COD Black Ops DLC: First Strike Map Pack Release Time for Xbox 360

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If you have the Xbox 360 version of Call of Duty Black Ops, we are guessing that most of you are planning to stay up until the first DLC map pack releases tonight. It’s called First Strike and we have an indication from Treyarch for when the new content will be available.

This is somewhat of a treat for you, as Treyarch never usually narrow down a release time for their DLC map packs, but we can tell you that First Strike will be available around 2am Pacific Time or 5am for those of you on the Eastern Time zone.

This was confirmed by Treyarch’s Community Manager Josh Olin, as his following Twitter message reads:

”Drops 2AM-ish, Pacific Standard Time. I’ll be tweeting all night so if you’re staying up for it, you won’t miss it! =)”

Definitely something worth staying up for then. Don’t forget that this content is exclusive for Xbox 360 owners first, as those of you with the PS3 version will get it a month later. First Strike will feature four new multiplayer maps, and also a brand new zombie map called Ascension. Treyarch hasn’t released any gameplay details on Ascension, but you should check out our previous report here if you’re looking for info, as it confirms the addition of new weapons and perks.

As for the multiplayer maps, you can check out some gameplay action here, featuring all four maps – Stadium, Discovery, Berlin Wall and Kowloon. Now that you know the estimated download time for First Strike, let us know if you are planning to stay up all night to play it or not.

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  • Joe

    GAY….There is a standard and it's midnight!

    • Jordan

      it comes out 4 00 standard time

    • dan

      its 5:30 am eastern. nothing yet =/

  • the beast

    2 a.m. ? Isnt midnight technically feb 1st? Oh well im still downloading it, but i sure as hell aint stayin up till 2 a.m.

  • death_by_arrow

    i have to fucking wait for 5 am fuck that ill get it in the morning

  • S13Driftstar

    Still waiting :/ (1:40 am) Central time…..

    • nightbuzz

      3:35 EST nothing………anyone?

    • john

      ha its 4:57 now..only 3 more minutes

  • allan

    so what time is that in the uk

    • Alex Hobbs

      yer its 9:05 and i still havent got them

    • Dr R Soul

      about 10am, just in time to wake up from a nice long sleep!



    • tim

      10.00am 25mins to go

      • adam

        still not out in the uk ffs biggest load of crap

  • Anonymous

    Remember: It takes time to upload to the public servers!
    >Calm down! You'll have monkeys ripping off your -blam!- balls in no time. We will all Ascend from the darkness.

    I blame stosh.

    [2/1/11 12:00 AM PST]

  • Gavin

    UMMMM its 7.54am in the uk and in the store under map packs its not there. WTF were is it?

    • …really?

      this is a joke, i stayed up till 1am and nothing, now its 10.45 and still nothing! it should be all uploaded and ready to boot before release date!

      • Alex 69

        Dude me to i stayed up till 1 am dude n they weren’t on

  • wolfmiester

    its 8 am here n i still cant download it so this is messed up

  • Sigh

    Technically its going to be released on jan 31 in hawaii think about it your not the only time zone.

    • Sixty8Caiiber

      Even more technically, its going to be released at 12:00am feb 1st in hawii, the dude said 2am PST and hawaii is 2 hours behind PST…….

  • Justin

    There are 24 different time zones the game will be out in hawaii on jan 31 they prolly split it opposite the prime meridian to make it fair to the whole world. chill people.

    • Dr R Soul

      woooo someone that has reasoning skills, but you cant please all of the people all of the time. and why is it only americans moaning?


    guess I will have to wait till "tomorrow"

  • canns

    where the hell is it???????????????????

  • John

    its 4:09 PST. wheres the map pack?

    • Sixty8Caiiber

      Its 12:30 pst, Pacific standard time USA. I live in Idaho, im PST. :(

    • Kai

      Kinda impossible there dude, its 3:30 now PST

  • dub samurai

    WTF treyarch i stayed up until midnight in the UK thinking it would be released, then i gave up after a few hours thinking it would be waiting for me in the morning, and it's 8.10 and they still havent been released! Is anyone else playing the maps yet?

    • PopaCap

      No man it's 10:24 still not out yet >:(!!

    • jake

      you got it yet? it says i have to pay 4924837634 points or so

  • Bobby

    its their DLC they could release it at 11:59 February 1st and it still would be fine

  • ReeferMadness


  • stuggz

    its still not here in uk, 8.19am

    • Sixty8caiiber

      It will be here in 1 hour and 30 minutes. cause in two hours and 30 minutes it'll be 2 am pst. :)

  • sgt kill stuf

    Worth staying up for… Cant wait.

  • the dude

    February 1st is February 1st all day long. A release during that 24 period is still February 1st. If it were being sold at a store, you'd have to wait until 9am… chill out internet… it's coming soon enough.

    • lil jay

      Umm No comes out at 12 on the day it is feb. at 12am est is what trey told me in a email

  • Angry Man

    8.28 am on 1/2/2011 bull shit not on yet what thay doin GMT is the set standard thats why as a time zone we start 0.00 (GMT London) its the 1st at 0.01am


    Seriously everyone, use your heads. 5am EST is Midnight in Hawaii. DERP DERP DERRRRR. They can't release it at midnight EST cause then the west coast will get it early. STUPIDS

    • DAVE

      WHERE IS THE DAMN MAP PACKAGE!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????!~!!!!!!!

  • mel

    i got it guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • jake

      wat country do u live in??

  • adriano

    1 o clock in the afternoon wtf this is shit

  • rfd

    fuck i want to play acension already!!

  • Sixty8caiiber

    The guy said about 2am pst, its 12:30 pst, just about an hour and a half, man you guys are excited. Funny thing is that theres already 30 ppl on the leaderboard from testing it. Lucky SOBs!!

  • @jimmyjumpman

    downloading now!! will be done within 5 min

    • seb

      what time zome you in?? im in the uk

  • nightbuzz

    3:38am Est ………nothing. store stats there's new content under maps but no maps

  • xboxwonderer

    Straight Bull is right. I just woke up to find i cant buy it yet!! Its 3 am on the east cost and it wont be here till 5!!!!

  • brandon

    stupid….yet at the midnight release of this game,people on east coast got their copy hours before the rest of us. Why would this be any different? And does it make sense for the whole world to be downloading it at the same time? seems like it would be easier to distribute in waves via time zones

  • Wendall Crabshaw

    East Coast Screwed again!!!! Must be paling around with Gears and Halo JERKS….. Dirt-Bags!

  • brandon

    stupid….yet at the midnight release of this game,people on east coast got their copy hours before the rest of us. Why would this be any different? And does it make sense for the whole world to be downloading it at the same time? seems like it would be easier to distribute in waves via time zones

  • Andy

    Y arnt the maps out normally there always on time write bk treyarch

  • Ha Fix Yo Face

    It makes all the sense in the world. Hawaii is 2 hours behind PST. It will release there at 12am. Its fair to everyone in each time zone. So the only complaint I have it TIME HURRY UP. Can't blame them for being fair. I would be pissed to see one of my friends on the east coast playing on a new map before I even have the chance to download it. Geez Chill yall.

  • John

    it should be out in the next hour hopefluly

  • jammy

    i rekon 11:00 will be ready

  • Drew

    I hate that no one gives a d**n that its too much money and are all concerned about the time. I dislike treyarch for theiving cod from infinity ward but black ops is way better than mw2. If they wanted to when me over on them as a company they would have shown some love for the fans and beat them on the price as well. Bad form treyarch, bad form. Still gonna get it since no one boycots anymore cause they are stupid dont really care about the time.

    • SOG

      I seriously doubt that Treyarch has anything to do with the pricetag. If you want to blame anyone, blame Activision. Treyarch are the delevopers, they are not setting the pricetags.

      As far as Activision goes, this is no news and I completely understand why they are doing it. Seeing as they make millions of dollars on it. If i remember correctly they sold between 20-30 million copies for the MW2 map packs, at 10$ a piece that's quite a nice amount of money they make out of it. They'd be stupid not to, if you want the maps to be free or cheaper, don't buy them. As long as people are willing to pay for it they are going to charge us for it.

  • seb

    where is it? im in the uk and ive been up all night waitin!!

  • Drew

    I hate that no one gives a d**n that its too much money and are all concerned about the time. I dislike treyarch for theiving cod from infinity ward but black ops is way better than mw2. If they wanted to when me over on them as a company they would have shown some love for the fans and beat them on the price as well. Bad form treyarch

  • Akman84

    Seriously, your all idiots. Just wait like good little girls and boys, go to bed and sleep. It’s like Christmas, just go to bed and Santa Bill Gates will bring you your map pack in the morning dumbasses.

  • canns

    why is it saying its there! when its not! 9.05am uk and still no joy

  • carlos

    so what time in the uk?!!!!

  • rampage162

    so its 7 hours after release time and still nothing black ops servers are shit i agree black ops is the better game but at least with mw2 u could finish a game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jay

    Impatient bitches chill out it”ll come fuck, just one more hour lol…… You girls sound like women complaining lol

  • jake

    Still waiting at 4 am :/

  • haisuli

    If its gmt+2 , the map pack comes then 14:00?

  • WonderKid

    Anyone from the UK wanting to know when it comes out…
    It's out at about 10am on the 1st. There's an 8 hour difference from PST – GMT.

    • PopaCap

      It comes out at 2pm

  • Mole

    Typical, the yanks f**k it up as per usual, waited up ALLLLLLLLLL night…9:17am and still no luck….the PS3 turds will be laughing at all this….i want o play the game and get the H-GAY and the GAYlil and the thunder-bun and the FamARSE….sort it out you plankers, i spend S**t loads on games,add ons and Microsoft points on other things, NOT A HAPPY BUNNY.

    • American

      Eat a bowl of dicks! America kicks ass!

  • john

    It woont let me down load it what should i do and i have the us copy.

  • Mole

    Typical, the yanks f**k it up as per usual, waited up ALLLLLLLLLL night…9:17am and still no luck….the PS3 turds will be laughing at all this….i want to play the game and get the H-GAY and the GAYlil and the thunder-bum and the FamARSE….sort it out you plonkers, i spend S**t loads on games,add ons and Microsoft points on other things, NOT A HAPPY BUNNY.

    • Wrench

      Douche this game is made in America no one cares about UGAY when they say Feb 1st they mean when it is Feb 1st in America so drink some tea an calm down

  • topsniper93

    around 40 minutes till asscention im so stoked been playen black ops for like 10 hours straight this is gonna add another 8 hours at least only complaint it time is going by too slow if your good at zombies send be a request on xbox topsniper93

  • jeffrey

    it is 4 ;24 est time is the map packs really coming out at five

  • Brandy Kay

    call of duty website said 3 am release for my time zone (Michigan) and its now 4:24 am and still NO map packs here!!!

  • micahel

    this is bullshit has any1 got the yet?? what time to UK will we get them

  • jayman

    dose anyone have a clue when these maps r comin out.stayed up all night 9.30 still no maps .wow what a piss take

  • Treyarch hater


  • PeachJuice

    keep fu**in up treyarch..

  • blake

    wait wait wait :(

  • robert


  • david2033

    09.34 still no map pack (uk)

  • dolo

    4:35 est still no maps listed in the store

  • Bdawwgg

    Its 1:42 in so cal nothing here. Yet! :(

    • Carter

      have you downloaded it

  • carl

    does any one no when it is released in uk (GMT)

  • Dex

    I read It's 1400GMT for us in the UK.

    • peanut

      hi Dex were did u read this ?

  • K-mil

    Is it coming out at 5 am ?

  • Dave

    Akman you fuck ring. it is the morning..

  • larry

    i rubbin my toes oooooooooooo

  • bowerz

    any 1 know if its been release yet in england cuz its not on my xbox at10:00am what going on

    • James

      Upload time just wait probs 30 mins it’s like this with any DLC

    • marc

      its on not on dashboard

  • Jacob

    Treyarch and Infinity ward were both one company is the rumor i have heard. I was told that they split up with the agreement that treyarch could not do any games based after ww2. I may be wrong but thats what im hearing.

    • PopaCap

      Black ops is based after WW2…

  • Ryan

    well in aus, its 8:30pm so we got all night to play :)

  • Paul

    MW2 packs came down at 2pm (ish) uk time… I know its a different company… But I’d bet on 2 – 3pm today… GET SOME SLEEP !!!

    it’s not all that exciting is it ? It’s just another over priced map pack !!

  • Bdawwgg


  • Mike

    It's officially 2 A.M and there is no Map Pack. :P I'm patient, though…

  • topsniper93

    wtf 2:04 pst where are they

  • ReeferMadness

    5:05 EST and no map pack = (

  • LegOver

    Kinda frustrating how Microsoft gets to mess with you… regardless of what you own (PS3)

  • endofdays

    It’s confirmed for 1 pm so chill

  • violent predator

    its 9:03 in australia and under store it says new but theres no map pack WTF someone help

  • Greg

    liars!!! It’s 10:00am in London now and probably half of England are still sitting up with match sticks holding thier eye’s open!!! Sort it out trearch!!!

  • Jim

    in the marketplace it says 1200points, but when i try to confirm download, it says this downnload -1,

    current balance 1700
    required balance 4294967295.

    what gives?

  • vinny

    5:09 eastern.. not a damn thing

  • sanchks

    so wgat ur saying im in nm so what time is that here its308 got up to smokeout and hit purchase cuz were still gota wait 4 usto dl it to the xbox

  • Tom

    Go outside and get a life, it will be out today.

  • lee the pee

    Serious you lot are complete ass holes. get a life and stop bitching

  • mad man

    it is 5:10 here and it hasent showed up

  • James

    On xbox it still hasn’t come out :(

  • James

    On xbox it still hasn’t come out :(

  • emilyyyyyy

    Still nothing in the store wtfff? 5:12 am wtfffff.

  • blackopsdude ^_^

    Its already 5:11 am and theres still nothing in the Black Ops store or In game Marketplace…COME ON TREYARCH!! COME ON!!! STEP IT UP!!

  • rob

    arrgghh where the fosh is it???

  • Dex

    65% complete & counting. XBox live. go get It guys & I'll see you all in Berlin.

  • Mush

    who know's the acctual time first strike comes available to downloadf?

  • Laura

    still waiting????

  • Danny

    Trying to D/L and says I don't have points even though I purchased some yesterday :/ WTF

  • Carter

    Is anyone having problems downloading the map pack for black ops?

  • xboxwonderer

    The Store is showing the new icon yet no map pack to download! Im almost tired of staying awake for this.

  • Justin

    Uhh map pack shows on the game add ons for 1200. But says I need a required balance of 4 billion somethin.

  • JL2316

    well my xbox just froze while on COD… maybe thats a sign that it coming

  • PopaCap

    It is 10:22 here in the U.K and they are still not available. Sort your F****** selves out Treyarch !

  • bmac

    the download is up but it is saying it cost 1200 Microsoft points. When you click to download it, it says it is 4 billion microsoft points

  • Woffles

    WTF Still not here on my xbox and its 10:22am, in game martketplace it is snowing 41 items instread of 36 but when you go to show all it then drops back to 36. sort this out for crying out loud, I'm off sick from wrk and this is making me sick. lol

  • HALO has dedicated SERVERS

    Dedicated servers equals even playing field…..3bar vs 4bar not COOL

  • Ben

    It's 9:25 pm here in Aus on february 1st!

  • kevin

    still not got the map pack checked at 10.25am andstill not there what the hell are they playing at we should have for half price now for all the bother they have caused .!!

  • Bob Dylan

    its out now speds

  • marc

    its on in the uk, on, not on dashboard

  • Faxmebaby

    Where is everyone. I’m playing the new Maps by myself.

  • Robare Spot Lite Dunbar

    Ok it is now 5 30 am est soooo whats up?

  • corey

    It’s 3:30 in albuqeuqrue nm. No map pack yet

    • corey

      Feb 1st 330 am albuquerqur nm usa … no map pack yet.

  • blake

    still no maps :( its 10.30gmt london and they were due to be released at 10.00gmt london

  • HALO has dedicated SERVERS

    You can download now

  • marcus

    5:34am and all I get is a map pack that says 1200, but when I go to purchase says its like 5648390 xbox points….. :/

  • Kyle

    is anyone else getting the map pack price as -1 MP??? It says its 1200 MP when i select it. then when the guide comes up to purchase it it says -1 MP???

  • vanessa

    my boyfriend finally got his mappack!!!

  • Jared


  • rhidzla

    10.37 am in the uk now and still nothing…. thats 2.37 am PST… TREYARCH YOU USLELESS SOULS!!

  • Luke

    It’s out in the uk woop woop!!!

  • WTF

    i have a glitch where i cannot download it cuz it says i need like 2billion microsoft points

  • jimbo

    downloading now

  • blake


  • semichilled

    its up!!!!!!!!

  • Amishcarbomb

    First strike available now 5:46 EST

  • endofdays

    There on .

  • k why jelly

    they are up now so stop crying

  • blackopsdude ^_^

    LMFAO OMG….i see it in the game marketplace… first it says it cost 1200 mp….then when you click buy…it says it cost -1 mp….then when you confirm it says you dont have enough and it costs 4294264632 mp….????

  • joobman420

    the guys at webrats have it. im halfway on the download!!!! bring it

  • Paul

    602 eastern time just got it!!!! downloading now!!!

  • kevdadude91

    Y is the map pack 1200ms points when xbox live said it will be 800 ms points and now I only have 1040 ms points and I stayed up all night to downloads it………this fukin sukzzzzzz

  • Masha

    Its on DL bout time!

  • Dorothy Mcgrath

    11.7 am and still not here,hubby has ants in his pants waiting for it

  • Angry customer


  • bobby

    Still No Maps In Uk :(

  • Ryan

    Look at all you newbs, Go out and get a girl frind you dirty smelly yellow teethed mugs.

    • jerry

      hey buddy why don't you go make good use of your time and go find one yourself.. quere

  • Timmy

    Still not available in the marketplace right now! Did they pull it to make changes again??? WTF yo?!?

  • ninja slayer

    Waiting im in nc and it dont come out until feb 1 at around 9 pm usually

  • tricky

    just glad im in britain 10am it came out so no staying up for it like you sad americans lol

  • Dave

    8:30 EST and it is not here! WTF! Where is it !

  • Andy

    I'm just downloading now, hopes it worth it!

  • Todd James

    Sad Americans tricky? Don't forget where that game was made… in America

  • liam hh

    when do they come out for ps3?

  • ryan

    I got it this morning before i went too school, cant wait too get home..

  • javion

    yall all are cry babies geez dont stay up than….not like its not going to be there when you wake up…..?

  • biggieballs74

    my big toe hurts :(

  • willie.j

    ps3 1st march

  • Realist

    Does nobody here have a job to go to?

  • Papa Georgeio

    I gotta wait till Thursday afternoon to get it, no money till payday :(

  • terrance ford

    anyone know when it being release for ps3

    • Cissa

      14 to Infinity days

  • dionon

    its crap that 360 users get the maps first, you would think that the superior gaming system
    aka ps3 would get them. oh wait microsoft throws there money around to get what they want!!!!


    you are all IDIOTS !!!!!!!!!

  • Jackmehoff

    LOL youi are all a bunch of crybabys about waiting for 2 hours hahahah i have to wait for a month.

  • Dante558

    When does it come out for ps3? If its a month im going to beat the hell out out of everyobe that has a xbox and the makers of call of duty for putting FUCKING ps3 a month later FUCK THIS


  • Jacob

    anybody from the uk got it?

  • anonymous

    Ha all xbox360 users fail u guys must not have a life

  • Just A Dude

    Of course. If Black Ops is ANYTHING like Mw2, of course Microsoft will pay to get the DLC ahead of time. Im tired of this crap. Over-priced, 5 map, WHOLE MONTH OF WAITING BULL! Im tired of Activi($)ion pulling this. Not even all of the maps are new, some are just copy-and-paste retros from past games.

    The COD francise is starting to test it's faith in the community, to see how far t hey can really go. Some of my friends dont even play COD anymore. It's just a huge scam.

  • yup

    lmao @ all of you people acting like you know anything….everything you guys say is on other websites ….who cares when the map packs come when they get here then get them..until then get a life

  • PROgoth247

    can someone tell me the release date for this new map pack for PS3?

  • Simplton

    Pffft PS3. Who cares?

  • Rez

    dont even waste ur money the new maps are so SH!7