Sony PSP 2 (NGP) vs. Samsung Galaxy S – Graphics

By Chris Cook - Jan 30, 2011

Following on from other news of the Sony PSP 2 (NGP) we have more news to bring you, this time about the type of graphics you can expect from the new handheld device. With its ARM Cortex-A9 core CPU and SGX543MP4+ GPUs, you can be assured that they have improved vastly. This means the PSP2/NGP has a central processing unit with 4 cores and an advanced graphics processing unit also with 4 cores. For other spec information about the NGP read Alan Ng’s article here.

Imagination Technologies, who manufacture mobile graphics, explained that this quad-core GPU has a wider data path, therefore double the shader performance of previous versions. For more on shader and Imagination Technologies read the full article over at nicagamerz.

The Samsung Galaxy S is a feature-packed smart phone. It has a huge screen which is a 102mm (4-inch). Its hardware ticks every box, and, with Android providing the brains and usability, the result is an excellent phone. Read the full review at cnet for more on specs.

When compared to the Samsung Galaxy S, which has a SGX540 GPU that has 4 lines shaders, the NGP will be 8 times as powerful despite having the same number of shader pipelines because of its more advanced GPU.

What are the main factors that you look for in devices like these? Is it features or graphics? Let us know your thoughts. Check out how the battery life of the PSP 2/NGP compares to other devices.

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  • Matthew Turner

    finally this time its got 2 analogs which to me is a good sign because i couldn't get use to the psp with only 1 analog


    i would effin expect that

  • Pacewon

    Will the PSP be able to stream media content??? In other words will it be able to get youtube this time???

    • qwerty12334

      i would be veryyy suprised if they dont let you stream media content