Motorola Xoom: 3G and 4G Release Date Update

By Alan Ng - Jan 27, 2011

Earlier this week, we informed you that the highly anticipated Motorola Xoom tablet may be launching at Best Buy stores as early as February 17th, but now we have a official release date update from Motorola themselves.

As reported from Engadget, Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha has given everyone an update on the Xoom picture via Motorola’s latest earnings call. Whether you are after the 3G or 4G version of the Honeycomb-equipped tablet, you can rest assured that both of them are on the way relatively soon.

How soon you ask? Well, Jha confirmed that the 3G version of the Xoom will be out on Verizon at the end of February, which may place a hint of doubt on that February 17th Best Buy date that we mentioned above.

As for the more desired 4G LTE version, you’ll naturally have to wait longer for it, as Motorola won’t be releasing it until the end of the second quarter at least.

What are your thoughts on the release periods for the Xoom – have you made up mind whether to get one or not? There is also the important factor of price which still hasn’t been confirmed. It looks like it may come in at $700-800 – which you can read more on here.

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  • haha nice intro, glad we are getting here officially, except those of us that ordered online from the usa already with the killer exchange rate. Its all good!
    My pet dingo does fancy it, he likes t he angry birds app, bugger doesn't share. Im off now to throw another shrimp on the barbie

  • murp0443

    @Amar There is no reason to believe it won't be able to preview such files and make marginal changes as well. My Droid Incredible seems to be able to do that.

    However as far as really working with Word and Excel 'type' documents; I doubt this will come equipped with that. I'm hearing this will work very well with Google's "cloud" which makes me think you'll have to do Word and Excel type things in Google Doc's versions of those. I'm not a fan of Google Doc's spread sheets yet, although I use them for various things throughout the year. I just haven't been able to work with them deeply (i.e. functions, calcs, other "rich" stuff, etc).

    Hope that helps,

  • Amar

    I want to know that can xoom motorola product can work the office work like Microsoft word PDF excel other daily office work

  • Marc

    This is a silly, misleading article. It states it has an official date of the release of the Xoom, but actually doesn't. I guess Mr. Ng hasn't grasped the english language yet.