Latest Baby Product Recalls: Current List from 2010 / 2011

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We have some important information for parents who are searching for updates on the most recent baby product recalls, as we have a list of products which some of you might own, but are not aware that the product has been recalled.

One such item is Phil&Teds Strollers, a recall which was only announced last week. The CPSC announced the recall due to a risk of amputation or laceration and the recall affects around 22,000 Strollers, either the Phil&Teds V1 Classic or V2 Sport models.

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Another recent recall issued this month is Discovery Toys Mobile Phones products, which were recalled in the US and Canada due to a problem involving the antenna – posing a risk of choking. If you own model 1231 of this product, you can head to the official website here for details on how to get a free replacement.

There are many other baby product recalls which happened this month, or towards the end of 2010 and you can see a full list of the products, by visiting this guide. If you have an affected product, let us know if you have any questions – we may be able to help.