EA Announce FIFA 11 Transfer Update Release Date

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With the transfer window having been closed almost a week now, a lot of FIFA 11 fans including myself, are still waiting patiently for the update from the game’s developers EA. We know from past experiences it normally comes within the few weeks of February.

EA have finally announced that the update will be available to download free as from February 23rd. The DLC package will include all the latest developments from the recent winter transfer market.

To mark the occasion EA have released a video featuring the most significant transfer this year, Spanish World Cup winner Fernando Torres from Liverpool to Chelsea. The striker moved there following an English club record bid of £50 million. The video can be viewed below.

Are you waiting for this update? What are your thoughts on the Torres transfer?

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  • shimmy

    takes the piss we hav to wait that long

    • Dully94

      I know!! i CANT WAIT I/WE have been waiting long enough!!! bloody hell

  • E-Lo

    Will this also go for iPhone version?

  • cole


  • B-Will

    what a load of rubbish we have to wait that long, they better be adding more than just transfers and player stat updates….perhaps new boots, more player faces….

    • matt

      yeh they should! joke if they dont!!!!!

      • News Breaker

        Doubt they will. In the statement above where it says "The DLC package will include all the latest developments from the recent winter transfer market" which means nothing other than squad updates will be released (as usual)

  • paul

    lets hope they take andy gray off it too lol

    • douglas


    • khizer

      lmaoo…i love andy gray…they need to get rid of the guy who aired it

  • Sipho Manzini

    they should also add the world cup mode

  • Sid

    I wish they had feature to change Kits and Kit sponsors after some time. Gets boring to play with the same kit season after season. The manager should be able to change the kit.

    • B-Will

      well do to licensing changing sponsors won't happen, but they should at least give us the option to choose what color socks and shorts we want. (for example: Manchester Utd. wear white socks & shorts in the Champs League and sometimes wear black shorts and black socks in the league)

    • scott


  • B-Will

    The thing that is really gonna suck is that I'm in my 7th season for Career Mode, and with the updates players potential, overalls, etc. are gonna change. The killer is do you really want to restart Career Mode knowing that 1.) player growth really doesn't kick in until you become a 5 star manager 2.) young players really don't grow until the ages of 22-25 3.) both of those scenarios takes at least 3 seasons 4.) No champions league the first season 5.) You have put in SOOOO much time and 6.) Its not a 100% chance you can just buy those real-life transfer players cuz NO MATTER what you do, some players are "TOO LOYAL TO THEIR CLUB."…….Though of course I guess this only really matters if you choose to play realistic, either way just my thoughts.

  • fatbrummie.com

    i hope they put in the ukraine leagues ans scottish 1 st 2nd and 3rd and blue square league

  • dareh

    why cant they jst do it now? so annoyin

    • http://www.facebook.com/wall.street.d Danny Shepherd

      because its not just a simple as a spotty teenager sat in front of their Xbox transferring players from one team to another. They have to add players who are not already in the game, update appearances, update stats. Lots of work, which they are doing now.

      Thats why they cant "jst do it now" – your more annoying.

      • Mike Smith

        haha bit harsh :P

      • ^gimp


  • CowboyGamer1985

    everyone will be going chelsea now. bloody noobs

    • riz

      not really cuz chelseas live updates suck now and torres is playing bad now, do i dont think so

    • Brian B

      I have always supported Chelsea for 40 years, even when we were rubbish, so I will stick with my team. The nobs are those who always choose Madrid, Barca, Inter etc

  • BH Diamond

    dear friends,
    before I bought Konami PES,
    but I decided this year to buy EA FIFA, and I'm not mistaken … ;)
    but long waiting for the update, can change my mind again …

  • JASM

    Torres is going to go great and Im going to ruin people in FIFA.

    • mattie milne

      klkl add me its milner1990, i bet i beat you

    • steve

      yah this guy definitely sucks add me btlsrvc23 i will destroy you so bad you break your controller

  • Abuelo

    I think they should once again add the academy onto the game because it is part of the club and on this version it is no longer available. As well as new features like make the soccer ball catch fire when kicked hard lol!! Or codes for retro players.

    • Simonv

      THey have youth players in fifa 11. In one of my Career modes a 16 yr old just appeared at the start of one season.

  • http://www.facebook.com/marc.gerow1 Marc Gerow

    I do hate that it takes so long to do this but if you attempt to transfer the players yourself in large quantities the manager mode will actually freeze. And you also get players with a huge negative number for overall stats. Its whatever EA. Just get it done . And team play should give you the ability to rank players so team players can have a good game.

  • ben

    They should have worked on this pack as the transfers were happening. People are getting bored of waiting,like my self. COD it is …for now bitches!!

  • Mark Mc

    cant wait sick of no caroll and suarez for liverpool and leavin torres on the bench

  • Pablo

    Do you think Andy Gray would have gone on the updates?? Lets see if EA are that good

  • DJ

    Do you need xbox live to get the updates?
    How easy is it to update?

    • KieranSTC

      You may be able to get the update off the Fifa 11 website, but I'm not sure. If you have Xbox Live, it automatically updates it for you when you play the game.

    • scott

      you will need xbox live dude

  • Fifa and man utd fan

    Will it be free to download from xbox live?

    • KieranSTC

      It's free on both Xbox and Playstation.

  • Jesse

    If you watch the video when Chelsea first come out against Liverpool…. after it cuts to a scene with Man United coming out. WHO THE HELL IS NUMBER 13, it's not Ji Sung Park….? 0:11?

    • Jocke

      It's 23.. Johnny Evans

    • xRioTz_x

      Its number 23 Johnny Evans :L

    • Jesse

      thanks sunwakho pepentinti :L

  • James (Networker)

    everyone needs to realise it takes a long time to update these things so just wait and tbh with the amount of work that needs to be put in im surprised they dont take over a month so well done ea for being so quick updating and i hope u keep up the hard work and dont listen to these impatiant people as everyone nos that u cant compare fifa to pes and the same people moan bout every fifa since it began and look they are still buying the games lol

  • Jamieson


  • TurkishPower

    This is great I only play with Besiktas and Chelsea. The thing I hate is everyone should play with there faveriote team online! Im a big Besiktas fan aka Carsi fan so 90% of time I play with Besiktas. I just hate that i have to play Barca, Madrid almost each time. You cant all be fanatics of these teams.

    • REY

      my whole life i have loved Barcelona, if you dont like it thats your problem just because you dont like the team doesnt mean i should pick another one.

      • jedh

        TurkishPower refers to the exagerated number of people picking those teams, not the impossibility to pick them. Learn how to read.

        • Dodds

          Im massive newcastle united fan but my fifa team is hamburg!!

  • sajidmusambe

    i think they should do handballs so it makes more realistic and make it that people cant quit halfway through a match just coz your beating them

    • Hamo182

      Handballs are on it

    • scott

      just turn handballs on????? lol

    • jon alexander

      or have it like that you get the points even if he quits

  • Hamo182

    They do handballs

  • Szachno

    They are taking a bit long but there have been a lot of moves during this transfer window. They should certainly ban people from qutting the game whislt losing, really gets me angry at times.

  • GJL

    I'd like a champions league or europa league tourament mode, without having to play a whole season to get there

    • saintvans

      there is a way round this………..
      just SIM the full season, and decent team will finish on the top half of the table to qualify, then start the next season!!! cheers mate =)

  • yinyi

    Will this also go for PSP version ????????????

  • xRioTz_x

    handballs are on the game you just have to turn them on!! idiot!!

  • Jo Jo

    So I am suppose to wait until the 23rd Feb to play online again… There no way I'm gonna play with Judas even if I have to put Ngog up front… Pull ure finger out and update the bloody game since it's the latest Fifa!!

  • dunno

    @sajidmusambe there are handballs i think you mean handballs online

  • HundredthMartin

    Andy Carroll better be better on it after the update

  • akash

    manager mode in fifa 11 sucks…..

  • Shaun

    They need to work on player faces.
    Players that are doing well this season in particular;

    Charlie Adam, Chicharito, Di Maria, Chris Smalling.

  • Steve

    I think it's 23, Johny Evans is it not?

  • joel

    it takes that long because new signings means new formations. it helps if you ppl think before u internet rant!

  • FernandoTorres CFC

    dunno why you all moan so much for when you know it'll be worth the wait,

  • thomas

    It´s fun!! let´s calculate how many times Nasa can go to the moon and back, before EA sports get a transfer update out.

  • LOL NO


  • chris

    woops…but wooo update is tomorrow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mike

    What time is the update going to take place? I hope to play with them late tonight on east coast time in the US.

  • Tom

    can we get it from midnight?

  • Sam Stapleton

    I've already done all the transfers. I did all of them two days after the transfer market closed. I've also edited A LOT of overalls/boots, etc. because of how unrealistic they are. I want to do this update but I know full well that it's going to ruin everything and make my efforts worthless. I bet teams like Blackpool, QPR, Norwich, Millwall, Brighton, Bournemouth and Rochdale will remain really underrated while teams like Chelsea, Liverpool, Bristol City, Southampton, Plymouth and Sheffield Wednesday remain overrated. Stupid bias FIFA, they reckon Danny Ings is 40 overall and Harry Arter is 51! Ha!

    • Ohdear

      That’s a little bit sad….

  • stephen

    what time will it be released on feb 23? midnight?

  • Jon Dogg

    why make the video!!! concentrate on freakin updating the squads quicker!!!

  • JordanBlaze

    What time in UK is it out!?

  • luffy

    at wat time it will b released?????

  • ur mom

    dude watta hell no update?

  • Alex

    Torres shouldnt be high 80's anymore. Maybe Mid 70's. I player scoring 6-7 goals a season shouldnt be that high.

  • locky

    i want it now

  • luffy

    where is the update?

  • WL EXT

    its gonna be released on 5pm GMT source from ea twitter

    • Dean

      I hope so :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Hendry-Xie/591135954 Hendry Xie

    update out yet?

  • Dean

    How do i update my fifa 11

    • ashley

      cant w8 for update been w8in ages to play as leicester city in manager mode cuz currently darius vassell dont exist on the game n leicester city are 2.5 stars reckon they will be bumped to 3.5 stars……anyone no if player regrowth will be fixed?

      • tomk

        wil de update improve de players ratings??

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Hendry-Xie/591135954 Hendry Xie

    out yet?anyone know?

  • Rob

    Its being released today at 5pm GMT.. Check this out tells you how to Update and other details

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Hendry-Xie/591135954 Hendry Xie

    update out yet?any1 try?

  • suarez7

    been waiting for ages its the 23rd wheres the update?

  • PoffJudasIneedAndy


    I have to wait until 6 pm for it to come out in Belgium
    They better make Carroll better than torres now and put Suso and Sterling in Liverpool

  • sickcunt01

    Why the hell would they make Carroll better than Torres? It's called form. That has little reflection on skill…

  • AdotI

    i hope they make carrol atleast 82, and improve meireles, he has to be better than 79 now!

  • lol

    still dint find the update. waiting sucks!!!!!!!!!


    today is 23d february and still no updates ,fuck you!!

  • Abowww

    When is update?

    • schwaaaaaaaa

      5 pm gmt i think

  • marenwo

    maybe they had a mistake, maybe it's 23rd march :P

  • lmeo

    5pm today GMT.

  • Bjorn4jacied

    In 30 minutes it should be done.

    • harry

      Its 6 o'clock and still no update anyone got therapy yet

    • harry

      Its been over an hour now still no update.

    • johnnyB

      did u get update yet?

  • jake

    wtf. its 5 GMT and there's still no update. Come on EA.

  • ^ but its not! :/

  • dede

    isit done yet

  • 53567

    Wtf, its now 5.10 fifa is taking the piss, this should be donr in the first week of feb.

  • Agjfx

    I dont get how it takes so long, ridiculous

  • Fcg

    Should be, but it isn't


    And it would me fixed when you start FIFA 11? your post was 47 minutes ago, and you said it would be in 30 min, i dont have an update already… It sucks :(

  • Stompy

    Well its gone 5 and mine isnt there.

  • Tony

    I live in Norway, and can't see any update yet? Have some of you got it?

  • Bruges

    still not working for me in belgium, anyone got it yet?

  • Tom

    Still isn't done, i have just tried to download the latest squads and all the players are at the clubs still.

  • jimmyshoes

    any1 got the updates yet??

  • jimmyshoes

    any1 got the updates yet??

  • dee fiifa fan

    my ranking points just went back to 1:s today 23/02/2011 i had 4780 odd its piss. anybody else?

  • hammer

    still not done

  • Ace Dishan

    its been an hour still no update

  • lewis

    its te 23rd today an nothing has happend on my fifa


    im still waiting

  • SamNoyce

    still not working after an hour

  • james

    its 6pm and still arnt on why say 5pm

  • james

    still not on

  • tony

    Do you have to go somewere to get update? or does it automatically update when you put disc in? how does it work?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Aaron-Azzy-Mac-Mcmordie-Ives/508702328 Aaron 'Azzy Mac' Mcmordie-Ives

    where is it then? typical f***in EA!!

  • Tom

    Is the updates there yet?

  • johnnyB

    its not out in ireland yet why?

    • chelsea are crap

      not out anywerw

  • Jamie


  • Stroller

    Still no update!?

  • jf123

    come on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • SamNoyce

    getting rather annoyed now EA!

  • hybj

    has eneyone had the update yet ??

  • dede

    no update yet. c mon fifaaa

  • http://www.facebook.com/JohnBrazzll John Clifford

    wat a joke

  • Landy

    It will end up being late tonight :(

  • dede

    no update yet. c mon fifaaa

  • tomk

    wens de update in ireland?and hw do we no 4 sur its 2day?

  • scratchy

    still no update!!! whats going on?

  • Seb

    its at 8pm (approx) gmt according to ea twitter

  • jordan

    update out!!

  • hammer

    I GOT IT :D

  • Lee Del

    Damn you to hell EA! Just had to play with that scumbag Torres upfront bcoz i believed their lies!!

  • MrMoon

    I'have him

  • lee

    its here

  • pigeon

    update is in you have to go to edit squads then download squads to get it.

  • twotowel

    i have the update

  • nomis597

    new update is in DK woop woop! :D

  • ben

    23 days I wait and Ben Arfa is NOT a Newcastle player…wtf. Congrats Ea and ur researchers

    • Bri FTM

      haha SAFC!!!!!!!!!

  • Lolbot

    We just got mindfucked by EA

  • chris

    look up GMT time zone on google..it has to be 5PM GMT time for the update to go up..i live in chicago so i have to wait till 6pm my time =( !!

  • Daniel

    its updated about time

  • http://twitter.com/Fifa9001 @Fifa9001


  • Abowww

    when for pc?

  • lol

    wat the hell is going on?where is the update?

  • Johny

    u EA sports guys are completely useless.its not bad enough takes too time to launch this update,u also screw portuguese,italian,german teams,u only know a little about spanish and english leagues. why u remove 5* to aimar and saviola ? they forgot how they do tricks ?? I wait too time to see that thing LOL ,u just update(and bad) few most famous teams . RIDICULOUS

  • luffy

    feb 23 2011 for 360 n ps3,for pc feb 23 2012.lol waiting ***** ……… :(

  • gerger

    PC still not out

  • daniel fitz

    how to you do the update?

  • lol

    where is the update for pc users????? :(

  • FIFA

    all you bloody so called FIFA fans. you have to download latest squads to action EA's update it won't happen magically by itself.

    As an Arsenal fan, I am very happy. hugely improved ratings for Wilshere and Sczesny in particular.

  • sjefke

    yeah we know you have to go in squads bla bla thats for ps3 or xbox360 we are asking where the fuck is the pc update :( goddamned

  • lol

    try this for pc,this is the forum link http://banglagamer.com/forums/showthread.php?1131…. update is available in this. :)

  • Stenovitz

    I give a bullshit for this update as long as I see the Danish 'Superliga' is not totally updated. The Torres-thing seems like a gag.
    Maybe I'm ignorant, it might already exist, but I really, really miss an open-mod version and tons of open FIFA-fan sites with the users constant updates, just as known from simracing leagues.

  • luffy

    still cant find pc update

  • Mark

    The funny thing is Torres haven't open his account for Chelsea LOL

    keep it goaless till the end of season Fernando Traitor!

  • http://www.b2bappointmentsetting.co.uk Amy

    Nando will get better :D