Steam on PS3 and PC in 2011: Future of Games?

By Chris Cook - Jan 23, 2011

For those of you who may not know, Steam is a multiplayer and communications platform. It is developed by Valve and is also used to digitally distribute games and related media online. It also has other features such as game updates and in-game voice and chat.

You may have heard that Steam recently branched into Mac, well it has been established that Steam is now a true cross platform system on both consoles and PC. Ripten has posted a nice article on what Steam coming to the PS3 could mean for PC gamers and those on Sony’s console. They go on to mention how Steam is also a form of DRM and could be the answer to the recent hacking of the PS3, and pose a question whether Steam coming to PS3 is going to be a success for both Sony and Valve. You can view Ripten’s article here.

Cnet explains that Valve have developed the game Portal 2 that is available on the PS3, and have announced that when you purchase the game you’ll also receive a Steam key. This then allows you to play on either platform anytime thanks to SteamCloud. Although the game will be released for both Xbox 360 and PS3, Steam support will only come with the PS3 version. A game disc will still need to be purchased in order to run Portal 2, read more over on cnet.

Feel free to view these articles on the new Portal 2 trailer and the official release date.

Are you looking forward to Steam on the PS3? Will Steam play a big part in your gaming future?

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  • D-G

    They did? I have HalfLife2 for both PC and PS3 and they seemed identical to me, in fact the PS3 version seemed to even run a bit smoother.

    Though I will give you they can't seem to make up thier mind on it…

    Valve: PS3 'Too Complicated' To Develop For: June 10, 2009

    E3 2010: Valve: PS3 is 'the most open console': Wednesday 16-Jun-2010

    • Ryan

      There's a year of a difference in opinion. And we all know "what a difference a day makes"!

      Have you never changed your mind on something once you have fully explored its features or options??

  • Sam

    Since Valve really did a sh*tty jobs on evefry game they released on PS3, I doubt that steam will work properly. I'll also need a lot of convincing before buying anything from them

  • adam

    if steam is comin to ps3 can we hav l4d

  • brendan

    could they use this to get cross game chat on the ps3????????