Orange County Choppers Foreclosure: OCC Not Bankrupt

By Peter Chubb - Jan 25, 2011

I have been a fan of American Choppers for some time now, so you can understand how upset I was when the main three from the show/company parted due to reasons unknown. Since then Paul Sr. and Jr. have been locked in a battle to do with his son’s 20 percent stake in OCC. When we first learned that the lenders of the OCC headquarters had filed a foreclosure, we assumed that it was to do with this ongoing family feud, but they do not seem to be related.

We had first assumed that this was a joke, but Surrounded Me has learned through sources that Orange County Choppers‘ has missed a number of mortgage payments, which is said to be for $96,400 and $14,000. The source explained that OCC did not make the payments, as they wanted to force the lender to make a few changes to the terms of the loan.

The reason why they want to make a few changes to the mortgage terms is because the building is not worth as much as it was back in 2007. It is no secret that the auto industry has had a tough few years, as has the housing market; it is for this reason why the headquarters is now worth $4 million to $5 million less than it once was.

Neither OCC nor lender GE Commercial Finance would make any official statement, but one would assume that this little blip in the road will go away. Orange County Choppers in a world brand now, so they would not risk anything to lose their building where things are not only built but run as well.

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  • Kjghj

    u just never know what was the problem from the outside looking in but the old man did build the business from scratch  he had to have some brains we will see if the kid can take care of business he has talant there no doubt bout that

  • loneyatlast

    i think if sr tryed to build a bike by him self with no help from no one it would take his senile ass 6 years just to try to mount a tire as if jr built a bike with no help it would probably be done the right way in a month and would blow srs bike away

    • Aroundbooks

      i don’t know what you have been watching
      jr was worthless at occ

      maybe he put in 20 hours a week

  • TheUltraworld

    According to county records, Sr. is abandoning the 92k sq ft headquarters building. A 25k building is being built nearby by a company that Sr just started (more lawsuits I'm sure). This would require bankruptcy on OCC's part. Sr's entire business history is filled with lawsuits. The only legitimate business he had was OCC. It took 6 guys to replace Paulie, and the bikes look like crap. You would think a father would want his sons to be successful. Take his name to a new level. It seems he's jealous of his son's skills. That makes no sense to me. This man will die a bitter old man.

  • Randy

    what a f-in douchebag is senior…doesn't he understand everybody can see him failing???

  • marsL001

    senior??? why don`t you call cesar millan??? his awesome work works for dogs, it should also work for your ungradfull ass to

  • Born

    Senior was trying to prep JR to take over the business but how can you train someone to take over business when one is not willing to follow the rules, has not business ethics, then to directly challenge your father business and take clients? Who does that? I would have acted the same. Not only that but I would have had issues with former employees with inside knowlege working for the competition with direct insite of Sr's company. I'm all for giving the business to my son when I retire but to ruin the family business because you are spoiled with a temper tantrum. Both Junior and Senior are thick headed but when one has been in business for 35 years, listen and take notes. He knows his father and his father knows him. Their have to be equal ground because they are so much alike, but make equal ground better for the business. He could have expanded the business and opened up an expansion sit of OCC somewhere else. Still with the business but out of his fathers way.
    Junior is the same as is father and should never be yelled at like he was but, he did put himself in that situation but his tardiness. If JR and SR does not make up soon who will Senior leave the business too?

    • Blackrichard52

      The old man has an EGO the size of New York and could never get over his son’s talent. He always had to be in the camera’s bright light’s all about me,me,me,grow up be a man and more important be a dad.

    • Blackrichard52

      The old man has an EGO the size of New York and could never get over his son’s talent. He always had to be in the camera’s bright light’s all about me,me,me,grow up be a man and more important be a dad.

  • Born

    To make matter worse, Jr jumped into the same industry after his previous ventures failed. This puts him in a position to try to put his father out of business which a father should never have to worry about being put out of business by his own son. Not only that but to use and try taking clients away from Sr's business, I would have followed the same suite as Sr. You can't work for me, slack, directly challenge me and take away business.

    • sam

      He fired him!!!! You gotta do what you gotta do!!

  • Born

    Another thing. Sr is correct in his direction of firing his son and to take him to court. My thoughs are this:
    As to my previous paragraph, any constant lateness and insubordination would get you fired from any job. Because he was Sr's son he lasted that long.

  • Born

    Senior is partially a victim. When you have a business, you have to run it. There are rules. You have two of your own kids there, one works, the other is just there. The wone who works makes his own schedules, lunch times and dissappears from time to time. When you have a business with your own family, you have to keep it as business during work hours and subject them to the same rules. JR broke the rules all the time and was the reason why bikes always came down to the wire. Either follow the rules or get yelled at. Not to say that JR wasn't saying things just as bad on the show. It goes both ways. You have to help build the business and not hurt it.

  • Ben Dover

    is it rrue all the fighting and dividing is be cause Sr. molested Jr. and Mikey for years when they were younger ?

  • sbc

    paul sr has truly started many business,but has run them all in the ground.what has he done to get all the credit for OCC,even the logo was jr. idea. all the bikes that made OCC were jr,s designs. an the work was done by him. sr thinks because his money was used he done it all.the bikes SR built were nice bikes but not what was needed to make OCC what it is. JR took shit i would not have ever ,a good old ass kicking is what sr needs.he might have millions, but he will die a poor man without his familiy. an no amount of money is worth that. he thinks he is some kind of god,an all was built because he said so.he would still be ironworking if not for paul jr, he made his father a wealthy man,and what does his father give him in return lawsuits.truth be told neither of themcould build any of these bikes without allthe talent like vinny ,rick nubs,an allthe others they have around them

  • Vinny

    I see Senior and Jr reconcile due to the fact that Sr health is in question . Bringing Jr back to OCC will lift the sales in the company . Let by gone be by gone and when Jr comes back hes going to fire half that shop wait and see

  • THOR

    Of all the employees of OCC, Rick was the only one that did not belittle Jr. The rest of them, especially Mike spent all day kissing the old man's a** and told Sr. how wonderful he is. Now rick is gone and so is most of the talent that made OCC what it was. Too bad , old man, you chased your family away and replaced them with a bunch of asskissers who will tell you anything you want to hear because you pay them.

  • JJjj

    Senior is a piss ant bully. Pretty stupid too thinking that he can con GE into renegotiation of the loan. What? Do you think he's willing to give the lender extra money when the economy improves? He made a deal, can't stick to his word. Oh, there is history in this. He gave his sons promises, and can't keep his word in those deals either. He's nothing more than an egocentric that can't really do anything, but was fortunate enough to hire people that will put up with him.

  • john

    OCC kiss ass employees and lawyers don't mix …. just like drugs and booze.

  • alex

    if it where not for DISC.senior , you'll be a nobody.

  • Jan

    I hope PJD kicks some serious OCC butt!!!!

  • Jan

    If you have watched the show since it originally began – you should remember that Sr. does not have a relationship with ANY of his children!! Not only does he not talk to Jr. and Mikey, he has no relationship with Danny (his other son) or his daughter, Cristin. Yet, he talks about how important "family" is. What a creep. He makes me sick!!! I would rather be penniless, homeless and hungry than treat any of my children like he does. what goes around comes around – and karma will bite him in the ass!!!! Money isn't everything – family is!!!!

  • j.davis

    If it wasn't OCC Mikey would be living in a dumpster!

  • matt

    i dont think occ got whare it is becouse of the tuttles ,mikies a idiet,paul jr is in love with himself and dad is just obnoxious,i do beleive thay have some smart and talented people working thair ,jim quin,jason poul and rick are all vary talented and deserve some respect,i like watching the show becouse of these guys not for the drama,to much reality tv for me ,you have to give the people behind the seans credit for taking a small co and building it to what it is today

  • randy

    I could be wrong but I,m thinking that Paul Sr didn't have much of a example to learn from with his own Dad. Notice that they never mention him. Without a Father to look up to, a kid doesn't mature on a normal scale. Sr seems to have the emotions of a kid who is about 10 years old or so. Just watch how he conducts himself and how he constantly needs the approval of the people that he pays (like they have a choice). It doesn't appear that Jr is following his Dad's example and I always wonder where he got the maturity, Mom?

  • Guest

    Sr. may have spent 35yrs building a business, but television is what made him wealthy and grew the business to the level it is today.

    • DarkMotor

      Senior DID NOT spend 35 years building the business. OCC has NOT been in business 35 years and Senior needs to stop lying about where he was 35 years ago. He knows darn well what he was doing in 1975 and it had nothing to do with building a business.

  • THOR

    When Vinnie left the only thing that Sr. had to say was "people come and people go". What a jerk. You have your toys and the new wife, so i guess you feel that you don't need the rest of your family. What made the show great was the family dynamic and now because of your greed and your ego, you are on the verge of losing the things that money cannot buy. it can't buy the love of your children and grandchildren. Pual jr. will succeed because he has talent. You have lived off of his talent and the hard work of the rest of the guys at OCC. Go on thinking that it was all you. You can take those thoughts to the grave with you.

  • Thor

    If you watch the episode when the Sr., Jr. and Mikey rehash their history, Sr. is in the basement of his old house showing where he and Jr. talk about the bikes they built there. Fast forward to the present and Sr. says that Jr. never built any bikes with him in the basement. Jr. would work until 1 or 2 in the morning to get something done. He would come in an hour late and the old man would be screaming at him about being late. When Jr. would try to explain that he just worked 18 hours on something, the old man would scream, "I don't care". The only reason that the shop became what it was is due to the designs of Paul Jr. They drew the attention of the producers of discover Channel and they decided to use their shop over one that they originally weregoing to use. Jr.'s genius at designing and the hard work of the other guys, (Rick, Vinnie, Christian, Cody, etc) made the shop what it was. Sr. sat with his feet on the desk or walked around trying to find something to use to pick a fight with Jr. You saw what kind of man he was when Vinnie left. Vinnie spent many long hours at that shop to help get a project done, sacrificing family time.

  • deadmanwalking47

    they should all forget the past and make up before one of them dies and they can't!
    i do think sr is full of crap because the way he bad mouths all 3 of his sons.i love my kids to death,but i would never say some of the things about them that he says about his kids!

    • Dave S

      We agree !!! Sr has distroyed this not the kids… With out Discovery Paul Sr ,"OCC"would be unheared of.. JR will come out ahead and knowing both Jr and Mikey will come to thier Fathers side ..

  • Dave S

    Ho !!! My word ,Why in the world would Lee be apart of this .. He is a sad excuse of a MAN.
    They didn't like him at Southern Steel either.. He is a weep!!!

  • Dave S

    We've been fans since this show started.Family, I understand that its difficult to run,operate and work with family, I've been there. But family is so important . As you know without the support of them"Family" you can have all the money you want But you really have nothing at all without GOD ,FAMILY AND HEALTH. May I add, Paul Sr. You look like one of your cows ran over you and ran over you again, your health can't be good. Regarding the remarks you make about your "SON" Paul Jr is making you look and sound like a fool, Its getting you no where.__If your not carefull he'll have projects coming out of ears , I really hope this happens for Paul Jr. This will not happen due to what you stated about JOE stealing one of your clients. The Clients will go to Paul Jr on their own. " They can do this" . Please take "NOTE" without this airing on Discovery You would not likly be where you are NOW. . The ratings must be down. I'm sure that other viewers are getting bored with you threateneing your son. Again you sound and act SICK. Oh by the way don't blame Paul Jr for whats happening you to and your company its not him ,Its ALL YOU.