Black Ops DLC: First Strike Trailer Shows Ascension Zombies Map

By Jamie Pert - Jan 25, 2011

As you are probably aware there has been a lot of excitement surrounding the new ascension zombie map which is coming to Black Ops when the First Strike DLC launches, finally we have a video showing off this map and the four other multiplayer maps, we have embedded this trailer at the end of this post.

To be honest with you the most interesting thing about this video is the Ascension Zombie map, the trailer video shows just 10 seconds of Ascension footage, the map looks like an abandoned Soviet launch facility and shows us some perk stealing red-eyed monkey zombies and a floating platform which will probably keep the zombies away from you during you hectic battle.

Last week we spoke about the new weapons and perks that you will be able to use when battling through the zombie maps, we are still unsure as to what PhD Flogger will bring, however MTV suggests that it may be similar to Marathon.

If you are not a fan of zombies the video is still well-worth watching, it shows all five maps in more detail than we have seen them before, you can watch the trailer video in HD on GameTrailers.

Xbox 360 gamers have just 1 week to wait until the First Strike DLC arrives on Xbox Live, whilst PS3 will have to wait an additional month, did this new trailer convince you to buy the downloadable content when it’s live?

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  • Benny

    in reference to your issue Travis i have the same issue as well i download classic zombie with the help of my friend because he owns the codes nevertheless after downloaded and installed and trying to access the game I don't see classic zombies below the zombies so what am i doing on in the ps3? i need support please

  • i down loaded the new map pack and im unable to play zombies, i have talked to microsoft several times and they say it is an issue with some people and not others. they said there working on it and they have no idea how long.. what a waste of money. anyone have this prblem with theres on xbox 360

  • Oo Wiskey oO

    Add Oo Wiskey oO… I'm in for Zobies. I love mowen them down…

  • Xz_R_aZZ_zX_Al3X

    awww man a other month!……i guess im just look at ascension viedos and get some tips for mean while….its all good i guess

  • Jordan D

    cant wait add me XxARMEDMOTHERSxX got 52 solo

  • Kris

    im gonna play ascension 4 or 5 times then im gonna play multiplayer and be the guy who waits for people to go down the zip line so i can mow them down Add Dominator4544 on xbox. haha ps3 u have to wait another month

  • alex

    i cant wait!!!! add wordlessrogue on xbox live

  • codrocks

    amen, cant wait for acsension! add me 2 im WithNoCare on xbox and ps3!!!

  • robert

    fuk i have to wait till wensday to get it cuz thats wen ima have money, by then everything is going to be sed about ascension… i was looking at sum vids on youtube and there was this one that had a comment debate on the most of the people were all happy cuz in the trailer they show two people on those landing pads and they said the one on the left was soap like litteraly more than half agreed and im just there like why in the world would soap be there, this takes place like way before than soap does and they kept on making up all these theories like, aha theese peple reaaaaally stupid.

  • Matthew

    i am a huge fan of the zombie feature in COD i think its the only good thing treyarch has done for the series. me and my friend do challenges on ever Zombie map trying to get to the highest possible rounds using no glitches cheats hacks ETC. our current rankings are Kino ( 56 ) Five ( 53 ) Der Reise ( 67 ) its also our fav map to play Nacht Der Untoten ( 38) this isent very impressive Veruckt ( 43) and dead ops arcade is (34) before we quit of boredom

    • jammy

      if ur dat good wots ur gamertag and compare it to mine

    • Matt

      i know my highest level on kino is 59 it gets board after a while

  • Joe

    that looks freakin amazing is it as big as five and kino put together? add me on ps3 – doomkaiber0001

  • Michael

    looks cool but i really dont KNow if theres goin to be five guys but i hope add me at MAD_MUNKEY_NuTz

  • Justin

    I arm fought my cat and now I need coffee and zombie map looks awesome to can’t wait to find out the secrets of it don’t eat bubble wrap its clogs your feet

  • To bad we have to wait a whole other month for PSN:(

  • Junior

    To we have to wait for a whole other month for PSN, but it will be worth the wait:)

  • Jon-Paul

    I was going to wait for a complete review on the zombie map but now after seeing some footage I'm just going to buy it the day it comes out.

  • Jordan

    OMG! First Strike is going to be a multiplayer map blast! And of course the zombies also!!! Gersch Device here i come! ( I also wonder wat new easter eggs await us! ) My Gamer Tag: SkullzerKid

  • jammy

    ascension looks bad cnt wait for that 1

    • miles

      COSMIC SILVERBACKS NOW HOLY……srry i cant wait for ascension and yes u get two new wonder weapon they are the Matryoshka Dolls and the Gersch Device and with that the HS10 might be purchaseable off the wall!

      • jammy

        dnt forget two new perks if any one up for a good game add WHIGHT KNIGHT 9 game on !!!!!!!!

      • robert

        if the HS10 would bed purchasable on the wall…i would just die

    • jammy

      add WHIGHT KNIGHT 9 on xbox n ill show u all how its done been on leader boards today highest round for ascension is 4 by treyarch glitch testers ill be number 1 the day it cums out!?!?!?!?!?!?!? add me.

  • robert

    first! ahhh ascension looks sooo down

    • Fredrick Hemington

      My good sir,
      This map is indeed quite difficult and therefore fun. I hope you enjoy this map as much as I do. Happy zombie slaying!