Aliph Jawbone Era Headset: Pros, Cons and Price

By Peter Chubb - Jan 21, 2011

Over the years we have managed to offer a hands-on review of a number of Bluetooth headsets, but sadly we have not been offered the Aliph Jawbone Era. However, that does not stop us from giving you all the details you need to help you decide if it is worth purchasing. We know the main three things that you look; pros and cons and more importantly the price.

Ok, lets get the price out of the way first, $129. However, before you start to ask why this is so expensive you need to remember that this is the first headset that comes with an accelerometer? This will not mean a thing if connecting to a handset but will certainly help when playing certain games.

PCMag has spent some time reviewing the device and points out that the design is a lot like previous models. There are five soft-color choices, which you do not get very often with headsets. There are some devices out there that feel uncomfortable in the ear, but the Era is said to have a snug fit.

So first with the pros: The Aliph Jawbone Era is good-looking and has good sound quality. There are not too many cons, just that the sound quality can sometimes become unclear. PC World believes that the Era is a game changer in the Bluetooth headset market. They point out that it may not be revolutionary, but what are these days?

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  • Deane Goodman

    It's pretty useless trying to review a product that you haven't got your hands on, especially when you compare your useless review to others out there that are useful.

    It's incredibly annoying when you're trying to find out actual information when there is so much guff on the Internet. Well done for producing this useless review and adding to the guff clogging the INternet searches.