Orange County Choppers Foreclosure: OCC Not Bankrupt

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I have been a fan of American Choppers for some time now, so you can understand how upset I was when the main three from the show/company parted due to reasons unknown. Since then Paul Sr. and Jr. have been locked in a battle to do with his son’s 20 percent stake in OCC. When we first learned that the lenders of the OCC headquarters had filed a foreclosure, we assumed that it was to do with this ongoing family feud, but they do not seem to be related.

We had first assumed that this was a joke, but Surrounded Me has learned through sources that Orange County Choppers‘ has missed a number of mortgage payments, which is said to be for $96,400 and $14,000. The source explained that OCC did not make the payments, as they wanted to force the lender to make a few changes to the terms of the loan.

The reason why they want to make a few changes to the mortgage terms is because the building is not worth as much as it was back in 2007. It is no secret that the auto industry has had a tough few years, as has the housing market; it is for this reason why the headquarters is now worth $4 million to $5 million less than it once was.

Neither OCC nor lender GE Commercial Finance would make any official statement, but one would assume that this little blip in the road will go away. Orange County Choppers in a world brand now, so they would not risk anything to lose their building where things are not only built but run as well.

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  • KW

    Senior, you are a bully. It looks like it’s going to be a little tougher to push around the mortgage lender. Tell me, is this more legal guidance from the blood sucking lawyers you’ve been employing? You’re past indiscretions are catching up to you and I truly believe you are not well. Seems karma is now beginning to kick your butt. Get help so that you can learn to deal with life. You’re family is enjoyable, no matter how much you have tried to destroy them. How about calling Dr. Phil in for a few episodes? You really do need him. Smarten up, Senior. Smile, get happy.

    • Junior


    • lh2

      I think you should look at both side of the story. The media and the show seems to go over board with this so called feud. For Jr and his brothers , you only have one father. For Sr he and his sons should swallow their pride and come to a medium. Sr has started building bikes when jr was a young kid. I think jr disrespects his father and vice versa. But always remember their are two sides to a story.

    • shorty

      sr. sure seems to have maj. mental issues! any father that sues his son over money is sick in the head, but that cant be news to anyone that watches.

    • jim

      Alls I see on the show is all we and it would be hard to assume anything all I know is that its a shame to watch a family self desctrcut over egos and money…… I respect both of them and hope they can mend the fences… Hard to admit it but them stopping the show and turning the cameras off might be the best thing for the family…

    • Old School

      You must be a young boy, Senior made OCC and the spoiled boys what they have now. They rode on dads tail all these years and now dads no good other then his money and contacts in the business that jr uses to his advantage. What a joke.

    • Bob

      You clearly are a teenager or someone who has no idea of what it means to be on
      time for work and do a full day of toll to help the company stay on track.

      Go Senior !!!!!!!

    • Rob

      The bottom line is this. Senior berated his kids for years on National TV. He constantly called them stupid and treated them like trash. He always Bitched and complained that they were given everything and that he had to start with nothing. Now that Jr. is out on his own, Sr. has made public statement that he would destroy him and even went as far as to create a ramp to launch an effigy of Jr. and laughed as it crashed.

      The flip side of that coin is that Jr. thinks that his stuff don't stink. He continually took advantage of his father. He was always late, he was a complete slob and disrespected his father on numerous occasions on national TV.

      I have met them both at bike rallies. Senior is an arrogant self absorbed jerk and Jr. is just a chip off the old block. That is really why they don't get along. They are too much alike.

      Don't forget Mikey. I have met him too. He is probably the most stable out of the bunch and he is border line retarded. If it weren't for his family, he would have difficulty getting a job cleaning up puke in a grade school.

      So don't jump on the band wagon of one or the other. Take a long look at those shows. The welding that they do sucks, they constantly take shortcuts in fabrication and they always have to have someone else make them look good. All they do is weld up some flat metal and bend some wire metal. It's the guys that work in the background with all of the talent. Their production bikes are lame and dull. If you don't believe me here is a link Would you pay 40k for the OCC Original?

      In my opinion, their 15mins are up. Hell it was up 5 years ago. Who cares if they succeed or fail. Once the TV show ends, the shops will soon follow.

    • Mat1970

      Paul Sr. started the company, yes, but when the camera crews started the first season there, hey were still a small company. What made that company huge was the bikes Paul Jr. designed and built. Paul Sr. wanted total control. I still remember the episode where Jr. worked till midnight the night before and Sr had the biggest fit when Jr. came in 20 minutes late. Jr was the hand that fed that company and Sr bit it too many times.

    • just_my_opinion

      I don't know what Sr's deal is……….Seems like now more than ever he goes out of his way to degrade, bust jokes on Jr. Sr always moans and groans about Jr coming in late yet when thins would come down to the wire he would be the first to say see ya later, and how about all the times he would leave in the middle of the day to go get a massage. Why does he still insist that Jr is telling Mikey to not have anything to do with Sr……. I hope Sr realizes how big of an a$$ he is after having a chance to review season 1 of Sr vs Jr. Jr is no saint but when you have a father like Sr for a role model what choice do you have.

    • JWS

      Hey KW – r u on crack??? Do you actually watch the show or just that delussional?? Paul SR may be rough, but he built that business from the ground up anf JR wouldn't have ANY of these oppurtunities if it wasn't for his dad. AND the constant "fighting" in the shop is what putt OCC on the map! ……………… Extract your head from your rectum before u post again!!

  • Steve

    I watch the show every week and still do not understand what evil senior has committed to deserve the hate he gets? Junior and Mikey seem like spoiled brats and whiners. I guess it will not end well.

    • Catbert

      All true. Mikey hasn't worked a day in his 33 years, and JR learned his craft from his Dad.

    • Brian

      You sir, are a moron. Paul Senior is suing his son! It shows real lack in character when you choose your business over your family. He's a bully and is going to eventually run OCC into the ground. Not to mention after he fired his son he's doing everything in his power to destroy him! Also there is a 3rd son who has cut contact with him as well. Are all 3 children in the wrong??? Senior has obviously lost his mind… though I'm not sure he had much of one to start with when dealing with his family. You're blind if you can't see the situation for what it is.

      • La Verita

        To Brian and Bob – don't go around saying other people are blind because they have a different opinion to you, or call them names. That is bullying, just as you claim Snr. is doing. Grow up.

        There are always two sides to every story, and somewhere in the middle is the truth.

        • ACM3

          Don't tell people to grow up. That is bullying, just as you claim Brian and Bob are doing!

    • Bob

      Thats because your a geek Steve



    • pop

      he,sr, deserves what he gets. he seems to have a problem with his son getting ahead. just because paul jr didn't start his company from a dimmly lit basement doesn't mean he doesn't deserve success.jr works just as hard and besides he contributed to his dads success. sr. just can't handle not being able to control mikey or jr. this is what has been from day one…..control. paul sr is acting like a big baby.

    • Frankenfurter

      I agree!!!

  • Slapz

    Ya know, if it wasn't for the old man hat whole family wouldn't have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of. Junior acts like the spoliled brat he is is and Mkey….what a joke. Where did he get the money to get himself screwde up so that he ended up in rehab. He sure didn't have to work for it.

    • betty jean

      he learned it all from senior

  • Nash

    Hey Pal, Paul Sr. is a great guy. He started a business 35 years ago and it
    grew into a million dollar operation. His two spoiled sons got enormous salaries
    and only worked when they wanted. Now these brats want to blame their failed
    relationship with their Dad on him. Get a life kids and work for a living. Paul Jr. has no special talent in designing bikes he just pulls ideas out of the air, if you had all the high tech machinery that Paul Sr. supplied you with you could design anything you wanted and look good.

    • J.Hey

      ". . . if you had all the high tech machinery that Paul Sr. supplied you with you could design anything you wanted and look good. "

      It's obvious you have never built or designed a motorcycle, or anything else of substance for that matter. Being surrounded by tools doesn't make you a good designer. It also doesn't make you a craftsman. Design is an art, a concept within one's mind. A good designer doesn't require any tools other than a pencil and paper. Likewise, a good craftsman doesn't necessarily need to know much about design. High tech tools only make a fabricator's job easier and faster. I have seen some unbelievable bikes and cars built with only the simplest of tools.

      IMHO Paul Jr. is a far more talented designer than his father or anyone else I've seen at OCC.

      • gts

        i agree with you j.hey, paul jr is more talented designer than his father. when was the last time you saw paul sr. design a bike….it is always jason designing it.

    • Steed

      "Paul Jr. has no special talent in designing bikes he just pulls ideas out of the air" Huh? That IS design! I'm a Graphic Artist, where do you think MY ideas come from? From someone else's ideas? My ass?

      Paul Sr. is a businessman, NOT a designer. Paul Jr. IS a designer, and hopefully learned SOMETHING from his father about business.

    • Jim

      I too am a father and have worked endlessly to build an exceptional business. I too worked with my children. I too went to "legacy" battle with these same children. We fought over each and every detail.

      We fought so, that the blood of my very soul has run empty. I am alone in my wealth, and I am alone in my poverty. Rather than being consumed in love, I am enveloped in regret and shame.

    • deins

      T V made it a million dollar buisness . spoiled or not how a man treat his kids like that? jr got more skills then sr sr is a washed up welder

    • Larry Snuffington

      Paul Teutul Sr is a freaking moron. He's running the business into the ground. What's your IQ 50? Stupid idiots like you are the reason this country is in the shape it's in. Do everybody a favor, stick your head in a meat grinder.

    • Awang Selamat Karim

      I agree with you Nash. Lots of people around the age of 30-35 tend to be supporting Jr more just because they're more or less the same age as Jr, and because Mikey is closer to him now then to Sr. Well I'm 33 but I support Sr more. Sr just wants to run the company.. but Jr thinks he's the boss since he can design bikes and Sr cant. But he forgot, other OCC staff could also design.. like Jason, eventho he looks dumb. I'm tired of all this 'Sr cant design shit' stuff… which is true, but hey, its not his job…thats why he got Jr. So why the hey are people still comparing Sr to Jr?

    • PJDgoodOCCbad

      Nash, that WAS Jr's function to design the concept for the majority of the theme bikes…He has made it known that he is not as capable at the actual wrenching and fabricating as other employees of then OCC and now employees of PJD.

  • MIKE

    well…well……well….looks like the twofaced Paul Sr. is finally getting what he deserves..Any man who would delibrately try to ruin his son deserves whatever he gets..Hey.Sr.! what happened to your quote," at the end of the day..all you have is family"?.Maybe all the facts haven't been shown on the show.but what has been…shows you to be a complet lyer and hypocrite……….Hope Rick. Christian and Cody leave your lyin a.. That way youll be left with that jerk Justin…..What a pair.a lier and a jerk…meant for each other

    • Sir T

      Dang Mike! Go back to school and learn to spell.

  • Diane

    Instead of acting like such an a-hole all the time and taking all the credit for what your WONDERFUL son is doing and has done for YOUR business, why don’t you realize how lucky you are to have such a wonderful family, SENIOR! You’re such a jerk and are SO JEALOUS of JUNIOR! You should be so proud of your kids and want to support them in every way you can, but instead you choose to make it a competition and battle between you and Junior. Junior has more common sense and civility than you have ever had in your life! And that gorgeous woman who is the mother of your children certainly did a wonderful job of raising them — why did you ever screw up with her? Your kids are blessings and terrific human beings. You should be thankful they aren’t druggies, or mean people. You need to GROW UP, stop wearing those ridiculous tank tops and sunglasses and act your age — you’re OLD and GONE BY!!

    • Barb

      Amen Diane!

      Since the beginning, the ongoing theme has been Senior yelling and berating his sons. I stopped watching for some time because it made me uncomfortable to see it over and over and over….

      The reason for the success of the company is largely due to the television show. After all, it is a huge national ad campaign… BUT without the interesting, dynamic and groundbreaking designs of Paul Junior, the company would be in a much different place. Just watch to see what happens as PJD gets going. OCC is going to simply faaaaade awaaaay.

  • notbuyingit

    I always thought the tension and arguing on OCC was all a show within a show to increase ratings. And although this is purely oppinion without fact, i believe the current Sr. VS. Jr. thing is also for ratings. They needed something different than the same ol same ol to keep the interest in the show and the ratings up. I think the boys are spoiled brats that forget that without OCC they wouldn't be anywhere close to the household name they are now. Thank your father for givng you that start a shut up! But then again, who would watch a 'reality show' where the kids were well behaved and respectful and thankful for what they have been given?

    • Jake V

      Of course without OCC they wouldnt be a household name. Without a TV show nobody outside of Orange County would know who they are. Clearly money went to their heads. It inflated their egos and it ruined their family. I never understood what role Mikey played in any of this series, but Sr is the owner, and Jr really had a poor work ethic. Shows up late, longer lunches, grinded a fender, yet built the entire bike, etc. Jr got what he wants top dog, lets see if he can carry that weight.

  • Charles

    It just sickens me the way he treats his sons. Im his age with children and no way in hell would i bash my kids. For any reason i mean no reason no mater what..Sr. will be a lonley bitter man from now on…

  • JLS

    That is the problem with this country. People sign a note, then think they should be able to stay there with out paying their part. If the property doubled in value, should the bank expect you to pay twice what you agreed ?? And these people who have the most are the worst,

    • Bob V

      You nailed it…. They signed now U pay period!!!!!! My corvette isn't worth what it was maybe GM will give me a rebate?????
      COME ON!!!!!

  • Paul

    Paul Sr is a crybaby! "Someone picked Jr to build a bike instead of me… boo hoo hoo"

    • methathatesr

      to bad that asshole is still in buseniss

  • schase

    Seems funny to me how when everone over extends and builds out of there comfort zone and the market shifts they want to reset and renegotiate payments and value. However Ive never heard of any who when there property doubles in value to go back to the mortgage company and give them half of the increase. Senior, shut up, pay your morgage and the value of the 20% you owe Paul Jr. or give him your 80% since you claim it to be worth nothing and stop being so woe is me. And I totally agree give Dr. Phil a call.

  • Mike Robbins

    Watched last nights show and and can come away with one thought……the Lee character is a snake in the grass redneck. Kisses seniors butt while stabbing Jr. and Mikey in the back. Good luck running your own MC shop, yeah right!!!

    • methathatesr

      If I ever see that snake in the grass on TV again I will puke
      what a money making slut J lee

      you fucked Up

  • MDog002

    This could backfire and they could lose that building….but probably not. It's surprising that that jerkoff "Lee" was hoodwinked into fixing Senior's fence for some "business savey"?? Now that's a dumb hick looking to a manipulating moron for advice! And he was manipulated. I hope Senior finally mends some fences before his health catches up with him. It's a shame that he couldn't stand to see his kids stand on their own two feet. What kind of man does this to his kids??

    • karmas a u kno wat!

      What kind of a "man" does that you ask? The kind of a "man" who, at the end of the day, knows he has a check to collect!!

      I've never watched OCC (seems that was a smart move on my part, lol) but what I've read about that so called father and his sons, well, it's pretty easy to figure out that he'll do ANYTHING to keep that cash rolling in. The cash coming from the network that is!!

      Those of you telling Sr to call Dr Phil, please STOP! The only thing that QUACK will do is make things worse!!!!! My suggestion to Sr is…. go hook up with Kate Gosselin. The two of you have a common goal….. SELLING YOUR KIDS OUT FOR THE RIGHT ASKING PRICE!! Hey, maybe, just maybe they can help to reign in one another. Plus, I heard she's looking to 'hook up' this year AND she's also into older men. LOL



    • JIM


      • JERRY

        well then he can be there in spirit ..

  • K. Stilwell

    Way worse than a bully. Sr. Is scum… Of the lowest form. I have to dvr the show so i can f.forward through the whiney little girls at OCC.

    • methathatesr

      HOW SONE IS THE OLE man s selling his history cars bike

  • Jacob

    Paul, you seriously need therapy. Watching the show and your asshole antics I just have to shake my head in disbelief. You are truly in need of some serious therapy. I would suggest
    Reichian or bioenergetics for a couple of years. Let go of some of your anger and fear. Learn
    who you really are and make peace with yourself. Learn to love yourself. No one lives forever and its about the quality of life. In short stop being an asshole.

  • ownworstenemy

    he's a dry drunk….classic case.

    • to little to late

      Agreed maybe he needs a meeting!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • so sorry

        Coming from an alcoholic family, I am as familiar with dry drunks as those who are still actively drinking. A dry drunk can be as mean and manipulative as the drinker and needs to continue treatment. I always thought Sr. acted like a dry drunk. I hadn't watched the show in months but did last night. Sr. looks like hell and I hate to see it. He either has some health related issues or is back on the sauce. Whatever the case, I hope he is getting help as nobody deserves that life.

    • beej

      maybe not so dry – he can't look anyone in the eye and looks and acts totally f'ed up. I think he fell of the wagon and is getting drug along behind…

  • Gerard White

    This Paul senior guy is just a real jerk. A father who treats his family the way he does is a very poor role model and should never even have a television show. He needs to be taken off TV.

  • Dawd369

    Senior what are you thinking. Junior is spoiled but you did it to him. You both need to step back and take stock of what really matters. When all this bike stuff is gone you will only have each other. You both need to accept that there can be a differance of opinion, without having to abandon your family ties. Your both only cheating yourself of a time in your lives that cannot be retrieved later on. If one of you had a gun pointed at your head the other would throw down their life to save you and you know that. Is a number on a piece of paper more important than that? I hope not, or what I believed about all of you was totally wrong.

  • LYNN

    it takes a pretty low person to fire there own son, degrate him at every given chance on national tv, sue him not once but twice and then try to sabbotage him. Karma is a bitch!! I would give my life for the health and well being of my children then again any real man would. I hope they cancel american chopper then start a new show with just pjd. What would you do if they called you rite now and said paul jr had been killed how would you feel? would you feel remorse or be happy that the compition was gone? Time to man up sr. go to your boys and say im sorry i was wrong before its to late!!

  • LSmith

    What's all this big hub bub about mortgages and foreclosures? Just get in line with the rest of the country. We all know that the only way the lenders will adjust the overblown values on properties is if the owners miss mortgage payments and force the issue of over valuation and the need to adjust mortgage payments. There is no different here, they are only telling one part of the story to make headlines. Cool down. its SOS.

  • crash

    Bummer! I thought that rotten Paul Sr. was finally getting what he deserved! I 110% agree with KW!

  • Glenn

    I want to know why senior thinks its okay for people to give occ free stuff but if someone dare give junior and PJD something for freee he bad mouths them and throws lawsuits at them.I think its high time senior start paying his bills, that includs giving Paul Jr. his (fair) share. Paul Sr. talks about free enterprise but he dosent want it. Wake up paul Sr. b-4 someone puts there size 12 you know where,

  • kelly

    Senior, you talk about your the victom in every thing well get a life your sueing your son for the second time. You made up poor excuses not to go to JR's wedding. you keep putting the boy's down mostly jr. your not the victom your the problem your the one thats causeing the problems with your sons. I don't feel one bit sorry for you at all. If I was to have a bike built it would not be by you not in this life. I hope you do lose the building that you wanted and borrowed the money for you deserve it being the way you are.

    • Bryan

      Ok first learn how to spell! AND this whole thing why blame it on just one guy this is both of their faults and they need to fix it! ya Senior is an ass but he also got Jr. where he is today so lets not blame just Sr.

  • Kelly Thomas

    Senior, I cannot believe that you are suing your son. You are pathetic and a whiner. Get a backbone, quit listening to the people threatened by your sons and who whisper poison in your ear about your family. You are the parent; yet you act like a two year old. I always see Junior being the bigger man and you running him down. I do not hear Junior running down OCC or you. You come off as a very threaten, insecure little boy. PATHETIC. You should be proud that junior is doing well and saying so loudly. You have three sons and relationships with none of them. What is the common denominator – YOU. Just like the guy in the middle of the band, out of step and thinking everyone else is.

    • Rick Quinn

      I agree with 99% of you all. I have a son an grandson that I would never treat them even close to the way Sr. does. I was in a truck accident 9yr. ago an all most lost my life. ai have been disable ever sence an I charish every min. I can get from either one of them. Sr. you will never read this but life can become short dont wait till its to late. You need to be the man of this family an fix it. Cant understand who would give up time with there grandkids. When you die an go to HEEL there a special place waiting there for you

      • rick Quinn


    • Beachbum

      Does anyone think this all can be an act to get more attention, and more tv ratings? Anyway father and sons most of the time butt heads its the alpha male in all men. I think the guy behind the camera is egging them on for the drama of the show. More drama the better the show and yes things get out of hand. As far as the bank loan how do you make a deal to be told do not pay and you think the bank will bend because your property is worth less. My home is worth less and my payment remains the same. If I did not make payments I would be living in a cardboard box.
      Over a million people lost there home last year and they did not get a break. So if someone can tell me how to go the bank and say my property is worth much less and I am not paying the note and let me know if I could make my own payment please let me know so I could have a good laugh!!!!!!!!

  • chip4757

    I've watched this show grow and the family collapse. Very sad. I agree, it appears that Senior is fixated on destroying Junior. He wants his kids to be in his life but expects them to overlook what's going on. I've heard him say "I haven't done anything to Mikey, so why won't he talk with me." Clearly you don't get it. It seems he's fallen into the same money trap….it can't buy you happiness. He doesn't look well.

  • AD

    Whatever bad happens to Paul Sr. he earned it. I have never seen a father more intent on destroying his own children.
    What is wrong with this man? Is he so insecure he needs to distroy his own son to prove his manhood?
    He is abusive bully. He should be proud of his son. From what I have seen the best bikes came from the mind of Paul Jr. period. Paul Sr. can build a bike, so can any compatent cycle mechanic but Paul Jr. creates some of the most amazing designs. Sr. should be proud not trying to destroy his own son. This is all because Sr is insecure. Instead of being proud of his talented son, he feels jealous and threatened and trys to destroy him.

  • Beabeau

    Sr. needs to go back to AA meetings as soon as he can..what he is doing to his family with his out of controt, control issues is addictive characteristecs….plus building a building so extravegent just shows his arrogance…Jr is no pieceof cake but every time I watch Sr. blame his sons and use his present employees as sounding boards because they are all yes men..afraid of his anger and power is absurd..go to a meeting where they will tell him honestly when he is out of control and out of line..and for sure he is way past it..his majesty the babya

    • Brian

      You're spot-on, regarding Sr using his employees as (weak) sounding boards.

  • Day Rider

    I agree. Paul Sr , you remind me of my dad who drug me thruogh the dirt who didn't work but I was his only support. Talk down to me and as a kid never involved himself in anything with me. I watched him manyy time go deep sea fishind and only decades later I went for the first time. I tried to get him to make piece with the other family members for 30 plus years . Only at he end did this happen. It was to lat efor him but the other let him in. I even had to pay most of his burial cost to get buried where he wanted to be and then got berated by there wife's family after it. You need help Sr before it's too late.

    • Bruce Lemken

      I wonder if Paul Sr. is even in control of OCC. With Steve and his managers and advisors it also seemed that Jr. and Mike were being pushed out. Take a look at the way OCC produces bikes. It is not the way Jr. created them. Sr. and his sycophants took the process over and Jr. became less and less important. To see what I mean go back to the episode where they went to Finland. Sr.'s managers told him not to take Mike and he went along. Also Mike at OCC needs to be fired for kissin Sr.'s azz. People like this are usually full of it and it catches up sooner or later.

  • John

    Hey Senior,
    There is obviously a slew of bottom feeding scum lawyers giving you crazy advice
    to sue your own son. The one you are always complaining about that never works
    a day in his life. And while he is trying to start a business on his own and make motorcycles, you are trying to tear him down at every point along the way.
    Dude, please get some therapy and get away from the lawyers. They are tearing you up!!
    You cry your eyes out when Gus looses a leg. What are you going to do if, God Forbid, anything happens to Paul or Mikey??
    Are your lawyers going to join you at your side while you are grieving and I wonder how much they will charge you for their company?

  • BOB

    Well this does not compute you stop paying your mortgage in order to renegotiate terms or refiance your mortgage cause the value of the property is not worth as much. I think everyone knows that your mortgage is not based on the value of the property but what was borrowed at the time of the loan. The lawyer Mohan's explaination of why they stopped paying the mortgage is what it is BS! If SR. borrowed 12 million to build the building and it's worth now is 7 – 8 million why would GE want to renegotiate the mortgage they don't have to and they didn't twisted his arm to sign the loan. Remember the radio show when Sr. said the business was worth nothing well lawyer Mohan made a statement regarding this foreclosure that niether OCC or Paul Sr. was broke guest the company is worth something after all!!

  • mike

    SENIOR<<<< plain and simple,,you are a dick !!

  • BH359

    The thing that makes me giggle about last night, well there's two things is one Sr. has said multiple times he encourages the competition, but when a vendor who both sells to OCC and PJD, picks PJD he cries foul play and gets legal. Hypocrit. Two, Don't let Lee fool you, he was fired and now after the fact once Sr. finds out he was goin to work with Jr. Sr. lets Lee crawl back in the door and then proceeds to bash Jr. anytime he can. Adviice my butt, he justed wanted the dirt on PJD. Paul has taken the high road whenever asked about his father.. His designs are creative and original, OCC's bikes seem to be recreated over and over with new paint and a few different parts, i can see why there facing foreclosure… Sr. keeps up his hardline i wouldnt be surprised to see his vendors leave for the impression he's giving out… He's not that big of a deal and without the family together the it factor with OCC is just not there. The whole team (Nick, Christian, Cody, Rick, Nub, Vinnie, Mikey, Jr, Sr.) that's what made OCC who they were…

  • lawrence spillman

    This is all a show. I think Sr will drop his location and move in with JR, they will build bikes together just like the always have. Senior will walk away with 100,000$ by not paying his bills this will set him up for retirement again.His name and Jr name will still sell bikes, but at a much lower overhead.Its sad that the only thing America can produce now is chaos and grief.Money dosent exist for the average guy any more its all a digital smoke screen.Also all the blood suckers at OCC can go find there own jobs.They helped push Jr out the door as they had SRs ear all day long too bad mouth JR.Mikey is another story all together he plays poor me and gets the grease.

  • West coast baby

    After watching the show for several seasons I can only wonder why the hell he gave that slipshod lazy Paul 20% interest in the company. Half the work Paul Jr. took credit for was actually done by others and what little he did usually had to be reworked. He would pick up a tool start doing something Sr. would ask how is it going and Jr. would explode and stomp out leaving the projects sitting there. If that was my kid he would have been shown the door long before.

    • WILDMAN74


    • Jeff

      I agree, you are a dumb ass!!!!

    • David J. Galvagno

      Did you watch the same show I did? You must work for OCC

  • normie

    Paul Sr. you should have been with your kids when they were growing up and then you could make comment on how they turned out. You chose to use drugs and alcohol instead and have no say in how they turned out. When you die you are going to be all by yourself with no family, well except for the bitch your married to's family and they are just there for what they can get. I dobt if any of your employees will even be ther as I'm sure they see you for what you really are. I hope you do the right thing before you are gone, but your not that smart.

  • PRM

    To me the whole situation is just sad. Senior's ego really ruined a good thing. A person can only take so much of the kind of abuse he gave Junior on a regular basis. I think Junior realizes life is too short to be under the finger of a grumpy old man. Wake up Senior. Your life and your family is passing you by.

  • Michelle

    Senior you are making things worse for you in the long run. You started out looking like the good guy and good dad trying to make a point that your business is not a joke and everyone including Jr. needs to show up and work for that. However since you have fired him and he has gone on his own you have done nothing mature to show any of us viewers what a good person you are. You have done nothing but put your son down, say he doesn't know what he is doing and that he does not enjoy doing it!!! Hello you are his dad you are suppose to support him on what he wants to do in life and you should be very proud of the success he has accomplished due to your knowledge in this business!!! He is very good at what he does and he is very dedicated to his business!!! For you to loose all your sons because you don't want competition from your own son shows us your real side and it is not good!!! Get your head out of the gutter and Grow UP!!!

  • mike

    Paul, Sr. did not build that company. The show's success was based on all three Teutels. Whether Paul, Jr. actually fabricated the bikes or not (in one of his many attacks on his son, Paul, Sr. claimed Jr. never fabricated anything), the show's success was built around the father/son relationships. (It's funny how Paul, Sr. made that claim, yet he, himself, doesn't do any of the fabricating of bikes. He has everyone else in the shop do it while he takes credit for the end product, just as he did when Paul, Jr. was working there. ) Even Mikey contributed greatly to the show's success, despite not building bikes in the episodes (except for the Mikey bike episode). You can also add Rick, Vinnie and Nubs to the list of those whose contributions added to the success of the show. And without the success of the show, OCC would have found no success as a company. So this notion that Paul, Sr. is solely responsible for the success of OCC is pure rubbish.

    • j.davis

      If it wasn"t for OCC Mikey would be living in a dumpster !

  • Tsymo

    I have a brother just like Sr. Crooked as the day is long. Watch him, he desperately gets his employees who are just kids to side with him. He needs to bash the only person and his son at that to make himself look or feel good, he looks like he is just a step away from death and he blamed it was stress from his dog WHAT!! It’s his bitterness and anger killing him and nothing more. Greed is the root of all evil and Sr has brought it all on himself. None of us obviously know the real story but Sr certain shows his ugly colors just by his comments and actions. I think in the past he had and deserved respect but now all he is just plain white trash.

  • larry

    maybe senior will sue his son again. for the payments i dont see if someone owned part of a buisness how could they be fired .

  • tsymo

    If Sr truly believed the Jr had no skill or work ethics then he would let him be and fail all on his own the FACT is, Sr is jealous and feels threatened by Jr, if I had competition (and I do in my biz) that I felt was incompetent then they would even be on my mind but look at how Sr had aged and how his face looks like walking death, it is his fear of Jr doing this, Jr has a small company but it is much better than what the dead man had just a short time ago, why bash someone who you feel can't out do you??

  • Cathy

    I too enjoy the show and have been torn between Sr vs Jr differences. Sr is a micro manager and Jr is an independent thinker. I knew it would be a matter of time before "things" would blow up between the two. Micros and independents do not mix. Watching some of the re runs of OCC, it does appear Sr feels threathen by Jr. If he wasn't yelling at him for being late, he would yell at the empty coffee cups or why Jr didn't follow up with phone calls or a number of other things..micro manager! I have not seen a show where OCC did not make the deadline. Jr works at his pace and the help he gets.. isn't that called team work.

  • Pat

    I guess I'm favoring Jr as I'm not all that sure he's a brat but he certainly is a man now..his own man. My parents always told me if you don't want to be in the game then don't play and Jr has been doing a good job of that. Considering the negative comments, I don't hear that much coming out of Jr's mouth compared to Sr's. I've seen a lot of size 12s up on the desk and the walk around with coffee. I know he's the boss but to put yourself as better than, just because your the boss? He should be proud that his son is doing well and take it as a reflection of himself. Don't think this is an act and hope "all" come to terms before it's too late. If not you have to live with your actions.

  • guest

    i think sr should follow jr's lead. jr seems to be the only one with a rational mind in this situation. jr isnt bad mouthing occ cause he needs business and knows business's watch the show. bad mouthing a customer or competition is bad for business no matter what the business is. as far as the first lawsuit, drop the suit, in a few years pjd will be where occ is providing the economy allows it. theres alot of talent at pjd just between vinnie and jr. i do have to say though that the second suit is legit. the dude knew jr was in compition with occ and still went to work for pjd but i do not feel pjd should be included in the suit. mikey, mikey, mikey. come kid grow up and get ahold of yourself, are you really that retarded and i mean that in the mentally way. he for sure isnt making the situation any easier for either jr or sr. mikey wanted sr to go to counseling before he would see him and sr. did that but did mikey see sr. nope and if i was sr i would sue the doctor for giving out confidential information to mikey. jr persuades mikey. if jr says he doesnt feel its a good idea then mikey wont do it.
    what would be best is either jr and mikey goes to occ or better yet to sr's house and off camera and hash things out either by mouth or by fist however is would be. or sr. grow up and go to pjd or jr and mikeys house and hash it out off camera of course.

  • proud dad

    you arrogrant low life redass rich punk you rode the talent of real bike builders and bellowed it was all you give jr a chance to make or fail on his own i gave my bus ness to my son and he calls me for help but i do not try to degrade him but you have zero minus class but that must have come from sniffing welding rods and drinking cheap booze you act like a crack head cutting your shirts to show your stupid tats confirms you could not even be on the same level as ness or others what a sleeze back stabbing punk

  • Char

    Wonder how much of an ass Sr. was when he was using? He wants to blame his kids for the way they act??? Maybe if he would have stayed sober when they were growing up, they'd act a little different now.

  • tsymo

    If JR was as useless as SR says and was incompetent then why would OCC worry what JR is doing? instead SR shows just how afraid he really is in JR's abilities and success, SR is threatened and rightfully so by JR, some say that the old man knows more about bikes and built one or two when JR was more interested in playing with hot wheels, thats the past and maybe JR doesn't know the bikes as much but he is years ahead of the old man just in his ability to think out the design in his head, it takes more than just 1 to build a nice bike, look at SR in his shop, he doesn't do anything and looks completely stupid whenever his mouth opens, JR also needs to get some new builder blood in his shop and stop hiring SR's spies,

  • bill

    Paul Sr. is in danger of having a lot of potential customers walk away from him and go to Junior. Just exactly who was it that designed those ground breaking designs in the bikes when the show first started? It was JR. Both of you had your parts ion making the company succeed. Yes, JR. should get to work on time, but he did use his talents to design those bikes. Running him diown by saying he didn't do any work on his bikes or taking a dummy and running it off a ramp was poor judgment. some have said it is jealousy or a reaction to your substance problems from years ago. You definitely have a control problem, but you are at the cust of losing your business, if you continue to degrade JR. Losing that account was due to the comapny wanting to have JR.'s talents be utiized. I hope you chasnge yoruways before you find yourself with a real foreclosure problem, and if you continue, that may not be fsr off.

  • Dave

    I agree that senior is going to far,I just cant belive Discovery would still put that snake in the grass Lee douch bag on tv.I do hope thet work it out and continue to have sucess and at the end of the day have what makes them special !Family

  • Kim Young

    This has got to be the luckiest family to walk the face of Rock Tavern NY. These guys were nothing more than broken down steel workers without a pot to piss in. They find a BIG pile of horse manure, and jump in it. Before that TV show , they were just your typical biker bums at motorcycle shows. You would thing the OLD Man would get real. Because the people you meet on the way up, are the SAME people on the way down. !2 million dollar buildings, FOR WHAT? To fuel BIG egos? Let the OLD man sell his fancy cars and home and pay his way like the rest of America!!. Be a real DAD, let your kids make their own way.

  • carol

    we love the show but people are turning on SR. he is going to lose everything,,i sure hope you are reading these comments they are saying about you SR. hate to see the split SR . should be ashamed…

  • jolynn

    This is for TV boost ratings, and it's working and people are talking Sr and Jr are just alike and like money this is a fake show..


    I will tell what the truth is, paul senoir knew that occ would one day fail so he had paul jr to start his own bike build so when paul sr fials the occ name will still be a house hold name.This has been in the making now for three yrs..Paul sr barrow lots money to help paul jr to get started ……THIS IS A FACT……

    • DarkMotor

      The old switch-a-roo, huh? This sounds like Seniors modus operendi… He did the same thing with Orange County Iron Works. Moving assets around under the table to avoid liability.

  • J Thomas

    You guys talk about how Jr and Mikey are spoiled brats and all and who knows maybe they are. What most of you can't even begin to understand is how it is to deal with an abusive parent. If you really know the past history of this family you know that Sr was an alcoholic and massive drug user himself. My dad was very abusive and trust me guys, the mental part can be every bit as abusive as the physical. So we cannot honestly sit back and say either way who is at fault for all of their problems. One thing that is very obvious is that Jr and all of his employees seem perfectly content doing what they do and not bashing their dad or OCC except when Sr instigates a certain situation. On the other hand it seems all OCC and it's employees can do is talk crap about Jr and his company. Is that how real men act? I should hope not.

  • Big Truck

    In the early episodes Sr. was always screaming at Jr. to just get it done. each time jr. decided to add something else to a bike build the old man would flip out. but when the bike was finished the old man would say WOW. The old man built bikes in his basement on a wet floor he has no eye for design other then a chooper front and a bike as sissy bar. I drive a truck and go pass the OCC building a few times a week never any cars in the lot. SR you look and come off real bad on the show.

  • ratt

    Cant understand why you would buy a shitty OCC chopper, I had a 100k budget for a bike. They wouldn't even get back to me. So I got a custome big bear chopper instead for 60k and a few months found a "web production bike" for sale, got him down 12.5. Still think I was ripped off, so unreliable

  • DarkMotor

    Every company Senior has ever been involved in has ran into financial woes so where are people getting the idea he is a "successful businessman" from? 35 years ago was 1975, so where are all these bikes he claims to have built during his "wonder years" let alone any that someone would want to pay him to build?
    Going back through all the episodes which DC constantly runs every afternoon, you will notice that he contradicts every single claim he makes while yelling at Jr.. He comes in later than anyone, leaves before anyone, does less work than anyone, knows less about anything than anyone, is 4x slower at doing anything he claims Jr. takes too long to do, even with 5 other guys helping him and it still manages looks like crap afterward.
    On top of everything else he leaves his own coffee cups laying all over the place if you pay close enough attention, and then pulls his main guys off of building bikes to clean up as if it's their fault. You can hire a janitor for a lot less than what you have to pay a trained mechanic these days. If I'm paying someone top dollar to do all the skilled work and I see them sweeping floors instead of doing what I pay them for, some heads are gonna roll!!
    Nobody ever heard of any of these guys before 1999. Successful businessman? Please. Talk to me after you've completed a few accounting classes and know something real about how to run a business without going bankrupt every few years.
    Say what you want about Jr. who at least is man enough to admit he isn't perfect, but he has had more influence on what the bikes they turn out look like along with Vinnie and Rick. All the other employee's are only there to make senior look good and he still cannot manage to get it right. can you say, walking disaster area?
    Notice he didn't take any bikes to Sturgis because he was afraid Jr. would make him look bad? And OCC did NOT design or build that electric drag bike which an outside company assembled in their shop just to appear on television. Meanwhile he pays ten guys a weeks salary apiece to build a ramp for the Jr. slingshot stunt.
    People who side with Sr. are the ones with father issues, which means they're smitten by any father figure whatsoever and the more abusive the better. No doubt Senior had issues with his own dad like not knowing his real name all these years and that's why he's so afraid of talking to counselors. They might ask questions he's not comfortable discussing.
    If he's such a tough guy why is he so afraid of talking to Mikey's counselor? If his sons are so awful, why does he want them back so bad? Whats he need them for? He's just mad because they won't kiss his butt anymore and are getting on with their life which is what he needs to do while he still has the means.

  • ckb4e

    If it wasn't for the Discovery channel none of them would be where they are now. Senior didn't buld that company, the media did. FREE ADVERTISING!! Without the conflict between Junior and Senior there wouldn't be a show and none of us would know who Orange County Choppers is. So to say on T.V. that you built the company is a load of bulls#$%. Senior needs some counsiling, he is threatened by his sons, thats why he tries to put them down every chance he gets. Junior is spoiled but on the right track. Senior just needs to realize he is not perfect and that he is not in competition with his boys.

  • Ric

    Paul Sr is an arrogant douche bag! Him and his band of yes men make me sick. He talks about how Paul Jr isn't and never will be what OCC is, then why are you so worried about how the company performs. Move on!! Rick finally came to his senses and left and now with the foreclosure looming, so will some of the others if they actually think on their own. Without Rick all OCC is is a motorcycle assembly company. Sure they bend some rod here and there and make a fender brace and a wheel but other than that its "Grab Tedds book (VTwin) and see what he has for this or that" . Funny how Paul Sr never bitches and moans about the competition from Dave Perewitz, Arlen and Correy, Roland, Chica, Mondo ,Jesse or Russell, just to name a few of the BEST!!l. Thats because these guys are real fabricators and bike builders. OCC stuff doesnt deserve to be parked next to the works of art these guys produce.
    Hopefully they'll cancel the show on his ass and produce one with just Jr, he's at least focusing on building bikes has assembled all of the talent and is leaving the bitter mud slinging to his Old Man.

  • Bob

    Pal Sr. is just totally in self-destruct mode. He killed the goose that laid the golden egg slowly over time as one by one he has driven his employees and sons away. Sr. goes and fires Jr. sues him not once but twice. At least now we know why. With OCC canceled Sr. needs the money. Looks like Sr. has realized too little too late that he hammered the nail in OCC's coffin the day he fired Jr. because it is Jr.'s designs that have kept people interested. When Sr. isn't ragging on Jr. he has his feet up on the desk in his office doing nothing. Who is the REAL lazy one? Then after Jr. left we've seen the few times that Sr. has actually tried to do assembly and he couldn't even manage to do that. He couldn't remember HOW to put the parts together. I kind of think that says it all. We know who the real work horses were. Now Sr. is acting like a 5 year old throwing a tantrum doing everything he can to destroy Jr. because the truth is out. If Sr. can't be successful he doesn't want anyone else to be successful either. I have got to say kudos to Jr. who has shown much more maturity in his handling of the situation. He has refused to influence Mikey's relationship with Sr. He has refused to speak badly of OCC or Sr. That speaks to his character and potential clients will remember it when it comes times to decide where their choppers are built. Here's hoping Jr gets his own show while Sr rides off into the sunset – fault of only himself. Heck if Jr. loses the second lawsuit I am tempted to send him some money to help pay it just to have the satisfaction that Sr. won't get a penny of Jr.'s hard earned personal money. If Jr. and pjd fans just sent $1 or two I bet there is enough of us that we'd have it covered quickly.

    • Jake V

      F that!!!!!!! everyone send me a dollar or two

  • Mike

    I used to think Sr was an ass but after watching the show for awhile I realised how useless his boys were. I am not saying they are not funny and fun to watch but when it comes to work they don't. If Jr had worked as hard with his dad as he does now they would never have had a problem. If Vinnie left Jr he would fold up too. Its funny that since the boys left the old man is no where as crabby or screaming like he used to, maybe they were the problem. As far as Jr being THE brains behind ALL the great bikes, maybe you need to look at the old shows, he DID consistantly take credit for other peoples work. I hope that they all reconcile some day but do not think stealing vendors or customers will bring them any closer together.

    • DarkMotor

      You ever try to work on something with someone asking you what you're doing every 5 seconds? It's not very productive. Perhaps the reason Jr. showed up late so often was so he did not have to play 20 questions for 3 hours with the old man who then bails out and goes back home or to the gym. When Jr. is working Sr. always stops him and sends him to do someone else work. Think about it, would you hire someone to wire your house for $50 per hour and then ask them to mow your lawn? No, you'd pay some kid $5 to do that and save yourself $45. No wonder this genius can't pay his bills.


    without Pual Sr ,Pual jr and Mikey all together occ what not have had the success they have had,No dought they would have still probably made a good liveing,Just nothing like they have with the show,So for Sr to at like he is responsible for everything is stupid, Im not saying Jr is right for showing up late and being the way he was, That was bad buisness managment,Im just sick of hearing Sr complain and bash Jr, He needs to worry more about his self, With the on going way Sr is acting,He has really made is self look really stupid and the Bad guy, Im not sure if the show pertrays everything acurate, But I have just had enough of it all, Im tired of hearing Sr s mouth, I have lost a ton of respect for Sr and the whole show. I hope the show is canceled,

  • mike

    GO GE shut them down!!!!!!!!! what gives them the right to try and pull a stunt like that, hell, foreclose on the old man and give the son a loan !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dude

    I don't care. Paul Sr was an ass and didn't do anything to help the company by harrassing Paul Jr. Maybe it was all an act to try to turn it into a reality show. I think the quality and originality of the bikes could have stood on their own . They should have spent more time on showing how the bikes were designed and fabricated and less on the family fued. It didn't seem like a very professionally run organization with Paul Sr and fat Mikey never doing anything. A&E should have edited out the bullshit but I guess they thought that made the ratings better. They had a good thing going and I wish them luck.. I just wish I could have seen more professionalism and less whining and moaning.

  • Bob

    1 comment, Senior has NO relationship with ANY of his kids!!! Kids fault or Seniors? I think Seniors!!!

  • Joe

    Senior is completely right on. Go Senior! His sons dont' understand that when you open a shop right next to an existing one, and you steal employees and client information from them – that's WAR! Paul Jr. thinks he can do any f'd-up thing and that it's all good. His father is teaching them important lessons – they should be grateful for having a father like Senior who doesn't take their sh*t, and give in like all these wimpy, namby-pamby jerks posting here. Their children are failures, because they give in too easily. Senior is a good man, doing the right thing. Go Senior!

    • DarkMotor

      Except Senior is the one obsessed with what the other guy is doing and so his clients walk up the street and look for someone to pay attention to them instead and viola? No more customer! I thought Jr had no talent so how is it he can "steal" customers? Sr. cannot have it both ways. When his shop closes down he will likely blame that on Jr. as well rather than his own financial mis-management and excessive overhead. He's right though, Jr couldn't build a bike like OCC does, he'd have to be blind and half-retarded to mess up metal that badly.

  • cmmm

    This news will hurt OCC's business. Who's going to put down a deposit on a $100k theme bike (or less on a production bike) when they think OCC might shut their doors.
    Paul Sr. & GE miscalculated….making OCC appear weak puts both in peril.

  • Hob

    Paul Sr was strapped with lazy good for nothing brats. Hope things improve for Sr. He really loves those Brats

    • DarkMotor

      If he loves them then he should just leave them alone. You cannot fire someone and expect them to show back up on Monday morning. Get over it already and move on.

  • Jeff

    If you compare the photos of Sr from first episodes to the most recent ones, he looks ill. He looks like he has cancer. Mental illness is not a joke. It seems obvious to me (but then I'm a caregiver) that he has an undiagnosed untreated mental illness like bipolar and is suffering as much as his family is. Unconditional love and a visit to a psychiatrist rather than anger and hatred may be what's needed here. It's sad to see a family torn apart and false blame clouding everyones senses. My father had undiagnosed and untreated bipolar mental illness ALL his life and has only finally gotten regular treatment now that he is retired and seeing doctors twice a week. Our family has suffered significantly having a sick dad that never got the help he needed!! Best wishes for all involved and hope the can reunite the family.

  • old timer

    If Senior is a dry drunk, "Mikey" is a wet one. Come on son, sober up and get a life.

    • j.davis

      jojo – If it wasn't for OCC Mikey would be living in a DUMPSTER,also he needs to get color by #,'cause he sure as hell can't draw !

  • Zadieman

    Boo Hoo, get in line with the rest of us who owe more than our homes are worth. So your not the business man you pretend to be… Suck it up like the rest of us. I hope GE Capital goes after the rest of your properties too.

  • Dave

    You are all sitting here on this blog ranting and raving. Has it crossed anyone's mind that this is all fake and just a tv stunt to make money and keep the shows rating on the climb. The economy is diving and the OCC crew (Sr,Jr,Mikey) and the producers have gotten together and figured out a way to revive the show ratings, company stock, etc. Very Ingenisus. Before anyone gets off on a rant, why would it not be possible, it is TV. The second point is if this is real, this is why you DO NOT GO INTO BUSINESS WITH FAMILY. Business is underhanded and dirty everyday in the world, if you want to keep your family do not go into business with them. Business must come first!!!!

  • Allie

    They are probably going broke in all reality and just using the mortgage terms as an excuse. How much bike building do you actually see going on? It's nothing but a soap opera now. They all need to get their heads out of their asses and realize that FAMILY is what is important. It's going to take 1 or more of them getting deathly sick or dying to realize the time they've missed by arguing over money can never be regained.



    • DarkMotor

      The only one whining now is Senior. He fired Jr. so he should be happy right? He has five times the staff Junior has and his last ten bikes all look like crap. They were all slap together in one day using production bike parts and given a custom paint job and a few trim pieces from the water jet machine. If he actually worked on them himself, they would look even worse because what little talent Junior may have, Senior has none. Just look at the Window World bike with it's "W" handlebars…a "W"? Seriously? And he actually had trouble making them too, it took him days. He talks the talk but can't walk the walk. He's the one taking credit for bikes every one else built.

  • Chad N

    Sr would rather listen to the 'Yes-Men' horsemen in his employ than his own family. He'd rather have Jason, the butt-kissing untalented subserviant, as a son than his real sons who are making their own way through life. Not just Paul & Mikey but Dan too. If he actually did therapy with an open mind and did it for HIM, not just to appease Mikey and get what he wants, he might actually get something out of it. While I'm glad the stress hasn't caused him to go back to drinking, the life is is leading is digging his grave. All the butt-kissing isn't going to bring home a paycheck when he passes on.

    Will OCC survive without him? Doubtul. Rick would be welcome at PJD. After seeing what the rest of the OCC crew says about Paul behind his back I say they get what they deserve. After the lawyers feed on the corpse of OCC there won't be table scraps left for anyone.

  • Edward



    Senoir when I see you on the show and how you do your kids it makes me sick, you say you have done every thing for your kids, the only thing I see you doing is putting them down all the time …… act like they owe you something,……. What do they owe you ? They dont need someone like you in there life, even if you are there father……You need to grow up… your not a child….

  • James

    I hope the business is foreclosed on and Jr. is able to buy it. With out Jr it would have never been more than one rough neck building bikes under his house or behind his other sons business. Seems like the boys do ok with out there dad. I dont under stand why SR @hole treats his children the way he does he needs real help. Seems like Sr is not so favored by the public as he thinks he is. Furthermore I have 2 children one 15yrs and a 1 year old NO MATTER WHAT THEY DID I would NEVER treat them as SR> does Jr. Hope the lord takes it all maybe then Sr. can get back to the fundamentals, learn to love and change who he is. ME nor My company will never buy a OCC bike but do have plans to have PJD build us a bike in the future.

  • Concerned veiwer

    Jr said that Sr would run the company into the ground and thats whats going on. Also If Paul Sr would watch the shows where they are all together doing something fun for talking without actually working together, they get along great.So also the old man is not gonna be around forever and they need to amend this now because once your parents are gone thats it and nothing not even all the money in the world is gonna bring them back.I know my wife lost both parents and now wish there were things that she could have done differently. Sr,Jr,Mikey solve this now before you regret it or its to late.

  • WildBill

    I to think all this is to increase ratings no one was watching anymore and now even I cant wait to see the circus that is jr. vs. senior. No one I repeat no one would go out of there way like senior has on film to ridicule and harass his son. Also i agree lee is a hack metal worker he was on American iron way back and he still hasnt developed his skills the bike lee and American iron did for the U.F.C. was horrible.

  • Mike

    Sr will one day regret how he has treated his sons. Regardless of how JR or even Mikey have acted they are his children who want to continue their fathers legacy of building bikes and he should support and be proud of them rather then work against them. I agree he should be tough on them so that they learn to be responsible to run his business however his behavior towards Jr is dispictable and he should seek professional help….His ego has gotten in the way of what it means to be a good father

  • Seymour Korn

    Senior is good guy, and he's business wise. Bet he comes out smelling like a rose. No telling how much he'll make through the Sr vs Jr series. From watching the shows, I get the feeling he treated everyone pretty darn good. You know, roofed Vinnie's house, took the team to bike shows throughout the country, Australia, provided everyone with work, etc.. They've all had it pretty good.





  • jandana

    All this BS about Jnr being a spoilt brat.
    Do any of you actually know the history of this company?
    For example the OCC logo, which has became their trademark was DESIGNED BY JUNIOR.
    Also most of the early bikes which they built there reputation on were designed and built by junior too.

    Fact is snr is a crook who has liquidated company's ,raped and pillaged all the assets when it suited him.He is nothing but a bully and BAD father.
    Occ used to be a family team, the company was built by the family,not one man.
    Now all snr has is ass kissers and suck ups building goofy looking bikes with no flow and paint jobs that are just plain crap,OCC designs and builds crap.
    All the true talent has long gone

    Snr even stooped to the point of offering $0 for jnr's 20% of the company.
    Senior is an excuse for a father and human being

    if you have any doubts about what im saying i advise you to do a background check on snr;s business dealings before TV and OCC and how he ripped off everyone.

  • tom

    i think the whole thing is a ploy between sr and attorneys to make it like the company isnt worth anything so they can get jr to believe he cant get anything think about it sr has millions and cant pay 95000 dollars what bs

  • avel

    paul sr need's to lose every thing but his dog and house

  • michael

    i see paul jr doing far more with his new company than with occ,

  • Mike

    I watched the show at one time…Now its just one big soap opera. Everyone just needs to grow up Jr & Sr. Mike you have ahad a free ride long enough! Guess it doesnt matter if you make millions or an aveage salary. It is what it is and what goes around comes around.

  • David J. Galvagno

    Senior has been in business with two of his sons (Dan & Paul Jr.) in two different businesses and now neither is talking to or has any contact with him. This combined with they fact that he refuses to give Paul Jr. any credit for the success of Orange County Choppers.

    His arrogance in thinking because he over spent on a new headquarters and the fact that the banks should eat the part of the loans because it's value has dropped shows just what a narcissistic s.o.b. Paul Sr is.

  • Dan

    True, Paul Sr. started this company on blood sweat and tears,but do u think they would even be on the map without Paul Jr.'s visions. I have watched all the episodes and Paul Sr cant even weld a piece of metal…. Mikey is a waste but Jr. is the real deal…..

  • gege

    Junior you are not a biker.Carry on design t shirt wanker!!!!!

    • Dave S

      You don't have a clue gege.. Jr is a Biker, SR is just jealous of Jr's designs….

  • Jimmy

    in 8-10 years Paul Sr. will be gone…If he doesnt want to own-up and make amends o his children then he will die without a close relationship and thats just Sad…

  • Indy

    Why should they let them change their morgage. Paul Sr. dug that hole let him get out of it. You spend the money then you need to pay for it. I can't take my car back because it isn't worth what I paid for it. All this liberal crap is for the birds. Don't spend what you don't have, simple….

  • steve

    guys from a man growing up without a father get over from a father you do the same

  • frank

    Jr and mikey are both spoiled brats period… Sr created the businesses himself and the kids were fortunate enough to have the opportunity provided by their dad.

    This is the problem with the new generations they have not worked for anything nor have they had to suffer for anything and they feel that everything is owed to them.

    I would have been jumping for joy if my dad had given me the type of opportunity that Sr provided to these brats of his and I can only imagine where these ingrateful brats would be if it wasn't for daddy.

    Jr comes to work whenever he wants and leaves whenever he wants like he is a rock star but daddy is the one who made it all happen and that is what everyone seems to forget.

    Those brats would be flipping burgers if it wasn't for daddy especially mikey so grow up folks and lose the sense of entitlement brats.

    • RICK


  • James

    Sr would have been just fine without those kids working for him and that's a fact so stop acting like Jr has anything coming.

    I have a couple pizzerias and my kids work for me and they have come up with a few great ideas and helped out with the businesses but I did all the work to start them and make them solid.

    It would anger me the same way if my kids all of a sudden thought they were in charge and that they owned part of my businesses because they will own them all when I die but kids these days can't wait for their parents to die and these brats have no respect.

    There isn't a kid in this world that wouldn't love to have been born into that family and if you say different you are a liar and every family has problems like my dad worked 7 days a week 365 days a year 12 hour shifts my whole life he worked and slept and smacked me around big deal and our country is in big trouble if people think the way I'm reading.

    Poor Jr and mikey saved from a life of flipping burgers and I'm supposed to feel bad for them and they want to take take take bottom line. The young generation is a sad sad thing to see.

    • Jason

      James thats utter baloney. All the big projects were designed and built by Jr. Sr cant design nor can be build worth a crap. Jr is on his own now and can still build bikes and Sr is still in his office giving orders. Sr is nothing without the creative talents around him.

  • Orly65

    I wonder how many people have watched this show from the very beginning. If you saw them you would know that Senior spoiled Junior who repaid him by showing up late, etc. Mike by his own admittance contributed little to the business- he said it himself on the show. Vinnie left because of Junior's lack of dedication, leaving him to do the work. See it for what it is, very dysfunctional and a lot of lies. Senior should accept that he has spoiled his kids to a fault and now wants them to be responsible adults, it may happen to Junior now that he feels he has something to prove- Mike appears lost.

    • Dave S

      Sr. is SAD. His ego got in the way of everything, His family and fame. If it wasn't for Discovery airing this where would Sr be " No where" We have viewed this from the day it 1st appeared. Has you know its done after the next airing, GONE . I hope Discovery starts a show " Paul JR " For more info on this go to Google,or Yahoo .. Its tells all..

  • eastcoastnate

    I think it's funny he talks sh** about his son's.But yet he can't even pay his own bill's.I guess he is hopefully learning that karma is a bitch.The bottom line is when you buy a car and after you drive it off the lot it is no longer worth the price you paid for it. So does that mean we all should not make our payments and try to force the bank to rewrite it. Hmm I think not.Grow up Mr.Paul Teutul Sr man up and pay your damn bills.

    • sam

      Maybe Jr will pay his bills !!!!

  • Dave S

    We've been fans since this show started.Family, I understand that its difficult to run,operate and work with family, I've been there. But family is so important . As you know without the support of them"Family" you can have all the money you want But you really have nothing at all without GOD ,FAMILY AND HEALTH. May I add, Paul Sr. You look like one of your cows ran over you and ran over you again, your health can't be good. Regarding the remarks you make about your "SON" Paul Jr is making you look and sound like a fool, Its getting you no where.__If your not carefull he'll have projects coming out of ears , I really hope this happens for Paul Jr. This will not happen due to what you stated about JOE stealing one of your clients. The Clients will go to Paul Jr on their own. " They can do this" . Please take "NOTE" without this airing on Discovery You would not likly be where you are NOW. . The ratings must be down. I'm sure that other viewers are getting bored with you threateneing your son. Again you sound and act SICK. Oh by the way don't blame Paul Jr for whats happening you to and your company its not him ,Its ALL YOU.

  • Dave S

    Ho !!! My word ,Why in the world would Lee be apart of this .. He is a sad excuse of a MAN.
    They didn't like him at Southern Steel either.. He is a weep!!!

  • deadmanwalking47

    they should all forget the past and make up before one of them dies and they can't!
    i do think sr is full of crap because the way he bad mouths all 3 of his sons.i love my kids to death,but i would never say some of the things about them that he says about his kids!

    • Dave S

      We agree !!! Sr has distroyed this not the kids… With out Discovery Paul Sr ,"OCC"would be unheared of.. JR will come out ahead and knowing both Jr and Mikey will come to thier Fathers side ..

  • Thor

    If you watch the episode when the Sr., Jr. and Mikey rehash their history, Sr. is in the basement of his old house showing where he and Jr. talk about the bikes they built there. Fast forward to the present and Sr. says that Jr. never built any bikes with him in the basement. Jr. would work until 1 or 2 in the morning to get something done. He would come in an hour late and the old man would be screaming at him about being late. When Jr. would try to explain that he just worked 18 hours on something, the old man would scream, "I don't care". The only reason that the shop became what it was is due to the designs of Paul Jr. They drew the attention of the producers of discover Channel and they decided to use their shop over one that they originally weregoing to use. Jr.'s genius at designing and the hard work of the other guys, (Rick, Vinnie, Christian, Cody, etc) made the shop what it was. Sr. sat with his feet on the desk or walked around trying to find something to use to pick a fight with Jr. You saw what kind of man he was when Vinnie left. Vinnie spent many long hours at that shop to help get a project done, sacrificing family time.

  • THOR

    When Vinnie left the only thing that Sr. had to say was "people come and people go". What a jerk. You have your toys and the new wife, so i guess you feel that you don't need the rest of your family. What made the show great was the family dynamic and now because of your greed and your ego, you are on the verge of losing the things that money cannot buy. it can't buy the love of your children and grandchildren. Pual jr. will succeed because he has talent. You have lived off of his talent and the hard work of the rest of the guys at OCC. Go on thinking that it was all you. You can take those thoughts to the grave with you.

  • Guest

    Sr. may have spent 35yrs building a business, but television is what made him wealthy and grew the business to the level it is today.

    • DarkMotor

      Senior DID NOT spend 35 years building the business. OCC has NOT been in business 35 years and Senior needs to stop lying about where he was 35 years ago. He knows darn well what he was doing in 1975 and it had nothing to do with building a business.

  • randy

    I could be wrong but I,m thinking that Paul Sr didn't have much of a example to learn from with his own Dad. Notice that they never mention him. Without a Father to look up to, a kid doesn't mature on a normal scale. Sr seems to have the emotions of a kid who is about 10 years old or so. Just watch how he conducts himself and how he constantly needs the approval of the people that he pays (like they have a choice). It doesn't appear that Jr is following his Dad's example and I always wonder where he got the maturity, Mom?

  • matt

    i dont think occ got whare it is becouse of the tuttles ,mikies a idiet,paul jr is in love with himself and dad is just obnoxious,i do beleive thay have some smart and talented people working thair ,jim quin,jason poul and rick are all vary talented and deserve some respect,i like watching the show becouse of these guys not for the drama,to much reality tv for me ,you have to give the people behind the seans credit for taking a small co and building it to what it is today

  • j.davis

    If it wasn't OCC Mikey would be living in a dumpster!

  • Jan

    If you have watched the show since it originally began – you should remember that Sr. does not have a relationship with ANY of his children!! Not only does he not talk to Jr. and Mikey, he has no relationship with Danny (his other son) or his daughter, Cristin. Yet, he talks about how important "family" is. What a creep. He makes me sick!!! I would rather be penniless, homeless and hungry than treat any of my children like he does. what goes around comes around – and karma will bite him in the ass!!!! Money isn't everything – family is!!!!

  • Jan

    I hope PJD kicks some serious OCC butt!!!!

  • alex

    if it where not for DISC.senior , you'll be a nobody.

  • john

    OCC kiss ass employees and lawyers don't mix …. just like drugs and booze.

  • JJjj

    Senior is a piss ant bully. Pretty stupid too thinking that he can con GE into renegotiation of the loan. What? Do you think he's willing to give the lender extra money when the economy improves? He made a deal, can't stick to his word. Oh, there is history in this. He gave his sons promises, and can't keep his word in those deals either. He's nothing more than an egocentric that can't really do anything, but was fortunate enough to hire people that will put up with him.

  • THOR

    Of all the employees of OCC, Rick was the only one that did not belittle Jr. The rest of them, especially Mike spent all day kissing the old man's a** and told Sr. how wonderful he is. Now rick is gone and so is most of the talent that made OCC what it was. Too bad , old man, you chased your family away and replaced them with a bunch of asskissers who will tell you anything you want to hear because you pay them.

  • Vinny

    I see Senior and Jr reconcile due to the fact that Sr health is in question . Bringing Jr back to OCC will lift the sales in the company . Let by gone be by gone and when Jr comes back hes going to fire half that shop wait and see

  • sbc

    paul sr has truly started many business,but has run them all in the ground.what has he done to get all the credit for OCC,even the logo was jr. idea. all the bikes that made OCC were jr,s designs. an the work was done by him. sr thinks because his money was used he done it all.the bikes SR built were nice bikes but not what was needed to make OCC what it is. JR took shit i would not have ever ,a good old ass kicking is what sr needs.he might have millions, but he will die a poor man without his familiy. an no amount of money is worth that. he thinks he is some kind of god,an all was built because he said so.he would still be ironworking if not for paul jr, he made his father a wealthy man,and what does his father give him in return lawsuits.truth be told neither of themcould build any of these bikes without allthe talent like vinny ,rick nubs,an allthe others they have around them

  • Ben Dover

    is it rrue all the fighting and dividing is be cause Sr. molested Jr. and Mikey for years when they were younger ?

  • Born

    Senior is partially a victim. When you have a business, you have to run it. There are rules. You have two of your own kids there, one works, the other is just there. The wone who works makes his own schedules, lunch times and dissappears from time to time. When you have a business with your own family, you have to keep it as business during work hours and subject them to the same rules. JR broke the rules all the time and was the reason why bikes always came down to the wire. Either follow the rules or get yelled at. Not to say that JR wasn't saying things just as bad on the show. It goes both ways. You have to help build the business and not hurt it.

  • Born

    Another thing. Sr is correct in his direction of firing his son and to take him to court. My thoughs are this:
    As to my previous paragraph, any constant lateness and insubordination would get you fired from any job. Because he was Sr's son he lasted that long.

  • Born

    To make matter worse, Jr jumped into the same industry after his previous ventures failed. This puts him in a position to try to put his father out of business which a father should never have to worry about being put out of business by his own son. Not only that but to use and try taking clients away from Sr's business, I would have followed the same suite as Sr. You can't work for me, slack, directly challenge me and take away business.

    • sam

      He fired him!!!! You gotta do what you gotta do!!

  • Born

    Senior was trying to prep JR to take over the business but how can you train someone to take over business when one is not willing to follow the rules, has not business ethics, then to directly challenge your father business and take clients? Who does that? I would have acted the same. Not only that but I would have had issues with former employees with inside knowlege working for the competition with direct insite of Sr's company. I'm all for giving the business to my son when I retire but to ruin the family business because you are spoiled with a temper tantrum. Both Junior and Senior are thick headed but when one has been in business for 35 years, listen and take notes. He knows his father and his father knows him. Their have to be equal ground because they are so much alike, but make equal ground better for the business. He could have expanded the business and opened up an expansion sit of OCC somewhere else. Still with the business but out of his fathers way.
    Junior is the same as is father and should never be yelled at like he was but, he did put himself in that situation but his tardiness. If JR and SR does not make up soon who will Senior leave the business too?

    • Blackrichard52

      The old man has an EGO the size of New York and could never get over his son’s talent. He always had to be in the camera’s bright light’s all about me,me,me,grow up be a man and more important be a dad.

    • Blackrichard52

      The old man has an EGO the size of New York and could never get over his son’s talent. He always had to be in the camera’s bright light’s all about me,me,me,grow up be a man and more important be a dad.

  • marsL001

    senior??? why don`t you call cesar millan??? his awesome work works for dogs, it should also work for your ungradfull ass to

  • Randy

    what a f-in douchebag is senior…doesn't he understand everybody can see him failing???

  • TheUltraworld

    According to county records, Sr. is abandoning the 92k sq ft headquarters building. A 25k building is being built nearby by a company that Sr just started (more lawsuits I'm sure). This would require bankruptcy on OCC's part. Sr's entire business history is filled with lawsuits. The only legitimate business he had was OCC. It took 6 guys to replace Paulie, and the bikes look like crap. You would think a father would want his sons to be successful. Take his name to a new level. It seems he's jealous of his son's skills. That makes no sense to me. This man will die a bitter old man.

  • loneyatlast

    i think if sr tryed to build a bike by him self with no help from no one it would take his senile ass 6 years just to try to mount a tire as if jr built a bike with no help it would probably be done the right way in a month and would blow srs bike away

    • Aroundbooks

      i don’t know what you have been watching
      jr was worthless at occ

      maybe he put in 20 hours a week

  • Kjghj

    u just never know what was the problem from the outside looking in but the old man did build the business from scratch  he had to have some brains we will see if the kid can take care of business he has talant there no doubt bout that