoying thing that will happen in video games).

    • derek h god

      well they did have barebones

  • Battousai 80

    Here's an idea.

    Why must you have 3 kill streaks for all of your classes?
    Why can't you customize killstreaks for a particular class?

    I find that certain killstreaks are more appropriate based on the gametype and map. It is just a little inconvenient when you have certain killstreaks equipped and then the map changes based on other people jumping in or out of the lobby which messes up the "next map" vote.

    I think it would be a huge bonus for future COD games if each class has "killstreak customization" for your "Create-a-Class".


    Do not bring back the following perks or perk combination:
    1) Stopping Power
    2) Juggernaut / Painkiller
    3) One Man Army + Danger Close
    4) Commando

    Bring back:
    1) The option of using shotguns as secondary weapons
    2) Or the Overkill perk

    • Ben Pena

      heck no. stopping power and commando are the best perks. Your just one of those people who like shoting machine guns randomly.

      • Mintberry Crunch

        are you retarded? stopping power should have dissappeared with juggernaught. they counteract each other. stopping power and commando where over powered, because if you didn't use them, you were at a disadvantage. at least in blops, theres a perk/ attachment/ weapon to conteract another perk/ attachment/ weapon

      • D.E

        Commando was only good because there was a glitch in the programming. had they got it right, every person that tried to knife would 8/10 have a face full of spas-12 shells. Stopping power i never used it and still retained a 3.5 K/d in all cod games. stopping power is overplayed and to be honost takes the fun out of the game.

        Simply put it this way, snipers shouldnt be outshot by an SMG @ 50 meters away because someone slapped S.P on it.

    • valorinperil

      Overkill? nah thats gay of course everyone wud choose two primary weapons then and that wud b terrible becuase of the unbalanced nature of guns in cod games.

    • sha119

      man you got to have stopping power but i agree with the others

    • will

      The killstreak customization wouldnt work out because of playlists like search where you can swith weapons after rounds even if you didnt die and the kill streak would continue, and say you got 2 kills with a gun but have a 5 kill streak as your first class and another and the next round starts after you change classes and you get a kill then have a kill streak then you just keep switching between them after rounds and keep the kill streaks going


      they should put the real mp5 in the game not a mp5 k that came out of no where and should keep camando but make the first part of it different

    • J B

      Stopping power is one of the best perks the reason alot of people dislike Black Ops, is because there is no stopping power if you want to unload a clip into some one to kill them go play halo.

      • Gamer5166

        the only reason they put in stopping power in the COD games was to counteract juggernaught + painkiller. Black ops doesnt give you ANY health bonus, so theres no point in using stopping power. I STILL SAY THAT MW3 shouldnt have any hp or damage buffs to it what to frikin ever.

    • asd

      dawg one man army and stoping power is beast, and commando

    • Gamer5166

      Shotgun secondaries BAD FRIKIN IDEA, need i remind you of the model 18 glitch? the bloody spas 12 in MW2? shotguns belong in primary slots only.

  • ZIM

    Also,, in reference to black ops and then future releases… the 'ghost' perk should only be available w/ a Sniper rifle class… no more noobs running around w/ Ghost Pro and their assault rifle… I like the black-ops COD$ manner of purchasing attachments, etc. I see very little noob-tubes in black ops.
    I like the kill streak customization for each class… you uses different weapons on certain maps.. why not different kill streaks with that class?

    • Bryce

      i hate the money in black ops! i like how in mw2 if u have fall camo for a gun it usually means ur good with it! in black ops since you buy camos u cant tell if their good at headshots! BLACK OPS SUCK!(except zombies)

  • Krystie

    all i ask is to make a girl character. someone who is not just there. an actual character. like Dunn or Shepherd. you don't have to make them a playable character. otherwise don't change a thing

    • Jack

      Don't forget Deadly from Modern Warfare 1. She was the cobra pilot who was rescued after she was shot down… only to be killed by the nuke :(

    • CptBoomstick

      I would like to see the gamer girls get a little love :) They could be used as human shields for the male soldiers…JUST JOKING!!

    • valorinperil

      yea that cool jus that women arent allowed in infantry, so realistically thats retarted. but maybe for multiplayer jus for shits n giggles they should let you have a female option.

    • Chris

      What about a black main character?

    • LOlage

      get back in the kitchen!!!

    • sean zachrejec

      you would have to clean the kitchen then….

    • gflash

      girls suck at shooting guns or flying cobras rember deadly she got shoot down only to be saved by a guy

  • rob

    ive been told that mw3 is set before the first one and will go through different time periods like black ops and has alot to do with ghost

    • CptBoomstick

      That doesn't make any sense. The reason Treyarch had to do that with Black Ops is Infinity Ward owns the rights to the Modern Warfare name. They had to make a pre-modern warfare title. Also every great shooter has an epic story driven by an extra super hero (Phoenix, Master Chief, Price, etc.). I would think Infinity Ward/Respawn Entertainment wouldn't want to get away from this million dollar strategy. Besides, Black Ops campaign was pretty lame and choppy…who would want to copy that?

  • gamersfan

    i think that they should make the new game like mw2,BUT take away one man army, commando and add juggernaut. they should also make speical lobies for certain play styls such as quikscoping and knife only.they should also decreas wepon damage a tiny bit.that would be a great game

    • Deej

      why in the world would you add juggernaut and then take bullet damage off?

  • COD_Veteran

    There should be four(4) perks instead of three(3).

    *Dual wield samurai sword class with the following perks:

    *Ninja class with throwing knives,shurikens,katana with the following perks:
    JUMP BOOST+,360 MID AIR/GROUND COMMANDO ELITE,WALL RUN and finally, SHADOW. Shadow perk,when activated will emit after image blur of the user to create clones; good for close combat and confuse any gunners.

    *Also inflatable human dummy to lure curious enemies and end up getting ambushed instead.*

    Activision should consider my ideas above because COD needs a fresh idea from their loyal gamers.

    • cod4 is the best

      go play a ninja game if you wanna do that stuff. this is a military first person shooter that has realistic weapons and moves.

      • Furks

        I think COD_Veteran was being sarcastic. Good grief hasn't anyone got a sense of humour anymore?

        • nh

          i hope so

      • Yamum

        Will you all just grow up COD rules so just SHUT THE FUCK UP!

    • slim seni

      wat da fuck r u smocking son wer da hell did u get those ideas

    • EatMyLead

      this bloke be dumb as dog poop!

    • UbNub


    • GQK

      you're all soo tight in the ass that someone cant make a joke? good grief. grow up. i do think that it would be cool for them to SOMEHOW incorporate a sword! they managed to sneak in a tomahawk (WTF!! lol) why not a sword? Maybe some officer in the campaign has a sword on his wall and for this year's SLOW-MO final kill (as always -_-) they should be able to snatch it off the wall and execute the boss before your friend gets shot!

  • i hate treyark

    infinty ward and co should take what treyark has been doing, then do the exact opposite, that would be a great game

    • F Treyarch in The A

      Agreed. Why the fuck do people bum love black ops so much it shitter than MW2 and CoD4's guns look better than on black ops (M16, AK74 and AK47) Camo's on Black ops are shit accept gold. Diving is stupid, people dont fuckin run around jumping and diving in real life. sniping is shit and no one i know snipes any more becuase there's no point. M16 looks like a mother fucking toy… Black ops is shit, Nuff said.

      MW3 shud have
      - get rid of cod points, ders no point in having them if u have to rank up any way to buy shit
      - more levels less prestige levels so that you can unlock alot more guns
      - triple the ammount of guns
      - Camo's like red tiger and ven more better camo's that unlock via challenges
      - zombies
      - no last stand or whatever the fuck its called now
      - titles and emblems that unlock via challenges, gives you a reason to do the challenges and shows you have done such and such a challenge.
      - Quick Scoping

      • CptBoomstick

        YES! Last stand does suck major dookie. For whatever reason Last Stand and Diving seem to make the game really glitchy when it comes to bullet registration.

        No Zombies though, the creative minds behind MW3 can do so much better than to blatantly copy their rival Treyarch!

      • Chris

        why does eveyone rip on treyarch…? any really theres no way that IW will have zombies sorry gotta shoot that one down, but i agree they need to kill last stand/second chance

    • :P!

      i love your idea!

    • CptBoomstick


    • mooooo

      I completely agree, even mr blobby goes to save fairy tale land would make a better game then black ops

    • ron


    • Treyarch sucks


    • I hate treyarch more


  • josh

    how about throwing knifes and tomahawks are not one hit killes. make it matter where you get hit. head one hit kill. leg, arm only take some of your health away

    • bob

      its so hard to hit someone with a throwing knife that is has to be 1 hit kills otherwise nobody would use them…. idiot

    • Big hands 66

      It's a good concept but it does take a lot of skill and that would make it almost impossible

      • Ur grandma

        Its just so hard

  • free-2rhymes

    mw3 should have the diving thing becuase too many people ar e used to it now so they might aswell have it they shoul dmake roket lainchers harder to use and ghost perks should only be used wityh sniper classes quik

    • Overlord

      Actually I think that Snipers should not have Ghost. People sneaking around inside of a building need ghost. Not some dude who is hanging out in the back of the map by himself.
      Although I do understand why a sniper should have Ghost, just making a point on why others would use it.

    • Killabz

      The issue isn't Ghost. It's people hiding and camping while using Ghost. There has been a perk similar to Ghost since CoD4. Learn to not rely on the mini map/spy plane and watch the screen and don't rely on you killstreaks to get you kills, use your gun. Practice this and you'll end up becoming a better player. And for the record I use Hardline, I just love mercing camping nooks using Ghost.

      • Guest

        ok, i totally agree on what you said, and i use hardline too, but, its kind of a contradiction what you said, "don't rely on you killstreaks to get you kills, use your gun"…"i use hardline". just sayin, not fightin on a forum :)

  • Beebop

    I'd just make it MMO style and get rid of the single player campaigne, i never completed MW2 i got bored and ive only done the first mission in Black Ops, i prefer playing co-op on games. They could re-introduce co-op missions?

    Also different game modes, defend a building? or person, escort a person or vehicle, teams are either attacking or defending, one person on eachside is a VIP and the team who has the least deaths for there VIP wins.
    Defend a building from opposing team, stop them from getting in and planting a bomb? similar to S&D but one target and teams start right next to it to defend or on the outside to attack, could have a number of lives rather than one or infinate.

    I feel getting rid of single player would give more room weapons, perks, attachments, customizable characters, and maps.

    Special maps for certain game modes? i like playing team tactical but most others just play it like its TDM with longer time limits, adjust this somehow?

    • CptBoomstick

      Getting rid of single player would alienate a HUGE single player customer base. Additionally, it would seem like Treyarch would 1up 'em. Believe me, Respawns' Modern Warfare vs Treyarchs' Call of Duty is going to be extremely personal.

    • Nathflip

      You've got some good points, but it wouldn't make sense if you have multiple lives in a search and destroy game. It wouldn't have the same feel to the game type. sorry

    • chad

      you no beebop thats the attitude that makes games horrible and not fun. as of saying do you see people play Homefront like mw2 do you see MAG played like cod4.exactly my point now if i was who ever is making mw3 or what ever it may be called, make it like the story line and follow on with price and soap trying to kill makarov and ghost somehow still alive. dont go back to cod4 anyways tell me what you think

  • halo master

    bring back the br

    • CrashKing

      1000 points to halo master

  • tcxc27

    bring back stopping power: that keeps extra bullet damage(not like damn hardened in black ops that only does extra penetration) keep ACR and Intervention, may perk pro challenges easier like in mw2 not the difficulty of gettin them in black ops. losing perk pros leads to no one prestiging. no one prestiging leads to less people playin

    • DarkPoopin

      yeah they definatly need to keep the ACR, best weapon ever.

    • Chris

      how about they actually make the weapons accurate for once…


    mw3 should come out because, mw2 and mw1 were great. People played it when they got off work and when they finished homework. mw3 should have 2 blue perks slots,2yellow,2red.

    • CptBoomstick

      I don't think more perks is the way to go. Treyarch tried that with Black Ops. They just pasted a bunch of worthless stuff on top of MW2 and it did not freshen up or add anything to the experience. The game itself and how we play it has to be tweaked.

    • harry

      i totally agree

  • DCG Photography

    i think that it should be like mw2's online play in that it is soo fricking awsome!!! :D

  • b@man

    It doesn't matter what they do, I will play "the Game" with tubes, commando, quick scoping… but it's the cheating that ruins the game, and cost the developers millions, if not billions. VAC is useless. Make it so that the players can vote a player out. NO NUKES! That just encourages cheating.

    • CptBoomstick

      Being able to vote players out encourages cheating. Dedicated servers would get rid of boosting lobbies.

    • matt236

      nukes shud b brought bak but tac inserts shud b gotten rid of.
      with the nuke der is something to aim for but everyone gets gunships and dogs all the time.

  • Cris

    mw2 is the beastliest game of them all but if you put it together with balanced gameplay like black ops then mw3 shall be amazing!

  • b@man

    VAC apparently can not stop certain cheats… so give everyone the cheats you can't stop, you should know by now what they are. Run VAC ALL THE TIME, IMMEDIATE BANS. Vote system to kick players. Be able to ban a player from ever playing with you again, like Ban All Communication, but Ban All Play button. Eventually A-Holes won't have anyone to play with, hey that's life. Allow leaving the game without taking a loss, because you want to get away from cheaters. No nukes, no One Man Army (what a ridiculous mistake), I actually like Commando, Stopping Power, Tubes and most of the tings others don't like. Introduce Spider Holes (the Gopher Perk), Land Mines. Keep replenishable Clays in Scavenger. Have damn near unlimited weapon attachments, but every little thing adds weight and slows you down, like real life. Chokes for you shotguns, but slow the draw rate, so one shot kills are not so devastating. No Akimbo anything, that ain't reality. Gillie suits should slow you down tremendously. No Thermal Scopes, that's silly, and paramount to a cheat. And got goodness sake, DO NOT PROHIBIT TEAM PLAY. What a stupid mistake that is with BO. That may have been the one thing that killed it. Huge theater maps that encourage strategy and not just running matches.

    • ted

      I agree with you in most of the things you said except for the noob-toob stuff and commando. people use these as a crutch to augment their bad play. when coupled with marathon and lightweight, commando makes players FLY around the map running at what seems like 30 mph sometimes which is certainly not realistic. if you like team play and more tactical play you should def check out BFBC2 if you have not already done so. BF3 is coming out at the end of the year and should be divine. take care,


  • b@man

    In TDM, take away points for your deaths. Only give points for positive K/D Ratio.

    • CptBoomstick

      This would ultimate alienate anyone new to the franchise = no new players = experienced players vs experienced players = someone always has to go negative = nobody will play = ultimately only campers prosper.

  • Mike

    Honestly the Call of Duty franchise is over saturated. What they need to do to stop their franchise from declining is to stop releasing a game every year so they can fix the major flaws. This is what caused we me to switch to the battlefield series, and also because of all the flaws in mw2

    • ted

      couldn't agree more. i feel like every year a new CoD game comes out that I have to sink another $60 into. And instead of fixing the flaws with the game, the company will just release new downloadable content every couple of months for a "small" fee of half the cost of the game each. Each content pack has 4 new maps. for thirty dollars? really? MW2 could have been a GREAT game, unfortunately infinity ward couldn't be bothered to make the small changes that would have balanced the multiplayer. Oh well, BF3 is coming out at the end of the year (hopefully). At least DICE is worth its salt when it comes to upkeep and balancing. take care,


  • CptBoomstick

    1. Dedicated servers: No more lag already! Also 32-60 player games would be intense.
    2. New Terrorist Hunt (a la Ghost Recon) and/or Defend gametypes because nothing is funner than taking out wave after wave of helicopters, airstrikes and tanks with friends.
    3. Redux versions of past Modern Warfare maps. On all maps, natural events such as rainstorms midway through or sandstorms. Also in cold environments you can see your breath and the more you breath the more your view is obstructed like during running.
    4. Along with dedicated servers, bring back team tactical with 2-4 teams competing against each other.
    5. Clan support and regional tournaments which would lead to an annual global tourney! Use of an automated in-game W/L system would eliminate the need for garbage clan sites like Gamebattles.

    • halo81999

      if there were 32-60 in one match there would be so much lag u would never be able to move lag comes from bad host and terrable connection the comany cant take away lag they can try to make an easyer connecablility but it is impossable to take it away all together

      • FMLitsLeo

        MAG has practically no lag, 200+ players ina single game, how do you explain that? Much more dedicated servers.

  • CptBoomstick

    6. More robust theatre mode. No 6 vid/pict cap and one 30sec upload. If I am willing to pay for 30 slots, I should be able to get 30 upload slots a la Halo.
    7. Melee animations with unlockable melees'. I should be able to choose between slitting a throat or a nice lung plunge.
    8. Get rid of names over friendlies. I can't tell you how many times I couldn't see an enemy because XxIBangedUR__X was standing in front of me!
    9. We should be able to import our own emblems and titles, even videoclips. Include an in-game filter to turn them off so the people who are blowing peoples heads off all day won't get offended by a picture of bloobies.
    10. No more buying weapons and let's go back to earning them like in MW2. After about Lvl.15 in Black Ops I have just about everything I need which makes the rest of leveling up a bore.
    11. Let's get back to Lvl.50 with 10 prestiges, 15 prestiges with stupid logos of a horse and bird foot?!
    12. Dog Tags from the Battlefield franchise would be a nice addition. I would love to keep track of all the noobs I have melee'd :)

    • ConciousCoil

      response @ 8 in black ops you have the option to only show the ranks of freindlies
      maybe copy this or improve on it?

    • FMLitsLeo

      I agree with about every thing you postd up. The only one i thought was sketchy was the one with the buying weapons with currency,i kind of liked that, but i don't think you should have to unlcok them first before you buy them, i think they should all be unlocked, but all the obviously better ones, should cost substantiallly more like around 10k for a AK74U & Famas. That's my opinon though.

  • Victor

    I understand everyone's concerns with MW multiplayer however, let's be honest. The story is a major part of the gaming experience as well! The first two games had an amazing fluent story line, I'd like to see continuation of this. What happens to Price and Soap? What are the consequences the British now face for the death of a U.S. 3-star Lt. General? Does Soap survive his wounds? Bring these characters back please!!! And for the love of God would somebody please promote sergeant Foley! Lt. Foley sounds nice! And I agree with Krystie about adding a primary female character to the game, that would be very nice.

    • nick

      as long as the chick is hot

  • GamingIdead

    Modern Warfare 3 – Killstreaks

    3 KillsGlobal Hawk Recon Like UAV/Spy Plane
    3 KillsTeam Supply CrateTime limited airdrop for all team to resupply
    4 KillsHARM Counter-RadarCounter Radar/UAV
    4 KillsPortable SAMSurface to Air Turret
    6 KillsPredator MissileFrom MW2
    7 KillsTactical AirstrikePinpoint two targets and two F-35JSF strike that area
    8 KillsClose Air SupportSuper Cobra/Mi-35 Halo Helicopter Support
    9 KillsFire Scout(Controlled by Player) Armed Helicopter UAV
    11 KillsAC-130U SpookySpeaks for itself (Controlled by Player)

    Killstreak build up like In Black Ops… one kill streak does not lead to another and only ONE Controlled Killstreak choice.

  • N ii N T Z E L

    Tons of blood and body parts exploding everywhere when you get shot with certain guns (shotguns/heavy machine guns) like in COD: world at war

    • DevilsAscendance


  • slayer

    They should start mw3 story were mw2 left off like victor said like what happens to the Russians after the U.S retakes washington does the U.S attack Russia now or does russia relize their big big mistake and does soap and price capture makarov. And as for online make people earn it not buy it when i reached level 70 it was more gratifing on mw2 than black ops cause i earned the weapons and attachments and make bigger maps sniper specific like wasteland but bigger and make it easier for snipers and an objective based matches would be cool to with maps for them like a team has to hold a specific area and the attacking team has to push them back once they do they have to defend from a counter attack and who ever holds the building the longest wins

  • matt236

    1)there should be a perk for each category(blue, green etc,) that allows you to have an additional perk from another group.
    2)there should be a perk allowing for an additional killstreak.
    3) the nuke should be brought back. it gives you something to aim for not just an easy 11 killstreak like gunship or dogs on BO.

    • thepitbull

      #1 NO #2 NOT AT ALL AND #3 well lets just say ur 3for3 guy. nobody gets 30 kills running and gunning u would have to bring back the heli or napalm counting toward kill streaks. i hate that. if i get the max kill streak its because i earned it not cause i had a chopper gunner do all the work for me!! another thumb down handed out!!

    • bob

      i agree bring the nuke back ive only had 4 but it gives me a reason to play

  • DB1234

    should have: zombies, but increase the numbers you can have in the party, say up to 6.
    dive to prone.
    special game types for stabbing, shotguns only, snipers only etc.
    dont lose match bonus when you leave a game where the other team are hacking or just being dicks. :)

    • NOLAkill1534

      they cant cause Treyarch copyrighted it

  • Phoenix7

    I'll play whatever variaton of mw3 comes out, but please can we have a report button. I played 4 games on mw2 the other day and was totally shocked at the amount of hackers on it. And a couple more things would be nice to see, a longer single player campaign mode and special ops was good from mw2.

  • kkk

    M40 Bring back the M40 sniper

    • Stariee

      there should be a hole game mode for sniping/quickscoping, more then 4 snipers and please not just 1 bolt action?!!@# there the best ones fmj should be brought back no more hardend cause that was just stupid.. more perks, and change the colours no blue, red, green, why not purple orange and black for example. all bolt action snipers should be one shot kills cause its a pain getting a random hitmarker with the intervention.. they should get rid of stoping power but make the assult rifles a lil stronger. Commando? i dident see anything wrong with it maybe decrese the lunge a little but yeah i thought it was great. noob tubes? no get rid of em terrible things. one man army was great for all the trick shoters out there. tack inserters well should do like black ops not allowed in free for all. and to be honest i recken they should make two copys of mw3 one “online version” with no single player and a “single player version” for the people that sont play to much and dont have online. :DD thx for reading hehe

  • sha119

    well personally i was kind of hopeing they would pick back up where they left off in mw2,as far as story gos,but in multi player,man u can do alot,i love Black OPs and would hope that you pull some ideas from it,i dont really care for how the perks are arranged in black ops,like them better in mw2,and i would like to see the weapons they choose stay true to there names,or more accurate stats .for instince in Black ops i feel they have some weapons list as more damageing than some others and the accuracy,and one other thing in real life you can put grenade launchers and a suppressor and a akog or scope,on the weapon at the sametime,that was another disapointment in blk ops,and the laststand stuff i think its kinda cool gives you a second chance if somebody revives u,but the quick drawing or what ever it is when u shoot them and they shoot u dead before they hit the ground especially from clear across the map is a little agrivateing and thats putting it nicely.but anyways i hope mw3 is awsome and im sure it will be,and they come up with something for everybody.cant wait

  • james

    all games should be realistic IE hardcore one shot one kill to certain body part..but without a respond time

  • Chuck

    1. Have more weapons. Like five times more and don't give a gun on the last rank. It discourages presenting.
    2. Have four sets of perks and vehicle perks (separately) like on World at War. It would be fun driving a humvee with a guy on a turret in the back.
    3. Have like a double pro for perks. Like on bling the first pro would give u an extra attachment for your primary and secondary, and the second would give you an extra killstreak choice.
    4. Hav perks do more things! I'm tired of having stopping power and juggernaut separate
    5. Bring back overkill and be able to put shotguns as a secondary
    6. No f$&)@n quickscoping and hip fire s$&t
    7. Get rid of lagging
    I just hope when I play online I don't want to tear my hair half the time

    • thepitbull

      no no no no no. 6&7 are right thats it. something to drive brings it right back to the moron who gets the the car 1st drives off and leaves everybody behind just like the bums in socom did. trust me its not that cool when onbody wants to be on the turret getting picked off. and come on bro 4 perks really. what else do u want help with. u want the 4th perk to be auto aim. 3 is plenty. just GET RID OF 2ND STAND!!!!!!!!! WORST PERK EVER EVER MADE EVER!!!!!

    • UBnuB

      Nah nothings wrong with quickscoping.

    • Nick

      ur a dick head quickscoping is amazing just cause u cant do it, 4 sets of perks is stupid, if want veichles play halo or battlefield, there never going to get rid of lag if u bought better internet u wouldn't lag, and shotguns are for pussys like u, and if making 80 weapons in a video game is easy y dont u join infinity ward

  • gg.

    wat black ops did very well was ruin fun of cod, it gets soo boring. nah but they were smart, shotguns are primary weapons, nuketown=best(and summit) the kilstreaks xcept for dogs, but the gamplay was soo bad, why cant u just make cod4 and change the name + better graphics, tht would be nice, cod4 was alot of fun, but i want intervention and quiksopin back and ump45, and u need alot more bolt action rifles, semi automatic suk, srsly. tht is why i still play bc2, evrything is better, gameplay, sound affects, maps, game modes, guns, camo, no prone, u can go anywhere in the map, vehicles. u know farcry u could make ur own map, do tht in cod and share wit friends, play them in private matches, but right now i think bc2 is better than BO even tho it just came out, for now i would rather buy battlefield 3 over mw3 cause BO was soo bad. u cant recover from something that crap.
    or can u?

    • thepitbull

      WHAT?!?!?!?!? dogs best kill streak ever. just should never be given out in a care package along with chopper gunners. other then that u really didnt make much sence!! and nuketown is just ok. summit is the best.

    • Guest

      You're just a MW2 fanboy, get the hell out of here.

    • Devon

      3 things.

      1. Shut up.
      2. Learn how to spell.
      3. Yeah, you're a MOD 2 whore. UMP Slienced Stopping Power right? Lol you disgust me.

  • Thomas Kleveland

    why not just put MW1 guns, MW2 guns, MW2 attachments and new guns, new perks, new attachments old maps from MW1 and MW2 , new maps, new killstreaks, and some old of course :D, some old characters like, Ghost Of course, Soap, Price, Nikolai, Imram zakaheve, Gaz, Shepherd, new and old Camo from Mw1 And MW2 and the new ones, put up 2 different kind of servers for PC like the Infinity ward did, and the black ops server setups so you can choose what you want, new characters, different weapon models like have 2 kind of different models <3 what more can i say this setup i have will make a great game for me :D and of course the good graphic will be really awesome 2 :D

  • aidandabest

    we also need sligh of hand and slieht of hand pro just like cod6 and quick scoping tht wud be cool

  • Jerad

    How about a one or the other perk system?
    Blue Perks-
    Athlete (Lightweight, Marathon, increased grenade throw distance)
    Tank (Flak Jacket, Sleight of Hand)

    Red Perks-
    Sharpsooter (Steady Aim, Iron Lungs, Ghost)
    Commando (Ninja, Hardline, Tactical Mask)

    Green Perks-
    Bandoiler (Scavenger)
    Warlord (Warlord)

  • PacmanXDDD

    what i would like to see is hand to hand combat like the stuff they do in campaign

    • thepitbull

      and u would be the only one. the hand to hand combat offline is cpu doing everything. iam not looking to button mash cause a guy got close.

  • COD mw2, black ops

    Make certain game types for nube tubing and quick scoping( YES its a skill but its very anoying) Get rid of guns that dominate such as ump45 silenced and black op- ak74u

    • thepitbull

      NO!!!! theres no skill at all for a noob tube. NONE. and quick snipeing means u cant lock onto the guy u get ur crosshairs on him and push L1 and then R1 fast as u can and get a joke of a kill. but i will say i dont feel there are any guns that are too good.

  • bob

    Bring back cage match!!! from MW1

  • matt

    All I ask is that they bring back zombies!!

  • Redmark

    Plese keep quick scoping. I know that every body hates it but black opps was so boring without it. Nobody sniped. Treyark made me sooooo angry when i got slight of hand pro and it said aim down your sights faster (execpt for sniper rifles). Take out ghost. But one perk you should keep out also is stopping power because today on mw2 i wanted to try put the vector with lightweight and i had to use a full clip of hitmarker after hitmarker just to end up dying. Also keep the ACR and the intervention, keep out the stuuuupid three round burst famas.

  • Finn Searchfield

    this perk was made for noobs and must not be put in the game!
    somehow they need to find a way to not have noobs spawn trapping other people. Black ops told us they had done this but just watch this video i found…
    if you keep sleight of hand pro in the perks, you wil have ALOT of happy people.
    for quickscoping kepp the barrat50cal. and find another sniper like the intervention.
    GET RID OF GRENADE LAUNCHERS! they are nooby and people rage quit your games because people get there air support by only grenade launchering them and only standing in one spot. rpgs, rocket launchers are ok but no underbarrel grenade launcher attachments/ perks please.
    theater mode is the best thing about black ops i think, so mw3 needs some sort of replay experience so every match can be recorded so if your apuickscoper then you dont need to film the whole match. PLEASE PUT A THEATER MODE IN THE MULTIPLAYER MW3!

    • danielson

      completetly agree with you but rather have intervention than barett 50. cal

  • RainingBlood84

    I agree with alot of what everyone is saying, they definitely need to fix the servers and shit it's fucking retaarded how u can't play through a match without getting migrated, and they definitely need to fix the security for the servers and game to weed out all the no life hackers that could play a game to save their life without cheating

  • Mark

    I purchase Black Ops the day it came out.. It sucked the hold game play is crap. It reminds me of a cartoon game. I went back to MW2 which is more realistic, you can tell that there we're different game designers. MW2 for 1st person shooter is on another level, and the game is almost 2 years old. beat that……Black Ops

  • keiran

    Put intervention Nd m4oa3 sniper and i wish yous made a file share for mw3 aswell :) and make your own camo?

  • Stariee

    honestly iv been playing cod since number 3, and i could make a better game then treyarch or infinity ward. what i think they should do is start fresh.
    new guns same perks but change em a little give em a new name, more and guns and no shot guns like the aa12 was the worst gun in the game, as for search and destory hmm 1 bomb not two and you should be able to make your charter and unlock the stuff for him or she throughtout your levels like pressy 8 for example unlocks white/arctic ghilie suit. and making your own camo for your weapon would be so awesome i cant descibe it, if not make your own do then intent to make a green type camo… gezz i want em to make one of those. for all you snipers out there theres noting wrong with steady aim its a perk made for sniping pfft lol plus easy sound hore? lol.. they should make mw3 more like life like if u will, who the fuck dive’s like that in a friken war? honestly treyarch just give your company away you dont know what your doing you just stole your shit from infinity ward and gave it a new name? hacker is sitrep? for example. the gold guns idea was alright but again u copyd it from mw1 it should work like that but not so hard, finish all the challages fr a weapon unlock gold, simple easy.. wow a gold intovention “gizz” :D well hope you all agree hope to hear from you soon ily :D:D:D:D:d

  • Stariee

    go to pages three and five foor my shit its really good i promise ily :D

  • thepitbull

    ya wanna make it right then base a lot off of MW2. for starters get rid of 2nd stand it has complety ruined the game. some scrub gets killed and in a split second has a hand gun turned around killing u or knifeing from the ground. ONLY bums use 2nd stand. The spawn camping needs to go too. even with the chopper gunner, its a joke to get killed and respawn in a group of 3 and get mowed down asap. if u dont look down ur scope on a sniper rifle u dont get the kill, really corny how u get lucky pulling the trigger like that. what sniper in the army runs around hip fireing a sniper rifle… NOBODY!!!!

  • thepitbull

    if someone leaves the room it dont kick to whole room. make a new host or just give host to a team of 6, not one random bum whos gonna leave the room. make wager matches all 1000 or more. O WOW i got my buddies $10 what will i spen it on. make it 1000 and ur trying ur best not saying ok time for head quaters. if u leave a room u should lose rank. YES RANK. if u leave a wager u lose double. if u join a 1000 gun game and iam up by 6 guns and u leave it cost u 2000 now.

  • thepitbull

    give a choice on when u wanna use the kill streak u earned. if i earned a uav then napalm let me set up my uav so i know where to send the napalm, good idea dont ya think. bring back an easy way to mute in the lobby. i really dont care to hear somebodys gangster rap at full blast when he hits the lobby. if u got 6 ppl and one gets kicked keep that spot open for them. dont send us some random kid with no headset or idea what there doing on HQ. GIVE US CLAN BATTLES ALREADY!!!!!!!!

  • thepitbull

    if u have more then 7ppl then dont make us play TDM or dom for crying out loud. the two cheesest modes of all. atleast let us play free4all. get rid of split screen. ive seen ppl hop in a wager match and go looking 4 his (2) thats not playing for kills. yes ppl really are that bad that they need to cheat and kill some1 not playing!! and STOP with the snipen where u clearly see on the kill cam he wasnt close to me yet they got the kill. and when ppl leave dont make us finish 6vs1-2. fill the room back up!!!!!!!

  • thepitbull

    and for the love of god PLEASE PLEASE git rid of noob tubes. they make the game horrible. if ur gonna keep that pile of trash for the ppl who are garbage then it should take 50 feet to explode. not 10feet at the ground.noob tubeing bums and 2nd chance bums gotta go. they stink at and ruin the game. if i had 2 pick one to ditch its 2nd stand. noobtubes just cant shoot so they only get 8kills in all. u shouldnt be able to turn around with lightning speed to get a hand gun kill from a mile away. All of a sudden the hand guns more powerful then an assault rifle when a guys half dead? u catch 4 bulletsur not gonna be strong enough to find ur hand gun and get a kill with it!!! AWFUL!!!!

  • slim seni

    fuck sake every1 just cares about online the story mode needs 2 be good aswell there should be 2 storys not switching from americans to russian the english and the characters should not be so bad ass they should do more realistic things and there needs the be a girl in it and a hot one

    and aswell in online mode they should bring back all the guns from mw1 mw2 black ops and all new guns and at the last rank before u prestige it would be pretty cool if u could get the ray gun but it would not be 1 hit kills maybe 3 shot kill


    3 uav
    5 airstike in to different locations
    7 chopper
    8 dogs
    9 mini gun
    15 ac130
    25 nuke (does not end the game just kills every1 twice)

    and they should bring back overkill and 5 perk slots and u can use more than 1 blue perk
    and u should should start off online with a normal knife then a sog knife then a bowie knife then machete and the balistic knife but it does not count as a secondary
    and aswell as gold camo there should be silver and chrome

    they should keep zombie and keep the old maps aswell as making new ones and all the online guns should be in zombies and there should be more new wonder weapons

  • recuero

    just make AC130 last longer and EMP kill everyone once, killstreak kills count towards killstreak count


    3#CREATE BIPOD ATTACHMENT FOR SNIPERS (reduces shaky aim when prone)


    5# KEEP NUKE

    6# MORE XP FOR HARDCORE GAMES (like 3x instead of 5x from s&d)

    7#MORE OBJECTIVE GAMES WITHOUT RESPAWN (bombs, hostages, VIP escort…) LIKE S&D

  • xXpwndbyawaffleXx

    What you should do is have a character custimization were u pick the Camo, Body Armor, packs, vests, gear, etc. no matter wat perks you have

    Also you should have 3 equiptment slots.
    1 for the grenades like frag, semtex, or throwing knife
    1 for the Spec. Grenades
    and 1 for claymores, c4, Tac. Insert, etc.
    You should have 2 red 2 blue and 2 yellow perk slots
    maybe make the default amount of attachments 2 for a primary and 1 for secondary, then bling-warlord can be 3 attachments primary and 2 attachments and camo for the secondary. I also think you should get some ground killstreaks like a tank strike or BMP strike, maybe a hummer could roll in and do a couple laps.


    i would like to have the R700 and the mp5 and the m249 saw from the first modern warfare. also the ak74 from black ops unlimited attachments or at least a underbarrel, a type of sight, and a silencer would be nice. keep commando and stopping power. also keep scavenger. keep sleight of hand also be able to put a shotgun as a primary or secondary. camo the entire gun like scopes on snipers not just the stock . 50 cal desert eagle. 44 magnum with more realistic power, it should not take 2 shots to the head to kill someone. also have a realistic 357. needs detail to the guns like on mw2.. black ops has the worst graphics and detail of the whole franchise. different knife animations like slitting their throat when u sneak up behind them also you should not have to purchase any weapons or attachments

  • Tio

    I would like the following

    1. Beretta M9 pistols. (I <3 these!)
    2. Re-Introduce Red Tiger camouflage. (BEAST!)
    3. No unlocking weapons – No Buying Weapons.
    4. Customizable animated emblems.
    5. Ability to vote a player out.
    6. Block all modders and if you can't block any give all players that hack.
    7. Bullet drops. (I don't know if i want this or not.)
    8. Re-introduce Cold-Blooded with the added abilities of ghost.
    9. Of course keep the classics like Ninja, Scavenger and Hardline.
    10. Allow ANY 5 perks to be chosen.
    11. Choose 1 hard thing to do for each Pro perk version.
    12. Whenever you unlock a Pro perk you automatically use it. (if you have it equipped)/get it.
    13. Lethal, Tactical and Equipment slots like in CoD Black Ops. (I HATE picking between claymore and semtex!)
    14. Please don't all them Flash, Stun and Smoke grenade. Be realistic like the ones in black ops.
    15. Add more Deathstreaks and pretty much treat them like killstreaks. (Pick 3 and if u get one you either use it or wait for the next.)

  • GrApEKooLAiD_35

    i like gamingldead wit the killstreaks not leading up to another cuz in mw2 it was so easy to get a nuke. i think they should take nuke out and put like attack dogs or something cuz those dogs are little monsters. i also think they need some zombies.

  • Mw3 dude

    My idea is to have a melee weapon as secondary like a sword

  • Infinity Ward<3

    I think it should be almost exactly like the first modern warfare, when you had to have skill in order to be good. Sure, throw in more guns, more attachments, better perks, and a limit on killstreaks. People shouldn't need a chopper gunner or a gun ship to win a game. Plus, those killstreaks just spawn kill people. Also, no nuke. That's just plain stupidity. Pretty much, the style of modern warfare, the guns and attachments from modern warfare 2, and the game modes in black ops (including zombies).

  • rfrandy2007

    I say bring back some MW2 feel like the levels from highrise and underpass cause i like that feel of game over black ops the story was ok for black ops i give you that much but I cared more about in single player the Modern Warfare storys I even when back and played them over and over again that how great that.So I hope they can bring that kinda back.

  • CuriousBastard

    I wanna see better matchmaking and team balancing. In Bo just cuz I'm
    Lvl 44 I get put on the team with weaker players! It should be on kills
    Not on lvl! And fairer matchmaking! Lvl 44 vs all these 3rd prestige
    No life ppl!!! Seriously infinite ward! I wanna enjoy playing cod! Fi
    The god damn lag aswell!

  • The_Closer11

    I agree with one of the above comments. More detailed and realistic objective based games where one team defends a building, and another attacks it. Imagine a 16 v 16 match where you have to watch all 4 sides of a building & if you're a loser without a mic your team gets obliterated, because you couldn't hear them tell you about the stealth guy that came in through the roof and is walking around knifing people.

    There should also be a little time to communicate with your team about tactics & classes before the match starts (at least 30 seconds).

  • mrcallofduty

    get rid of grenade launchers altogether and that would solve noob tubing

  • Kam

    How about a fourth killstreak for 15th prestige. Also a 3 team tdm match. 3rd person was a great change of pace in mw2. I hope they bring that back.


    You shold be able to make your own camos for your weapons, like if any one has made a custom car in the Nascar games. Some weapons I think should beincluded in MW3 are
    -a full auto M16
    -an old Winchester repeater
    -a bolt action rifle
    -a chainsaw
    -an M60
    -an MG42
    -a S&W .500 revolver
    -a vulcan minigun
    -an M4A1 or M4 Carbine
    -a bow like from The Dukes of Hazzard
    -a Thumper
    -a sawed off Thumper
    -an M1 Garand
    -a double barrel shotgun
    -Barret 50 cal.
    -a 30-06 hunting rifle
    -a PPSH
    -a Thompson
    Some attachments I think should be on MW3 are
    -grenade launcher-can shoot stun and smoke grenades too
    -ACOG scope
    -silencers you can take off in game
    -red dot or reflex sight like on BO
    I think if you get 35 kills, attack soldiers airdrop and help kill the enemy

  • EpicTheSpoon

    Add more in depth modes like escortin ppl or vehicles and multi team games with 5 diff teams and also hav limitless gun and char customization and if it's so modern then it shuld hav obama in it
    One mire thing, include australian soldiers in the game coz aussies rock
    Xbox Gamertag is "EpicTheSpoon"

  • Xaiin

    Start of on sp from where mw2 left as you were going to get on the nikolis pavelow

  • Xaiin

    Also useing a glass bottle as a weapon would be cool

  • Ted hates noob-tubes

    I'm a PC. mw3 (hopefully by infinity ward) should be similar to mw2 which i prefer over black ops. the problems that can be fixed are the ridiculous spamming of knifing with commando, noob tubes, and the dual G18's. Jesus, i think at least a third of the times i die is from just those three cheeses mentioned above.

    Destructible environments would be pretty neato. I know that that isn't CoD style, but the game should adapt. Im a huge "Battlefield: Bad Company 2" fan, and taking down a building with an RPG-7 is one of the funnest things i have ever done in a multiplayer game. Also, I am looking forward to Battlefield 3 that is going to be released at the end of the year. It looks promising and Mw3 is going to have to impress me if they want my business

    MW2 would be perfect if it weren't for people that constantly did the ****** things mentioned above. These "guys" need to realize that they can't sit to pee their whole lives, and that they are actually junk players when they don't lean on their crutches.

  • GR3AT3ZT 3VA

    Allow people to pick up ammo off of any dead person because on MW2 i had an m4 with silencer and i couldnt get ammo from a dude with an m4 red dot. For killstreaks bring back the nuke, chopper gunner, ac 130, ect. Keep the tubes if you dont like it then deal with it. Make damage more realistic. Not everyone dies from getting stabbed. Allow unlockable melee weapons from small nife all the way up to the famous bowie knife from zombies. snipers should ALWAYS kill someone if they hit center mass or above. Assault rifles should put people down in 3-5 shots depending on location of the hit. Sub machine guns should have much less recoil. LMGs should only be a very slow sprint. For perks STOPPING POWER. Most useful perk ever and it should be brought back. Bring back the original mp5

  • Cris

    Give us something like game battles but on the actual game where we can challenge other clans and we can put money in on it kind of like an mlg match with cod points

    • KYLE



    any changes would be great, but SPECIFICALLY i would say things that wold be good are-
    1. LOADS of guns, i mean, not like Borderlands where there are BAZILLIIONS of guns, but like, a good hundred of modern/semi modern, highly detailed, realistic guns.

    2. realistic attachments-underslung grenade launcher-sure why not/just, more like the BC2 one with a smaller explosion and longer range. be able to change barrel size and weight, choke on shotguns, specialty ammunition (FMJ/Cold-Loaded/Incendiary/etc…), able to have more than one or two attachments, weapon customizations

    3. a cover system. period.

    4. larger maps

    5. FULLY DESTRUCTIBLE ENVIRONMENTS-i would like (and im not the only one) to be able to put some c4 on a wall i KNOW someone is camping behind, or under a floor of a two story or something, and blow it all to hell/take out campers, or superpro snipers.

    pick up the campaign where mw2 left off, nikolai's words STILL ring in my ears. "I know a place" llove it.

    • kyle

      ive heard rumors that mw3 is taking place before mw1. so i dont think there is going to be a continuation, unles they make a mw4


    well, theres just so many things thatwould be changed, everyones said something good by now for sure.

  • awestruck

    More customization. Many more attachments, camo customization, how quickly grenades cook. There are so many things is the game that could be customized and make the game a lot more original to the player. Also, keep spec ops. Spec ops has a lot of variety and is a good break from multiplayer and shooting everything you see in campaign. New killstreaks would also be a nice change. Killstreaks like the cobra are old and killstreaks like dogs are boring and take no skill. Killstreaks should be the best part of the game, get creative. Have killstreaks that actually make you do something rather that sit in a corner. Perhaps get creative with maps. Maybe a large open field? Underwater? In the sky?
    The game really needs some new guns too. There is no point of having terrible guns it just makes one gun the favorite for everyone to use. New guns plus about 30 attachments all customizable.


    I would like to see larger lobbies like say 30-60 players in a match also allow "partying up" with freinds upto 15-30 in a party being as xbox live only allows 8 players in a party!! Have you seen "Home Front"? That game allows you to party up with 16 of your freinds "IN GAME"!!!! I hate that in the othes CODZ you can only use your xbox live partyand anyone that joins in game has a chance of winding up on the opposite team, and what about that game, what's it called…….I think MAG it hosts up to like 99 players in a lobby or something astronomical like that. Just want to be able to play with more people c ' mon PLEASE!!!!

    • Cris

      no 256 players ina lobby

  • Divine_Inter

    they should create a game scenario where all perks/radar are disabled and only killstreaks and skill with your weapon classes apply. this would stop noob-tubing knifers, may not eliminate quick scopers but at least everyone would be equal.
    call it extreme hardcore, just you and your gun.

  • Divine_Inter

    they should have a game scenario where all perks/radar are disabled with only killstreak and weapon classes are allowed, then we would see how good some people are.
    call it extreme hardcore, just you and your weapon of choice

  • bob

    i think thy should bring back the nuke and make special lobbies for quick scoping/zombies of course and come up with some new game modes maybe some new weapons and perks also.they should come up with some more kill streaks to they should level the level up to 70 and 10th prestige because 15th prestige and level 50 is just to easy.i also would appreciate bring the ak74u at a low level though so u can use.

  • LOokatthisXDXD

    I think they should bring back zombies with more players and bring back MOST of the Mw2 and Cod 4 maps like Ambush…my favorite and have differentplaylist like 2v2 team tac TDM….take out JUgg/commando(unless its in a playlist by itself….. have like ALOT of classes avaible for when you switch playlist no more buying weps cause you can get the guns and perks and camos way to easy. i tihnk when your level 50 with 10 prestiges and once you get all challenges with a certain group you can pick which gun you want Pack a punched or golden/

    Killstreaks should be (2)-Max ammo (3)-Uav (4)-auto turret for 1min. (5)Air strike (6)Cobra (7) 1 kill counts as 2 /doublekill counts as 4 and so on…. and then (9) all enemies lose ammo and killstreaks and then more of the killstreaks already made except nuke

    new perk-Jetpack new melee weps-chainsaw/Tazer

  • Lookat meXDXD

    also make maps just for glitches but cant be used in games ecxept on certain playlist and make secret glitches that are really hard to find

  • bob

    they should make a theater mode to save your cool kill cams and make it where you can view the throwing knife or missile so you don't have to follow it your self in free mode like black ops so your video looks better

  • ThatGuyOnly

    If you dont have it already, you should let us customize guns like the body and iron sights. Better iron sights could be more expensive or unlocked at a higher level as well as the body. I didnt like the way the M16 looked on Black Ops as well as the MW2 version.

  • daman

    G36c the rest doesnt matter too me

  • Bob

    Treyarc sucks

  • LifeOnRice

    Ide like more Maps, Guns, Perks, Attachments, a better Player Customization that i thought black ops would bring, 3rd person, faster sensitivity than insane, dedicated servers, if not add a reminder that host migration will occur, better spawning system, a 2 second god mode when spawning, bring back commando, noobtubes, quickscoping, much like everything thats opposite of black ops

  • serge

    I have call of duty 1,2,4.6 waiting for 8 thats infinity ward
    5 and 7 treyarch my game system PC

  • kzm

    i only want mw2 atmosphere and title and emblem thing from mw3 or next call of duty. its better while you have to do sth for winning that title of emblem.

  • FMLitsLeo

    Quick Scoping is stupid and annoying, i try to have the most realistic gameplay possible, and with quickscopers it makes it impossible, drop shotters and all that crap. It's annoying, yeah you'll say don't expect realistic gameplay in a game, that's why i said i "try." I personally can't quickscope, and i don't ejoy watching others do it., it's boring and it pretty much cancles out all other guns.

  • Mykallin

    I think that letting people look down scope faster is fair to the player but sniper rifles should be 1 hit head shot,2 hit chest,and 3 hit legs seeing as everyone shoots in the chest and stomach to make sure they hit but you can survive 2 or 3 in the chest from a LMG.Basically make it were snipers have to be snipers…and this would even out the field,by the time someone looks at you,you can shoot them in the chest twice or try to go for a headshot…..MW2 WA2000 Master

  • dfsjsjfjdsfs

    zombies would be cool

  • bob

    make it so that when you get 25 kills with the grip you get a bipod

  • A n d r e w G.

    Cod needs new guns, killstreaks, and options…

    Like the kill streak thing; It should be set for certain classes.

    Of course secondary weapons should include: Pistols, Specials, Launchers, etc.

    There should be a knife catagory, like throwing knife, bowie knife, balistic, etc.

    New perks/ Returning: Double Tap, Reviving Team mates (down only).

    Crossbow should return w/ more attatchments!!

    Multi grenade

    Night Vision!!!!!!!!!! <-Cod4)

  • Str8_Shooter

    The "names" above peoples head are one of the very worst target obscuring nuisances ever. Also, as someone mentioned, a little more gore is a guilty pleasure that almost everyone would like to see (even more gore than WAW) and indulge in. Violence sells, and that's a fact. When I get a grenade kill, or when I get killed by a grenade, I want to see some missing limbs and organs… or at least SOME BLOOD. That's realistic. DUH, WINNING!

  • Str8_Shooter

    I'm double dipping here, but on the subject of "camping", something everyone loves to gripe about…. First of all, it's just everyone's scapegoat, something to blame, BECAUSE YOU GOT KILLED! ANY intellegent player, with any DYNAMIC approach to playing, should incorporate AMBUSH and STRATEGY into thier style, or suffer losses for failing to do so. That being said, MW3 should certainly bring back MW2's Scavenger perk, to allow for gleaning new claymores from slain enemies, that brings strategy to a whole new level. Some will disagree, HOWEVER, if they also bring back Scrambler Pro, whoever uses it won't have to worry about claymores, and therefore, have no reason to cry and whine about getting plowed by players intelligent enough to use strategy.

  • danielson

    Bring back the intervention!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but take away grenade launchers because there really annoying. add 4 perks with no death streak and for each class you can have a different kill streak for. keep commando stopping power and sleight of hand. All i ask is to make it like mw2 but better because no offense but black ops sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the guns are terrible just like mw2 minus noob tubers please dont make it like black ops, one more thing make more maps that you dont have to buy.

  • Josh

    i personally would like to seethe g3 assault rifle come back, i didnt like purchasing things i liked working for my guns attachments, they should bring back quick scoping its a fun challenge nad its a fan favorite, i think shotguns should be secondarys cause campers in buildings should get cleared out, i like commando cause i mean with people using shot guns u need tht extra boost to beat the shotgun and what not. i think ghost or cold blooded should be aloud on any class, its not noob if u run around with an assault rifle and ghost, i hated using assault rifle without ghost/cold blooded i died so often, bring back heartbeat sensors it helps new players get better and people start using ninja anyway to avoid heart beats, make the challenges for perks not so hard go back to completeing one big challenge instead of three, this is whatt i think

  • ray

    they should use the same online engine as mw1 because its fast and keep everything from mw2 make everything costum like inventing your own camo put wager match and zombies leave special ops leave killstreaks and perks as they are in mw2 make a weekend multiplayer were u can play against people on other consoles let the killstraeks sttack add a game mode so you can play all game modes together make a mike myers lobby dont put curency leave all mw2 weapons and add the comando weapon and everything else has to be from mw2

  • Nick

    They need to go back old-school, If you want a Under-mount…. You should be willing to give up your first perk…. Shotguns should have always been a primary. Ghost should have never been put in the game series, More snipers, sub machine guns, and tactical game-play would be nice. Ever play MGS? roll while on the ground, decoys and Splinter-cell like gadgets. NIGHT-VISION GOGGLES SHOULD COME BACK!!!!!!!!!… Mini Drones would be great, Movable cameras that can be deployed and controlled like a RCXD but dont explode. They can take up your grenade or equipment slot and be used once per life to scout,… im not saying that some things are good/bad as in terms of gameplay, but the ideas of actual cod fans that love a great game w/o bullshit tubes or OP guns, Knifes from Nowhere, or Juggernaut and guns that are small caliber kill in 2 shots ex: ak74u from BO, 2 shots=dead, no recoil, its the UMP of black ops,,,, The game needs to be balanced with Great Guns, Huge maps(snipers have advantage) , Small Maps(close quarter combat) , and Medium Maps (all around gun equality except for if you are inside a building and meet with a SMG and you are using an assault rifle the SMG should win)……….. Just some Ideas :D

  • XxSeBaStIAN

    Mw3 should have more modern guns swandive and be realistic

  • Leon

    i think there should definitely be quickscoping, take out last stand, and put some new thing like zombies but their own new thing. not special ops, though. and i want oma and danger close because i like spawn tubing

  • zifi1997

    Make massive maps with lots of people, leave quickscoping in it (loved it) all those people saying it was crap IT IS A GAME NOT REAL LIFE AND IT TOOK A LOT OF SKILL, keep commando, i didnt mind it
    NOOB TUBERS SUCK take them out keep explosives as secondary weapons and have a game mode for seperate people, knife only, sniper lobby, launcher lobby
    basically this mode im thinking of is like wager mode, you vote on a map and game type

  • kyle

    this is a long shot but i think that it would be a great idea with not every person had a knife in the magic portal that can be whipped out in 0.5 seconds while holding a m60 MG. i think the knife should be a weapon on its own. i mean how realistic is it when someone is running around with a m60 and it just magically disapears and there is a knife inside someone already.

  • Chiffon

    1. Bring back stopping power.
    2. Ghost can stay, but your primary weapon in the class that has it must be a sniper rifle.
    3. Quickscoping can return.
    4. Noobtubes: Do not return.
    5. Air support: Receive one extra flare when attempted to be shot down.
    6. Killstreaks: Are stackable again.
    7. Guns: Favorites from MW2 such as the ACR
    8. Attachments: Are buyable like in Black Ops.

  • ryan

    they need flak jacket, layered killstreaks where if you have them built up you can pick one to use maybe with the d-pad, NO shotgun secondaries, importable emblems just ban people completely for porn, theatre mode,QUICK SCOPING, QUICK SCOPING, QUICK SCOPING (why would treyarch take out one of the sexiest killcams?), and upgraded MW2 graphics just throw away the treyarch garbage, it went backwards

    they dont need stopping power, juggernaut, commando (maybe take out the knife all together no one could put ur gun away and pull that out that fast), noob tubes,

  • Henry

    I like how Black Ops had basically eliminated the "camping" aspect of online gameplay and focused more on the accuracy of the gun shots. I hope they continue that trend with MW3. It makes the game so much more fun when you don't have a team of people sitting in one spot with claymores everywhere. lol

    And how about a Blackbird Killstreak as well. I love that as an option in Black Ops. And as far as nukes go, BRING IT BACK. Love the Nuke!!

  • rednose234

    they should use the blackops system for hardcore where players are kicked out of matches for repeatedly killing their teamates. because that was some bs in mw2

  • Craig

    Ok , lets face it, black ops has bored me :-( . Sure is was cool to be able to dolphin dive through a window like a was Chuck Norris and it is cool tht they have zombies , theater mode, interactive maps and more kill steaks but there is just no real fun about it

    For modernwarfare3;

    .Keep the same game engine as before ( keep the diving cause it kinda fun )
    .Bring back shot guns as secondary weapons cause a cant always rely on my pistol :(:(
    .Quickscopeing should return ( although this is annoying for some people it is what makes Call of Duty Good )
    .Bring back over kill perk !!
    . Make the maps interactive like in black ops where you can destroy bridges on discovery ect.
    . Weather in the map ?? Eg . on a desert map start a sand storm mid-way through
    . A lot more game modes and specific ones desinged for specific people how want snipers disabled or whatever
    .Bring back all the maps from MW2, MW1 but improve there graphics ,make them interactive and stuff
    . New Maps !!!
    .Lots more guns and attachments !! eg. bring back guns like ACR, M40A3 , Intervention but add guns like guns like AW50, L115 and others
    . dont make kill streaks stackable again !!! + add lots of new killsteaks
    .bring back theater mode !! + its good if you are not recording and you get something you would have liked to record !!
    .add zombie + spec ops
    . make the campaign have a co-op option !!
    . make the map packs cheaper !! 800 or less :)

  • BIGTEAM 12on12 COD!

    Make BIGGER MAPs and SMALLER MAPS. Bring back shipment. more players in bigger maps with 12 on 12 atleast. Thats what i want more then anything is to be able to play 12 on 12 at smallest on a big az map with bunch of my friends.

  • dave

    get extra points for a nut shot

  • vwvDMSAvwv

    I say we do co-op online campaign.(optional.)
    4 perks.
    A game mode like search and destroy but we just eliminate players and not have to destroy or defend a bomb just eliminate each other like tdm but no respawn and 6 players.
    Make title designs that we buy (like mw2 but we can write our own text) emblems that we buy and only have to unlock the moving ones.
    More camos or custom design camo.
    More realistic deaths like limbs blown/torn off when shot and have buildings (little) actually be destroyed
    Have two special grenades one grenade (unless you have bling pro) and an equipment (like black ops).
    Money to buy weapons, camos, attachments, equipments titles, emblems (except moving gold ones).
    Make money more valuable, killstreaks worthless, have same killstreaks from mw2 and more new modern warfareweapons (from real life), and different classes can have different killstreaks.
    Same 10 prestige newer/cooler prestige emblems (like black ops).
    Night vision goggles or thermal goggles, guns have more bullets and damage, more realistic damage done when shot like you walk slower and see blury for a while (but can still shoot normal).
    Have mask customization like ghost's mask and more like a tiger or a snake. More custom character like sunglasses or color of uniform, emblem on shoulder, over heart, leg, and have all the noises from mw2 like when you call in a nuke or complete a challenge, or unlock stuff
    Be able to enter cars and camp in them
    5 letter clan tag.
    Title custom word letters atleast 30 letted. (PLEASE!).
    Have special ops but with more than just 2 players, up to 6 online, 4 offline.
    Have quickscoping and diving, spray with barret 50 cal.


    put qsing like in mw2 and trick shots so wut if u cant do that in real life itz a video game da make everything the same the aiming of snipers and everything except 1shot kills 4 sniper riflles but get rid of replemishing noob tubes with scavenger and one man army and screw buying your weopons and screw hardened hav fmj to thats wut its for it increases the damage and bullet penetration and hav ak47 and desert eagle and no buying anything unlock it il tell u one thing i played black ops til i wuz lvl 50 non prtestige and i didnt like it one bit niether did my bro or my friends its bulshit i thought black ops wuz a waste of money infact i stil ply mw2 insted of black ops i bet if u put qsrs and non qsrs together and ask them quick scoping or no qsing most of them wood say yes qsing like in mw2 and those people that said that r the qsers and ik for a fact theres mor qsers than non qsers yea stil make machine guns but also hav the aiming and everything the same as in mw2 same with the snipers same aiming to qs look cool in killcams cuz it flows its nice in clean in the killcams and u no wut itl b fair for every1 then if thers quickscopes and machineguns i tell u what if thers qs ibet u more people would end up trying to quick scope and then that means more snipers and more money to the people making mw3 thank u for leting evry1 posts comments here i hope this info gets to the people making mw3 and im also pretty sure optic and faze would aprove of this and screw jd 2020 PIECE!!!!!!!

  • sebastian

    I think mw3 should bring back overkill . one of my fav perks .also have a juggernaut suit but walk/run slower also have impact on walls when you shot them with explosives, bigger maps would make the game better for snipers also certain guns should come back like the: r700, g36c, mp5 not k , and more assault rifles . A cool theme music would make the game exiting. and no old school weapons like the model 1887 , and great gun camos but not like black ops camos that are garbage and strange,, some cool camos that match with the maps.


    after all of these ideas and think :HOW MUCH DID YOU ENJOY PLAYING COD 4 the maps were amazing there were awsome sniping spots but also routes to get around them. so all i ask is remember cod4 IW it was one of the best console games they ever made but along with bringing back that cod4 element make it realistic like destructable buildings. on snowy maps make it so sometimes there are avalanches halfway through the game, have sand storms on desert maps. and last of all the ability to give ammo to teammates instead of puting coordinates on a map have more interaction with teammates like when someone gets shot in the leg they wouldnt be able to walk as good so you could help them out by carrying them somwhere safe. sure that would encourage people to camp BUT THINK ABOUT WHAT I SAID ABOUT COD 4.

  • Jackryan10

    4 player split screen online MP
    and just make it like mw2, like graphics wise, black ops is like a cartoon and is just rubish.
    keep the campaign going from mw2. and yeah, make it a good game, because if its shit, the call of duty franchise are f*cked

  • sean

    make it like black ops just make killstreaks stake and put stopping in with ghost

  • harry

    I would like to see no commando, but a pro perk that stops u from taking falling damage? and two of each colour perk. If they were goin to put sitrep back in they should make it easier to get. Keep the Nuke its good fun to go for, but make it only a twenty kill streak. No tactical knives, they are pointless. AND keep attack dogs in the game. I would defanitaly play that game!!

  • Annoyed person

    For all you people who think noobs toobs are for people who suck, well if your so good then you would figure out how to stop them so shut up and improve your d*** tactics.

  • jesus

    it will get killed by you know what…

  • Jesse

    Or you could shut your mouths and stop telling some of the best developers in the world how to do their jobs. Let's just pray that they're not banging ice and dropping acid while they do it, because no one wants another Black Ops…

  • poodl

    ground war search and destroy would be aaaaaeeewwwssssoooommmmmmmmm

  • Nunn

    How about ditch the lame single player/pointless coop missions that can only be played once and instead focus on…
    Adding more weapons (10-20 per category)
    Map creator,
    Custom camos (Think like 10-20 textures with the ability to overlay and add in a color wheel)
    Bring back stopping power AND overkill place both on tier with ghost equivalent
    Place Extra ammo perk instead as an equipment choice
    and possibly different level of ballistic armors

  • RED

    Bring back the following perks:

    1) Stopping Power

    2) Commando


  • Danylo

    Alright. do you know what really annoyed me about Black ops? you had to buy your attachments. i like MW2 better because you earn your attachments.
    i also think that if you have multiple killstreaks you earned, that you should be able to choose which one you would like to use first.

  • Tcams100

    if you wont the game to be a bigger hit put in more guns like the Calico

  • Tcams100

    do not have the wa2000 it sucks bring in a new improved sniper

  • Dave

    love the mw2 graphics and also overkill… also why not take all the eras (wwii, cold war, modern) and put them together or select whether u wanna play with ww2 guns,maps, etc or vietnam or modern… more attachments, custom camos, choose what rail you want to put the attachment on… i think thats it… for now

  • Kevin

    Bring back stacking killstreaks but leave out the NUKEEEEEEEEE 

  • Kevin

    Bring back stacking killstreaks but leave out the NUKEEEEEEEEE 

  • K-Luv

    Okay so heres a thought…Fix the bs lag that black ops has and hey im down for watever after that :)

  • K-Luv

    The online play for black ops was the worse I have seen in 26 years…Treyarc sucks

  • Elvis Bernabe

    I would say they would bring back FMJ attachment  to the m16 instead of using hardened as a perk for increase bullet penetration.Also they should make more perks like six and you can pick any perk you want instead of getting it from the category :)

  • Bradmarshall2010

    Bring back overkill one of my favorit perks

  • Carlkemp360

    in the theater in mw3 is it a hold all ur best killcams or what

  • RC

    IDC what they do, as long as they somehow bring back the intervention

  • assassin

    the intervention is called MSR in mw3

  • Daliborjosic7

    when and are they gonna bring the intervention